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m Wcalkcr
Tt'l.KA, Nov. 17.- Temperature--Maximum,
76 j minimum.
47i Mouth winds partly cloudy.
M O Fio 1 I IS CJ
V ' V o
Vmt WeatUtter
V ASH I NUT' i.N'. NOV 11 1 k-
Ishnma Pile Tuesday and prolH
1 1 i v Wednesday, colder by w d
n 'i'M night.
i i
i ii' wiiu v iiii rid ss in i-oitr.
0 L. IX. NO. 5 I
TULSA. OKLAHOMA, T lT Kjjj A Y , S O V K XI Kli l MM::
I U' ICE Kl V K ('KM 9
OKI x. i ( ROM i l I'M
t. I ill tti:i r BKH
i i a i, in irr r r
i.ki t. (ii ;rk hi nw in i d in
(IINMi I HiN Willi Ml Kill It
-n Woman Came Into Store, Willi
mil n ( lothea Kdii Ho snd to.
mln i Mm rm Hit in Collar,
hi mm
XV (j Hundred Indefatigable Knlghta
to Mart Ta-k ul Ititi-inv Slllll.-
non iii Ten Daya.
Tin- campaign For the raising ot
$11)0.(1111) with which in build (i v. II.
C. a. bull line for Tulaa waa formally
I. una bed at a banquet at the Hotel
Tuii-u lust night and promptly al I
o'i ini i this morning tha work era, too
trong, move oul to ratio that
atnounl "f moaej and that they will
be mm ceaafuti no one who caught tha
spirit ot enthuiiuain and determina
tion laat niuhi can doubt.
I ae wink and workers have bei n
caret u II) organised and every man
k 1 1 . i n aiial is expected ot him.
There will be a luncheon furniahed
PJTTSIIUIUIH, Nov. 17. Una !
Ot Mrs. Mitymo Or.liniseti. aged IB.
. i . ..f Oliver Qrelnelaen, waul end
drug clerk wai found lain todav ly
liig face dov award on i cinder pile
in in- cellar of C, a. GHvsni' phar
macy, In the aou ii aide. Practically
nude, the imiiy was aoratRbed and
bruised. Tin' woman's left aya was
dlacolored and her hair dlibevelad.
Michael U Sweeney, a drug clerk
employed In tha pharmacy, was ar
reated In the itore tow minutea ufi-
r the discovery. Sweeney, v ry
itorvoui, laid lira. Rroineisen had
entered ihe Qlven'i pharmacy alum;
I o'clock tonight, almoal nude ami
that he and "Tom Hawkins, m
"Harkina'1 iilcked her up and carried
i it into i hu ' 1 liar.
Sweeney wai locked i" I police
station rill tonight ami ui be turn
ed over in the coroner tomorrow. A
aearch is i imt made for tha "Tom"
nc mentioned.
Spanish Ruler Paria
PARIS, Nov 17. King JMfonao and
Queen Victoria of Spain wim are on
a three weeks' European trip, arrived
here today. They will apend a tea
daya In Paria before leaving foi
tn- nr r
U 'I
i i iii i ; 1 1 1 1 i u i in ot in
I.MIllN ill I I V I Its
haigc Hired IMntivev and Thugs
H ith i nld-bl led Murder ami
--;i ultiug Women.
hi : AT'ti.i :. Wash., Nuv 17. Fiery
afechea wore made lu Uia American
Federation of Labor convention today
attacking the Michigan mim' ownora
a hole eniployea are on strike. Preal
dent Baiuuel Gou pen void tha con
vontlou nndoubtedl) would adopl
a reaolutlon ii H wore preganted do
mandlng Investigation as in boa the
Calumet and Hecla company obtained
title in lis coppei
i in .c 'limit of tin' launi hlug of
tha i M, '. A. campaign lodio
and id" Workers lum I n thai
will in' Imld ai iifKjn in i lie Hoti i
Tulsa, i he aaftl) 1 'nmnn n lu I
ciiiii luncheon win md b t i
today Tha comoiRtee laai mum
decided in i(iitpoiie Ihe usual'
i ii nt i ami ihe program until
neat Tueada) ddien tha aama
togatmaatar and w peak era will be
I..- ml
MOM n ni l i si II MTO it
IM. I IM MI I HM- tN Iff.
