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F I V 15
Chief Bender" Who Twirled and Won the '
! First Game for ihe Athletics Yesterday
IIIM l i s IS IKIW I .
I ;.i i .
. ,V i'
.. i
i ir w - J
MI Mil s W(i M I'l l I el
su i iip vw s m uiii ;
i K i.
Ml.lUH 'AM I. I si: Ml Mill. US Ol'
til III II 4 14 II.S Olt HIS 11)1 It
or thi: uihii.ii,
T11K 'JTLSA DAILY WOULD. W K I K S I) A V . OCT 0 I! I! If s. 1 ! I .T
if CM
i n
f', i- .
'J'h Plilliulclphin Mi ll In MiiLh Trip.
SiiiiiIi Main Slivi'l Park it
Sir in' n( Activity.
Nlll I. Ill) till' Sl.HH lit the Chicago
hllc Sox iinil New York (Hants,
vl.li h rllil'K I'liiy an exhibition Kimii'
III Tulsa nil October 2, will Lie mrn
In action at I hi- Smith .Main street
park, but miiiic of t lie brilliant liii-iu-Ii'Ik
(if oilier American anil National
Mifiiii! tennis will uiuki) till' trip.
Manager Melirnw of tin- Nationals,
lias announced thi' follow Ink roster
lor th' (Hants on tint 1 t n- - I it 1 In
lour of Tulsa ami the rest nf thi'
V ol Id :
Mi'VW'H of New York and Wingo of
Ut. Mollis, will lie his catchers; Mat
thewson, Tesrcau, I'roiiime mid
llenriio of New Yolk anil Perdue of
Huston, pitchers; Merkle of New
York, firm lia.ii-; Imyle of New Y ork,
m i unci hnsi ; liolan of Philadelphia,
i-liorl stop; I.ohcrt, of Philadelphia,
third base; J.ce Magcc of St. l.ouls,
Snmlgrass, Mri 'orinii k and Thnipe "I
.N'rw York, outfielders.
'J'lie tinal personnel of the White
Sox club Iiiih not et been announced
hut It Is certain that Charles Comls
ky will pick the i ll am of Ihe Amer
ican league for the n ip. It Ih prio
ri icully aHMiieil that Waller Johnson
of Washington will he on his pitch
ing Kt ii It ami that the noted Ty Cohh
v ill he on t he team also.
The (Hauls-White Sox lontest In
.,'1'iils.i w ill then fore not only he a
game hclvvccu two ureal baseball
duly, Imt will in reality he a post
reason world's series between the all
star pl i ers of hoth leagues.
Tad Keese, the will known Tulsa
Ml magnate, through whose patriotic
ellints Ihe game was socmen' fur
Tulsa, aii'i'ed homo yesterday. While
in Chi ago, he signed :1 contract for
the lueal date and deposited his guar
i'lltee of $1.11(111. Keese and his asso
ciate, William Set ley, are to furnish
the grounds, hotel aeeoniinodat ions,
ele, and the elul'S are to net pnictic
(llly all the gate reeeiits, score eat'd
privileges and other com t ssions.
Kasl progress is being made on the'
work of enlarging the sealing ileum
iiioilations at th.' South .dam street
park and in another week the grounds
rill hardly n seinhle the park of old.
'l ally a, add people can he eofi 'table
in eoriiniodated on l no (lay of the
Liiur, (inlets lor seat
an- already pouring in
I'escivat ions
from many
surrounding towns and nrrann' -nts
ore being made to run speeial trains
in Tulsa on (he (lay of the big manic.
The two cliihs will play In no other
4-tiy In ikliiliomn. They arc hooked
fi r a game at Kansas I'ny, Mo., on
(letoher 2(. (hi .Monday, October il,
they will play at Joplin and will then
come direct to Tulsa for the contest
on Tuesday, (letoher 2'n. They will
leave here in their elegantly appoint
ed special train for Denver.
