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Tulsa daily world. [volume] (Tulsa, Indian Territory [Okla.]) 1905-1919, August 10, 1913, MORNING EDITION, Image 7

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ns i
t inin iimni
lp petition df llni woihl ut I', imp
I'd IV.
i'iiiiki'cms npin-.ipi i.i.m $ jr.. miii f . .r
I I In J 1 1 l 1 . i : l ; 1 1 1 J 1 1 nf tin' I 0' 'I'll '"!
i I'd', Ibis '.i:n. In .im 1 t ! lii'lltcd liy
i I ..."'Ml in. h i- fi ..in I In Si, ii uf i Hun.
ii iiliO f
III. .1 .
1 1 '. :
. u 111
IV I ' 1 1
I .11
r.isi mi.iix or thi: i:uiii
cu;ii smmiii.i it l
rMi' i'i itit.
.More Mini- Will lir In I'll 'II., in l.cr
I 1 1 ru Inn ing Many ol' Ilic IV.it -Id'-
nl I In Civil War.
WASHINiiTi i.N, A iif!. !. Inl i'mh-
1 1 1 m. i iuii i . .-i i i iii. i s in tin. riiu
lll.lllll.'.. w I. UIi ojhii lit Camp J'eriy,
tile l Friday, details nf which
li.ivr In-ill iiiHminicd ln'I'C Tin.'
trials nf sKill mill rye iiinl in nr which
Infill ih.it day with mutches nf tin
NiilU.mil Klflc !i.-s..ciutioli t AmiTi
ru tin- opening i-vcnl nf which will be,
tlit- ip-ib annual id-si fur tin Wllll
blrlloll I'llp fnl' til" ili.llVllill.il loll".
I'allge Championship III till) Cllllcll
.states, Will lltllllili' ills') III" Nullulllll
match's i'i'iiim August Ji In i!'.l mill tli"
IlllrniiltlnlUll lllliti llim fl'olll Septem
ber 1 In SI, Ti n null, .11.1 will i-niiipi to
in tin- IiimI r i : 1 1 1 1 1 -1 1 ln.ilrln-.-i, ulili'li
have I'l-fii ni Tanned as nnr nf I In l'-ii-tuics
nf lln- Tito's Victory Cniini
nial i'i h-hiatioii, 1 1 ... s i '-inj. In ! ii on
Lake Kri".
"Durum tli" "S days from next I'rl
ilnj until .September Si, mom bullets
will I." Inn ! 'I at tli" hull's i y " ut
Camp I vi ry tliun were ex pi'inlnl in
many nf 111" tiiiat bailies nf th"
civil war," mill Lb'titi-naul Albeit S.
.IrlllM. secrc'iuy nf till! National
Kill" a-.-n, lalimi nl . nii-riea , as hi'
.. nihil,, I t . i r 1 ! l; 1 1 1 ,s,,nic nf the features
in I he I nllllllK 1 1 1 I'i -l s.
Tli" "M-m w hu h all rifb men will
slrr.e f-.r in Hi" Minni nf tli" Xallnii
:.l I:.!!,- n:-nri;ii inn, will hi the pi'"si
ili in';; in.il'li i, n August Si I . Tills
mat. Ii cai ins w n Ii It tin- I 111" nf Hi"
li, ,1 . iit i.il military championship nf
tin- I 'idled Slalis ami tli" winner will
li-rr.M- ii. .1 nnly a (;nlil mnlal Lai an
ilillnLiiipll lrtlcr nf I', illlllli-lnlal u ill
l'rniii I r s nl ' II I VYilsntl. 'I'll" .. It. A.,
nun. las will cl.is" a v.ci-U from tn-t
,nt nrth, v . w n h a I". nil match to il".
1, , nun" tin- I nil' ,1 Si, .I. s i liampinn
hhip nf civilian rub clubs.
'i'll" lllllinll.il llialrlii-s. Which I'll'tl
Augusl -a nipt'.s" I 'ii it u la 1 i-vi nt.i
participated ill li.V trains llolli til"
(.lull's aial ll'l TUnl-irs. Hi' til" I'llitril
stales, th" Dislnct nf ( '. il 1 1 111 1 i a , twn
loams i'i inn th" army repis si ntinglhc
infantry and cavalry, as wall as luinis
If.. m tin- navy ntid marine corps. As
surances have la'cn given that every
Stat" ill the I'nion will h" I'cpr, st ill el!
Willi th" exception nf Nebraska, Nr
vailii, Idaho, Arlsumus ami Hmith
Carolina. In (ill there will ho lit
li'li lie. "I'll" Naiiniial matclle.H Will
clns" nil August S!H and nil III" follow
ing dav 111" I'i HI ! services nil which
the I niled ytntes depends for de
fense, that In th" Army, navy, ninrino
(nips ami National ".Hard will enm
prl" in tho I'niled Slut en nervine
Tin- widest Interest, nf course, In In
Hie ihlrniatlini.il malchcH which
iipen.i n.lllday, Si pleli't-er 1, tu cnll-
llniie fur nine days. The ten nallims,
which will pa it aipa I " in these cn!i
Irsts are France, i Sei inany, Sw itzer
land, Sweden, Argentine Hepiililln,
I'ei'ii, Canaihi. Mexicn, Culm nnil the
I'lilt'-d StaU'K. Th" iiixanlz.-itimi nf
lull riiallniial rifle nlintiil(f s. i'i--I It s
nf Hie world vnli'd in l'rance lasl year
In hriiiK Iheir niatchcR to Hie I nited
Slates lids year and (he newly or
unniiied ran-American ShnotiniT 1'ninii
did liUewi.se, ins'irini; n einicenlral inn
of all tho ureal liil.-rimUoiial .shonlliiR
In 1 1:-- iii. ill l.r- I hi Ii i h '
Hal "1 I. Ml
I il l" ami p',.-.i.,l
l-n.'.rs w .11 ,. ,a.d
v 1 , .. i 1 n I. i., .
i In- lu st , .M il llpi ,: su
I a his. I 'i a ri. " Ii.i pi
' IIC.'I.I H . Airs V .I.-" I -
hy A 1 1 1 i Iran i ,t I- a i-
, Ills.. I- I I V II; " S . .II.,.
