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MRS. BOB. BUBDEXTB is dead. Now watch the
comment* of the press on the effect of "BobV'
WHO can break the solid south? is one of the
questions of the honr. Why not try Ward?—
N. Y. Journal.
Mora umbrellas are made in Philadelphia
+.h»n in any other city in the country.—Phila.
fltii. Your people must have water on the
BOSTON is enjoying soap bubble parties.
New York has just had a financial bubble party.
—Ex. And the Yankton bubble has just been
ST. PAUL'S new Amoskeag proved a success.—
Pioneer Press. That's good. We don't know
what Amoskeag is, but we are pleased to chron­
icle its success.
As the various presidential candidates bait
their hooks for the Chicago convention, the
record of President Arthur as a fisherman stares
them in the face.
A POET in Harper's says he "has found out
spring's secret," but he doesn't say whether it
is the spring of 1880 or 1884, or the beanuf ul
spring of the bustle.
'THE Pulse of New York'has drawn large
audiences to the Star theater."—-New York
Journal. This may account for the recent burst­
ing of the finanoial jugular vein in that city.
AN exchange says that at Lincoln, England,
Mrs. Laffly was hanged very much against her
will. That's Btrange. In this country they are
hanged against a telegraph pole or lamp post.
GBEENB&CKEBS are for Butler, provided he
endorses their platform without reservation.—
Pioneer Press. Ben can do that without half
trying. As a political contortionist he is the
prince of the ring.
THE sporting editor of the Bismarck TBIBUNE
^nilq them Peter McCoy and Duncan McDonald.
We thought their names were Pete and Dune.—
Hotel Gazette. No—Eli and Dennis, now that
the fight is ended.
THE committee of the house of lords has
resolved to pass the Manchester Ship Canal bill,
provided that the stock issue of £500,000,000
be subscribed before the work is begun.—
Ex. It's too late. We have invested our money
in Bismarck corner lots.
KATE CLAXTON and Charles Stevenson are
playing "The Two Orphans" again in New York.
It's a mean person that will "play" an orphan,
but these individuals have been playing the
two orphans for allthey are worth these
many years. It is time a guardian be appointed
for their protection.
CHUBCHES that are addicted to annual fairs,
with all tba^ the name in these modem days
will be pleased to learn that the Lou­
isiana Lottery company has won its case against
the government.—Norristown Herald. We
trust the government will never openly oppose
the Lord.
IT is a singular thing that old men when re­
lating reminiscences ot their boyhood days
always declare that the school house was "three
miles off." Judging from most of their stories
the Sunday sohool house was about 100 miles
off—Gail. What has Bain-in-the-faoe Logan
to say on the subject?
FBOM this distance it looks as if the redoubt­
able Ben Butler is determined to corral every
lrinii of presidential nomination that comes
within reach of his lasso. He is the great and
only omnivorous and ubiquitous candidate in
the country.—Ex. Yes, but when he looks at
John L. Sullivan Tilden, he despairs of the
democratic honors.
A CORRESPONDENT in Chicago recently dis­
tributed postal cards among the newspapers of
the country, offering to' do" the Chicago con­
vention for $1.50 per day. It is reported that
one solitary -newspaper up in the northeast cor­
ner of Maine has accepted the proposition, and
now he is laying awake nights concocting a
scheme to "back out."
A PHILADELPHIA CALL poet begins a lengthy
After the sun has sunk from sight
And all the world is wrapt in night,
Beauty begins to be,
But here the inspired Hsskinson breaks off
from the train of thought. It is our opinion
that it begins to be appreciated about that
YES, 'tis true there's no panic just now,
Nor many great failures or fires
But do you remember a time when the country
Was fuller than now of liars?
—Washington Hatchet.
On this point we are not well informed
It depends upon where you reside.
now, the truth we will tell
The fact is, we never have tried.
THE Chicago Times his the following BWCCM
tic allusion to the generosity of William H.
F,«gn«h, the last democratic candidate for vice
president: "While the bourbon congressmen
were looking anxiously for English, senior, to
extend their congratulations upon his son's
victory, the old gentleman was hastening away
the capital in a three cent car. This is
the story told by a Washington correspondent,
but as Mr. English might have saved three cento
by THfcingt it is not generally credited."
