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Tulsa daily world. [volume] (Tulsa, Indian Territory [Okla.]) 1905-1919, November 02, 1913, MORNING EDITION, Image 10

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1 LI S l ; V ..(Mi)
ll,lii M. 't l.'l '-""
Vl. v I uKft "l I .' . .4 !.' ' " ;' '
ii .(Hi i i. It, i I , . ' "' u
CJIllAi, , "i I ! K. I"l I '
iluKAi I ''I i "li. '
tu;j "I u! i.u'iwN.
P.U, by Mali
bi' Muu'ht " . 4
" uulj .m... In I ilti
I I , - i , , , . soo
; .. ,' u.ui !'
H I'll V I I I s I I N
li lid
(1 I
ilrdmtlded i - -n Th. f,. ,,f ttieni or ttoolr administration
ration of Co lsloi ,, Hint- office is entirely superflu-
ni lo 1 1 if Renal ho wan ou. Compared with the nun who arc i
confirmed and this of ., . .mium; them they Hand out Ukel
1 1 Hi. ! r.
We Are Positively
Quitting Business
and are making the lowest prices ever given in Oklahoma, on dependable furniture. We can convince you
of this fact quickly, if you will come down to our store and look it over.
Here are a Few Sample Prices:
.- ! i i.t H I
Ui at .
d ( ak 1 Iresscr with law
$12.00 S.,li. Oak Df
niin'ors for
l'( T (ill
.... $5.95
arpc plate
.... $7.75
lfH.50 twi
in I Beds
iiu-li ""' Y'Tnis Martin or Whit Enrol-
$(.50 An- HVli Mattresg I'm' . .
I. no ( larantt'cd Steel Springe
1 1 no Solid Oak 'hiffoueijn
ifiK.OO s.did Oak 'haira with are
li ni Uer seats
d ie Llll" IM'IIIII- ill fUUO
$5.00 Solid Leather Si
'S2.)0 Axnrinster Rug
it. per yard
t .ISl'S
size f) 11' nil sali
. . . 48c
. $3.35
. $6.95
$15,00 Axniiiist.-r Bugs, Rissc i x 9 on sale
sVJ )() ( Wv BffK. 9 x 12. mi sale .it
$30.00 Ouofoltlfi in solid oak frames on sale $20.00
$1 1 .i H 1 Mussivr Oak Library Ta
inch; nil sale at
$ i.dii s. lid Oak Pining Tab!
pedestals for
75c Bowl and Pitcher for 49c
. size 26 x is-
with massive
The Tulsa Household Supply Co.
Opposite Central Fire Station. 214 West Second Street
"ii Mini
the ant
1 1 IS
."11 f
ii ill
i dent
weary land." The t limp are rldlcu
lou, absurd ami ho ulsulutel) and ,
patently malicious ili.it 1 1 . will only
provoke smile,
hat and maki
Abonl Hi.
tin.- world
I'dlS in In.
n middle ai
cretarj Ki iinklin K, i.n. f the
lor ilepiirtmi m. than w bom no '
honorable, straightforward,
i ;i 1. 1 i r eablnel officer .-r lived
list in ted In - eonfldi in f in Hi"
rltj and i he i inability of loin
loin i Belli by turning over to hint
entire administration of the I it
1 1 fi
incumbent "f
approvals all
mj connect i d
hat heretofore
i.i. write linn ther
only Iwo kind of sr nlc babiei
.iii.i il. li ii he add Hiai he M
perts that there are Mill left a few
mot hern who small behind the door
anil kts tl" Ir babies in MM ret. Thai
I may i. til.- caae in New I ork where
Cobb Uvea, but if be Will opine out
in the wide Hpacea be will find them
I raisins bable in the tame old Way.
i No specialised food except thai which
i Nulure, the greatest aped iiisi of them
ail provldea; no regulated clothing;
no not a t.u ..f u. Tin j are raising
them, theae old fashioned mother out
west. Just ri tiny were raised them-
i si ive ami iik" tl hi time reliirlon
lligene and
n of the citirs.
tor ch
nlil UtOM Soil .
,i. nis of the Oklahi ma A. M
college at Stillwater are endeavorlns
to produi e a brei d of bogi that will he
immune to cholera.
M ra, Maud Ta i i.. i . w la. lias been
vi ii vuuceaaful a., editor of tin- Tbtho
minico Hi i ol d. never atti ndad a achool
of journallanti but Kraduatod from a
millini ry si' I'' .
