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WASHINGTON, Sept. Id. -Lo-cal
ruins ''il rx-Miliiy ; Thursday
fair; llttlu change in tinipcrulure.
TI'I.SA, M.-.t. 10.- Maxim r.n
7ii; iiiliiliiiuiii 4 ; . m ' 1 1 . 1
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it Mi i.i.AMi) ttiuic associated i'i:i ss in pour.
VOL, IX. NO. 1
TULSA, OKLAHOMA, V K 1 X KK 1) A V, SKI'T. 17, 1 !1 :t
r i: I r i) i v c k n ts
m s-anasssssssB m The i i isi-r -h j i irr i i. ft i i r m ww m w
Says Strulned Jtniiillciiih W ith I lilted
Miili-s Ha Id'turJi il I'm ifltiuiloii
of Ills Country.
SlliXU'n CITY, Sept. 10. rruvlal
in il President Vlctoiiuno Hucrtu de
livered h!H Kellli-ullllUal IllCbHUgu tu-
ilgll! at tile Opening of tliO bCCUIIll
hi-hHlun of the twenty -seventh Mexi
can congress. In It he promised to
npure no effort! to bring about the
utii estiic ted election of u president of
the republic in-xl inonh.
Colonel Huertu attid the Hi ruined
diplomatic relations between Mexico
and the I'nltud States had cuused the
Mexican nation to suffer unmerited
ul Diction end had returded the pacifi
cation of the country. Nevertheless,
hi- hoped for nn eurly solution of the
(inference! between the two nations
anil to nee Mexico and the l ulled
Slates once more united In bonds of
Drew Sharp Distinction.
The provisional president drew a
distinction between the attitude of the
Mexican government toward the
I'titt'-d State and that of the people
of Hint na'lon, wiving:
"The ton o ness of our diplomatic re
lations with Hie government of the
Vnlled S'nlf if America, nlthoimh
lucidly not with that people," has put
M'xlco into a Mate of apprehcriHlon.,
The message wag disappointing 'o
many who had expected that Provisi
onal President Huerta would deal at
pome length with the recent diplo
matic exchanges. This subject, how
ever, he said, "being no delicate and
the permanent commission eon
press being already informed," he
passed with a bare mention. The dep
uties and senators in joint session
filled the floor of the chamber of
deputies. The balconies were packed,
the diplomatic gallery being filled
with foreign representatives and their
Was Much Choerliifr.
The silence which prevailed during
the reading of the presidential docu
ment by the clerk wag broken at In
tervals by prolonged cheering, In
which the congressmen were Joined
by the crowds in the galleries.
In his peroration Huerta said:
"The Mexican government regards
the pacification of the country as an
urgent necessity In order to restore
the public services to their normal
Mute, to re-establish the political, so
cial and economic equilibrium and to
make possible a program of reforms
which will satisfy the national aspl
rnlon. "I will spare no effort and no sac
ilflce to obtain the coveted peace and
to guarantee fully In the coming
elections the free casting of the bal
lols. Vou may be sure It will eon
Htitn'e the greatest possible triumph
for the interim government to sur
render office to its successor If the
laiter, as Is to he expected, enters
upon its functions wl'h public peace
and order nn accomplished fact."
Spent Money I'at.
Of the treasury funds, amounting
ai the hednnlng of the last fiscal year
to $27.t;no,ono, ji24.onn.noo, he said,
had been expended for th pacification
of the caun'ry. Oft he loan of $100,
fi no. 0 no, authorized In May, French
bankers took $30,000,000 at 90. Out
of this Speyor & Co. had been paid
VO.UOO.Oen, half of which was a loan
to the national treasury and half of
tie monetary commission.
For the nrmy (i.fiOO horses and 1, 300
rentes had been purchased. The na
tional cartridge fntory. he said, was
turning out 200.000 cartridges
Resides a great number of cannons,
machine guns, rifles, carbine! and
nmmunl'inn, the government han con
tracted abroad for ten aeroplanes,
seventy-seven armored automobiles,
fifty unarmored automobile and two
armored transports.
At the close of the reading of the
presidential message the session of
conercss was ndjourned until tomor
row. President Huerta's message. In part,
was as follows:
'lb-sides the fatrlcldal strife which
exhnuts us. the tenseness of our dip
lomatic relations with the govern
ment of the I'nlted States, although
luckily not with that people, hag put
us In a state of apprehension, has
mfide us suffer more than ono afflic
tion, which was not merited, and re
tarded the complete pacification of
the republic,
Hope for Peace.
"As this affair Is of go dellca'e a
rature and as the permanent commis
sion of congress has already been In
formed of the state of negotiations,
which as yet have not ben broken
off, I have only to Indicate that the
government hopes, with good grounds,
to e quickly solved the differences
which day bv day keep In suspense
that good friendship which of old
united, should unite us, to our power
ful civilized neighbor!.
