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li I. T I I. s A DAILY W 0 U Mi, 61 KD AT , N 0 V E M B E If 28. 19 13
u m is
SCtB 76 B
Jane Burby in "The Grain of Dusi' at the
Grand Theatre, Saturday, November 29
l.i .1 II u ItMtKM K I I'l in .It
in uiiui'.U I N 1 1
l j i i 1 1 mi .i i' mill ti ' 1 ii '
I ,- l i in Hi Kim i " i Ui 1 1
lit, ii I i. i
am ,w , . - . -. ,
' ''id" '
" '. .
lit .' .
FS 11 III,
I I UN in, I ti V v.stii .
I ION U II I HOI I' I . I Wills
IJ. W I I It I
I HUT. il 1 1 MM 1 i
"ui Li nf I'n n luiii
'I 'itt il I i(! Ill,
k i.il sc. re I'" .id eighteen k.irui basin
I w in ii I f save that the karat value
la twenty-four you can lift ull tin
Monty in fWU 'bthes that he II right.
It. n Rm hot jwn irnt ti.u k In th
g i.,e in.-! hi h...-- . i. mi li.ii k i ik Itt Hi
MM a H M k of Jew. -It that Is the env
if ul! tin other Jtwrleis I" town and
III Ii wiling lit- r t goods imm M)
i f tn i in r ji i Ian H just bo ighl
iiir ita k f tin fld Continental
.V i .ii.n .. i tin i li.tu uml It going 11
14 several thousand dollars (o ii in
tiu next liirn- ti.itf. His iiuiitii is. t"
V- i rm at 1111 pi I' as Id him a
k m ; ' ii .mi.. i i... i nualled 111 tiif
! tad with iiu additions' ii" ii win
ui. ui- he will i"' iii a poajilon tu il1'
illness wi.l. any tmdy uiul tvarybod)
in., desires holiday jt-Wflry. Il f
knows mon ctboui tin 'mtlneat than
un.irt.idt in tin- IhihIiiuk- in Tiilaa. ami
i is in u way to flu wops (or the
Bade fi : the money titan anybody
I M 11' Is at tin i.l.l aland nil Main
i i . i. w her in- w in be glad' i" sea
nil of hh "iii Mi nda as well as o mi 1 1
for the
(Coulliuietl until page I.)
I- in. limit r i.HI arrive I
I : . . , a president of tl
The top half "f ins i" dy, proti
Ins from the mui.ii il onto tin gi
tin. 'i is lit. i ully . ooked it i
several tnlnutri to renin t lit- !
from Ita death den. and life was
Uni t In f"i I m I red S t'llnton
t ivt d A pulnu tei ki it ;it 'he p
w an uaed In a futile effort lo ream
tatt hint.
C RI mi
m ii
mm m mm ii pekih
' ill BACK
in .n iin 1 1 i i i i : itu R is
li i K I'i nil ul D N i M
-1 in II NT.4Il KG i
All known
- have been noil
tu el b) wire of lloward'a dri
'. ii: I III lt Ul N I l iSKIK'IATKlN MMIUIIK s ",EKH i,u. Itt
III I I ) I III lilt I s-I in n in. W U I VI III Mill: I I I KK
u in KKii:HD.4i i - nun .
Iiitm i niuUed I'm ni - Ri nurd
NEW Vi 'KK. Not 22 II
1 ir. w "f Bprli Rf Id, Mitaa . rgualed
llM world'a rei urtl In the 1 - ' i
m M ALL l mKM
His lime win l . 4 ' s, , "tnl.
Hannea Knlehmulnen o( Ihi Iriah
than two ond uwi r than hie
nor t .it-ii I to in mi i lka' In I "I
Itiwinii ;'ii Iftemcwa uf kildrt iiaeii
uiul Pis iSMfljoa.
iiu t Mi l-, ii Intu Kin Ktw, li Ih
i buni in i., h ui i tto. Si,
ItcauMiu Uivm.
