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Tulsa daily world. [volume] (Tulsa, Indian Territory [Okla.]) 1905-1919, November 02, 1913, MORNING EDITION, Image 15

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F f P I E F N
1 1;
f ii nl.it iMly
vimplc age. Bui iiir modern ags Is
rmnplcv viii ltd ii ml li gh) i ohu'. A, ll
leans i" gnrgeouaness iiinl pageuii(r)
111 nil social lit Tii' 'ii' pain ii time
w lien i he staid stsni i r of flft)
in ii 1 1: i i in i i 1 1 ii i ii i i v.
IMPOHTtM i in i i mils.
' il "I Nrvx ( lllll .1 1 Ii HI I .1-1 liililll
Mm I'lum Mii'i ili.M fur I nidi r
i.ii- liov, ir. Murgia,
ih. in doctrinal fi
more '
Itaulf wrilcul
I Hill .
is molded by Christ! Tor ms to live
if Christ,"
I in Mine iiioh fhlon wo iimv wH
but ideal, liui the momenl M atrlv
in realise it ey ii soovsr thai ws hsve
im two lu tec miIi a most buff
ling tid elusive situation. How we
w in iv. ii ii inn n. i depth uf thee
growing n retini litles around us? How
hit u ' iu penoi rail lo I he seci l
I1m i i uf men'i souls? Hon we m t"
ill 1 1. i . ill to other w i.. I la Httl i"
ii.-" tire absolute!) bound to 111'
medium lit om eon egpreesi ii
I end the outward form nfllf Is always
ivii.it le the material nf our prob
I em. and i want firal lo study u In r -
lutimi in tin' church a a whole then
as M appears i "i' t'i" Individual
As religion la not a i ' pi it n - 1 1 uf
life, but a Hiirit whii h tiertncatoa M-.
so tiii duty of the churoh must b in
I make every aspect of the national Intel have and ih
1 t Hgiuus, nut to strive In mule won she can have,
religious by drawing apart (row It. it lioolao the name kind o(
means that whatever useful tarl uf inn when wi turn from t'
tin' ohuroh school or ohuroh college do life ..i tin- church to n
man nlav in t in- total nut 1 1 r- n.iin' Individual, who rcun win
ffi i im real solution i.f lb problem church In I III cducat unal work II- r.
nf religious education. Wo aystam of ws have flrai i deal with thi but
segregation In properly labeled schools (linn nature of personality, Binre H i
I elm .1.. tl.i.t Au (l.c P.. I ...a u.,iril ' lift. u-e liMUn I.. ........ -nirl H.,l iii-ik
tor -I the First Presbyterian chuni, mu( brouci,,' m, the imoi, life, I Infor Hon el life, .In ll i, a
of Balllsaw, ukla.. In hix address be- M the i formal aspects ..f rail- charactei to ... d .eloped ad noi a
full' the Muskogsa Presbytery, bald at ; nmus training mual be aomalioM eo- mind lo be filled, in.- , i,
Wagoner, iikia.. lust -.- k . "in oim of ordinsted with the seculai training, through whom t ln truth comet ol
The New "Six"
i Tlui
-lands linfor
magnificent etiulpini nt
i houlog) plendld Idi uli
I Hampered and ha ttd i 1
hj tin v ' ry i a . i i m in. ii
mil . qtiipmi
y. f.
(fpi . lal to Tin
' Tin- nulijeni
tu apeak upon
aid lie
Tulaa Dally World.)
wliii li I nave ohoaen
at Ihli lime, The
mi iti-iimi"x I'Iducatlon."1
lr. rrederlo D, Bturgla, paa
gravi- lmiortanoe. it upena queatlona Here la duty for iin- home; here m tin
uf CuudatnentaJ meaning, I'ur pall- duty for tho Sunday aohool; here hi
ginns eduaatlon hi im limple affair of the duty (or the Chriatlan community
iu inn ii orea4, repealing the Uord'a I In moulding the work and i : f "f the
prayei or the 'ivn C mandtnent. If public aehoola mid atata unlveraittee,
It ware there would lie no protolemel Poaj nf tin' Mlgtona i.ii'c.