"Fpon taking charge, by virtue of
the law, of the presidency of the re
public, comply-In with the established
Interna'lonnl practices. I communi
cated the fact of my having tnken
possession to all the foreign govern
ments with which Mexico cultivated,
relations of friendship. Of these
these hastened to answer by au'ograph
letter the following: Germany. Aus-trl-Hiipenry.
Belgium, Colombia,
Costa Klca. China, Denmark. Ecuador,
fpnfn, Fro ilea, Gnutmnla. Ha'ta. Hol
land. Honduras. Oreat Mrltaln, Italy,
Jnnan. Montenegro, Norway. Portu
gal, Russia. Bulvador, Fervla, Hwltr
erlnnd, Turkey and I'ruaguay.
"1 would call the atentlon of con
gress to the fact that in this list are
not found some of the small govern
ment! In Kurnpe, but this Is due to
the fact thar we hava no diplomatic
relstlons with them, or that their re-
(Continued on pugo 8.)
Kiipi-cmo Court NCnily lUml) In Hi"
hcliool Hook Coiilrovcry
OKLAHOMA CITY. oklu.. Hepl. 1.
(Special.)-' Chief Justlcif Hajes of
the oupivinc court announced Monday
morning thut the court hud not jet
reached u ducmlon in the text book
cum! which u prf-cntcd to It last
week. Thu chief Justice slated that
the decision will be uniiounced ut lu
o'clock next Monday morning Tim
court will hear no moru urgumciiiH
on case! after Monday, until next
Monday, thu cuhch Hit for Tuesday
und on the following da having
been postponed unlll next Monday,
on acocunt of the heavy docket dur
ing the pust week, which has occu
pied practically the entire tlmu of
the membera of the court, It has been
Impousihle for them to review the
brief! submitted lu the text book cum
and look up the authorities quoted
and referred to.
Dcx'kiucn HtrlUc In .SympuUiy.
TKXAH CITY, Tex. Sept. 10.
I'nder orders from I'roaidoiit O'Con
nor of the International l,ongiiliorii
men'g Ahmoi lution, 6uu dock Workers
In Texas City quit work, thl after
noon. The movement is purely In
sympathy with the longshoremen
strike at (lulveHton, as thoro are no
local grievances.
a. ii. itoVAii.Y ;ui:kti:i in
Tin: soi rii.
Men Wim Touiht Ijm'Ii Other Join
Hands In ColobruliiiK a IU
I'nited. Country.
CHATTANOOGA Tenn., Sept 16.
"Ono peopl, one nuton, one flag,"
was the slngun of a mass meeting
hero tonight at which delegates at
tending the forty-seventh annual en
campment of the Grand Army of the
Republic and allied organisations
were officially welcomed.
The speakers at the meeting In
cluded Commander in Chlof Albert
11. titers of the (. A. IX., ex-Henutor
Newell Handera of Chattanooga and
others. Governor I). V. Hopper of
Tennessee was scheduled to deliver
an address but ho wag unable to at
tend. In Introducing General Beers,
who presided at the meeting, ex-Senator
Sanders said:
"This meeting is the beginning of
a demonstration as to whether a na
tional encampment of the O. A. K,
can be held In the aouth. We are
here as southerners, as well as north
erners to show that between the
states of ihe union everlasting peace
Cheers greeted the commander in
chief when he declared "between
southern and northern states ever
lastng peace abides."
'I bellove," the speaker added,
"that this is going to be one of the
Kicalest and grandest encampments
in the history of the G. A. R.
"This gathering touches the hearts'
more than any other because the
union veterans feel the sympathy and
co-operaton of the confederate veter
ans. It is a privilege to note that
the confederates who were once
against us are now first and foremost
with us and both are hand, heart and
soul for the union."
General lieers read a communica
tion from Governor Hooper, express
ing regret at belli gunable to attend
the gathering.
The following extract from the
communication provoked applause.
"The enjoyment of the union sol
diers' visit will be greatly unhanced
by knowledge of the fact that the
confederate veterans are so actively
participating in our reception. They
are utmost us active in making you
comfortable as they were 50 years
ago In making you uncomfortable."
All of the speakers were enthusi
astic over the "evidence of co-operation
and friendship displayed by the
northern and southern veterans and
the sons and daughters of both."
Jury Fxoucrates Dlggs und Ills At
torney of Charge of lvrjurvd
Maury I. iJigna, formerly slate archi
tect, and Attorney Charles B. Harris,
of Kucraniento, were found not guilty
by a Jury lu the United States dis
trict court today of subordination of
perjury In connection with the Dlggs
Camlnettl w hite slave cases. The Jury
was out an hour and thirty minutes.
None of its members would discuss
the verdict.
Neither defendant attempted to
conceal his elation when thu Judg
ment was read.
