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Tulsa daily world. [volume] (Tulsa, Indian Territory [Okla.]) 1905-1919, November 16, 1913, MORNING EDITION, Image 12

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t w v iv rc
.11 IN I I ii
till' i I I 1 1
filers una Uim In usury man,
I in hi. .iii i bet iii- p...- i r i , i ! 1. 1 ,
i. ii. ..Hi T In linn Ii MIUIli I n' lis i
w I., i. In fci Ii- tin In 'I Uf illi'li
I llllj w In n In f0 the in ' 'I ill .n H I V.
Itit'llM null hiiiI fade, j I - i ii 1.1I..1
WlftptS Ulnl Jiavifi lln' iI.m.ij ; 1 llted III
I. 1 ... pthi of dsspulr, 1.1,1 ii, 1 friendly
i t JafYTEC
llff'r- 4 . 1 ! I
I I' I ll.l'l ( Hill II
(Cortu 1 Cngri m itnd 1 Inolnnntl i
llni i. H Mm i otl, pm i . I. rteej
ii in i (on bourn Cincinnati avenue.
Ii v. :i i a da) in the city, it this
lu.ur ii V. M. i'- A. representative
.... . , .Iiiiiii Muskogee will H" in In lhl
i . i. f.ih hiu lt little Jest with "' leading ragout mission wmk-
in i ' " i tilted :i it'". im speak
nnttltlniiN sin h ai in. nil I In tin
ii. i
11. i
ii. i
n. i
o. i
(i. i
n, i
u. I
, in, have in i n at tin. i . of i in
v. ,! il V, hu ll BOt Hi i fill lUU HI .1
Ing sorrow "il suffi ring whli )
,i pin 1 1. ii I 1 1 hi. M t In V
Mi I,,, Ih, Mi -:..! nf Id'
i in 'i ulea,
j mi want tn I,, u great
ii n knows slum u.irk
iii, 'i in.'. gn ii address
emm i f u in. in in thin town Ii mi opportunity nf a lifetime.
. I",'
10,11 .0
. 1 l.l" .1
nn rsfffl, 1 I '
11,111.1 I I f( I
... I l .'
i imbti i.l ii
nollui nil
oath pa ftlfira nm
.. I M I , ,1 I l
i I' tin'. 1,1
, I h'liil iliiny I !.(,. r
r I I
I. tl I
. I I
Rtil Ml,. ,1 in , R WI I 11 I" Li t l
t'HAJi E DKN'1
is in meet Li- i
If you n.,ll wi
j i.f iin street crowd Wim hi, tlul 1 1 Y.
re came ii time when hi was in I'i'P. pi
class nf the dnwn-and-uutors fm nimii
I ii spell iiinl i.f nil those Who l"l .....
ill Nniilit mid luod tin H' wi ll'
i two or throe choh spp ti . in,
u him (or what iin wai and who
ild walk across the street lo tak
i by tin' bend ami put In m t In
Ami In' ,. inn' I, ink in , I In l
i.i- I-., k. lint tin- i "' l ..r tin- ! :
wu n fi nrfiii thins and " has
i.ii lilt mind mni hi in nit nini
ii il Impulses which would have
hii ii iiiH i.i rvloe
P. r. in f, :o p in.
In has ii
llvxii .
pay fol .i In
il. W i.i ' . . .
put., ii.'.- t.
wai iiu tli
CI 1 1' . i 1,1 a
lln- Bairn
BS wo li.m
ni-w .
'i ,, ii ' t il.i nlil I In
I ill I. il l I IN I'lll st U.liH.s.
I ' Mutes mni tli.it ever) i-lulil
-i ' mni RnptM.
(Corner Kim mni Obmpiu r K fan-
Bout ii l) n, i ii.i . i
felunda) ftohool al 9 I.', n. in., c. r.
smith, Bupt.
I'l'oachlnii hi i n I'm in, tii morning
ami evi Itlng,
At the 1 1 n'clook wirvloe ii mpi
si ntatlve ( tin v. m i -. a. i m r, w.
I: :-tn Ii i 111 Hn UK Thin In V, M. C. A.
day in all tin 3'uIm churclu-s. tout
are carnoxtly niiuouted in In , him,
Ai 7 id I In- paator will mni. i' a rt'-
porl iin Btute convention which met
ni i hi. kiudia Nov, fi-7.
