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Tulsa daily world. [volume] (Tulsa, Indian Territory [Okla.]) 1905-1919, October 07, 1913, MORNING EDITION, Image 3

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the rnr.s.v daily would. ti-kkdav
i: i: i:
1 ! i
El. W.
MMI'I.V mi.; M l. i I K
.S M l Ill 's K.
Many IVi-snn Isiicd I'niks Siiinlay
1 it Tn or 'I'll -! Wisks JVciiii
(ii Will !! Itipe.
I'i 1 1 1 tlii' way i Mil SnI has 1 1 n
perking down on tins part nf iiklahn
ma for l In- i:ist few days, it begins
to lunk like tin weather in. in has
turned sorrowful over having visited
U l'l)'.lpl (if Weeks nf illllln.lt Winter
Weather nil "llir.se digglll's" last
Follow lug I In' extremely hard rain
(if last .Sal unlay , 1 1 . skies cleared ti)
tln'lr usual Oklahoma hhieiiess niiil
(lie 1 14 1 hi of real spring weather be
gun to ooze all over I Ik- laic nf na
tui'i'. Yesterday mill Su in l.i were
Iwd (if Ilic limit delightful day.s any
i;oi: m i l's i in 1 1 s mi.
t.vvs i:i(.i iifutii,
SI' J C i:N I .'I'll AM) ( TIVITV.
It is useless, dangerous and uunc
ri'HHary to lie tortured with the dig
ging, twisting ialii.H nf liaekaelie ol'
uull cr disagreeable kidnc) ;iiid blad
ilcr disorders when Croxone is guar
Hiiteed tu 1 1 r 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 uinl surely relieve
ull ."iicli misery.
Cmxonc masters tliese troubles be
cause it (iiiielily real ties Hie cause (if
the disease. It soaks right into the
stopped up, Inarlive kidneys, through
the ineniliraiies mid linings; cleans
nut the !lltie filtering glands, neutral
izes and dissolves the poisonous uric
Held and is-.ul.cM the kidneys liltcr
Ului sill from the Mooil (he waste and
poisonous inaltcr lli.it clog the system
and cause such trouble.
It docs not mailer whether you
liac liul slight symptoms or a chroii
c, aggravated rn', it is practically
iinpossll.le to take I'lox.uic without
I emits.
All oricilial pad. am- of CrnXnne
costs lull a trifle, uinl all druggist
are a in hnri'cd to return the purchase
piiic if you are not entirely satislicil
the very 1 ir.it time yuii use ii .
Tlie Texan WinuK-r fliri-s kiliirv mnl Vail
dcr IroiiliIrR, (1 1 siol en Kravi'l, .-ur.-ii (ha-lii-ti-K.
wt'.ili ii"d l ime lac ks, i In1 n in. -ill mii iiicl
all triTunlin ilii s nf
kidneys uinl lillnlili-r
1.. I ,, if U..1.I l.V
jinn (Iiiii,hKi. uill In1 si'iit liy miiil i,n rn
reilit (if $1 CO One small luitlli- in two
imumiIih' treatini-iit uinl M'l'l'iin faii In -ir
Jci t h rare S,n-1 f,,r li-tCiimmi.-iU fr.-m thl
urn) (illier Hlal.-s. Ilr. K. W Hull. 20211
Olive st i-e.'t. .St. LiilliB, Atn Solil liy drug
fists Adv.
IJefHiirini; kIiis-.cs, should he dure
they urn xettiiiB a i oi re( t fit. Dy not
bit mi any nnu expi riment on your
ye. I have I. ecu fitting the most
riiftlciilt eases ,'or the last 21 years.
1 M-ind my own lenses, so J am mire
they will he correct. .No drops or
ilriiKS used in testuiK. Consultation
free J'lione 3473. ( Mlico 40S .South
I-:. S. .Shi, ye lias purchased the
A. S. Unpins Sluicing .Shoi,
coiner 1 "iist and lietroit. IIuk
Klns will slill he on the Job.
