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Adelphos Theater, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday
Present Law for Handling the
Business Not in Favor
in County and Change
Is Desired.
County treasurer Fred Hnynie reports
JT.I.L'i'tl.Sj collected from tho state high
way department for nuiumobllo tux. col
l''i uil from owners in Carter county for
the year ending December 31.
Thin amount represents 90 per rent
(if the total tax collected as ten per cent
is retained by the state to covtr cost of
collettiiiK the tux.
Opposition to this ssu-m in frowitiK
dully In Ardmore nnd Cul ler county, and
one prominent business man stated on
Saturday that he was golns to make a
point to be in Oklahoma City ajid do
everything; he. could toward getting a
bill passed whereby the entire tax,
with the exception of the cost of the
tags be retained In tho county where it
is collected, and Jo anything possible to
nSMSt T. J. Pollock, representative-elect
from this county, who rays he will spon
sor muh n bill.
Mr. Pollock, stated shortly after elec
tion that he was Investigating the mat
ter, and if he finds that lie can Ket such
a bill passed, will surely introduce the
measure, lie believes the ten per cent
retained by the state highway depart
ment is too much and should be reduc
ed to the mere cost of taps and salary
for one or two men to keep account Of
the number to prevent confusion in each
The number of employes necessary to
collect the tax under the present system
he thinks is in direct opposition to the
principals of economy, and snys under
his proposed bill tho tax would be col
lected the same as other taxes and the
slate paid for the tatis used.
CHICAGO. Optimism for 1923 per
rueuted summarization from a business
standpoint of the yeur now closing as
made public today by some of Chi
cago's leaders In filiation and Industry.
They save their reasons for their satis
faction with the situation, chief of which
I'pward trend of trade, a tone of
(neater confidence, improved conditions
of agriculture, Increasing business activ
ity Bemrally, favorable condition of
banking reserves, interest rates and
i rtdit structure, more normal relation
ship between prices of different classes
o( commodities, belter foreign exchange
WHEREAS the Supremo Architect
and Builder of the 1'niverse has at
death's portalt received life's hist cre
dentials of our brother and follow work
man, C. W. McDuffy, u member of lo
cal union No. 102S, Carpenters aid Join
ers of America, and
WHEREAS, his passing away was a
Brent shork to all who knew him as
well ns the members of his local union,
of which he hud been a faithful and
honored member for the past tn years,
as ho always put forth great effort to
assist in making brighter the pathway
of nil, which makes the loss more keen
ly felt by us.
THEREFORE, be it resolved that lo
cal Xo. 1028 deeply deplcn s the loss of
llrother C. W. McDuffy and convey to
his wife nnd relatives cur profound,
heartfelt and abiding sympathy and
assure them that when the last Had
summons came, ho was among those
friendly, loyal and faithful unto death.
To live In hearts we leave behind not
to die, and
one page of the minutes of this locul
union be K t apart for these resolutions
and it copy be sent to tho wife of the
deceased brother and a ropy be fiirnlau
cd the dally papers of Ardmore '.or pub
lication. D. N. FEROUKON,
J. M. S1IEM1V.
SHirtsiuelt In Itewey
T.Vt.OdA The population of Dew
i v county is Miiisidciable augmented
Hi.s we-k by u lau;e number of sports-
on n who are here to partake of "ome
f the duck and goose hunting f r whl h
Idwey county Is Justly famous. The
heavy lains this fall filled til the creeks
end rivers which serve us rendezvous
for thousands of wild du ks and geese.
y'l7iS14 Ssir ill wi Wi m I 1
W I will 1 M! lwf! J
I III i 'T lii'f ill v
tELLEVILLE, 111. Elmer r.lngham,
!l years old. convicted of manslaughter,
as the result of au automobile, accident
must serve un indeterminate sentence of
from one year to life imprisonment un
less a higher court Interferes, follow
ing denial by Circuit Judge Bernreutcr
of a motion for a new trial.
Patronize Ardmore Firms.
Two Cars lu Itarbecur
MIAMI. Plans are being Uid here to
h ler two cars for the accommodation
oi Ottawa couuty democrats who will
attend the Inaugural barbecue vt Uov.
n-nor Walton next month. More than
100 men and women have signified their
IntentW of making the trip in the spe
cial cars.
W. F. Gregg, prominent farmer of?v
Love's Valley in Love county was tran. 5
Hactiim business in idmore Friday. ' f
Of ten telephone workers in America , formed the subscriber that she would
cited by the Naional Commltteo of j .PCUre another physician, which she
Award of the Theodore N. Vull Mem-
clral Fund for noteworthy public serv
ice and devolion to duty, two come
from southwestern territory, according
to the committee's recent announce
ments. The Theodore N. Vail Memorial
Tund was established two years ugo
to commemorate and fitting recognise
the spirit of public service displayed by
telephone operators and employes. Un.
ikr its provisions, Miss Lillian Eliza
bi th Barry, an operatof of St. Joseph,
Mo., and Miss Verda. Ray Townley. tel
ephone manager of Freeport, Texas,
will each receive a silver medal and
a cash reward of $230.