conueoted with it, worthy of a aerioual A, iU,y ., ,,. ....i,,,,,,,
mane attanUoii. Me f ,j, Dhuroh ,. PKmme ,,,,
"Tim idiul of our reaponelbillty In aarlly in certain kind.-i ..f (orma, tin
lliis mattr, h mlnlatara of the goapal itronger the drive "f Ufa, the i . i
i ii"i a problem of Inalruotion alto- need (or agpraaaion, The verj teat of
ether, n Ih a life problem the prob- the life of religion la U'a Inoeaaenl
leiu of niokinc 11 'Utti a real, living aeelcing for new and adequate (orma.
Ihing. which ahall dominate the whole Theee forma eturallv an deoendont
m a man .s in.'. Ana it la ii ere thu the upon locial conditiona In which
real ilirt'iiiilty uf tin- whole iiialti-r ui-ib
Tlie nii;aiil.at inn nf Hn early oliureli
fail- intn lines familiar tiimuiiii the
nothing government of the empire, it was in-
evltable that it ahould have Incorpor-
uli ii I iin- Ridlgloua Mtltude,
Keiigioua education I
niM iir, ,,i any imeiugeni man a inter
est unleaa li magna Uiu creation and
cultun- of the religioua attitude. The
aim of the toacher nf religion i to
tlr Into activity Hint Instinctive re-, and every means fur egprealng llu
ligloux attitude which belonga to each aoul that was in it. The tendency to
nteii mauy elenienta from the worahlp
nf the myterlea. The vigor of it's life
aupreme Importance. 1,'nleaa there
run i ttabliahed thai aubtl nympa
thv which apringa from om common
way nf reaching thing, Ihi loak le al-ni"-it
The very ImpreaaiVC miii; h of a
peraonallty will render Ii unfli to deal
villi lertain klnda at aoula. The
brength Which wtlmulatea one bnata
another down. Imagine the ardent
mini nf .1 Kmix or a tvtiitcfleld chain
ed tn th. leborloua ami logical innvi
inentM at a blennp. Wow bruland and
battered many a child has felt em ere
Inn from the earneal and powerful
teachlnn of a hopelcaaiy diverae type
of being. Bo then, again the eternal
problem arises, tin- apirit and it's
farm; ih.- common life iii 1'hi'st which
the ardent oul lonaa t" tranttmit and
one of us lieeuuHe we are children
of (im! t.i direct it's conduct, guide
It's tin. limn ami fix it's Idcala mi that
it may i.e. , .me tin- dominant attitude
of life.
A man ;s not necessarily religion
T because he fues tn chinch or believe
certain urthuilux il,,. trim s, of keepr
the Tin ( 'ummandnienta. He Is only
beginning tn he religloiiM. He be
' ciime- really anil iieniiinely religioua
only Minn he dues all those thlnga,
I ami every other thing In life beeauae
he ,, ves Ood, He becomei a t'hriH
i tlan only when every rotation of life
Vi a know the terrible affliction
I that ' nines t.i man) homea (rom Hie
result ,,f a drlnkina husband or sun
IdliHV nf the money Wasted nil
"Drink" that i needed in the home
tn purchase food and clothing, OR.
II INK has saved thuiisunde "f iliinlv
Ing men. It is a home treatment
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man a. Campbell. Adv,
helpleaanna uf that aoul to escape
the limits ,,f t'g own peraonallty. That
is the ntvihlnm nt tlie , n! . vl.l i ;, I
required it. It laid hands upon any,, .,
i api.ll- nf a l'a-1 ".e.
But it is when th. individual ta ill
ami the church'a teak coalesce, when
m lake llu- cnurcn a lunlilein mil nr
the realm of social ami historical nay-
stmi nf I
a slKtl I
Right on the Street Car Line
One Dollar Down
One Dollar a Week
201 Palace Building
Superior taikiring and fit
will always be found in the
clothes produced
rich and full expreatotl was a
life: not a the Puritan avers
nf decay.
