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Tulsa daily world. [volume] (Tulsa, Indian Territory [Okla.]) 1905-1919, November 16, 1913, MORNING EDITION, Image 6

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T 11 E IMS a PAlLf VVOUi.l). H'N'DAV, NOV i. m B E B in, inn
T. II N r.N til I I tin. W Mi
i i: i i u:iiw mm in
mma rues n howl
(Halm ri" win lroli -i i h mi
Tiii-ii -loi.ii iirun tnawera
i In- Kin" ki'i
Tula olm in 'I the Kuatei n rhani
planahlfi of tha atala Krlilaj whoa h1h
romped mi tin' flint Wan t Ills''
teajn II in 0, The punt aa taut mid
oltlng Mid the Wasooorlte rn
down In t r it fighting dgMirt"l)
every iii i1 of Hi'' w iy.
Tin Tulmi lioyH outplayed, outwit
till and plouirlien through tnt W n
R h i ii it t . Unii two exception th
gam i ivaa free, fi m aritngllng of do j
lay Mid one "! tin ma on dec!
Inn In Iteferce M..ffatl nf MllBkOKOO j
beater Qliicaple Intercepted .1 forward
pgjM .iihi 1. 111 hi i 11 1 v yard fi'i a
touchdown, W II B, rial mad that
h grahbpd the ball front Ihelr end
v In n in' tai'h I' ll him.
I!" Dawson waa wMohad by the
enemy every mlnuti of Ihi kern bill
peveral time aluded hi gurda and
gnaU'hing rVirward pesaa fi oul of
tin other "in for touchdown! with
tin- oval, licald alao made several
toui'hdow n.i unii tin' llltl.. rod bailed
and played IiIm usual brilliant game,
in.- .if tin- hi brilliant play of
the game waa when 1 (liilosple made
11 flying lockle iind downed Watton
at runner on W 11 B.'i four yard line
after chaHlng him tUntoal the full
length of tin- fli 1.1.
Bernaril (lillcaplo Knitted lime and
Bxatn mi line plungcx, and on fake
plays woultl run thirty yard before
being caught, it look iwo Wag r
Won .it li w t t.. throw ;i T. II, B. run
m i' Mini .liihtt Viiuiir would frequent
ly run ton yard with five huskies
Clinging tn him.
"1 'otton" k 1 .1 mi r nt tackle pfaj od a
I'M lilt nit game ninl ripped tun i-r 1 -
nt 1 1.1 ounfui 1 in' Muaktt 1 ' BM du
v 1 1 . II bj Ui plug III 1 tin .nt li ihut.
it i'. pi 1 in tiy ulnui thai 1 TlnoipsJ
ea 1 hi 1 .i "i M 1 1 M, doan net
: I
blinding H UBl and It ttonfldt nut in
tin. utteranoaa ol thi M 11 1 ni n
mill hla llttl gajig ii 1.1. .M iter ntnl
hard I.. .i- in' .,, Implicit in tin fu.
it baa been rumored thai Oklahoma
t'lty High would prolaal tin game
play 'i here on Oct, a, in hleh 0, C,
II S BfBJ In ati-ii :u 1.. in t'uach
Thompson ami hi men mi too
quan Mid clean t.. leWt themitelvea
witb tin- (rouble ni.ii.niK element
down the .i kanaoii 1 'naoft ti p
aon said that everything In the game
iiN par mil's unii contract and that
T II H had beat 1 11 bin 1,1. ndld I
bunch of athletes fulrlj and nquarely
Hi f 11 it 1 1 1 fin. i ataetd thai novel in
bin life had b in., t mu 1 . Ived
better treatment snywher than right
here In Tulsa, mnl evcrj member oft
tin' loan ynldod eaactl) thoae ientl
Hints. ,s,, MUKluigcti ran expect no I
Hupporl whatsoever fi thai Bouroe.
ktuakogoe olalma the) want a peal
aeaann game, left them what Ihej
1 .in dat 11b tin brllllunl 1 11 lahoma
Plfj t':i in Thankagivlng and probably
aftet the Senator huye finianed wlp-
Ing the inn li nf wiiii them thej will
have all Ideas nf football oul of thelf
think in oof tv "ry tops
11 IN Ml
Hfllifl CHIPiif
1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 t. n 1 ' nit 1 1 1 n Mi
I.I Ml Y I lllsl I IMI IS
"it I'KAllH,
viitnim Playing 1 tii ty Scored lite
M' Inning 1 ma lidowu dual Ucfnea
I ml nt tin 1 ..line.