I 1 1 'I I II I lllill 1 1 1 ll.l I IIU.i
I r.llr.
I I' i nil' I' ll Ins ; i I'i ' ll" I'l l Hi; , i
I alld II alllnl t.i I i l,t t In
Stales, ni.,, fi.r I llr ' l i',-.-' i'
1 W II
a 1 1 -1 i , , 1 1
hi,, .-r . it w.ii
'. - I'll! I'.iMlrsl
llt. d U tna,:lil-
l.r r ,. In I. il 1,,'
; .til x . I ian "
I'm t In- ml, i ml'
h v ilh t lie am y
rani' d
i ll.t'-d
mat, h
d III.'
I ' rr
Int. i iuii n
," f,.r thr
iT Hi. I'..n An,,-
l'"i' tli" I'.iln.a t
; l I 1,-am w 1,1
luai. In-.-, nf I, nth
I In- Irani I - pi i
slat. s ,n l lit- I.,-
al I i, .,in ..t lam mrt
1 1 1 1 1 1 1 . i ty rill" luiicli
n an I m. ii, a a, a lirr
-I l, ihatrli, an. I a
h will I .it'T III"
! I ! t r i I ; a 1 1 , 1 1 a 1 1 1 1 1 I . .-.
..'1,1,11-; til" I'lille.l
i-il mil. Ins w.ll In
Snap Judgment
Im nflrii talu-Ii nn ynn l,y a r"hellriiii
Ht.-mai-h, lazy liver or elnKecl hnwels.
I!" prepared fur .stn h cmeiuelicy hy
keepiii a bottle nf
haiiily. It Is for Cramps, Diarrhoea,
IiidlKrstlon, I'ostivencss and .Malaria.
Junction Pharmacy
1 argtrfcl and Most Complets
tine ol Drugs la the city
I nllreStockabsolntely nev
inscriptions Accurals!; Filial
II" ni .1 by Captain ISl. Iilll'.l IS. Sa. re,
nf the New Vnrli Nalliilllll (i laid.
Aim-rirmi ml, i.e ii me murh enn-
, 1-1 lied IH.-r tlie ni ".a IllZ.t t h '11 nf tlir.r
tram fur Ihc "free" rill" iiiat' h. 'I Ins
is a ineihi.d nf Iim.t mi; iilnmst nn
l.iHiwn in .A nii-i n an rnlrnicu. lai-ul,
l'..l-,r i;l.-l,,l,r IS. V.'llllM. of the Dis
trict id Cnliiiiil.i.i is ni .aiiiizliiK ill"
leaiii and .-n'iial rill.-s ha" ln-i-n
lliailill'.ict Hied f'i- III" Use o! its Im-lli-
la-is. .'. pii hmlnjiy irymil 1" h I, . t
l.'li men In i ii ( in traiiiini; f-.r thin
team will be held at Camp Terry iie.M
Thursday. Tlu. cninpet it inn is npeii
In any American citizen and the .-1 n i -lal
ril Irs will be avail abb I'm ti" hy
all cm p"t 1 1 nl s.
In llns match Sa llzerland. In 111"
past has been in incible li.nini: wmi
la limes In ibe I (i years lhat the
malch has bn-n shut and finishing
hi'cniid uin'e. The Swiss team, which
is ctiiniiiK over this year was ictnr
uium in l'rance last year. The captain
is Mejor de Slaib'llii'Srii.
l-'raiice is n li'linn to very Mroti :
learns. 'J'he rill" tram will be cap
tallied by D. .1 - f 1 1 1 . ti, presim-nt of tli.i
I iitrrna t i.'lia I lliinn and "ic nf 11.1
lllemliels will be I'. IS, Cnlas wlin wmi
the tinii meter mulch at Ihc ulyinpic
sanies lasi year fi iini Lieutenant ( i.-,-burn,
an Aim rlc.ui, by oi.e point.
Tin tii m from A rip'iil ina w hich has
been 111 tills CilUlltlV Since the llll'lill"
of July bad been naming as individ
uals for six months, l-'niii inrmbeis
of the Ihhii brloni; to the .S rnoi it , 11"
navy ami will n-port to an Am. mill"
iialil'-ship In tins coiinliy al tli" cl .s.i
of 111" matches. Tins Irani is captain
ed by I 'r. .In. 111 1 ',11 Lis i ..tiles;... I.illli
is Iuii. wn of the (li-rn an loam e..c.pi
thai il went Into tii'iinim at iir"in
I'err, ia-l llo;!h Uhder the an,- ,ci s nf
the I nitsi'her Sniiz.'iil.'inil
Il is ep"cl",l t ha I tli" li.l'l nal loli.il
matchis will In lai.;--ly aitrndnl by
''aiiadi.in I'il'b'mi 11. Nc.uly every pro
vince is send in; a ib-lea t i.-u nf its
own :inil the I',, lua, urn of 1 'iian.l'i ISi
I'ecled that Sweib n l.i 1 1 is a.-mluiK
1 tb-leealinn of U nib int'ii headed by
fie assiii-iatinn will enter a tram in
Hie I'lilina Trophy match. It is -x-Captain
1'. II. lhdrnliltd as well as
Aia;rit in,. K puhhi;
I 'alma compel it ion.
I'lllted Stales W ill be
I -Ii 111 In be s.-bctiil
I-lance and the
will also eiitct 1 1
In this shoot the
rcpi'i'si'titi'd by 1
it Camp Terry from th" scores which
Hie lm n make in tile U'iniblrdon ciii
match, thi' Adjutant "a-nerul'i-i match,
Ihc l.iiou yard mane of the Tit .sident'H
match and lb" .Marine CnrpM niiitrli.