A CINCIHNATI dealer in clothing was standing
on the depot platform at Hamilton, same state,
few mornings ago when the north bound train
osme in. A passenger whom he knew tod his
head out of a coach window, and was asked the
news. "Fire in the city last night," he replied.
"Vhas dot so? Who vhas purned oudt?" "Why,
ttolta.in.taj.-""." "8.!"
•emwto*""" •l*'"*1 """f
"My frendt," remarked the clothier, as he
brushed the ashea off his cigar, ''dot
nossible. My shtock vhas valued at"$6,000 and
^niyiiiBuraiioe vhas only ®7,000! DOT fire must
been a mile away.—Wall Street News.
Flash the Troubles of the Day from
All Parts of the World to the
Capital City.
The Failure of Pittsburg's Pennsyl­
vania Bank Proves Daily More
Loren Fletcher Defeated in His Aspi­
rations to Wear Washburn's
Congressional Shoes.
Montana Boad Agents Eob a Stage—
The Hot Springs Bank Paralyzer
Stopped in His Flight.
A Bachelor Murdered for His Money—
A Destructive Fire at Northern
Pacific Junction.
An Attempt to Blow Up a Newspaper
with Dynamite Frustrated—
Other Newsy Items.
The Despoiled Bank.
PITTSBURG, May 28.—In the extremely mud­
dled condition of the Pennsylvania bank affairs
the absence of President Riddle, the only per­
son who holds the *y to the secretB of the
bank, and the reticence of the directors and
other*, no definite conclusion can be made, but
it is now taken for granted that the depositors
will be fortunate if they get five per cent, of
the amounts entrusted. This much is defi­
nitely known, the concern is completely gutted,
assets diminishing rapidly and liabilities swell­
ing even more rapidly. Those who had a call
on resources drew with unsparing hand, and
little is left to tell the tale. The shortage
grows hourly, as intricacies in the bank's ac­
counts are unravelled, and from $350,000 over­
drawn it ha* grown to $1,000,000 today and the
end is not yet. The books shed very little light
on the identity of those who despoiled the in­
stitution, as accounts' are in fictitious names.
The liabilities, it is believed, will reach over
$2,000,000. It is said the bank's methods dates
back three years, to the time of the oil excite­
ment and since then it has been losing
Prominent business men who are acquainted
with the affairs of the bank, say that if it had
closed its doors on Msrch 1st, they doubt if the
depositors could have realized ten per cent.
fjmt night after business President W. N.
Biddle, by attorney, filed a confession of judg­
ment in favor of the directors of the bank for
$9&750. The judgment was entered and an ex­
ecution of attaohmenVinued and put 'ih the
hands of the sheriff, with instructions to levy
upon along list of persons, corporations and
institutions as garnishees. The Pennsylvania
bank's eharter was purchased from a defunct
institution and was very liberal. It provided
that no stockholder or officer shall be assessed
or liable for any purpose whatever for any
greater sum than the face of stock
held by such stockholder or officer.
The deficiency still grows and this evening
reached $1,260,000. Heavy defalcations are
also hinted at, which it is claimed will reach
nearly a million. The directors have been in
session all day, and have appointed Hemy
Warner, ex-county commissioner, assignee of
the h«n1r- Many of those who made deposits
on Friday threaten the bank officials with
criminal proceedings for false pretenses in ob­
taining money Cashier Reiber is now under
police surveillance. President Biddle is much
better tonight.
Fletcher Funked.
MINNEAPOLIS, May 28.—The Fourth district
congressional convention to nominate a succes­
sor to Washburn, organized by the election of
George A. Gamp for temporary chairman. A
committee on credentials, consisting of one
from each senatorial district, was appointed
and a recess taken until 2 o'clock, when the con­
vention again convened and listened to the
representatives of the contesting delegation
from Washington oounty, which occupied the
timA until 4:30, when the question of admitting
the delegation was settled by laying it on the
table by a vote of 26 to 25. The temponuy
organization- was made permanent, and
j. B. Gilfillan and Loren Fletcher
were nominated. A motion to declare
no nomination made until it received a majority
of the votes of the delegates of the convention
was lost, and a motion that the one receiving a
majority of all delegates prese and voting be
declared the nominee was carried. On the call
of counties, Hennepin oounty declined to vote,
which action was followed by all counties
sending Fletcher delegates. The following is
the vote for Gilfillan: Anoka 3, Chisago 4,
Isanti 1, Kenabeo 2, Ramsey 17, Pine 1 Sher­
burne 1 total 26—25 delegates not voting—and
he was declared the nominee. This is a victory
for the Sheffer men, who voted aolidly for
A Destructive Fire.