lln- I'.iit t' la Ihb k, kit
ami i nnd benntlfnl
HI 1.11, '
Ua of
..-.' If nf tt.. hall ,
a, r'.'fle!" and In-
: balr, but n hat will
will I , afit r a few
i you aec new huir -
nt flral fs but
ftO M all i'i' r I lie
e f.'i pretty ioft Imlr
1 landet Ine fi m an)
.nt counter and ittat
VOl II R..HV." ll l. - IRMISTI'Jtei
1 1 I I. HfCNRYl TT MOTTll i:
ctla. ' kla . broutthl I hi It little baby
Urt e. t" Tulsa laal Jum to COtMUil
thf Klectn Ui , Uoctora Lynn :
Ktinball, wben all othei doctor! had
i i up hope lien tore Lynn an d
Kimball pronoun i i the coat In a verjj
aeriim t mdttlon, bul tbi bab) bafati
to Imfrove from the f rat atau)
pci'i'io luiii- been annloua to hi u
from i M- '. and eaoeclall) ih"--
who t viltl tl'. in-;i t i n tl 11,,'H.ir thai
Ore Lynn mid Kimhaii would aural) I
kill In i liab) tli waa n lit ma '
keletoc - ring all the time, but I
It i iiu Itj. imliil b) K"otl tan. las-':
hei and now he i. fattening and biihi- i
Inic an lhatahe con walk "Tell every- '
body that you eayed un baby, and
ggpei Mil thoae t ho tried to ill- ouf. '
mi M Id Mi- Itoaa The Rle - 1
mMedlcal Uoetora Lynn and Kim
ball do things Jual a little different.
Coneull them wehn olhera fall ,
hoi. in- ii Arcade, rhone 3.3t adt
I apt ari reiat -. t'..wn it l
Ajdi ". I u we : Ira Malone, :;.i ilp: !..
p Mlunden Patwnei it M Van-i
I:.-. r C R Wool nWi BnHlenvRlev
and O H HcCarty, OilllnavtlM
roltnwlni wa iif program for tro
!'. ! M
ri . r The l rnr. i of Tomorrow '
1 1! n M N an 0 ten, D ill, tt l!le,
I Ik lit
DMcuaatoti i ei i ii by
I it In Malone, Maruiltit. nkla
I 'a per i ' potaM ortti !(
men bertng RaMtiva In Bold Kin-liik-tt."
tv ii .1 Bakwr, Tulaa, Okut
I iv. i:rf Ill tl I t
f)r. ii ll MoCtuty. folUnevtlle, Okla
I Mi n i at I ..o iv M
set ii i hunt M
Paper- ' Oral Hygiene
Jr 0. 1" glnkO, To'aa. VkU
Hum uaaldn opened bi
Dr J M T Hi'its Tulaa ck1a.
pal , r 'Pi f, -.tii'iiui or rthirai Ad-
i i loing" I'i 0, Dgjr, Tulaa.
1 1 la ti n opened hy
Dr f t. Fhobe. Tu'ft, Okla.
Mm .1 li . Hall, . it-i k at a 5 ami
lO-tcnt More, and n brtite of tic
week, attempted tulclde yoaterday
n ng by atappini Into an all)
near her home and draining tbj con"
t-nt of a bottli ol carbolic a, id that
aiu- huii purdiaacd a few momenta
. tore Then hc rati home ami fell
u in onai i n" lutu the iriim of her hur
bot d, waiter In a South Boat on avenue
So reaaon w.ia given out for the
young woman't raah act. When ahe
n n w beraetf Into her huaband't anna
si., it s.n.i m bavi ih-. hired her love
for him. Tloy liv- .a Sli Mr'aM Sec
ond st pant,
When Mr- Hail u.,a married tit
waekt an, ahe iihi not riu- up her po
iltion In lite r ami l o -tout at ore. She
left home yeaterday morning as uanal,
bul iiistnid of ko'iik to her work, ate
1 1" eeded i" lite Baker tiiui: itore,
where the pnrchoaad a 16-cenl rial
of the poioon. g)ta then walked to
waril her home, but tvliitn a block or
'.i away she atop peg it to an le
ami drank Um e Id.
A phyMoian Mat ooUad and a atom
arh pump siipliril to the woman It
area anno need thai ahe wiuitl live.
I' ll l. i v I li. n , H ,i l m u
ih. 1 1 -in enhlblt palocee at the,
Panama I'm iftc International Bvno
lit. on In lilt win 1 opened at I.
M t h t and , li at tunat t. e -i
pi the l itlai of Ptne Aim. which,
at aated Mm a, May i" opened In tht
e e"in?.
Ben Jeweler ui.f. ir back In busi
i.tss again aid h- It back there with
'"ih feet, He lc again telling 'he
" . ii ol Jewelry at prioet which
I i Pal to th" man who ia aide to pay
for it. He not trying to ift-t s.m:"
'. hit L- like u,. huudred or six bun
ii 'i pel cent bul Is Irving to make
i iivinir prion,
Ben Ji w- ler Rice has been In town
("t something like five yeara except
ing t he lime when hit enemlea, through
: conaplracy, tried to drive htm out.