Miss Townley Cited
Miss Townley is cited for "note
worthy public service." She remained
on duty at her switchboard from 11
0 clock In tho morning; until niglit
while a tropical hurricane rnged over
the little town of 800. More than half
of tho citizen nnd her two assistants
fled to places of safety.
Toward niglit it was reported .that
tho Brazos river near the mouth of
which Freeport is situated, was rising
rr.d overflowing the prairies.. The wind
was driving tho tide upstream and it
seemed likely the waters would in
vade the town. Miss Townley stuck to
her post, handling fifty-four toll calls
and r.lne hundred local calls. She left
lut once during the day for the pur
pose of procuring food and while o
doing was thrown to tho ground by
the wind and slightly Injured.
Her work lu giving service to the In
habitants of Freeport. helping them lo
cato relatives and assisting their prep
arations for flight and performing nnm
eicus other service. arising from the
trcmgeiny was beyond value.
( italion of Miss Hairy
Tho citation of Miss Harry of St. Jo-i-epn.
Mo. Is "for promptness and re
fourcefulness In saving human life,"
1 ut for her conscientious brainy work
l mo little boy would now be listed on
tuc ineiancnoiy rou oi uioso nm um.
by iiccidenl during 1921.
'.ii April Hth, Miss Harry, in the
cr.mse of her regular duties ns a super
vU.ir, observed iluh one of her oper
ntoin wus trying continuously and un
Micufsfully to pet a number which
!c knew was thut of a physiclun.
'Hugging lu" on Hie call, she in-
The subscriber, Mrs. Siegfried Horn
l.ohl, of 12.1 South Twelfth street, St.
.Ir.Hpch, then called a eeoond time and
tcld Miss Barry that her two children
were unconscious from the effect of
inhaling Illuminating- gas, and sho was
pfraid they would die before the doctor
ai rived.
Miss Barry knew of a lungmotor
closer to the Hornkohl address than
ir,y posted on the emergency list at
i he exchange and she dispatched It,
(vilh trained attendants at once. Its
arrival within two minutes, resulted in
the resuscitation of the two children
Although forty-five minutes work was
rccessary before they were pronounced
cut of danger.
Promptness Saves life
Mrs. Hornkohl hod been giving her
soiw Cleorgo fifteen months old and
Siegfried, Jr., three years old a bath.
She found it necessary to leave the
b-ithrooin for a short time nnd return
ed to find both boys overcome by
I'uinea from tho bathroom heater. One
ihild was lying in the tub, which was
half filled with water, while the other
bud collapsed on the floor.
Mice Barry's Initiative and resource
fulness in locating and dispatching the
lungmotor, undoubtedly saved the boys'
hve3 us the only doctor available was
enable to reach the Hornkohy home
for half an hour or more.
The presentation of both medals and
the cash awards will be mudu some
time this month.
County Court Will
Convene January 2
With Heavy Docket
Regular January term of county court
will convene Tuesday, January 2, Judge
M. F. Winfrey presiding.
Tho criminal docket which is excep.
tlonaliy heavy and which is almost en
tirely filled with cases Involving viola
tions of tho liquor laws, will be the first
to obtain the attention of the court fol
lowed by the civil docket which Is quite
light for this term.
The regular January term of district
court, Judge W. F. Freeman, presiding
will convene January 2i.
The criminal docket In this division of
district court is heavy and Involves some
important murder cases.
Amount Anderson Shortage Is
Not as Large as Was First
Thought; No Run By
McALESTEU. Okla. Oscar M. An
('.irson, fugitive cashier of the Rank of
McAlester, has not been heard from
and trace of him ended In Kansas City
Sunday when he affirmed to McAlester
riLquuintances that lie wus en route
cn his Christinas vacation to be spent
at Nlckerson, Nelru;i'a, his mother's
home. An examination of his affairs
and ol the books of ihe bank reveal the
ice fact that the sum missing is consid
erably less than lirsL feured and but
12.000 disappeared. Of this amount,
half was In liberty bonds, Anderson had
ivceplted for the day he closed the
v. Hilt with its time lock set to one
day later than the proper time.
.1. W. Snyder, or tho state bank ex
aminer's department finished his audit
t tin. bunk's books Thursday mid Frl
i'ay the doors were opened for busl-
luss tike aame us usual. Anticipation of
run on the bank due to fear of a
i.iisubderstanding of the affair caused
i fficlals of the institution to have avail
ahis in cash, every dollar that might
I v. demanded.
With currency stacked high In full
v.ew of the customers, confidence did
rot waver and few demands for with
drawals were mude. Some of the per
reus who did ask to check out uc
it mils returned soon and tendered ex
cuses for re-opening accounts.