Today's acquittal closes the scrle!
of cases resulting from the elope
ment from Sacramento to Keno, Nev.,
of Maury J. i'iggs, V. Drew Camln
ettl, Marsha Warrington and Lola
Norris, with the resultant arrest ol
Hlggs and Camlnettl, and their con
viction of violation of th Mann whits
slave act. The government alleged in
this case thut Harris and Dlggs mads
an attempt to influence Miss Warring
ton to tell a story about the afTaif
that would exonerate the two men.
Lnggs and Camlnettl will be sen
tenced tomorrow by Judge Van Fleet
for violation of the Mann act. Mo
tions for new trials will he made and
in the event of their denial by th
court, appeals will lie taken.
Suffragist Convention OctolK-r 1.
OKLAHOMA CITY, 0kla.. Sept. 16.
(Special ) A call has ben Isnued
for the annual state meeting of the
Oklahoma Woman Suffrage assoca
tion to be held n this city October 1.
At this meeting, In which officers will
be elected. It la the Intention to se
lect the mfrnm both the political
parties. Mrs. Cora Ootchy, well
known In club work over the state,
will be one of the candidates for ths
presidency of the association.
1111 If CO III
ltl MMIKiX I '(lit VKltS
Oi' lU LtY,
Crowd, Cheered I bo I'ugiilvo When
Jii(lj..c Siirttainod lilt lluhcas
CoipiiN Writ.
l.lTTI.FTON, N. 1... Kept. Hi.
Compel for Harry Kendall Thaw to
day laid the foundation for plans to
curry his case to the supereme court
of the United Htates Ii such a step
la found necessary.
When the governor of New Hamp
shire pusses on the mutter of the ex
tradition of Thaw t.i New York ut
the hearing to be helit September 211,
the findings. If adverse to Thuw, will
be reviewed by the Cnlted States dis
trict court and. should a decision
against him then be rendered, suc
oesslve appeals will be taken until the
case reaches the highest court In the
lu 11 J.
Wou tiivut ictory.
Tills Was the announcement made
by thu Thaw luwyers tonight, after
the most notable court victory for
the fugitive, either In Canada or thu
I'nlted Htutos, since his oscape from
Mattcawan asylum for thu criminal
insane. It was made after a hearing
on a federal writ -of habeas corpus,
obtained In Thaw's behalf and invok
ing the fourteenth amendment to the
constitution, had been Indefinitely
suspended until such tlmo as coi-,.--M
saw fit to begin arguments afte- i.,c
extradition matter had lien decluca
by the governor.
Kdgar Aldrieh, 1 1. S. Judge for the
district of New Hampshire, In de
ciding that Thaw had the right, ill
effect, to hold his ha i n.s cori :.s writ
in abeyance, explained in his rescript
thut this was the petitioner's privilege
In that should he be ordered extra
dited, "it would still be open to fed
erul authority to afford such protec
tion as the constitution and the laws
of the I'nlted States require."
Thaw's Jubilant counsel, headed by
Moses Grossman and L. J. Vorhatis,
departed for Now York, leaving their
client in the Joint custody of the
Cnited States mar.ihul and Sheriff
Drew of Coos county, nto to return
until the hearing before the governor
Is. called. The head of the New York
Rtate forces, Jerome and Deputy At
torney General Kennedy and Sheriff
Hornbeck of Dutchess county, also
left tonight. They will come back for
the hearing Tuesday.
Thaw Is Jubilant.
Thuw, according to the understand
ing reached, will be taken to Concord
In the morning. He was quartered ut
Thayer's hotel tonight, feeling fine
and predicting that the gates of Mat
teuwan would never close behind him
Mr. Jerome had little or nothing to
say. "Thaw ts tied up now1 with a
federal writ," he said, "and there Is
no getting around it. Hut the ques
tions to be decided by the governor
are srimple and we hope for vic
tory." Concluding his rescript today Judge
Aldrieh engaged Mr. Jerome In In
formal colloquy as regards Thaw's
slat im as un insane man or a crim
inal. It was perhaps the most Inter
esting part of the brief court pro
ceedings. "The novelty of the situation," said
the court, "as evervbody must see,
results from the fact that Thaw was
held in an institution in New York
as un Insane person und the offense
or crime upon which it is sought to
have him extradited consists, accord
ing to their own account of It, in his
escape from the Institution. Now,
whether the state of New York, hold
ing a person us an Insane person, Is
in a position to set up his escape as
a crime within the meaning of the
federal constitution and of the state
authorities, is a question. If you have
found anything In the books, Mr. Je
rome on that question, you have done
better than I have. It seems to mo
that It Involves a novel proposition."