Your patronage will bo appre
Removr-i Tin. rim
plri, Hrrcklc,
Moth I'uti hfs Huti
I anl Skin Ihik-bips.
and every blpmnh
on beauty, and de
fiet deteolion. It
faat'tnod tlirtet of
t6 mm, and it o
harmless we tmte
It to le finre ft la
properly mle Ac
cept No counterfeit
: fee-:- n jza
r- w . wm , ,r v i'm
of ftitmlitr name.
Dr. 1,. A. Karre said to liidy of the hautton
I a pnhent); ' A ymi ladies will ue them. I re
; roniiuend 'Gtaraui tCrtiM'as the least hnnnful
f.ill the Akin pretentions." At druggist
nd Ii 'p-iriiiunt hture.
I ird. T. Hopkins & San, Prop 37 Cnat Janes SUlT.t
jy 1 - .
(!): "It In i wl pre.-iutlun ncint
f""r liolel in ilcllilte hoifrjr to Jnrnr
.thr hliom bc( uttlic them on.'- Mny
nmplo irinklc tin- fiinoiii antlariitir n.w
nor, Allc"' I'nnt Ko, Intu tho lmo, and
find llait it rnuro oot ton tlmos or
in ki--lMi. h il'n from hnmorr wol ai
riioi'in unit ruiic(iiofit auiartliif
ud ai-lniig ut the t?9i.
I'lle rlrf ex pel il'IK ill 111 tills '.III nf
I lie ( ii.i ill ry,
.M ,u i- ja i in i,i,il, : i 1 1 .i mil 11, 1 i
(lit- ccniuy nil H, mil, iv It,. hi liny Ii.ivi-
I ..i,i-i- I li.' I, l . a 1, 1 1..; nf I, hi .-. .Hi,'. Ni'l
.1 few nl 1 In-Ill Well- 1,1,1 eh -,,,,!, Ii r
fill' I'd .1 II Klul I - In In i.-.t, I ,1 I H ,,
ni tin,, weeks h , an , ,a .,iii : h.
lii mi w :l .-u v lip- I, i .i in m - mi-
c.i . il I Ii.i ll a I M ,---i l,l . A , w ) , , .iiii
,,ri- ii r . j 1 1 1 1 1 1 , imi i' wiii i . 1 1 , ,ii
lci.il a 1 1 1 1 , 1 1 - ,i mil,. I ,. ..I, it,. 1 1
1 1 1 1 ( -1 will 1 1 1 , , , l I Im 1. 1 II
lilll II Was In .".111 I ll,. 1 ,, 1, nf
M nl an, I tin' ,i',i -. ii i ii,--s nl ilii'
V at h ,-f I h.,l ik nf Tulsa ig h I
llli' V Is allil lln .'(! ni t mi Sun-
ilav. (nil' nf Ilic largest !.. id i.iii-c
early in September enjoyed ilii iu-,.1
Vcs fnl' llir May ai Sand Splings iail.
wliiTi- all nf I lie attractions were K T
busy throughout tin- day. 'I'ln' l"ds
nf flowers at Ilic 1 1 1 1 1 U lll i' at this
Mine ill their greatest u ..I iihui nf
The lillffaln which l.avi- la-ell added
Id tin- I'.ilk znii iitid which ale U i t
ill grazing grounds lu.it tn tlw vvc-t
nf the park, attracted J i i t a nt nl
iiltentliiii from last Sundaes crowds
Hi l l) M NV i:M IIIM M IC
.Mi:i;n(.s i.m sri r.
The atiiiual rally day sei -ic.-s of
Ihe Kirst Methodist Kuiscoal cliuicli,
held last Sunday, were unusually suc
cessful. Six si -rviccH were held dur
um the day, three in the imuniim ami
three in the afternoon and iiikIh. The
first .service was the sunrise prayer
meeting, held at ti o'clock. Alilmunh
it was an early hour the church at
lendanls were numerous, which was
only a fair criterion or the .success nf
the remaining five services.