1 1 am, Ai i . Kov. 1.1 tii" flret
tinie in iiu yaatrg auburn today anatch
. .1 vlct 01 - from fandi 1 kilt t ni
kerslty defeatmg tile McOuada mu
bine, 1 4 tn I, a 1 rowd of adthui I-.-.in
1 oott ra aatluiated at lti.ouu per
Hi.iiM cheered the game from tuit I"
flnlah. iintb Usama played funn'y
Battaflug mnl plunglwii the Aulmrn
back field bomtau-ded tin Vanderblh
hm- Beratatontl) Uccaalonally gape
were turn In ttu- defenae, but moat ''
tin' ground Hulnlna resulted from
broken it bi daahBB behind mm al
moat impi 1 Kti.iliii' Interference, Wie
activity ol tin- V'anderblli endg gnd
t i s li s Blone pr vented more icoftna
1 1 mu tins tit 1. 11 k.
A 11 1 , 1 1 1 11 waa the flrat to eroai the
goal line, Playing carefully but
grimly, the ball had si e aawed be
l ween the two kluI.1. tor the greater
i..nt "f th flrgl quarter, neither team
olaiainlng any marked advuntagei
Auburn'i rocavery of Vsnderbilt's
tumble in t In- n nler nf tin- field l il
to the flrat touchdown. Newell am
llarl 1,, .i.ii through Mid around rlghl
lilt.- tl -yard line, Apparently ovor
feuloua, the x'andorWIl line nn pen-
id IB yards for In-iilpu
Tb:s IMI 1
M I 'I T-:u MlWI '.sol'i t
iiii. flAMI Itl si mi 1
n t;i 10 T.
lit 11." hostile' Hit
the Interference, Kramer v ill tat
Patterson, Kendall's newest euiployi
mi Turkey pay
The fb I.I w.is covered Willi di ad
gross and .is very slippery cau 1
the T. H. H bark tn fumble tevi 1 .1
time 111 the beginning of the game.
BVagroner pulled nff two In llltanl
play when t.. of Lhelr men made
long run for touchdowns. m. waa
on an Intercepted pas to 1.. tlllleaple
ami the other was on n punl
Wagoner played with a fin fkrht
ln spirit and were fully confident be
fore the game that victory would be
tin Ira Hi v. evi r they ihowi .1 the
lai k of b 1 nachlng and th' ir team
as ;i whole w.-iv far Inferior t.i Tul a'a
Wagoner claims Unit they received
every thim; but a square deal al Mua
kogee Iiihi t-,-k. Tell n lnm any
t. un ever h;ni even breaks when plaj
lAB i" Darktown? To tha' we will
answer no for none any where hav
reci . .t dirtier deala than e b have
gotten at Muskogee, pour year ago I
the nm.' Bra ltt.-r.-illy stolen by Da
in. .11 i(Ojniaj and hla henchmen. The
crowd cams oul on tfte field and
hindered the Tulsa team' playing and
Wheti tin referee ordered them back
be .i-- almoal mobbed.
Last year down thM T. 11. F. got I
another rotten deal. Rubatltute and
apectator attacked Principal Kala of I
T. it s. and some of the Tulea ulai
Bra, but butted Into something that
tin were not expecting, if you want
n bum deal Jut go tn lluakosee for
This year Ifuakogee played In Tni
bb and got the very small end of a
4: tn ti score huns on them, They
have protested the game becauae Reg
Dawaon played, Tiny thomaelvea
played tin post-graduate on tin-
vn i and therebj violated the rule
MINN'HAI'OLIS, Mov, li-. I't'i-inii-e-football
honor nf tin n et tern i ollei e
i v c . I I !'i i
mi of Mlnneant here tliln nTternnon.
Although both team had ludlvldual
stars, credit for the victory must bs
ubout equally apportioned among ttu
Mm. ...ti player
Nearl) 16,000 Bpeotatora miw rha
Chicago ceven break Minnesota,' de
fense in the fnt-t period After the
first touchdown, .Minn, ota'i defense I
strengthened and for the nest two
quartets neither team scored
In th fourth period, Chicago exe
cuted twn forward pnsae that brought
the ball lo Minnesota' 3 ya rd Una
and Capt Norgran scored the second
touchdown. Then Bhaughm ay, one
nf the most brilliant Individual play
ers for Minnesota, broke up the Phi
oago dafenae mnl carried the tiall over
f..r touchdown after considerable
ground paining, Tin- ball free-sawed
fin t h.- i est of the gams.
