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Tulsa daily world. [volume] (Tulsa, Indian Territory [Okla.]) 1905-1919, November 02, 1913, MORNING EDITION, Image 2

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r ii
l) A ILK W 0 ll I. K I l V . VOVEMB
i 1 t. fl. ainn
it n rtrrr naninr1
' .. ..i : , M i' I urd nl U ,., ri I I SHOW 111 I Ulsa. ' ... c. ..
r"" I 31181 TIpplp' ' ,ir . THAIS Tif KINO! EAGLE MM
... . I ....... i ! 5 r :-:,li.i I -...l&.iS V.-l Yseiifsl r&n eTKi .tTOafcif
i. . s Af.-.-'f ' n.iMMta.! i . . v.-v bi i urji: i ;t .r if i uy? fei,x.jTswwaHe"'
11 I III .! ' . Ul HOW Mil). !
pri Idonl "f Hi' Rxchangc Nal mill
1 V" pi mm nunn
:5 4 HH nuA ill u hi
Atto nev it-Law I w i-ixihmsitiox can ii
I. j. ,4 .';. ' Ul HI II TOI.AY.
r. .1 (i i I'M ANN.
ii ... wcitfRE. RBV P l: 'Ni.-Ki-:.:i!..rKi:n.
The V. M C A, Board of Governors Who Will H ive Charge
of the Building Campaign November 7 7-27, Inclusive
in Our Sew Home, Mam and Fourth Streets
Right on the Street Car Line
One Dollar Down
One Dollar a Week
201 Palace Building
T'io Road to Happiness
One Dollar Down
One Dollar a Week
201 Palace Building
r.. -
1 1.
in tli
l Monday mht
ul lh elty, win.
ni I heir I'.'M . r lo as
' 1 ' I llIH 111 till" Mil
by (In'
VV ilnllr:
sslsl (In
Ti il
hr -i 1 1 iin . . i
Al l EYS
. ni
oul (it Ihc pUHIW. Many bual
ii. ii t.f Hi. ol air already h.i
lit. i pUlllll lli.it Miry ran Kiv.'
Ulldll Ldd all. mi.. n ii. till
iitn. N'pvi'i l a- the turn been
QlPliT fiUil MORCIIDC ' x
hH I Mflil I :"U 1 1 it l" ' 11 WuHhlng
UlUu! flllU HUnUUllU ti, DC liuvn lunnlled roiiln
howlag iin pjul.meni noesMry to
airy on Hi. work m thli department,
ur uti..- equipment Ii of the IiikH-
i a mi v uarantee it t.
More propltloUH n.ir tin' ilctnainl limro i
i ml tot a roung M. m'h Christ urn !
imiiH'.lutloti li.iildlnR than now, and th
n. . .in. -.it to tecum an adequate
mildlnn for ThImi is but another atep
n Tnlna'i .iiw.uil march "f progf
..ward aupremacy not only in ooni"
i rnterpriac but In moral and
.i ii . tional Advantage a.- nr IL
. it n -i i i;i i i: is ins i ii.n r
l i l ; H( X I :si I 1 1 . 1 1 i .s is
St ( CI sv i
on ni l prai m .ilh nil i.f tlir stair ami
i n depart m nts of weHihti and meaa.
urea in thiH country, Including Okla
homa CltJP In j. !"" stair, ami tlnsi;
aealera hay.' found it to be the most
aOCUrate ami practical tjjn. of ini
tial ai us.
i'oura eeri truly, v. t. B, c.ur-
Do i'ii km .iv wli.it tin fniinil.itii'ii of uui business
contitlcnci' yotti cottridenoe in us
v i- might havt succeeded in ,i w.n w- might have built up
quite ;i business, in fact, without winning your confidence. It
can be done b otTering jeweln of inferior quality at bargain
iiin's. But ii would not be the kind of butineti reprcaetited by
Pi iedman.
We have built .'in business b) telliruj onlj merchandiM of the
la -i quality- merchandise that satisfies and pleasd you loiij;
after you have purchase d it.
That ii why you ;irr -ii pleased when you receive a ifi iron
Friedman's 'U know ii it comes from here it is an article of
secretary ,.f the Commercial dub
c. a. Randereon reaterday received .1
communication from v. a L B. Out
ley. daalera in iwadard welihu and
meaaura Inatrumenta, advtama him
thai If the I... al di inainl her. tor 'iiiiik
uch Inatrumenta were tufflciem they
Would fiirnmh the beMBBBry iquip-
nicnt whii'h would Ineure correct
Weight! on all M all's.
