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AUTUMN. ,^"4
The rich antamnal shadows fall:
The first brown leaf wheels slowly down
And all along the orchard wall
The mosses gather deeper brown.
Through all the rounded golden hours
No sound steals in from village street
Alone the chimes from distant towers
Float hourly through my still retreat.
Across the vale, the rugged hills
Are starting from their summer gloom,
And bursting heather glows and fills
Their 6kyward curves with purple bloom
Again with Autumn comes tke time
When'you and 1 would cross the vale,
And reach the mountain Foot, and climb
Till stars renew 1he evening talc.
I wander still where nature haunts
Her secret places seldom sought
But even nature something wants—
A subtle something, deeply wrought
And here alone I sit, and now
Thy voice is hushed but those dear eyes
That flushed beneath thy brave boy-brow
Are haunting me as daylight dies.
The sun slopes slowly to his rest,
This soft September afternoon,
Till all the color leaves the we&t,
And steeps the world in twilight gloom
J. s.
Farm Notes.
The harvest in Italy is a failure this
We have reports of extensive freezing
of potatoes by the late cold snap.
A Belvidere (111) man raised $733.50
worth of clover seed this year from 30
acres of clover.
Over fifty thousand bushels of potatoes
have been bought and shipped in Du­
buque this fall.
A second crop oi barley (volunteer) at
Sun Prairie, Wis., came into head before
the late cold snap.
Over 1,000 persons in Clark and Wayne
counties, Mississippi, earn their living
by turpentine industry.
A strong decoction of peach tree leaves
is reported to be specific for chicken chol­
era, dose, one-half teaspoonful.
Two-thirds of the cultivated land in
America is cultivated by the personal
labor of the men who own the land.
At a recent potato show England,
where nearly 1,400 plates were shown, a
large number were of American varieties.
The favorable fall weather in Dakota
has enabled farmers to get in an immense
crop of wheat in the northern portion of
the state.
Great quantities of tobacco are raised
in Russia, the seed from which it is
grown being obtained chiefly from this
Red clover was introduced into Eng­
land from the Netherlands in 1645, by
Sir Richard Weston, then ambassador to
the Low Countries.
Pennsylvania lias eighty incorporated
county agricultural societies, thirty-one
of which have representation in its State
Board of agriculture.
Bohemia has two superior and seven
ordinary institutions lor agricultural in­
struction, all of which are in the enjoy
ment of state support.
French farmers do not take kindly to
scientific agriculture, as the savants un­
derstand the term. They cultivate well,
and save in every possible item of cost.
A decrease of 20,000 cows is reported
in Ireland this year as compared with
last. Railroad books show a great fall­
ing off in the amount of butter shipped.
The value of farms in the United States
is eleven billions and the annual product
is three billions. In four years, therefore,
the farm products equal the value of
Hemp is recommended to be cultivat­
ed in vineyards, orchards, etc., for the
banishment or destruction of noxious in­
sects. It is said that noxious insects are
not found in hemp-fields.
Agriculture is to be made an obliga­
tory study in the elementary schools or
France. This is a recent action ef the
French senate, and was adopted by a
majority of 254 votes.
Here is a rare specimen of the profits
of horticulture worth striving for. The or­
iginator of a new, white, out-door grapo,
suited to our climate, is said to have sold
the "copyright"' of the same for $20,000.
Peach tress blossomed in Kentucky,
the second time this year, and a market
woman near Newport Ky., sold a bushel
of strawberries in Cincinnati, and had a
large supply nearly ripe, destroyed by
the freeze.
Rot among the sheep is a late disaster
announced to have overtakes English
flocks. It is laid to the deluge of rain
there for the past year, keeping the
ground so wet as to be unwholesome for
sheep pasturage.
London Garden, in speaking of strong
manure for roses, says: A successful Eng­
lish competitor for a fifty guinea prize
"fed his plants tremendously," some of
the beds oeing mulched with nearly a
foot of manure.
One of the phenomena of the season is
a second crop of raspberries and straw­
berries in Delaware and Maryland. One
grower has shipped at one time as many
as 120 pints of raspberries from his bushes,
the second crop this season.
