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II I I I I s li Wild iKWITlATF.II PHI'. IC MM ill I
1 7,35 )
ill Mun4y ind Btn fwtwrit
vol.. IX. No. 28B.
w no iM'i ii
tl I sriov
( Mil,
WILL MEET HERE WEDNES- ,t ,,,,, ,,,. Bob unburns Sup-
DAY TO WORK OUT SOME n"ri-r- mis,, I ram., I Hi,
mi, I. i n uses
Aru, Mil it
t iiili i ulitl.
I lull
Representing Crowd of 28 Big
Producers Met in Oklahoma
City Yesterday
dtv E, r. rue
Yesterday u general
2s, ft presenting the
ttova all p. his "i tin'
Oklahoma City to woi k
Kl.lt i
coinmltto "i
mi pro i ucers
hi. ilc, met in
out Him plan
fur curtailing
this Hold
Willi, there the) took
attorney general and tin
Commissiou the f
plan for meeting
in Hi.- oil induatr)
The i onfon nee
11 in kins hotel at
day forenoon a
laii. in tin. afi
hoard front ev
(JonUuent field
i i eduction throng hout
i with the
of aueh a
. onditlona
k y.
st. 'l-
it part of the Mid
b. Iween the Kansas
mel in
10 o'clo
i was in session
rnoon. Reports
I nUru iui
OKI. All. 'MA CITY. June II
(Special.) 1'oliuciana art now bust
looking for u "Boat" In connection
with it,.- attempl of Bo) L Williams
nf Tulsa to (lie f"r governor in op
position to it 1. Williams of Purant.
The first theory advanced ass that
Attorn?) General Charles Weet'a
manager, former ii.ni.niur hlaskell,
was responsible (of t ti coup, but
whan U mi found that the deal
showed elgni ot an amateur hand,
they abandoned that notion as no one
ever accused Haskell r pulling off
a ooarse deal, The nest theorj "as
thai Williams mad In good faith wuh
a hope .if winning on the local op
tion and high llcenae platform u j u j
whldh no oandldaie for governor If
yet running I
Now cornea forward some .if thc
polltii il wise ones with the theor)
thai the Tulsa county supporters "f
Judge it. L. Williams pulled 'tf the
little stunt in order that it might bo
laid .ii the door "f the Weal cam- j
paign and discredit thai candidate.
It is said thai the ileal was model. ci
afti r the Clnonan roorba. k stunt
which made Oklahoma county fa
mm. us in th- Haskell-Owen aenBtorial
The field 1 1 still open fur other pol
iticians who think they have a solu
tion for, the puaale to come forward
and earn it Carnegie hem medal.
(supreme oourl today adjourned un
i til Octuber, alter deciding the in
ter mountain rata ueset the California
oil (and grant leas,., n astern
siiiies i. m i iiinibei dealers' sun
Ii.lt l
I o
Goveriiiiient, However, Will
Press Another Suit Against
Big Railroads
and aevsraJ other Important e
pending foi many in. mlhs
.lust fourteen oaaes in which
guments have been made were
undecided These Include .
volving the constitutional!!) .f
i .Kin of negrnea to rots in Ok lab
and Annapolis, M.( i tin Mni vv
line and Bed rivi r Noi
Unas were represented,
dii' . is ware in. i a from
in the stale. Seventy pi
Cuahlng production
owned by the pipe
tin pipe
hut oil pro
each district
i cent of the
utaide of thai
lines, was r.-pi'i-
aented in preson. Bartleaviiie,
wata. okmulauc, liouryetta, Heal
ami 'ii.isa producers were presiiil in
force. All were i mphatic in favor
ing reducing production to a point
where the marketing agencies can
handle Okluhoma oruie without
danger ..f run her break In pr
Juigu J. J. Shea of Bartleaviiie,
was made chairman of tho conference
umi K. T. Tu. kei secretary.
11 c. Tyrrell, 1 . it. Leonard, J. A
Hull. It M. M i'.irlin, W It Bab
cock, Charles Wilson and M. H. M"-s-iar
weie there trow Tulsa, with such
men as B. U Jones frank M.
lire, iie, .1 J. atcOraw, Frank Phillips,
W B. Hine, John H. Bebold, .1 W
Harreld and w B. Wood from other
For perhaps the first tlni" in the
history of producers raoettngs in ok
lah. mm. evwry utan was in SO bar earn
est, determined to find a solution for
pres. nt unhealthy oil Held conditions.
