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Tulsa daily world. [volume] (Tulsa, Indian Territory [Okla.]) 1905-1919, November 16, 1913, MORNING EDITION, Image 8

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Till' T I' I.S A A I I, V W t)IM,l), I l A V . no y ; M ); u n;. ion
IIOUKb 1 To i AM) 7 TO 10 I' M
J in i i K m i in si' i;
M lulu I.
M p, i: . H ('until! Hi vi 1 - i 'i
limn for Mix MM' - K Turnei "' II
inn in
Meeting "i Tulsa v kh'h '
Willi Ml I n i " i
Mi,.-, k,,, II ill kIvi illnn r
Mi. Iijiniiii
'I in -da).
fr. A . Miller Hummel Ih Ii h i '
to Tuoadu) bi idi
Mtm. Kulph I.'" Ii i give
K. A. Koi .
Mix II .1 1 ullierlmin gives Ulfi i
mill lii i'ir
ifUi ndii) in i . lull mi i In with Mr
Julius Kalin.
1m E lis Milium 'i1"1 llr' Berber!
Woodard mui rj ui limn "f 1 i'1, '
pi, t . mi, Mr mui Mm, II N Bynum.
Mm Mar Condon riiterlutui R
iH'k.i hcluli.
Hr, i. Wi ll i'i" auction
Stfdge, pllmeiilui) in Mm. Wllllum
C, Calkins "f N'' "iK
Mr J W. Bmltli ontertsJns t'i"
I ii i lub.
An circle ni" i "Hi' Mr. '' c
Mis.s Margurcl -1 . . -l i - entertain
ll(orma4l) for Mow Olive Logic ..I
Barnla, Canuda.
i inn -d:i
Mis Perrj .Hawolth gives auction
kvrfgge f"i Mli ollvi I ."Kit of Sal
nla. i 'unadi
fane Addam I'hautauqua meet'
with Mr I' W ''i ii
Mm Paul Mudnnak) entertains Krl
dav 111 Idge club.
lira, c J, lllnduiiui is hostess t"
II), i hku ' in''.
Mr i ai mil i" "i Pcniusrlmnls Utrl
Mr." PVanK I. Hurlli it's lovely utio
Mon parti of I ' Idnj Bftci noon carrlod
with it tin' uniinuneomonl of Hi'' en
gngeiu.nt "f Mi" Kadlc l'arnlll'
guest, Min" Muri Hucknian, of
Will,,-! ai re. I '.i . t" Mi."" Carnlll "
brother, Mi Anson ' 'in nlM, the war
rar i,, culminated s time I"
K,-i'i in 1 1' i Klor.il brightness ii
given ui,' H ull' it home ith many
iMuqu' t- "f beautiful pink Klllarne)
roe.", ami even tables l auction
w,.r, piuyi i Mr K. 8 Hennr made
high ire, her prtxa bolnf a sand
wich basket, whli h held the card of
jrtisf. Unci man and Mr Carnlll, nam
i i ' . . i ... ildlni month The gusat's
tt , in mwu,.w..u... . ... m m in i ui i i mmm g -aalli mm mmmm mmmmmmwl
V ill lioin lliciv I ilt -ii'im "! iiiin'thing in Linens for Thanksgiving? A Tablecloth th.ii li.-is outlived Its
mid iici'd I. m!, n ii,' wilh one nf ilu'Kc Or another mH if these beautiful Napkins, some Doilies and no on right down
tJmiugli iln- lii of Thanksgiving nopdfuls to ivplpuish the dining room elossta,
This Novonilii v Male of Tnankfigiving linciw iff i' mabstuntia iMaouoinies to every home in bouaehold linens, and something that
is iicederl and iipfircciHti tl hy every good housekeeper,
Tlie itenin mentioned I elow arts tyjdfiul oi a hundred others embraced in this sale.