Wanted- hiii pay :v m r pound fur
eli mi cotton ru- nt World office,
Vr!fJ Want.-' Ocl Results
i be ball to Auburn on 'Vandcrbilt'
n m -yard il'" Afdr i" amaahos
for abort gains, Hart, Auburn's rlghl
liulfba k. drilb .i through )'tmi irbllt'
it'i" for a tout inii'H ii. a mold kb ki il
latter stepped backward tuid iimt tb
ill toward liontch, who was speed-
At nold, In tlnshetj ai roaa tit" goal line
i.-i a touididown.
spun. .1 iiv tin- closeneaa of tb-'
, nt", tii" two team battled grimly
tluiing th" third quarter, nelthei
b coring.
it a pi" an u t hat no further seorln
i ..Hi, i result in the last quastcr until
vitiintti started on a headlong rush
yard from Vanderbllt's K"ni Iujc.
i harglng fiercely for shm't but oon
i intent Kiiins. the ball was brought
more than half way to the goajl Hns.
Hide then waa substituted for Harris
is fuiii,: k fnr Auburn, Fresh and
agar for tha fray, he bored again and
i train through th" line. v,,.thm fouf
yurds nt the goal, Newell, WO sent
eroahlng acroaa for tha Inst touch
1 tiow n. Arnold alao k ked tha aecon l
yt n si.. ip,i -j i ; Hrhsnaaa i"
t itt i .is it. mu ,1. V,.i- 1 .
Taking u brace In the laat quarter of
ill same uie t niiTsejt nr aiipsis
eippl eleven defeated Arkanaaa here
today bj a score of -'1 to in. When
Governor Martin Glynn, of New York, Who
Is to Aid in the Hunt for Graft in His State
$16.00 Solid 0;ik Dres
seis with large oval bevel
plate glasses, on sale at
Tuba Household Supply
Quit Business S;le for
$9.25. 114 West 2nd St.
Get a Hair
nr h i" 1 1 tp i lothi cleaned,
pressed or re .ri.1 ..yt,ine, day
nr night
m in mm mm
Crow's Nest
HBltWTf Blini noil tbiiuins Vnrk
I0T N . Mnlii st.
I'lii'ii" 10 '
Best tct( ise In the world
for the office man. Trj it
ami be convinced.
i r vvi' y '
thr. third quart, r S ii the ajOft
nx 10 tn 7 In faVOI of Atkiuissn nt
the result nf n t. u l,., wn b May an.l
a drop kii-k iiy coi k i'ii tha tall
in Mlaalaatpp! II yard Una May. Ark
am . rlarht half, attempted a forward
puns Btbleh McCall blocked behind
tiie Hue of Berlnimafa mnl tii . bajl
Brant to Missisnip.i On tiie Baeond
down Rva) ran around laft and for
the tout adofsfl arliloh put aflaaiaalppl
In lend.
in th Inst ijuuit.i Minn It was tin
durk Hint the player Id not hi
durtinrulabad, Imtth, aub for Doar at
i ft halfbaek run front Uiaalsalppl Una
tin full It atttii of the fit Id for u touoh
Indian ji WiiiUiniialwui an.
ISVANHTi N, in . Nov, 16, Indiana
defeated Northwestern today 2i m v
ii. ii rally in th" five minutes nf plat
nfi't tiie purple leeminvty bad the
Bam aon, Tim failure of Whittl to
kick foal aft. i tin third louobdowfi
wi reaponsllilt fnr the one point by
which tin purplo lost Tha Innovation
"f numhsrlna player us tried and
pronounced p great suoceas hy near-
Pftpel men unit sp. . tat..i.
OoVernof Martin Qlyirlh Of N. ; Sown the grnfters In vnrlntis city
V. rk Btatl Who roe to that position : departments, revealed to have hern
, . . itriicd by ti.iT'.tpt lieds. TI i e ilLi-
l' litii" if William Sitlzer s Un- , . , , . ,,
tloauras ate re made b Ji.hu a lien
pes nt "t. has promt d thai h willlfatak, O.vernor Maera confidential
tlpet Brlth the dlatrld Sttornap aent, dtirlns the raeaast mayoralty
1 N. ITofl clt lii tha hunt lo run , i aiui'iilRii In Nm Vork.
Wfi11 i:i KM WOS fill v M t
HtXrrn vi t . yn n stout:
H I n II.