.Music, special numbers and the n'i;
ular clinial music featured the rally
day services. r'rank Xcl'f, pastor,
presided at all sermons and delivered
two sermons (lurliiK the day. In
which he commended his churcli
workers for the active stand they nro
takini? and uiKed tliein Id further
their efforts in the church worli.
l-'ifty persons announced tin ir deter
mination to identify themselves with
the church at Sunday's services.
The following was the .schedule of
Sunday's services:
Sunrise prayer meeting, C i'O.
Sunday school. Ii:30,
I'reuelilim, 10:4.1.
Siecial music.
.Iiinior leamie, 3:00.
Kpw.utli league. ( 30.
I 'l eadline;, 7:3u.
''i:i-:i, i-:. ri:i"n'in.i:', :'o years i
old. who has been residing at I L'ii
North Main, died Sunday afternoon,
lollowiiiK a proloimed i!!iie.-s nf ty-
pliniil feMT IliS father M 11 . it j -
lied and will arrive tml
.s'lliitlisboi-oueh, 111., to ;u
!'i mii
the body to thai place f,,r hurial. TI
body will remain at the Mo.vbray 1111
ileriakinir parlors awaitiiiK the arriv
al of . . S. I'nili-liley. father of tic
dead boy.
book, Mother! If imiiie is coated
Blo "I'ulll'iiriiiu" Syrup
of l'lK.
Mother: Vour child isn't naturally
cross and iievish. yee if tongue is
coated; this is a suie sign Its little
.stomach, liver and bowels need a
When listless, pale, feverish, full of
cold, breath bad, throat sore, doesn't
cat, sleep ur act naturally, has stomach-ache,
dial t ine a, remember, a
gentle liver and oowel cleansing
should always he the first treatment
Nothing equals "California Syrup of
l-'igs" for children's Ills; give a tea-)
spoonful, and in a lew hours all thn,
foul waste, sour bile and fernicntinpr
food which is clogged in tin; bowels'
passes out of the system, and jou
have a well and playful child again.
All children love this harmless, de
licious "fruit laxative," and It never
fails to effect u good "inside" cleans
ing. I'irections for babies, children
nf all ages and grown-ups are plainly
on the bottle.
Keep it handy tn your home. A
little Kiven today saves a Hick child
tomorrow, but get the genuine. Ask
your druggist for a .'-cent bottle of
"California Syrup of I'igs." then look
and nee that It Is made by the "Cali
fornia i'K Syrup Company." Counter
feits are being sold here. Don't t
You're really dry
Fish Brand
Not a dtttay 'nu"
witfr proof, but
tonmy, comfort-givirn
rmte coat tltal will
protrt you thrmjth ihi-k
and tSia in U wctml weathar.
1 AA ftl Touf
pj.w dealer'.
We print plainly oo every UW
ana iftt mtan it
tr TA- AJ. lower to.
i.ii i i:nii so m,-, ui:i nl
I. t nl i: vi. i mi i in tn hi
Itclav ll.li c Mall. cd 1 1 ii -1 1 1 1 - ,, (.iiii
liiunil) Woil.'' Ilv . M. ( . at
.Mule Normal Toih.
A Illcs-aHC In I lie Im) S ,i ( I I. ' I 1 1 , 1 -
ma was read b in'ieiiinr l.ce i'iii,t
last S.i 1 1 1 1 ii.i . when In stalled tlin-c
J.iUlll.s nil the lap nl .1 el.i
I.ICC tlnlll I 'I I.I ll,,ll,. I l) 1,1 I .111, ..Ie.
Tile I 1 1 II 1 1 1 I .-. lal'lleil a III.".-..,;,' tl.nn
lie ll'iVellcn pi (he 1 1 1 ,i . I of i:,
lien., I
The lace ,'- -l.i:;ei undei the .1 1s
pn .silt Ii'- v ( ,. .:.u is . ,,.11-
1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 il.l UVe ,. e 1, p, ll .li)'. , , I V. , I
'. A. ( iiliiliiiilii') will, ill I!. mi, aid.