Hhrewd buyers will need no urging, the pai'tutl list tells the tale ofeeonomie advantages rarely mm
i eJited. I' ' not forgcl that this store is really uudcrselluig itself in this November Linen Sale.
prl .
I. K
Rol '
' ami
lo M'-" 13 u kmai) waa a wim
t. a c.iiait and Ice courae wrn
d at the card lablea. Krtenda to
I the Intori stlni ' it of n Wl
re Maedamea Itaipn
, ,llins. Archibald
Bmtth, E k Perry, C
Bchuyler C. Pronch, W
VV'illlam rarnlll, Arthur
.. Walter E. Wright,
Henry, Merle J Heald,
. 'I V I r,..
;si f m " '
..I i' i t
The Hunt-Riddick Company
U :
Timely Savings in Thanksgiving Linens
14 and J am Mercoriaee' Batln taRuuk; urn rexfulM ISc quality; aulo
prlofi, per ar,l 48;
v. mi h ittvor in, .o h and Full ilcac4id Unan Oamagic; Mfulw H o
qua iii ) . par yiuii a&c
7i' null l ull Bleaobad nil Mnm Oamaaki Mttra fooal f.U luaJlty;
gale I'll'1, par yard fi.io
71 and ii Inch I'ure White and HI Ivor Bleached Damaaki warranted
ii llnan; our regular ii.vi. quality; on gala at, per kwJ ... fi.ss
I'lncNt iiiuilily Pull Hli ai lo 'I round thivinl win rant' '1 ull linen Dam
Hit; x uo in, h.'s alda; ragulai :'.co quality. Thunkaglvlng gala prioe,
jar yard
"V,- mil Tunc" Household Miiena, the kimt that wearg; co Incheg ni".
Colora, rod, blue and ohampagtie; pedal during tbia aic per yard 4Hc
au broken iln i and all odd pi,-, oh f Table i.,muak. regard Lag( "f
price, ghow liberal raduotlon during thta gate. Mere you win Hud Roma
, i the ' holccii olcctlom and i",;-' ellera prl i at jut a little W-hh than
the larger lota,
Special Economies in Table Napkins
14 x 14-inch Hemmed Merceriaed BaMn Damaak Napklat; ragulal
price sto dozen. Thankasivlnaj Hala prioa, per dozen sue
:n x M Inch Hammed Marceriaed BntSn l.'imatih Wanking; extru K""'i
nuallty Damaak; aeiin regular at $1.7.', ptr doaen; gale prlea gilu
:u x ll-lnok uii Linen Napkini, beauUful Kloral daatgng with plain
border; RggTular $2.00 doaen gellargj gala price per doaan 9.15
14 x 14 M inob garrantad ail Pure Unan Dinner Napkini; either
bleaohbed or half bleached; our popular is ou eilers; nutnkgglvtng
ale prion, par dozen 92.55
14 x 24 inch extra quality All Linen Napklng Imported O arm an
Linen and tine quaUty round thread bleached limn; gel regularly at
$4 ..',11 dozen; mile prloa 93.H&
24 x 24-luch gnow white warranted first quality all I'ure l.ln, u Nan
king, 1 Damaak to match in quality ami degign ; these handaome Nan
king tall regularly at 0.00 doaen; during IhanksKlviliK sale only, pel-
S l.-."
