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Tulsa daily world. [volume] (Tulsa, Indian Territory [Okla.]) 1905-1919, June 21, 1914, MORNING EDITION, Image 10

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111); TIM.SA DAILY VH(,), i
1 'I ! i
Tlf'FiJI iFWIIll nGI ll Mf M0RIAL CHURCH T0 BE KD,CATI () Wes1 Make Dupe
IliJLlll JmIHL rnrvftt ami, annul ad dac rnn nrw nmnnMun i i r ..j i n
11 IBM1
Out ol Oil Forces
HI. . I .il i
f V I,
lief ore Traveling
Itlll Mil l ( HIT) Hi M' HIM
l',i . nil II Ml
mdii i
i ai 1 1 M
City News Iti Brief
1 1
i . , . . i r i ii 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' i ' mm H
w .i down l Iim Una
in 1
I ho r.ntidldati I Im' ' I
moating of tin' repros,
I I II. islni BS It 'I'll I.-
ami ii which its gpa
Wi si i .. W ins were
It was discussed at sou
I' i!
I K'l'll
1 1
TV or ;ili!'n;ii, ,'l
iUfccSH .mil ''ii oyincui in i
uiuiU'V safely and con-
provi li- lieinsclvos witli
:IH ii. I I ... 1:1 A:iS ULUl I.S, s 1 1 1 1 as I
National Hank furnish on. Consult our officei
iufurmatiou roiiurdintr this service.
lie 'A- r
s for
una la,
. i I
il Ills
hi- .ni men if Mus itate ttnenable to
i Im inci ased taxation
IIi iii k nil Will KgUMC W
perfected n hereby the Tulsa Oomoci ii
is '.i drop UiiIj aViiilamg tnd endorse
Wi si pha term of tlx- ui mont,
are, n if. rally, cash, n Ii said thai a
Weal fund Ii being raleod and thai .i
portion it this fund mil i lame uor.
r do tbiy favor Hon, nowever, an mu.'h is not ni a-
i . ligation ! aary t.i buy him, la to be u iid William
Hud i ii a Htryker, who will turn hla pamper ov,-r
inlutlve men ot Ho P. H Haakoll In lorn Mr htaakell
, , . ,i weeks i aw thai Mr. Weat'a Interests are
wet's, Huakell, I wall taken care of,
I , ,. lual whai Mr Haskell will e,et iul
li li and , '" "is present arrangements, i mil
I ni. Mornlni!
Ill i-l'AII PATIHOItl ' Mulct-son twri-n Third and Kuiirth lust night ni
: I
ml I,
. I nil, .linking inmputi) who will In Clinton, Pago went h.n
.ii iim, M . bei i r nfii i in h ui been treated
v Iul. the general aanllmsnl waa that
the t . i v waa too hitch, yel di.-v were
pel fool Iv willing In lend n their
I'AilK, ii dai lu borer wholnioral ; i 1 financial aupporl t.o make
" Oaklawn oometory, fell ,i ,t conatitutlonal .- m Imeni
ih'io I'll "ii Muiu alreel in it u u nftiir iln- lull hud I n .lis-
H--.-.I ii: ,i Mr Wist aal .1 for the
ndnrHeiuenl of ilo' produ era In hla
h.inl '.i ..i..iiiiiii.- ! la I li.it
ahould Hi mtlon aaralnal Th Cexaa
company be aucoeaaful and i receiver
li.. upointe i. hioh mi ,in,. bell ivea for
.1 III. ill. fl.l will '.: i i -n, Ih.ll Mi II i
keil would like t i.,. appointed ra
nelver and . plum ..f tli.u siae ahould
bring anywhero frmn 150.000 I i 11 00
i...lnt ii: ,t I'lnirl.-; .1. Wrlirnmnian, one
noon i ,,f i he prominent ml men .it' ' alate,
refoaitit! i" undorae Went, walked iul
I I I... ii . .... I Itm
H wmiN. :; an unmarried However, in auite of th facl ih.it
f 1 1 must. Ml. Ti-a . Milinei In mi; iifiir Alsiiin.i. .-1 x ' ' I mlb'8 I niiinv .,:' I li..s.. nr. s.-nt refi to mi.