Son ml weeka oognpuUnta were
uih received at thn Commercial
club in regard to ihoci weigh m iiriim
Will ReUcnre Nervueu DuMnaliw
mill lou spirit..
The .'Id tandard general stri'nirth
onlc, ui; iVF"H T vsti i.I''ss
ohlll TONIC, arouaea the liver, drives
"Ul Miliaria nnd bUllda up the gfg
ifin A nre Aj'i'ftler and Hid to
1 1 ! 1 n Mic.
SihiMil IjiiiiI. Went Hlch
given nl BOVeral Of tho cotton glim Of I The achool land force which hn
Mr Bandereon made an In- hee.. holding tli- ale of lands la the
reatlgatlon and found that the aoalaa Ninth an lea dlatliel Including lands In
were nol on n uniform hnsis and he i niairrnn and T";is ronnlies. complet
M iRSH M l PO I I -i.
M l. xt si:.
to the city roni.nia-
1 Iipii
BinCe that time complaint have
been f.-wio and Mr. BaadergOfl thinks
BOtl Unit It will not be neceasarj' "
lake any fnrthei atepa to Insure cor
rect w.'iahta.
.,1 the work Cvedneedas nnd returned
home today. The total ialea will as-
HieMate npproaimntnty 12,000.000
Which Is nearly double the appralaed
value of the lands and a areater g.iln
than haa ever been made on achool
land. The lands In Cimarron county
The letter from W. A L, K. fliirley brought $1,660,000. Hire the greatest
llahed herewith: IquanUt) and the best land atag aoid.
IOI W. 1 C A 'Sanderaot Thg sale began on September 22. The
Eaq. Secretary Commercial dub. Tut- land gold in Tuns county will bring
:i okla. pear Hlr: We ar adViaed the aggregate up to nearly 12.000.000
UMI I it are inierestPii in an ordinance
reanlating the WOlghtg and tnenaiires
In your elty and provldira fir the
g ; 'tnipnt of a sealer, und we have
lent to you under aeparate rnvar a
copy of our handbook of weights and
to be realized from the lands In both
.Tndgr riirman lletiirns.
OKUOIOMA CITT. tikln., Nov. L
.Tudgo Henry V. Fnrmnn of the
mpssnrps , h rnntnlni In sililitlnn ..i,l..n1 . 0 n...Anl. nln . J
. ... . i i iiMi.in, .,'u.i ,'i iii'i'tnin i ru - -. ... .
' il,ua -na ,t.,.. I nllr.l 6 ' t m.,.l-nl
our ratalotue. Instructi, na f ni , T'i i s,My f . m li.,ttl.' Creek Mich. J
where he h.is been spending the past
si iimIm f. i i"- hearth. Be is preat-
OKL.AHOMA C1TV, okla.. Nov. L
C. C. llamnn.iida. slai- fire marshal
todaj racelved word of tha burning at
Carter, Beckham county, of the atorc
belontTing to 1. i. Clay, wh. coMduota
a general merchandise business there.
The biillilini; belonged to J. it. Kstess.
Both building and goodg were a total
koag, that of the building 12 ono nnd
the slock of goods at 110,1100. There
was i i.ooo Insurance n the building
and 11,100 on the stork of goodg. The
cause of the fire Is unknown, but It la
Claimed the store had been robbed
before the fire w aa Marted, aa the
back door was open. fire Marshal
Hammond will pmhahly make an In-
. it gallon,
l ain Lets Office BogKa,
UAWTON, Okla.. Nov. 1. lie. inn
ing home from Washington today,
John Fath. former county attorney,
and who has been mentioned ns the
aucreeeor of Homer N. Hoardman,
I'nlted Btates attorney for the west
ern Oklahoma IHstrict, aatd that tt
would bo onlc a ahort time until he
would he appointed and confirmed for
the pla. e. The appointment of Fain Is
credited to Cnltsd Btates Senator Gore.
If More succeeds In landing Fain he
will have accomplished considerable In
the patrunase line, aa It la generally
understood that It waa through hla In
fluence that Dr. J. O. Newell of Jen-
tfstlng scales welghta and measures
many usi fal reference tablet, etc.
We will be glad to ind u a Uet 1 1) It I
for the Western Oklahoma Dlatrlct.