aii other Napkins, either Meroartaad or i'ure Linen, t 16 ier oent
disc, unit (lurhiK our Thankagivfng sale; prices range as low gg'tl.OQ ilie
dogen ami up to $10.00 the dog on,
Less to Pay Linen and Bath Towels
Barber Cowei made of soft abgorbont cotton oraah; food tae and
good weight with fumy colored borderi; gall regular I j at r.c each; gale
price, per dozen 4 4Ht:
UOOd heavy Crash Face Towels, 14 X 28-lm h size with fancy at ripe
bordgra; ell regularly at 75c the dozen, Mankagivlng Linen Kale, prion
per dozen 09c
is x 14-inon i'ure Llnan Huok Foirela; heavy quality, 10ft linen tin-
Uh buck; regular 2,",e lellera; on gale thU week at, eaoh 2"
20 x to inch Hematitohad Linen Huok Toweli, with plain Banter
nnd fancy oatln stripe borders; our 4Ue values, sale priOO, I a, h . . .U3c
If x M-lnoh warranted All i'ure Linen (Bllvor Bleached) Huok
Towels With icalloped eilpi ; extru special during tills sale at Hi, pair 75"
lli ached Turkish Hath Towels, ull klndl ami pii . s; Ipeolally
priced during our Thankagiving Linen Bale,
16c Bath Toel, 20 x 40-Inch alzc; sale prioe, each 19 He
ISc Hath Towels, 22 x tS-inoh glge; sale price, rai li 2tlc
40c Bath Towel, 14 x iMncb ai.' ; sale price, o for $i.nt
75c Bmbroldered Initial Hath Towels, each
ion I nnehcou Scli uml Batten burg PIit
Ke.lll, . d.
Special price during Huh gala on all Kmc
.Linens, Battenbergj piece, Drawn work; real
Luncheon sets ami ctampod plaooft
20,: Battonberf Doilleg, ule prtoe
$i 2r, Battenberg Center, M x so Incheg, at .
i 2,", Battonberg Scarf, Achoi long, at .
75e Drawn Work Bquuree, 28 x 2 Incheg at
70c Drawn Work Square, all Linen ai
Ii.uo Drawn Work Square, all Linen at ...
i.5c Drawn Work Bcurf, all Linen 't
7ue Bmbroldered Bcarf. II Incheg long, ...
75c Embroidered Square, 10 x ID Im nag
ljiric size, All Upen Stamp"! ToWel
Plaaon Stamped Baby Urea d lo I year
Hi ui Cluny Luncheon Seta, coniatlng or c
doilies and en. i'i' i s's t at tractive price
y Art
. . . lie
. . ,t9o
. . ttsc
. ,Wc
. . ggC
. . . Nit,'
. IKe
Pattern Mollis and Kapklm In Male;, Markod
Hull II.
Individual Pattern ''loth, nonet Imported Linen,
7j x 72-tnch si,', poppy center end border; sells
regular at E 00; Thankagtvlng price, tins handaome
cloth 91.15
Napkins in match 1 22 x 22 Incheg) t;.oo the dog
Mi 95.10
Pattern Cloth Tt x 72 Inchea, American Beauty
Roae detdgn; ilrat quality all linen; regular prioa
4.50; Bale price g;t.H5
Napkins t,, match (22 x 22 inches) 15.00 the dog
cti ! 94.15
Kound Table Pattern Cloth, h x 81 inches, acorn
dealgn, One grade pun white linen damask, th.s
cloth lellg at 19.40; sale price 95il(l
Napkins to match 1 22 x 22 inches) f 4.64) the
dozen 93.H&
Kxtra Large Pattern Cloth, 72 x oo inches, with
roci and ornamenta; warranted all linen and to
give excellent wear; regular pine 16.(0; very
PCI ial at $5.H5
Napkin to match (22 x 22 Ifi.oo the dogen $.viu
Pattern (Moth, 70 x 7o baobea, ohryaanthemum
mui ribbon dealgn; beauUful pattern and excellent
li.oo value; ale price 99.44
"in i
ial Ttiank striving Prlcct
PillOW i ''.
on Khoeta and
42 x 3u Inche; r&gular ll
x 3ti indies, regular 20c grade;
Pillow Caaaa,
sa ie prion . . .