Page v al n
NAPi.Bg, Italy, i Nov. i ;. Thomaa
Nelaon Page, I bMM Statea amhaaaa
dor to Italy, ami , Mrs. Pag arrived
here ttila evening vom Rome i" viall
the American bafUeehlpa Wyoming,
Arkansas and I'luflila. now anchored
off thii port. TgV aniliaaaador and
his wife will be Intermitted t tha
i iiniimind'T-in-rhli-f "f Hk- Atlnnln
fleet, I
ander-in-oblft of the Attain
Rear Admlnl harleii .111 idgi
I mm
I'R l I II Kl -I Ml II N M Ns
1 1 n l it i l4KIai 'l'lanl'l ltd v
l II 11 M II IN
Will Mim Uitlidoliii I umuiltiiv I'lYtn
n Urdim to Take 1 p I'lmployni'
taiiiii Dtwiand"
u 1 I:
ill III I
Hull .
The r Holutloua
' ' ii, let forth
1 mine oa nort
j manda of the men,
1 teutpti at coneiiiatt
I v. s treated theiu
ha ve Imported (tun
whi. h wi
the deal
1 1 hi 1: i. i'omm vNiu it oitnr.it
1 11 d INCH on .it iti;.
lelKkl ( apiinrii Telegraph Office
and Pushed 'I'll' insfHi'-. off aa 11
I 'ederol Urtacbmenl.
" hereaa
Ignored tha
ipurned timii
n and In many ,
a iih contempt ; I
men, t ti ((.- and !
BO-oillhi! dclii lH'S into the strik'i
aotac and theae men have deliberately
killed atrlken in cold blood, aeaauit
dC wonien ami bsatn ami terroriaed
1 hlldren;
'.'Whereaa S.500 militia have been
aenl Into the atrll . dlatrict and tin,s'
Holdicra have driven ilmir horaeg over
men, women ind children, beating
them v illi guna, bayoneta and swords
a. ..I outraging women ami girla;
'Reaolvad thai the American Fed
erallon of Labor damand a niuigi aaa
lonal Inveetlgatlon of tha strike and
Hie cauaea leading up to it.
"Reaol.'ad thai the Pedermttog of
Labor unqualifiedly approval of the
Michigan mini r ami
Ills N i S ( OM.lt! iK Vx - I IN l
14' mm m.i;ii 1 uMi'i 1 n -
i. v UeiTI IIH w
pcniaudl n-'iio.ouii ii. im, and 250,IKMI
e Month Prom ti' Pcainon Byn
dloafe 01 Tuiam.
aation of Preaident Hu
greai wiis completgd 1
enough lenatora wei
. 17. Organ! -iria'i
new aon
t a today when
e gathered to
stanil ni Hi
on the
1 a ncho
the workera evert day until tha cam
paign is over! tb.ii banquet to ba fur
niahed :'.t the agpenae of the campaign
committee and everkV worker In rx
pet ted in report al Hie noon day
lunch, ai which time tin- amount of
tin- lubecriptlom win bt made
Mon(') Tlicmiometera,
n addition, two huge thermometera
will be placid at the RoblniOBt Ar
cade, and theae will show every
thousand dollars that has been cul-
lected. Another thermometer, tu-
gether w ith the si ore board, will bo
placed in the lobby ol the lintel Tulsa
and a record of the amounts retched
kept thereon.
Today! speaker at the luncheuii
will ne I'hii c. itaird, of Oklahoma
t it , a noted lecturer and travel -r.
Model ni' Butiffdray.
At tin banquet last night, a aurprlaa
was aprutiK when it was announced
that City AttoriM) Ramaey had drawn
tha piiins and Mayor Wooden had
built the liiillilini; for the V . M. C. A.
of TUlaa and thHt It would be pre
sented at that tune. Covered by a
cloth an object waa carried into the
banquet mom and It was set up su
everyone could sec it. When tic
oioth aa removed, it was teen that a
miniature V. M. -'. A. luiildiiiK alioul
three ur four feet Ioiik and two feet
high, complete in every detail, Iiiku
far as the outside was ii.ncerned, had
heen imiit of wood and DMiteboard by
a. A - Travar. apecUU dielgnlng archl-
tei't for the V. l . C. A., with Okla
homa t'ity heado.iiarlcrH.