li TemiH .n.i ukialioui i.. lieOHl ..f lulaa, died yeMorday ,IIMI g, Weat; the atorj waa olrcu-
! I" l he mi' v tenia) i "' oj l' J lated thai every man who a tended the
I, lils oil mien-sis in thin vl loit led ill ( aklawn eemeieiy this aft t,m,.ting waa for Weat. Thin story waa
1 '" ' '"'" " "1" " '" 1 1 " "'""" ' ' "'"" . ' ' , . . almoal as ....tenl as th.- indoraemeni
ins ami id one of th'- ueal luii.wii " iieegj "in (.iiiiiui'i in., lunerm
i i!.. Uvgu lodge Tin- Mowbray l!n-
ertaking eompan) win- th.' under
mlej . ail'liieul is .11 ii
Your Future
I'ltnaiilemlin iniportaticc, isn't
ill I III' l nl 1.1 ' III i(tl sllnlllil
M'KII t I'OSl I oil
National Bank
i f Tulsa
1 1 1 'v I !' "ri ks JtfvCB mill Duekett, I
'i. i .i lung seareti yeaterda) eapturcu
Mill Hlxon. a negro, ror whmn a war
rani ha. i been sworn oul for th.' al
ii Mil ertme of uaaaull "i B 10-yegf
hi mil Tin wati. mi was aworn out
b) - M i s liussi-l. noloi i ll. H ho ha. I
i ,-. sed i hi eauao of th.- ehlld, Tha
negro i- in the hands nf the count)
; niiiorltlcH,
- it
i 'II tnt.Rfi M i !i IPHJ, county ntlor
ne ..f iisige county, opened his cam
I'atgn t'-.i attorne) general in Tulsa
I., i iiigbj Hi- is a i indlii ite for the
heinoerafli nomination Mr. Copi
spoke at Kecond ami Main atreeta. He
l i .n i a i hat If elected In- would put
iindloi ka -n th.. i . and gambling
lull t- an. I declnri .1 Tulsa n -i .li d
. i. lining "i
ihr alate
rai for governor ami it is .u iiusi""" i" uni. ii inn tans mrougn I
! i BinOfl I nal M r I tas.i.-ll 11 is his
eyea fixed in lomething equally ui
Hoth '.V ins and West have I n 1
political henchmen evor alnce Mr I
Waits has been aecrel try if the tnde-
i lenl 1 il i 'las Men uwoclation 1
Mr. Watis bus iisiai hla tflce ut a poli
tical stepping stone ind his latest lo
tion, i fraineup with Wast to pul the
ni men in bad : lal to aleel Mi Woat,
will aertalnty ba repudiated by them, i
lual what Watta rewai I ia to be haa
uol bei a made pallia- bul he will he
in i in- inoyard.
It is stated that Robert ijalbreath. I
wmil.1 have li.'en ind ia far niol
U oal li- iped tn aecuro
I'roduisirs I'a) Iln- 'r.-iulii
Tie- oil producera were isked to
contribute I,, the flnancea neceaaary
t.i .u' "their l.ill icross ami. us al
any difficulty whal
duci IS Mil II.