i'lllow Cases,
During this sale jm
Hand Bmbroldered, Boalloped Bldge PlUow Cases,
Mia quality tubing, handaomely embroidered; aeii
regularly at $1.26 eaoh; gale price hhc
Sheet 72 x DO inches; regular 50c sellers; on Bala
Monday, each Itfe
Shitts 81 x '.'0 Incheg, extra well made of good
qualltj heetlng; 76c value; Thankagtvlng Sale
Linen Hod .Set. hematitched. embroidered all pure
linen Bed Bet, sheet and pillow eases to match;
heel 10 x 108, pillow eases 45 x 3ti. This handaome
set priced at 91H.05
11 x 4 Bed Spreads; our regular 12.50 teller;
ThatltegtVtng Sale price ?2,t5
12 x 4 Bed Spreads; have out corners and seal
loped edge; sell regularly at $-'.75; sale prtoe 2.;t;
$5.00 (fenulne MaraalllOg Spreads priced during
this sale ut 94.35
Better Spread, sheets, and pillow oaaea not men
Boned and in our regular stock; all show liberal re
duotlon d 11 ring our remarkable value-giving
Thunkagtvlns Linen Sale.
Guest Towels gnd Horostltclicd,
Ml Linen Towels
Hematitched Lim n Towels, 20 x 3S Incheg; ex
cellent ipiallty, half bleached, heavy linen; Bold
regularly ut fcr,,- each; sale price only Till'
Hemstitched aii Linen Monogram Coweta; extra
large size; make beautiful and appropriate gifts;
regular price $1,25 each; on sale at $1.10
All rule lam 11 Hematitched Kmbroidered ur.d
plain Hematitched Queat Towels, 16 x 42 inches,
end 20 x 38 in In s, regular 75c sellers. Trcmksgh -
lug sale price t One1
Heal Hand Bmbrohleivd Hemstitched Linen (luesl
Towel, 15 x ;.2 Inchea; Kneel quality aoft Dniafaed
liimii; Sic values, sale prioe 75c
Kxtra quality, I'Xtra large size, guarantee, 1 all
I'ure Linen Hemstitched Embroidered Ghiegt Towels;
regular $1.25 values; Thanksgiving sale price ..UMc
Hamgtltohod Hand-Bmbroldered Sonogram Ouast
Towels; s Ii)l quality linen; our ohplceal 75c sel
lers for Thankagtvlng s;ilc priced nt 99o
Unllnlahed All Linen Queal Towel, outlined for
embroidering; sell regular at 16c; sale prloa ..2tic
I Hckey,
. Ti ie,
w '
I'.-ci pla n Hi Pi-dcriitlon Belegatea,
An event, the beam! and bi lllluncy
Of which has m v, r t u suruaased In i
tin- so Ial initial.' "f the cltV, was the
tormal reci ptioti ti nth n 'I b) the dub
Women of Tulsa Tuesday evening at
the Klks' home, in h iit of the prcs-
nf the four liuniireo women who
,1, rg ,i, o ti , i iKlaii.cu.i Ped- 1
u meeting' The lill room f
tl,,. , Ial, in ,1 ..us f ull palm
nn, I southern miiJ , t.'i'.etliei with
ghrysnntbemuioH. cxpi, sins the fed-1
erutl'.n colors gp en and whin- was
thrown open f,,i He re, eptl..M of the
five hundred oi mole gutnle At il"'
door. Mrs. Bol i !'. Ma Arlliur.
Hp,, i; c T. Williamson and Mrs. I
Arthur It. I'ei r vi .H . the .,i i ituls 1
greeting ami did tli" honors of Intro- j
duel.. n to On lec.iv no; no In which
gtood the off f lb' tat federa
tion, and ilium othei women promln
ent In the cliih work of the city and
Btu(e. Mrs. Prod S liiit.,i as . '. ,u
man of th reception committee head
ed the line in I ndtng u h b, r t.. .
Wele. line the ifilist' :, Mrs l. A.
Mel louglll "f S i, lip i I'I sidet of the ,
fed-1 utlon; I t ' Im Buy, M I
Threadglll of Okl ihoina Cits . Mr
. Percy Celllns, Mrs I Ii I Krown of I'
fan) Mrs Oenlils II U llson Mrs C.I
H Hum, ,'f Anadarko Mis. A. A.