Mr. Ramaey, although called upon
t,, pi, sent the bulldliiK without a mo
iiicnl'a notice. 11 ade a splendid irc-
aentatton addreei mid made a atrong
plea that the cHi'.' ns ihOUld build
not 1 thing of wood and paateboard,
hut one that would be a credit to the
1 1 1 1 1 it 1 . 1 Qave Proaralae.
.1 . A . I'ilhird. mi Iichalf of tha
liaorilttan. received the mlnaliiie
building, and agreed that the Tulaa
! pie ninild in the next teg days.
raise eMUgh money to Imild a huild
iim that Would be a pride to the
Icrdey' l.reat Talk.
II M. lieardsley, ex-mayiT of
Kanaal Oty, and preaident for 22
years "f the Y. M. ('. A of that city.
ilee trifled hia splendid audience by a
magnlncenl address mi the "Meaning
mid les of the V. M. C A. Build
ing." The DCCaaiOn was for the purpOM
of llnina Up the workers in the cum
palant Which opens this nmrnlna for
till i iisitiu of tlOU.m.iO to I'Uiid a Y
M C. A luiildiiiK in Tulsa and the
lalk of Mr. H'-ardsl-y Wag Hie k-y-
gota which was aounded in this nan
palgn Mu-k al nmh'r.
Afi-i an elal'oratn aupocr Inter-
gpgreed with music by the Henry Ken
dall onhestra and a male quartette,
composed of Messrs Bennett. Norton.
PMcher and Ilartman, W. t. Wllllama,
W onilniieil 00 mge A.)
II.'AS. Ariz., Nov. 17 It Was
irder of Oenerai Caatro, com
et the federal yarns, hi at
that the train carrying
VHIa'a i.Ouo conataVutlonal
led from Terraaaa Btatlon
: earij Saturday morning.
isls proci
ii. to .luai
according to Prancleco Bllaa, a border
representative of tha conatltutional
lita who returned tonighi from a con
ference with Villa.
"Villa,1 sa'd KSliaa, "with o.ouu men
compromlatng both Infantry and cav
alry made a wide iieiour around
Chihuahua city, reaching Terrngai
i' i Ida y.
a small di tachment of loldieri
captured tha telegraph office before
tne operator had an opportunity to
warn t lo toderall ut Juarez.
"A train bound tor Chihuahua ar
rived shortly afterward, it was cap-
tured hy sixl of Vlllna men.
one of the conatltutlonah to who
"as a telegraph operator took the
key, t'aiiinu fuarea he reported that
tin traln'i engine ha'i gom through
a trestle and asked thai another en
,ilie he s'-nt smith.
' This was refused and the order
waa sen; to "Bet husy" and put the
engine back on the truck.
"An hour laler Villa ordered the
operator to call fuarea again and tell
Castro the angina had been placed on
tha track but that two culverts 10
tne smith had heen burned and It
ai feared tin train might fail into
the hinds of the rebels. He lllggatf
ad that Ihe train return to Juarez.
"Castro conaentod and villa's ln
fantrj boarded the train, which pre
ceded northward At aacn station
lour constitutionalists left the train,
captured the telegraph office, report
ed the trains arrival and received
filers to proceed to Juarea.
"Thus," conducted Blloa, "by Cas
tro's own orders the train proceeded
into the city before the presence of
the conatltuttonallltl was known."
Bllai said Villa had left 1 600 men.
mostly OSvalry at Terrsnas Is prevent
any attempt at federal reprisals.
Vt un i Unit for Wurdiiiiaton to t If
Moiicans Try lo Marl
AUSTIN, Tex. Nov. 17 In the
evnt Mexican! start any trouble, we
will protect our citizens and not wait
for Washington to act," declared
GkiVernof O. B. Colquitt late today
after a Oontel IBOS with Adjutant
,:.....:.) llul.liina Wliile tiothlnir of-
ttctal was alven out, it is known that
T( gal National (iuard is in readiness
to anawer on short noikre any call
that tniaht be mode.