Wist s Hon to Olreulau? I'otttlon,
The mi ll who will drculato th. po
lltlon will lie of West's aelectiou and it
la certain thai they will lose no op.
portunlty to boosi Mini gautloman's
candidacy in i ,a the lull Itaelf li
Intended fol thai purpose ind it re-luir.-s
im far stretch of imagination
I., hoar thoin b loatl tg Wrst when pre
senting tin- petitl -ii for signatures
Th.' aollcftoi when approaching
tha farmer in Hi" weal aide of the
worse than am itv In "" w " uoooi iniii-s.s on ins
j mind th.' fur' thai the lull will
I "gouge Ilia ni 11:111 r.iiir liinilr.'il
ANDRKW i 1 IIAtCIHT, i Nan ' per cenl 'if lourse th- farmci will
V.ai, . ini. mail. wh.. is making a tll Into line far i propoaltion of that
mil an- lour of Mm world on a wager. ! kind ind will gladly sign the lull,
si lived in Tulsa lasl night II" has I eapeclally when it is all. "I to his .it
completed i mil.-s of his tourney l ten lion Mia' tha lull Is framed 'to re
lay '
for Hapulpa and Dklahoms t'l . unjcaal side f Hi" atate Due ttientlon
Ira '- .'. urea an engagement at a will also l.e -all. I to the faci 'hat the
local theatre Halght, under tha framer .f the tall. Charles Woat, la a
ivs. I hey igreed to Ui.-k in with the i" ,v" ' prooucera irganiaa-
i aaary fun. Is tlon la vary much ippoaod to Weat and
ii w ,: thought tin' lb 6,OOoHh manner In which the oil men are
would be no . Ue,! and t Ins amount ini'",llc "sen to ;i,it llm iver Mr (ial
Kpoctod to ii.- raised fiom the pi
i and
Oilier. 1. 1 Vllilii.l. -
candidate for governor and thai he
1 has the interests tf the farntara a'
hoarl as witneaa Mi,- i,.s pi tduction
an bill igalnsi Mie -ui man win di he
frty Uiousand atgnera ire nocea
sary f.u the petition and Warn nnhtly
lot him in Mo- primary ami with the
divided ticket in the field tins ,-. ar
ih n number 'f -eers will be mora
thin -air -,' n: to i"ii him icross
Hum ii Huns ih.- IVodurors
it is i dead in- ml sertainty thai the
.. in i 'andldates, especially Williams
i .! '.-I- i. ....' wis,- r.i Weat'a iiii"
,i"d wi;i artalnly -I i avarythlng In
thalr power tti blook 'he propoaltloit
Vnd in so ,l ting the ui producera ire
hound ' ' suffei Everything done to
breath is a strong friend if Robert
Dunlop, also aandldaio foi governor,
ami Mie use nf Ins trganigaUOII to put
a man in off h" is not fri indly Willi
go i igainat bis grain.
Dunlop in oil Mm
The producers have atghed far oil
man in Mie lagiatatura ind In coagreas
They h.ne ttated tune and time aaln
that until they gal til men as law
makers their buaineaa will always
In Dunlop M.e ml ntan have m oil ,
man n.s i andldate but they ir not
en i traing him. W- to uol favor Dun-1
l"i any mora than any ithar candi
date Im' il would seem thai if 'he oil
men ire to favor anyone they would!
line up with me if their twn number, I
i atead of that they have been tricked
Into supporting a ma" who is usin ,
rhi an :' ir iur.-ly -elfish reason.
To render service
that is the duty of
this bank in this com
munity. The better it
serves the steadier it rows.
A re y ( m a mon g o u r pa tro n s?
KanTu( Ofly IBIiniii(8
. r:-IE H0T3L3
Pulaa A K Curamor, Kanaaa City;
H KJ, Rpsncor, Kansas City; I''. I'!
Sternberg, Oklahoma City II a Wee
man 'hii igo; P it Bmlth, New
V.uk Frank Bblen, loulsvllle. Ky .
: din K Nolan, Oklahoma Utty; W R.
Weldon, Kanaaa City; Thomas 0 i'.ni-
.' it-, s II Itii.-t, aiv A H Per
kins Kanaaa Hty i n. Hornbook,
oity ii r Laughb iitra, iktah ,mi
City; ii w Barker, Iklahoma 'ity
i' s ai ikins, ' ki inoma tit n . I 1
Brett, H !-. Winter. Kanaaa City O.
i; Salisbury Provident a !.' I . 'A' N
Iti n -on. A listen, Ma V i A. lies.
