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ti ixa iuilv would, tiicrskav morning, mav lr, 19 w.
The Tulsa Dailv
Daily, except Suinlny, one, we.-k, by carrier
July, one month. ! carrier 40
Daily, one year, by mail 3.1)
Ofh in Seaman Building. Thirl Stroet, Telephone No. 3ot
Entered in the TuUa I'liatotfice m second c!.u.i matter.
Till KIA ,l";Mi, MAY 17, 1
i '1 . i.f.ut Dxiiul.!-.- 1 1 Twiii Territory IV.
rl.ill.li, .! --.'l ' .1 I.
T i' Airl.11. .. .i y -: A
Colli. Ii.: ! I lil .!',.. 1 t .1" i-i - .1 ,
" I' '11III1I1 1 1 ' I i-" !"i - I.' . -!M:!J 11.
IlilV, II li't "I ' M 1 . I. t - :t ' 1 1 .Im . -
1 .1 in "in .1. : -. 1
d.iv. .mil Willum Ail
' '-I ! t ill' ''i.-li I
Wh.le. -i il . llit-t
I -II.. i- mini, 1
-e.W i ;il o'llel
I ,. 1 aio- lia e
s,-i -
lie ear, I, -
far iili.l tl:e Inn.- I
railloail. The leelli
(he roofs of . I,,. :. '
tlioiii;ll the tcelli arc ihilh
retain 011 their liliinlc.1 oi
framm-nlaiv remain- ot a nuinher of coiiL-re nieti. Itve-te,.
Wlis a lie'i-c i" km-.' : 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 . , 1 1 1 a- it lay on it- llal car-, j When loa-l-tei'th
upwanl. a:i,l im-ii.e-ip.-. inn the .-iow, al the ilepotj'ho roa.l ilia-.' In
Kill '.civil ar.'iin.l II ! ce it tile iiinaiiis ot an of t!,-n e - .i 1 in tine
f'lielnl.-, miuht he I l i 1 1 1 imp. lie, I upon
Morrison, our well known am! ie.peele,l
thill he foiiml -oiue haii ami a ! ion ot
ly hi'loii-.'cil to Speaker annou. "
While we ale iiiaknu -inh a l"ar
! 1 1 1 1 1 I reineinhi-r tiuil the Slamlaid I'll
anil the railroa'h-is , 1 . , not hae a inoiiopoly of t li.-in.
(frocery men, even -mail iealer, ajree o a certain price
on L'oods; wholesale .lealcis in every line of "..oils have
8 uaoa
Drug Co.
Leaders in Their
i Phone 11
t44tttM4tt9M9 I 1"
l or Vour f loor ai'd
Drug Company.
At th-;
55.50 per week ;inle
55.00 per wei k double
With liuom
.S.r.g'.e rooms ith-.t't lizard
$2.00 per eek
One Ulock Beyond Drady
Hotel on North Main
! Hegular MeaU 25c. y
; . Beat Short Order In the City, f
Editor and Owner
man ha. hi tml
- A"
1 i 1 . 1 1-
1 ,,!,.,
ilk. t!ii
-uhei iln-i .
. follow,:
L' tolls Ot '.
.llijH.l la the o in . i
hlln .11 the ilep,,,
,!.,. oi. t ii ree
I lie I'll c. 1:1 !,e
-11 aped some ot
,l:e on the Santa l-'c, an. I ;e reaheil ami will he cvpei ile.l widely by the alile men
lioln recent 11 -. they still 1 1 rei't I n .' the arTaiiv M oieovei . il 1- nt iln-owinj di-dlar--
the :iiiir 1111,1 lii-ker- ainiiw:iv. Two io!ais will lie ii-t-irii.-'l l.n- c crv d'-llar in
II. Colonel . Y. !
townsman, liaiin-j
hnle that former- !
ahoiil tiu-t-, we
sml the packers
I .el us hav e -jo.'il mail-.
N w that the I'ariiejie iln;ii ha- liei-i: ivlcjatc-l I'
lie n-:, r. the Woil.l i- wailing for the ih nator- who wen
.oi l.- to huihl a piihlic lihrary hy private stihscript ion
or 'loin, the .-an:-' work; when a la'-'jc contract is t.