DULDTH, Minn., May 28.—A special from
Northern Pacific Junction says: A destructive
fire occurred here this morning. At eight
o'clock flames were discovered in an under­
ground cellar in the rear of William Dunlap's
store, which spread rapidly and in a short time
the store waa completely enveloped, and the
residence of Mr. Dunlap adjoining was next
ignited, and the flames then spread to two
buildinga owned by Mr. Dnnlap. and occupied
by T. A. King as a drug store and saloon re­
spectively. The hotel and saloon of James
Cole were next wrapped in flames, which
quiokly traveled to the hotel of Mr. Ferguson.
In an hour's time a whole row of buildings
was completely destroyed. So quickly did the
fire spread that little was saved, and as there is
no fire protection facilities here all that could
be done was tostand by and see the property
\0L'. XI. BISMARCK, D. T., FRIDAY, MAY 30, 1884. NO. 52.
go up in smoke. The depot narrowly escaped.
Total loss about $30,COO. Dunlap's loss was
$16,000, insurance $8,000 on buildings ooou
pied by King, loss $1,500, insurance $500
James Cole's hotel and saloon, loss $1,500! in­
sured William Ferguson's hotel, loss $8,000,
insurance $5,000 King's loss is about $1,000,
no insurance.
Montana Jtoad Agents.
HELENA, Mort,, May 28.—Two masked men,
mounted and armed with Winchester rifles,
robbed the Benton coach yesterday, twenty-five
miles from Helena. They rifled the mail bags
and robbed the passengers. The treasure box
was also sacked, but contained nothing of value.
The spot where the robbery took place waa in a
canyon at the ga'e of the mountains. The
robbers rose suddenly out of the timber-at the
side of the road and with leveled ffunis com­
pelled the driver to stop. The passenger^, C. W.
Cooper, C. £. Dudley and F. T. Bradley, were
ordered out of the coach and placed in line.
Cooper lost $75 and a silver watch Dudley,
$140 Bradley, a small amount of money and
jewelry. It is not known what valuables were
in the mail. The sheriff and two otpers are
now in pursuit.
The Greenbaekers in Convention.
INDIANAPOLIS, Ind., May 28.—The "national
greenback convention assembled at English's
opera house at 11 o'clock, and was called to
order by Jesse Harper, of Illinois, ohairman of
the national committee. Hon. John= Tyler, of
Florida, waa elected temporary chairman, and
George C. Hackstaff, Missouri, and Cornelius
Dowdy, New York, secretaries. All the stafes
are represented except Delaware andMississippi.
The ordinary business transacted at the morn­
ing session waa the appointment of a commit­
tee on credentials of one from each state. A
contest from Maine, one set of delegates being
headed by Solon Chase, anti-Butler, is the only
one of importance. Adjourned until two o'clock
to give credential committee time to report.
Sharon's Socks in Suit.
SAN FBANCISCO, May 28.—The cross examina­
tion of ex-Senator Sharon waa resumed today.
Sharon's resurrected garments, alleged. to have
been deposited in a newly made grave by Miss
p»ll for the purpose of charming the defend­
ant, were produced. Sharon recognized some of
the articles as his property. In one of the cocks
three pieces of paper sewn together in the form
of a cress, and a lock of hair were found.
Sharon admitted being on terms of intimaey with
other women subsequent to his knowing plain­
tiff, but treated none of them with the same
deference as he did her. This closed the cross
examination and court adjourned until July 14.
The Hot Springs Embezzler Captured
ST. Louis, May 28.—Andrew Broon, the
missing president of the Hot Springs, Arkansas
bank, which failed yesterday, was arrested here
on an Iron Mountain train tad ay. Bruon was
accompanied by a lady uu$ted Mrs. Steele, of
-Peoria, Illinois, with:whe£i*be was reported, to
have fled from Hot Springs. Bruon and Mrs.
