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Tulsa daily world. [volume] (Tulsa, Indian Territory [Okla.]) 1905-1919, November 16, 1913, MORNING EDITION, Image 18

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'Mill T R KK
THB TULST D'AM.V rVORLP. si'NMi a v. NOVEMBER in. 1918
I ill - M l I
II Itltlll
UtMII h I ill
llulilw n. mil Uwdera Uniting BMi
I i Hi. I iImiIi I In ) l i )
Hi. I People.
mi d cure in
hi. i' rubbui
i 'iniiii
i hi MN
N.,v. if. Brl
iiiiH f i i . ii -1 until
dignlt) oi small hi urn h. Tho muster
i. ..Hi fi.,.1 .1 mi cavalry and '
large ai two American raglmont No
province ix in'., ri
Manchuria. Where
Hi. ii 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1
in i ii mi i ! s i' rum
the I I ii Hi' ll II I X'H
proclaimed hlmaelf aliteenth nUnpar
or it i lii m t iiu i ) ninty.
a oouiulai report from Bhi Ml mm
hhii nrovlnoe h practloally admlnta
I. nil by outlaws, Who work solely In
Ih. ir own nil. 'i. -hi, Tim gOVirnOT
ndhori h In the 1 intra! government only
becauaa iii. i. Ii no Inlarferanoa fi.nu
Poking inn! beoauai 11 I" good policy
for him lit describe blmaalf ai loyal
1 in. governor, 01 nun. u he ih oallvd,
wiiH 11 poor and unaorupuloug nffo iui
i.iii nun In liai aininud 1 lnrga tor
1 .in' iiihI u pUBIM DIM MU MH,
Tin' nimn,' gives an m count
how Hi" cnminandng general bitwise
obtained wealth iiml mil In ril y. lin
ing appointed oununlnlunor for 1 ii
Nupprcmion of opium in tin province,
says tin' report, in- ptartad on touf
iiii it ii...i ..f troopa, lie im.h iim
precaution alwnyg to mid Hford
ttii. mi announcing his appruaoh, u
policy win. ii 11 '. n 1 mtomary brought
fi.nii iitunlfloenl prawntg from iha
peopli. if thi prmnti wan ample
mi opium wiih dtecoverad Hi con
Nacatad "'iiy the prepared drug, Hint
being iik.ni aaall) portakili umi of th
highest Mil. ".' Mini brought Ii liaok to
Mm Important teuton ami 10M It.
, member "f thi American ooniu
1.1 r mi vMii win. ogiiu it nttv to Ha-
iiIhk from Canton w thai piracy
along thi ri' 11 Mini nan all in mora
egtenalvi than evar before. Tim mi-
lt mi IPAI 11 1 1 Id) KHOUM) OtT
1 m i 111 1 lit OM N I W40
t 111 1111 s 1 m i itr sws.
k wantons:, 1 11 f. Mt ! ! 1 in. 1 11 ir
1 minute
by plralai, and from Klaiigiu to rur
keitan, runu' report! ..f 11 lebooterg
w l.. def) Hi.' aul li"i Itlos
Tli.'i.' Ii 11.. local police 1 pi
Willi Hi. olltlHWH umi Hi" am.) ll nut
hi prcneiii a iii i" iidobb' hi an oh .if
tin. administration. China la never
fi.i' from brigandage, but i niy
hi periods .! Iranaltlon, when thi au
thorlii of the government is shaken
rebellion, thai ih bandi attain iueh
Th 1 1 1 . 1 1 . . 1 1 . mliainnarici who
fled from their 1 tea in the I11I01 lor
of Fukleii province ara mil', "t Koo
ohow, unnhle to return beoauaa no
protection can In aMMured I hem by tha
government. The American cotiiU'
inii' m r ihow mi.l the legation in
Poking have been trying In vain for lolentl) numeri
aeveral montha to gel tha "'him aerloua effort!
government i" take viKoroui action
u, hum Hu .mi 1. 1. in.:. Hi., outlaw Mho
fiililn- I Ulllini llmiiiiT UclM
sirr Uin Poufilc, Katlwr Him
1,1 oatrol l ie 10
ureal railway!)