Th- oonfirsni I was the outcome of
a threat by Mexicans today to make
Texas "anawer to the whole Mexican
people" unless merry was shown the
Mexican ammunition smugglers
charged with murder.
Governor Colquitt did not apprise
Washington Of today's events. He
said that during a recent outbreak
aloni the Magadan border, federal
troops did not act until the Texas
Hangers had been called out.
Theie has been no dliorder so far.
mount i
mini of
it can
j i alia on ill
tribnte the
executive c
ami where
larger aim,
if positbli
unions to raise lu
of providing fond
unions to con
iked for by the
the Federation,
be afforded that
nits be donated and thai
meant ba devised by the
DO) for the purpose
clothing and shelter
if op-
for those fiuhilng the battl
pressed humanity."
Joseph D. cannon, of the Western
Federation of Miners described the
Conditions under which the workers
revolted and dei tared doou ntary
evldonci was available to prove that
the Caiu.net and Hela company ob
tained free from tin- United BtatOg
government In 1861 valuable mineral
lond as a grant In aid of a canal, the
land never being used for canal pur-
pns-s but tor the copper it contained.
John H. Walker, president of the
linn, is Mine Workers, who has spent
monthi In the Calumet region, said
it would he Lin possible 10 exaggerate
conditions there, 'which would d'S
i;race the most barbarous country in
the world."
Mr. Wulker said the miners worked
naked in the B.OtO-foOt b'M-ls wit bout
ventilation, breathing again ami again
the oir of their own lungl mixed with
til" poisonous fumes ni the copper.
John h. Lennon, treasurer of the
federation, described the daily parades
of men and women in the copper
country. armed men militia and
detective agency employes marching
along wiiii the paradei on the hipb-
Wgy, he said, seeking to provoke
them to violence. Boldleri mde their
horses across and Ihrounh the parades
he said.
'Afler midnight," said l.ennnn. "I
walked through the streets of Calumet
In company with Michigan public of
ficials and saw young soldiers drunk
OH the alreels with revolvers In their
belts. They W re unfit to be soldier
of this or any other country I saw
them Insult woman on the streets ami
It v.as difficult for inc. old as I am,
to restrain myself from soiling
BOldlen by the throat and throwing
them into the streets.''
President Qompira said the execu
tive council Was doing its utmost to
aid the copper .'inkers.
The convention adopted resolutions
urging the unions to work zealously
for the eight-hour da. condemning
fundi) wort ami declaring opposition
IC the movement for Sunday opening
of postofflcel and sjrmpathiglng with
ihe pnsinl i b rks In their struggle for
shorter hours and nhollllon of night
work so far as possible
ask FOR ill sun it vi ION
RngMah not ii'iuaieni May KM Be u--p-
KsMted l World's I'alr.
NBW YORK, "v. 17. The Eng
lish government was requested today
by n sub' omsjlRtSs of the American
committee for the celebration of tha
one hundredth anniversary peace
among Kiiglish-spi aking peoples to
reconsider its determination not to
participate in the Panama-Pacific ex
posRlog In 191 K. The request was
sent throuph the British committee
of the peace celebration.
A proposal to conclude In Han
Francisco the peace celebration has
heen approved hy Charles c, Moore,
preaident of the exposition.
The full committee will meet In
Richmond, Va., December t and 4
according to announcement today hy
the subcommittee, Oovemor Mann
of Virginia will preside at the flrat
day's seaalon and Andrew Carnegie
on the eecond day.
form a quorum la the uppei house.
Hen oral Francisco Proncei wi a ohoaen
temporary chairman ol ihe aen tti and
a committee on gi lentiali was ap
pointed. Preaident iiuerta i ilked tonight In
formally to ntemben of bU staff and a
few personal friends regarding thi
possibility of intervention by the
United states. He Intimated that ba
would be ready In resist such a step,
The opinion ia expressed here that
the United Stales will soon inaugurate
a blockade of Mexican ports. Humor
has it i hut President Wilson would
be content with such an action and
i re-ipen
inicht even permit the embassy t
main In Mexico i lly until an i
rupture occurred,
Oenerai llm rta resumed busineai at
the national palace today, apparently
with no thought of any question! pend
ing between his government and that
of the United States. He seems to re
gard recent incidents growing OUl of
Washington's demand that ba vacate
the presidency aa closed; and so they
are, as far as he is concerned.
