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Many Indian Tribes Bought And
Settled on Land of The Cherokees
ApA, okl.i , Nov, II.- (Speolal.)
Nil Indian M ilii' iiik ( iI wnli I Hi'
insici v uf Aiiii-iIimii advanoeraent and
achievement! has hid us an eventful
oareer m the Uherokeea Vat ovit
3F oondlUone, i im i tin y had do pari
in creating '"' moulding, they strove
win. patlenoe and fortitude to main
i.iin an sxietence us people. The un
unequal strife Iiuh pegged. Ttoeli
bravery and forbearance ; t heir at.
torti mid aohlevenionte Illumine ha
pagea oC our Matory and In a pi mdid
heritage to those uf our oltlaena who
olalm leeognt troro them. By de
araaa tbay ware driven from their n
oeetral dninuin to an unknown r kI hi
and iii that region they made their
dual stand HH a nation and today
'nut formerly unknown region is tin
buty workshop f progressiva and
hospitable iii npir -a development in
Industrial1 achievements never baton
'equalled In the hiatory of America.
From the your 1K3 when the
Chcrokiaa were toroed Iron their
homos east of the Mississippi river to
tin' hour of their dentlae as a nation
they have bean an aotive sgtsnoy
around arhloh the olvillaation f the
southwest has bean extended, They
labored to extalillMh schools and
ohuronas, Their influenoe baa el-
wiivh i ii aaarted toward morality
and pragmas, nnd in tin- years that
Intervened bataraan LS66, ahen n re
affirmation of the treat! ee exlsUni
prior to the war was consummated, nn-
Ull the end of their national entity
they have ever been progressive and
have hail a marked Influence on oth
er Indians.
The treaty of 1SCG contained n pri -vlso
that uiuler eertain OOndltlont,
oilier tribal oould be admitted into
the nation or aettled upon un u-
pled Cherokee territory. Tht flrsl
tribe to avail themaelvei of tho pr'i
visions Of the treaty was the l.e'.i-
nrares who, to tin- number of 9ss
paid into the Cherokee treasury JJTii,-43-1.
05, and thereafter were officially
known an Cheaoltess, The sTuneeea
I" HIT i a fruglllentary hand, were
in vt aaalmllated, The Nevajoas an'
deavured, through 'he oommiaaloner
of Indian affairs to eecure affiliation)
ton w. re rejected, in 1811 the sn.iw
naaa tranaferred to the Rherokeei
their annual annuity of ,000 and
ih... 110,001 derived from land Mia
and 77(i Miuwiuch ramOVaU to the
ten limy.
in i t l' the Oaagee consummated
tin lr lelec) n ,,f land In the i hero,
kee Dounti,, aCtor aevaral yean of
difficulty and wi re i atabllehi d as a
oumnot tribe, containing 1,470,0a!
aorea for whh h an agreed prloa of
TOO pel a. i,. w.ih fixed liy President
Qrsnt, The purchaee of tins tract
of Ignd by the usages proved a most
profitable investment, fur in fort)
yearn the taction ban developed into
one uf the moat remarkable mi and
gas fleldl In the rountry unit making
the tribe the Wealthiest band of In
dians on the continent, and perhaps
the wealthiest nation in the world.
The Kansas or Kaws tribe In 1873
purchased lOH.lH? aires at T0o per
aora and were given a reservation Just
south of the stale line ul Kansas.
The Pawnaea in IdTd were removed
from Nebraska and SSStgned hind In
the Cherokee country leOUltng lid,"
U14 aeres from the Cherokee! and 53,-
001 1. res from the United states gov
ernment, paying 7Ue per acre.
Ill the year following the removal
f the I'awueeH, the 1'iiiiea! wen
Coroed from their Nebraska homes,
by the threat of military force and
given 101.884 acres for which the
government paid the Cherokeea 47.49
cents per acre.
The Met Peroee, the remnant of
Chief Joseph's hand who aurrendered
in Qeneral Nelson k. Miles in ik"7 to
the number of 4 3 1 . were given ! o . 7 :t r.
Bl u s at the same price paid by the
Poncaa and were removed from Fori
Leavenworth, Kan, where they bad
bei n held prisoners.
The Otoaa and M issou r is Were re
moved from Nebraska In 1811 and
Editor Tells How
D. D. D. Prescription
Cured His Eczema
Clergyman and Banker As3 Write How They
Secured Reiki, Thanks fo f). D. D.