In the same va as men hi can to
Hunk about their religion they found
themselves humid ut ih, their thinking
in terms familiar to their ai;e. Qreek '
Iheotogiana thought In the Qreek laii
guag and after the Qreek fashion, I
and thus anise a meat gppgrtua of
forma which expreaaed the inner life
of religion, and upon which, therefore!
religion must lamely depend fur the
conveyance of It' life. In other worda
that generation or any other given
generation funis Itself fitted oul with
a fcnat aohool equipment by menus of
which it Is to convey t.. the neat gen
eration those influence, the forma of
egpreaalon, whb h shall evoke into vlg
eroita life it's religioua instincts,
H I'orniN icnits iu lUgidity.
There is the task, but imw arises
tin- real difficulty In the mutter. All
farms leml to rigidity. Tin- very drive
nf life which has created and used
these farms has tended to fix them. I
Tin deeper the nod nut pf which
they arba . the more rigid they become
Tin- tremendous doctrinal struggle of
the Nicene creed produoe cpedal j
statements which men think uf as h.'iv-
Ins a kind of eternal character. The
chology, and make it the practical
problem nf given Individual that we
see how the whole matter beoomea
We fiht much of the time with
weapon "f a paa! age, We try to
equip uiir students with armor "t"l
word instead uf Khaki ami repeating
rifle And. like David, tiny "essay to
K"." and, finding the equipment ill
adapted throw It aside, hut nol always
alas: in order to continue the right
with weapons which ihey can use,
To partioularlae regarding thi
equipment, take the Apoatlea Creed.
The church gives it to us ne thi eg
presalon nf the christians fundamental
loyalty ol Christ. It'a phrases reach
Into our aouls, The repitltlon "f them
toucha the deepeal emotion of loyal
ty and love. Bo far so good. But now
transport yourself It you please Into
the poaition uf one who wishes mu t,.
egpri -s hut In Iransmit his faith,
If any one come t" you asking what
Ih your faith Would you answer him in
the word u (the creed7 Probably not,
the word nf the i reed? Probably not,
recognise Instinctively that it would
convey no real Idea lo him at ail of
A Motor That Can't be Stalled
Here's a New Factor in Safety
An Additional Source of Comfort
The Picture Telia the Bti
n, tiiott r iiiicjit
migtit 1 1 cm uh' a. .
i t.i- -nmiiii occur on .. ' ii ssiug.
Tin' non stnllable motor of (lie New
tecK no in i uch a i'. i -i'. I he ria n i''
motor fcn sliuii!,! iu- . Ik: cul off ui
1 1 kctsjis ii running in even eniergeticj
ll pll M Ills
slallitit; under
at k uurxpi cietllj ; (lie
riiink "i llie iiossibilitiei
A duardsnian Always on Duty
The utarter i alw aj - readj It con
matieally ivitli ihe release "i iin clutch
sueed droiis to a certain point. No need
liahners "Six" pro
,;t ler spci i- ni the
-paik interrupted,
!i wded it, .Mic . I.iiis it from
i in entire absence nt vi
the car and t lie comfoii t
da) .itii i day in the New
cas ih, hi
K hie in n once and v uti'll
f llu
it near!) dou
pa ibcncers.
les llu
N un can
tic ol
m uli 1 1 ic comfort ut our
lie f n - ci spoiled fur an)
Here's Flexibility No Four Can Equal
i - fill i .ui mu auto
.. iieuever i In' engine
in give ii a iliuniit.
I akc tlie lu cl ii
Kvvilch uf llie electric
Nol i' i In iu quiel I
1 " , eahil) .mil hi iu
an lnnn ut iliiuiilcs
tan sltifting gegrt.