With the exception of one develop
ment, ami that of a rather, negative
character, the day was almost devoid
of acts relating to I he tenia situation
which exists, notwithstanding the In
different view assumed by Mextc i
Tin- American charge d affaires re
ceived instructions to continue to ad
vise Wsshlngton with reaped to de
velopments, but 111 was ttOt li st i in led
to approach the Mexican government
officials again, tmr did his Instruc
tions in-b:de anything relative in the
withdrawal nf the amhssay,
Rumors that tha charge had been
ordered to have persisted, although
an emphatic denial was mad al the
embassy, and the trains leaving fur
Vera Cruz were watched anxiously by
am art cane who have made up their
minds not to delay their departure
If O'Shttimhnessy goes.
Itiiiimrs nf plots and intrigues were
Doeninon throughout tin- day. hut no
(Bets were forthcoming to indicate
that Oenerai Huerta was losing his
grip mi affairs in the capital. Rumors
from outlying i 'inis especially to the
north, wen- far fmtii reassuring to the
war department. Cuidad victoria, the
capital of Tameulipee, the capture) of
which by the rebels was denied last
week by the government, now Is ad
mitted to lie in a Isid wav Passen
gers from that part Of th I country
who arrived here tmlay confirm the
report that the City Is already in the
hands of the rebeli.
The government aas now even con
firmed the capture of J uerSI, and the
newspapers are still holding out hope
to their readers that possibly the re
port of Its capture by Oenerai Villa la
ot true.
lioi s i i in, Texas. Nov. i ;. With
th! settlement m the strike of feder
ated trainmen on the Sunset Central
hues today, ufflciali of railroad and
union wini lo worK together I o restore
normal traffic conditions. Tonight
passenger trains were running np
schedule and energetic effoitl were
being put forward t ve tu'cuinu-
! It I freight.
Tic strike was settled when both
i id ai cepted i i ropoaal of i he fed
eral board of mediation ami concilia
tion that iii'- rail! oad meet a joint
committee from the engineers, fire-
j men, condtu tors and trainmen, for tha
diwii.s-.il hi of the ilaty-aeven aliened
rlevancei which the men have pre
uented. Many of then are of i per
vol i nature, and the recognition of
lb. Mint commit' .'. Which Ihe road
declared Inconsistent with existing
contracts, wua the main contention of
the nioni. winiii when refused actu
ally precipitated the walkout,
liciicv log ( oudltioni
Bit - " laai i i Iday niglit. u hen l hi
strike was Inaugurated, several pas
lengera achedulei dally, Including iwn
transcontinental trains, have i u
maintained, but no effort waa m ule
in relieve freight congestion. Accu
mulated perishable matter ;i be dis
patched .ai once, ii was aaid tonight,
ami in the next iwu or Hue.' dags it
is hoped to relieve conditioni oveg .he
Southern Pacific lines from New Or
leans to i:.. Pa o, Settlement of th!
strike has caused greni relli f through
a territory where traffic stoppage at
thli season of the year would have
meant great los. especially to sugar
cans growers. The rice and cotton
trade will also be affected.
I Apparently conference! for the set
tlement of difference! have not yet
i u considered by either aide, both
unions ami railroad declaring that res
toration of normal conditions is their
first thought.
Tin- term! of settlement, also out
lined in telegrai ia from the federal
board, signed by William Lei Cham
ben and- Martin A, Knapp, included
the road'i agreement In meet th" joint
oommlttee for the settlement of griev
ances, the union'i agreement to return
to work Immediately, and n ference to
the federal board nf all matter! mi
Which the c, infer, i coin mil ice could
not agree,
Departure of passenger train No. fl
for ihe east this afternoon was at
tended with enthusiasm on tha pari of
tne empioyea, ratiroao men ano me
Her Helen-, ft hiliiUM llrotlnl In
l aw Win I uiniiiiiiul In-. (Kill Slid
I In I on i III. ii I a vv
II T VMM IT' Y a . Nov. 1
Lettia Purdue, aged H, convicted lost
Maturdas nf Involuntar) manalaughter
for Ii.ivIiik ihol and killed a rasa
Id iniri. I., bar brothel In-law, paid a
fine of SC, and eourl costs, o total
"t i:i and wai released from cutody.