World Wants Get Results
Traveling Immigration Igenl
Itoad w hi iii. id Hoetiaar in
This k'loinlti kUtortly,
a considerable dtsappolntmenl was
fell bi the otfidlala of the Interna
tional DryFarming congress when o, I
I.. stark, traveling Immigration agent
of the Northern Pai If 1c railroad, an-
noanced that owing to a future itiner
ary, winch mum be met, it would be
; ni ' ss. i r to dlamanUe the road's
j beautiful exhibit at tin exposition
i ftTOUndS Saturday night, owing to
chipping arrangements. This would
i have paused the Montana exhibit to
I dismantle at the Bame time, and In
I tills way rob the Mtpoaitlon of two of
, Its most nttra' tiie features. Owing
to a libers use of the wires, bowi .. r,
und a redajustment of plans at a
considerable expense, L J. Brl k.i
general Immigration agent or th.
Northern Pacific railway, advised Mr,
stark thai n extension of twenty,
four hours could i.e arranged, there
by enabling these exhibits to ren tin
intact nnUI Sunday evening; this will
enable the thousands of people, oi
Oklahoma whe have as yet been nn
able to see this remarkable exhibit
a chance to view the products nt".
along the line of this ent. rprlslng
railway of the northwest Tbis .x
hlhlt has been the chief drawing card
for the crowds seeking the artist!
displays of th.- wondi i tut di
inent of the Lake I'ark OOUntr) of
Minnesota, the wonderful Wheal 1st dl
of North Dakota, th.' famoui v.1
lowstone Volley and tributary valley
of Southern Mniilanu, and tbl I
oeptlunally high-grade fruit, gram g d
forage districts of southwestern Mon
tnnn. Northern Idaho, Wa--liliigti.ii
and . iregon,
owing tu the saoepUonal Interi
Bi ow n by BaVSfat hundred people II
and uround Tulsa, O, L, St.,rk. Immi
gration agent of the North tn Pa
c'fic railway, from ffnntis ' 1 1 1-. ail
hold some twenty meetings m till,
vicinity within the next tun or three
tnonins. wn.-n nn can answer in mot.
detail tho hundreds of questions
whli li are constantly being nsk.-d re
gnrdlng free government bands, land
vsluea. climatic i auditions, rainfall
and Liialneaa opportunities In th.
Two Matinees Today at
nn iMi'i;i:ss
B Reserved seats, first matinee aim
firm night show, Quaker Drue i, .
car i mews 1
M, RUUI8ILL ,,f I'o.i, 11.,
the pioneer business college man of
Oklahoma, waa in Tulaa v. si. ..a ..
aoli produi is exposition,
i uslneas colleges at Cush-
ami Pawhuska,
lending th
lb operati
mt., I'a in
. ( ""l M'DONNEL of Oklahoma
1 it have been awarded the ooatrai I
Inatalltog thi nesting plan. ,.,
"lea s Dew convention hall n un
der course -r oonstrui tton. Th,- con.
tract price la M.iso. Three blda were
wbmltted but the Oklhoma City con-
' ern Waa lowest by over DJ00.
W' 1 1.1,1AM j
better known t
Wanted Will pa S. mt pound lot
clean cotton rags nl W ald ottii-c.
the theatrical nnd
carnival profession u "Rd oi "
has been In Tulsa the past Week
mingling with the ihow people t
Hie International Boll Products expo.
slllon and getting news for the New
-rk . -upper. "ued onion" is the
creates, wrli. r of Carnival news In
he world and big column In the
nillbosrd was tor years ., distinctive
'"'ui. jus, recently ha has be-
OOmS affiliated with the .'Upper.
Oklahoma Charters
Secretary of state Bet, y. H, , !.',.
lav granted th.- following charters,
"tigress 0 n,t .
r .I' '. oil ft I fin nnn , ' . .
- on hi iiorai or,
Berrltt J. class unit ..
f.a.i i. .. ""no
". ! unningnam
Oartnka on and Oai
itnid. cspltaj fir, nnn-
,: tt. shnw any B.
' Morney n. . Wltthaus,
w. n Johnston, lohn P, cK nl(i
company of
I 'Ire- anil The,. 111...1
, n L .."V"" N'"v ' ttw Ander.
-n. h Method 1st prench. r IHing In the
'"in-ry near h.r.-, am and mads
ir.,,,, all the stoves mth bouse and
MJar. went back .,. bed, Rat wife got
' and me,,., r..,, breakfast .ml when
-a,, ."-an him f,,r tb. monTIn,
r"'""1 tlltn d.,1.1 In bed it le
d he died ,.f heart trouble.

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