Small Mis Itryl, Mrs . 1 II "it
llr ! V Km ' "f M iskogee, Hi
A. W Hi th Nt" Tom Hope of Ada
Mrs. W l.yle Plckey. Mrs Bood of
Bartlesville Mis 1 i .1 Sutton of i 'U
lahema C,t Ml - Anna ad- O'Nell
of t'hli s i.-h ' Mr William Miller
Roes. Mrs Ouinoiit Mis W N. Sill.
Mrs I ' ' nkl.il inn City;
Mrs W I W I It I iw
tin of N, wata Mr- ! I' Mt V V.
Ewlnt Mrs I'iil'i of I iiwlm: so, I Mrs.,
Charles K I t" this
coiiimltt, , u, i. Ih, Mi i s V II. .
Bndren. N W Mai lines, W. C.
HI. nd Domingo c t ostn
pum b tables w. re pi ill 1 nvi i by
the Mles Am, a M. I'm., v. Car, 'yn
gnd Kllzn'o Hi 1 ., ' I'm d) ' Mi ttir-
ney. Kliut" tii n T.-ki-h s
faarv. l.ctba St.n', l!o Itelvn M't
ahell. Louise ietr nnd Mnrgiotite
Hoormnn nn.l M '
Waa furnished the Ma m i oieh-
While the hundreds of band Ii
gown,,! women mil ! I ' i In
Ihe largest social eV' 111 of federal
Courtis) t Mm. Xilb'li, il'it.
A double occnal in, the blnhilay an-fllvei-
i of Mrs. .1 VV. It. Attleberg.l
4Uld the preaence of two visit. ,rs. Mrs.
A. C Snyder of Kane, Pa., and Sir-.
I Jj. o. Krilibs of iJino rtinc Pa sisters
f the host and h,, teas, a the .11
Biiiratlon of a dolightful gutlr ng at
the Aide!. erg. r bom in lietitn w noei-
lion, Wednesday evening, The even
ing was 111 ih- waj oi a urpriae, tha
plana of the' guests bi ing 1 i 1 led to
st aucoi m fui execution. I ollowtng
the s, rvlni of mi . luborato dinner of
several coureei . the e 1 nlng was de
voted to the pastimes of H ' hundred
and hearts Mis. ah b-b. rgei waa pre
vented with a hand on e cut 1 aaa vai
the mi'! pi the compel ) during (be
A silver ,.ff. ring WlM be taken
ceipi . of the ooeaalon to be ap-
InnBei sat
innlv 1 sa i s eelebn
mm,. 11H1
The alxti anth
11, m ..r Maatei Joicph ' i Clark, sen of
mi umi Mr a V. Uourqu. of
South I', (1 oil avenue, will always be
a bright and pteuaant met y of hi
bos bood mid on,- a hloh he will recall
maii time in tbt future, always With
hap) th, 'lights ,,f the lon Tha
amuaement war of the usual order
of birthday gathering! and at th
livening1 , lose tempting supper was
served 0) Mis BoUrejUe at the dining
txble, Ti,, niiesis' place were mark
9 wen (nan hot picture of the
,ua hoat, which were the favors ,,f
th evening to the following guests:
tin, Mis'. 1 Helen staler, Dan Martin,
Amelia Broach, Paulina Given, Rtta
Brad) and Jullel Hunt ami Masters
T,ii Peter, John Supter, John in;
lard, Ban Hunt. Jr. loha Bhelton,
1 'ui 1 sin pgon gnd Jay Epperson,
oiiiini I 'raise .-.erii.e.