A Jail lantui i from one day l
one ve.n w i noi mentioned by tlm
court Miss Purdue'i defense was
emotional Insanll) and 1 1 1 - unw ritti ii
Mi-s Purdue h0 ami killnl K n.t
tn i. seveiiii monthi ago. she ciulmnd
that sfier Hu- death of her lister
Ki ndrlck'i tlral wife, he had paid at.
lentlona to hoi Kendrlck was taken
to a lioaplta i stricken with (I '. Ha
Inter eloped with ii nurse .ii k I was
p i he preseni r "f I he so bride
ihnt Miss Purdue killed Ka Ick
InviKlgate V, d, Mgnr ( , Ma.
WA8HINOTON, Nov I, I ivesti
gallon of Ihe Llnlti d 1 'Ii t Blores
t'ompan) bj Uie Imuae judli v. oom
iiiiitee aski d today '.'.v t resin-
tatlve ftcllls of c loctlcul " rag
olullon seekina Information lether
ii... nmnnanv ilnsa business viol.
linn of the anli Irtial law.
MYHJ9S iii IR-Polli
May s,-ic ll i In Kids.
KI. PASO. Texas, Nov. 17. Oenerai
Franclacn Villa threatened today to
take over the Mexican North Western
railroad a property owned by Cam
dlan capitalists. If the offiulaN did DOl
themselves Immediately repair and
operate the line. The road has been
out of operation for several months.
Loans amounting to about tlOO.OOO
were made to Oenerai Villa at Juarez
todav by 'he 'wo banks of that elty.
Villa gave l ie hankers asaurance
that he WOtl t refund MM money to
them If the volt was successful. The
money la he1' g used In paying off the
rebel troops md buying Uniform! and
A full report f the executions In
Juarex with'' the list few daya at the
order of Qei ral Villa was forwarded
(Ton ti nurd on page .)
Bloodshed al Ictoria
VICTORIA, Texas, Nov. 17. Tha
first bio, I shed In connection with the
strike of Southern Psclflc employes
occurred here ibis aRernoon iRer set
tlement of thl sink" had I ' in an
nounced, u 1 1 , 1 1 Octree Qilllg a union
engineer, was stabbed to death bv a
strikebreaker. The strikebreaker umi
four companion! were arrested.
The killing occurred When strikers
who were returning to work went to
the depot tn meet a tram manned by
strikebreaker! coming from Houston.
A crowd which OOllSCted began lo
cheer when Ihe old men replaced 'he
new crew. According to aye-arltn eases
this apparently angered th" strike
breaker!, one of whom plunged a knife
into Qilllg'! breast He died while be
ing token home, lie was no -.ears old.
The man charged with killing En
gineer Oilhg gave his name as K. (.
Qulnn. Ig! H". of Houston, T. xin. Ik'
was fireman on the train.
yuinn declared he was i urged by
the crowd as he went to ll 'aril the
train and that Oilllg grabbed him by
thl ni" I.. In Ihe ixdtement, he said,
he stabbed thl man before baj realized
what he was doing.
The three Other employs! on Hie
train. Including a guard, wlm were
taken Into custody by Ihe sheriff, hav.
had no charges filed against them,
yuinn was hurried to Jail in an auto
mobile, w hile Hu- i rowd was grouped
about the lnJiin-,1 engine,
II i: i LI to ti I ini oi
I II. Hi lit N I l. Mil H.
Ask t -v Troops to Md in ' epuiring
Indian w Uu arc t urt tied mi a
iiiii Mountain Pass,
teen hundred N.iv.iju Indluni law
rallied in defsn "t light ranagadeg
ami ate reported iii armed encamp"
in, -ut ..a UeauUful mountain,
miles southwest of "' Shlproch
agency, defying United States mar
hat ami deputies to take prisoners
tin- ..ullaws who ale wanted on fed
eral warrants charging assault and
Two ironps of cavalry nave been
asked for by Ihe 1 1 1 vi.-sli.il and Hie re
quegt ins i n referred b the wai
department to Majoi Ueneral Carter,
i mmand of tin- border patrol.