Jerome: "I understand It to be the
rule us laid down In the Cxolgosx caso
and the Guiteau case, thnt if a person
knew the nature and quality of the
act and that it was wrong. It did not
matter whether he was sune or not. '
The court: "There results the nov.
elty. You soemed to assume at tho
outset the questions were entirely
clear. I don't think they are."
Jerome: "t think on the argument
I will be able to show to your honor
decisions of the federal courts In ex
tradition that tho door is closed to
your honor'! Investigation of these
The court: "If you stand on the po
sition that extradition is Justified,
provided Thaw was of atifflclent mind
to commit a criminal act at the time
he escaped from Matteawan, you put
a qualification upon our proposition
at once. Now, where is that question
of mental condition wlifiln the moan
ing and scope of the extradition law
to he determined In New York or
In New Hampshire? When one sov
ereign stute ask! another aovereign
state forcibly to seize a man and carry
him across the line to another Ju
risdiction, is any question closed?"
Jerome: "We think that all that
will be open for your honor'! Inves
tigation will be: 'Is ne charged with
a crime? Wai he In the state ut the
lime of the commission of the crime
and now found here and Is he the
person mentioned?' "
The court: "I think that you are
perfectly correct in thut proposition
us a general one, but when one Is
oharged with a crimlnul act and that
a' t is solely grounded in the escape
from a warrant which holds him In
an insane asylum, have you case
which hold that he should be extra
dited as a criminal?"
Jerome: "We have cases which
hold as you have In Ihe federal Ju
risdiction that an Insane man Is held
to criminal responsibility."
The court: There is really no ques
tion for further discussion. But I
will say that counsel on both sld
ling elupM'd since ihe date on
wliicli the city iidiiilulslraliou, a
month pre1oiihl dctiiiln-ly prom
ised (hut It would liiriiisli an am
ple supply of pore drinking water
through (lie cllv water mains ami
(lie promise luta not yet hivn im
plied. littler exumlnu cases wbi'h involwi
Indictments and the I Mai-, ol isnin s of
mental capacity an. I sec how far they
upply to Klmilur quuM ions involved in
i extradition proceeding wlieie one
I slate is asking uii"ihtT lo cxmicLsh lis
authority for removal lo another Ju
risdiction." I'm i' the first time niiicc his relurn
to Ihe I'nlted States, Thuw was olicn
ly cheered toduv Ai living eully
from I'olehrook, near where lie was
urresled lust weeK cut hiisijstlc and
b mpathcthi crow Is greeted him ut
thu slulioii and ,i 1 1 h des ended to
Main street ufur Ills court victory
und was taken to Ins hotel for dlnil'T,
hurrahs greeted nuc ns he passed.
Throughout thi ai'l: .iieni motor
ears blocked tho -or-els ciitude ire
courthouse and h.i li iJ.i ef pe l s
triuns crowdel '.In- m .lew ilk.
During the earli put of Ihe inurl
proceedings, Thuw avoided Ihn eyes
of Jerome, but when he miw I hut his
old enemy wag not pier-uug Ihe at
tack he had out'lio-.l - ih a' the w ilt
had not been obt-i -ied In i d f n't n.
but as a means of dubo- h i r.ib'i d
his eyeg io the fi" r .lei.u ij, and
when the hitter fuilel tj put in tvl
dence on airtduvii .f a I.? .simper
writer to support that cor.t jutteti that
tho Thuw lawyers were merely spur
ring for time, the l'uu.tive i.ingind
outright, '.lie only liv.vei lemaiii.ng
with hi mtoniglil was ex-Governor
William S'.on-J of i'eunsylv uma
MOKIi (ItlMliS (IIAIti.ll) TO
Police lhvlure Alleged Prhwt Is
Hardened Criiiiiuul nnil Is Only
I 'cloning lii-iiniiy.
NEW YOllK, Sepi. Id. The dis.-ov.
cry of a counterfeiters' den which
Hans Schmidt, priest und confessed
t'ayer of Anna Aiuullcr, toduy admit
ted was fitted up by him to make
spurious money, b d tho detectives,
Coroner Ftinburg and other visitors to
Ills cell In the tombs to express the
opinion that Schmidt Is sane und that
further Investigattijj will develop that
counterfeiting was only one of his
"side lines." They declared It as their
belief that he is feigning Insanity aft
er carefully thought out plans of a
master criminal mind.
To the Kev. Father Kvers, chupluln
of tho Tombs prison, to bis attornny
and to other callers Schmidt admit
ted his connection with the flat In
Wst 184th street, whore deter tives
found bundles of Imitation $10 gold
c rtlfleafeg.
Dcfeuled I'odiTal Officers.