The annua praise service of th
Woman's Missionary society at thi
Preabyterlan church win be bald on
M. iiav afternoon in tha church par
lors Mrs A. W Roth "III lead Ut
meeting and an went ,,f the program
which will he of special IntereM h
the talk to b given b) Mrs John
iMH.si le nf New York Cltv. formerly
Vice president of the hoard ,'f fot
clan mlsatom ,.f the Preebytarlan
li nr. h Mis (llllesptc is spending the
winter ii Tulsa, All Women who are
Interested In mission Work lire in
vited to bi pi. s, nt. ,
1 in - Pnrti .
Chnpen ned by Mr and Mis (leorge
Mowbray, the following boy and girl
formed 11 line party to the l'skice on
Prlday evening, th, picture being fo'
lowed by refreshments it down
town confectioner) Mlssei .lennl,
Woods, Mabel Ni 1 )
Madeline Mowbray I
Mills, w lllle Taylor,
tl ' , Parr, H len
Knoerr, Nellie MllU
Jnnkbt, Mi vc-s Oiin
sell Bhepefd, Henry
.rtson. Wlllard
Kennt dy, Hon 1 ; ;
Carolyn Miller,
aone Qosa, Ion
Neil k, nnedy,
Mowbray, Anna
Rlliabatb Me
re Bobbltt, Rub
rad) . Sack Bob
loon, Sherman
t i 1 Maude
Women nf MtlliSr Pi .', Tea
The w, uuin s Auxlll ry t 11 Board
,'f Missions of Trinity church hare
mad plans to giv, a s iver t,.i l'ri
dhy, November 12, at the home of
Mrs. V N Sill gfj Smith ' yenne
piled towards furnishing a ro mi in th
lata hospital of the Episcopal church
Ni' Ab .-t, r. An Invitation Is extend-
; to the public to be proa, nt and b nd
their aid i- Ihe worthy cauue which
the auxiliary ig udiancing.
I ,11 i-'llng Mini hob,
A delightful Informant) ,,f the week
was th,- courtesy of Mr. and .Mrs.
Brant it. McCullough to their guests,
Mrs E, G. Oray and Mrs. a. Kraua
i i Pawnee, on Wcdneada) evening,
when they entertained vviin f,,ur
tabloa of auction bridge, Mrs. Thomas
1 Munroa and Mr c.iss a. Mayo were
winner of On favor for high score,
1. um i, was served at the card lablea
, ,1 .,1 the card labia,
An Informal morning affair of di
llghtful appointments on Tuesday was
the bridge ( r,'iii lablea, Which Mrs.
Roy Getman gave us ., compliment
to her gin st. Mrs P R, Kmc of
Newktrk, who was with bar during
the week th, federation. Pour
tallies were played. 1111, 1 11 delicious
repast served following the game
Mrs King returned noma Prida)
iii, la Tail Kappa.
The girls of the 'llietu Tall Kappa
'lub iio t with MI'S Maty Stotts of No.
1116 South Main Street, Thursday
coning ami spent three hours qtttt
Iierrll) In games attd music, the nf
fait being concluded with tha serv
ing of h freahmi in. Miss Doris Arm
trong of Oklahoma Ctty, wh. is vis
itlng Miss Pawn Bellow, was a guest.
liei n, it tUOtioSL
Mrs Perrj Haworth of No. 1425
90 Hi Mala str,,t. has cards out for
ni afternoon of motion bridge on
.v. honoring Mia ullve Logo.
I Barnla, Canada, who has arrived
to I , a gU st in the home of -Mr and
Mrs J. K Croshle until after the
Wedding el Miss Margaret fT OS S4
Mo on, 1,, 11 t,, 1 aarrtntn
Bcti, kali t lub.
Mrs Mary Oondofl will entertain
a, Rdbeknh club Wedheadnj gftw
a OOS In the hniiif of her ion on.l
daughter, Mr mid Mrs. Gtejin Con
don, ul No 1.121' South BlWOOd ave
lion 1 for Mm Chlklna,
Mis L( C W ells, of South Boston
VenUl ha Invited guests for an anc
to. 11 l.rlilce Wednesday aft' moon, the
. 0 irteSy Of th occasion being ex(end
td to Mr. Thoma I, Monroe's sls
(i r nd guest, Mrs. William C Calkins
,,f New , rk city.