Stale Seeleta IV i t'll i .1 I I "11 U O
lliot.-d tie race.
It Is IIP el esl inn In Hole Mill llli
plull n I .V M. f. A. Vinlk In lie l,,l
lotted 111 I'alliliill'l lias lieeli pallet lied
.(Iter tile "Cnltlllllllilt) I ll- (if ,..)
work." iiiimi.aleil in Tulsa P.. local
V. M. ( '. A. Secretary '. I'.. Kucliicr.
This sane plan has alluded nation
wide attention and tin- "Tulsa I'laii,"
as it is generally known, is now be
ing adopted in all pans of 111,- I ntted
States and I'atlad.i.
ibiveriii.r rriiccs inncly ami mean
ing llli'hsUKC follows.
Stale of Oklahoma, l.ce ('nice. 11. iv -eriior.
Octidi.-r 4. 1SI3. To tlie liu).i
of (iklah.uiui. 1 send greetings to
Ihe boys nf Oklahoma. This is an
el.i nf progressive development. I'.K li
generation guided by the experiences
nf the past generation, should im
prove social rendu lulls. and tlnr"
should be a constant approach in
ward Idealism ;,i unman and govern
mental life. That this may he truf
of the future, the bov s of today should
fit themselves for useful, intelligent
and honorable citizenship. Oklaho
ma has provided abundant means for
the Intellectual development of her
litive. and that bov Is wisest and must
fortunate win, tn 111' fullest dcgleo
takes ad llilare nf the opportunities
afford, '(1 him. Intellectual dev. .,p-mi-iit,
however. Is imt sufficient. To'
(Main f-,11 e-.i'. th a.- a desirable ( HI
n. iin.ral 1 1 1-( i 1 1 1 1 ii I Is Just as es
sential. If Oklahoma boys of today,
who will compose our citi.ensliip of
He future, ar- to slue:,- a sub-t ml in I
iniplnVetlient nver the presenl. let
tlt-lil embrace In the I'i.lbst ext. Ill the
npp, ,1 1 'i nl! h-s for phvslinl. spiritual
and ltd-lleci nal development that lie
within tic reach of each of lln-in:
standing at all times for purity and
truth, and avoiding those habits t,:,f
teed p. niar ihetii phvsn ally, spiritu
allv and i tit .-ll.-ct i i.i 11 v. j
That v,,iir furtiiie ears may be
filled with usefulness and vour regrets
may be few. 1 admonish von to de
Vote to careful prep a i at urn the tltnoj
allotted by nature to boyll 1. f.e 1
not t no anxious to t brow off I he limn -
tie of the boy and ass' line the liabilia-j
ments of the man. remembering that!
the days of youth when past will :
Suffragette Taxi Driver
I NKW Yi if. I". Oef. fi.--As noun an
liie piihlle reillze how much more
((it"ful nmi'ii ar ns driv-i than
i men I believS that tnv nu'ron ige will
In iin'linlteil. This prophecy wun
mail" hy tin. Olive H. hullx. a proml
n tit miffraeeitp ami autnmohlllst. who
bus now entered the taxlrab bunlncss.
mAk !.' : y
Fin JMMiM- -
m mm
- ,
t he
w In
v ii 1 1
out way no more, and that
mi have grown to manhood
s and years of usefu Ini-ss and
ss Will he III pi iipullioll to th"
in which v on hav e propel Iv
d enjoyed tins period through
mi are passing. With interest
welfare, I am. Your friend,
I. KM Cltri'K
n V
r da
isu ri
d an
ill v
vv h
in v
M H. VVatern. t'liderl iker, Isdy
'dslstiint. rrlvate ambulance. 14 W.
Third. I hone 3. d
Expects to Do
a Big Business in New York City
She has taken up h'T stithin In front
(f the h adqu liters of the Women's
I'fdltlr.il I'lilo,!. ( II Wes' I'nrtv -Sei ond
S re-. nnil c.M-e. ts tn io a thriving
hosiiiem 'inn-UK the llieaire-goert".