Dr. Finest Arthur Muret, ihe den
tist arrested last night after the raid
on the countei f.-liers' flat, foduy wu
held In t. 000 hull for hearing on he
charge of having in his possession a
revelover In violation of a state law
Through his knowledge of the law
Muret forestalled ihe plans of the fed
eral secret service agents waiting to
arrest loin on a warant charging
count er fei ' inir . Ily waiving prelimi
nary exeaniination for tho time being
at least he escaped Ihe more serious
Hertha 7"eh. the servant girl em
ployed hv Mr Muret and tnken to po
Itce hi nd-iunri. r with him l ist night,
was released, the detectives telling the
court thev hai' no evidence on which
she could be In Id. Dr. Muret, the
search of his office disclosed, has
been studvlng bvv throorh a Chicago
correspondence school. Many law
books and forms of study from the
Heboid were found.
William l-'hnii. chief of the secret
service, loilav announced that he had
temporarily taken chnrge of the gov
ernment's end of the case and would
work with Ihe New York police in
tracing the operation of Schmidt as
a roonterfel er and also the connec
tion Muret mlt-ht have hsd with ths
fake money plant. Chief Flynn Is
working on clues furnished by the
tissslng of much counterfeit money in
Mussiohnsctn and Connecticut In
April. 101?. snd subsequently. Ijis'
month. It was learned, the form of
the counterfeit had been Bllghtly
n Itered
Inspector Fstirot. head of the detec
tive huresii, reltera'ed tonight his be
lief that Muret and Schmidt are rel
ative, If not brother. Dr. Muret
told the Inspector the resemblance
was merelv a coincidence,
"I firmly believe," Inspector Fauro'
snld. "that before long the truth Is
bound to com out It will b shown
these two men are more, than friends,
that they are ktn."
lphotme J Koelbl. Hehmld' ! at
torney, after a conference with the
prisoner toduv, declared he was more
Cimly convinced than ever of his In
sanity." To Father Fvet. Schmidt is quoted
ns saving that "Ood rave me the
plates." and In reply to a ones Ion by
the chaplain ns to why he had become
a counterfeiter, the prisoner replied'
"There ar so many poor people In
ths world. There are o many peo
ple who are s!. k and who sis in dire
need that 1 wa going to help them
was going to belter their condition
Half of the money I was going to de
vote to bettering the condition of the
peoule of Ihe T nl'ed Sta'c. the other
In, If wa to be devoted to bettering th
eoiiditioti of the people of Germany."
Foreigners fan Corrj Arms.
WASHINGTON. Sept. 10 The. eon
slltutloiialliits ill Honors have revok
ed the decree which forbade Amer
icans and other foreigners to arm
themselves for self-defense. Consul
Slmpii h today reported from Nogah a
that the consul at Heniosilh, had un
titled him of a new constitutionalist
deiree under hi h all foreigner, a
well a natie. who convince the au
thorities that (hey need arms, will be
permitted to retain them after prop
er relgstrstlon.
NO M il I Ml VI I HUM ol I It IXI.S
AHOI T M l It si l l ATION
OltlAIN HI. I..
Sir) Ucr pew Not Ho) Water, Hut Ills
lanpo)cs Do It for Uei
t oloui-l.
At a conferoino of clt) oihiials
uud cil i.iii.s a month ago, W tier Mi -I'cnntcnili
ill H. ill. nd M.ileil thai It
would 1. 1 lot thill) data lo i.iiiip'vio
the big new well which lliu illy unl
under way at thai tlmu and upon
Uial ashiiiiinco lliu World umnoim "J
thul It would leti.ua lioui i u y :nl
tiler dlsi tliiSlou li I lliu Muli r qucntloli
until thu month had chipset. 'I lie
time was up day before .veslerduy,
hut lu ut .1.1 to make Ihe. full ex
tension possible, (he World allowed
one liny CAiia. When Superintendent
llulluid was usked for over tue phone
ut Ills olllcu yesterday al'l. i noon thu
announcement was made (but he was
out at thu wulur laut, Iuim with his
duties uud when ( 'ouiiuls) toiler Col
ley was culled for. It was announc
ed that he. too, w.s ut lliu plant. J'o
tho query it (he new wll wug com
pleted lliu annuel wan at flint given
that it was not, but Uila was lioiiio
dlutely collected by the statement
that ml oi minion upon t his soiiaiet
"must bo gotten direct from Super
intendent lfulhud "
From ui. unollblal source, the
World lias been udvlaed that tb To
has been some trouble lu lii-eaUlu'
thu new pump, but thut thu well Ih
completed and has been fully tested
developing as much wulur us was jii
tlclpatcd. Just wliut the troublu la
could not bo ascertained, hut on an
Invitation from Mayor Wooden u rep
resentative of thu World will somo
tlmu today make a trip of Inspection
to the wells und water plant and from
tills tlmu foi waul will undertake to
keep the public fully advised as 'o
the situation. There appears lo be.
considerable Improvement 1 n the
qtiulity of tho water recently, but
whether tills is due to a sufficient
supply from the wells or tho low
stagu of tho Arkansas river hag not
been stated.