The Commercial club ollicalls are
milking extensive preparations for
the entertainment of Ihe visiting stars
mid Tad Itccse intends giving n Cab
arct dinner at the Hotel Tulsa in their
honor lit night.
( i ' i i i Si I S S
"t rt 's) 5f) S S Si '
1.4H1SV I I.I.K. Ky.. lrt 7 (S,p in
ri lit mint", ut ilo- l.imiMillr tnirii toiluj :
Fint Bace, 6 rurlonts, Kellnn.
I.iulv laiiiihin ,on
Tv iii. "
Jjl.il I). Wnki'llrld tu
l.cnikr I '11 ill "n
TerLillU- llu
hi. ml Till "'-
Ki. '!
Second Kace, 6 1-2 rurlongs.
Urn, clan M 1,2
Mio-k T. iiev "R
J liiut lion ltd
Leo rlinrliM Ill)
Tlilrd Bace, 6 Furlongs, Selling.
Aiiilui.Mi 1"!
.'i',' 1"4
JA llnnrifiMi 1 14
KiiikU li'l k Hi4
'Ihe Kiiiill Ki4
Hiil.l.v !(''
1'IIISlVl'Bk I
Kihr 4 1 1 111 l.i H II I"!'
hie k Hnv 112
Fourth IUce,
1'Hndai ina
I luiierHil ........
1'rnii'f Kiini'iio . .
Kmmi .Ik. k mid ....
4 Furlotiki. Stake
1 I'l
1 PI
I 1 9
and 70 Yurdi. Hnidirap.
. . . .- w-
1 Hi
11 6 Mile, Selling.
riflh Knee. 1 Mile
Iiiht Ihil
SiiTltll.'l It .M.J.T ,
VimiihIiiI i.in
Sixth IUce. 1
-..ii!...Ii S
Hui II ii sell
,1m.' Ilii-l...llt
t'rnrkiT Max
T M iTrun
Criiaii .l -Tinv
lliirh 1'rivnti.
. nn
. too
. In-,
. in?
. 1"7
M H. Wntri. Unflprtnfcpr. Inlv
1stnnt. Private mmhulHiice. 14 W.
Third. 1 ore 3. adv
Dr. Ijirkints Orteoputn. opp. KreM
4 luini" lu tlic t ahlnct.
SIK.('( CITY, Auk. 7. Another
general shake tip in the lluirta cab
inet today has resulted In a complete
t liniiKP nf the ministry with the ex
ception of the war portfolio. Most nl
Vj. minixter werf shifted front one
department to another, hut in two In
n(ances suh--iecret.irle Here proniht
(!. wVhi-n thp peanut vine have wilted
fur uhout a day, throw thfee or four
row together in windrow. When
sufficiently rured In the windrows,
hale, stack or haul into barn, just as
al fulfil should be handled.
limn 1'.' l.",4 I4H
Hon, I i;; 17k 144
Kddy 14 u 11-' led
Skinner l."i I'd IIP
llolh.r.in ... 143 170 133
Til. Is ... 737 HI f.1.4
lltlSII- 1 2 3
Kit-wait .... 1'iti 214
Cardiff .... nr. 144 1J
McCoy Ji'i ICi IIS
Shaw lift 12s UK'
I 'l lend. C. . . 117 1.'!' UK
'I', l.i Ih ... (i( I -l 7 Ti i
( iHiliiiucil from pace I.)
caused Mi'IIthw to Jump up and down
with rai'c and disappointment.
Collin, howiMT, had no monopoly
on the hern's cloiy, lor John Frank
lin Hakcr and Chief Itendcr did yoe
inan work that i-iiiillcd them to rccop
nlllou. linker's Ionu llomc-i mi.
Jtaker uiudu history repent ilscJf
when he drove a home iun hit into
the biuml stand hack of rit-'ht field,
scoriliK Collins froin second uhcad nf
him. The situation and lilts were
much Ihe same as In Ihe second name
of tile r.MI scries, w in n liakcr lift
ed the hall over the feme on a Mar
(4 Hard offering and paved the way for
an Athletic victory.