Mrs. S( hull a- t' 1 s Ivimce seout
fol fiem-rul I: is. die .lie M' 111 mien on
the hikes to Alliiii) and Washington.
Tlir l'i i ui-si i ii in i if jnLi; I ii i i 1 1 1 ii iv U ;i sini ilr "in' il' Vim i -an
If it 'in I on nir ilralei'. Our niol In is in ii';isr iva n llrss of w I la I
it ri s1 us.
W'f arc I i i iLi on ranuvs and uas liralri. We liae aliv.ul)
solil ii oiiaiitilv a i i.i those who li;ive luiiilit are ie,is,il. ( run
Heel I lielii I l i e a Mil 'iia rant ee t lielil,
W e are aiiMoiis t'nr vi u to see our l.ilirai v Tallies. Many
new ,s li s in he aildeil this week, ainl we want to show oil.
W e have a icw niit' suites ol M,ilionan ;ui, !iiilsee Maple
Suites to olTer this week at a lii', iliseoiini.
Our Ideal Springs are (ileasino- ihe irade; they are sleeiiu-;
"'noil oil tllelll .'Mill like to tell Us aliolit llow dilTerellt they are to
ill her siriii"s.
See our new line of llyuiein'e
Our (ieiiiiinr Leather I 'pliolstereil :! iieee Parlor Suites
hest and i t hili in priee.
New Location 2nd and Boulder
Many llmne UuiMers with
Ask olir llew lieiohlnil.
The KIcctric Company
Celebration of the Famous Snake Dance Is in
Reality an Old Indian Prayer for Rain
(iiv i;. . .mmii.i.w.;
fclhung apavl. the wit Known ilnpl
Indian and ( 'li.iiitauiiua lecturer, fur
liisheil the writer some years ago, a
very vivid word picture of (he snaku
dance whhh is still ptaelHed ai-mni;
llIS people ill the southwest.
The origin of this weird and un
canny cerem.iiiial Is shnni-led in the
mysticism of the dim past. Today its
Celehrat ion is In reality a pinyer fnl
lain, and ih
belief in li
ai y Is
Thiec different snakes lire used,
the rattlesnake, tin- hull ami ihe hip
MC.keS. The last two are tint Velie-
ii oim. Carely are the participants
b.t'i ii by tin- i.itiler- due no doubt
I , t he careful handling of t li-m and
t,, il,,- "herding" of them fmm the
tin f capture to that nf the dance.
Tin- ceremony is divided into sever
al i miipllc.it il secret riles b.-ing the
g.n hi-ring uf the snakes from far and
mar. the miiiing of a sand iiIm-i, the
washing and cleansing of the snakes,
the wind and awful scake diama
and li.Htly the races which are held
i n 'he morning of the public dance
of thi' Snal e elan of the tribe.
It appears that two clans - the
strike and the Antelope participate
in the opening service. The Antelopes
;m first to appear lad In the para
phatiali.i of their clan, fully painted
ml march to the ceremonial grounds.
They march four times aroiiti'1.
stamping on n board placed in the
cast for Hie purpose, in notification
to all that the ib-mand for rain Is to
be made. After this lln-v f irm a 01. n
the south side and sound the rattles
when the Snake pcifmncrs appear
and face the Antelopes. The formal
(I nice opens and lnter-dfies In volume
as Iho tine rngresses. When thn
Pel f irniets begi'i leaping, the snake
dancers form In groups nf three and
begin leaping and hopping until they
o-ach a hut lit the east side where
are coticaeil the snakes and the
Miako passei s --persons chosen for
that duty. As each performer kneels
a snake Is pHsstd to him and he
grasps It In his mouth and rising; ho-
gins inn circling 01 ino kkoioo. i.ikh
In turn receives his snake, and mwsti
enclrrle the Kroiind four times. When
the circling hu been completed th
T'ealher I'lllows. They are
her Kleelrie Lights
pel fm mer ill ups his snake and the
snake passers pn ks Iheiii up and re-hnn-i
them to the hut.
