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Here's a Real
Newspaper in a
Real City.
Today and .Monday fair;
no change in temperatue.
Southern Oklahoma's Greatest Newspaper.
VOL. 20 No. 280
Local Representatives Will
Have Power and Influence
in the Coming Legisla
tive Session
All Ask That People Sugges
tions for Legislation a
' Fight Looms Up
When the curtain rises on the Ninth
Oklahoma legislature next Tuesday
Curler county Is going to he well rep
resented and It lb going to he reure
snteC by men who now uppear to
have laid tho foundation for efficient
and non-f.ictlonul service.
N John Carlock, senator, Im the senior
legislator. In fact, he Is this sole rep
rcstniatlvo of thlH county who him seen
rervice before. Ills long tenure In the
u;'ptr house, plus his recognized ability
and leadership insure for him distinct
l ilt und a certain prestige thai will
make him sought after by all factions
lil'd ull thosu seeking legislative enact
meat. Not only ih thin true, bat. Senu
y lor Carlock, because he lb mo wt.l aud
favorably known, is go.ng to be of
S'.fut influence in whatever he under
taker or adheres to.
In Earl Brown, junior statu senator,
cf Marietta, Senator Carlock. will find
un able colleague-. Senator Drown Is
a young man hut ho Is vigorous, force
ful and has the knack of making his
jursonality felt at once. He has align-i-d
himself with the administration fore
(. and while not ul all radical Is pro
;;ici!ive enough to suit the demand
t'lid needs of this progressive day.
Favor Administration
llolh Senulr Carlock und Hcnator
.Vhown are kindly disposed to the In
coming udmluUlratluii fo far us pro
I'ltaslve legislation Is oorneerned. Nei
ther wvs orglnully a Walton man and
,ieli!jti i" elm riiJorsewirr.i ul' the
H coustruf u.,u leujii-i fun.es. hut each
recognise that the people have spoken
f In unmistakable term, and both ure
t;olng to be governed accordingly, they
Holh the representatives from Car
ter county have vigorously espoused
he administration control of the house,
have aligned themselves with Murray
Cilbhons, the choice of Governor Walton
for b peak it of the house arid are hinted
fcr ref.pons.ble assignments. It is de
clared. It is whispered that Guy Slg
ltr, local attorney, is going to be mode
chairman of one of the most lmjiortunt
lefUduUvo positions, while, word comes
from Oklahoma City that the admlnls
tru'.ivo forces feel very favorable to
Tim J. I'ollock for his active support
of the plan for control of tho house.
Want to t'o-Opcrato
All four of the men to represent this
county have urged the citizen here to
ir.ake their wants und wishes known
at once. .Mr. I'ollock authorized thu
ArUinorelte to Inform the people that
h. la willing and ready to institute or
eupiw' uny measures looking to the
welfare and need of this section. While
Ik hus no pet measure to battle for,
In U open to suggvsdun aud advice, he
Ctc lal s.
Mr. Slglor told Ihe Ardmorclte he
hUo solicited thu support ami co-opera-(Continued
on I'ug. Three)
Men Who Have Been ia
Ardmore a Quarter of
a Century.
tin the first !.iy of Nuvmubei, 1XSU,
I. IU lUst miiv-l In Ardmore to make
I ! future holm , und to take his clmnc
s with other ploiurrs In developing a
He pureliused procrty at tho corner
of Caddo street and th'rd avenue, where
die C I. Hall atore liow atauila, and
neclad thereon a feed store 1o run In
vonneUlon with his wagon yard.
Helling thU business hu afterward
imaged In the wholesale flour und
feed husines In partnership with the
late Col A. V. Douk, und continued this
It.r arveral year.
In the meantime he tliy govern
Me li I had been ol g-itiln-d, and he "
rli-ctd us one of the nMrmuii where he
Served tr seveml term.
Having severed hU cvnnei-tion with
Li liarlner, (d. lHt.ik, he engagt'd In
the rkl aslute buslnu's. und has con
tinued In this until the present lime.
Mr. Kent planted the first fruit tree
and erevtod the first brick hlmney In
AldiiHire, on tho pnperty ul tho ror
ref of Caddo and Ih'id avenue.
Mr. Uenl baa alwayt tukeu keen In
I .treat In city affairs, and sUll retains
nwny records of the city's first admin
lutsllnn that are very Interesting to
tesent day rlUsens.
Mr liest was liorn la Collin county.