Lively Times At
... ,, . ,
I here is no dull season i.t Itradv s. i
, .
verv ilepartment is receiving new
J quoits every day.
For tomorrow they will offer:
li'Ml pairs l.ailiu-' line Kreticli Kid
til.ni) Oxfor-ls, ut W.IMI.
A line lot of l.adie-' lu-eii Quality,
ll'ittinan snd Star 1'..H Oxfords at
The new patent leather. Dull Kid
i - 1 liutton llxfoi,!-, for cliihlren
j a I Sale Iricei-.
I ."it'l yards 7,m- uenuine White llahita
Wa-h Silks, yard wide, at I.V.
The 'J7 im-h wide of s;nii. .u- 'Jlc.
Men's splendid -f 1 ' '! Worsted
j Suits at $10,011.
J ."Oil Suits Hoys' and ( 'iiihlreu 's do-
I him; at Sale I'riees.
),.r Oi;oi KIY DKI'AliTMKN'T
ha- jul received a car of the celehrat-
1 I'ovnl Cic.ini Water Mill Flour.
Now and For Fiftaen Years
Tulsa's Leading Store
I VJVllllllll I'l VMl
Centrally Located
Admiraoly Arranged
M-'ir' an .-nviah'" re; uta
n f ir a'C iiacv in '.si ri -.,r.
ar-.d I -intv in dr-us.
Kxclusive Aper.ey for
the Celebrated Eureka
Springs water.
'PJs,sM 'i I
l 1 IIWIIV w
v s
T. J. I.edore. the Tailor is located io
Koom S. Grand room 'ghoune. ()llle
hour 4:) to 8 p. m. See him for
dtylcd. Have had 23 year expri
ence in the clothing buninesa.
OpH). Poetoflice T. J. LeOore.
Skirta of all imaginable colon and
tylea at prices alarmingly low, at
MUler-Ethridf Lon Co. a.
fl;ilililif'( price; huihlei rliarve exactly the iame prices
In1 let, the builder-, neatly uUum auiee upon (lie 1111111
who i going In have llie work; even milk peddler charge
exactly tlie nume price fur the name aiuniint of milk. It i
co-operation that 1 ul. the world today, uml the laboring
in the union Hint dili-inl. liim u.'iiinsl
other Ipi-n. The labor trn.t is p.-rhap. the liiort powerful
mi en 1 til it' il . Ill to exert tlmt power. The trouble
it I J il is (lie lack of harmony iiiimiiu' the, iiiiimr.'cr.
Vo In k ul Iriiliiniiy ,'i... anioiiL.' limine.;.-!'" of the Standard
1 il company, or the beef trii-l, or the railroad. lrut
u'cls 1 1 1 1 11. 1 1..11. Hut the coiiihini' of labor, if il .hould
-lainl 1'ijct her, 1 !! i-rn-.li cvi-i oilier coiiiliinc into snb-
inis-ioii, for il in the iml powerful of all. Without labor,
capital I II eiecpiui.' infant. The i-i'rlcl of the iru-l.
concert of action. The lalcirin.' men have not yet learned
their power; w-ii.-n they do, t1 rai break c.iinliin. that
the law is helpless to move.
I iool i-i aiU ate iit't-ilcii,
A lie wii-eiit w.Hthy.l 1 1 ,- I . inn i-rcial I'l -ill is heiir.'
III.I.-I l.i ;,.. by lii -It ellerjet le !h.,ly tile i II I pi o lle-ll t
t I' e .iihlie hi'.'hway- li-ii ,K i ;: into iic city of T.il-a.
It I- a -lei, in the li-l-l ilirecti-in al!-l -hoiil,! r.'i'i'iw' l.e
--il"" t of eeiy i-ilii-n in lie . 1 1 1 - Il 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 .