There was no algn of fn.tion, or iis-
Cordl n.-lther was there any indloa
catlon of a desire on the pari of those
prevent to adopt any but reasonable
a&d fair means as a solution of this
problem of handling the present pro-
ductlon "I crude oil in Oklahoma.
Kvcry man aaw the need for deola
ive action now, at once. Some speak
ers even advocated an absolute shut
down for three months, and practi
cally all favored this where not pre
vented by the terms of the lease. 01
off s. i drilling,
it early In the day became apparent
that all were agreed that whatever
ii majority of the producers need ami
favor Should be done, and without
delay. In order to gtve every oil
man, pipe line and refiner an oppor-
fun 2'.' - Title of
transcontinental railroada to soma
17011,0.111,111,. i worth of petroleum
lands as iiK.iiimt other private claim
ants uh upheld today by the su
preme court In a teal suit brought l
Edmund Burke of California against
the Southern Pacific Ballroad com
pany! Al the same lime Justice V. ni
di venter, for Ihe ..mil. stated that
seomingly the govermnent'a right to
attack the railroads till, for fraud
or error had expired In 1H00 or llOi,
Il was mole plain however, that the
government's rights wen.- not in
volvod in the case before the court
and tint.' was no mention oi tin, re
cent suit brought by the government
th .ma
ern la ml case imolviiir ihe valid It)
of President Taft'S withdrawal of oil
lai.dk from entry; tin- Nashville grain
re-shipping case, und the Bono ease
Miv.'iuiiK the rigfil of congress i"
Ci ii pel in. In uliiuls 1o testify before
iiiv esllaatlna committees
'i lie court dusng the term, dls
p. i.. d of more caecs than In any
yen,' sine,. in!h. blve hundred and
nine!) one declMiojns Were handed
Will Soon Come Togethe
Through the Good Oliices of
U. S. and Mediators
i iiii
Fine, .-...ii
iitiMiN Hai
I in. re, I I
i lam
n. June I
I '. Hi nil.
I r , l, old
age to Mavu
:' Til
W hell
. I'Htorda)
w as aci ii
vi idle! of the
Misi Adglo
performer win
act ami w ho v as engaged
I ich. her manager, Hal. I I
VI i 'hord, I be keener, shn
tis.d Ihe
w lc
delltll of
. lions
red tb.ii
,., t.. the
, todai
I In her
i d Diet
I t K'e
have en -
lack was
Tmi Rosa Won Hi
LONDON, Juiugf!!
an Aim i ican w hite heav !
llsl, mad. his debut In I
knocked mil
o compatriot,
in i
lie f
Tony" Itoss.
weight pugl
london win n
Jackson, a
nih round.
ihe lo
Greece Declares Battleships Are
Necessary to Retail Bnl
ance of Power
WASHINGTON, June 1'. Willi the
Turkish government formally pro
teeting aaTalaet the proposed sale of
ihe American battleships aftssissipp!
and Idaho to Qreece, rumbling of
war between Ctreece and Turkey were
carried today to the While House.
Diplomatic repreaentatives of the
iwo countrlei called on President Wil
son within a few minutes of each
other one to urge and the other to
oppose the d.al.
Oreeoe takes the position that ll
she buys the vessels, the uaianoe or
power In the Medltern an will no
preserved ami peace maintained while
Turkey Claims peace best can bo
guaranteed by the refusal of the
I'niied .states t.. aid in agumenting
I her rh ai's naval force.
President Wilson told callers earlbr
I iii the day that he favored the sale
of the battleships to iSreeoe, became
lit had ben represented to hun tht
tunlU 1.. he he, lid lief ii,,. linn netloll
Is taken to. lav's conference sdonted ! such action would be In the interest of
the following resolution, and then ad peace He said that if he thought the
Journed to meet here In Tulsa tottlOr-1 VeBSStl would be used In an Imme
row. Wednesday afternoon. Juno 14, 1 dlate w ar he w ould not consent to
at 2 o'clock. their sale.