'uVcxae. and lived thero up lo the time
I 'he niovtd to Artlmore, and today after
'4 at year of rod and bod foilune with
the city's trials and tribulations, he
I M)S be IS glad he made the change
hen be did, and baa never etpenencea
e moment's recn-t for his action.
lit a singular coincidence the C. P.
Uitl property built by Mr. best 3i
me ago was completely wined out
tire early Batunlay morning.
One Dead; Two
'I Have Done My Duty,'
Hignight Says in Note
Of Resignation to Dyer
New Chief of Police Silent
as to Plans; Will Take
Over His Duties Monday
Morning : Hignieht Ex
presses Friendship for the
City Manager.
Chief of Police Dick Hignight late
Saturday afternoon formally tendered
his resignation to City Munager Kirk
Dyer In a letter thut expressed the high
regard in which the outgoing chief holds
for the city manager.
"I feel that I have done my duty,"
Chief Hignight mid in the letter. "I
leave U to the people of the city to
judge whether our efforts h'lvo been
At a meeting of the city commission
ers, several weeks ago, Mr. Dyor was
Instructed to request the resignation of
Chief Hignight. At that time, Mr. Dyer
stated that it was against his best judg
ment and subsequently handed in his
resignation, to become effective tut noon
as a successor is named.
Following Is the letter transmitted to
the city manager by the chief of po
lice: "I have your letter of December 29th
19-'2, handed to me last evening, con
veying to me officially the information
that the city commissioners had re
quested you to secure my resignation as
chief of olIce of the city of Ardmore.
und stating that in conformity with the
request of the commissioner you asked
for my resignation.
"You will recall that the one controll
ing Idea when you appointed me chief of
police was thut we should both use our
best efforts In un c-ndeavor to make this
a cleaner und better place within which
to live and raise our children.
"I feel ihut j have done my full duty
In this respect und at all times I have
hud your cordial support und counsel.
1 leave It to the people of the city to
Judge whether our efforts liuve been
"A compliance with your request will
subject me to much criticism, and pos
sibly many will not 1 satisfied that I
have retired under fire; hut I feel that
a vast majority know that I have lived
up to my full duty as an officer of the
law. and I know also that an examlnu.
lion of the records of the police denart-
(Oontinued on Page Three)
Government Denies
Right of Companies
To Appeal Decision
WASHINOTO.V.-The f.-deral gov
ernment In a brief filed In the supreme
court todiiy held thut tho uppeuls of
the foreign steumshln line against the
r.(cont prohibition decision of Judge
HMid at New York hud fulled to show
thit the I'nlted Hlntea hud consented
to be sued and thut the cases could
not therefore Im presented.
The government also Insists that the
court did not huvn Jurisdiction for the
further reasons that the appeals "do
not present a cause of notiim in equity
undit the constitution of the Vnlted
Htates," and "do no dislodge, a causo
f uitlon equitable l.i Its nature, civil
In Its character, und erlalng under the
constitution of the I'nlted Htates."
OKLAHOMA CITY. Ous rates In To-
teuu, Oklo., wort Increased from IS to
li cents r lhntisund cubic feet, by un
order of the sialo corporation cornm.s
llnn today, nn uppluutioii of the Amer
ican Indian Oil and (las company und
lth tint consent of Mayor M. W. Mur
ray of 1'otcau. according to the irder.
Indications are that what change are
to take place In the offices at the coun
ty i mill house Htlh Hie beginning of
the new year, will br effected so quietly
that nothing nut of Ihe ot dinar y will be
noticed In the transaction of general
routine business.
t'ourt Clerk luitey will make cue new
appointment In Ms department on ac
count of Ihe reslgtitlion of Mrs. Hay
nle, but aside from that thero will be
no other chnnges In that department.
Mrs. Mclntyre, county clerk, will have
several new faces In her office, but no
definite announcement baa been made.
It Is certain that T. It. McLleh will be
retained, but aside from him she has
.never said who her other deputies would
be, although several hew faces have
been noted hovering about the office for
aeVeral days.
In tho cvunty attorney's office, Miss
Jlavnle. daughter of Mr. and Mrs. 8. P.
liavnle, Will succeed Mies Ftht a
Report That Bergdol) on Board
Steamer ns Member of The
Chew Put tho Official.
on the Alert.