..ii w ill I- Interoati il in hearing
from iin- work in the entire Mute dur
ing tin' peat ) 1 1 . Thl baa been the
i'. v. r t r, Bervli i at B M p. m.
' 'Inn- Ko I'l ildcnt. Tin.. I- RlWttJ h a
thoir work, 'rim memberai lp tiuiu
. about i" thmiKh tim ortraniiation
is niilj a f yv wi eka old,
Ktrang-ei are made to feel at home
from i lu ll very fim vlali, If you an
i Uiiptlsl come mil ami put your inom-
l.ullicran bnri h,
tv- !iii.!- room 'ourl house.
I. ('. A
i. iinlr- fur Travelers.
lie t tor keep mi tin- main road."
four telephone bill for iii- month
t' Moven ber i puel due L'nleaa paid
Ii K -'Hi
! a a
i iff m 1
The proposition nf buying furniture is a simple one if you can
depend mi your dealer. Our motto is to please regardless !' what
it CdSlS US.
W- are leading on rnnpt's and ir.is lir;ii'i. Wo have already
sold a quantity and those who have bought are pleased. We con
ned iin in live and guarantee them,
Wr are anxious Cor you to sec our Library Tables. Many
new styles to be added this week, and we want to show you.
We have a few nice suites of Mahogany and EKrdseye Maple
Suites tn offer this week at a T i tr diSOOUOt.
Our Ideal Springs are pleasing the trade; they are sleeping
good "ii them and like tu tell us about how different they are to
other Bprings,
See our new line of Hygienic Feather Pillows. They are superior.
m i , i eeldom and never w n imut ,
Ever; tenth we hoar ' the ton Sl'NDAl NC3IOOL I.KSBON,
i " ' --
JP H .?.l. 9 Bi 'i -in-j.
Our Qenuine Leather tJpliolstered 3-pice Parlor Suites are
the best and i.t liirli in price.
New Location 2nd and Boulder
fi W
Ami have yon Raid a ic ml v .!
Just paaw-d? Have . u e hi to
Mtnmcnd bit" or her for ihe pi I
thlnss he or xlio Iris done, in- tend of
OtitJclslnK and flndlna fault? Try tin.
utwhina policy for just a n
m how much better It wi
thr TI uch.
Bird McOulrc announce- Hint he Is
not going; to b a candidal ; con
grogs nifiiln. Hiril McO n I beei
ono of the rnuBt eonapli n i
of this atnto ami nf I' '
which he represented ir . .
go lonR. 'Us declination on n thai
the statt Is going in lose tin aen
of one of Its moil dlatingulshed i
tena at Wash. net n. lint tin conao
latlon NOMina Ihnt ho is i oing ti.
remain In the state nnd fimhor ns
lat in ita niutoriul develcpn i nt.
all of us belitve
n iimi t' aalatlon nf
t only of i h i race but
i in half way of tho opli
Evi n Bui at haa tho beg) of J
Whenever n timn aayn hi i in tin
fnmttal BMgjnon,
Ii. it In- I . nil. .ii i inn 0,
"Thai mijiii: ttAWllnga ki.i.
lmm Um.t. HmM l ...
km Into hi'iir. IfoM, Wmil m
mi. i nt'i f,i iii'i'iii il .
"Sho .is nn n bat i ti l
t.ll n
- rait
j .. bn
I :
'I'll.- end "f a lifn nf one hundred
m l twent) yours practically nil spont
iii following Bp tho purpoaea of Jho
vah, is nomethlng to be contnmplated
with awe and reverence. All humanity
In prone tn en -r ami Moai l had many
! ... net him, but sn near
.--.I dear was he tn Almighty Clod that
.i provision was divinely tnmio
t i)l ', iliath ami bUligL In gpltg nf
Hhort here was n man of
- :. h cha factor thai ins memory tow
nbovi all h iman ffora, n t only nf
'.nn hut nf all tho : t- n . nt
ft . f th w ..i hi.
Ni l until tin coming of tho Moi
lah tu 11 f ilm . of l. in work
nnlahed, and even to tho ppeaent day
hla life and .h h'.mta arc Ink en aa a
guide by the grentar purt nf tho hu
, .in nn . 1 in in inm imt a prophet
llnoe In lni.n'1 like untn Moj os."
vytii w.i lit man so great? it.