No one so fur has reported to the
World thut they ure uslnt; t tie city
water for drinking purposes, except
Colonel Striker, who made the state
ment In Hie meeting in the city hull
a month Hgo thut he was not buying
water for the employes of tho Even
ing Democrat, giving the inference
thut they wero using City water. At
the time, tho World felt disposed to
question tho veracity und correctness
of tho slutemeiit, but It baa since
learned that Colonel Mrykor spoke
tho exact truth. lie was not "buy
ing" water for bis employes but tho
printers In the Democrat chapel col
lect a monthly assessment from Us
members for that purpose. Tho
World therefore apologizes for tho
reflection which It felt, but did not
express, concerning Colonel Striker's
From this lime forward, the World
Invites i nvone In the city who is aide
to use the city water to make known
tho fad through Its columns, so as to
aid tho city in correcting uny erron
eous Impression or false theories
about Ihe supply it la furnishing its
patrons It Is estimated that over 30
per cont of tho citizens of Tulsa lire
getting their drlrktng water from
wells on their private premises or
from some neighbor, which may ac
count for the small amount of sop-
port the Worm lias noon r-
In Its campaign for an ample supply
of pure drinking water.
I rami t hares Next in ConlcM Over
l ust Oklahoma City
; tlon.
OKLAHOMA CITY, Oklu.. Sept. 16.
(Special.) The recount of the votes
cast in the last city election for J. T.
Ilighley and O. A. MKscher for com
missioner of public safety, as com
plied and agreed to by attorneys for
both sldi'H Tuesday morning, showed
Hlghley In the lead with 87 votes over
Mltscher. Hlghley received a total
vote of 2.404, or 18 less than the vote
number by which he was declared
(lected Inst spring and Mltscher re
ceived 2.42?. or 15 less than that
which he was given by the official im
mediately after the election.
With the recount completed, intro
duction of testimony and evidence for
th purpose of showing faud and Il
legal voting was scheduled to start
at 1.30 Tuesday afternoon. At
Mltscher's request about 100 wlt
nee have been summoned to testify,
a large number of whom are hotel
and rooming house keepers. From
these, It Is said. Mltscher hopes to
I rove that many voters In the election,
who wero guests of tho hotels, were
not entitled to vote at tho time.
Mltscher claimed originally that anout
MJQ lllecal votes were cast. Among
the witnesses summoned were mem
bers of the county election bourd,
Judge nd Inspectors and o'her elec
tion officials.
Final decision from Judge Cl.uk Is
not expected for a few days
Three- Year-Old Child Is Cm-died
bv WheWs.
MOI'NTAIN PAUK, Okl.i , Sept. li.
(Speclul.) Returning from town,
where the father had sold a wagon
l.-Hii of e0 ton, the :i-var-old son of
Itov Harrison fell under the wheel
and wa crushed to death. The front
Wheel of the WflKOll passed liver Ids,
l ead and body. Harrison's two i hit- j
o.eil i i " riiii'm "ii vile uimi
their father. The front gate of the
wagon fell out and the children fell,
one of them eat hing on the single
flee and the other going down be
neath the wheels.
Two Aulonioblle l oad., ! V li.i ::;e
Mints in a ( iMwip-d Down I'mci
Now oi U sins-t.
M.W Yi 'Ul. Sol hi - ilunincii.
N.lld lv tile p.'ilee lo be loclllliilH ol
rival uincs. w Iiomi- .otivnv m Ihe
pi l in. i IV el,-, l ioii today led I o Ihe I c
llewal of .III old lend, eligUCeil III II
H'ViilVel din I While Scale I 111 two III!
toiuobilcs si.iinlii.K - ii I ppor He I
way Jii.-t as a inall'V fhealie luilinee
crowd hw ii inieil nto the street.
The utlaeivlny perly of seven, after
tiring on three men In the oth--r c.ti
hull' a block awav. and being shot at
in return aAi-mpted to s I .mm,
but were overt. liven by a In officer
in a taxlciib. Three on Jumped
from the car and souped mr. In
1 1 1 1 1 1 1 it the chauffeur, we rrcHieil
und locked up charg.-il wth einiteif
felonoiis as..-uill und viola' of the
concealed weapon law. t i ittonipt
was made to capture the t bur of
the besieged party. So fa L i could
be learned none of tho gu 11 were
According to the poh. c, shoot
ing was an outcome of tl irlinary
light in the llfteeiith ii.w ly dis
trict. They say thu lour I i under
mi rest are members of tin 'L nek Sl
itocoo gang," and that ihey openod
lire on members of the "Hudson Dus
ters" and tlx; "Hose gang."
Mi 'sfiliD SANE
iMi:i'i.Mi;ti: day is cfi.i:-
lilt A l l I) IV Oi l) M FX ICO.
riioii-niiils I'aradi'd the Streets and
I'nld Homage to Provisional
President Huerta.