II is telle, I tllat bell, re III- '.IVilllJ
arrival ihe renegades will be joined
ov in my at the command of Hu- mod.
IClna men and of tin- plural wit. men,
who ore reported t" be itlrring th
Nji va jos to rebellion.
Tin- indlani are fortifying on a
nigh laid,.- mountain, the summit ot
which is approachable by nnl) oni
torturous road .
Agent W. T. Bhllton is -d the
agencj awaiting the arrival of the
troops. No won! w is received to
night ibai they had started,
.Marshal Hudspeth, after surveying
tin- position ot the Indiana, returned
hare tonight with three "f the origi
eai ii renegade! ti lent others
escaped ami tallied their tribesmen
I.- tlllll defense hefole thl lllillsilill
r-ai bed the agctiev
Tin- request tor aid wua mads to
day aftet a conference at the reser
vatton between Indian sgenta,
Bhelton, Parquet and Major J T
McLaughlin, after th! Navajos had
sent word that ihe outlaws would not
he given up. They also said that If
.in ii 1 1 it.-k was iii. id.' tin v WOUld burn
th! gen' y and kill thus, in chargl
Al the suggestion of Major MC
I. "iighlin, cavalry Wai liked for be-
cnuas of the moral effect which the
ibertff i pnsae could nut produce,
The Indiana ara led by Chief Slack
i torse and 151) young bin ks. Their
encampmenl surrounds the Noel
trading post on Beautiful u a tain.
Wild Hrene I nsues When Hulfragettes
Invade a "n no-, riptinn"
l l I l) i ti H IM I I I F FO t: I 8
Transf usiofl of Blood from College
i huata of im trail.
NKW VORK, Nov. 17. Miss Killth
M Thomag, s senior of Halliard
college ,iie,i today of anaemia, des
piie th trsnafusion of blood from
four Columbia students The giris
father tried vainlv to obtain blond
ftotn hea'thv men 'hmugh the salva
tion srmy hut POUld find none snlf
ihle. The Itudenht friends of Ihe
dying h 1. then volun'eered their
servb-ea hu he wai so WMl that
the operation proved without avail.
To Incorporate
PfJUlRB It b Nnv. 17. Article!
of Incorporation wero filed with the
aenretary of sliii today for ths Col
ored National Baseball la-ague of tha
United Htates.
8HBPFIBL.D, Rng Nov it. a
ad Id suffragetti disturbs nc curnd
hen- tonight. Philip HnoWden, o-
iiiiist membM of parliament lot
Illai kbnrii. attempted to address a
"no conscripRon" meeting arranged
bv the labor part) but was howled
down by luffragltte! Stewards
Promptly took a hand and In tha
scrimmage were attack"-! by male
sympathizers with the women. Hoium
f the stewards were licked and I. id
ly bruised
in spite of the fact thai many of
th" dlaturbera were ejected, the up
roar peralaled tn ain-h an extent that
.it the end Of half an hmir the m-'"t
ln waa abandoned, A large seetb-n
of the audience displayed anger ai
lbs chairman for calling the pnlh
to Ids aid, dr. I trlii! thai the work
log el x ana! had en-ugh of ths Police
TIM N oi l It I I -II I N i . lo
-ii i i p mi siM viion
in hlKA.ll 0,
Prttddow I- i onfldenl lluU Kteady
I'm ore Will smn I liminoi,-
Huerta t loin tin- aituatioa,
ASHINOTON, Nov. 17. Thai the
' nit,. I State! ill Its policy low. ml Iho
provisional government In Mexico is
uonteul in await the otucomo of tha
steady pressure being exerted to bring;
about the downfall 0f the Huerta re
glme, was apparent In official circlet
bora today. Ifigcittng rumon front
Mexico OR) wholl) failed to ruffle thu
i aim eoniid' in e of Presidenl IVIisog
or Secrotart of state Bryan.
"The nulls of th,. ,;,k grind gl0W
ly," was Hie declaration ol one high
official of ihe government in a dis-
' Ul Ion Tbi pi ml-nt vv i! not al all
' ad b) Hi" report! that Mr.