H. (i. Hotohkltt, Editor Beho, Propliatti
town. Ill,: K nu in lior, nine traa octant of
fifiit-ii j ciirK ttendlng, Now, i ana com
pletely healed, after four bolt lea of 1. D. D,
I linvf Kcf a car'1 of B6 5 oor itoi dint
OOlfrd I huv fci't'll Diy OWN fl'irtor cured
of barber's itch, whirh lit1 oottM fcot euro
biuin If
F. It. IV Mir, banker, Ilnpk intmi, fowl.:
I treated with throo ttoetoit for alt tnonthi
Tht y lid mi' no (jood ; niy fe niitl iPAlp
win- full of tht iutBMO, 1 appHftd I. I. I.
Result my fine (h :ih siiunti h us n baby' I
Rot. U . Downing. Poator "'ib
Pr-hl. t. ri;tn Chun li, Rotooko, Vl ; hn r i
tlirrc yrir I snfferrd, Intenaoty ao. I Imv
at bis fiund TvUi't in I. R ! I ntn no
loiter oi tared t'Diiipleti'ly cured. 1 hftVfl
no boiitonoy q nclcnow ledginaj tlie. great
virtuet of this apoolfic.
Tho coroa of I). I I), nrr past bAlef
All driinlota kimw a ul are utml to rOC-
omtnend tnta aoothindj, rn.iiinir liquid.
t toaao to ut uud wo will toll ym mora
n limit thin renin rknbl h intdy and tho af'
ficianl 1). J. 1. skin Boftp. ' Wn "fft-r the
flrai full aito bottla on the guorontoa that
urii ns it dooa H I haid. your noBoy will
he i ' t umled Ifou almie to Jttdff.
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IMM Soiilli Main Ou r Old Pnhnv t lotldepj.
criii: m w rnnai
MMM 3TI0 f F- Mc XV. Man ic, r
placed on a reeervatton ooniainini
111,111 aorej paying for ike lunf
the price fie. i fur the PonrM
Tka Charokc Indian", alnea the fni
treaty enttTed Into In 1TJ1 hex :e-
llnqulanafl to tin- amort can people
lit, 1 1 oguare mile! of land M
116,144 aoroj an an a Bawly aa large
a! iieiattarc, Pennaylvanla, Non lor
agy, Soorglg, Maryland, Oonnectlcm
ami Mtitintrturtt and larger tnan I
any i.ne ataie III tile UnlOQ agOop) ;
'1 i X.I!.
M l. Iti I It 1 II I HI I'oltT-
IN K I I Nil.. TOO,
Report! of railway biiHlneHji in Ok-
lahoma under the l-oenl iniaengaf
fare for AUgUSt, Itll, eoiniinn d wilh
Auguat Itll, ihoev inorogaeg traffic
and Inoreaood revonua, on uii the
i i Lhel nave filed wit ii tin oorpo
ration oommtaalon their reiiorts for
Augual the Innrogai in botn traffic
aiid revenue over the oorreaponding
month for mi (arnaa l-oant fare
a'aa In effect I, Ih areater than was
ihown by the nompgrlaon lor July.
AumiHl wttf the hccoikI month under
in raatoaad loanl fare ami the
the fimt month In which the lower
' in- was In effect for the entire period.
The percentage of Increase on the
road! thai have reported for August
as fiilluwx'.
lladc Malt
WE ffive bigger values in Col
umbia product by actual com
parison than any other Irne in the
trade. Machine for machine, rec
ord, Columbia product gives the
purchaser a higher intrinsic value
on every dollar he spends.
Phone 66
Sole Agents
109-11 E. Third St.
I ii r
1 ,v T. iner
eent, Inoreaaed
'ased trafflO)
revenue 16
r. &
R p. Increased traffic -!
increased revenue 18 per
C 1! I.
1'. Increased traffic Till
revenue s per oentetaolp
per cent, inoreaaed rev nue s per cent.
k c s Inoreaaed traffic ics per
cent. Increased revenue II per cent.
The A . T. .v. s. p, and St. I,. & P. K.
report! fi r Auguat ham not yet been
The results of operation under the
.' cent fare compared with those of
operation under I -cent fare are be
ing watched el,, si y both by the ratl
r ,-ois ami the corporation commis-
: on. Tin- result of this observation
will he an important factor in the
trial of the Oklahoma I -con I fare
i use on its merits In Hie federal c urt
real apring.