Informal bridge,
Mm Harry J. Culbertsoti will en-
tertnin Infortaally at bridge. Tnggini
afternoon, invitation:., for ihe ooeaalon
baring been extended yesterday,
Infoi nwL
Miss Margaret Croshle will enier
lain Informally on Wednesday after
noon In courtesy I,, her gue.it, Aliss
. illva bogle, of Barnla, Canada,
Ml l ay MoCliltg of QoMd.
Thursday's oieeBng of Trinity Guild
of Trinity church will be an all day
affair commencing at 10 o'nlock and
continuing until the worn laid out by
: ie 1 uiiii is finished, ,
Miiuii Dinner,
Congressman B.rd Mcdnire was
:i"si at a Small dnih, r parly last cven
,ug at Hole! Tulsa, having as guests
dltor Eugene Lnrton of The World
.nd Mrs. Lorton.
Miss Pattl spem e, ofiParkaroburg,
W, a., who has la-en visiting III
the home of Mrs Floyd Bohn on
south Carson avenue, will be the
nest of Mrs. Frank L. Il.rtlett for
he next two weeks of lo r stay in I
OKI, llinll CITY so: MTV.
rt Worth, Tex., where she will vlsll
The Players were pleasantly nt
lulned by Mr. and Mrs. s. T. Bled
soe Tuesday svening. Besidea the club
members ami as special utvited guests
wore .Indg, and Mis. M. J. Kane,
Mr. and Mrs. 11. a. Crayeroft, Mr.
nd Mrs. .1. P. Bledsoe and Mis. Hen.
r Purman. Mrs W, J. Pattsg and
Mr. Jan is F. Harbour made (he high
lore! of the 1 v, 'iniik'. Mr. and Mrs.
.,. ii. Cottlngham will entertain the
, nil, 11, Xt Tuesday evening.
1 Miss Love Craycrofl will go to Dattai
I the coiiiiii" ". .ii. whom she will join
I car sister in an extend d visit w ith
I .1 it nils.
Mrs. John M, Hisl.ee and daughter.
Mm Calvin Hornaday arrived hers
the past week from Baltimore, Md
and vi'i be guests for the winter of
Mis. Hishee's son, Sunnor T. Blsbee,
Mrs. i'rnest Robinson and Mrs.
,!,.s, ph Ba linger of Paris, Tex., after
Mien, ling Several weeks here with
Mrs. James DuPreC, have returned t"
their hollies.
other ruHncs: tlie national board nf
arbitration today awarded the Paris
Texas, has, hall dub f 1 00 on all op
tional agreement with the Kansas
city American association club, and
allowed Kansas City's claim against
Fort Worth, of the Texan league for
twelve days' salary paid to player
in y 1
I am
I, V.. F. Frank of llloomlnglon.
s the guest of her sister, Mrs.
Thomas. Mr. nnd Mrs. Tliomas
a bridge party, Tuesday even
111 Honor ol Mrs. Frank. The
rs included Mr. and Mrs. A. It
' "tl, .Mr. ami Mis. C. K. Btruin,
ami Mis. A. A. I'ord, Mr. slid
I rani; Hale, Mr. and Mrs. W. A.
re, Mr and Mis. j. q. Cornlah
Mrs Atllo Courtney,
Mrs. H I Mlcklesoa of No. 1228
south Boulder avenue, bad as guests
luring ihe week Mrs. B, A. Swansoii 1
, f Muskogee, and Mrs. W. II. Holes'
of Cleveland, who Ware here for the I
federation meeting
The Ladies Aid soi lety of the chris
tian Church announce the date of
their Christmas baaaar us December
11. 12 and II,
Mm Robert P. Carpenter very en
foyablj entertained s number ol her
friend Thursday afternoon in ,0111-
1 'mi, nt to her daughter. Mrs W. P
Morgan ol Enid. Mis. B. a. Hudson.
also of Knld. was an honoree of the
1)0004 on, she having arrived Mon
day and spent the week with Mrs
Mrs F M. Knghsh and Miss Helen
Sloss, both of Lawton, were Mrs. C.