Inning the progress of the cncinl-
;ig or On- grounds women dressed in
:he com nine of the tribe stand neat
'lie cliib- and scatter s.n red i orn
meal over the pm fei nu-rs.
.After this part of thn cereiiimiy
has been completed and all the snakes'
li . '. made the . ii . le ..r I he grounds I
a pi.iiiie Is made on the ground In
I In- s 1 1 i .il no al from w hi- h t he
pile. is behc vi, they Will be llhle tO
I'll Hie I'SllIt nf ll C I III 1 1 e ) lie ,, 1 1 e , C 1 1 1
tell the result of the ceremony and
e.-pecally utter the snakes have lll
llcale.l ;,fer having been plaC-d oil'
'In- meal what tin- li.ii nf i:.,in has
t'dd Ihe snakes tu do.
Afler this senile h.ls lii'.-n Com
pleted, ii wild scramble ensues in1
vv hi- h all the mi il- os are caught and 1
ih- peifniiueis are seen running in
all dlr.-i Hons each with a .- na ke.
Afd r ri aching a coii-.er.ible dist
ance frmn tin- gri.und the snakes are!
' ' ! 'I ""I t h. ,, i form, rs i-eirn to ,
the hut win re an emetic drink Is ad
mlntsti i ed tu each and a t borough
purification of the body ensues. j
The ceremony dosed with a great
tribal feast, t) elehratioii of many
.ames. the exchange of irinkeii all
in lillgd III by the tribe.
Imrinif the past thirty days there
h;is been reported to the state health
'b partmi-nt two cases of .lipht Icr'a.
mie being siMy-flve years of age and
he mher thirty -five, line of thesn
patties has ii hainllitiK and selling
milk. I'.ef,.e this iaili-nt was releas
ed fmm ii'iaraiMltie oyer I Ou.Oiio units
a lit it, , i In- VV.Vs ,'ldmllllstereil. Th" other
isc was reported hy a city health of
ficer arid hy the time the laboratory
had made lis report the party had
moved to another town. Another
health idf r hunted the family up
and placed them In iuarantine. In this
ii.se tlo-re was a history of chronic
sore throat, covering a period of five
years. No one ran tell how many con
tracted diphtheria from this individ
ual during the past five y.jrs. All
suspicious throat trouble t bl he
passed on hy the mate bacteriologist.
Thuia can bu no harm dune by this
i mm
km ti ,
1 (I
Ilii meai . .;
. .. ivf
Itomevft tlie caime, wlicttiar from
leal, ril), or linrvixtvici.
I Oo., 2So. and 60s.
Beautify the Complexion
Nadinola CREAM
The llncqualcd Beaulilicr
GuaranteeJ to removs
tan, Irei'Llei, pimples,
liver spnti, etc. Kxtreinej
casei about twenty days.
Kids jiorei gad tiMtiei of Impurities,
'eaves the skin clear, soft, healthy.
'Inn mcs, fiUc. anJ $1.00. liy toilet
Counters or mail. j
Calomel, Calomel, you
cannot stay for Grigs
by's Liver Syrup has
shown us an easier way.
Ask Baker Drug Co.
(via initial inn and v ery much gnnd may
result both to tin- individual and thtl
tn v Di;i i t ti i: iva i i.ot;.
it i. nii oKv in i m; tiJ
t xiii; i i'i.()si t:.
Siinni unknown thief few dny
ago broke into a Inn i.ir on the 1'rls
io track In the hopis of finding a.
ki g nf beer but was disappintcd after
he had rolled a keg nut of the car ami
dow n the l ank w In re he opened It.
Instead nf It being beer as tho thief
thought, It was a keg of dynamite. At
least that is the theory of letectiv
Charles M, lioiiald, nf tho liertilltoa
service, who found the keg hidden la
weeds In the Frisco right of way, Sun-,
day afternoon, lie notified the Frisco
otlicials and had the dangerous ex
plosives placed In a .store house.
vVorltl AVants Get Result

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