'I In- I"!.'1- for tii.- ii:lcit.ikiti were i.ii-i-,1 by a
! -) u l;i r -mI -eription. Mini the Inline- nt the n-ost 1 t tin
i'I.iih'.. men ale upon tin- roll of In. nor, A o.io.lly slim
i i 1 1 1 .: 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 i o'nlit ion t hi- -prin-j,
liivat run, ami -oiue nt the r":nl
i'it n n. Til a - n a- I In- rai. -
e,i-e,l. i.c Kiiu ilra.' was put out of omuiis-h n. ',.
a i. ', el I lie A i kan-. is r.i e'er -Im y f man w ho .li.ln 't
.in' I a root when it wa- ple;..-ai I ami c uhlii't put it on
hini it i.i'iieil. hut are we any w i-.-i or 1, -- sh i 1 1 h I liaii
he A i k in-;, w in. i ?
Mis W. K. Vandr.rbilt Will Buy Cost
ly Buri.ii of Laces.
I'.ii-is, Jay 1H.--A 1'aris dealer iu
uutliUilie-, hopes In Inlli annul the
llaiisfer of the Min'ih eollovliou of
lans in the alicau to Mrs. William
K. atidcrhill. I lie dealer, a most
... . ., ,
rc.utalile man, savs the l'ope has ie-
. . 1
...o,., ,v,o .-ii-o I Oil I.IIIII- I'l an
the frippery," Us lli Jlolines.s calls
The laces were the pl'U of royal
hrides to niicce.'diiio popes. Sine,'
the' time of the Hoivias, il has been
the custom for Ifouian Catholic queens
and princesses to offer their wcldim;
lohes o ihe cliiircll. So thai the laces
have heen acciimnlat im; in the Vati
can for centuries.
If the dealer can interest the Vim-
dcrhilts and persuade the Pope, who'
d'-iihlsit he has the riulil to sell them.
America will possess the "rent est col
lect ion of lii-torieal laces in the world
and woith easily fillll.lllMI. Mrs. Van
deihill's ,-ol'ectioii would he more val
ua'de than (Jiieeii Alexandrn's which
is worth .flOO.OOO, or Kuipress Kiiaen
ia's, which she will heiiieath to her
iio'l-iliiuyhtcr, I'lim-ess Una of Hal-
tenhuti;, w In. is ahont o h nu- the
ipieetl of Spain.
Mi. amleihiil. whose hor-i-s won
two races iu iii- day tliis week, i- in
t.'i'esiiiij hiniself in hehalt of im un
lucky American I kmaker. the hio
ih.-i of !.e Vaiidcrhill traiin'r. Duke.
The Iia- routines all hetiiri'.' to the
l'.iiis .Miitu.ils, which liriiu, a sure
rc ,-.jne. a per. enlace of the hcls to
t iU ami stale, link.' made a hook
i.'id me polnc ariesicd him. lie will
ex-ape vi ions coiiS"iiiciices prniialil)
lor Mi. Vailderliill is usiiu his per
so, ia! Ililiuclli e tor liim.
.'. an
u.-c ;u
!''. o ri niis tm- iiht leiiise
I in ,i, lie al New ."-1,11,' noiel.
V lti tit
Skirls oi all iniax. liable colors and
Ay.LH at pr.ics alaiuiingly low, at
uilitr .tUr dgc Long Co.'s.
I InoUcr liiu-ci Ale, bottled at the
.-lic.oan Spriius. iscoii.siu, ." cts.
j at ail il.iukiuu pla.es. l'iuts loc, two
i lor '' .
; r..iii,-i (linger Ale, bottled at the
!'iiehooau Spruifis, Wisconsin, ." els.
at ail diiukiie. places. Tints loc, two
lor J," .
lladcr (iiimer Ale, bottU'.l at the
Slu-'iov ,iii Spriims, Wis.-uiisiii. ,"i ets.
at all iliinkim: places. Pints I.V, two
l or '.' i. .
li.idofr (linger Ale, bottled at the
Shelxiyyan Springs, Wisconsin, ." cts.
at all ii iiikiuir places. Pints IV, l
I for 2.V.
Tor Rent StoiT nHni suitable for
millinery or grocery. Huel-Hoilolf
Investment ronipauy. 5-10-tit
Ladies $12.50 Suite for $9.00 at
Miller-Ethridge Long CoM 116 Eaat
Third itreet.