Steele were first taken to a hotel and afterwards
to jaiL He professes extreme willingness to go
back, but says it is an outrage to take the woman
too. It is supposed she knows where the
money is which Bruon took from the bank.
He Wanted to Stop the Paper.
WABASH, Ind., May 28.—Great excitement
was caused at Xenia, near this plsce, by the
discovery of half a pound of dynamite with
three fast fuses attached, under the Journal
office. Ic is supposed the intention of the
villains was to explode the dynamite at night,
when no one was in the buUding, and so destroy
the building without taking life. The proprie­
tors of the paper suspect the perpetrator to be
some person whose enmity has been incurred
through some publication.
Arthur's Committee.
NLW YOBK, May 28.—The committee of one
hundred, provided for by a resolution adopted
at the Arthur mass meeting, was appointed
today. Among the members an David Dows,
H. O. Armour, Legrand B. Gannon, B. G-. Dun,
Wm. Daws, Charles N. Tiffany, John Austin
Stevens, Thos. Halthouse, Salon Humphreys,
Ersstus Wiman, Edwards Pierrepont, Thomas
Butter, E. A. Quintard and Lloyd Aspinwall.
The committee leave for Chicago tomorrow
Won the First Inning.
CHICAGO, May 28.—Neil MoTeague, charged
with the murder of the aged Wikon couple at
Winnetka, two months ago, was acquitted this
morning on the indictment charging him with
the murder of the husband. An indictment
charging him with the murder of the wife is
still pending, but the evidence is the same in
both cases. The trial occupied three weeks.
Murdered for His Wealth.
Sr. Louis, May 28.—John Goodihg, a farmer
living two miles from Osborn, DeXalb county,
this state, was* found yesterday in a cyclone
cave on his farm with bis bead beaten to a jelly.
Gooding was a bachelor supposed to have con
siderable money and jewelry, and wis doubtless
killed for plunder. No clue to the iiurderer.
Too Awfully Awful.
PABIS, May 28.—An open quarrel exists be­
tween Prince Jerome, Plon Plon, and Prince
Victor, his son. Prince Jerome expressed a
wish that his son would make a tour of America
and the east and abandon politics. Prince
Victor declined and a rupture occurred, as a
result of which futher and son live apart.
Ward's Receiver.
NEW YOBK, May 28.—John C. Wilson waa
appointed today receiver of the property of
Ferdinand Ward now in the hands of the
attachments in favor of the Ma­
rine bank and James D. Fish. The property
consists of real estate in this city, Brooldyn and
Stamford, Conn.
Train Wrecked.
MOUNT CABMEL, Pa., May 28.—A broken
wheel wrecked a coal train near West Milton, on
the Shamokin, Sunbury & Lewisburg road,
fataUy injuring the fireman, Perry Straus-.
Twenty cam were destroyed.
The Little Ticker Clicks,in Order That
Tribune Readers May Have the
News of the Day.
Another Trusted Official Speculates
With Uncle Sam's Money and
Conies to Grief.
An Accident in a Bailroad Tunnel in
Pennsylvania Kills Nine Men
and injures Eleven.
The Clans Are Gathering: at Chicago
in Their Might and Girding:
for the Fray.
The Greenbackers at Indianapolis
Nominate "Old Strabismus"
for President.
The Pittsburg: Bank Investigation
Shows Further Evidences
of Crookedness.
The Eclipse Case in Court at Fargo—
Interesting Congression­
al News.
Miscellaneous Items.
Burnside Bounced.
WASHINGTON, D. C. May 29.—Col. J. O. P.
Burnside, disbursing clerk of the post office
department has been removed, oharged with
having embezzled $45,000. A warrant is out
for his arrest. He speculated with Levies, the
missing oil broker.
Some days since Postmaster General Gresham
learned that Burnside waa speculating and
called upon him for an explanation, which waa
plausable but not satisfactory, and General
Gresham immediately ordered an investigation
which developed a discrepancy of $16,000.