We. the Independent producers of The question of the sale of the bat.
crude ml In the Stat.- of Oklahoma I il, -ships w ill conic up in the house
ri-o.'Kmze mat in. present prmiuction t,,m, ,now on a sinate amendment to
of crude oil in this Ibid is ureal
than t lit, present transportation facll-
itten. and that mi. h a condition works
permanent injury to both the pro
ducer of the crude ml ami aonaumer
of the refined product and to all per
sons interested m the State of Okla
homa We recommend the limitation
of production to the aim. mil that can
be readily handled by the pip. Una
and transportation companies ami we
Invite the oil producers and all per
sons Interested in crude oil w-nhm
the st. ite to loin with us Iii a move
ment which will hrintr about this Both
state of affairs W'. confidently be
lieve that by doing this the price of
crude oil will be advanced to Its in
trinsic value to the lasting benefit of
sll persons Interested therein and to
all citizens "f the state
For the purpose of accomplishing
this object we call a meeting to 1,"
held in tho Tulsa Hotel In the City
of Tulsa on Wolnesduy, June 24.
1914. at 2 p. m. and we Invite and
request all producers, representatives
f pipe line and transportation com
panies, refiners and all superintend
enta of the tfntted States Indian
agencies the attorney general of tho
Ktnte of Oklahoma and the Corpora
tion Commission, as well as a 1 1 other
interested persons, to bo present at
(Continued on Page Ten i
the nmai appropriation bill.
Secretary Daniels desires the 111,
000,1,00 Oreeoa is trilling to pay for
the battleships to build a dreadnought
similar to Ihe Wyoming, and most
. ongreSS leaders have been inclined
to authorize the step
The new Turkish ambassador,
Ruatem Bci called on the president.
i ostensibly to present his credentials,
and the creek charge d'affatra,
A'VoUrOS, presented the new Greek
naval attache, Commander Tsouklas.
iiii.Mnut.s took the opportunity,
i however, to present their views on
the battleship controversy.
The Oreek Change later said the
acquisition of the battleships by
j Oreeoe was necessary to prevent a
I war between Turkey and Greece,
whirl, o tbsrwlse would be brought
about by the Turkish seizure of ad
jacent reck possessions
Mr Voures declared that Greece
Intends to keep pace Willi Turkey's
naval expansion He pointed out that
ever when TUritej obtains a dread
noiiKhl which Is now being built for
her In Brazil. C.reece will be stronger
j if she acquires the American batiie-
! ships, fireece has another battleship
under construction In Germany, Tur.
kev has a battleship under construe
tion In (Ireut Britain.
against lie' Southern I
gain tho lauds In question
Government oniclals. uii
eisiou, said they would press
Since tin, government began
grant lands to transcontinental rail
roads in 166, every patent issued lo
the roads has contained " reserva
tion .if exception lo the effect that
lands 'n the patent later found lo be
mineral lands should not pass to the
railroads Such a reservation was
contained In patents issued to the
Southern I'acltlc for California landa,
in later years found to Iii, rb h with
ml wells tiurke claimed the land
did not pass lo the railroad and
sought lo enter it as mineral lands
The court held that the land office
otrtctala could not perform their duly
imp. sed on them by congress of not
patenting mineral lands by merely
inserting Ihe reservation or exception.
It held the ofnclala w.-ri bound to
determine whether 'be lands were
mineral before Issuing Hie patent and
thai the patents Were binding unless
procured by fraud or error. Justice
vandeventer slated that the patents
were issued iu 1MM. and apparently
: tin- government bad not proceeded to
set up any claim .f fraud in ..iiiatn-
i ing them before that time, although
1 the railroad bad presented an affi
1 davit that the lands wore tinn-min-
; crab Therefore, he added, aeemlnglj
' the right lo make the attack had cx
! In 11(00 or 1101.