A Little Way
A little way o walk with you, my
Only a little way,
Then one of us must weep uml walk
I 'ntil (lod's day.
A little way. It il -u sweet to live
ToiMlier that I know
l.ife would not have one withered rose
to L'ie
I f one of Us should z.
And if these lips -h-niM ever learn to
mii ile,
Willi thy hcait tar from mine,
'Twould lie I,,,- joy that in a little
w hlle
They would he kissed hy thine.
- Frank I,. Staiiton.
The Worst Ever-
W Ien the huiteiilies make hutter,
And see a horse ily hii:h ;
V hen the whip .:s!,r. whip ami mut
ter, I'hen you see a hm-e-llv hv.
It you cvei' see a i-;lt ti-li
With a ci unty line, and tadpole ;
And a catnip t,-a tiom a dish.
Then you 'II sec a hull weevil holl.
should an Hal c.i crawl up a tree
and hark,
And a halky Inns,, fail to hulk;
Then you can .-" ,1, wn the sheet in
tl.r dark.
And see the nt! er side walk.
illd ,'-ll ever s.e a liee-shool shout;
1 'r a L-rass hla ie cut a swath .'
Did you ever ee a hoot-owl'.- hoot.
Or a tank of lau-hin.' uas lamrli?
Could you telephone in the street,
' 'r roll a hoop-snake hoop ?
Could you liud more than four feel
In a lovers' iok ?
Thi' fifteenth Annual Knrainplncnt
of the (irand Ann of the Kepuhlie
will meet in Tulsfl, Indian Territory,
May 17 and K I'mii.
In honor of tl Id sohlieis, who
a ill he willi n on this occasion, we
earnestly reipiest that the American
I'la,' he displayed from all municipal
IniiHiniis, places of business and pri
vate residences, and ask our citizens
" join in makin-.' this event one
loin; lo he remeiiihercd hy tlicni. Let
us. from one end of the city to the
oilier, Ilin": the stars and stripes to
the hr.'i'ze. May it ;ri'et the rising
sml salute the settimr un and tloal
tlii'iiiioliuHt this encanipinciil froin ev
ry church editice. school hiiildin-j.
ii'ilie and priviile place.
.(Oils' (. MITCHKI.I..
Mayor of the City of Tulsa,
Indian Territory.
The Finishing Touches Are Being Put
on the Methodist Church.
The liuisiii:;- lunches aie heiii-' put
on l In.' new Methodist Episcopal
church, to net it in "nod ieadiiics for
Snuilay. The li.dil liurcs are beim;
adjusted. When Ihe last touch has
heen added and it w ill he opened Sun
day nioiuiuur In the public, it will cer
tainly be a monument to the public
spirit and enterprise of our liustlirc'
city-- the cil.V ,.f tin' ureal soiil'iwest.
Tropcr System.
Kx-I invet nor l-'erii.-ui tells this
one :
! '. .' ,i : ii. -'i .il Sh-i w He.
asked Cash ( adc if lie would advise
i youthful aspirant for political lion
i.s to study law as a stepping stone.
It is said that, fade looked away o-
' d ' In- t I -1 lis of Ked i v er and an-
s'vered: "No! N'.. by a sibl ! I
would advise you youn.' fellow, to
commence by catching wolves,"
Notice, Rebekahs.
The membcix of 1 1 in n t ', ul l.iiil'je.
No. I'lit. are hereby iiolitied that be
cause of certain eouiijiueueies there
will be in, liiectiii'.' of the l.od'.re on
next I'liday nii-ht.-Mrs. Aimn Ar
cher, N. (i.
Wanted- A ".,od ciiy loan for .:t.".il.
Low rate. I'orrower must apply per
sonally t" Snitiui l'.vans, Farm
Loans over Fanners' National bank.
Wanted - A younir man with sad
dle horse or horse and biieey, (!oo.
money for rustler. No rativassimr.
Two More Bodies Recovered.
l'otts illc. Pa.. May 1ti. Two more
bodies have been taken from the1
Shenandoah City shaft, inakim; n to
tal of seven reeoyered.