I'min these competitors Sia men will
be selected for u furl her test to be
made on August 3') when the final
team will be .s"l"cted. 'Ihc captain of
U10 Talma team representing the I lilt
ed .states Is l.ieut. Cnloiiel N. II. Thurs
ton, nf the New Vork National liuanl.
In Hid liiteriuitiniial Tan-Ameiicnn
SllootllK I'llioll, tile Inited Stales
also will ho represented by a team
selected from the record of senres
made at tint Camp Terry matches.
Captain Harry Lay, of (lit) Marine
Corps, will head this team.
JJriHiolicr (ient'ial K. K. Kvans, 1
S. A., who will In at the head of this
preat slinntin", tniirnament, as exe
1 utive ollii tT. lias hail similar ex
perieiu'e in five previous inlei-natioii-i
CntlipetltinllS. lb- will be assisted
by about Inn army, Marine cm ps mid
natinu.'il ".nurd oilici rs, as well as a
regiment of troops to take care of
the niahkllii; anil scorint,.
The meet at Camp Terry will be
brouisht to a close nn ihe nielli of
S'-ptember Si with a baiiiiii't when
all of the prizes will la) presented. It
then is proposed to show the visitim;
fiireimii-rs somel lilnn of the I'oiiniry.
They will be taken by special train
to see Niagara Falls. l-'roin there
tho visitors will go to Sea lilrt, N. .1.,
where those who de:;lre. may lake
part in the Sea lilrl matches which
then will he in progress. Those who
do not care lo .'tiler the Si a (Sirl
competitions will b.i brought lo
Washington for special entertain
ment, which is beiiiK urrunjjed for
PAl'lilt I'AI.I.S ItXriDI.V IN Till.
Mo.Ni.Y mkki:t or
Tin: woiu.o.
to All
JL. 11, t 14
With Care
iC Jh --vW
Tulsa ...i ic'i' lii'il ;i jicini wlicrr ihc
IcrK'ill (if life ii I it 1 i'ui'Tly. ll.is lliailc ;i
nn ( b 'i'i 1 vehicle and ii'lfs( i'i;ni iiplinain-e
VdIII' riiiui.-sinlie'S have I'.'lsseil Sib il all
ni'dii aiii'i' as a jH'utei-l imi to ymi.
TIliTefnn', Ue reilll',--t Vulll' I .) 1 1 eu
iiici;!l imi ill ils eiiriiiviliii'lil Ii.i tile elhl tli.'il
its (ihsei'vaiice may In "-eiieral, 1 1 h ft i -
cliiiiinat in.u- the iinnleasaiit ne.-s nl' jinlii-e
This ui-tliuaiiee aiiplies to every iei.iii
wlin walks nr liiles liiuli Ihe street- nl"
Tulsa, mi it ;iiilies in ynii. I'lease i-ead ihe
lil'ief We have caused to he jilllilishctl In re
I'nr your i : 1 1' 1-1 1 1:1 1 i 1 1.
( Siplied )
.MAVOIf AND crrv O.MMlSS!()i:i;s
l I'.IMI I'
1 1 1 : i i a n i i : su i.i...
IS. ,,l il.' ' V .ill 1 1. ,! I" ' '
I', .'-1 I ',,1 I I , ! . " . .- '
I' .! ,
11. ,,,,!,1 ,1 loll: 1, i ... i ..r
I" i. r I. ' I, : I I , hi, 1 ... .i I
I'I ' I I '. . ; i I ii ,.!' . ,l.r 1,1
I .1 I ' Mr .a .1 , 1, il i " pi' i ' !
:-.', , I i'h,,t in. villi ,a
,', rr I , I oh l , - , , I , I I I , .1 li'H.i
1 I - r 1, . of II, - , , . 1,,; , , n ,,
;n "V eh , Hi. , i mi:.- i i ,-i i ,
' ' ' " Il I .1.
-.. ; i . ' i i,,..'. i v. I. i. i. -
.' pi 111 I , V , I, . I : h , l , ., V ,
I .. Il " I I , i oil" II. i , l. : HI , r I I
b I- I lid I ' ,, , . Hi. I .1 lr "ni
I ' ,n ih- 1 1 ,i . , : 1,-n t ,,w .. 1 1 1 w lr. Ii lh-
: "I i .1 1 . v , m: . a i' . - - In v a 1 , ,1 li. I' I
.1. I il I I W lille I ..hi 'l. o r, I ,,
... ha I lal I h. i . ll.lt . !.
I I I I I , I ' '' I II. I h. , , U 1 I,.', at bit
I'I i VI ,,
I . :. , ,i , h .- ... 'I ai mi. ii
I '. Ill' I'I. IV .. hi I. hi b: 111 ill fl "Ih
I.v. , v I, i, : i , 1 1 i , i .1.. a ,. .1 I, r
I I ' ' ; ''II y. i r. il" I I .,1 "I' -
..I'I ill' , I , l ', I e, o I'I l ilt I,, n r- w : I 1 1
pi' m ' . I i mil. i ,u- nn w 1 1 , i,
-li h h- - , i." il ' lr i i , . i 1 1 . 1 1 1 1 1 h nam
i l i'i,,:
. . - . I , i ' i , ... oi.l ' .-b ill
li- a ,1 ,,n al l li. i l. i v In I on l h'l
M i . . i -. . -I I ii I a
S.. ! I ': v l v .1,1, I".
- I I , ' I '.,! Who In 11 i t a I f
'.il i h , i :,, ill,. 1 1 . , . i . i i I n a ii a. -c
il- hi "I ba imi, I , 'I ;.m 1 1' I on
hoi ol I',, , . hail hi .It III' Villi, I"
ol' , a I' I , , a -1 ' ' a 1 a I : 11, to a 11 V n I -
s,..i .Irh.'i n l a : s i iiir, I hr h 1 1 m 1 1, i , f
nl v r h i : , a ,,i 1 1. a 1 I" i Willi In .
I ' a , 1 1 a h, I : , , ; . 1 1 ' - - air . I : l I . -1 e I -1 -Hi.