That's flexibilit) ml
sliiftiug is seldom needed
iu sei im flexibilit) woult
1 1 it- Mew t'li. ihn
starter and l'i in
how smooth!)
luickl)1 ii niounti
tih tlie
srs m.
the clutch.
ii niovei av a , See
Iu 20 .i 40 miles
un tu iwu ami 1 1 1 c i i oil again
u ith-
Is all ui tlie inutur It sell ; gear
Anv auxiliary gear mechanism
lie inereh suoerfluous weiifht,
nn llie S ItCI
nun stallal ill
ai Hie outset that -feature
ui the New
sensation ol sectinij thai doubles youi 111 loiing picas
Where the Now "Hiy" Is Supieme
No h
"four" i
I 'an Mi ! Imw
t, i ne six cyun
s iiu interval bt
imperceptibh .
i a
mest makci
run aiu. I
f equal ui :
mill , i in
' will
Hi. u a m
i lnnli am
t ami horsepower,
re smoolhl) , silentiy an
u. e a i mi; itiuous r-i ream
i explosions ; i he imtul
J ft the Car Prove It
Come ami see tins wonderful '
i' harmony outline will fasciuati
l cl it-- take un tin a l nle. ti
mootiiness its suiiple power ut
in motoring pleasure
m i
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ii.' silence its velvety
gie you a new sensation
the tin ill nf soeed with the luxury of
'i power
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t ri
a i
Ih s
( "
form onoe created can like tin- lew I the moaninir of your faith. The creed
nf Hit! Medcs ami Peralnne hartjyl m It Monde hu n certain unreality for
lie altered, Hut in th. nu an-u idle ; the inml' i n man, I nderatand me
life Ih rhnnKlnp. arlgtit; I am not (peaking here nf It's
Do not miaunderetand me. Thej iiuth In the spiritual realities which it
Kioene creed li tite glorioui eKpnaaion I eymloIicc deep and eternal truth
nf ao aye of Immenae Intelleetual yl-lthey are i.m the form. The creod
talilv. The nicaniiur if the achieve-j has for It's netting a world view which
menta nf one age cannot be Judged, we ii" longei hold, it has a note quite
however, by the standards and pur- foreign to thia age, It presents a dif
iiiiscs of another. Athanaalui apokelferent proportion of faith, for there i
nf living quoaUona i" his own day, no recognition In worda of the life of
But although the Nicene. creed bodies service.
forth a great reality it dues so in When then, any person, child nr
terms w hich be! tig tn it's own Rge, I adult, comes t" it thinking that n pre
As the generations come and go I Bents in some scientific way the mean
those terms, majestic, rythmical, emo-jing "f Christianity, there must ob-
gua I'fl lite
i for
4 W 3rd St. Robinson Bldg
tioQ-atlrrlng, become more and more
a foreign language. The reality unes
"in nf them. Tin y have no carrying
power. They can stir neither the Ima
gination in.r the wills nf that genera
tion which we ao ardently lung tn
touch with religion,
H I should try tn tell you nf SOtM
1 1,, art searching experience nf Ood, my
Words Would lutt faintly suggest it:
ley would body forth Inadequately
the meaning nf n ail to me; and tn
you with every removal f your i" r
sonalltiea from mine hy an.- nr train
ing nr surroundings they would be
oome Increasingly meaningless,
uhl t'sagc Inadksquatc
The nid usages adequately expri sd
Car That
Display Rooms
Fifth and Boulder
vinusiv in- a sense nf treat unreality,
it cannot grip, 't cannot bring con
viction. Krmn th" point nf religious
education it fail, tn give any adequate
understanding nf the life which it es
pressos "i ihe until which it symbol
Izes. Since such frank Words may SOSUI
strange in -"me of my brethren of
devote sou but who will question H
is preolsel) such frankness we need in
these matter.- I would emphasise
what I have already said, that I am
nut speaking a' all nf the spiritual
truth of tin- ere, i, hut pointing nut it's
Inadequacy as an educational instru
ment. The lYansmlsNion nf Idfc.
I have spoken thus far of the diffi
culties which beset church and teach
er alike as we approach Ihe irreal task
of tin transmission of life. The forms
which convey it must have reality to
those whose religious Ufa is t" be
nurtured; bul the very life process
itself is continuously making those
forms Inadequate to the task.
e an confronting a problem lu re
common to ail religious bodies. What
are we to 1o about it'.' PVeadom nf
worship; freedom of creeds! statement
do nm help matters, They only change
ideals. What then la to be done? The
fust (him; is to recognise our problem
The church, in lo r corporate capacity,
must see the facts she must under-
stand that her an ient creeds, her his-
Itorlc polity, In short all that which
! bodies forth the soul of her love fnr
Christ approaches must nearly to the
I ideal which the soul sets when enn
I ceived of B the exiresinn of life; but
the moment the problem ef education
arises It .8 S"i'tl to tie full ..f the Qs ti
ger of unreality.