For Sale The Nine Front Livery
Stable and fixtures in Cnllinsville, I.
T. Also a fine residence. Will sell
for cash or on time, or trade for farm
land. If interested, it will pay yon to
eome and see me. C. .1. Lowell. Prop.
Eaat Bound
ID4, St. Louis Express... 5:15 a. m
112, St. Louis Kxpress... 2:55 p. m
410, Meteor, St. Louis 9:55 a. m
114, Meteor Kansas City. .10:10 p. tn
West Bound
409, Meteor, Oklahoma... 3:55 a. ni
113, Meteor, Texas 4:15 a. m
407, Oklahoma Express. . .11:25 a. m
411, Texas Express 1:45 p.m.
1113, Enid Mail 4:25 a. m
Iil2, Enid Express 1:55 p. ni
!il2, Enid Mail 2:25 p. m
bl4, Enid Express 9:15 p. m
W. E. WELSH, Agent.
Entire Block in Bellview ad-
dition for sale RIGHT.
Suite 3, Egan Bldg.
Vt the Close of Business on t&e 29tr
Day of January, 1906.
I ."ii ns and discounts,
1 'ver drafts,
Furniture and fixtures,
Cash and Mu'lit exehiimr
Capital stork, paid in.
Surplus and prwfits,
Time certificates.
I, J. II. McBimey, cashier of the
above named bank, do solemnly swear
that the above statement is true to
the best of my knowledge and belief.
J. H. M'BIRNEY, Cashier.
Subscribed and sworn to before me
this 2nd day of February, 1906.
8AM X. P. MUIRNEY, Notary.
Correet Attest:
" Dtrtfci&
rpHE World's new morning paper is selling like hot
cakes but not any faster than the Lawn Mowers, Ice
Cream Freezers, Ice Boxes and Refrigerators atourstore.
Remember we have tne Alaska line of Refrigerators and
the best line of Lawn Mowers on the market at a low
price. Re sure and see us before you buy as we are head
quarters for anything in hardware.
If it Comes From
Hardware and Supply
It Must Be Good
The Fulton Market
Opposite Postoffice
Call in and
Satisfy Yourself.
I Tulsa
: Conservatory i
w it 1
of Music
Henry R. LeOron
Violin and Orchestral String In
ctrument.1. Graduate Valpraiso.
Indiana. Conservatory of Music.
Leader of Tulsa Grand Opera
House Orchestra.
alph L. Wood
Piano, Reed and Brass Instru
ments. Harmony, Composition
and ArranirieK. Graduate Wad. -II
Conservatory. Pianist Grand
Opera House Orehestra.
Pupils Sol Ic ted
Terms Reasonable
Studio Front Second Floor Grand
Opera House.
Winter Piano Used
Badgsr Ginger Ale, bottled at the
Sheboygan Springs, Wisconsin, 5 cts.
it all drinking places. Pints 15c, two
for 25c.
C. fi. PIFER
Is now locate. jn your eitv of
lulsa and hoaes by rendering
you the lies', of service to merit 2
your patronaKe. There is as
much science renuired in fining
Rlasses for defei-live eyes, us in X
pre.-criuin meuicine. n
Save Your Eye Sight
$5,000 REWARD
will be pai for anv Case of de
fective HiKht. not totally blind,
wf.ieh he tnntmt impnive with
bis special ground Kbisses
vnll),.om of I- vp riuf.nta.
j .riyo
the munch and etc.
and Examination Free
! Shows diploma from two leading 5
f J colleges of Amenra. Also he
nuunn over l".i'UU I t'HIIln.tninla ttf
his oflic". Ofliee Hours: 9 to 12,
2tox. Sunday by appointment.
Office H tit rt n !- !' a
....... , iuiu
Corner First and Cincinnati St
. u .in. iiiomn iprniot-v 7
Try Ira Isenherger for '
Cornice Work:!
He'll Treat You Right
The ahadiest, moat level and desir
abls 60 foot loU in dty for tht prioa
-1600. t 12th and Bovldar. Bad
Rodolf LamtoetU Qo. a.tf

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