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Tulsa daily world. [volume] (Tulsa, Indian Territory [Okla.]) 1905-1919, December 25, 1913, MORNING EDITION, Image 3

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T II E T D L8 A I) A I I. V W OB LD.
We Wish all Our Friends
and Patrons the Fullest Joys
at This I oliday Season
Your friendship mid patronage during
1 h year and Holiday time is appreciated
ii ml w c I i -sj pc;i k Cor all
swecp . i
( untiuuud 1'i'oni rK- i.)
lied Jacket villufre ball which wan
turned Into a morgue, it aas many
limns baton uii the bodies vera Iden
tified. During tba confualon several bodies
of children ware wrongly Identified
hy mothers and lafcan away only to
be returned la tar i the paronti wRo
hut! found their own offspring safe,
In other oaaaa parenti ran about some
timet unoertaln whether their children
ware dead or alive. Many mothers
tainted while (athara cursed all those
who Inti rferred with their mad
March tor lost girls and boys.
For hours frantic women ran the
treeta nailing for their Uttla ones
Efforts were made to calm the wome'i
nnd man) were Laic en Into homea thai
hud nut bean bereaved so that they
might haw attention.
Of the 700 persons in the hall, m.irc
than thraa fourth! were children
many of them having gone without
their parents. These fathers and
mothers Mem rushed to tha scene and
add d to til" Don fUSl on. They ill)
not understand what had take n place
nnd hindered the resouers by Insist.
Ing n Information us to wbal waa
the mntter.
There was a Ore escape ut the roar
sfV& iBi.'X V
My snerti J'-i -..i' ww i M
awwM mow a
S3WVB 0009
tiv isow
'f Uie building bu only tfcose who
Ware Very near It '"Uld make any usr
of it until after tha fatal rush was
over. Probably not more than a hun
dred poraoni escaped the first rush
1 a of this fire escape. About a
score mora lumped from the windows
near which they Hat Ah it was not
many feet from the ground, the Jump
did not cause injury.
Tha Italian hall was built shout five
years ago end was well provided toi
emergencies, it was thought. The en
trance waa a hallway about tun feel
del p, A stairway about 8 feet wide
hd up from this Vestibule to a small
landing about eight by ten feet, The
main door of the bull opened on this
landing. There Is a small cloak room
shout ten feet square to one aids ol
tin main door. The loss of life was
heavy at the small floor of this room.
The rush apparently turned many
against the door of this room and
rushed them to death within the door
The graateat number nf dead tn any
one place, however, was at the bottom
of the stairway. Those who reached
the stairs first evidently wore burled
to the bottom by those behind und in
this fashion the stairway was filled nl-
nais' to the catling.
That death In most instances was
due to suffocation under the weight
of those who fell last was Indicated
by the fad that few of the corpses
l.or,. marks of injury. Ho, lies were
crumpled and broken bu1 tbe features
were not cut or bruised.
(Continued on page to.)
colds Cause Headache and Grip.
tablets remove causa, There is only
one "BROMO QUININE." It has sin
nature of E. W . lirove nn box. 25c.
Kkirveti Weil Continues Hig date.
Wll.SuN, OUIa,, Dec, 21. The
bin oil well, recently brought In, in
Lhi llealdton field, by the gkirvens
of Oklahoma City, continues to be un
exi thirty satisfactory producer for
Its owners making 200 barrels evor
hours. The Bfcirvani are still
busy in the fh Id and expect to bring
in ra as sn 1 isractory.
The Brady's Tenth Annual
Christmas Dinner
Price 75c
Served from 12:30 to 2:30 P. M.
For Those Who Prefer the Best
Phone Reservations t'r Parties or Special Tallies.
Cotoui Cocktail
Salted Almonds Jumbo Queen Olives
Grape Fruit Maraschino Perfetto
Chicken Okra Consomme Julienne
elery Hearts Sliced Tomatoes
Roast Young Turkey, with
Royal Dressing and Cranberry Jell
Roast Suckling Pig with Spieed Apple
Baked Young Duck, ;i la Holliday
Santa Punch
Lettuce and Pearl Onion Salad
Plain Bread Parkerhouse Rolls
Snow Flake Potatoes Creamed Asparagus Tips
!andied Tarns
English Plum rudding, Brandy Sauce
Minee Pie Pumpkin Pie
Neapolitan tee Cream Frappe Ielmonico
( Ihristmas lake
( 'ream foeese Salted Wafers
Coffee, Tea, Milk
Mixed Nuts Assorted Fruit
Ill ill ,N HI 1, N I MM. I M l 1 P II
I VMI'VI'N . MaiftnT
(Ml Mil. 1 1.