The reaaon the conspiracy wot orga
ttieed and the reason why he lempor
rtly retired from buMneaa was be
suae h told iiu- gooda at ptioea
which appealed to the men and worn
tn who boughii litem and used th'-m.
He did busineei on a small margin of
profit with I larre volume of tales
ind that is (-'.in his motto. Naturally
he Incurs the oppoMtlon of the peo
ple who want to S"l n two hundred
'-liar diamond for three humlr-d nnd
flf y dollars, naturally he Incurs the
inemlty nf the people who hate not
l he money In their pockets to ti.k- ad
rentage of i.ish discount, but this
la all for the h-neflt and In the In
i rest f t he pun hater -
In man; things Hen l!ii has 1" "ti
i ne of the n - M Influential citltons of
thia town, li" hat given dollars to
plcnlct f"t the newsboys and thr poor
of the iitv where others have given
dimes He wns tiie ctttannan of ihi
fii.an. I ' "ii mi tee of the on!) rut . ess-
f.il newsboys plente which was ever
given In this lown ami he It today n
tiinecrllter to the funfl for the Y. M.
C a. and other efcartMet and work."
of beneficence which make f.-r thi
t ! ,f t!'.- rommunity.
Kit twenty-two months he hot been
nt i f huslneaa, bul he has r-omt hack
nnd win n Ken Hire comes back thin'
K niw..H eotweCMhs doing, He Is a
lui w ire He " t l inns, lie makei
them it up and take notice Hi gives
Use values and that la wh l n-
tnds the volume of the Jewell-) busi
ness In this own He tells the folk-'
lust What the M'uat are and he givet
them their money's worth. He does
nol pretend to rim a twenty-fout
P city he oould perform larger
;.,i inure beneficial duty to the whole
people than in- oouid possibly go
ctomplMh through repreaantttioi) of
thia district In tVtahlngton,
I p to thin time 1'al Mtllo) h.ic
'in studiously, Moodily performing
hs duliag of the offioe of county at
i of Tulsa oounty. IK- bat mods
::.- statement to anybody, fcta has let
hit work stand for Itaelf ami he the
fieai testimoniol to one of tht ablest
tfii ..Is of any county In tht state.
He hot written no lettert, has orgon
iaed no propaaTaiidj has dune iioth-
ng Which in any way coonmiU him
to any polity or Which in uny way
conunitt him to the cundulucy for
uny offioe,
But ii has been accepted by hi
frbtmls that he could be of no re serv
ice to ail of ih" people of Oklahoma
; the office of attorney general than
in- oouid 1-" as oongrnttmon. and to
this extent bit friends have Interested
themselves and have been feeling the
I ulai of the public with the result that
Ho ;, an- now convinced that he is the
available candidate and tho in- tan
not only be nominated, but elected
i y u majority which will be in line
with the majorities which character
laed all of his political oompalgM.
Tho .so a son of
good cheer will
bo all tho bright -or
if you are
supplied with a
now Overcoat.
We Want yOM to see the styles in
Stein Bloch Swart Overcoats
We are offering at
$20, $22, $25 as high as $50
I In' finest nut mcnts shozvn in town
fJV of u Vi ll HOME OS -Jih ST.
(Oontluued from Page One.)
no nt kjekhiff. This season alone he
has kick "d eleen field Ruals In nlm
eatnes. thus earning a plant among
th- famous linkers and punters. In
cluding O'Dea, Hlrtchbtrger, DeWItt,
KckersOll, Bull, T r i, ff,-i-d and Mr. nike.
That Harvard really defeated Yale
bj a score of IS to 3, in conceded by
tin odheri n s of both elevens tonlifht,
tor the safety scored by O'Brien whs
t two point k If t to the Hlue, due to
a mMunderntMiding of the ru'es The
ploy with its unusual feature rame In
,io first period,
Immedlo ely following Brlckley's
fi: t field goal from Yale's SO yard
line, Oucrnscy kicked off from his
own 4n yard line.