I More than $700.0110.000 worth of
I oil lands owned bv the great trans
continental railroads are Involved In
j the supreme court' i decision in tho
j ease of Kdiuund Uurke, who claimed
title to part of the lands which wero
granted by the government to the
Southern Pacific railroao in California,
The government contended that when
jit gave the lands to the railroad it
did not grant valuable minerals not
' then know n to exist
i The government Issued a patent In
urn to the southern Pacific in aid
..f its construction of transconti
nental line Patents were issued like
, wise to (he Northern Psolflc and other
lines traversing 'he plains and the
I Rocklca to the coast. Kach patent
contained ami exception and reserve-
1 Hon, reading as follows:
fcTKCludlng and excepting nil min
eral lands should any such tie found
In the tracts aforesaid, but this ex
clusion and exception, according to
the terms of the statute, shall not
(Continued on Pago Three 1
NIAGARA F.vi.l.s. June II
Through the Invitation uf the United
siat.s government and tho a ' "'
fii.s of the three South American
nicdiatois. representative! .u the two
warring facllona In tteslcn ihe -
alituttonalteta and tin lliierla govern
men! soon will !" brought face lu
face in an informal conference, dis
tinct from the mediation proceedings
To save Mexico ft.. Ill I'll It II-' I ipol
latlo'.i and the poHSlbillt) of a foreign
war. ihe tltutlonall is apparently
have been prevailed on lo meet th. ii
. . mull v me i Hie tin. i la il.iegai
e vv h.
the l
is goner
the etidim:
The belief
stands an
curled lo slice,-,
etices between
i 'a i runsu are sui 1 1
doli . al ion i
ban assmont
Ai rangem
in a for mn I
and Aim-rid
howevel, bi
or Wednesdi
w o
-c object ahull be
sxlcau civ il sit ifo,
ii iiiat tins plan
chain f being
n recent dlffei -
1. 1 la Villa and
-itt I composed lo
ConHt it lit lona list
rk w it limit win
' Il Would ll Oi Keen t. ' lo do so.'
! aald M. ( 'hord, "The b, 1 were e .
raged ami I did the l i ? ould with
a fork w n h w hl li I m.. i 1 al them
I hroill! h I he Inns "
Mi--. Castillo said 111 M
v, iis las) and I 'let i it Ii ilni mile
work, but when she was askei
('hold was lea lolls ol 1 Mel rich
... led 'N,i such thing, Hi
in . ..-.si Milt , of It."
M Chord admitted that he
Dietrich quarreled frequently, bu
disputes were transitory over Ih
tails of work and ester, lav . he
In ami Dietrich were mi a frti
hoi d
ll of IllS
I If VI.
she an
nro was
Justices White und McKenna
Vigorously Dissenting From
Majority View.
WASHINGTON, June 1 2 Sandard
oil lost its vtgoroual) waged light
agalnat govornmenl regulation of its
pipe Inn s tod iv when the supremo
court uphold the validity of the
i warned him not lo go till,
re," Mi 1 'b"i .1 said,
viiss Custlllo m.i i.t that there
reason In shoot auv o tl
11 nil
amendmenl lo tii
which declared .
staii. iims coinn
lo H
. 'mum
Hepburn rats law,
i pip., lines across
n carriers aubleot
LUthorlty of i he 1 i.i. rstatg
.mi i
The .
lion of
oompanj .
lice w bu.
aentlng fri
lv. i. II. i all
Ihe mi
d Huertu
thai b)
the I. Ileal
medial. il
tOlllOl low
t hi V will
tempi cd from ' be opera.
act me Uncle sun ml
in Independent, Choi Jus-
an. I Justice McKenna die
in thla action. J usi I. .- .vil li
vigorously attacked do
coll- I 1 1 III I
.1 uatlce
ma lorlty'i
thai the .
ow in
Long and Short Haul OotUtitU
tional in the Inter Mountain
Rate Case
Suporintmdont is
W Itll Hea III
Threa toned
Seeking for
Kan . I
sing lxipeka,
PORT WORTH, T. xas, June 22
At Ihe request ol the girl's parents,
the police of F"rt Worth tonight
searched for Marv Turner, 16 years
old, of Topcka, Kan., and nt a late
hour no trace of the girl had been
According to a telegram from To
peka. I note had been received bv
relatives th. re from the glti. Stating
that she w is te Ing detained a' a lo.-nl
hotel. At the hot. I, which was senr. tied
tonight, It was Stated that a young
woman answering hef description and
i, man registered there as from Dos
Moines, loWg, several days ago. anil
were lolned by another man who Be
ttered the grl was his cousin. The
baft) left yesterday, acordlng to hotel
attaches, and the police profess to lie
without Information as to thiir whereabouts.