V FX ICO CITY. Sept. Hi. In spite
of (lie rumors which d-alt Impartially
wbh attacks upon Americans, an army
uprising and the assassination of tho
president, Independence day came and
went with inching to mar tho holiday
I'olltlc.-illy the great event was the
reopening of (ongrcsa and the read
ing of the president's message. Hut
w ithout doubt I lento ui Huiirta was
moved less by thut than by the spec
tacle of thousands of students, cl l
i.iih and soldiers doing lilm honor as
he stood on the balcony of tho na
tional puluce reviewing the great pa
rade, the feuture In which publlo in
terest centered. More than 4,000 vol
unteers and students, ranging in age
from 12 vears up, had their taste of
militia discomfort, standing for hour
In a drizzling rain und plodding
hrough muddy streets.
Were I ndaunled.
They bore hardships manfully,
however, marching proudly between
immense lines of onlookers, whom the
rain failed to daunt, through the prin
cipal streets, past the palace and to
varloug points where they disbanded.
It Is es line tod that close to 10.000
marchers participated In the review.
They Included 1,000 of "fUnnquet's
Veterans," who did hard service In
Ihe 7-upsta country, regulars and vol
unteers, cavalry and Infantry, rurales,
mounted and foot police, artillery, m
deta and hospi'al corps. Next to tfte
students and volunteers, who received
Ihe most enthusiastic applause, were
several ambulance automobiles, filled
with whit gowned young women of
Ihe Med Cross hospital f!ld service.
Along the line of march balconies,
housetops and pvemn's were crowd
ed, the nlr was filled with flowers and
confetti was showered upon those who
inarched. At each end of Snn Fran
i inch nvi'tiue, the principal business
thoroughfare, triumphal arches had
been erected and added to the gen-
ra.l dcoorHtive. effect of the banners
hung from light pos's and window
and the flutes of various nations cov
ering the store fronts
President Huerta and his aides, rid
ing through the streets after the con
clusion nf the early ceremonies at
Cbapiiltopco, were greeted with wild
applause. The president's greatest
triumph appeared to me at hlg re
ception at the Joint session of depu
ties and senators when he entered to
reed bis message. He was greeted
with vivas, both by the crowd sur
rounding the chamber and that which
willed the hall. Six o'clock was tho
hour set for the formal opening of
the session and a presidential salute
of twenty-one guns was fired. Prompt
to the minute, the executive mounted
Ihe stop of the building, stopping
only an Instant nt the doors to how
his acknowledgment.
The eltv was ablaze with Incandes
cent lights tonight. All public bulH
Ings were profusely decorated. t"n
tll midnight the thoroughfares pre
sented the appearance of New Year's
eve In the cities of the I'nlted States.
Crowds filled the sorola In front of
the national palace, while crowds
undered about the streets, tooting
horns and making the most of the ex
piring holiday.
(i. A. It. Drum Corp Leaves.
OKI-AHn.MA CITY, oklu., Sept, 16.
Tho O. A. H. Drum Corps of this
city, with SO members of the (J. A.
H. Post are attending the soldiers rt
union ut Chattanooga. Tenn., this
week. This drum corps, composed of
William Clapper, M. S. Dutton, War
ren Cox I.. K. oaieihotit and Cut
rlght, all of whom wr" drummers
during the civil war, have the dis
tinction of being the beet drum corps
lu the I lilted States. Thev have fur
nished inusio nt all of the principal
reunlotis In the country and their ser
vices ar always in demand. They
have been engaged for the reunion
at Chat'a: ga and will remain
throughout the 10 davs' session.
l ire Destroys Fntlre libs k.
AVKHTHoKK, Texas. Sept. IS--Fire,
which burned onclu.-ke.i through ttie
lack of fire lre fulHiog apparatus,
unlit the entire ttloclc u m .lejf-,,v.l
caused a loss if JKiOnja ,, husl
ness properly .ere today.
The alarm was given by Ihe night
operator at :ho toionh one ex- iii-ng",
when she was aroused bv a p i M.-U nt
bulni;. after Ih." Pro uud burned the
reieiver off its hook in one of the
stores destroyed. '1 liu origin tf the
tiro Is uiikuow j.
03 m a m
ON MIC Ol lili AM.I 1.1 s I IMI S
Kl ( FIX I..S A p.OMIl IN His
M Ml..
(Mis Suv, H Ma, ".same old Croud.'
llul Police lleliee Mexicans
Wero Kc-poii-dhlc.
I.i iS ANiiKI.KS Cal,
Oeiieral llarrlsan Or.iy
Sept. IU.-
ii is, owner
ol the I, os Angeles I liio-s received
an Infernal machine I mail toiiiy.