MIAMI, J'lu. Ixwal police and local
( fficliils were early today making pre
lar.'illnn to meet the steamship Jupiter,
snid to be enroute to this poit with
Grover Cleveland Hergdoll, I'hiladel
phia darft dislger, on board ns a mem
ber of Its crew.
No word had been received from the
Jupiter early today nnd the hour of Its
arrival Is not yet known, l'ort outhorl
ties say they nre expecting the vessel
to arrive here either today or tomorrow.
In tlit meantime other gulf ports are
being closely watch.nl for tho Jupiter.
Leon county authorities nt "Talla
hassee, wore still holding today . man
who claims his name Is William Jones
cf Krle, Pa., taken Into custody yes
terday suspected of being liergdnll.
Disabled Soldiers
Will Hear Program
From Local Station
Cnrter tho direction of the mem
Iris of tho Oeorgo It. Anderson I'ost,
Aniericun Legtnn, a musical lUourum
will he broadcasted to the Imys In the
Hospital for Disabled Soldiers at Kill
phur, from Ardmore talent, soon. The
x.ii t dale of the pros.nm but not been
definitely decided.
At thu legion luncheon Saturday, It
We decided that the regular meeting
which would full on New Yeur's night,
would be postponed until the following
Monday, nt which tltnu plans will be
crmiltted for the membership drive
cimpuign which Is to oh launched soon.
T. II. Orr. post commander, stut-d
that Is'glnnlng Next Saturday, special
I rogruins would be given at the lunch
eons In order thut inure of the hoy
would be present. Mr. Orr hus made un
nutline for the work lo 1st done by the
local post for the coming year and ue
c.irdirg to the plans, the legion Is go
ing lo be put on the n.up to slay.
stenographer, hut that will be the only
change In that department of count v
The sheriffs nf fi e atnady has n full
foroo. And If there nre to I uny ihangen
itherif lonoou has never announced
them. '
County Surveyor C. W. Clay will re
tnln his poet, and there will be no
change mad there.
District Judge Freeman, and county
Judge Vmfry will not take office until
a week arter Ihe rest of the county of
ficials have filed their bonds. Theirs
witl be filed Monday, January I.
Judge FYeeman has lo appoint a court
stenographer, but who that will be has
nt been Intimated, although speculation
has been rife for some lime.
The board of county commissioner do
ni4 go Into office until July 1. the same
h" true of ths county superintendent,
and the county treasurer.
Duuuings Lost
Inquiry Into Killing of Dan-
i t i Y. -Trii
ieis ana tvicnaras wiu
Be Thorough, High
Officials Say I
Governor Parker Openly De
nounces K. K. K. in
Statements Issued
NEW ORLEANS. Tho Louisiana or
ganiKatlon of the Ku Klux Klau will
tend Its own agents into Morehouse
parish to Investigate the kidnaping and
killing of Watt Daniels and Thomas
KU hards lout August, uccording to un
announcement today by a high state of
ficial with thu klun. This action, he
raid, was ducidede on at a conference
here yesterday of heads of the state
( rganizatlon, ut which a reporter of a
New Orleans newspaper was permitted
to attend.
It was slatted that tho Investigation
probably will be started within the next
4' hours.
"1 recently returned from More
house Parish where I discussed the out
rage with many folks who knew their
community well. I know that the klan
ii: not to blame," said tho klan official.
Not Hiring Lawyers
"We have no Idea of setting up any
Offense ut public hearings for anyone,
n.d reports that the klau is Interested
in obtaining brilliant attorneys for he
rltfense of those arrested are not true.
We are interested in daring the Klan
tf any connection in the public mind
v.ith these outrages. The Klan officials
stated if t should develop that any In
dividual members of the Klun In Mbrc
hcuse l'arish hud anything to do with
fie kidnaping and murders uC Daniel
Mid Jtlchurd-, they Would be outlawed
and the Klun would UHstst In obtain
ing their conviction before the crluilual
court of the state.
Governor John M. Parker, who or
cUreo the public heurings Into the
Morehouse Hdnuplng situation has oi-
enly denounced the K. K. K. He hus
directed tho Investigation and has been
qt:oicd as declaring that he was de
termined to tear the mask off the
BASTROP, Lu. Another day of
marking time while awaiting return of
the federtU and state Investigators
have been In New Orleans and Baton
Ilt.tiKC conferring with Governor Park-
tv und other state officials, today serv
eJ only to increuso tho air of expect
oncy in troubled Morehouse parish
"scene of uaion" In what men direct
Inj." the inquiry declare will prove one
of the most sensutlonul exposes of
masked band operutlons ever unfolded
In Ihe Jtouth. The Investigators were
expected to return hits within the next
4-5 hours.