,li ., ol I.., . i -1 ' i ,h, li 1 , 'oil the
ni .l.'i! I o -.. ,. I . a.h ,.a I 1 ' I ' III prl-
m r la n
, , .ted ni t
ll.l ! . i 1 I -' I ! 1 1 , .
i,.r v. h . I" I,,
ll.ih' ,1 I ,1 1' .l 1111
V 1 1 1 1 o , 1 1 tlrl
i . ' h ' . hi i, I i in- ovv ii. ri "'i on in
, I,.,,.-, . I, ...a.. 1 1,,- I- ' , i' - or oi le i'
I , , I I .1 a i: .1 , i i . i I na.ai I hr ' -1 1 i i I I
ol 'fab I
So" I ' " I' ll I ,,.' I " o,,," ' It'll
l.-.t I,. I .. a . .1 in tin t H . I 1 1 1 a 1 1 ' i
, -ball llr a,'' a I I t I," I- lloW .h; ,o I Irll i
of I 11, llll','l,i. :, lo w II :
.Mam .--I an I h i ,-i i li In f
I hr .VI . .tail,. Kail' a-, o. 'I'i v.i 1 1 ' 1 1 vv
I ',,ni,a I,; ni l,' '.I ii i, 1 1 l a' til Ii
SI I ," I.
1 1 ,, 1 1 1 , 1 , ' r V v . ha-' ih-ii' 1 1 h, i Si i ' . I
I,, s, si h S 1 1 ' .I
II,,'. Avenue 't, m Al' lr I Sir ' t
to Sixth Sir, i i.
I ',in ' n l, a : I Ml, he ! 1 , 111 A I , II"!
St re. t lo I'.. in-ill Si re. t
Ai rlirr Street l .'..in 'iin .neat i Avi
um' lo T.-aihh r Am-ihi".
I 'll st SI l-rrt ' , ,111 I ll '.v I A V ''I I a
Ibe l,,,n Hark nl I In- Mailal .1 Vail' '
I la lll oa ,1 Com ,a nv.
Si i on, I Si re. I 1 1 hiii LI vv nod A v , mi.)
In li, main 1 1 ark nf lie- ,M alia ml al
ley lb nlio.nl C, impair. .
Thud Sii-e.-l ft.. iii Knios'ia Avniue
I o l'li,', nnr A v rllllt .
1 'ol.i I h SI I'l i I 1 1 . 'II I I in i o'l A v . -1 1 ' I ')
t i T.Miblrr Avenue.
I'll'' h Si ri-i-t fr Ciiini.nat i A V .-ii.mi
to T.iiubler Avenue.
Sec. i.i. Tin- roadways ..f sirrrii
mid oilier In-, li vv a s nn- prmianlv in
I --ii.i-.I l or vehicles; but p. ih ' la n.-i
have lb" li l-ll I In cross 111, In in sab IV.
and all iltiveis nf vhicl' s, i 1 1 . I. nl i n
iiilnl i-iii-i. shall cMii-is" all proper
an,- hot to i n.jnre ,e,,-st ria us.
I'l ib- anans w In n cinssiiic a su t
vhall not r;i ri b ssl v nr ma In inn: Iv in-
lei fel-e Willi Hie p.issai.-,- n' Villiees.
See. II. Teib'si ria us cr.is'.im anv
Sl reel al the illt'-r: el I inns t hereof
villi amitlii-r street within the eon
liesie.l iljst rict shall pass over such
jailllnll nf tilt' Street as Is I lit 1 1 1 . 1 1 I
within the lini-s nf Ih" ,-nliwalk pio
) ct"d. and nut iliaima !l v .
S. r. i:.. No M-bi, b s shall be
t-iini'd iipl'ss a sienal shall previous
ly b" liiva-n b.v th" driver sniiniliiu: a
horn or oilier siKiial, or by such drivr
raisim; his hand nr whip ami itnlicat
la:: Ibe ilin etinii he i 1 1 1 : . b- In turn.
See. Di. No person shall drive or
conduct any vehicle in such a condl
tinll nr sn cnnsl riicted. nr so loaib'd
as to be lih.lv lo cause delay in traf
fic or aochlenl or Injury to man, beast
nr property.
See. 17. No person shall drive a
public, numbered, licensetl or busi
ness vehii I" who Is less than Sixteen
(ID) years of ime, unbss accom
panied by a chauffer or driver.
Sec. lh.--.No person shall drive or
convey throimli any public street any
vehicle, the witlih of which, with its
toad, exceeds t"ll feel, i-Xi ept III 11"-
corilaiice Willi a permit from the Com
missioner of Sir. els ami Public Tiop
Sec. IH. No llliitnr vehicle shall b
left standinn in any street with Its
machinery In motion, unless some pel -son
over the ace nf :-ixlcon i Di I years
In left In rllarK" thereof.
Sr.- "il V l.c'i n V.'bl' I ' lii'r. ai't
to I , V r 1' ' i , a . i I , . 1 1 It ' I V I 1 I 1 ' ' I " 1 ' ' r
s ! , i 1 l ; , ' 1 .,',:.''," i , , 1 ' i , . i i , 1
i.i i S. p. . ,-
... v , , . I, , ,f . , a . . , I
I',, s n ' of 0 " i ! 1 1 i
i'l i 1 . , , i -, -. . 1 . , , a , ,, ,
I I. , I.I ' lr r 1 -I' ' ' ' ' 1 ' '
w i , . ,'. I .' 1 ! -I,' i, i ' , ,
I r ,. -- .., v, ,. . h ,r I a '
I I! ,' i .! ..IS I... . .' t I ' I . 1 1 .( . .V
a av ,-H .-, - , : ' I : In " ! a '
V In h ill I , 1 lal "I 1 1 I
,! N,. v , h h' , 1 ' . i a-M'" i
lb' . .-. i, i, i.i I -a, .llr -h ' .
tin. ! a , . n , , h! v I. ' I."
I" l ' "ii "I I II ' ' '
I I,' h t'.r .,'.,o i I, ..I a' '.
