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Lieut, and Mrs. J. C. Avers, of Fort
Liiicoln, went East Monday.
Dr. R. B. Benliam, U. S. A., was a pas­
senger on Monday's train East.
Mrs. Maj. Combe, of the Cantonment,
Little-Missouri, went East Monday.
Maj. James P. Willard, Paymaster, has
been assigned to duty at St. Paul, Minn.
Capt. Jacob Kline, Eighteenth Infan­
try, has been ordered to Sioux City, Iowa,
for duty at that place.
Col. Otis,7th Cavalry, came over from
Lincoln Tuesday, and loomed up as a
target at which his friends fired many
pleasant salutations.
Major Bates, paymaster U. B. A., after
distributing the root of all evil at various
posts, is again in the city.
of absence tor three months, to
take effect after July 1, 1881, has been
granted Second Lieut. Francis Wood
bridge, Seventh Infantry.
Lieut. James C. Ay res, ordnance de­
partment, .and wife, have arrived at
St. Paul en route to Rock Island, the
former home of Mrs. Avres.
First Lieut. David B. Wilson, Adjutant
of the Twenty-fifth Infantry, has been
authorized to remain at St. Paul until the
route of travel to his post is open.
Lieut. Ogle (Seventeenth -Infantry) and
wife, Post Surgeon Maus and wife, and
Lieut. Brennan, arrived from Fort Yates
yesterday afterhoon on the steamer Peck.
The order detailing Second Lieut. Jolin
•A. Lockwood, Seventeenth Infantry, for
ditty at th*'international polar station,
qear Lady Franklin Bay, has been re
Assistant Surgeon, W. H. King, upon
\he expiration of his sick leave, has been
ordered to report by loiter to the Surgeon
General, and Assistant Surgeon H. O.Per
leyhasbeen directed to proceed to Detroit,
5#irst LieUt. G. W H. Stoucli, Third la
fatttry, has been detailed as Inspector of
jftodian Supplies at the Blackfeet Agency,
'Montana, in place of First Lieut. D. H.
Floyd, Eighteenth Infantry,who has been
'. relieved,
Lieut, -and Mrs. Wilkinson,
Lincoln, xveni East Monday morning.
Lieut^ WUkinson has a twenty days'
leave,- and will go to New Mexico to look
after his extensive mining interests in
that section.
Lieut. Hare, Seventh Cavalry, re­
turned to Fort Totten Monday. He will
proceed immediately, with Company "I,"
Capt. H. J.
toBuford. as will also
Company "K," Seventh Cavalry, Capt. E.
G. Mathey.
A general court-martial has been or­
dered to convene at Fort Snelling, Minn.,
of which Capt. D. W. Benliam, Seventh
Infantry, is appointed President, and
First Lieut. William Quiuton, Seventh
Infantry, Judge Advocate.
Leave of absence for one year has been
granted First Lieut. John F. Trout,
Twenty-third Infantry for six months to
Lieut.-Col. Elmer, Otis,Seventh Cavalry
for four months to First Lieut. O. E.
Wood, FiftS Artillery foi five months to
First Lieut. Frank Michler,Fifth Cavalry
and for six months to Maj. N. B. Mc­
Laughlin, Tenth Cavalry.
The Pioneer Press says: "There was
an opening day at Fort Snelling yester
terday. Three general prisoners were out
in chorge of their guard, preparing to
start for Fort Leavenworth to serve out
their sentenances.when they overpowered
the guards, took away their arms and
made good their escape. They were re­
captured after an exciting chase, and are
again safely housed.
Captain and Assistant Surgeon L. M.
having served his four years term
on the frontier at Fort Yates, is ordered to
report to the Surgeon General at Wash­
ington for assignment to dutjr in the de­
partment of the east. Dr. Maus will be
missed professionally and socially, and
few have more friends than he and his es­
timable wife. He arrived in Bismarck
yesterday afternoon, and will proceed east
this morning.