Tin- m uskogee oounty aaaeaaor has
Hated forty-two nun win. are iubject
to the payment of income tax under
the Oklahoma law and seventeen of
1 hfin are lawyers.
i:. C, I'thoada, proprietor of hotel
ii .ia entertained a brother from
i'h.. at ., whom be had not wen for
thirty year, as a yueat at ins bote!
without knowing his Identity until It
nua i. . iUed hi a oaaual convei atton.
An eagle no laurlnn eight feel from
up to tip was U lied on thr Moor I
ranch mar Tiawuh bj i-harlea Qlbba
,,ii l Bd Bearce of Claremore, After!
firing aeveral ahota mi" ii without
killina it iln finished it with a club.
is a man In Wichita li
in , lihood from breeding !
, lie- Mi AlesIrr N WB- ,
From the method being
dome fellow in Iklnhoroa, i
i i, tin coming (am
Lei mc relieve those
headaches and rest
those tired eyes.
Between Old Roblaaoa Bote!
and 1'o-t Ol'flcu
Lenae Qround on Premlc
EUctric light
offer many opportunltiea for
the novel, unique and artlatic,
end you ran gee them at their
beat in our exhibit, it is magi
cal bow they embellish any
r i In which they are placed.
See our display ai d imagine
bow they would add to th"
hcaulj of yuur home.
Rlectrlral Contractor!
US b. Mam.
.1 it
Soniebnd) refer to Oklahoma as a
state of ( armed stuff." We do ran a
lot of thing but we still have
. hai . to Improve We ought to ran
f. w governor, lieutenant governors,
attorney Re 11 oral, count) commissi on
er, bootlegg rs, etc., etc.- Muldrow
u th Claude Wearer telling why
why in goe to the races and Billy
Melirine telling why be went to Eu
rope, We would like to hear any one
i several thousand Oklahoraana tell
why be goes to Port smith," suggests
latther Harrison of the Wewoka
M K.lllt) ill SMI l ii til; OM S.
I feel that i' behooves mo
To thank my neighbor Smith or June
I'or the sympathy be lends me
Por writing just a little poem!
ow l wrote about my paper
Thai I hi,., to read each day.
And about a man Ot doggte
Who was taking it away.
To say who took my paper
I It is more than I ran t T 1 .
Hut I Know to hit a docKlr
II" is always sure to yell;
For I've tried it and It's funny
To see them bew tin y snarl.
Then I know from observation
When 1 read the Tulsa World.
Wi ll. I io.,k the bunch of sympathy
And Iiuiik it on the v. all,
lint nol one bit of reason
'"il l I find In it at all;
He claims to read the paper
lust th" same as other men,
V t hei iso 1 r ad early,
Does be mean thai I have tinned f
t lo I'M I a
ItH ll
th" W
Clll.lt ..ll of
thai Ihe t
read by mi
for any el In
l" ;
in the midst i f ih" Mexican i i
Mr. Hrynn i e t- X Jerej i..
mak fp-fi In s In tht rat! I'.lo-Ti.' I" I (
bevel heard -f liriiish fort lgn Minis-j
ter doing that. They are always on
the J"i. and tin y play the name. Thi
I why liritlsh itibject and their pro
party are protected In alexin, while
American an requested to "morel
Among the patrloUe and public
Spit ... Institutions In tl town ar-
the banks. r:i.- not on) are always
read) I., rettpond la any am i a who h
will make for tie good "f lha town
I I H tli, i ib- tb r doofS and pefttlll
whenever mmIi action will be benefl.
.ii is the fait or Ihe Dry farming
congress ot some equally praiseworthy
and tiny have earn i tt. esteem of
tr trouble t it.i ti In
innth r chat fot
i bought ih" latest magasinefl to cheer
my lo urs of race,
inn i found ih" list of tubs somewhat
similar to these:
"On thi Habit of the Microbe,' "How
to Know Tuberculosis."
And "The Very i.atfst Data .f Arter-
So i turned i" find refreshmi nl In the
burst talked "f novel.
iTwas the knot i found that ca Ii
pad - i spadr and not shovel,)
To the biitrr end I wailed In tin mire,
inkle deep,
tad it b ft me feeling murky as a mud
lark or a sweep.