'I'o liendir uoes the creiiit for oul
.ili hint; hoi h Mai 'iuard and Carndall
aim showing: skill and in I've in sev
iral Irving plins, when ihe (Hants ap.
peareil alaiut to break thi-nuith his de
livery and take the lead. The tall
Indian had both speed and a 'break"
on his hall and tightened up when hits
meant runs in a ninniier that fully
iiiciiicd Connie Mack's i on ridencc.
Hy outl.-istinc, hoth .MariUard ntnl
Ciandall he rave the Athletes :h"
i-dfr on tonmrrow 's Maine since .Mi -Claw
must use either Math' wson or
licmareu or come hack with Tesii-au,
while the leader of the Abilities has
I'lank, Shawkcy and Itrown all avall
I'hle lor the first name nt Shibc park.
While the name, eonstdi red as a
whole, seldom touch, d the hiuh spots
i f lviiys, the scenes inelilenlal to tin5
c.m hernm of 'he spectators were
worthy of reproduction by the brush
of a mat artist."
Mass of 1 1 Humility.
From daylight on, nil New York
appeared to be lninratinu to llarlcni
and the crowds focused upon the I'olo
Crounds tali I i 1 1 o'clock every seat
had been sold and still the waves of
fans heat upon the fences and cu
lt, nice of the park until the manage
ment was obll'jed to call uphn the city
iiuthoiTies for help In holding the
disappointed thousands in check. Once
the nates rolled hack, Ihe stands took
on a scene of animation that was
sturt'iiie, so iulck vs the transforma
tion from tiers of wooden seats to
rows of bohhlnn humanity. The spec
tutors poured into the various stands
and bleachers In steady streams, rnll
liir in from dozens of entrances In
lont;, black lines thnt ktcw In volume
Ihe hands of the great clock over
the bleachers crept around toward the
hour when the umpire should call thai
manic pinnnl "play hall."
1,'inc before noon Ihe lower sections
of the nrand stands were filled and
the vast stretches of bleacher bore
testimony to the popularity of hase
I all. As the noon hour struck, the
last of the ?2 scats was sold and be
fore (mother sixty mlutes had passed,
s nndiiiK room alone remained. An
hour or so before the name benan, th
little Kate in the center field fence
i j.ened and the (Hants and Athletics
tripped forth to the ncennipanyment
of a burst of cheering that could be
heard for blocks. There was little
ceremony In this entrance of the ac
tors of the day and soon the A'hlctlcs
were In the midst of battinn practice,
l'hotonraphers scurried about the field
like flocks of blackbirds, "snappinn"
players .singly nnd In croups. In the
upper stands the holders of the ti re.
scived coupons filed in gradually and
filled the entire horse shoe of the
thousands of seats, while flaps and
pcniian's flapped In the northeast
hivi ze nnd a leaden gray sky enclosed
the park and Its waiting thousands.
In marked contrast to the scenes of
pievioiiH years the great gathering; was
noticeable undemonstrative. The Ath
letics appeared to have almost as
many supporters present as the
tiiunts nnd their appearance nnd bril
liant play elicited much applause. The
sumo conditions prevailed all through
the game. The cow bells and horns of
former years were not In evidence and
ihe taunts of rabid fans were few and
far between. The ganie was witnessed
aril apprei inle.l in i. sane manner nnd
winner and loser ...like reaped the just
Kwsrd of thr-lr efforts.
The Play by Hujr.
Kddie Murphy, plajing in bis first
worlds series, faced Maniiinrd when
1'mplre Klcm called "play ball." The
left bunder pitched, following M.ith
iwson's scheme of sroovliiK the flrt
hall, let go a pitch that Murphy
(aught on the end of his bat and sent
it out to Murray fr an easy rater-.
(HdriiiK stinted the Athletics "root
ers" shouting when he slashed a
single to. right field. Marnuard, be
lieving 'Idling would try to steal sec.
ond, kept him close to (he pan and
finally by a lightning throw cnturht
the I'hlladephla base runner napping,
.Merkle making the out.