I'd 1'iii-iiw again Won SciIim uf
X 1, Ion, lii ilie Norlli nl
CHIHUAHUA, Meg . Her. ft, For
L) two hundred rebel cavalry with tan
cannon mid six machine guns bava
left Chihuahua to begin the long da
iayed attack on tba federals at Ojlnagu
oppoaita Presidio, T gas, The rebels
I "ininunded by (Jein-I.il OFtagO, have
been ordered to exterminate the fed
erals or .ir.o them across the United
stmes border.
Sweep tin. border clean "f federals
and do not take an) prisoners," was
(lenerul Francisco Viiht's order to
General Ortego. "There must not he
a federal left alive on thla side of
the I. order."
(I.neral Villa said if the federal
generals Orosuo and tiojaa are cap
tured they are to he sin.t as traitors.
Loaded in six trains with large sup
plies of ammunition, the QJinega eg
pedttion left here purposing to travel
by train aa tar as Ilermigaa and thenCs
march overland to Ojlnlga, General
Villa wltneaaed the departure of his
soldiers and expressed confident vat
tha outcome, Baying the federals eith
er aould be driven across the bordei
or broken up Into small hands.
Til- bottling 1 1 1 Of tba federals In
ih" city of Torre on, boo miles south
of here, the occupation by the rebels
of part of the city and tin rebel cap
ture of lardo and domes Palaclo,
Important adjoining towna, were con
firmed in reports reoelved today. Gen
oral Itonclovio Herrera, however, was
not wounded aa had been reported.
The rebel dlapatchea Bald General
Herrera now had Torreon practically
controlled with little loss of life and
thai he would wait further reinforce
ments before attempting n rout of the
fedi nils under General Refugio Vales
co. The federal telegraph to Monte
ray nnd Raltlllo was cut, and should
General Velosco bo driven eastward,
it Is said he would have no alternative
but a desperate retreat. Torreon has
been often captured or lost hy either
Bid' . its importance lies in Its being
u railroad enter.
General Villa purposes remaining
h re pending the establishment 1 ' the
OJinaga campaign.
one million pesos in rebel money
has been issued under the seal of tbe
state of Chihuahua. This greatly re
lieves the financial situation brought
about by the lack of small currency.
Ha) Cross the Border.
PR RSI DIP, Tex., Pec. 1 4. United
States army officers today received
word of the rebel advance toward
OJInaga, opposite here. It is feared
the Mexican federals if driven hard
will attempt to cross Into the United
St B t es rather than fall Into the hands
,.f the rebela, from whom they could
expect no mercy.
The federals opposite here repre
sent what is left "f Kuertaa govern
ment In the far north. Tiny have
been buay taking provialons from this
side ever since their arrival, after t lie
retreat from chihuahua.
Withdraw the Outposts,
HERMOBILTX), Dee. L'4. . All fed
eral outposts about Guaytnaa were
withdrawn today, according to Infor
mation received here. Withdrawal of
Me outpost" will he Interpreted n
having baen caused by continued da
rn rtiona from the garriaon.
Federal soimers came nraggungi
Into the Insurgents camp every da
and it said that the most of them cs
1 aped while on outpost duty. Lieu.
Colonel Pablo Pedresss and fifteen
soldiers surrendered today to the eon-1
ItitUtlonallSta. It is reported that!
1 11 1 1 ; s 1 n in. c k m n if :. mi s
Get the Spirit of the Day
By Telephone
The ileiiiHiidK of l)iiniiit'Hs mid social aiT.iii-. iivveiit many from oiug bat'k to the old borne for tlic
family rvunii mi mi ( 'hristmas daj .
Iut i"i tht1 leleiiliniie tht'v would miss tlie lioiue-likc stiirit nf the hit?- dinner, tlie phecrfuluess, good
feeling and friendliness of the family circle,
f you arc to awai from home ou Chnatmas day, wh) ioi I i i 1 1 1.- liappiucsH in the home folks by
palling tin in u it the telephone .'
Sio matter whciv you are, you, too, may rH the spirit of ( hristmas by telephoue,
Long distance linen reach everywhere,
CA Pioneer Tel. & Tel. Company
(ieneral OJeilu's Withdraw al '.rders In
clude even the .smaller garriaon at
Umpalme, a suburb north of Ouay
mag, Itcpoii 'I'lii'icaii Itcttleircd
M kxici 1 crrv, l)i . u. Ti rreon, 1
slate of Coahnlla, wtih Ii recently was
taken from the rebels by the federal
General Refugio Velaseo Is besinaed
by rebel, and Qua . lat of He atliCMIT To ROB RltitrrW
nora, has been eve I, aecordli 1 M WJ" 1 u" 1 " m
to two unofficial reports ri Ived here eei.l-... 1 1..
today. The report that Torrean is
under stage appeals t,, be unusually About :St last mi! hi burglars at-
weii aiithenticateii. tempted to gain entrance to the
General Velaaoo some time ago re- Itlghtway laundry, anoordlng to Bart
covered Torreon from the rebols Since Applogate, who waa In the building
then the war office here has announc at tbe time. He beard the men pry
ed that Velaseo aas preparing to dlr-1 ing ut a window and went out to gal
ect expedition! in the surrounding U revolver and ph to tbe police
country, although the Indies Uons w era ' station
that many thousands of 1 is war Whma polios officers arrived o
ii'i'K 1.... 111. f . i,..-,,!., 1.1 . f. I
Oppsilt Hotel lulsa Serviie a la ( aale
)t. d iy Lenchei
mi iniEK i
STIOKli ( IB OMPAKl IMi nut.