Burnside was dismissed and arrested, and at the
preliminary trial he was held in $15,000 bail
and given until ten o'clook tonight to furnish
it. At that hour he is to appear before
Judge Snell with the necessary amount, and
failing to produce it, will be sent to jail. His
bondsmen are good for the amount of the em­
bezzlement. The accounta of Burnside were
audited at the treasury department, and post
office ffieials say the shortage should have been
discovered before.^ Colonel Burnside told the
experts who were directed by Postmaster Gen­
eral Gresham to examine his accounts, that
there" were" credits due him which would consid­
erably reduce the deficiency.
Burnside was unable to find bail tonight, but
waa allowed to go to his house in charge of a
deputy marshal. He will appear in court
again tomorrow.
The Inf unetion Stands.
FABGO, May 29.—Before Judge Hudson in
chambers today an argument was held in the
case of the injunction obtained by the Fargo,
Laiimore & Northern railroad against the Man
itoba. This waa a temporary injunction ob­
tained May 16th, before Judge Hudson at
Yankton, and May 29th, at Fargo, was fixed for
a hearing in the matter. The attorneys for the
defense raised the point that the rule of court
allowed bnt ten days to show cause why in­
junction should not be granted, and thirteen
had passed. This was due to the convenience of
the court and the plaintiff was sustained.
The defendant then asked to have the proceed­
ings dismissed because the plaintiff did not get
up sufficient facts under the statute. It was a
corporation to build a road from Fargo north to
Walhalla, but did not state that it done any work
intended to build the road or grade, and if
tbey r°»ny owned the land it would be for their
interest to have defendant put the track on
grade as they would own that also. The plain­
tiff was sustained in objeoting to this, that
the plaintiff had a right to elect what
be put upon its land. A continuance
was asked for by the defendant on several
grounds, but denied by the court owing to
the time of the court being taken up. The case
was deferred to some date not fixed and the
temporary injunction continued, restraining the
Manitoba from laying track on the grade
raised by the Fargo, Larimore & Northern
Ohio's Fourth Regiment.
COLUMBUS May 29.—The court of inquiry that
has been investigating the conduct of Col. F. B.
Mott, of Dayton, Ohio and other officers«£ the
Fourtn regiment, during the riot at Cincinnati
reported to the adiutant general this afternoon
and believea the officers guilty of offenses as
follows: Col. F. B. Mott, incompetency and dis­
obedience of orders Lt. Col. George H. Phillips
leaving command without orders Adjutant M.
B. Anderson, absence without leave and disobe­
dience of orders Capt. W. H. Waaster, desertion
and disobedience of orders Lt. W. H. Buckles,
absence without leave: Lt. Chas. W. Ounkle, Co.
intoxication Lt. John Watters, Co. B. de­
sertion. The
recommended the disband­
ing of the Fourth regiment and that the officers
against whom there are no charges be taken aa
a nucleus for anew one.
The Advance on Chicago.
CHICAGO, May 29.—There waa a greater influx
of delegates and gentlemen prominent in
the republican party councils this morn­
ing than on any previous day,, and the
hotels and lobbies are beginning to assume
great activity. No solid state delegation have
yet arrived, and none are expccted before
tomorrow The delegates now on the ground
mainly from the south. A few New York
and Pennsylvania delegates have come on in
advanoe of the main body, among whom may
be mentioned John D. Warner, chairman of the
New York state central committee, and Speaker
Sheard of New York, both of whom are dele­
gates, Postmaster General Hat ton. Col.
George B. Gcrkhill, of Washington, and Charles
Emery Smith, of Philadelphia.
The Eclipse in Court.
FABGO, May 29.—An admiralty case of con­
siderable interest waa argued at length before
Judge Hudson today. The title was Robinson,
Bea et al., of Pittsburg, vs. the steamer Eclipse
and ''m. Braithwaite, claimant, and Leighton
A Jordan, interveners Williams kGoodnow, of
St. Paul, proctors for libellants and interveners,
and Geo. P. Flannery.of Bismarck, for claim­
ant. Tte suit is over the right of possession of
the steamer Eolipse, now at Bis­
marck. In 1881 the boat was libelled,
but waa run during that season
by Captain Braithwaite, as master for libellants.
In 1882 a committee of the Icitter sold the boat
to Leighton & Jordan for $11,500, but only part
of the money has ever been paid owing to the
refusal of Braithwaite to agree to the terms of
sale. This was the final argument and the
judge took the papers and gave the proctors
twenty days in which to file additional briefs.