Oldrlng pretested against t'mplre
Kpan's decision but it availed hitn
nothing. On the next bull pltihed
Collins shot a ( Iran bsse hit to renter
but he was left at first when Haker
filed out to lturns.
Out Trying to Steal.
When New York came to bat there
was much cheering hut the shouts of
th". tilants supporters did not Inst
lone. Rhaf.r. the first to face the
Chippewa Indian, sent up a fly toJ
.viurpny in ngnt rieiu anu Doyle riled
k V Xk. A
Chief Hender. the great Indian t
who is looked upon as Mack's sluing
in ihe world's m lies.
out to Striink. I li t i lu i Mi.t a groiiinl
i v past shortstop. On the first hall
pitched l-'l.'ieher tried to Me tint
Schanu's beautiful throw to Collins
beat lii in and the side was out.
Tile Ann-lie, in ."a'.-ue champion
went out in ordi r in the s ml inning,
.Melnnis, some of w lies,- .Mas-aehusi I Is
1 1 lends eln-i I' d him us he i iiih- to hat
was out, llir.og to Melkle. Slrill.k.
UMially a weak liiltor against b fl
halloed pi'i iiii g, siriiek oat and llatrv
was the 1 1 1 i ill out on a nloiiml'i'.
Fletcher to Meikle.
New Yolk l"t one man on base ill
its half of the seen, id bill he dill Hot
n'-t Pi-vend first bio-c. Hums si ruck
out lifter r.einlei- had pi'i lu'd him
three liall.-'. Mi Inn is, un.issisti d. took
dire oi' lli-rzog's grounder. Murray
sho a single ii.'onn the left fold foil!
line nnd minht haw- K"ln n a two ban
ner had not ( 'hiring by gooil sprint
icg, kept him from stictehinn his hit.
The Indian pitcher seemed to put on
more speed w lien New York's "red
skin" catcher came to hat. .Meiers,
however, got to his brother Indian
hut the hall shot up in the uir mid into
(Idling's hands.
Connie Mack's young rn'rlii-r open
ed the Athletics third by Hying out to
Horns. Hi nder S' lit a lazy grounder
to Fletcher nnd the chief was out ut
first. Murphy sent n single to cen'er
but was forced hy OMrlng. Fletcher
making the out unassisted.
The (Hants broke the he In the
third Inning w hen Hender was touched
up for two hits. Mcrkle brought
i heers from the stands by sending a
slow grounder to Shortstop Merry,
who could not get up to It ipilck
enough to handle It cleanly and make
the out. It was a scratch sinnle for
Merkle. Maniuanl sacrificed, putting
Mcrkle on second, lie was held on the
middle bag while Shafcr was euught
out by Ktrunk but lie sprinted home
a miiite later when Doyle shot a smok
ing single to right field. The New
York "rooters" shouted wildly for
Fletcher to bring Doyle home, but he
was not e'inal to the occasion. He
tried hard but sent up a long t'y to
Mu rphy.
New York's having the 'edge" on
Philadelphia put the crowd In good
humor. The Athletics simply gritted
thr-lr teeth and went after .Maniiinrd.
I vi r r - TO
Marquard, Who Failed to Stop the
Hard Hitting Athletics Yesterday
' 9 a? B
aV M-
mi .y
. V, I,;.
lie i
wirier of 'he I'hilndelphis Ailibtie
cm pitching entry against the (iian!
Tin y shelled the outer w..rks of the
(iiants and when the s k, blew
av.ay 'hiei runs were acr. -s I in pl.iie.
Collins opi ni d up on tin !ef hall. lei
I'll a tirrilic drive o i Shafcr's
load. Tile ball nulled to the center
fa Id stands and Collins m w up at
Mmd amid the plaudits of ' ne Ath-
I. th- i i s. Faker ill . a ha rd
one nl I o-. ie, which t lie 1 a 1 1 r could
in.) handle in time to get I. no ,.t first,
and Collins raced home wi h ihe first
mu for 1'hilailclphla. .b li.ni s.o ri-lii-iii.