KL PASO. Texas. Joe Nugent, said
to have sold more horses und mules
to tho I'niled Ktntes and foreign govern
ments than any other American stock
man, died here today. Ho was president
of the iVmpbell Heed Western Holes
.Stable company, National Stockyards.
Illinois. He came here three months ago
for his health.
ATHENS. The Turk are sending
reinforcements In Ihe direction of Mo
Mil, thu rich oil district, the ownership
of which Is In dispute ut the Luiisatitiu
CMiftri ui.e, urcordlng to udvtces to the
Central News from u leliublu source
A division of 6.00U Turkish troops. It
'a ktuti-d, hus alnudy left V.m for
Wleldcr of wicked clubs will again
(Wish circles through the itir Ut the
Dornlt k Hills Country club links Mon
l.iy afternoon, January I. In cnineti
turn fr the prises ahlch will comprise
golf bulls. The piny wilt be an II hole
medal contest. Ihe first nine holes rl&e
sifying the players and Die total scute
of the II holes determining the winner
of Ihe various classes. A small entrance
fee will be charged.
LAI'SANE Plans for nn Armenian
national home, financed by a possible
fM.noit.Ooo npporpriaMon by the I'nlt
ed States congress or a popular loan
n America In addition to funds from
four countries, were presented to Ihe
near east conference by Ihe American
Car Demolished When
Fire Truck
Rebuild Business Soon
E. A. Cole, of Pooleville, dead.
Auto of H. P. Wells demolished.
Two buildings destroyed.
Fifty thousand dollar loss in night fire.
Grass fire at 1013 Third Avenue, southwest.
Grass fire at D and Fourth Avenue, northwest.
1. 1 1 MEMBERS
Said All Men Subject to De
portation and Liberty Grant
ed If They Leave Never
to Return.
WASHINGTON. The sentences of
eight members of the Industrial Work
ers of the World, convicted in the Hay
wood case of conspiracy nnd violation of
war time laws, were commuted by Pres
ident Harding today to expire at on e
on condition thut the eight prisoners
leave the Cnited Stutes nnd never re
turn. The men whose sentences were
commuted were:
Amllio Vlmentl Azuuru. sentenced to
20 years; C .1. liourg, ten years; peter
Green, ten years; Charles L. Lambert.
tuvnty years; Harry Lloyd, five years;
Hurt Lot-ton, ten years; Sam S'arlett,
'n years; Archie Sinclair, ten years.
Ail of the men are subject to deporta
tion and it was u condition of their cum
mututton thut should they return tr
this country, the clemency grunted to
them would be void und thuy would be
upprehended and returned to Leaven
worth peiiltentlury to serve out the re
mainder of their sentence.
The prisoners will be given sixty days
in which to Rrrangn for their departure
and will be required to give bond on
their departure from tho prison that
they will up Pear at u stated time and
surrender themselves for deportation.
Two Executed for
Being Enemies of
Irish Free State
BELFAST. The executions at Kil
kenny, In which two men wero put to
death yesterduy us enemies of the
Irish Free State, wero the first to lie
carried out by the government outside
of Dublin. The two men executed were
John Phelan. and Murphy. Both were
recently uhptured in south Kilklnney
.with arms und ammunition in their
The condemned mm were attended
during their lust moment hy Fathers
k.kkunugh, and Diva, the lutter being
the chaplain to the military forces at
Kilkenny. The prisoners walked stead
ily to tho place of execution and un
f.onchlngly fuced the firing squad.
Tho volley Mas heard about town.
Death In both cuec was practically In
stantaneous. Phnlun, who was n laborer, left n
widow und two children. Murphy, a
farm hand, was single.
WASHINGTON. Cunadiun exports
lo the I'nlted State for October, the
first complete mouth lu which the
new tariff law Was effective, tutulled
l;i2,Hl!M0 compared to .'!. Ol5.47ti In
lee huh ni months of lust year.
MrskoOKU, Oklu. Rxrotnmcii.il!
lion that the stale of Oklahoma spend
more than a million dollar in (lot next
tti years In the further relief of sick
and disabled ct-eerviiv men Is con
tained In the ropoit to be siiumitbs)
next wvek to the governor und the ninth
legislature by Ihe Oklahoma soldiers'
relief commission.