Stockholders of the Bank of McAles
lt r learned when Anderson's .ictounts
were inspected thut every book was in
perfect condition up to the hour the
former cashier had phi cod them In the
vault, for the last time. There was no
shcrtiige and only the cash items and
bond were uiinccnun'ed for. Loss to
the bank is said to bo neurly covered
by Idemiilty bonds nnd the difference,
!f any, Is guaranteed by the Individual
biockholdcrs. The state banking de
partment has recommended that the
flatter rest, as no depositor rlsUs the
loi.s of a penny. -
Syrup Pepsin Helps
Nature Give Relief
Try It sm UitiiTc it uA
t tat wosdtrlul mailt
IT is not necessary to take a
violent physio for so simple an
ailment as constipation. Yet
many thoughtless parent g give
mercury in the form of calomel,
and coal-tar in tba
form of phenol
when a natural
vegetable com
pound like Dr.
Caldwell'a Syrup
repsm will do the
! yW worlt equally well
vA. kv without dan
VssPV jter. People
should realize
that mercury may salivate and in
certain conditions loosen the
teeth; that pheiiolphthnlein, liy
whatever name known and how
ever disguised in candy, may
cause dermatitis and other skin
eruptions; thut suit waters and
Cowdcrs may concentrate the
lood, dry up tho skin and cause
You can take Dr. Caldwell's
Syrup Pepin yourself or give it
to a babe in anus, as thousands of
mothers do every dsy, with the
conudence thut it is the safest
and best medicine you can use
for constipation nnd such com
plaints. A tcasponnful will re
lieve you over night even if the
constipation has been chronic for
Thmuandt of partnl art ttkint
themtrlte: "Whtt ran I find a Irusl
worthy latatit thai anyone in Iht
family ran mm irn cnnitipatrd'i'"
I liror you (a Iry Syrup I'rutin.
I uill titailly prtia a lihtrnl fret
tomplt hotllr, luJIU irnl fur an adrquatt
Int. Write me H-nrr lu tmi it.
Addrnt iV. H'. H. (hIJwrll Sli
Math melon St., Muntictlio, lllinou.
Do it noict
years. Dr. Caldwell's Syrup
Pepsin is a compound of Egyptian
senna and pepsin with pleasant
tasting aromntici, nnd does not
cramp or gripe. Every druggist
handles it, and hot lies are so gen
erous that the cost amounts to
only about a rent o close. You
buy it with the understanding
that if it does not do us claimed
your money will lie refunded. The
names of all the ingredients are on
the pack ago.
Mrs. A. Arcenenux of Orange,
Texas, suffered from constipation
for six yours and found no relief
until tho took Dr. Caldwell's
Syrup Pepsin: and Mrs. Gus
Anderson of Hall, Knns., corrected
her bowel trouble so that she now
cats and sleeps normally. Bring
a bottle of Dr. Culdwell's Syrup
Pepsin into your own homo and
let Iho family use it for consti
pation, biliousness, wind, gus,
headaches, flatulency, and to
break up fevers und colds.
l ire Destroys Grain :
TALOUA. Fires, which occurred at
several points in Dewey county during
the week, destroyed more than three
hundred bushels of grain nnd nn uni-s-tlmated
amount of foragt crops, accord
ing to reports.
Tr. L. O. Dickson and wife of Menu,
Arkansas nrrived Friday to spend seV
tral days at the home of Orin L)ck
sn, 3U MvLlsh.
Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Johnson, left
Friday for Oklahoma City where they
will spend a few days.
Antt-Freexe Guaranteed
' No freese, no smell, no damage.
C & A Auto Too Co.
Washington St. opposite Post Office
Rhone 2307.
This is the time of the year when all the loved
ones gather u round the home fireside and the
opportunity for preserving thai, occasion should
not be lost.
Make an appointment to have your group pho
tographed at home. '
Phone 437
The meeting night of Ardmore Lodge
No. SI, A. V. and A. M. lias been
changed to Ihe first and third Tuesday
nights in each month.
Gilbert I'resnell, W. M.
(. O. DaunW, .Sec. SI S
Wo thank you for the many courtesies
extended us during the past year 1922, and
extend to you our Hearty Good Wishes for
a Happy and Prosperous New Year.
H. A. Brooks
awaits Dad and the boys iis
their Christmas fc'ift.
!.ong; after the Christmas
neckties, shirts, cuff buttons
and aw ks are worn out, l)ad
und the boys will enjoy this
"shower of health. "
Shower WhlnK is an unex
celled tonic for outiR and
old. M is the cleanest Olid
also the rhcuptut Way to
Talk to us about fcSIIOWKItS.
Who has not felt the re
newing of hope and courage
with the coming of a new
Make 1923 for you a year
of REAL progress and
The surest foundation on
'which you can build is a
growing bank account. We
cordially invite you to open
and build YOUR New Year
account with this bank.
Our Store Will Be
Closed All Day
We wish to thank our many
friends and customers for their
patronage during the year 1922:
May the coming year be a
Happy and Prosperous one.
'Home of Cood Shoes'
IMiimbliig and Healing ('iiiitrarlor
34 years Sn Ardmore
319 rt Main Plume SOU

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