Maiiiiard to Merkl' aol Maker
too second. St link si i.i a ' 1 1 1 1
grounder to .Maiipiard, who loaded
iff Maker ,i( 'bird, ll.iv.oc i ai.n.g (he
t'miw. Then Tairry, the iuhiest hit
I. r of Ihe Athlelics i 1 1 1" i i . I . i 1 1 . )i d a
iwo hagL-cr down Ihe h:t In Id foul
bin, which placed Slrnid on third,
iioth ol tiiein scored .ai Selling's
iJ i no niioiis three-base I n to ih ep
cent. I fh ld. II appeared as if Shafcr
had misjiiilneii the hull. He started
then slopped and Hie bad struck th"
fingers of bis Pft hand and rolled on
toward the i enter lii hi s'uml. The
1 hi lailelphia pluyers thrrw up sweat -(is
ami bats In the air and otherwise
showed their pleasure in rtrawliu; t w o
runs ahead of t In ir old rivals. Minder
ended the inning hy going out, Mar
ipi.ird to Merkle.
Ni w York opined is fourth limine,
a nspli'ioi'sly. Munis slamming a double
down the left fn id line, but he wan
inn down when Minder stopped
llcrzog's groundi r. Mender threw tu
I'aker. who tossed the hall to Collins
and ihe la iter shot It back to Ha kit
who touched Hum out near second
base, llerzog in the mean time had
splinted to second, where he was left
as Murray struck out and Meyers sent
a high fly to ( Hdrlng.
The fifth inning brought more fame
tn "Home-run" Maker. Hoth Murphy
and Hdrlng were thrown out at first
by Mar'iuard, who got their easy
grounders. Collins worked Marnuard
for the first base on balls in tile game
and promptly stole second. With two
i ut and Covins on second, exactly
the same situation as obtained In
Philadelphia Iwo years ago when Rak
ir hit Miii'ii'ianl for a home run, pre
sented ll u If. Thi' crowd was quiet a
tin wondrifiil long distance hitter
supped the plate, lie let two balls
CI.F. Ml A Nil, I', (at ; ( h i e
laiol agalll llele.ll, d llu l'lll'.blll ll
Nal.oll.lls tod. IV, .' to 1, III I 1 III-
lllllg plli llcl s' bat I le. ( il i 1-h ( IcV I -land
s still southpaw, opposi d Mob-
iiisoii, I'ltiaiuiinh'H in sr hit baiolii;
honors wclc .ibolK i Vi ll. tiling's hi-'
base on balls alloWiil Cleveland to
scol e I lie ib , lillllg l.lllv .
I II I lie I ..(I I III, I lol.lll VI all., d. 1' "k
M-colllI oil lev's ni -oullder and s. ei.ll
nil Wagner's sinnle to i enter.
I I) the MM ll .1,1. ksoll I I .o bed 111 -I
Oil VloX'S llllllbh alld hcolell oil I le
lolcs slnrlc w tin ll Can allowed to
git past t) I M I
I ii t he elev nl h 1 .11 bold got a base
on balls I '11,11-111.111 sail lined hlln to
secoiid and he si oi i d a inoii.i nt lat.i
nil Jackson's double.
('lily about It.'.dll wi le pi. sent.
Halls WanlH-J. who failed to g. I a
lilt yesterday, not singhs todav.
while l.ajole, his rival tol selllolllv.
not hut one T ol low's name w ill
he pinned at 1 'It t si i ll I n b
The score H. 1 ' I-
I'illhlnirgh . ('(Ml )('(' (it'll 1 V -Cleveland
(WO 41 1 1 ('HU I 1' ( ('
I latteries lilcgg. I'allsh il'ol ('Nell,
liiibinson. lilhsou and Simon.