Doctors Said He Had Dropsy
Borne lime ago I had .hi attack of
grippe which flnnlly nettled in mi kid
ney and bladder. I dootoi 1 .1 w itb
lb.- doctori and thoy elaliued I Itad
dropay. I tried other remenlei and
K"i im relief from any of them My
condition won mich t hut I was unabli
t.i work f"t' iibnut two month.H and the
MIIMi.l n
deal "'
) able
one of
iyniitomn runs... I me 1 RTeat
11 bin umi pain. 1 wai hard
1 111 ii over In bed BeeliiK
mi aliuanaoa, I .1 led to
glv. It Kllmi'i ' s amp Rool H la
and aftir taking aeveral bottlei irai
aide to reau my work again. I
oannot naj too much In pralafl "f your
ilt in mi raai
Bwamp 1
Ware 1 1 1 1
Voura very truly.
M 11. field, Pa,
oi aubacrlbed bofnri me.
. of May, 1 91 J.
Koi 11 v Publla.
liiiii in
lr K1I0..1 A (u..
1 1 1 1 1 . 1 ' . 1 1 1 . 1 . . 1
Prove Winn Suamp UihM il IK) for
Bend ten 1 enti i" 1 r. Kirmer , I
BinKhampton, N v.. for a lainpli al.e
bottle 11 iii ronvlnci anyone, Ifou
will mIh.. receive .1 1 klel ..f valuabll
Information, telllni about the kldnm
and bl kI i' hen writing be mini I
ami mention the Tulaa Bunda) Wurid.
Regular fifty eenl and on dollat iir.e
hot ih f-: iab 1 ree,
it in giving ih.' . hlefi government of
flan mi. 1 Incorporating tha ordinary
I'll..'.'.-, umi brlgandi in tin navy and
army, it in ivhtenl thai thla tlmi
linn. ui'il praotloa haa not paaaed away
wiih tin Mam im dynaity.
Tim h'renoh legation hna recelvod
newi of the burnlitg of a ituinmii
t'athollc mutalon church during tin.;
plundering and burnlni of u town in I
Houthern Hun. in, in. 1 far from Taooy
ang, where Lhi American and .ur-1
weglun inlaaionarina were made prli
oneri in Beptembor. Thi govcrnmenl
haa in 'nt Lroopi In large numberi to
tight agalnal ' White vVolf", live brl
fund chief who in terrorlilioi Hint
aectlon of the country, bul uccordlni
to tiu 1 report of another American
ronauli the aoldlera, though anffi-
i. mi' ml making
They have been try
ing oatenatbly, for aeveraJ montha to
round n. th" brlgandi, yet walled
iiiwiiM am miIII being beaeged nap
lured and looted b t hero.
a miiaionat'i In a lionati city da
crlbea how band two thouiand
Itrouu linpreeaed villager! I" carry
fifl up tu im gate "i a town barred
agalnal them, n order in burn down
(In- gate 10 thai they mighl enter and
1. ...1 thi place, 1 h villager! wen
hi. lull) between two flrei, fur whan
the) approached the i;iiti' tiny W'T
ihoi at from th" walli by the aoldian
garrlaonlnji Hi., town, tnd if Ihej re
fuied i" advance Hi" brlgandi laid
1 1 hem low,
kitm village blunderbunei can be
heard nightly. U) funiK at Interval!
tin-ir old Umi gum, lomotUnoi ho
linii;.' that ton "i tnon tnon an n-1
quired to carry litem, the villagen
tri iu .' .1" off H"' robbeia. Tblll
lummer .1 village within a few nun
in.-.', w.iiu uf a group of Letnplai oc-1
cupled bj some American am! Rritteh
fatnillei in ih" VV'eHturn H1II1 outside I
Peking, wm plundered by u I. ami uf!