The Pioneer Press says: "Lieut. John
W. Wilkinson, Seventh Cavalry, was at
the Metropolitan yesterday, having ar­
rived in company with Dr. Benliam,
TJuited States army, from Fort Lincoln
on the morning tram. Both gentlemen
are on their way to Arizona,where Lieut.
Wilkinson owns a silver mine now in
operation, and so valuable that for forty
of the 100 shares in his possession he has
been offered more than $200,000 cash.
who knows the otficer will re
joicein his good fortune.,'{
The- many Bismarck and other friends
of Lieut. Col. Elmer Otis, Seventh Cav­
alry, will regret to learn that he has been
pronounced by physicians a victim of
diabetis, an insidious and dangerous com­
plaint, which threatens to incapacitate
him for active service. He has a sick
leave for six months, and in a week or
two will take his family from Fort Lin­
coln. where lie now commands, to .South
Beud,.lnd., where he purposes establish­
ing a permanent residence. 'Major J. G.
Tilfoid will probably assume command
of Lincoln and of the regiment, as Gen.
Stuigis hjs been detailed to the superin
tendency of the Soldier's Home in Wash
ington. It is rumored -also that Lieut.
Coi. W. P. .Carl in, Seventeenth Infantry,
will be ordered from Fort Yates to Fort
wiii ueoraerea irom
Stanley Mathews Confirmed as a
Member of the United States
Supreme Court.
An Interesting Chapter of Crimes
and Casualties Telegraphed
to the Tribune.
infuriated German Kills His
Wife and Then Ends His
Own Existence.
Matthews Confirmed.
WASHINGTON, May 12—The Senate con­
firmed Stanley Matthews to-day, the vote
being 24 yeas to 23 nays. There has been
considerable interest manifested in1 the
case to-night, because the vote was so
close, and efforts have been made by the
opponents of Matthews to induce some
Senators who voted for him to move for a
reconsideration. Senator Anthony was
temporarily absent, and lost his vote.
Had he voted it would have been against
Matthews, and would have made a tie,
and would have rejected him. Mahone
left the chamber, not voting at all. When
the vote was finally announced no Sena­
tor who had voted in the negative changed
his vote to the affirmative, therefore it is
out of the power of Mathews' opponents
to get a reconsideration unless they can
pursuade some Senators who voted in the
affirmative to do it. All indications are
that th§ vote will stand, -and no further
attempt to defeat Mathews will be made.
Mahone and Don Cameron have de­
clared themselves as opposed to Chand­
ler's nomination, next to be taken up, and
their votes with the democrats will reject
him. Senator Dawes said in the conven­
tion to-day that the Republican Senators
are four to one in favor of confirming
Robertson, and that he would probably
be confirmed in time for the Senate to
adjourn Wednesday.
A Good-Slued Claini.
WASHINGTON, May 11.—A petition re-
of Fort cently filed in the United States Court of
Claims by the Union Pacific Railroad
Company, repiesenting that, up to and
iucluding December 31,1875, claims for
the transportion of mails had not been
adjusted upon.the terms proposed by the
Post-Office Department, which tenns af­
forded compensation to the company con­
siderably less than the amount charged to
and pa'd by private persons for like ser­
vices during the same period. The peti­
tion also cites in detail other services ren­
dered, for which proper compensation
had not been & received by the company.
The aggregate amount due the railroad,
according to the petition, is §1,141,721.
The case was argued before the Court of
Claims to-day. The case of the petitioner
was rested upon the s:xth section of the
act of Congress approved July 1st, 1862,
which act constitutes the charter of the
company. The section is as follows:
6, And be it further enacted, that the
grants aforesaid are made upon the conditions
that said company'shall pay eaid bondo at mii
turitv, and snail keep said railroad and tele
grnpn line in repair and nee, and shall at all
times transmit cfispatches over said telegraph
line, and transport mails, troops, ammunition,
war supplies and public stores upon said rail­
road for the government whenever required to
do so by the department thereof, and that the
government shall at all times have preterence
in the use of the same for the pnrposes afore­
said, at fair and reasonable rates of compensa­
tion. not to exceed the anioun's paid by private
parties for the same kiild of service, and all
compensation for services so rendered tor the
government shall be applied to the "payment of
said houded interest uuti) the whole amount is
fully paid.