Siiinmar.v. Two base hits. Jackson,
sacrifice hit. ChiipiiHin. Double plays
iiitiicr. 'olx nnd Miller; J.n kson.
t unassisted I Lift on basis. Pills
buritli a. ( lev eliinil fe Mas balls,
oil' Kobinson 1 ; off (Inns 2. llu b
pitcher, by Itoluiisoii 1 (Jackson i
Struck out by Kobmsou a. (in-gg I',
l-'lrst base on eriors. ('level. mil 1.
Time L' dfi linpireH. l-.iuslie. luiieiii.
Koiim aiid I'i.ison.
i, i bv linn aiid tin n .-iiii. in d himself
as I he next i .line ili-vv li Til' I ' l -is
a i l a, li of I he bat aiid tin ba'l s ill, d
hu h and far. dioppinn in tie- ' u ht
Iii Id stands lor ihe circuit. Cllnc
wa III d foi Maker to i ... Ii the pla'e
,l),d slapped the .Mhletle batsman "II
III, I.ii-LisI he I'll ll. oh Ipbi.l pa I I' a lis
. lied llli llci Ives almost be. Use Me
la: is si nl a pop fly to 1'lei, h. r.
I looked all over for Ni vv oi k but
I -..ml, i 's on. bad Iniiini-' i a me in t la
Idlli. ,. ikh- sin :'' d t id' i Mi
( 'ei inn k ba t line I"t Mania.-, i d, ininb
1 1 bv ill n mi a has. hi' to . . nil I
In Id,
w I nt
I'. I I
i i inn
ii oini
Mel klo taking s. i .'lid. l-.halel
ail i Villus to Mi linos, both I on
in,', ing up on :b. pl.n I ov i.
I.oi n nroiimlei al Maiiv. win.
a r throw lo iirst and the
- Was safe t Me) I I. , Mi , III-
wl'h the (iiants m i ond run. A
nt I. ill I Mil 'ormiek, w ho b.ul
down lo Hind on llu .l i v on
i nine homo vv hen l-'l.-l' In i
I to llglil field. Iiovle moved
1 '0 c,
Kill lei
Up to
n il on Fletcher's hit a ml s. or-
i d New York's fourth run of tin game
w bile Maker was throw ing F'eli In I
iiii at so ond on Mu i ns' gloomier.
( 'ollins making - In' out. 1 1, i sent
.; I.inh flv to Collin.
I l.i uda 1 1 I lime in.
Pitcher ( 'r.mdall n Ii. v 'd Maniuanl
in the sixth and easily dispon d of th"
I hit. idi Iphi.ins. Striink fin d to Sbaf' i
and Harry did likewise, Seining went
cut on a fly lo Minns. Cranila'l was
cheered as he walked to the bench.
New York also went out In order
In Us half of the sixth. Murray was
( ut, Collins to Melnnis. and Mivoi
was thrown on' hy Mender. Merkle
struck out. S. hann dropp'd the thin",
strike nnd in lunging forward to pb k
up the hall, plunged Into Merkle. who
had not gained Ills equilibrium aflil
swinnlng on the ball, and the two
i ollided. Merkle ran to first and
claim' d Interference and that Sehann
did not touch him with Ihe ball. The
Philadelphia players walked off the
field but 1'mplre Klein ordeied them
b.nk. There was nil immediate pro
test and after Fmpire Men nult-
cd with Fmpire Fnan the strikioiil
was allowed and the side was out.
Ciandall again had the Athletics
tied up ill the seventh inning. Condor
s rm k nut. Murphy was an easy out.
Doyie to Mcrkle and ( Hill Inn sent a
fly to Shafcr.
A Fast Double.
Things looked rosy for N'i w York
III the seventh, but their fine i bailee
to score was killed hy a lightning
(ii uble play ill which Many and Cot.
tins wire Ihe mnstei workmen. Cian
ihill was out Marty to Melnnis. Shaf.-r
drove a single to c. liter Meld and
flashed to third when liovli- hit to
right fhld for ii sinvle. Collins called
F.'irrv over to sicoti-. base and con
Milted a moment. TheV i videntlv
w, re expecting li e N'.-w Yorker tn
I I v some fine base running. Wh.it
( vi t N'i w Yolk's Intentions wire In
tr-nt regard tlo'V were spolb-d when
I'D . In r hit an ui'lv fast bn.ll to Marvv.