1,1. ., , - . I C , V i ll.' I. hal , ,1.1 -
llii'll , i ' 1 , ,1 : , vi a i .1 , Ii, a I a , l o -
I" lo ! la- I a;. I 11 ual rill,
See. ... '! I t r , I I , V ' 1 o I 1, ' I , , I , . I
hal! .I.M-. , I . 1 1 , I , , a, li' . , ., i I h,
klip 1 1 1 a ' , , 1 1 . a 1 ) i . i i llr I I . I ... I 1 1
,-t ,.iv Ii, ai,,,al.-,i ,-
S r. J , S , I. J. , t I . ihe I I . , V I -.,,(, I
of S, , I a. II Tvv CHI v two . L". I lo 'I'll ,11
Iv t v r , . , , li , I ,r : v e, ,. I h i l 'l di n
,. -' I e, t I.II-. .hall ba V e the In. Ill
ill v. a ', mil all V . lilt 'lis. lilnl '.'1 ri I
,'., I . I I a v el 1' i a; 1 1. a li "I I lie I I V . 'I si. ill II -lib
till i ' ' tloli -helll bav " I la- I I. 'Ill of
Vv a v nv i'l all a. I -eel ins 1 1 a V e 1 1 1 tl n III
all r.O.lel v nr w I -H I li il l eel ml,. ,'
bol t I hi V ell In; In a I: , , I bet 1 ol
s, nit hci Iv .hi .-. lion shah . nh a-, i in tin.
pi n s:..l ol' s.l III Se.'llo If. -Si In ...
in, hi-' V e. bav, Ihe ru; 1,1 ol was o V it
II II V 'Ii.i 1,'-, I I a V ellini III all I a- lei l o
W I al " 1-, ,h , ,
Se, . JS. I: shall be i, ill. im fnl I'ol'
n i.y pel --on to ,a l t irlp.lt I it a h v I .n .
ol' : ,rr,( i on I ,- I of li n v chad, I , l li p, , ll
U II V : Meet III lie I'll', nl Til ba,
S'",'. '.".I No Vehicle i , III eel fa I
l-ll. i II '. npv al. v a reel ,, to nil "i
ba e v i' h or nil, -i i opt tie- i'.I ---ah,- nf
I'l In l '.,l: n I V el. hie...
See 3.1. n pel so, aball Willi', llr
II I ,-' I les- I V lale, til IV" or la la- to
be I ill , it-f. ol driven anv Vebltia nf
l-llrrl i al III mi.-, silt Ii liiani.el as lo
.'"'in' : n it'll; '.oii vv ,l h nr sl i ikr aii v
i.i tlrl V lilleli , obj.-i I ,,- ,r 'ol, i,,ol,
tin- : I '-el or an i m le-l piihlu 1 ice.
s. i . :::' .o ,ei -,oi. ,;l. .m; i bai l-"
ol a vebair shali allow Ha .- In
roll,,' VV II hill tn I III I feel n iHIV
v , 1,1- ir ,,. iioni ,,' I an vv hen ll
I'l "lie h . h a a h, ..o ' c: nv , I a I'l , r- , n:'
ol vv Ih-ii a ,i ,(,- I . an hi ahoill to .:e -.
r. I h iv .-i - of )., I . ins ami
all I' olol Vel,, le- of all k'.abl, , ball
w In I, a ,, a I, ,i a; a ci n- I n i;. a ml
Winn i o , u, , I la; a i i , r . ,- , ,r roi a i i ,,n
a pa !' a ' 1 1'oel , soil ihI I heir sir nal - in
:-'i, a Wat ,-,s' o i; i V e w . t I 1 1 1 1 1 : ; I ,, I im
nil,, r v rli:. h . aial to I ib'-t anv of
I iirll a jtlil "in ii
Srr. :t I I 1' r, 1 p'- -nJi li ani; it V
III. lr oh an) s I in t lie I 'H V of Till ,11,
shall ..p. i .it e, tli ive or riil" sm I. m a
ri LI, --'. of , :, I I, ss lea h IH'I'.
S" . ria, b'S IlltiV mi; slow I V
shall I,.. , as . lose 1 1 s i ahlr to I ho
cm I, on ibe ria ht , ii lb,v. : n .; mmi)
SVVil'llv Inn Vita; Vehicles- free pas-ail;,)
In tint!- left.
Sec ::;. A v ,-Uk If i im,-; an, a b,'i
elude m lit i ..I car :-1 . . i II pa.,s nn thu
i u:hi.
S'-e. SIT A v.-hi.-le nv rial.ini' an-
1,1 b'-l ,-lli. le f S ail pass mi t he b ft
side of tlie ov ii i a ken eliiib-, mal nut
poll livel til I lie lllilll Side until en
I Ii el v dear nf such chicle.
See. :iV A VellH 1" W In II I Hl-tllll". In
till- bit illtn mini h-r 'It 1 eel shall pa: s
I'l Ibe lillbl nf anv beynlld till- Ci liter
nf Ibe intersect 111, stieet hefiire llll'll-
Sec .'t'l 'cbit let (Tns.ini; fl'ttll ntll!
side of tie- Mreel to II I lit-1 .shall lb.
so bv t ilium; to Ihe hii so as tn head
in I in- same il 1 1 eft lull its the traffiij
oil that side of the street.
Sec. III. Nn vehicle shall be turned
around upon any .sired wnbin t Im
cm;. 'sled ilisii'.cl unless such vehicle
rdiall first pi,,,', ed to the next cross
Mrrrt, and shall then make I lie turn
to I In- hii, after l eadline, (be center
of said cross street.
Si c. II. No vehicle shall slop w Ith
lis b il sitl" to I he riil, w il bin I bit
coin;. ...led district.
Sec. -IS.'.- Within I he i-otiuesletl dis.
I net, all vehicles, shall when allowed
to stand upon the st:'. els, I," sn placed
thai Ih" In-'lde wheels shall mil be
Inure than three feet from the curb.