1- was a 1- ng diise nnd the bull hit
the Harvard gotJ P"t about six feet
from the ground bounding bank to
Harvard's five yard line. Had the
spheroid remained there, it would
hove cni I., Harvard and been put
in plav In ht usual way. Instead,
however, O'Brien to make doubly sui"
what he considered a louchback, plck
i d u up while the Yale players were
still yards .-.way and ca tried it back
scrota I Is own line, where he touched
;t i v n, thus committing a safety
play a cording to the ruling of Reteri e
This w-oi tic- only errstr of Judgmtnl
noticeable in a hard fenigdyt clean
game. Tlo" was littlt- fumbling ond
).ui few exhibitions of temper, despite
the desperate character of the strug
gle, and these never patted the pen.
Ity point
With but on or i wo exceptions, the
entire combination forming the two I
leoma plsyed football of hu.-h stand- i
,it u ami s- vcral iiiembers of both Yale
nd Harvard elevens rose even above j
this lofty plane.
Por Yai,', Quarterback Wilson wot I
a star 'f the first mognltude. . in
addition to directing the Blue eleven
rithoul the errors of Judgment no
ticcabli in tht Princeton comest. he
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OKI t.ti l PROM Pi. t i Ml M
Wiin rii i m i ; iMJ
POfl Ml-s it i;i
COl.l'MBIA. Mo., Nov. -On a
bald io muddy that loth tenme weie
felted to resort to open play the Mls
noiir, I ' i-1 rsit team defeated the um
rerslii ,r i' nun today a to 0. The
I w - i: . '. in the ISCOM Quartet
on a goal from placamrnt by McVTll
ii mi who booted tin Mil twenty
it I ul I l li i Is ll 1,1' s
llejoiot with the boy ami tho
young man In their SUCoestMi It
mai be the rtoshllsj the head ot
a OkeM after a har,. fouglll bat
tle .it may be anterini ocsUegs
llttder heavy 1. ami. tap. It may It
in tin at otptiag Um f irst poaitloji;
It in. i) be auy on? of th hUh
dreds of the critical points in a
young man's life. Uui r.sht at
that critical point the hands of
Mreng men arc nesdsd to steady
ll life hel'l It to its trim course.
ami inske of it a strong, ptptMf
thing to bat t Is with the tidu that
aii too aovti bassH It hft I shall
we off. i bettor than the V M C.
A In the heart of this gnat city?
Why net its wide open doors and
its far fi Unas of protecting
pOWer Yet fathers did not have
these things lo BSgitl t ;i tnd tro
many timet thins? came to you
that you do not want In th. lives
of your boys. Today !s the time
t.. prevent him from making a
later mistake. His decls.on to
day for clean manho. d tic ans a
life of nohll.ty. honor and mastery
In the tomorrow of this city Tou
multiply ycur '.'. kg his. Ton
rectify your mistakes In his new
life. Add your subscription to
this man factory today.
:?ne from the Melodrama Farce "Officer 666'"
at the Grand Theatre, Sunday, November 30
shoal .is the beat ground gainer of I
i he I Mi toks. With little or no In- $12.00 2 inch post Vemis
trferenct he drovi through the um Martin Bed with 3-4 inch
, " ";r filler on sale .it Tulsa House-
"litis am! When Harvard had the hull . p, . . .
his tackling w.,s fas, ami ture. Ams-old Supply quit busines ;
worth alto old excellent work, several sale for $7.65.
--2t BMttVtttW a'ttil SattttHg.
ttiataVts ttw' itaatn aasi
., ... I
ssssW 'Baaaaag
J of the winning sweeps in mg due to
his r.ipio ant sure totting Knowles
arts used In several of Yale's runs
. from toki ki ik formations und many
I - anis wite gained by his sprinting.
(H punting and covering of punt- i
Mohan nutkldttd both Oustntty ami i
i, no" it. win n the work La considered
as a dole, bul i; ufruset gut off soint
of tht longest punM of the gamt and
I in met outkicxed his ends atvnrol
i times. There was Utile adVOSfOgl one
way or th- athtf In the play of the
lint men In gtlltttl teamwork. Han.
lard ontt l.isst d the llhie.
Headed by a hand tf flftt pieces.
I the Crlmton Clan sink danced around
the field and under the Yale goal.
While hundreds tossed "heir hats and
!,nps -i ross the bar where eaitler
, Um kit t had driven the ball. In front
I of Ihe ale aections the parade atop
I ped and ch'-ered the Blue cohorts snd
I then pro ceded to the training uuar
, ters. whete chef is were siren for the
I team and all the ployafg and subs In
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