It w.is the second tune within tin )
years that Oaneral i ills' Iilo hi.-- I.o-ii
attempted by a bomb.
Any chunoo of his being killed or
injured by the bomb was foiled by
thu watchfulness of (ieneral Otis'
.I.i i;iiihoi! Servant, w ho became sus
picious of the package and called his
em ployer'a utlenlion to It.
The firm Infernal machine sent to
(bneral Otis was found at Ills resi
dence a few hours after hlg newspap
er plant had been destroyed through
the efforts of the McN.uniira conspir
ators. The attempt on Ills life today wis
attributed by the general lo ugencb-s
friendly to those whose conspiracy
ended In the destruction nf the Times
building and the killing of 21 men
three year ago.
The police und postal authorities,
however, believe thut the Mexican
question possibly had a part In It,
llloiiie the Mexicans.
Oenernl Otis 1 largely Interested
In lands In the Mexican territory of
Lower California, where two years
ago Industrial Workers of the World
Joined tho "direct action" element of
Mexican in un eriort to establish a
soi.'iullst encampment.
A few weeks ago there was an out
break caused, according to report, by
the employment of Chinese in the
places of .Mexican laborers by ranch
era In Dower California. (Jener-tl
Otis asserted nt the time thut none
were employed by him.
The bomb readied the "lllvouuc,"
(eneral (ills' home at It o'clock this
morning. it was contained in a,
small package five Inches long, three.
Inches wide and two Inches uuep,
wrapped in brown paper.
With other mall, it wag given by
the pi-si intin to the Jupaneso servant.
He removed the wrapping paper bu
rn r taking It to General Otis and told
the gen ..'nil that te thought there
was something suspicious ubout the
Looked Suspicious.
"I poo hoood the Idea at first.'
said General Otis "hut examined the
box: carefully. I could see parts
matches end Mack powder. I hud
the boy leirove the thing und asked
the police department to send a man
to my house
"Captain Feltz, a powder sstpert,
took the machine to a field near the
river und pried open tho box. He
found the mutches tlxod to the in
side o fthe covet in such a way that
If It w-ito opened they would have
rubbed lg-t'usr pieces of sand taper
and Ignlt-jd euius louse black powder
which would have Hied a scrap of
fuse set ingitnlus and deadly. The
dynamite when tested, exploded.
tearing a great holo In the earth.
Same Old (.ling.
Getier.il Otis had a "surmise only'
concerning tho bomb ,
"That surmise," he said, "is that
It was sent by tho devils who want
ed to blowup the Times and me.
They may bo the same old gang or
segments of the some old gang with
lliu same old animosity."
Chief of Police Sebastian is in
clined to the theory thai tho bomb
hud been sent by some persons vlo
lentl yopposed to Oi neral Otis' news
paper policy regarding the Iluertu
administration lu Mexico. Mexican
residents of Los Angeles celebrated
today the 103rd annual anniversary
of Mexican Independence. Partisan
ship ran high, a -cording to Sebu.
tulu. "It Is possible," he said, "that soti.e
of the disgruntled Mexicans sought lo
kill the newspaper man whom thuy
believed to lie supporting Huerta."
General Otis, who was a close
friend of former President Forflrlo
LMaz of Mexico, owns much land In
the southern republic. He. Is largely
Interested In the California and Mcxl.
can Hunch and Cutt!. company.,
which owns large tracts in Lower
Pim-n Not Know When He Will lletnru
to Ills Country.
niAKIUTZ. France. S-pt. 1;. Gen
eral Felix Diaz, who Is o be a can
didate for the presidency of Mexico
at. the next election, Slid today he did
not know when he woo d uve for
tho Mexican eupltal. but that In re.
sponso to instru- Ions from Mexico ha
would return to Par's '-'rl lay to ,iw.ut
farther Instruction.
General Diaz dn-ilned to make any
statement reg-'-dmg McMcan lff.iin.
f which h wis CKni-'unt only
throuwh -h" newspapers Nor would
h express an opinion, ns he desired
o hold ''.ituroif at the disposition of
his government
General Potflrin Pin, the er prci.
dent, received at his villa tort.iv nntiV
friends who had come to congratu
late ht ii. on the occasion of his birth
day. I'tl-i'o !' Mo or Cars.
CLINT' Y 'k!a.. Sept. lii. -(Sue.
cial i- Motor car service has been in.
Hil!"il bv the Frisco between here n et
Vernon. T- x is and trains 674 unJ
-7 5, previously pulb d hv engines,
are now carried 'hrough with the r.evy
motor car. Tho service is ni-r -.ir-Isfactorv
than heretofore. ip,l rnu- h
befer time can he n.a le than ni'tl
the h.-avy steam engines. Hrsides the
pawnger car. which his all the cen
venlences for whiles and blacks, thcrt
aro bag.ige and mail curs.

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