..us mndc of ihe angM . bvy iu thr rest
uf tintiiMt.lt v. tin' aarne Instinct, p
rtona nn. I wi il.t-.i i' it wa beOMgM
in. Lord I in w in "fino In face." lit
n as the I'tn." n raggat nf Jehornll to
mil iro ami InatrttCt a nation that
I I., i Ihe ttuo fit It Ii until tho
ih ahould rome tn redeem tho
world. I' w is a honullan task to
mi re man it would huvo been Ifflpog.
-ii'h hut Odd w a with Moaea, and
0n! h lp all thlnK arc possible
It Wan I i i ill', tho man HogCg who
, Rompllahed tin gfortt, t-ut find
rl ng through UM man. Tho . nly
Mi - forgot Hit truth, at ia
leah when ho took to hlmoelf the
for Mn- mlmenlotti pmdnottog of
lltutod Ihe Moai grli.us
nf g lifetime, and fur this ln
LI denied pi rsonal a'lmlaton to
the pr mined land.
I r e l had provided thla man
f. Oil spoolal purpi.e. Haok
a Bgypl Ihe orm-1 king was not per
mtted t" l.iv tlio Infant Moor, but
- ad In whs adnptid Into the royal
family ami given the advantage of the
education available In the moat
, a. i. .ml nation nf that age of the
world Winn he committed murder
ami fled tor In.- life, tin liaml of the
i. .ml guided bin night tn Mldlum,
where in- spent the eeoond forty-year
period nf hie Ufa in n ai hooting that
ivoe tn nt him for the role uf leader
ami lawglvor. on h.a return tn Kaypt
uommiaatoned lo deliver hbj people
ii. .in bundagi ami load them in the
promised I. mil, iin- protecting ami dir
ecting hand "i Jehovah wai there.
i'h..- waa tin- in lull' figure thui stretch
.ii forth bla rod ami Ood divided the
-i.i, .... ihnt Israel pgjwcd ever dry
ahod, while I'haroah'a boat v. as hlot
ted out oi exhttcnoe. Xhla iJ tho man
..nil whom ii". i talked face tn fane
ii s.i.ai ami delivered to him tho law;
,,. govern larael . i . t provldo the fun-1
damental principle ..f all iiuhzi-d
leglabltlon. And tins man now, by di
vlne commandi goea up nun ibt moun
tain knowlngl) in view tho lund of I
Canaan from a dlatance and yield up
his spirit tn In d, Tin to Is nn nionu-
iii. iiis tn mark his renting place, no
blare of in i worvhlp to nun- the sunc- '
lit) nf his divinely apolnted tomb, for
no man knoweth of his eepulchre
unto tins day."
i nder divine Instruction, ktogea pro-pan.-,
for tin end by ordaining Joanna
as ins vuceeaaor in leadernhip. tVorda
.if courage ami chei i are apoken t the
people, with a ipeolal bleaalng fur'
each tribe, ami tho aong nf t antimony
to the Lord The hunk of the law Is
completed and laid away In the ark
nf tin covenant, with dlreotioni fur its
reading before tho ritopla on every I
aeventh year. Than tho boat nf laraal I
si ns its grat and t mated leadr go alone I
,iji the mountain-aide tn meei ins Qod
ami sloop with his fatln-rs, "aoOordlngT
:.i tin- word egJ.Jehovah."
What a death waa this, like a child
falling aaleep in lis mother! armal
Ami what a lifo this was one hun-
dred ami twenty yvatn oonaaoratad to I
tin' at r u o nf Jehovah 1 Probably ail
i.f yon at sumo time huvo soon some
good I'hl Mini breatbl hla l.-t mint i
until hampered with tho sin and sor
rows nf human i-xlstonco, ye, an filled
with tho spirit nf I OVa anil soivlre that1
even the tongni ..f gbtnSaf wore tni-,
il. ami ill who knOW him stand with
uncovered bead! and doolare "the
Lord hath claimed hie own" 8u-h :
rtenthe as this ml. the grave nf Its
terrora and we feel as timuah gag
could gel n gllmpai of the promised
land, f..r
" Ti tut a nnrr. w stream divides
i That heavenly land from ours."
It Is not given to all of tn to be a
Mom a, to tnke a loading anil rospnnsl-
nlf part In tho progress of th king-;
dom; I, .it we can all live a tlfo of con
aecration and of st. adfast faitb In the I
sun- prninisos nf Jehovuh. We do nut
talk to Qod fa.-o t" face, but we can
draw hear tn hltn live near to him -!