It is thought by the court officials, that
the case will be decided within the next
two weeks.
A liittlo L.obby Scheme.
ITARRTSBURG, Pa. May 12.—Sixty-five
delegates rewresenting sixty of the mu­
tual assessment life insurance companies
of this state, this morning adopted a reso­
lution setting fcrtli the necessity for the
appointment of a committee to locate a
cential office here, and to establislia news­
paper in behalf of the companies and to
devise means to prevent fraud by agents
and physicians and also to invite the leg­
islature to appoint a commission to investi­
gate their workings before passing the bill
relative to mutual assessment companies,
now pending, and which they claim as
derogatory to their interests.
Evidence of Crime.
LOWELL, MASS., May 12.—Lorring
Latter was to-day employed in removing
an accumulation of ashes, dirt and debris
in a vault in the rear of Appleton street,
unused for about two years. After pro­
ceeding for some deptl^Sie found the par­
tially decayed body of a woman, entire
but for a loss of considerable, flesh, -and
having long hair disconnected from the
skull. The vault is attached to the dwell­
ings of two prominent citizens but as the
vault can be opened from a narrow ally
running between Appleton and Winter
streets, the theory prevails that tl|p body
was deposited surreptitiously, to conceal
a crime. nr?- -v
A Royal Resignation.
PAUL, May 12.—The St. Paul Dis-
run jluicb run
Meade, to assume- command or the latUr poteh says it is permitted to publish, from
post, ,, au authentic and reliabje source, the dpfi*
nite information that the Marquis of
Lome has communicated to members of
the Canadian Government his determina-,
tion to retire from the Governor-General­
ship after the Manitoba journey. This
decision has been reached after careful
and prolonged consultation with his.
father, the Duke of Argyle, ond friends
on both sides of the water. The princi­
pal political political reason which leads,
to this determination is the fact that the
Marquis does not find his relations wit
the Gladstone Ministry -altogether h»r4
Throat Cutting.
MEMPHIS, Tenu., May li.—This morn-'
mg William Simms, formerally employed*
as a druggist, went to Father William
Walsh, who resides in the parsonage ad­
joining St. Bridges' church, corner Third
& Overton streets and related a story of
trouble existing between himself and wife.
Father Walsh listened patiently as Simms
was laboring under great mental excite­
ment and finally told him to lie down on
the sofa in his study and then he would
go and see his wife and arrange matters
between them. Simms complied, and
Father Walsh, after locking the door to
prevent his being disturbed, went and
saw Mrs. Simms. Returning an hour af­
terwards Father Walsh was horrified^
upon entering his study to find Simms ly­
ing dead on the floor with his throat cut
from ear to ear. Deceased was a con­
firmed morphine eater and was under the
influence of the drug when he committed
the act.
They Captured a Boy.
WASHINGTON, May 10.—The following
telegram has been received at the war de­
partment, under date of New Orleans:
D. C.—Lieut. Bullis, twenty.fourth In­
fantry, commanding Seminole scouts, has
reported from his camp, ten miles below
the mouth of the Picos, that on the 2nd at
day-break he struck an Indian camp and
killed four bucks and one squaw, and
captured one boy, one wounded squaw,
and twenty-one animals. He found vari­
ous articles of women and children's
clothing in the camp, and states that the
party is the one that killed the McLawnn
family. No official reports are here as to
McLawnn, but it is believed to be the
family recently murdered in Fris canon.
(Signed.) SCHOFIELD,
Major General.