The report, which Was drawn up at a
meeting ot the commission here, In ad
dition to accounting for Ihe appropria
tion or 11.110.000 voted two years ago,
outlines what further steps the com
mission deems necessary for tho proper
treatment of ths slate's III and wound
ed veterans.
Ths sum of JI.2T7.e0 should he
spent In ths fiscal year of 1S2M9M In
this humane work of relief, the commis
si. s believed, while IS.14.l24 ill he
sufficient In 124-35. The large ami tint
for ths coming year would provl.l" for
ths doubling of ths capacity ot Ihe
in Fires
Hit It; To
Ardmore hus hud its annual visitation
cf fires which was climaxed curly Sat
ueday morning when K. A. Cole of
Pooleville lost his life, the Brooks
Burner stove company plant und the
C I Hull furniture com puny were de
stroyed with property loss estimated
.it r'0,U00.
An automobile which II. 1'. Wells of
'J"J Seventh avenue, northeast, whs
Uiiving was demolished when struck by
the fire truck Ht the corner of Broad
way unci 1 street, northwest, when the
department was on a run to a grass fire
at tin corner of D and fourth avenue,
no one was Injured.
Night Fire menacing
The entire neighborhod netween
W hlngtnn and Caddo streets In the
W. . Uy of Third avenue, northeast,
,v..M menaced early Saturday morning
when fire wiped out the C. 1. Hall fur
I Ittn e store and damaged several near
by 1 ulldingx, then leaped across the
Hi!:-t and destroyed the Brooks Bur
nci stove plant.
Origin of the fire is placed in
Ihe rear of the Hall store by fire
men who completed their investiga
tion ul noon Saturday. Cause could
not he determined. When Ihe alarm
was turned in the Hull store wut
ei.tlrely rnveluped by fire.
E. A. Cole, an uged man. who has
lived in Ardmore ut various times, was
oicupying a one room annex to the
(Continued on T'age Three)
Robertson Gives
Secretary Job to
His Stenographer
OKLAHOMA CITY. A woman has
been appointed secretary to an Okla
homa governor for the first time. Miss
Huth DoUKherry. his stenographer, was
named Saturday by Governor J. H. A.
Itohertsnn to fill that office when Joe
O'Brien tendered his resignation to en
l:e the leclslature nejit week.
Miss Dougherty, according to the
i. :vt rr.or, was with him as a stenog
rapher Isforo his election to office,
and has served the executive four
"In tendering you this office. Miss
Dougherty, I desire lo honor yon, and
v.itli you the women of Oklahoma. I am
t-eaking a precedent to name you my
Kccretury, but your faithful service has
ru.Ue you deserving."
BAUTLl'.SVILLE. Ok la. J. M. Kurn.
preiiident of the St. Louis and San Fran
cisco railroad, whllo In Tulse recently
made the statement that ell from the
oil countries In OMuhomu In which the
Frisco lines run, formed tho largest In
dividual Item of freight during tho year.
This fact lu Whut led Ihu biurd of the
Frisco lo plan extensions Into other oil
counties during 19-'3. It Is believed that
this will bo un Imnoilunt Item In the
question of building the east nnd West
rallnsid through lUirtlosvllle. The rail
roud offlcluls are at present taking un
der consideration the matter of con
structing u r 'md from Ylnlta to Ponca
C.ly. This tine when built will pus
through Nowatu, lUirtlrsville und l'uV-buska.
To Be Asked for
for Disabled Veterans
Mn.li.. tubercular sanitarium at fcul
phur, whl"h Is the only building pro
ject rveommehd.'d by Hie commission.
In lis nvonimeii.luU.mH, the ctsnmis
sion follows exactly tho suggestions of
the committee on l-xMution of the 1122
stale convention of the American Le
gion at Burtlesvllle. The suggestions of
this committee Included the following
tliudlng and Improvement of the
grounds of the general hospital In Mus
kogee, 122.000; grading nnd Improvement
of grounds, tubercular sanitarium at
Sulphur, llO.ono; a fund for the relief
of emergency cases to be expended by
the relief commission, $100,000; for the
transportation ot ex service persons In
the course of hospitalization, $20,000.
In recommending these appropriations
by the ninth legislature, the commission
points out Unit the stule treasury w.'l
he reimbursed for much ot the mono)
impended by ths pel dism pnymnts
Okemah Attorney Faces
Disbarment and Tells of
Giving Judge Booze to
Decide Suit.