He cot I' cleanly, tnss.-d It to Collins,
who made a rifle shot throw to Me
lnnis and the inning was over. Thi"
stilling defense of the Philadelphia
Ii field provoki il applause from tin
"rooters'' of ih- (Iiants i v i n thou h
i' kilb d N'i Yolk's oppor unity to
lie the nun-.
The lin'bth Inning 'aw the end of
i'i r.d.ill. Cnl'lns beat out an mfb 11
hit, Doyle failing to cover first. Faint
t'-on came up and hjl a shall. "-Ingl"
to bit field. Collins taking Ihitd. M' -lenis
sina.'-tieil a two b lvg'-r hi'- I ft
fa Id. (''.dins eoin;.i;t 'ionic tu'li th
'ith end las' run of th.- i.nne and
i'. ki r to.ns to third. With one i hi,
In. two on ba.o and r.o one oat.
T'-riiiu n lievi d 'r .rnlall T-s. .m
iiriic dl.i i i in i M Is spltb.il! Into ac
tion atnl S'liink strio k o.:t on ll.ui
pil . IimI halN. Mak'r. M'limi' tmd
p.'irrv then Irhd th" hit and run p'uv.
TesrMiu app'ariil to he wise to the
piay i rid i ( I ' d th( ball high. It. nil
iini.M w.-re - . night 1-i-hvi i-n the
I tfes anil .i vv York, of conie, tried
t"i- the n-neest man to th" pl-ite,
t:,k'i. They got him as he sihl ho-'ic.
tlie piny hei'ig Meyer to Doyle to
Vfyo's Pnrrv fli. d 'o Dov e.
Hi tid r ri"w wni pitching good ball
;mil al'hri ih New Y'ork got n man
or bnc In H e eighth he eouhl not ad
mme. i:.Ti ivnl out. M.ik'r to M'
Intii': llr.rp was thrown out at first
bv Collin siol Miirrni- till a boiliole
Dobhs fiTCoS
Fil li Avenue lats
Dobbs & Co.
PRICE $5.00
Today Only No
A Flat Iron
'An i;ic( li ic 1 roil will
Your clothes.
The Electric Company
over Maker's bead, giving lilm first.
M. vers sent h long fly to Ktrunk.
In Mhiladel, Ida's final turn ut bat,
Si long was l in-own out ut first hy
Ihrzon and Tosreau took care of
Menili r's slow grounder, throwing Mm
on 1.1 fir-it. Kddie .Muiihy drew ll
base on balls and the inning closed
when he Hied to steal second and was
i ut, Meyers to I 'oyle.
The crowd started to move out wh- n
Ni w York came to bat. Merkle
j-iouinh d out, Marry to Mi Minis. Me
la an, pinch hitting f"t Tesn-au, sent
a pop flv to Marry and the game waB
ovei when Shafcr struck out.
Philadelphia AM It II I'D A K
ll. Muri.hv, If 4 0 1 0 0
i .hiring. If ' 2 0 (l
Collins, 2b 3 0 II 4 r, (i
P. k.r, 'il 1 1 1 3 0
' Melnt.es. Ih 3 "11 0 " V
iS.iunk. 'f 113 11
I Pnrrv ss 1 ' 3 1 1
S- linnc. . 4 (' 1 4 1 0
l It. nib r, , 4 0 0 0 a ('
! Toi. .is e n i!7 ir. i
.'. w Vol K
'Mi-ifoi. -f
i '"! "
I I'll ii h'-r, ss . .
I Mutt,-, If
1 II. I-OU, ,",h . . .
! Murray, rf . . .
. Mi vers, e . . . .
; Mi l kle. ih . . .
: Mar'iuard. i .