ANNA it Itl ill Mi. li , NOV. II I'lHi.'
i he sun, e I. ri Hi. Ii n attach thai
rushed Syracuse, the football eleven
"i tha Cnlveratt) of lUchigan tola)
defeated I'ennsylvaniu, II ! n. ifiuhl.
;an slniplj battered tin- defense nf
iii" eaati mors to pieces, At no time
i iium th k i arua Pannaylvanla
Pennaylvaniu's attack whs us erratic
is her defense n.s inedloere, Xmi
ind i hen, nt Wide Interv . Is, on a nf
i'.rooke'e men skirted n Mieh(gu end
.j st or 'V"n i.irii gains Pannayl
lunla, tin aahie as Mlrhicsn, Btilned
lltle ti mi forward pus plays, It u
distinc t i 'tory for old f lahlone
ii ii ...
u I! I I t;i:i si. rat: MNfl Hll
ltl l-i l 1 1 M m nil I)
AIJMOHiT i wtl.l.
NKW VORK, Nov. 16, The Dart
mouth football team, hitherto regard
,i b) many as tii" best eleven in the
east, uas easily beBten this afternoon
ly tiie Cat lisle Indians, .'." to l". All
Carlisle points were nmde on atralghl
i', "ti ail. Dartmouth ttcored on n goal
rrora the fit Id and a t. rward puss thai
v.. is oaughl and carried oyer the goal
line, The iiniiaiis made five touoh
dowm uftei they hud battered the op
posing line Into taiplessness. Must
if their, gain esas from plunges
through guard and tackles.
The game was played on the Polo
grounda ami 15,001 person suw the
oonteat Dartmouth played the "pen
game that had boon expected of her.
hut the liniijtiH depended on battorinp
ram play that several times oarrled
them half the length of the field witii
...it loslrti the ball, Dartmouth triad
the forward paaa aeveral tuurs, ami
n the second period it enable! Laru
don, the mkIii end. tn carry the UI
iver for bis team's ml ytosottlown,
'aptaln llnitsett al left end k:ikeil tlio
nnl fit Id goat. The Indians' Interfer
ence was one of the feature.
I OOntAlati PtiAl I ID iN A
Ml DDV I'll I II.
LAWKENCK, Kan.. Nov. 15.- The
t'ltiveraity "f Nebraska football team
defeated the University of Kuti.-.is
in- afternoon I t" I in a name of
mnatl) atralKhl football, putysd oa a
n iddj field and In a irtasl of rain.
Both team repeatedly made fust
M s but Ni l raaka'a work at crucial
1" ;nts 111 the unt ie was ln tter.
Just hojv wliilf nitist people an' freely discussing tin- eost
of living, it li probable 1 lt.it nut one person in ten knowt prhai it
'"Ms him or bis family tn live. He may know thai be spende a
certain percentage of bit Income, lm be 1ms no record where it
wnt, whether for living expenses, investments or foolishness.
Tlit.sc persons who carry i personal Checking Aecoun at
the bank and pay all bills by check, have In the stubs of their
check-books a complete record of where the money went, and arc
able at any time to satisfy themselves as' to just what it costs
them to live,
Thi.s bank is prepared to render good service to persons de
siring to opeu a checking account.
Capital ...... $100,000
Surplus, Earned $100,000
Active United Slates Depository
J. If. BERRY. . ..Active ITise-Pres.
JNO. (). MITciir.LL. . ..Vioe-Pres.
H. P. ANDERSON Wce-Pres.
P. Y. BRYANT Cashier
W. (). BUCK Asst. Cashier
F. L. DUNN Asst. Cashier
1 W JrV.
t nV i i i
Impartial Service
The same unquestioned protection Is 'xt''inli (l and tli' same
rates of interest paid to all fi' our customers whether their ac
counts are small or large.
It is the policy of this bank to show favoritism to none, but
tn give all customers reliable banking service and to meel (heir
individual needs in a perfectly satisfactory manner.
Both savings and checking accounts arc received.
. F. Crow, President.
E. E. Stafford Vice President
L. D. Marr Vice President
J. W. Lewis Vice President
W. E. Bennett Cashier
Ren D. Marr Assistant Cashier
F. C. Haskett . .Assistant Cashier
Capital $100,000.00
E. E. Stafford
L. D. Marr
J. W. Lewis
L F. Crow
Jno A. Oliphant
J. S. Pearce
W. E. Bennett
.i mi -i i it in i run s .