O'BbaughncMUv the American charge
i affaires, was id i to quit .Mexico
City ai. i ii was .-lated that no orders
have been given either Mr. O'Shaugh
n as) or iohn Mnd al v. ra i 'rua, to
I-. .ve Mexico, Llumon that the Amer
ican smbaiay would be closed within
rorly-eight houri were characteriiad
in ofAoiaJ circles as "fakes"
The pri-Mdent told e.illirs during
i he do thai vv hiie t n. i . had beep
ionic change in the Mexican relations
a- to parsons, tin ra had been mi
i hange In the ciri umitani i to which
In- tiad referred ll tiler da) a
looming favorable to a solution of the
difficulties. The president, it la said,
la confident thai thi Dndhrial bos
"ii "i Ho- Huerta regime b) the
United Sl ips and the great foreign
powers will be a powerful factor lu
lirinnui about the end nf Huerta
iii ills, ussing tin- perslatsnt rumaeg
thai charge O'Shaugbnasay .u about
in take hit departure, leaving mo
American embassy records lu the cure
of 1 1 in of the ministers representing
'In foreign powers, Secretary Bryan
staled flatly thai neither thi charga
ion Mr Lffid had an) conditional in
structloni ami Intimated that imih
were acting under precise Instructional
from Washington In over) itep of iha
Indications, based in thi few ad
mission! oi tin- .-a it., department of
liclala, are that no action is contem
plated at preseni that would precipi
tate any damage in tha situation.
i in the other baud ii was remarked
I hat I M here ran foretell w hat ac
tion Huerta might take in Rta CRp
of Mexico that would bring about
such a cruris
Secretin Bryan has been informed
i.y Mr. O'Sbaughnessy ol thi resigna
tion ni .Manuet oar. i Aldaps as min
ister of Hie Interior, but he has heard
only rumon of the intention of Qen
oral Blanquet to surrender his porta
folio as minister of war, While ill
some i, darters He re was a disposition
Id regard cabinet change! as thi fore
runner ,,f the disintegration of the
Huerta regime, in others it wai point
ed out thai it might mark the adop
tion by Oenerai Huerta of i more ac
tive and vigorous policy and one more
defiant of the United states govern
ment, An early development of his
purpose is expected In view of the faot
Unit in ti rdlunr) course of events
be must siimbll bis iie-ssage to ton-
grers not later than Thursday
Th" possibility of an Interruption of
tin- railroad i omiiioni alinn between
Ihe City of Mexico and Vera Crux,
which is not practically the only out
I, I from Hie capital. is giving I "iisider-
ibli concern to the official! bare and
it la said that any att, mpt t thus
complete!) Isolati Americana and
other foreigner! in the Mexican cap
ital would result in uuirk action hy
ths United States to prevent it Sec
retary Bryan had heard from some
of his agents that the line of com
mmiieation was threatened, hut it was
not clear whether ths Interruption
was to ha egpet ted tta the result of
some deer ,f the htuerts govern
until or from operations of Ihe revo
lutionist, who have suddenly appear
ad In force in ths mountains lying be.
I vse. ii Vera Cruz and the .apltal
inters for ih" isoosjd division of
Ihe Atlatnb tleet to return to the
t'niteii statea remain luspended, leav
ing practically half of the fleet of
ha'tleshlpa off the east 'nasi of Mex
ico, ami It waa abi at the navv de
partment tod. iv that If the Mi xt an
situation should be. nine more critical,
by Ihe time Admiral Badger. With
the lirsl and fourth divisions of the
fleet, came within a few hundred
miles of Hampton Itoads. returning
from the Mediterranean cruise, at
least snme of thsM ships would be
ordered by radio to Mexico,
is Q ranted Heparatlmi,
IflCW rORK, Nov. 17. An inter
locutory decree nf divorce In favor of
Mrs. xda 8,ri Uroulllard. da ighler of
Paul A. Sorg. waa recommended by a
referee report ftled today The de
fendant la ('apt. James Pierre Oroull
lard. Vi H. A., retired. The custody
of the daeghter of the couple Is award
ed to the mother.

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