In Dottgtanl prayer, and enjoy tho dlr-1
eOtlag ami cons.ilatlon of tho Holy
'in at Wo ran liva ao that every one
aroun.l us wll knnw that we ar living
for Ood, with hi will supreme over!
every othor innsiiVratlon. Tho only
good trllglrtn to die by I ono that Ii
ennd to live by, and that I the ono
Which, thrnitgh the blond of Jrsus. tint
i obbt it death of its sting and thr grave
nf It "Victory. I reilnus In tho sight
af Jehnvah Is the death of hit saints." i
While w Uva, let eiery enetgy be con-1
m i ggM lg -"WIT JK-Jf-A-3 asTl- :. ..m 'Lisw K -r gia.KBj-a-Ti - i fT -gggrk -aHTl Tv . M -nvo KL -7. j
My residence Is sit 11 -
ated ai corner of niii
ami I ' 1 1' it, having an
east and north front,
the moat desirable Is
ii.. ii.ni iii thla alt
Mr-lit large roomaj
no room in the bouse
under IE fi-t by 15
fact, and Bonn- of
them It feet by 11
feet On the Rrat
Door a r a 4 lacs
roomg, pantry, alcove.
back bail, large front
porch Id feet by lit. feet, rear porch 7 feet ny feet, latticed and acre abed, and good has, nn nt. On the sec
tory, 4 large bed rooma ami hath, n large sleeping porch 7 feet by is feet, and a stair to attic.
Tiler.' are two handsome mantles ami lire places, beautiful light fixtures, plumbing that never freeaea
In tin Ideet weather.
A large tWO-story hum, and servants Quarters, room for 4 lo ad of horses nnd an automobile.
The lot is r,0 feet by 140 feet, set to blue grass, both lot ami parking, Beautiful elm trees that
worth f i.urtO, making n cool shady plane
Numerous beautiful ornamental vines ami plants,
Phona :'6 B, K PBTTU8.
secratt d tn Ood'i service i tin n wtmn
we ille we oan march OOUmgeounly
and gladly forth to meat our deltver
ance from tho bonds of the Sseh,
"Could wo but ellmli where Mines
Ami view the landscape o'er,
Kol .Ionian's stream, nor death's cnld
Should fright us from the shore.
semen RK.
1 Peter. 3rd fhapler verses 1 to 8.
Likewise, ye wives, he In subjedtlon
to your own husbands, that, if any
obey not the wi.ru. they iiIm. may
without the word he won by the con
v 1 rsatlnti nf the wives;
While they behold your chaste con
versation COttplsd with four.
Whose adorning let It nnt he that
mttwgjN adorning of piaitm- the hair,
ami nf ITeavlttg Of gold, or of putting
on of apparel:
Hut lot It he the hidden man of the
heart. In lhat which Is not Corruptible,
even the ornament nf n nn sk nnd
quiet spirit, which la in the. ight of
Cod of great price.
Kor after this innnner In the old 1
time the holy women nlso. win- trusted I
In Und, gdowad themselves, being In j
Subjection unto their own husbands. I
Kven ns Sara obeyed Abraham, call
ing him Ugfdf whne daughter- e are.
M lung ns ye 1I0 well, an, I ate nut
afrnld with any amazement.
Likewise, ye husband, dwill with'
them aec.irdlng to knowledge, giving
honour unto the wife, as unto the
weaker vessel, and as being heirs to
gether of the grace of life, that your
prnyerl be not hindered.
Finally, be ye all of one mind, hav
ing compassion one of another love aa
brethren, be pitiful, be court, nua.
There is one school in Tulsa which is quite differ
ent from all others.
It is a Bchool for young ladies.
The students have the use of a fine large recrea
tion ami reading room.
no cnarge is made for tuition.
A salary is paid t. every student (-fii per week.,
A profession is taught, which can he practiced in
every town or city in the country.
The profession taught offers good opportunities
for girls who have ability.
After graduation this school provides a position
fur every student.
Any young lady between 17 and L'.'l years of aire
with good health, good reputation, and a good gram'
mar or high School education can learn to be an ex
pert telephonist by taking a shori course in the
Operators Training School nf the Pioneer Telephone
iV Telegraph 'ompany.
For further information, apply tn Mis Carrie
Hart, Principal, 5th Door, Pioneer Building, 4th and

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