In no case shall any vehicle he bit
etandlnh' tn such a p,,sti,,n as In ennui
In c, intact with or nbstriicl tlie egress
of anv other M-biiie already siamlnc;
In I In- street.
Sec. 4.1. - No vehicle or slreet car
..hall sinp or stand within a street in
ttiseliaill. or so as to obstruct :i
Hll'.'d IossiIH;. N'o vehicle 'lllilll sl,,p
or stand in any stied of oilier puhl.il
place ee.pt near Ihe i-iuli thereof.
Sec. 4 1.- Ni. vehiii" shall he h ft
stand. vx in flout "f th" entrance to
any theater nr church, or any pubbo
phice or office hiuhlitms more than
three tiiries hl",h; nor within fifteen
feet of either side of Ihe entrance lo
liny such buihlim,'. except when tak
Ini.' on or iHsi'liariini: ,asseiii;ei s ,r
freight and then n-,v for such -ndti
nf time fis is lo'ci'sii. iy for such purpose.
.', . C 'Ii,e pi opriot -,t s and .It iv
i-l: "I all ,ik-. I a MC.I,- and "I V .-.
Ii-h, a -, I in I la- II - I I I p. I
i i , i Ii , i hi f,.i b.i ii.,11 n I :,,i
I ... n l ,, . ,.(' ' I , i .. I ... 1 1 t to.
' ..,,1.. i , . i i i i.-
I i ' ' . . I . I a .1 Ih. I h.e(
, i . 1 i . . I , . eh..; I hd
' ' i : i I ,, I ; . a ' . 1 il I
ill.. 1 1 h. ,1 I . . , I . . . t H , V
, : -11 w a i ., ,. ' I i '.' "I a- ll
1 ' I -I
v. ' V b . h h 1 I Ill
- ,,' , f ,. 1 II, , I 1,1 Ih, I, .1
, !.. . V I .,, I j.v.i, ... I... I' M .
. : , I. , r I - a . ,h e , ll, , '..hill. Ii.i
..!.. ' ; ' a . i in,- i a . iii, rt w ic : a
iii it. , lo . I. I inl or i".
I .11.-1 ' ,' h .1,-1 .', I V el I ret l J . ! IH
I I -a ' ! I I Ir I hi o'l - ll ',,,, ll .,1 1 .-V
, I. p.. Iiav ;i i . ha, i f
II . 1,1 h h . II leU S'ol Hi, .1 Ilir ,!! .1
. I 1 i , I I "I . ,1 , I act lH-1 V . ha h It ll lltl
I h -. 'Ill ol ! I . Vi i pi ,11
I . 1 . 1 1 , 1 1 l . I . I '.
:'. . I'l ,. e. no b- ol' ollirl'
II I, I, I 1 i, r.l I , ,, i ,1,,., , H ,ln; ol'
,1 1 1 1 1 i, , il h. p. i ma i, ,1 t o i land U,..ti
III V I - I I I 1 1 of .,I,V -licet ol' flhl-
pnhl.e fl III. I. - , 1 he ill IV ol I hereof
I i in ,1,11" , .1 ., h , 1 in , a li i s lb"
t a ll I HI, I, ar il a In In 1 1 hr sr '
, ,ld hii, !e,
si, ,- ,1 N'o ,,-i , ,n -ti , ll iii any
I I eel t ll.l f, I, lie , ice I'elll.'V e
ii n v in 1 1 1-1 ' a I pa 1 1 ,,f ,i hol e ili a vv n
v cl, i. e. or anv material pa it of 1 hu
ball of it I,.. is,, with. .ill 111 'I nn
bit, - It I II I- Ibe in. I- i, I' ,, ..... ail. ni, '-, I
to .-.,1,1. V elude.
See. N'o pel -nil shall Jump,
i Iiinl,, tide upon ,,i din.; to anv ve
hicle or si i eel im while iii motion
Willi, nil the consent of ibe driver
S.-i .Ml. No person shall drive :i
winch- load, ,1 wilh ii .ni or other ma
terial likdy In pmdiicc :i i:f at aniioy
Hu; snuml.
Sec. a I. Nn Vehllil. shall be left
stainllHK III a street nr other public
place at infill wiiIioiii show iiii; hcliis
en displayed I hereon as In lie visible
lit, in anv 'li red mil.
See. I, l! II, Use ,-ltlllcbcil t.l Velllcl.'H
ami tlie shafts id ll 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ti . I Mill, -les
wln ii backed up 1,, Ihe curl., shall be
tali, nl to head in Ihe d i nil I, ill nf
liiiM-l. at in-lit ahab-s In such vehlcbi
ol a, lie ,llv slid ill, I'ir IIS possible.
si r ., , . Ia n t.ii.im: Hp or ill:.
lllalllliK ll'l bl nt p., ssoirers, Ve-
ha . s v. ii Inn Ihe i 'on.;. ..led I isi i n t
1 h ,11 so I' ll a . pi . i IH he be be atb'tl
III I be 1 1 1 1 i ell t I I .i lilt oil I lie II,. 1 t
of III. I'o.lilW .V
Sn' ;.;i I Sv e V t-l.'V "i. motor Ve
ha if. slreet car ci,. an- and machine
III Use l .1 1 I lie . eel , of l a- I ',.y of
'I'i, I- I ; ball be , ,,ll, ,1 W ill ,' I ami
i- it l , . a nl bl ak. s aid vv it ll a : i.Ii.i bin
I nn:;. la 11. Ilol ll. do.
S,-c il" It shall be neb, w f,il I,, ll- e
nl ,, petal,' 1 1 ; ,, . tl any .lilt b . -licet car,
eni.i ih- or ni ai hitic 111 anv si r- '-t "X
nl Inl ,,I,C place III I be I ill nf 'I'll! I.
ill i "sin-n " ni- "a, i, no" or any i;nm;.
bill. In. i ii nr i'IIhi- sien.il which prn-ilnr.-s
a sound unusually haul or an
iiovlu': or of a .1 i'.I ft- sun; chatacti-r, nl'
Midi as will tiiahleii pe.bstnaii'i nr
annual . I I : I )', IDISD that Oils Sff
lloll shall not apply to vehicles bi-loll ".-
mi; In tlie 111 police ib palinii nt nf
Ibe il.v nf Tlllsii. nr to il .1 1 1 J 111 I I.I . s. nl
Vi hu b s reipiircil lo respond lo alanmi
of tire or other emere.iiiev calls.