Realtti Tot nf Values,
The recognition of the problem
I brines one face tn fa' e with the ago-
r d demand which Is It's cormllary.
The church must show a greater
readiness to adapt herself to the con-
lavi 'I t'
lew. led Nickel Kv
irs hy the inanufaet urera,
Mention w hlch dcsln d.
Ihia watch ho cheap? VI
you; i' save von the tniddli
u bj pun basing it iiu, ei from
1 1
anil l
ll' i
Idi s vi . u i ii
s tin- chum
i j, c en w ith
Ion. II means th
ureal principle
must control expression.
, , i,e, ,1 t,ii example not r...'W
1 Inc. Imi! n ..i phi is. m.. w net n.-r
' new. "Love your i immius" .s m
; still shucks ami grips one. i
' rt ailiy. hat we need la noi th
minai on ni ui" nine out doi ii ai
. ,n real COIIUtUt w it a lite, 1 In 1
j tuiiMiil in definition like an .11 11
Ileal putxie leai e.- one hag ,
, air. The Trinity augg Bung uod'i
i ni approach to humumi illumiin
i lite.
What wo need is not I" I- rge
I virtues of past ages, but t" prcBcnt
t hem in the foi iu Mir own age oaii
find real. Wo cannot ,,.'.ii"i f OUI
duty" in Ihe stale ui' I, le In v. Inch II
has .h ased 1 1 nil t" i all US," bat I "al
Virtue can never become real in the
modern unless ,t lu.u . .. ex
J press. nn. Reality is a l St "t values.
I There is a kind nf teaeuing ail t""
frequently found which .-com., i" make
manners n church more Irupoiiutit
I than molt Is oul: ale. ." one would
I seriously mean that, mu does anyone
seriously believe that details of doc
trinal definition or acuracy In Blbll
leal history are more Important than
Christian living, let the emphasis
would constantly suggest il.
; Tin- educational leauers of today s"e
'this. The churches are slow t" wake
io it. Vet it is absolutely essential.
We have glorious essentials to bring
Into tin- lives of our young men ami
, young women, the lives "f our boys
ami girls. The living righteous Ood,
the mastering power "i 'hnst In the
1 soil!, llie guiding Searching presence
I ol the spirit, the Inspiration of Chris-
: tuiti fellowship in Un- church. the
abundant richness of the sacraments,
the stirring ideal "f tin- Kingdom
realised in tin brotherhood of hu
manity. Those an present realities,
, We UtUBt keep fast tU thelll. We must
never lose tin si use of them in the
form in which we ao then.. We must
I if 1 may so put it. be careles aof form
I if so be that the life may be conveyed.
I , ililc the Overwhelming Concern,
finally, there Is reality in faith. I
I mean the faith that Qod really lives
and is revealed in humanliy, faith in
I th" present ami the future as in the
I last. W'e need such a -eal and living
faith, that we shall no) be afraid to
take risks, to make ventures, to trust
the Christ within.
How ofti n the churches stand hesi
tating before a forward step lest,
somehow, if the nid form goes, 111"
I Christ will be lost. Hut he w ill not
I W'e may trust the guidance nf the
; spirit "f truth. With such a real and
1 livtiiK faith we shall find ourselves
1 not much concern, , 1 with the past, the
I faith mi I silvered, but with the fu-
I lure, the faith tn be delivered. That
is our overwhelming concern.