.'ttst unleaded ear toad of coed
Mnnilln Bci'iitul-luinil cable fur Kni(l
dinK lines, alio 0M L'0-liorse Suierior
gat nj:iri', (Sod as new.
oil. PtEZiO M I'I'I.V .
N. Main. P4tOM MM ,
LitiniiintiiinM niiiiiii
jn mm
npiju PTITE UCf H
v .u n Be ib . n TLlmi uSHIu Ilubll
11 I A:irira. for tuniiirrew' rne-
'"ml rn.-r. S '4 (nrloniii . line link ... I
S'i ll.v 101. F!tl"l.h tlltl flonrf 1 no mil. I
Stuiirt toa Y.i inc 1 mhli"n too. J P, Mnvlow
I"t iTii.'f Mm- .i-.tr In rinali 10 ll..l
' .i i i. MHk " -v inn. ititii Priatt iob
Trinr.r.'i.rjr ino, Oootter 109. Tri.tf
s.'l lil
Ri ',, I -ic- r. furlinri. l1Hr- rrn...t
tin DvtbaatoT in? Tror WJM 101. ' ,.
iaai IOB, Yrk l.pd in, I: .... , ton. rtilli,
ttihl. tn w..n ind. W1iim.iT n. inn
it".! O-.Yx 110 .'tni I, 110. tlilliiroi II
1 II nrr IIJ. BatH 0n 1 1
TnirH rr r f.irt.nr.. .''liiff- R.-,....
KM 100. Vlrrri.lr 100. Itm Qitlnrr OBJ
Malta rti.ir. inn Vnlkvrir 111 lodiac
Hi M.trr 111 imm-n' 1t!V
F, Mirth rnc. 1 1 1 fi miln. ,. 1 -
NVrllwni.r 0 It, llln Slri on f(UT Fiiah.-r
101 rrll..p li I"" Trlr 10T
1'iflS rr". 0 flir'rnM. Mtllr." ti,nt;
mi H.r Str IM na.tnan Inn tnri.i i
I' . in wii.'t-ii .rr.'i I ' - M . ... m . . . , . ,,
I0K, Brrnnnr Butlrr 101 BilM ,no rlrMI "1BTBn "
Orimii IOB, rmlnt I1S. B...I tmi i. 1 MttSj tho navy ami the inlilshlpmcn
l&iim X TULSA, 0KLA. "
XAVV lll SOT Ml HI I '
At. l - I I II I I It I'lltST 111 Al
CMHAPOLM, Mil . Nuv. IB. l'cnn
ylvaata Ftuto hild Navy to a 10 to 0
v letOQf today ami tin' Kiini" nut
otic in which N.ivy BBPptttteM could
find BAUCII OOtnfort l'cnn State wna
in Iioumn 11.1. Wrht.r 111 Sr.i'.i
PisnMraal lift
Wi.ih rnr. 1 mil, arllinr- I.lnrl TJr,,.k
1,Ki nrrnril in?. OitHTj in? Bill, B,,.r
in? Hic Plnp.r 10. Mirier Urn' ini
dn ilf P,t int Arrlrlnn 1 H.r, ia
V.ninii.'ti inr. Awarf 107. Kmil. r
1"n itrp-noii 115
Rcvfiitii rat t lie mlti- latHSf: iv
-crur mi WMtf ll.nt 101 T! 'rrr.-.o ion
tlirih ina. .fnr 10. .1'Br.- W.r un
U M Frkn lor. n,r,r toa t.tttlf Far
tn,l 10. st.r .W.nii loa rn-drn 100
r--' .rur 109. Tli Ttnmp 109. Tli Rl
uhrn nut by rial I'Piiualtion did nut
BhOW as will as It Wim hcpid thtjr
Hy line lut.-kinp. Navy ahoved rttll
back BaMiiaol BOMBB fin a tmi htlnwn
In the flrat pi-riod and Hrnwrt. riht
cunrd. klckoil snal. Hrown an. rod a
plaroment anal In tho arrt.nd period.
In th fiuirth perlml the Tlattorx five
times wen- Imlil fur downs innide tbelr j
own 1-yard line.
deeds, mortgagee and other valuables
should be out of the reach of fire or
thieves. By placing them In our Miv
Proof Vault you have Positive Protec
tion, Safe Deposit Boxes for Rent
$2.50 and up per year.

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