A Profitable Enterprise.
LOUISVILLE, Ky., May 12.—At a meet­
ing of the stockholders of the Pullman
Southern car company to day the follow
ing offiecrs were elected: Directors, Geo.
M. Pullman, Geo. F. Braun, C. H. Dayre,
Chicligo R. B. Bullock, Atlanta O. M.
Burns, Nashville A. M. Quarrier, E. D.
Staodiford, W. C. Hite and W. F. Harris,
Louisville. Geo. Pullman, president G.
O. Brown, vice president W. G. Hite sec­
ond vice-president C. D. Davie, general
accountant A A.Weinsheimer,secretary
Thos. Hayes, general superintendent.
For the year ending March 31st the gross
earnings were over $226,079. Expendi­
tures, $112,344 Net revenue, $123,735.
Indians vs. X, P. R. K.
WASHINGTON, May 12.—In the decision
of the Secretary of the Interior relative to
the construction of the North Pacific
railroad through the Crow Indian reser­
vation, the Secretary held that while no
unnecessary conditions to the contem­
plated surveys in aid of the reservation
should be interposed by the department,
yet to avoid unfriendly feelings on the
part of the Indians towards agents or em
p^ees of the road, he deemed it advisa­
ble to let. the Indians know previously for
what purpose the preliminary surveys are
being made, and assure them that an
agreement will be made satisfactory to
A Professional Woman-Beater.
NEW YORK, May 12.—In Dublin, Geor
gin List (colored) has been arrested for
whipping a woman so severely that her
death is momentarily expected. He was
released a few days ago from the peniten­
tiary, where he was sent for four year3
for tying a negro woman up and whipping
her to death, at Swansborough Court
Hourse, Ga.
What of It.
ALBANY, 'May 12. The Legislative
Committee find that terminal facilities of
New York
totally idadequaie to the
demands of commerce and should be in­
Warm Weather.
TORONTO, May 12—The thermometer
marked ninety degrees to-day, the high­
est figure reached during May since the
observatory was established in 1741.
BoKiid To Got There.
NEW YORK, May 12.—A Liverpool spe­
cial says that J. K. Emmet, the actor, ha£
broken his engagement and been placed
in a lunatic asylum.
rKitied His Brother Jeff,
NEW YORK, May 12 —Josh Stowel shot
Qnd instantly killed his brother Jeff, who
interfered in an altercation between Josh
and his wife. t-
Canal Jfavigation.
ALBANY, N. Y., May 11.—To-morrow
the Champlain and Erie Canals, except
%he western division, will be opened. A
number of boats locked in durintr the win­
ter will then hurry to tide-water. They
are estimated at 8,000 on the two divis­
ions of the Erie and 2,000 on the Cham
plain. Most of the vessels are loaded
|With grain and lumber. Cargoes of per­
ishable goods, in most cases, have been
removed during the winter.
A If«w York Enterprise.
NEW YOBK, May 12.—The movements
started some months ago to raise bonds
for the purpose of building a horticultu­
ral hall in this city,on the plan of the Roy
al horticultural hall, have met with con­
siderable success, $55,000 having already
been subscribed and the projectors have a
promise cf 10,000 more. They are confi­
dent that by the middle of July a sum re­
quired for the purchase of a. site and
building matter, will have been raised.
Good—Keep At It.
NEW YORK, May 11.—The U. S. grand
jury has indicted fourteen captains of
European steamships for carrying an ex
cessive amount of passengers contrary to
law. Two.indictments are against Capt.
Brandt and Capt. Myers, both of whom
committed suicide a few weeks ago. The
indictment against Myers charged htm
!with carrying an excess of 280 passengers
on the steamer Ohio. On the voyage thir­
teen children died.
Net Guilty.
LONDON, May 11.—Alexander Jones, ed­
itor of the New York Valks Zentung, was
recently arrested at Dresden. He was
(suspected oftraveling in the interest of
socialists. His baggage was searched
and private apers taken, and he was not
allowed to leave Dresden and its vicinity.