"Tnvtand Urown I i "
Aiiioolt the intereattrig amuaement
nonccaslona to be prevented on the
"midway" at the Panama-Pacific Rx
i osition will he "Toyland Grown I'p."
a walled city in which the building!
v ill be enlarged reproduction! of
children! toys. The oonceaaion will
it prevented by Frederick Thompson,
he famoui creator of i.una Park at
Coney Inland, Toyland Urown Up
will lie almost an exposition In Itclf,
covering tweilve acres ami coatlna
u ..re than 1 1,000,4)00. It "ill require
more than l iiiui inili feet of lumber
and Its streets ami canals if strofched
in a row will be five miles long. Tic
walled city will I ntered by three
mammoth aateai the fust gate win bi
the Gate of Fairyland, the Rate of
beaut; ; the third gate is the entranoi
to the city of the yVloked King, when
la held captive the doll princess, 'hp
Is the CntO of Thrills. Among Other
feature! of Toyland will be Mother
Hubbard's Cupboard, sixty feel in
height; the real shoe, as large as :
six stoi y building, ami bull, In part
In the form of a side-wheel steamer
slir It will have huge Whea'l I y
mi ins of which the sightseer will b
raised aloft In Toyland, loo, there
will he the City of Peter Pan, i he town
lhat in i r grew up.
I Ine I'M bl Harbor.
The yacht harbor on the gatefront
of the Panama-Pacific Internationa;
Imposition Is about five acres In area
and has such ample and convenient
docking facilities that ooaatwiae
t earner! and other craft, BORIOtltnei
six or seven at a time, use it dally,
diechnrging building material.
Cm) . m
Ity Hen Newborn.
lesson text, Joahua 1:1-1
The salient points In thin lesson are,
1, The death of Moses and the ap
pointment of Jnshua as his lUOCeaeor;
2, Tho. definite boundaries of the
land given to the Israelite nation; 3,
The comuiand to go in and take pos
session with the divine promise of
sin cess; and 4, The exhortation to
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rians that 1 MtM
hart- to ml mil to an
operation to jret rt-lipf,
but ln-anl of ynir Won
derful Htoinach Kemetly
and ii-i'urtd a full
tr a'meiit and took it
liNordinf to rilrpfilnnv
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M. alerter. Wa
Joahua lo bi
cultivate the
Qod!a law.
Tlie departur
fittingly obaerv
of go
ii iin not
i of Moaea luol bean
ii by uurty daya of
mourning, imt there waa to be no
lireak In the course of al'f.ura. Ood
hnrl provided the rlpht man for tlie
mergency and the progreaa of eventa
went on without confuaioa or inter
ruptton. P"or many yeara f oabua lad
been looked upoft as the logical huc
ceaaor of their departed leadara He
was one of the two spine who had
taken Qod into account when makim;
his report of the promised land. He
had been the close and trusted com
panion of Moses, and in later years
was frequently deputized to do the ac
tive work for his chief. In every
way his training had bean surh as
in fit him for the taak that now fell
I., his lot.
Coil in ver permits his work to fall
beeauae of the paaalng of a leader
Men may change and lenders may
paaa, bul Jod never changes and hli
work goes on. We get accustomed
to the leadership of a certain man
and come to depend SB his person
allty nnd when lie dies or passes on
lo other fields of labor we are apl t"
think there Is no one else can take
uii the work and carry It on without
a distinct d bead vantage to the prog
less of God's cause. We are wrapped
up In a pastor who has won our oolP
fidenCC and esteem, and when he
leaves we think the hgiUM of ('mil has
lost its charm for us and that the
Kingdom has been set back, i.et us
not tie go deceived. Whenever' Moses
departs th.-re Is always a ffoihu
ready to take the P ad and much on
with courage to do battle for the
Lord, "My servant is dead; now there
fore arise and go."
There is a disllnot difference In the
outlook and methods of these two
men. It was the work of Moses to
take a horde of liberated slaves and
from this raw material evolve a na
tion of God-fearing people.