Clover in McLean county is yielding
about four bushels of seed to the acre,
and most of the farmers haveyalready
sold at $4 per bushel. In Allegan county,
Mich., the crop was the largest ever
known. The price there has ranged, from
$3.50 to $5.25 per bushel.
Cheap walks from the house to the
stabla and other out-houses may be con­
structed by laying sapling trees, say 6
inches in diameter, parallel with each
other and one and two leet apart, accord­
ing to the width desired. Bind them in
place by pinning ties across occasionally.
Fill in the middle with sand, gravel,
sawdust, or any similarmaterial.
Wheat is selling in the Gallatin valley,
Montana, at fifty cents per bushel, and
there will be a large surplus which can't
be disposed of even at that low figure,
and probably not at all. With the North­
ern Pacific extended through that region,
as it will coon be, the products of Mon­
tana promise to be almost limitless.
A farmer in Elvira, la., cut a crop of
barley from apiece of land in the sum­
mer, being unablejfor lack of he !p to cut
the crop until after it had become so ma­
tured that mucli shelled in handling. A
second crop sprung up on the stubble
and was almost ready to harvest when
the freeze came.
Mr. Mechi has been credited with the
answer, when asked what be manured
his land with, saying, "With brains,
sir!" Opie, the celebrated painter, is the
originator of the idea. He was asked, by
an ambitious pupil, with what he mixed
his colors, he replied, "With brains, sir."
The entries of the late dairy fair in
London were as follows: Live stock, 342
dairy products, 460 dairy implements,
models, drawings, etc., 59 total, 861.
This is an increase over the entries at a
similai fair held in October of last yeaT
of more than 200, showing the increased
interest in dairy farming and manipula­
tions among English dairymen and farm­
The importation of foreign green fruits
into New York, says the New York Trib­
une, has more than doubled in ten years.
Oranges have not increased much, the
average number of Mediterranean being
160,023,487 lor ten years, 168,705,520 for
1878 while of West India 12,942,975
were received last year, the average for
ten years being about 50 per cent. more.
Florida fruit comes in competition with
the later. Of lemons, in round num­
bers has been from 85,000,000 to 217,
000,000. There were 42,000 boxes an7
12,000 barrels of grapes received.
The Tables Turned.
A good story .comes to us from the
West. Out in Indiana the students of a
well-known medical college decided to
have a good joke at the expense of a
professional resurrectionist. The latter
was not exactly a coward in any sense of
the term, but they, the students, felt
confident that the plan they had on hand
would, if successfully carried out, be the
means of providing them with unbound­
ed merriment at the resurrectionist's ex­
pense. They informed him that they
had secreted a body for dissection, and
commissioned him to bring it from its
hiding-place and deliver it to them. Just
previous to this one of the number got
into a sack and lay perfectly motionless.
He was the remains, and he was to kick
and make a big noise at a given signal
from the rest, who were to be hid in am
dush along the road. So far everything
worked like a charm. The resurrection­
ist took up the sack, swung it across his
back and trudged on to the utter joy of
the occupant, who remained as still as
possible. On trudged the resurrection­
ist with thoughts of the forthcoming fee
dancing in his soul. Finally he got to
within fifty feet of the spot at which the
ambushed party lay, but between him
and them was a bridge. As he stepped
upon the bridge his burden was aware
of the fact that the signal would be giv­
en so soon that it was not worth while
to wait lor it, so he commenced to kick,
and the resurrectionist, with hair on end,
made aloud howl and threw his burden
off the bridge into the water below. The
students rushed down pell-mell and res­
cued their companion after a desperate
struggle. When any allusion is made to
the affair, however, the students pretend
to know nothing about it.
The Bear at the Altar.
A singular anecdote is related by the
Rev. J. Bowden, in connection with the
plague in Norway. At the beginning
of the fourteenth century it attacked
the district of Yalders with such se­
verity as to entirely depopulate the
country for miles round. Abut 200 years
afterward a peasant was one day hunt­
ing a bear in that part of the country.