After nine days, however, his papers
were restored as no proof of the alleged
suspicion was found
(v. 'A Biff Consolidation.
MILWAUKEE, May 12.—It is reliably
stated that a consolidation of the Western.
vUuiorf arid Northwestern telegraph m
p^nt^Tliasbeen effected, and a formal an­
nouncement will be made by the end of
this month. The Western Union absorbs
the Northwestern, and the management
will be the same as a central division of
the Western Union, with an office at Chi­
Probably Craasy.
NEW YORK, May 12.—David Risby,
aged twenty-four, the parole general of
prisoners at the Elmira reformatory school,
shot himself twice to-day while in the po­
lice station, rather than return to the re­
formatory. If Risby recovers from his
wounds, his family propose placing him
in aa insane asylum.
A Wise Decision.
MONTREAL, May 12.—The labor troub­
les in the grand trunk work shops are
in a fair way for settlement, the men hav­
ing agreed to return to work and await
the decision of the authorities. It is be­
lieved a general advance of fifteen per
pent, will be granted all helpers.
Cut His Throat.
TORONTO, May 11.—J. R. Gouthreaux,
formerly a Civil Sheriff of New Orleans,
and an ex-officer of the Confederate
army, in jail here for stealing $1,500 from
Coolican's auction
in jail last night. The
but not fatal.
cut his throat
is severe,
Killed By the Cars.
ERIE, Pa., May 11.—This morning an
unknown nian was run over by the Atlan­
tic expres? unci killed. He was evidently
crossing the track for the purpose oi
catching a freight train goinsr west. In
his pocket wa» a handkerchief marked,
'"Fred B. Dodge."
'. Assatsircs.
vftNiftv YORK, May 12.—A Dublin dis
.b itch says that a bailiff employed at Lord
©aidasukell's, while returning from a
^'akethis morning, was shot through the
-lungs, receiving a wound that will proba­
bly prove mortal- His assassins were
NEW YORK, May 11.—The heat Is op­
pressive in this city. The mercury
reached 83 degrees at 3:30 p.m. Four
cases of sunstroke are reported in this
city, and three in Brooklyn. The heat
continued through the night.
& "Xewspape.r Ownership Decided.
11.—Judge Billings,
#ie United States Circuit Court, to-day
decided the case of E. C. Hancock vs. E.
J. Holbrook et al., involving the owner^
Ship of the Picayrtne, in favor of the de'
Pendants. •,
3Shot Ky
^BALTIMORE, May 12.—Fred Wiggins,
Colored, was shot by policeman Dorsey,
|ist night, while robbing a schooner.
Wiggins fell or* jumped overboard afid
Xoljfore Rheumatism.
LITTLE ROCK, Ark. May 12.—The Ga­
zette's Hot Springs special says that Maj.
Edwin A- Kendall, in command of the
post of the grand army, of the republic at
Milwaukee, commifteiJ suicide in that
cit}' by taking morphine. He visited the
Springs for treatment for rheumatic
troubles and growfcig. isspondent deter­
mined to end his existence. He is fifty
five yeafrs of age.
Better, "-v
WASHINGTON, May 11.—Mrs. Garfield
is much improved this evening.
Northern Paeffle Xotes.
A force of 2,000 men began work on the
extension yesterday.
George K. Barnes, General Passenger
and Ticket Agent, has gone to New York
for his family, and will locate in St. Paul.
The North Pacific emigration agent at
Christiana, Sweden, writes that 2,000 set­
tlers will sail immediately, to occupy
North Dakota lands.
Within the last few days 2,600 immi­
grants arrived in Chicago, the Michigan
Central bringing in 800, tbe Lake Shore
1,300, and the Fort Wayne 500. Most of
them are seeking hoaies in Minnesota,
Dakotoa, Wisconsin, and Iowa.