mounted men, ami dm or two vil
lager! w. i'i' HhoC Mih'Ii in-nt. valu
able loot ami even ratiiom money
mighl have been obtained by an at
tack mi Hie templea, but though thi
mins wiiii heard nightly by tin- for
eign women ami children, tiny ipenl
tinii lummer in thi hllli with little
f. at uf attack Their confidence waa
due tu tin. tacl that thi people, In
eluding brtganda, of Hum provlnci
hae a gn ui reapect for iim ability
which Hie f.n
occupy in tin. lummer won head
uuarten of tha 11. .mis in 1100, and
aeveral encounten with tho Boxen,
aiguall) dlaaatroua fur thi latter, took
plan in tim nelghborh I Purthir
mora, a ditachment ..f lroopi from
1. in. in tnon . f iim negation gnirda
ginerally goei Into camp in one of
thla group uf templea, Henerall) each
r iii" Mn. rii an niimniiili'i In i".i a
titii nut then at dtffennl time!
iIiik Hi" luntmar.
1 fi Regulation
f at root railway!, telephone!, HOC"
no umi gag plant exclualviiy by the
st.it. wan cuftdemned in a raport huI-
mlttad tu the Nlni'teinih Annual
meeting uf Hi. 1 National Slim It IpgJ
Neagui today by tin oommlttn on
franohlaaa. Tin- report, mbinltted by
tin. chairman, Br. Ueloi h'. uii. ux of
n. w v.. ik City, deal) with the n ia
11, .ii ,,r municipal homi rule to the
. uiill ul "f iml.ll.' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 li'S,
Tin' committee pointed i nt that
public uiilitieH inn in inn. iily urban in
ii. 11. H im ami that, mi generul pi Inol
plea, iim control uf public functloni
ihuuld b" looallaed ai much ac poaal
iii". in order i" m i uri the Ini mat and'
effective co operation of cltlaena
Moreover, ai a practical matter. Hie
tu., i" powerful Hi" corporation! be
come ami Hi" mon Wldeiprogd their
lert Icei, t In
they ahould
Hi" I... al e
S"l VI'.
"H in. i
th" report,
1 ompli tel
more Important it in ' bat
in. directly aniwerable to
immuultloi which tiny
. a lly I." poaalble, ' aall
"Hun an nppolntlva a tati
will tail mora of I'-mh
under iim domination of
thr powerful Intaniti whlcn control
iii" publla ulilltii's uf Hie Mate, and
thui tin- very machinery provided for
the regulation of utilttlaa be captured
1.) iin- intereata preiuined to ba regu
lated b 11 11 mat be neeeiaary to
array agalnat the powerful financial
intereiti uf Hie companiei the direct
inoaa Intereal "f the local ooniumera
in order tu preaerve the vitality of
tti" regulatory function. Public util
lt) corporation! exlal to larva the
people, in.t in control them
"However, m moat oaaea, regulation
cannot 1 Ither logical 0 affectiva
wiiii. mi tin. active co-operation of
both sin" umi local authorities. Tha
jurlidlctlon of atali publla iirvici
commlisioni ahould be general over
all public utilities, mi that there will
1." mi 'twilight ..nil"' within which the
utilltlei can eaoape regulation alto
gether, inn every city uf enough Im
portance tu enjoy hum. nil" In fram
ing its charter ihould havi lhi right
tu eitablbth a wparata bureau, ii"
partmenl or oomiulaaion for Hi" luper
vialon "f nil utilltlei operating within
tha city llmlta. The oity'l Juriadlotion
.-In. i'iI ugtoud In matteri affecting
1 h 1 pat Ion of lhi itrei la, the
; 1 1 a it 1 1 1 uf gervlce rendered ami the
character uf tha franchise contract
entered int.. for thr purpow of farlll-
i tilling ultimate municipal ownerahip,
i in- itate'a Jurlidlctlon ahould extend
! in ipatlen relating to ipetltlohj
stock mni bond Issues, account! and'
publicity Ratea ami exteniioni should
j ii,- under municipal control, subject
tu review by ih" stats communion.
liuick motor can for i " 1 1 ara still being built around
fanioua Overhead Valve Motor; differing Bomewhat in apiear
auee from the bandsome models of 1913, but identical in perform
ance with tiu- Buicks of ilic jiiist Changes have been few but
refinements have been made and details added for greater beauty
and convenience, including the handier left-aide drive and th
iinpler center control Bui the fundamentals of Buick consti:c
iinii are unchanged unchangeable,
In ;nldit imi the Delco Syptem of electric self cranking and
lighting is built into every motor as a uintegral art and is in
cludcd w itlimit adtlitional cost.