Tins fine Kanaaa City raaldcnsi ;an he designated in no bcttai
words h ih a stalely, digntfad, c impleto homo Bvery drop of
water entering the house is filtered The aplendid tile-lined rofrlg
aratoi and doubli range is bull! in ind i pari of the houae, The
garage fill ai nmodate foui ir ami has man'a room ami bath
IT !OST (41.000 io BR ROT TIMS HnMK- IT IS Now
Thla place is located In Cha heart i Roanoke it la only twenty
minutes from lowntown on the street cars, and while only two
bio ka from the car Una md one block from popular Valentine road
th.' aurroundinga give the affect of seclusion and refinement
Two large sleeping rooma, silting room, alcoping porch and tile
bath in south suite; two bed-rooms ind Plote bath in north auite
ill n s.'.-ond floor Servants' rooma and l ath on third floor "!luli
rooma, laundry, wine and fruil cellar md heating plant Iti base
mont, liuilt of solid native atone, ituarsied In huge bloeka, s,'ir
rounded b) shrubbery md for. ,st trees, adth ample grounds. Pineal
resldonce district in the dty. Act promptly on this
(Go F, MSME1 & C(Q)
l i Bast Pontb sir
K insns . 'it v. Ma
v luLS,0!L4.
il the ither oandldatcs w-ii! lake
II' nson, i ,s- n, Rspslrlnt Upbalslertag KMimih.
i. p', v.1. Kai WmmKmt Emmti .rtr:
;. War I t n i ,t ,
t 'lurke 'Im-ag'i. f. K llosicv. ,'hi-i .
..... i. ,i. v W ill, sun i." I un.'i' III, North i heyenn.-. an irl
:. Mnuirehau H K WIHIama M Una. IOOkIJu. A -auam .t Juno i ,v ,,..,,
i . i. ' Monti, Kanaaa City; I Two firms. 10 aeres each; east ncarly ,,., nd M awes In
: . ... liouaton !! S M-- "f Tuis,. H I an awe If taken al .ultlvation. noar good oli field buTnot
.... x...... I ." . I....!.,, r atie,. I..... .1 ...... . .v. . . . '
. i, I 1 1 - . nonitH . j. , v.. ' riHiiiiij, --" ivasvu -an oner l nix ill one-th 1 lesa
B tol Kanssa 'iti : Horry Mi K I Uh- We have the following to trade for than actual vol oday
ut pro I hough Barileavllle Arthur P lohn-JTulaa property , Wett-improvod . icro tract ,...se to
ii they "'; ' i' M W King, N v. Ifork, 520 acres near leneoa, Mo. Tu!s.i Io trade foi s. I room hum
I Win -c Hirnckol, s- Lnuta; II W 110 lores in Latimer Co., Mkla. Iln Tulsa
Muakogoe; i J McKa; W 640 i res In . -k is r-ro.im modern new bungalow uaat
,x made IB Roe, Mrs anderso; t m i-s in MisHi.-is.ppi ironi. me mocg ,i uno nn) otl
Ph.lt in i B .an -(..ii i a.-onni! in ni is iwor- m " also nave some gomi n ir him j i'-11 " s i. lerins mlv 12,000
mil a' 'hat
in point -.-I' that i W I
ways i 1
A Ii, i e
v'lllfl ih 'W
.mi!. Ilun'1
4oPAI0 0N
ssssir-ii TT'iHirniii
ill ho loubt ver, i: H McBHrtny, Nowata; it .1 i
i thai he ia al i Orove Ity i' en Mahn, n ma is :
the legislature ty, Kai has favtor, WichlU; H I
iioet will ride j It Ki : le n ity io w h , . Bar
i, ,,,i , . ,, I tleaville, I II. Patton, AlUanco, 0
am. i finally, Rrady- Mrs Rainea city; ; w
. .c-a the bill Roaa, Uartleavllle Roy W Uryat, Itir- j
lie liv hinisel, I tiosvllls !l i' ColllBa, Kntl. 10 N
serving mono-1 King, rorl Umith It t Mock, Kiv-j
i tii put the I ttei iiie i ift I II Worden Dallas; I
iropnattlnn R 1' Bastmnro, Indian ipolia P P
will inn it tut I Duff) El llmo lohn MnQuinn Bar-1
nn have rataed I tteoviilr; I u Baaltnger, Pr ken Ar-
usary nib-1 row tkii H P Autiv Hugo; Mrs
llfficull mat-1 J P Mo.me) Muakogt; J e) Blra-
' i ... i wri-.n 1 ni I lovelstld; Anni Havens,
v s Rhorla-1 ia city property
s -room model n ne
awed ni finish b
MM IL Mfflfflr
'Ulbel 'soil !'.' I
Phone fiai
Bsji ' Ls: s
ii .i 1. iger.