The gross earnings of the North Pacific
on 772 miles of road for the months of
July, 1880, to April, 1881, were $2,003,495
increase, $429,631. April, 2881 (approxi­
$214,755 increase, same mileage,
$28,689 increase for first nine months of
fiscal year, $458,412.
Gen. Manager Haupt, aceompanied by
his stenographer, left St. Paul yesterday
morning for a trip over the road, and will
go as far west as -Sentinel Butte, M. T.
The trip will occupy ten days' time, and
it is to be hoped that Manager Haupt will
remain longer in Bismarck then on the
occasion of nift first visit. This' is the
most enterprising city on the line, and of
this any one will be convinced who makes
careful comparisons, as Gen. Haupt will
be apt to do on this occasion.
Water Works at Fort Yates.
Even a little military post gels away
with Bismarck on water works. From
Lieut. Ogle it is learned that.^en. Carl:n
has finished laying nearly tw6 miles of
pipe of the Fort Yates water works, and
intends to put hydrants in all the build­
ings and quarters at the post. The works
will be ran'by steam, and four men is all
that ia required to manage the business,
whereas it now takes twenty-five men. ten
to twelve wagons, and seveuty-five mules
to supply the post with water. This post
is one ot the handsomest in the country.
It is enclosed by a picket fence, and Gen.
C'arlin has personally supervised the
planting of hundreds of shade tiees in the
grounds. An excursion to this post from
Bismarck is a desirable trip in the sum­
mer season.
She'd 1*1ade a Mistake.
ThePekin Time* gives the following:
"A young lady of this city, who has a
young gentleman friend in Peoria, called
him over the telephone, which is located
in the office of the young fellow's father.
The required "hello" came back from
over the wire, an 1 the dear creature pro­
ceeded to.lay herself out in 'taffy.' which
she sent to the listening ear in vast quan­
tities. While ahe was stopping to take
breath a gruff voice in the telephone
startled her with the following sentence:
'I guess you've made a mistake, my dear
girl I'm"George's father.' When she re­
covered she found herself at home,among
Dilate Your Own "Booze."
One of Bismarck's old-time "boozers"
some time ago billed himself in all the
saloons that lie was determined to "booze"
and smoke no more^-the Mayor and Da­
kota, liquor law helping him out. A few
days ago, however, he longed for a
"smile," and to that end procured a bottle
of alcohol. He wished it diluted, and
called upon a next'door neighbor to pro­
cure the necessary amount of water. The
lady took the bottle, went to the well,
and innocently emptied and rinsed it out,
filled it with pure water, and returned it
to the "boozer," wiio went across the
street to take a swig. Imagine his sur­
prise, kind reader, and remember this
moral: Dilute vour own "booze."
A Cold Bridegroom,
On the 13th, near Muscatine, Elvin Y.
Pace and Ida M. Henneker were married,
after a six years' courtship. Immediately
the ceremony the bridegroom in­
formed the bride, in the presence of her
parents, that he could not live with her,
only giving as a reason that his parents
opposed to the matuh. He then lett
the house, and up In latest acrounts had
not beeu seen by the parties chiefly in­
terested. Pace is twenty-three, and both
he and his bride are of good reputation.
The affair is a mvstery and the sensation
of the rural district in which it happened.
A Valuable Tree Claim.
Mr. W.' Thurston has planted with
great care on his tree claim, this spring,
7,000 Black Walnut sprouts. Mr. Thurs­
believes that Walnuts will grow in
this country, and should- the scheme
prove successful the tree claim will be oi"
much value. Every acre of trees (2,700) if
planted now and grown successfully will,
at the end of ten years, be worth at least
The Recent Outbreak Against
Jews the Oat^so of Much
Over 300 Persons Arrested—Sup­
posed to Have Been Implicated
in the Riots.
Discovery of a Plot to Assassinate
the King of Italy at the
t.~ City of Rome.