T ! : i ) V ! 1 1 Ll : iiial diivim; in exec-is
..f the follow im: rales of sliced for a
distance of more than two hundred
I't t l shall be pl e-unipl i e evidence of
ilrivini; al a rale nf speed winch Is lint
careful ami prudent, but Is reckless, lo
Tell (Ift) I, libs per hour on the
streets spcoifiiil in 'Si.ii mil Twelve, as
t Ih- ' unci" led tbst rhi.
Twenty i I-'" i miles per hour upon
all streets within the linill.s nf the
(ilv nf Tulsa, iiinl without th" said
com;estcil de l rid I hereof.
I'!S) lii:i. further that in passing
anv slreet intt rseel ion, rrossmi; or
cross walk vviihin the limits of tho
lily of Tuba the rale nf speed for
illivlm; shall lint exceed ten miles per
hour when anv person or vehicle is
upnii said inlerseriiuii. rri'sslnir or
crnss walk with whom or with which
there s or iiiiiv be ibiiiuer nl cdllsinii,
and in no event shall such rate of
sliced al ,-i street intersection, rrosslm;
or cross walk cxt I fifteen (lal
miles per hour, and the dn''er of liny
motor vi hide when passim; any street
lilt ersei-1 Ion, crossim; or cross walk,
shall at all times have his machine
under control so lhat Ihe sumo may
be sloppetl ipnckly in case of emerir
ciiey. Sec. fis;. A person in ch.-iiye of any
Vehicle upon any slreet when ap
proachim; il street car which has
sloppetl nr Is about to stop for tin
pin pose of lakim; on or disohurijini'.
passeiiucrs, shall Mop or slow down
lo a ri'iisoiia bl" safe rale nf speed not.
I'M' Inn.- six miles per hour and shall
lint approach said street car rloso
inn neb to interfere with passctii.'"rs
bnardini; or It-avlni; said street car.
Sec. lib Any person win. shall vio
late any of the provisions of this Ord
inance shall upon roiiv id nm tliel f
be punished by a fine in any sum not
exceeding Jinn or by imprisonment In
lb. City jail nf the City of Tulsa for
im! more Hum ninety days, or by
both such fill" ami Imprisonment.
Storage Building
for Tulsa
Thin ware room ll located nt
No. 1 North Uuulder avenue, on
Frisco tracks and ! almoft fire
proof. The three tipper floor
are all roomed off and each
room has lock and key-t-for
household gooii. This gives
each customer a irlvate locked
room for their goons. We also
have the largu padded moving
vans and do moving and crat
ing. Id .'act we are mnklng the
hnndllng and storing of house
hold goods and pianos our spe
cialty, ''all at
Nichols Transfer & Storage
No. 1 North Boulder or Phone
NHW YORK, Aim. P. A dismal
echo of the revolutionary thunder in
China In the thud of dropping Chin
ese HecuritleH on tne mnrKets of I,on- j
don, 1'arlH uml New Yoflc. Smni)
shares have dropped to mnall ills- !
count levels, while othern arc merely!
I.eiiiB marked low for the salve uf,
caution. The opening of tho revolu- j
lion navn I.ondon quite a flurry last -vc"k
and the Holirsn in I'aris was i
similarly affected. New York ftcenis j
only mildly Interested for the reason
that Chinese securities havo hern ai
dead weight on the brokers' boohs
ever since l'r.'Hiddit Wilson withdrew'
administrative sanction of Americun
participation in the Five l'ower louti
of iafi,niMi.(i"l to China.
The London correspondent of Fi
nancial Anif-rlcn, the well known fi
nancial and commercial Journal nf thlH
city, rcpnrn that this Flvo l'ower
loan, which was such a spectacular
success when it was floated in May,
and which stood at a fair premium,
lias slumped to over 2 discount, Thi
correspondent believes, however, that
I the quotations for the various ( hln
esu bonds linvo been marked down
more as a matter of precaution rather
than because or any neuvy nuou o.
! st'lline.
Inventors Support I'rc-dilrnt Yuan.
Financial America's London cor
I respondent then touches on th pro
! gress uf thr revolution and refers a
' f,.llnu-a to Ihn iinislbilit v of l'resldent
Yuan Hhih Kal's overthrow:
"From the local viewpoint thin
w ould he a matter for the creit. st re
gret Home cables from 1'ekltiR suit
urst that the president may fall, be
cause If the rebels meet with further
success the northern paity may Judy,
that It Is not worth while tu allow
further bloodshed ir a settlement can
be effected by sacrlficim? tho p resi
dent. Such an argument is very pro
perlv condemned here, because tho
president, whatever his mistakes may
have been, Is the one stmnif and ri
puhln statesman who has been prov d
in China ut the present time, and his
elimination would presumably m :m
(ho elimination of his policy, from
which it recently seemed that law and
order were utmut to definitely crys
tal ize."
Kcvoliillon laiidiinacr-i l'ntiirc Loans.
The Financial Chronicle of New
York, makes tho following editorial
comment In its lssuo of Juno
"China Is only at tho hcKinnlng of
Its financial requirements, and the
new revolution, to which we refer In
Ki-eater detail In nnother column. Is
not only likely to prove a severe han
dicap In the pluclnif of additional
loans, but Is apt, too, to create some
decree of uneasiness anion i; present
holders of the Oriental republic's ob
ligations." In tlm Making of Mirrors.