C. Cole s guests for the federation.
Mr and Mrs. Clayton Roberts are
parents of u tine new haby daughter
1 .
Mrs It. C liirtiii entertained In
formally at luncheon ,,n hYiduy.
Liberal redaction on chllftrtn's hats
Mann s Millinery, adv.
Miss Hannah m. Bchmtdt at Chi
cago snnt the wash with h, r sifter.
Mis J. .1 f IllllllgS MlgS Schmidt
v ,s 1, n her way honn from San An.
bankO, Where she had been visiting.
sin- leave Bands for bar home.
Specialty work
Mlll'mrv. ndv.
t furs. Mann's
Mrs Ait. '-it K Hunt has returned
CrOm 11 p'easant visit In Pallas. Tex..
with relatives,
M ss Dorothy Craycrofl has gone to
Mm Gladys Williams of Ardmor
nd Miss Jennie Williams of Nortriao
have be.-n the guests during th
week of Mrs Karl A. Butts and-hei
daughter, Miss Maurlne itutts.
Your teleph bill for the month
of November is past due. Unless paid
by 6 p. ni, of the 16th, service will lie
dtaoontlnned. Pioneer Telephone and
Telegraph Company. adv.
Miss Viola Todd has accompanied
her father to Kansas City, where she
WOI visit lor ten days while lor fa
ther ilia'.' n husimsi trip to St
foul and Minneapolis.
Mrs. Leon Hucfctns, with her son
John Vance, and nurse left w, dm s
day for Bbreveport, Alexandria and
New Orlems. La., where she will visit
relatives end friends for two months
Mrs. T. N Black arrived here the
past week from I .Inch 11. Tenn., and
will spend it month witlr her Sister,
Mts. James It. Seob-y of West Twelfth
Mis. J. R, Tool Is entertaining Mrs.
John D, (taper and Mm Bdwta Van
Home "f Pawnee, Nob, .
Mrs Walter D, Caldwsll spent th-
Mai week IB Kansas City will'
Kansas City Ml Bay 91(10.
COLUMBt'fl,,0., Nov. 15. Among
Just to
Remind You
that CHANEY is still making
at the old sland, 210 Main St.
Conic now ami fit for your
Xtn.is Photos.
Cost. Drees, Skirt, that fi's you well,
and you won't look I ko the uveraga
r, a,iv -made person.
Try me. I will also save you money
refreshing the knapp of pi, -I, and ve
lonr coats and remodel your clothe
up to date.
Tailor U) Ladies nnd Ge.ulemen.
Ileum 22-2S V. O. lildg. l'bone 72S.
ilnv your clothes made In Tulsa.
Kxpert (n lors at ftlpantll 415 E 3rd.
Phone 247. Adv.
One third off 011 all colort'd hats.
Mann's Millinery adv.
Your telephone hill fur the iiinn'h l
of November Is past due. I'nless pnid I
by 6 p. to of the tr.'h. service will he 1
dim onttnued Pioneer Telephone and
Telegraph Company. - adv.
Miss Parson's rainless Chrropodlat,
will oall al residence, l'.eat references
T.-I..I2S0. Off,,,- Shields' Hotel, room
II, 119a R Second St Hours 1:20
a m , to Jo p. m.- adv
World Wants Oct Results
Engraved Christmas Cards
We &rc shawing an exclusive Unetff Engraved ( !hristniaf) ( !arda
and foldi 1 b,
Alsj many new novelties for gifta,
lake yoifr Beleetions early.
Tulsa Art Store
Picture Praniliuj, Open Evenings,
17 E. Third Street.

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