Then i sought at lasl my needed relax
atlon at the play,
inn my doom was disappointment, for
I found. sJti k-a- l.iy.
All the evils of the CitJ there were
landed in a lump
Till I f' li a" H 'hat evening I'd Vlltd Jusl what hour In each day
a 'lump. Vou read the Holy Book of books
Even if j ou're
different alxiul vol
day garnieuts ftr
Rakes wear social
that lit m.ii.
i little in
nir every-ajtlness
The Rind FRED FREY Makes
it. fiats my mother's bible
Ljrli inch upon the shelf,
Is neglected and forgotten
And almost burrled In the duati
Tin- dear old hook nr.- mother gave nc
Oil Its pace I've Ceased fo muse,
lust because i rend the paper
That I may learn the Intisi news.
Ilr thinks I must be wicked
Tin- Pearly Dates I may net see,
.lust because I read my paper
a- i sip n.y morning ti a;
I Ih ' tell tnr Is It nselcs
T,. read thebook of truth.
Unless 1 read It early
Cat! you say Ihere is tin use?
i Now, neighbor, won't you tell mc
Tbiumli I try to keep an open mind
these question com to vex;
Is there nnughl worth while but symp
toms and the slnfuln of sex?
I there nothing left t" talk about in
sun or moott or star"
Is th"r. ' Be left to car.' nhttttl the
p int thincs thai are"
o y the Muses all turned militant or
l,.t their sninmir dowers
t. then none to speak a kindly word
ml lay the World away?
The Holy Bible must I rend It
Jui t one hour and no more
W'h i. the number of Ihe hours
In each day are tWenty-four
Mie Ken Sou"..
Th. tone of tin- world is changing)
lis note has a fresher ling;
e. life's keyboard now are ranging
The chorda that the hopeful slni
The minor have all departed,
eve those thai are sweet and Iru ,
And ii" voice thai is heavy hearted
Is fii.Kit.i! to me or you.
The tone of the world Is bright) r.
its note sounds a nntty key;
The i horns I quicker, llnliler.
And spuiks of joy and glee.
Ti.e sonns ihat ihe world is singing
I'or you and for me today.
Prom the hearts of th bi i . 're
Th. woes of the wirid away.
New V"ti( Tl men.
I bout an I en ngssg,
Iloston Ti insci ipt.
Mrs innbb - nrv.-r thll k of rn
ins in th. ito b us. nis' partk . though
tin y always Inv.te us.
Miss K.-n i ir heard I ha I lhaf
The Road to Happiness
Ono Dollar Down
One Dollar a Week
201 Palace BuUdiwr
Jopl.'n Drug Co.
'i mi dbi .4
I 'm; i KiAshs,
Mala nod i ri, ,, r;il h.
TUI:a "4L
. I i "l i I k . , , ii l 1 1 , 'i ri I I.. i I . i u
- R'.'" ".'-r i the reason th. v give f-r Ii . ....... fu , Mmm aJ2!S aT
Dlftcrcnl I ndlng Tl err mi Iri
"She wrote her name OH .in fK." "It's hard to hire katn In i . I r
"And unt an offer of marriage, h V ;ness. i manufacture dynamtt .md an
"No: but she got an offer to tenth need cauthuis nun."
for this poor nld Wtrld of " het penmanship, from" a correspond-1 "Well, why don I y.oi b.i k f.,i ., ,
a w Totrna In New Vork Time , ce sehooL" limn men?"
"V resllv cuuliiius mail won t lh
ajr ,our.
il I'atl.silB l Anff
''. I all rii..
I i-ii n.
Ml It 0 laiOttAg, Supt
' -i.Tsau
" 'sital i Im aaet
M) poor child" answered the seer-
By good business management a such job."
hear the awftll truth you great many farmers mak the hens '
hi aitor there I i iher and the rows ke. p up Ih table pnd
' ' '"' b fall or winter
" " NMtkina I km a, iu
returns rrani Inrn nrsgn more
nb i ib. itiu.
I a"1 , .win r- a ml 1 . . li . .
mltlon and lylni up Ihlng .. . ., , .., ., ,,.h a l.rv u-leter rlothps fur the family. I rang'- for their contracts ur earls mm
nth a, id BI nth 1 driasnT lleSJ may do the same. jpcw.ble in order that limn sMssg fol . Wofld ;ilil (ii ) i .sllltS

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