A year ago, when untried, unproved self-starters were being
bolted nto many an excellent car in any available place
source of hitter disappointment in thousands of eases the Buick
management took a firm stand. It announced that no self-starter
would he incorporated in any Buick ear until a starter had been
found as good as the Buick ear itself.
Kucll a starter is the helm, and the Deleo installation in the
Buick is something you may rely upon as a fiilfillnienti.il' the Buick
ideals, which means "uninterrupted use of his investment" to
every Buick owner.
All this at a o st which makes the self-starting, automatical
ly Lighted Buick of 1914 the greatest motorcar vulue offered this
There is a reason for this super-value: Buick cars are built
eomplete in the Buick plant, in such numbers that literally hun
dreds of economies are effected.
7 he Place
to Stop
wrastj Till A
I . rVLl oW 4JFta
at tha
Hotel Tulsa
where important men
In every branch of bus
iness gather.
"You'll find him here."
Every aonvenience tf
modern life.
European Plan
Cafe in Connection
Corner Main Street and
Frisco K. K.
Cold Drinks
Cigars and Tobacco
Toilet Articles.
318 E. First Street
Phones 3308 or 3309
Hi'ie Motortsta will n ii ,1 ready retaranoa to dealara in the Leading cara aoid
nriii, U'si'tniT with ac vnns.
i mil i Sew MamgameBt.
Hot ami Culd liuiining Wa'.rr; 46
newly furnishi'd rooms.
Cor. Si'rond and Boat on.
Pbom 2824.
t ' . forolgnpr t
Tii.' templea
A- . '
hi Id re n
I r Larklna, Oiteopatb, opp Kreaa.'
i. rand OpiTaa in I iu;Ikii
CHICAGO, tio II The iii, .st iii,
i '.r' int Aivalopminl in the artlatli
in inopll nt prea-
ii about tu foraa
inquiring ki.i.-.h k. mouia di aura jf of tlia Vmerlr
tt) ara Keitina a correct fit. ho not r thai which
hiiiu ant "ii" .'M'.'tliiH'iit on ).iur;Hu M,,) t t, Ku,.n gjog
yaa 1 have n Httlng tha m..at dif- Itah in th.' rountr) Thla waa tha aa
Bcull caaei f"r ttio laat 21 feara, aertton "T Rednald In Kovan orln-
Iclpal apenkei todai ii tha annual
tha) will 1 rreel No ilrupa or
tniKH uied in tilting Coniultatlon
Ire I'h. lie 141 Oitlca 401 South
M n in
Don't Experiment
With Inexperience
Modern Methods,
l ong Kxperience
covering onct 13 years to
gether with the highest
dental etlu jtion, ettftbltt
me lo give yen Mipenor
Prices Reasonably Moder
ate. Dr. Burhans
205 South Main.
Over Baktr'l Uesiatiiant.
White Tooth at the
I H i nee.
mei'tiiia ,.f thi kmerlran Academy ..f
Art! anil lettera, Qrand opera will
In popular with ail rliaaoa of peo
pit Mr De Koven declared, arhan it
a aiinic in thi uuiguagi everybody tin
deratandi Rnemlea ..f tha lnnoatlon
aneti he iald, thai tii groat foreign
tlnccra will not pronound engltlh an
tlmi th. . peraa . m ba undent ond nn
I ' ll, r th in they nr now To thla
Mi i Koven reaponded that they .an
learn to enunciate encllah anil that
Lev eipeet to ainc It In thla 00 miry
lnic'i ohi CiamponndM Qlvci Quii k
Kedlet Don't m; SMffeaJ.up
You can end Rrlfiie and li.ak up
n NMN cold either In held cheat,
bodjf or llmha, by takln I dOM of
Tape Cold Compound" very two
hmira until three d.iaca are lakeii.