And the End is not Yet.
PrrrsBUBG, PA., May 29.-Henry Warner assig­
nee of the Pennsylvania bank has taken charge
and discharged the clerks. He will begin work at
once and says he will require two weeka and
possibly thirty days, before a statement of the
exact condition of affairs can be made. The de
ficency it is beleived will reach fully a million
and a quarter. It is said that of $40,000 known
to be on the counter when the bank olosed only
$4,000 waa turned over to the assignee. A great
shortage of securities is also reported since Sat­
urday, and bonds, stocks and other collateral
in the bank at the time of the suspension are
said to be missing. President Biddle is
still confined to his home. He has issued a
card asking his friends to withhold judgment
until he is able to make a statement.
Affairs of the W abash.
ST. LOUIS, May 29.—The formal transfer of
the Wabash road was made to the receivers this
morning.' The office of general agent and
secretary of the receivers was created and James
F. Howe, present secretary, waa appointed to
the poaition, while D. S. H. Smith, the present
treasurer, was made receiver's treasurer for the
present. It was determined to retain all officers
and officials of the road, but the receivers an­
nounced their intention to exercise rigid econ­
omy. They will out off as soon as practicable
all non-interest earning lines, to cut off all un­
necessary expenses in the way of salaries, labor,
etc. The total toured debt of the Wabash is
about $80,500,000. Five hundred men on the
Wabash road, at Moberly, Mo., struck this after­
noon for their back pay and a general strike is
.imminent unless the money is forthcoming.
A Tunnel AecideHt.
LIGONIEB, Pa., May 29.—Knupp's tunnel on
the South Pennsylvania railroad waa the scene
of an accident by which nine men were inatantly
Iriiwi and eleven othera seriously injured, with
but slight hopes of their recovery. A large force
of men was engaged in excavating in the tucnel
about 100 feet from the main entrance, when a
heavy scaffolding gave way with the abeve
remit. The victims are said to be principally
Tfadii«in. The bodies have all been recovered
and a coroner's inquest will be held. Great
exoitement prevails at the scene of the dis­
Baseball Yesterday.
East Saginaw: Saginaw 11 Minneapolis 7.
Chicago: Chicago 15 Detroit 5.
Bay City: Peoria 4 Bay City 3.
Grand Bapids: Milwaukee 6 Grand Bapids
0 eight innings.
Fort Wayne, Ind.: St, Paul 6 Fort Wayne
5. Umpire Cushman when leaving the grounds
was struck on the forehead with a qtone by a
vicious youth of fourteen years of age, whom
Cushman had ordered ejected from the grounds
for making uncomplimentary remarks regard­
ing his decisions during the game. Cushman
fell to the ground badly wounded. The youth
fled, but waa captured by attaches of the
grounds, who attempted to take him to the
city to turn him over to the authorities, when
he was rescued by a mob of symp athizns and.
allowed to escape.
Arthur and His Friends.
NEW YOBK, May 29.—President Arthur, Sec­
retary of the Interior Teller and Marshal Mo
Michael arrived tonight. About sixty members
of the committee of one hundred, appointed to
attend the Chicago convention in accordance
with the resolution of' the meeting of business
men, to urge the nomination of President
Arthur, started for Chicago tonight. Three
Pullmpn palace cars were provided for the
The Pittsburg Bonanza,
PITTSBCBG, May 29.—The natural gas well
struck on the Westinghouse premises,Nineteenth
ward, a few dayB ago, is believed to be the
largest in the country. Gas was struck at 1,600
feet depth, and two fees lower the flow is the
heaviest ever encountered. This now opens a
new region, and being within the city limits
the benefits resulting to ita industries are it cal­
Another Seetion Under Way.
NEW YOBE, May 29.—The board of directors
of the Northern Pacific railfoad company today
authorized the letting of the work of construc­
tion for the second section of twenty-five miles
east from Taooma in the direction of Queen
river and Stampede Pass, in Washington terri­
(Should Say Not.
ST. PAUL, May 29.—Heavy frosts were gen­
eral last night throughout Michigan, Wiscon­
sin, Illinois, Iowa and Missouri, doing great
damage to fruits, grains and vegetables. The
signal service reports show no heavy- frosts in
Dakota, Minnesota or Montana.

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