a en
atht add 'hit s s.s
des thai gnTl is
in 1 i -u r.-s
' H "III -'' as
man are put-
pa pel X w
tl ,s a good en
ill -v ii li in in-
an in M far is his
' 11 1 'S I'l' l I. OlollsHII", I I! Illl-
irth i'a d '.' '-v irtbincton, Bnld,
. . - !-: Hart tW lKt.it- i'i, i i'v
.en- Wilder Ki-f'-r. 'tkli Mr tad
Mrs i I t a - ' ik' "iim i ' 'itv
: i tuah ar luUirte i ! N ilaon, Mor-1
.-is. Am is I Mi' hall, II W. thorn,
b leorg I. MorrtaoH.
tgford H It llarner. Kinsas'
(I'v. I ti. Hatchef, Kansas 'i'v.'
.( Hrown, t h. IS". 1, i ' nun in,
in mi L a indrewg, Chicago, A
I . Kan-. is - ' p W II in ton
lO'lse. .
I..W . . . 1 1. I
'in. oii-ii. en, three he , iiitnl
mantel . largi ba ntnenl with furnace
I'onn autlfull) i rated with em-
cnali ,- m .,, rials, beat natures, aar
ige, son mis' quar era; in facl every
thing in tins home f ,i o,i m
ii- 1 or iu i a- ami terma
5 "i . isti .md j ii ,, month geta goedl
lots in Lynch Fursthe addition A
f.w fin, lota l"fi ii tins price .md
Phone 111,
or G20.
'd 'Hit
'I I'll
I It isflir Mnskig-e T 1 Vulli r. ; i insas try. i. Minimally Mask ,
-n iosepn k m Inisaniw, tklahotma fi C n Knoa, Muakoga 1 R
,ti ; Raker, tktahoms city; Moore wii- ling, w Wi w Hart
i- lean v Ptk-r I M Mm 'ks. K.nsas t'v. I' I. lohn Ktnsmcily . .,
Muskogee ' - and Mis Mrl m "tv Mt and Mrs 11 u id, Kansas City ; I , . ' ', "' " " aamg aa
m Ueaander Kaaa t K H .V ...ah in, 'b, age ' ; ''f;n
itv : ml si..-. M on s.111 Kii'imoro ., si e. ni.-n ii.ir a' , ,. . .... j7. " ,rl i n
MUSkoaee P. ir -,.'.' n n-'s Ind IP II Juminel. I. W Wlekhini
' It Henderson -itv 1 C S'r-t'1- Kj:i City Kan ti 1 'ham bei la in
, :, T '' Itaudsll A H iV ibita. I- It! in I. iklih.mi
ti . tin P irtlrsvill.v I ihn Kite. Ha- City. W. M Mllliktu, eity. 1' W. Hal-
potpa It Smith. Chicago, L. N met. Arduiore, 1 d otl, OoffvyviUa,
bo s.oitt, Midi

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