It promptly opena Cloggld up nna
Irlla iiml air pnianCM In the head.
at. pi hoaty dlaohnrgi or nooa runuiiig
relleea all k headache, dullnrsa. fe-
utiahneaa, aorf throat, mailing, aon-
MMg and allffncaa.
Pi. n't atny fluffed up' Qui) btour
ttiit and anuffllng! Kan fovt lhfob i the
I appear i its local egperti before the
nerilatate commlialnn in regard to all mat
ters affecting local intereata."
Coming to oertaln Important nues-
tiona in connection with franchise
oontracti between ctttn ami publlo
utlllt compaiuis the committee took
iha ground that a publlo utility with
in a given urban community la a
natural monopoly and that one of the
fiin ami aaaentlal Ibllgatloni of mob
a monoDolt is U extend its garvloag
to meal ail iha legitimate needs of
tiu community, aocordlngiy, the
municipal authorltlea ought to hav
the rlKht to Inltate extensiona, and
th" reaaonableneai of any particular
Mrtenalon ihould no' he detirmlnad
hoIiIj li the proapectlvi profit from
Ita operation as a separate unit, hut
li ti effect upon the profit of the
entire svatetn.
Tha committal recommended the
Inditermlnati tranehlaa with a maxi
mum tlmi limit, on the principle of
the recent traction settlement fran-
, hi-" s granted in Chicago, Cleveland
and New York City. opposition to
the Wisconsin type of Indeterminate
permit w is has. d Oti 'he feur that It
tends to become perpetual, ai it can
he terminated only by purchase and
purcliaee means payment of the full
Milue In cash in a lump sum at the
Din.' ..f purchase Thla. it wai wild.
tenda to make municlpallaation more
difficult M limn Roea on.
The committal fayored the idea of
making utilltlei oommenoi to pay for
i h'.-mseh ea. een under prlvnta oper
ation, hy means of an am. rtl.atlon
fund maintained out of eamlttga Thla
fund should he larite enouRh at leaat
in wipe out all franchise and other
IntaiiKlhle elenienta of capital value,
an that the price nt which tho City
oen buy will he kept well within the
actual value of th physical Property. I
The committee Urged the lmport-,1
an, a of a systematic campaign fori
the recovery of control ever the per
petual and long-term franihlan no
outatandlng. Ho lone a thi utilities:
In the heart of the city continue to be
owned and operated under UMatiafac-1
lory, out of -date franchise!, the city
it mil 1 id can have no adequate'
Control of the dsvelopment of lla
atre.t rallwaya or other litll'Mea.
Tha rsport waa signed hy Dr. VVil- '
aog, aa chairman and hy Robert
Trent Paine, of Huston. Janus W, H '
Pet iri of Kanaaa City, Ah.-ahani K.
1'itianakl. of Hoston. and Charles
lllchardaon and Clinton Rogers
Woodruff of rhlladelphia. PN&
Bdward W. Ilemla. the Chloaao pub
lic utility expert, another memher of
minlttee did not sign the re-
Corner Third st. ami Cincinnati.
Under Nes. Management Home Cook
ing, Family Style.
Ill l( K 4 MIS
il 1 1 .11 VI 11 IN'
l TO C( I SSOItu s.
A I l ( 1.IVI HY
Till: 111 l) EMPIRE
1 1 Ill s
115 South Cincinnati.
Tulaa Agnti for tim Tin: RED KMPKE
Repair Shop and Qaragi Phoni 401
Pormirly of the May Roonu.
tvcr thing (or
Goodrich and
Imperial Tires
lor. 2d & Boulder. P.ioiie 1359
Cigars and Tobacco
S Noi Hi Mala Phone 1S57
C. W, WILLIAMS Proprietors J. I. SIACP
Phone J25 Tenth and Muio
Take a Lunch
i him l loor Opern House
General Repair and Storage
Chappie Bros.
205. 207, 209 N. Main .St.
Phone 1292
Mint held nothing llal In IIM world j port hut slirtied a memorandum In
given M'ich prom pi relief us "Pape s uhvh h- , x pressed douhl of-lhe wis- t
Cold Compound," which csts oily IK I dam nt the prreent time of rlvinr
iints nt an iirutf vtote, ii acta Ih tat.- rommlaaluiii any ennlrol vr'
nt aaniatanoe tastes nic and rattaen I oapltnl laatlon, or nrer rai"-" in ihe
no inconrenietiee, Me sun- rou get 1 ( r iMee raperlaHy in nates wen ;
the pet Ad. f New York.