It was a stupendous task, nnd had
it not been tor divine guidance and
Dlow inmunlon with the source of
all power, would h ive been Impoaa
i Me. Even as It was the work was be
get with numerous difficulties and dis
appointments, at the laat necessitating
the elimination of the generation that
knew Hgypt nnd leaving their chil
dren to realize Ihe fulfilment of tile
blessings the fathers had forfeited,
The work of Moses was formative,
legislative and Inspirational. Now hu
task was finished and it Wis Iha lius -ness
of Joshua to see this people
safely aettled in the inheritance prom
ised to their father Abraham.
In one thing liny were alike
si. Ndfaat obedience to ami faith n
Got- 'inrt he.io Joshua r ei.a 1 ib"
same promise. "JehOVBh, thy God Is
with thee whltheraoever thou guest."
Ilia work was practical and of a a
oicutiv) future, audi Is t be com
pared t that of his pred MOT
,vo Id Oat of a mechart' who 'ja t
thi tiift(l nnd plans of an Invent t
ant ri.Ts from them an engine of
gtrantaaal power and uiiniv. Y t .'.
was a task to neu r many a grave
man The Inhabitants of Canaan were
cainble of a datl nnlm-d resistance
to the Invaders, t ut UOO Bay s.u.l
There shall not any man lie nble In
stand before thee all the days of thy
life." and Joshua took him nt his
There was 311st one condition p-
pended to the promise of Joshua's
success. That was to obterve c n-
scientlously all tin- law, to "uirn not
from it to the right or the left," and
to "meditate thereor. day and nln.
The question aris , Are we capable
of meeting these conditions today '
Yon have henrd people say that re
ligion was n good thin, and that a
man ought to look 1 Ul f"- the I
Great Southern Life Insurance Co.
1 ouston, 'Texas
'it Li UN at a m .
I'm 9 ilOCMf,
Houston, Tcxas. -Sept. 20,1913.
Mr .0. S. Carlton.
Vice-prea,, Grout Southern life Ins, Co.
Houston, Texas
My dear Mr. Carlton:
You have Baked me to stato why I carry a policy in your "
company for 100,C00.00. Th.; answer ie eaay. l think every citizen
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Your success means more than the prosperity of your stock
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thousands, and I hope hundreds of thousands, of men and women in this
urn nt Dftfit am
- u i3t;o i mill
The bnslness of
reduoed to a science; its
than in the past; demands
greater. The president
insurance companies of
stating at the fiftieth
organization that the
650,000,000.00 in bene
end at the same time had
in assets. It is not
Grat Southern Life to
success in the seme lenrth
make such a record as this,
a fair measure of success
to your policy holders. You
how to reach them in every
tne Doneiits which you are
Wg KX7
Hfe insurance has been
hazards are much lower
for its service much
of one of the great life
N':w York was quoted a3
annual meeting of that
company had distributed
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efficiency and solvency.
I repeat, I insure with you because it is my duty as ona who
loves his country to do bo end because I know that your contracts are
For agency contract address
(). S. CARLTON, V. P., Houston, 'IVxas, or
Suite 315, Palace Bldg., Tulsa, Oklahoma
tafs of hia soul; but that he con' I
imt earry out hia BonviottOM In daily
life without losing tnon-y mi 1 be
coming the prey of dislgiiing people
who had no fear of Uud IT all bava
heard people make this assertion wh i
Wero undoubtedly sincere and aVaitrad
lo lv right, but they make tho 'Mini"
nlataka as the apiag who thonght the
Caaaaoitaa too strong for Isriel to
ovenome. They arc wrong, v.-r.
viiiiiitr. The paopla of tho world are
wutehing i losely the Uvea of pro
faggad followafg of Jesus, und wheu
they find your business dealings do
not tally with the leHehlnur of your
Iird anil Master, they will despise
you und niork at your religion.
How long, oh lord, will thy peo
ple bo deeelved? Tho religion that Is
only good on Sunday, and will net
stand application to every word an.l
deed of your dally life Is a sham and
a delusion. Klght la right, beruuio
It la right, nnd nothing else is right
Do right baoMUM It Is right, and lot
from motives of policy or to aa-.ify
an uneasy conaience; then let Ood
tak" caro of the consequenoea. "Have
nut I commanded thee? Bo atroug
and of good rourage; be not affright
ed, neither bo thou dismayed, for
J. hovsh, thy God Is with thee whlth
am r thou gotat."
First Door South Robinson Arcade.

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