Accused Judtfe Was at Resi
dence When Man Killed;
Cut Given Clean Bill.
OlvU-VHOMA CITl. Charges 1h.it
District JudKC Lucieu B. Wright of
Sapulp.i. accepted a bribe from W. If.
full, an Okemah attorney, were made
In disbarment proceedings filed here
Haiurduy against Dill by lien William.;,
cl airman of the state bar commission,
in (onnection with the trial of the com.
of William Burnett against the Alenni
homa Oil company, involving property
.said to be worth half e million dollars.
The disbarment action against Dill
was started coincident with the tempo
rary detention of Judge Wright and
the arrest of Clias A. Elkins, in con
nection with the shooting of J. H. Fcr.
pusor. at u resort here early Sntuiduy.
.Iiidge Wright adinited he was iienniL
at the time of the trouble but has be-n
exonerated from any connection wi.h
the uffair, according to authorities.
The proceedings ure bused on alleg d
tutiniony or Dill before the state su-
reme court in on action bionght to
compel the disuiiulificuMon of Jud,;e
Wright in ri-iiek-i iiitj UimI decision i 1 1
ine case, wlil, h oi l'iiuied In i'i.-. l;
county. In the niipivue- court ht-arihi;
m July l!UI. Dill was said lo have tes
t'fnd thai he offered Judg.? Wrig.ii
'.vhlskiy and a bribe to settled the ca-e
ajriinst the oil company.
on the strength ot this testimony,
.ludgi Wright whs disqualified by tl -suiileiiie
com t fiom further action In
tl'.e case.
Wright at "Booze Party"
ipicial iitvesiigutor from the state at
tori y general s office, was shot and K'n
riot '' injured Friday night at tho
hoi. t .'.'.Mrs. Dewey Walker In a wi
den. N .nrlct here. C. A. Elkine. who
c'uin ) he was commissioned un offic
er b; ivernor Bobertson la In lull on
a eh
i s s;
I lace
of assault with intent to kill,
was quoted by the authorities
he went to Mrs. Walker's
uh District Judge Lucltn B.
Wnght of Sapulpa, and thut thero was
a "large parly of well known people
present" with much liquor in evidence.
Second Allegation
TCLSA. The bribery charges fllrd
iii;ainst District Judge Lucien 15.
Wilghi of Sapulpa, Saturday consti
tute the second brilnry caso in which
re iins been Involved.
Charges of bribery were filed against
JuJgo Wright nt Sapulpa July 14, 1921 ,
by the then attorney general, S. P.
Froelinjr. It was charged that Judi
Wright hud uccepted $10,000 aid was
promised a total of $100,000 to divide
tho Tommy Atkins oil lease against
tin Charles Page Interests In a slate
action brought In his couru The decis
ion of Wright rendered prior to the
filing of charges was against the Pago
Ititf rests. At the preliminary hearing,
the rase Wici dismissed, Justtoe PI It
holding that thero hud been po evi
dence to support a onbe charge.
WASHINGTON. A supplemental
rpprnpriatlon of $t). 500.000 for modern
lalion of battleships was reqquested of
congress today by ITesldent Harding, i
who transmitted a letter from Secre
tary lcriby declaring that as a result
of tho urnis conference decisions, the
natlrir must adopt n now policy regard.'
inn its capital ships if they ore "to be
maintained ut a stiuidurd ot efficiency ,
ri mpuruble to thut of similar vessels of ,
f.tfelgn powers."
from thn federal government for each
veterans' bureau ttent cared for at
the Sulphur and Oklahoma City hus
pital. In illustrating IH this need for con
Urination of ths alato' rollcf program
for ex-service persona, tho report points
nut that to December IS, 1IH2, 1.731
patients wero hospitulixed nt tho Uni
versity hospital at Oklahoma City. The
number remaining In the institution on
'.hat dute was (2. At the sains time,
there were 67 patients In the tubercular
sunltarlum at Sulphur, which Is seven
mors thun the original capacity ot the
Thu commission recommends enact,
ment of a statute giving It authority to
sell the Muskogee general h.ispllul to
the fiKlerul government If the govern
ment so desires.
Tho 'report Is stated by Ihe three com
:nlsloners llnrold It. Frll of Ardmore,
S. Grant Victor of Afton, und Horac
II. I lagan of Tulsa.

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