NOV t)M v i"ou coLmi:i RAOB
m I roB m vocahowal
That Hampton and Tuskeee,
school! for negroei, an valuable not
merely as ecellenl achoola for the
DOlorod race, but for their important
OoatflhUtlon to the preaent i oeatlonal
education movement, ll the declara
tion of the Cnlted Statea Bureau of
l'Mucatlon. In a pamphlet Juat dli
trlbuied hy th Bureau, entitled "Kdu
OBtlga for life," tribute le paid lo the
work of Hampton Institute nnd par
ticularly lieneral Armstrong, Ita foun
der, who la looked upon by educe.tora
aa a pioneer In the field of practical
"Pinera! Armstrong poaseaied to a
timgrhahll deeiee the nift of educa
tional i i ip1 .'' asserts Prof I'ea
bodf in the Introduction to the pam
phlet. "Hi foresaw and foretold with
extraordinary preclelon the tenden
cies and transition! which within the
laat ?5 yearB have practically revo
lutionized the principles of education.
The training of the hand ami I) e as
well us of the mind, the moral effect
of tMhnlcal skill, the conception of
labor ns a moral force, tho test of
"donation in iHirtnhnr. and the vanity
..f eduontlon wittmui dlactrhm in
thrift, stif-help. love of work, and
v .' li.ent ss to iatt"1ati I 'll then t
inihtir nniklma of Modem v,. rational
trait ng were set forth by.hitt with
Agents for
White and Paige Automobiles
Fully KquipDed Machine Sbup
Ltepublie Tires.
ll'i E. Second St.
Tulsa, Okla.
of 1914 Oars by
Phone 272
Auto . Livery
Night orDay
Steam Heat, Prlvati Hatha; rooini
ungle or eneulte. Katee to perma
nent gueeta.
all the aauranoe or a aoclal prophet."
The pemjihlet Include! a brief
sketch of Heneral Arniatrotig'a life
and a collection of pithy utterances
gjj aime anil tnethoda of education,
many of which are distinctly helpful
M those interested In pr. sent prob
lems, ac It roitiK to officials of the Hu-
renv 1 1 ddnantion, it is felt that
. . ini- ranfi theory end dam
j t ratio! of practical ednoatloti ha"
proven t" he i.eht. not niereiy for the
.aeea fo which lhr w..:e immedlite
ly Intended, Imt for l.oya end girla
every win n, nnce they rtjna, m a
Our Chill and rtpaghottl Ii pre
pared by an expprt and ii alwaya
Service first clan.
117 South Boatoti
Best furnished hold in
Tulsa, Running water in
all mums; large outside
rooms ensuite with pri
vate bath.
Absolutely refined; perfect service
Phone 3SS0.
Corner llrd und Cheyenne.
JOHX C, I.OSK, prop. Phoe 11177
New Albnay
(Kuropean Plan)
1 1 8 South Hoston Avenue.
Must rentrally located hotel In th
city; 1 1-2 block! from the Frisco
nnd Santa Fe Depot, larfre, outside
roomi, hot and cold running wa'er,
electric lights, fans, etc.
Phone IdM
3 10-A B, Thlnl SU
Mot and Cold Water In Each noma. "
RMOI! M, ::. II on. Special lUlea
by Week.
Tulaa, Okla.
Cor. 1st nod Boston I'hono 303S
Browning Hotel
New I'lreproof Building, New FuraU
ture and Strictly Modern. '
Tulaa. Okla.
118a E Third St. Phone 265S
successful gftetnpl to work out one of
the moat motae along tasks of our
tlme-jhat of artlng an education i
that iball he an effective force for
troinina prodiirth e. efficient mem-I
le I a ul aovivtg. I
Tlilnl nml Ciniinnntl.
Rooms Mingle or Kn Sulto.
With or Without Rath.
PIIONI 2B.-.3.

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