Having discharged an arrow at the ani­
mal, it missed its mark, but, flying on­
ward, struck against something which
gave back a ringing sound. Curious to
discover what was the cause of the
strange circumstance, the hunter
searched and found a church hidden
among the trees. The arrow had struck
against the bed of the clock in the
church steeple. This was the ancient
church of Hadel, which had stood un­
known since the visitation of the plague,
and in the lapse of time a large forest
had grown up and concealed the sacred
building from the eyes of men. The
most singular part of the story is, that
the hunter entered the church and slew
the bear at the altar, where it had taken
refage. The bear's skin is still pre­
served in the vestry of the church.
Boys or Girls?
A lady who had much experience in
teaching both boys and girls, speaking
of the extraordinary obtuseness of a
certain pupil, said:
In a physiology class, this young
lady of 15 inquired, with languid sur­
prise Is there not a straight passage
through the head from one ear to the
"A somewhat natnral conclusion,"
the teacher commented, dryly, if she
had ever watched the processes of her
own mind."
"Which would you prefer teaching,"
asked a visitor," boys or girls?
Boys, infinitely," was the prompt
reply. "No boy, for instance, would
ever have asked such a question as
that. He would long before have in­
vestigated the subject with a lead-pen­
cil. Not, probably, in his own ears,"
she added, meditatively, bnt in his
younger brother's."
LIMBUEGER cheese made in this coun­
try is superior in every respect to that
produced abroad.
A SIGN of the times: "Shut This
PUT a shutter over your mouth, is he
latest slang.
Is pulpitless clergyman in quest of
a church engaged in.a steeple-chase?
WHEN a man calls his wife's maid an
angel it is time for the wife to make
her fly.
THE "KING of the Fiji islands is said
to relish Baby Mine very much. He
likes it well done, too.
"You are my precious pearl," he said
as he drew her to his manly breast.
"Oh, John," she sighed, "and you are
my oyster."
LITTLE Gerty (after waiting some
time for dessert)—"Uncle,don't you have
anything after dinner?" Uncle—"Yes,
dear the dyspepsia."
"ABE you building air castles in
Spain, Mr. Jones?" said a landlady to a
boarder, who was thoughtfully regard­
ing his coffee-cup. "No, madam, only
looking over my grounds in Java," re­
plied Jones.
A RATHER gayly-dressed young lady
asked her Sunday-school class "What
was meant by the pomps and vanities
of the world?" The answer was honest,
but rather unexpected: "Them flowers
on your hat."
"I DON'T see how there ever came to
be so many words in the world!" ex­
claimed a girl who was studying her
spelling lesson. "Why, sis," said h-r
brother, "they comc through folks quar­
reling. Then, you know, one word al­
ways brings on another."
MOTHER—"Johnny, why do you look
so down-hearted?" Johnny—"Coz
I haven't got no luck. Jim Woodhead
was the last in the class, an' I'd aworked
myself up to the last but one, an' now
Jimmy's died to-day, an' I am the last
again. Boo-hoo!"
TEACHER—"Now, boys, quadruped
and biped, you know, are two kinds of
animals. Quadruped, animal with four
legs, such as cow, elephant, horse, etc.
Biped, animal with two legs, such as—
well, ah—. Yes, there is a biped,'
pointing to a goose on the wall, "and I
am a biped, and you are all biped
Now, what am I?" Pause. Oneofth
bipeds—"A goose, sir!"
Tis night. Two lovers lean
Upon the gate.
A nearing form is seen—
It is their fate.
A piercing scream from her
The welkin rent.
It was, as you infer,
Her pa-ri-ent.
The lover sought to scoot—
Alas I too late.
He's hoisted with a boot
Beyond the gate.
A GENTLEMAN sent his Irish servant
up to his room for a pair of boots, and
at the same time told him to be sure to
get mates, as there were two pairs in the
closet. Patrick returned with two
boots, but odd ones. "Why, don't you
see that these are not alike—one is a
long top and the other a short one?
said the gentleman, out of patience with
the fellow. "Bedad, your Honor," said
Pat in apology, "and it's true for ye
but thin the other pair was just so,
Macauley's Annihilator.
On one Monday morning as Mr. Mac
auley, the actor, was about to get on
board the train, a queer-looking man
stepped up to him and asked for a few
minutes' conversation, which was pleas­
antly granted by Mr. Macauley, who has
less airs about him with strangers than
any actor in the profession.