I 'll! Vl ioN ICMI'IiO 1 i 1 1 1
HIMI Mill Kill
n tabtesponnful of Sale
Back i nits r Madder
A bis; fat turK, y and a substantia
Inoreaae in wages were tba Chrlttmas I
presents tendered the employes Of
tlm Public BervTdt corporation and
the Tnisa Itreet Railway company
yesterday by the managers of the two.
Yesterday morning Paul Qalloway, I
manager of the Public Service cor
poration, distributed 161 gobblers
among tbe employes ami then helped
the Blks deliver their Christmas
presents to the poor of the elty.
Manager McQrath dlatlibuted tur
keya among uii the employes of the
company and then announced that nl
new and higher waga scale had been i
deii rminad upon.
The salary Inoreaae m '.ken the new
scale for condui tors ami motormen as
follows: The first six months of ser
vice, 20 cents an hour; next six
months, '.'1 01 Is; after one year, 22
Partner Injured ii1 tool dent.
WTWOK, Okla., "tec. 4. lobji
Reed, li'iim near 'irndy, has a broken
foot, a dlsloi Bted shoulder and a bad
ly scarred h ad as the result of tils
hors' faiilni! on a hrldKe and throw
ing Reed forelbl) against the wooden 1
structure. It,, condition Is reported
as serious
A Bright and
Merry Christmas
Our store will be OPEN UNTIL NOON Christmas
day to help you in your Uist-nmmcnt pi t chases.
Harlow Brokerage Co.
We ure u nation of ne ar eaters rnJ
our blood is (Hied with uric acid, say
a well-known authority, who warn i iis
to he constantly on guard against kid-
n-y trouble.
The kidneys do their utmost to
free the blood of this irritation add
but become weak from uvat work)
they ijet fduKRish: the diminutive tis
sues cIiik and thus the waste, is re
tained in the blood to poison the en
tire system.
When your kidneys ache and feel
like lumps of had. and you have
stirising pains In the hack or tht
urine Is cloudy, full of sediment, 04
the bladder Is Irritable, obliging (roll
to seek relief during- the nleht. Whet!
you have severe headaches. BSfVOUl
and dizzy spells, BleaplssuttSSS, acid
stomach or rheumatism in bad
waatber, act from your pharmacist
about four ounces of .lad Salts; tnk
tablsapouBfUl In n glass of water be- j
fore breakfast each morning and in 1 ,
few days your kidneys will act fine 1
This famous salts la made from tin
add of crapes and lathon Juice, mm- ,
hlio d with llthla, and has been used,
for generations In flush nnd "tlmulati I
slogged kidneys, to neutralize thf
nelds In urine so It Is no longer .1
ource of Irritation, thus ending ttfi'
nary nnd bladder dinnrdors.
Jid Salts Is Inexpensive nnd can
not Injure; makes a delightful effer
vseetit llttdn-water drink, and no
body can ninke a mistake by taking
a Utile oceminnally to kr the kid
injs Bleafl and sctUe. Adv.
A lllil
11 m w rsH,
To retain the friends that 1
have made and to acquire new
ones as tlie days go by; to ;
wish health, happiness and
proapeiity to the operators C
every where for tlie coming
year; to be n pnrt of the great- )
sat business on earth. To tie (S
able t" write the news of tills H
business for thn future us in
the past, without fear or fa- '
inr, uninfluenced by any per- (9
son or Intel est, so that a 10- $
barrel well Is a 10-barrel well g
and a dry hole Is a dry hole.
To make the nil column a w
dallv necessity. To work n 'K
Uttla harder and make results S
count for more. To ill" use )
the live Issues of the business 'S)
as I honestly bll".e them to
he and I" retain the esteem of 1
'h who happen to disagree 0
with ma. Finally, to see nil ')
the dry holes eliminated or at
h-nst drilled by thole who can )
afford them, to ace the little '
fellows grow prosperous and I
tbe big fellows grow rleh and
that st the eloae of another $
year will find the oil men hap- JS
Pier an t more prosp-rous ilinn
In the on Just st Its close.
To Our Friends, One and All
Christmai comes hut once a year, it's u time to forgot
business and Indulge In Greetings and Remembrances.
We appreciate that cordial friendship, friendliness and
and hnalty that have made our relationship something mora
than a mere sordid business association, and we want to
thank you for the intimacy and confidence that exists between
us Once again,
A Merry Christmas
Tulsa Music Company
Second and Boston

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