The Jewish Persecutions*
ST.' PETERSBUEG, May 12—The Eiter
Daeno at Archangel has flooded a great
part of the town ta-day, causing great
The papers are full of accounts of anti
Jewish riots in the south and southwest.
There were two, days. of rioting at Bere
somka. Shop^yrero pillaged, and three
Jewish houses were burned. There was
a serious encounter between the peasants
and the village authorities at yictorow,
The Governor of Odessa is trying to re­
cover the stolen property. Troops were
dispatched there from Odessa,' and at
Kieff troops are stationed in the streets.
One person has been
and eighteen'
wounded. There have been 140 arrests.
The Municipal Councils are deliberating
with closed doors upon measures to pre­
vent further disturbances. The chief
ringleaders were strangers from the north.
Near Jerowerka, on Tuesday, Jewish
houses and shops were destroyed. There
are similar acts reported from many other
places. Two special trains of refugee
Jews'have arrived at Berdicheif. A bat­
talion of infantry was sent from Learish
paul on Monday to suppress the riots at
Conjoff, where all houses of the Jews
were destroyed. Twree hundred per­
sons have been arrested at Balta, where
a proclamation had been issued inciting
the Christian inhabitants against the
A Testimonial.
BERUH, May 12.—Before departing for
Bayrenthe, Wagner, the composer, was
presented by the company, which recent­
ly produced his opera, with a costly eperf/n
adorned with figures of muses, and stir
mounted by the genius of music-with an
appropriate inscription.
It is stated that Germany has M»nd'j(l
other'powei upon the expediency of
common engagement between them, to se­
cure the prompt transfer of ceded terri­
tory to Greece, in order to prevent th
Greek revolutionary party from gaining
The Austrian consul at Kiette, reports
that the warehouses of the Jewish mer­
chants in Kieffe and other places in south­
ern Russia have been since May 8th
prey to pillage. He calls the attention of
the Austrian commercial community to
the tacts, warning them to have caution
in business transactions with southern
It Is Jolly to Be a King-!
LONDON, May 12.—A letter from a well
informed gentleman in Rome states tiuit
the police have discovered a plot to assas­
sinate the king of Italy. The suspected
poisoner is an Italian recently arrived
Rome and is accompanied by a member
of the International society. They aic
watched by the police.
Irisii Arrest.
DURLIK, May 12.—Four men named
Madden, King, Moran and in terser
have been arrested near Castlebar, under
the provisions of the Coercian act. Sec­
retary Balieymote, 6f the
also arrested,
League, i.--
,!ev ish Kefageos.
VIEXXA, May 12.—A merchant of Lew
Borg received a? telegram from Keiff, to­
day, stating that the whole Jewish quar­
ter known as Rodal had been burned.
Damage 30,000,0i0 roubles. Crowns ot
refugee Jews are crossing the Austrian
frontier at Padaulschka.
Do Yon Believe it?
LONDON, May 12.—Catherine Marshall,
a fourteen-year old daughter oi a railroad
laborer, who the Glasgow papers haw
stated has not eaten any
thing since the be­
ginning of the present year, it is reported
has commenced taking food.
A Humored Disaster.
DUBLIN, May 12.—A report is current
at 9 a. m., to-day, to the effect that the em­
igrant ship which left Galoway.iast week,
had sank with all on board.
Run ihe Risk.-
The Young ladies ot Westlield, N. "i ..
according to tiie Rochester Democrat
have held a public gathering of their se\
apropos to the unfortunate fate of tin.
Iowa girl
died of excessive liugginn,
and adopted rather skeptical resolutions
declining to believe the story. The reso­
lutions declare the belief of the fair re*ol
vers that such an event is impossible, and
that, despite tlu gloomy telegraphic re­
ports, they will still favor the custom ami
take all the risks. Of course a copy ot
the resolutions will be
the girl's family, iu Iowa.
and seni av

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