"I'd like to see that annihilator that
you have—that gun that shoves out like
a telescope."
"Certainly, sir I have it in my va­
lise. It frequently comes handy when
strangers fool with me."
The actor went into the train, fol­
lowed by the stranger, and soon pro­
duced his "annihilator," which the oth­
er grasped eagerly and began to work,
his eyes gleaming with delight.
"That's a daisy, by Jove it is! What's
its range?"
"I never really knew how far it would
shoot. It carries a pound of powder to
a pint of shot, and the charge spreads
out in all directions."
"I've got a little racket myself!" said
the stranger, pulling out an immense
six-shooter from behind. "That'll the
boy that was the terror of Pioche for
"Ah! Are you the celebrated Pat
Holland, poet and fighter of Pioche?"
"I am pretty well recognized in the
sage-brush country by that name.
When I haul this machinery out it
clears the streets quicker than a squad
of New York police could do it. I'd
like to buy that annihilator of yours,
for a sort of companion piece, as it
were, to mine—something to balance
me on the other side."
"To tell you the truth, Mr. Holland,"
replied Macauley, laughing, "this affair
of mine is only a sham. It doesn't
shoot at all—just meant for the stage,
you know."
"Holy Moses! You don't mean to
say that you can't kill a man with it?"
"Good-by, sir! I've been goin'to see
you night after night, supposin' this
weapon was the real cheese, and I'm
sold. I used to dream about. it night
after night, and now to find out it's a
fraud. Ifs too terrible!"
Here Pat sat down on a car step and
wept like a child.—Virginia City
Humility is a virtue all preach, few
practice, and yet every body is content
to hear. The msster thinks it good
doctrine for his servant, the laity for
the clergy, and the clergy for the laity.
Of Ten Years' Duration.
charges Thick, Bloody, and of
Foul Odor. Senses of Smell and
Taste Wholly Gone. Entirely
Cured by
eu years I have been afflicted with this loathsome
disease, and especially in the winter time has it
been most severe. The discharge has been thick
and bloody, emitting afoul odor so bad that my
presence in a room with others was very offensive
to them. One week after commencing the use of
BAXFOKD'S RADICAL CUR* I was not troubled wiih
It at all. My Be
usee of tnste and smell, which were
wholly gone, have now fully returned, and my gen­
eral health is much improved. Yours,
Short-Hand Writer.
Gentlemen: The package of SACTOBD'S Crone
arrived hero to-night all rlgnt. I don't know what I
Bhould have done if it had not been for this remedy.
have trlodNasal Douches and everything
else, and
although 1 have been able to stop the offensive dis­
charge, I have not been able
to recover
taste and smell until I tried SANFORD'Smysensesof
giktS, lJOtitiOU, Jtfdo3.
can reler any one yon cliooee to me, and I will
cheerfully inform them In detail as to the benefit
the remedy has oeen to me. Tours.
Mien., Nov. 15,1876.
become affected by it, and exhibit any of the follow­
ing affections
Defectlvo Eyesight, Inflamed and Mattery
Eyes, Painful and Watery Kyes, Loss of
Hearing, Earache, Neuralgia of the Ear,
Discharges from the Ear, Singing Noises
in the Head, Dizziness, Nervous Head­
ache, Pains in the Temples, Ioss of tho
Senses of Taste and Smell, Elongation of
the Uvula, Inflammation of the Tonsils,
Putrid Sore Throat, Tickling or Hacking
Cough, Bronchitis, and Bleeding o£ the
Each package contains Dr. Sanford's Improved
Inhaling Tube, with full and carefully prepared di­
rections for nso in all eases. Price, $1, For sale by
all wholesale and retail druggists anil dealer*
throaghontthe United States and Canadns. WKEKS
& roTTSR, General Agents and Wholesales Drug-
Battery, combined with
highly Medicated Plaster, forming tho
grandest curativo agent in tho world of medicine,
and utterly surpassing all other Plasters heretofore
In use. They accomplish more in one week than
ine old Plasters in a whole year. They do not pal­
liate, thay OURS. They
Relieve Affections of the Chest.
Keliove Affections of the Lungs.
Relieve Affections of the Heart.