! M.-i ''irmli k, 11
(rinid.i.'l. i .
I Ti M ' in, p
:.!' I.e. HI, XX . .
II I'i 1 A K
1 3
1 2
2 1
1 4
1 10
Tola's .''' 4 11 21 la 0
X - hit for Marijiinrd In fif'h.
xx - hit for Tesri iiii in ninth.
Scire I.-, innlncs
1 hiladolphiii "n(1 2' '1i
New York ""1 n3 (KlO -4
Siimmniv: Two-base hits, Marry,
Mums. Melnnis; throe-base hit, Col
lins, Si hang; home-run, Maker. Hit
oft Maniuanl, 8 In Innings; off
("tandnll, 3 In 2 Innings nnd none out
Ir Mh; olf Tesreau, none In 2 innlns.
Sacrifice hits, Maniunrd, Milnnls.
Stolen buses, I'ollins. l'ouhle pluy.
Mnrty, Collins nnd Melnnis. Left on
Muses, PMIiideiphi.i, 4; New York !.
I list linse on ba'f. off Mariiuud, 1;
off Tester ii. 1. plrsi base on errors.
Pay Your
Base Ball
, Bets
with a
Men y
"The War
A thrilling' war stmy slaci d during
some of the greatest battles In t he
Malkans; Meal Ionic Sceins not
Hundreds of Men lulled
Mili-I.inn lloinli
Mil IIIMv I Mil I I I l it l
1'HH Itl s.
Sic an Auto Win kid by a bin sling
I ib; a large biuli-i blown to atoms
while a train is erosuim. Hailing
guns destroy mn an airship, and K'O
oihi r I'M'iiin gsituations.
-Advance in Prices
Cook Stove-
conk i jr vou as well as iron
I New York, I. Struck out by Mender,
I, Maniiinrd, 1, I'randall, 1; Tesnau,
ll. 'rime, 2:011. t'liipiros Klein, be.
I hind plate; I'.gan, on bases. Milder,
It iieiu. ( onnoiiv, ngni in in.
The I ariuci 's 'I i lumpli.
I Wish I had some fields to n ap
When fall upon ns flops.
And teveu burns in which ( keip
My bumper yield of crops.
The illy fellows laugh .-nil Joke
While farmers chase the plow.
Today the farmer sees them broke;
He reaps his harvests now.
() riUMsMXY Ml. Ill IIP Wilt
l;o I0-ICUI M) I At. .
After a whirlwind I ai nstoi mir
tour i t the We. l' iti p.. i' i I' thtf
I'l, il'd St.itis and Canada, C.ul Mor
ns. Hi. 'iklahoiiia he. iv weight, has
again lamb d In N. w V"tk with a
long string of vi'torl.s to bis c-idit
ami lot a ib-feat lhalke.1 lip a.-tillist
him. ('.nl is Icing r Ivcd In tho
I list Willi i-Vill llliltc aeckiim 111. ill
when he in.uie his triumph ! iitiy
Into ; "t li.i th tw o je.irs ago to mi 1 1
I'lr.-i.ian Jim l-'lviin. i'atis .Hid stott
Im; wii'-is alike sin- him indit for
hi ing llu- woibl's gi.-.it. -d vIhim
In a . U ht and ''ie toutici; hoi iff
as a stite-etiough ihaiiipioti.
His hrst big eastern batu- will oc
rur Thursday incl t ( ct"hi r !'. when
be wi'l meet tiuiiboat Sni'lh in a 111
rmilid bout. A he.ivv ail. mei sent
sale lor the inii'ch has 1" en n corded,
acconling to pr s dispatch. If
Carl beats Smith he no doubt can bi
Safily l ulled the w hite hi a-. weigh'
cliainf iou of the world, for (limlnmt
bns whirped uhout every white hop
that hat sprung up In th- last year
or te n.
ln-poCs Indicate that "Our Carl"
ha.i tt.ilmd for this week's eugsK
nu ut tia he never tiaiued lieXur.

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