A chemical action of the ultravio
let rays, applicable to the making of
mirrors, was recently demonstrated at
the I.rench Academy of Sciences. This
artlon consists In decomposing tas
c us metallic compounds and precip
itating the metal In finely divided
particles on glass to form a reflecting
surface. Hy this method It Is possible
to produce mirrors hacked by a re
flecting layor of zinc, antimony and
other non-precious metals. It Is said
hat the result compares favorably
with the silvered mirror. I'opular
Hound to Have His Jnho.
"Jukes about the slowness of trains
especially h"l" 111 the south," says an
; Atlanta railway man, also tire in.'
'a hit by their aiielentness but I heard j
' il new and i; I one not ImiK ago.
! "It seems that trains are always,
j slow iiinl far between mi a branch i
line In Mississippi. Nobody ktinvvs this
better tl.all till- people at til" JUII'-tloll,
except the I" "pi" on tho line Itself.
iiii.) day th" n"vvsd"iil"r ciium to me.
j grinning. '
"'A fellow from the other end of,
the linn Just sild a funny thing,' h" j
remarked, 'lb had nns"d his train
I n tul there w e n t another for two
i hours. II" cam') to my stall to buy ;
I some rending mutter to while away
tho time. II" asked for a jokebooh
'and I didn't have any. Then lie poked
'around for awhilo und said:
Well, I guess I'll take a time-
t.-iblo insMad. Judge.
Dr. Larl.tns, Osteopath, over Kress'g
It Would Seem So.
"What do you consider the most.
Important event In the history of
I'aris?" asked tho obsequious landlord
of the American tourist, who had
grown weary of distributing tips, "so
far lis financial prosperity Is con
cerned, I should say the discovery of
America was the making f this
i ompllllient.
He was an Irishman and he had
red hair ami broad shoulders. Moie
ovr. tine glance at him gave you the
Impression that, as a nifty Infb'bler
ill tin whisky gain", hu had hung up
a record far m pt i m: all h" a ii,-.. A
police ma n. laying a heavy hand on
one of tin) bit. ail should. -is. began lo
In.ak" ;i few -.-marks a I", at thr nc-ft-ssity
i f a journey lo Hie i"db e
"I ib, n't cure." sad th" Irishman,
"win th.-r yam laid me l,. f,,re that
1u,-e nr not. 11"'.-, all old fool. That's
all he Is."
"I'i you really think he's a. fool'.'"
asked the officer.
"I think he's a ft.,, I." replied (be
prisoner, "but I wouldn't lil" lo take
Hie thati'-n of his feeling that way
when t m get ni" belni' him "Tho
I'npular .Magazin.
" T'n siraiH-e," muttered n young
man, as he stargered home from a
supper party, "how evil comniutiica
tinim corrupt good manners. I've been
surrounded by t iiubbis all the even
ing, and now I'm a tumbler ins"lf."
Ali Heap for 'Jrnndma.
A certain little fellow loVrs) his j
grandmother dearly. The otlwr day, j
hearing her talk perhaps a bit mourn
fully, of growing old. th" child was,
much troubled. "Grandma." In- nikc i i
his baby arms around the beloved
neck, "when you get old will nunnnia
throw you out on the ash heap, like .
ha doea all our old thlugs7" 1
Machine Hint Moms Unities.
A glass bnttlo blowing machine In-1
vented In (Irrmany has a speed of
L',000 bottles an hoar, equal to tho
work of 200 expert lass blowers.
Whalebone Teeth
(twlrg t ,) Ha I.i rg. nuuiln'r of
pi'iipli; vv" have hrrn mail,!-.' ti
Willi nil VV) have th-rid d t'l r.Ul-
liiiue this spc ial olfer until Aug.
15 to m-'I.e "Hi- s ml s, Is i f
(whic h .li". t' i'tli f'.i I'1-"1 Th.-y
tile til" 1 1 le; lit . st illel s' i nm;. st
plain L.H'W n : il" let ' nv ! I he
lonf of th" laniilli. c.u bile corn
off tlm coi, gu.iiaiitee.l l'J years.
l ew I'ricc-. for liort 'I'lin. only
I ii ..f t.'dh !-Vn0
i;... Crown S". (10
!'a dec y ,,i k . i , r t .nth . . 5.VII0
I ,:,1 IV iiii. M.tKI up
Silver I'llllniTS 5(KJ
I ' ii ni 's .-.vi i'Iiih.1 "'U0
Hive imiue-sioii talieii in morn-,1:,-.
u't t.-.-th th" same day. Kk
.. ir I n 1 1 -."ii and .ulv lc.i fl ee. Here
to slay.
Hours S to 7 p. 111.; '-uiidin 0 to I p. 111.
I alld Alti lllhllit.
UU'i Main.
How lo Si Tlirougli I'lipcr. I
i.rv l-eliiii rkablt! I'Mie rl I) I" II t sheet. It:
which anv one can repeat with Very ! In and Im, and In v,. n saipri-,
little tr.tiii'le has been iiin-arthed bv a will find thai 1 " v ,,i i"i
ti. rmaii Take a piece of paper of ptint beb-w tin- pap' i.
sm h thickness that, when it Is laid H is la'lici iliii'nilt to . pl-.in 'In'
up. .11 .1 piece of printed mailer, the ! nl i ' dlet-t. The expl.ni itmn .1-
1, ,, i,.ii i,i.t .11,11' I inriii; 1. liut can l.-r-u is in u in. p ! 1 mm 1 -
1- inoi..n the put
i-l Mh
.very put of th- punted
ll.l l-i ei"'s ,1 Iii turn underneath
,.ir .1 tl th' i of Hi" thin places In
tic i- l-i. and thus th entire print
.-hi 1. 1. 1,1. However that may be
ih.- . xp.-rimciit i Interesting and very
imp!. . i-. imriiig for ils perforni'inca
c ll a cl -r S IIISI SHOW IIIOIllHll. OUI t ..11 ' i.-i'-t. 1- 1,1 n '" i- -i iii
nt be re.V. FUdnj; ll oyer i prmt.d iu it. aud by lajudly luxinB il ovn .cniy Ibe simi'bst means liimglnable.

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