Relieve Affections of the Liver.
Relieve Affections of the Spleen.
Relieve Affections of the Kidneys.
Relieve Affections of the Spine.
Relieve Affections of tho Nerves.
Reiievo Affections of the Muscles.
Relieve Affections of the Joints.
Relieve Affections of tho Jtnes.
Relieve Affections of tho Sinews.
Wo matter what mav be the extent of your suffer*
Ing, try one of these Plasters. Relief is instantane­
ous, a "fact supported by hundreds of testimonials in
our possession. Bear in mind that the most impor­
tant discoveries in pharmacy date back less than ten
yt:avs, and that combinations of gums and essences
of plants and shrubs are herein united with Elec­
tricity to form a curative Plaster, in soothing, heal
inz, and strengthening properties as far superior to
nil other Piasters heretofore in .use as the
physician is to the horse-leech.
Price, 85 Cents*
Be careful to call for COLLINS* VOLTAIC PLAS­
TER lest you get
some worthless
imitation. Sold by
nil Wholesale and Retail Druggists throughout the
United States and Canadas, and
TER, Proprietors, Boston, Mass.
Livery Stable
First-Class in Every Respect.
Hacks to all parts of tlie City, Boats, Fort
Lincoln and Mandan.
Office rear of Sheridan House.
In The Northwest.
Importers and Jobbers of
Fine Woolens And Trimmings.
82 Jackson St.y
St. Paul, Minn.—9yl
General Dealer in
Lumber, Shingles, Lath, Doors,
Mouldings Window Glass.
of an kinds.
Dealer in
Main St, Opposite Sheridan Honst-
Repairing a Specialty.
OnChromo Cards (perfect beauties) with
IU name.
10& Outfit, 10c. TUSKER CARD GO.,
The Dis­
W. SiTXon, Prest. W. B. Bm, Gaah.
A nneral hanking baclaew tnuuMtod. lata*.
MtulowadaatiiMMpoalte. CoUactlooBpranpt-,
On. F. fUnnr.
-pyiVTP BTKWABT-Attorney at Law.
"OHN A. 8TOYELL, Attorney at Law.
Fourth Street.
"OHN E. OAKLAND, Attorney at Law, and
County Attorney.
Dental Booms,
No. 12 West Main Street
PHysician and Surgeon,
Office at Dunn's Drug Store, 93 Main Street
Residence "Yillula."
Physician and Surgeon,
Office 37 Main Street, next to Tribune Block.
U. S. Examining Surgeon.
CORRESPONDENTS American Exchange
National Bank. New York Merchants Nation­
al Bank, St. Paul.
Physician and Surgeon,
Office Tribune Block, 41 Main Street.
ISF* Calls left on the slate in the office will
De promptly attended to.
Dealer in
Jamestown, D. T.
A very full line of Groceries and Dry Goods
and satisfaction as to prices and goods guar­
Sheridan House*
SLELBLT, Proprietor.
The largest and best Hotel In Dakota Territory.
Cor. Main axicl Sci St.,
L. N. G-RIFFIN, Proprietor.
Building new and commodious, rooms large,
comfortable and tastily famished. Mrst-dassTn
every particular. Bills reasonable. 3-27ti
THOS. MoOOWAN, Proprietor.
Fifth Street near Main,
Blsxxiarels, 3D. IV
This house Is a large three story building
entirely new, well lighted and heated, situated
only a few rods from the depot, River men, rail*
tou men, miners and army people will find first
class accommodations at reasonable rates. Vt
Sherman House,
One block west of post office and U. S. Land
Office. Opposite Railroad Depot.
T. MARTIN, Proprietor
Carriage Painting,
West Main Street.
Livery & Feed
Cor. ITifth. and Main Sts.
.buggies and Saddle Horses for hire by the day
or hour at reasonable rates.
My Buggies and Harness are new and of the
best manufacture and style, and onr stock good.
Parties wishing teams for any distant point eaa
be accommodated at fair rates.
My stable Is large and airy, and accommoda­
tions for boarding stoek the best in the country.
Bread, Pies, Cakes, Green Fruits,
Confectionery, &o.
Goods Choice and Fresh and Deltoni Frea to
any point In the City.

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