What then I plead for Is that there
: shall take possesion of the Christian
conscienceness this forward look tinv
new emphasis, this test of all It's life,
not hy the past but by the future, not
by what 1 m presses perfectly our own
religious life, but by what will make
religion real to the generation thai Is
rn route, mat we can never eseiip" ,st Iutl,r ,Vll lecture at tin pi
nil the limitations which the very ! I nouM ths afternoon at 3 o'clock and
tore "f Uf- puts upon us goes without ut -.3a u-w.k.
saying, but if we s ir diffh nltles. I p
ace oui ihsk ..mi .0.... ...... .. r. .. ,,I(.,,AnI) FLOOD, fonneru' townslls
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that It Is tin re
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understanding tint if I do not lik It,
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n ill
oil mm
At th" opening of tin congress week trip In the wild vt Niw Mexico. Tiny
i'l- i f v., i.' placed in front of the have been tone a month and report
store. When It was taken up last the iMunihig of much dser add lurk.
party was t amped in thi inart
A ti i.sa COUNTx organisation of
socialists will be pur. ted at a con
, mention to be held In the courthouse
liere today. Socialists from all (.arts
' of the county will be. In kttMdanoa,
Thoiniis L Bute of Colorado, a social-
oiKlit I'U'i 1. u.i'iii) people I, .i.l walked The
' I I , "lll Will. I it .11. 1
with sho covered with
t. others r th- rugged I Hack mount ifna, hout
mud and Blchtv mllaa atth ..f ato ... rut mi..
The rug though th. . i. -ughly i Tulsa, member, nf th .., . ' . '.,....,
f, !'...! .."I. .11.. .... 1 . 11. r" 7 '
'i r ii.. . nil', I.,,,,,,
Mi" be ,' KOO.I UK IMW' lifli
going a clean ing, it was
ti -' ,f t s wuittaii worth,
utidei -
With thelll 11
''l..'-' ,f
look to us for th" conveyance of Ihe
mysterious gift of religion,
u ut.agur for the st. I . k a. railroad,
lltlona of the work. The need of th" . ..' . ... , and a man "f cnsbh't al ! r' p ''atlon
new genetntiofl must count more thnnl',' ' ' .ZZ "T . ' Jevel.per. has moved to
aflun the affeatliitia for the fathers for "' """ " Tti's.i and will de.ote hitns. f to the
that which Is to them perfect and sat
! lafyltlg. Wt must have a nw point of
view. Our business Is not to raise a
'new generation to be like oursslves,
I but to fit them for the work of their
own generstlon.
This does not mean s nw Modem
Ism, a mere hurried yielding to i very
whim of the age. a mere attempt te
It la claimed that some of the fua
lypts of Australia sre taller than the
California redwood, hitherto consid
ered the highest trees In the world.
upbuilding of this city. Ills first
campaign win be in the ssillng of
Irving l'lare addition, which goes on
sale st auitlon this week.
IN THN DAY! TIM R a Whtttatl
wll'.on run was given over an average
life time of Wear 111 front of the Muss
slRfl ELB1E HUNN1CUTT, wife of
i: .. A, Hunnicutt, died sarly yester-
in. tnomlng at her late residence,
No lilt iiouth Maui street, ufter a
few Hecks' IllneSi. The declined
leaves, in addition tu her husband, a
daughter, aged 0, and an infant son
of fie WSeka The parents. Mr. and
Mrs. A. 1.. Hradfoid. and a sister.
Mrs. Foote, of this city, also aurvhe
Kuneral services will be held from
the residence Tuesday morning at
iu.30 o'clock, with latermettl In Uak
lawn cemetery.
H It I.i:WI.- John T. Ktanier. A 8
rjnutt and U B, Ja'kson of Bapulps
their e altlott.
1 cmikY m'liits
World Wants f?et Kciulti Ifumltura ataM an BuUi Kaln stroat. Iraturoed yesterday from a tin- s
filed ai'it In the Hnp-rior . uurt ask
It'.g for s divorce fr u.i ttSl Ii isband
QsorgS ht English, dllestng extreme
i ruelty.
ON Tin: COMPtA .st f Nail
Hanson, road OVgrgeSf of Pi WBIIM
loWttghip, warrants wsr.i Issued yes
lerilsy for t'n Mirest i f f i men In
that township for falling to perform
their read work or Mat 'heir road

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