Snath tfrrig In I -sue MMM,
LONOON. Jute 22. The Issue of
S loan of t(, ni'O.OOO at 3 per cent
will he made soon by Ihe I'nlon of
lOUth Africa. It is understood the Santa Fe Is prepai ing to bu) the prop-
Issue price w.ii ne .'o i-. ciij.
Thought Thai the Santa l'e Will
Pnrdiaac tin- Itond at Publh
Snle on .Tolv It,
McAlest.r, Okla.. June 22 (Sp
ecial i To satisfy Indebtedness with
Interest aggregating $4.10(1.477 II the
trackage and rolling stock of the Ok
lahoma Central railroad, extending a
distunes of 125 miles from Lehigh to
Chiekasha. will he sold at noon on
July 11, according to an order Issued
Mmidav afternoon by Judge Ralph R.
Campbell of th'- United StaLs court.
The salt- will ! held at Churchell and
William B. Johnson of Ardmore as
Dental master will have Charge. The
Oklahoma Central was completed In
107 and went Into the hands nf a
receiver the next year. Asa Ramsey
..f Muskogee being appointed receiver.
Failure to dispose of the short line
to a larger company prohibited by
section 9 of article 9 of the state
constitution was assigned by DolSett
Carter, builder of the road, as tho
cause of tin- receivership. That sec
tion being repealed. It Is said the
BOSTON, June 22. A pies of not
guilty was entered by Lawrence Itob
! inson, alleged slayer of three Jewelry
store clerks at Grand Rapids, Mich.,
when arraigned today charged with
I the mur.lir of Polios Inspector
Thomas F Norton. Uobluson was
committed without ball to awult a
hearing J una 2 7.
Ni lion was shot and killed in a
! restaurant Friday evening us he was
about lo arrest Robinson
A biter threatening death to the
superintendent of police tr Robinson
j was sent to the chair was received by
I Superintendent Pierce today it was
! postmarked Milwaukee. Tho writing
i was on a curd, In tho four corners of
! w hich were sketched a black hand,
a dripping dagger, a bomb and a sym-
Ind that could not bo deciphered. The
letter read,
"Superintendent of Police, Boston
If you Imlb't our pal, Robinson, and
railroad hlin to tho chair. If your life
won't ho worth the price of powder
to blow you to h We arc watch
ing you closely. Wo know SVSfy
move you make so beware."
The signature could not DS read.
Mrs. Petu&ybaokor Collapses,
SOUTH BEND, Ind . June 11,
Mrs Percy V. Pennybscker of Austin,
Tex, president of the il.-neral Fed
leratlon of Women's clubs, Is In a state
'of nervous collapse at the home of
Mrs. R, O. Bberhadt in Htshawks
Mrs P. nnyback. r came to Smith
. Mend to speak nt the convention of
(tho Thirteenth district of the State
Federation of Women's clubs, Which
j will convene 111 South Bend tomorrow.
Indian Bill EUgroaSTS Senate.
WASHINGTON, Juno 22 Tho fed
ernl trade commission bill fulled to
reach th" Senate floor today iiccause
. tho Indlun appropriation till 0CCU
! plod the entire session. Chairman
i NeWlaUds "f the mtTstatc commerce
committee has prepared In, report on
this Mil. th- llrst of the anti-trust
I trio, and hopes to present It toinor-
terstute commerce commission's so
I rail, ,i intcr-mountain rate ordeia wei
I sustained as valid tod a) by the au
Iprente court, winck held at tin- game
tunc thai the long and short hai.l
clause of the Intensate commeroe law
wan constitutlonaa Roth were at
tacked by Ihe trnnscoiiinicnlal rail
roads. The defunct t-otntnerce court, pass
ing over the constitutional question,
had annulled the orders on the
ground that the commission had no
authority to issue "blanket" or
"Cone" orders ami might act only Ot.
tho reasonableness of the specific
lutes Iii ever: in ning that conten
tion today and holding thai the com
mission (ild not have that power, the
supreme court decided u point law vers
and close observer! of the interstate
commerce commisaion'a procedurs say
is of equal Importance to the Inter
mountain rata case Itself If not!
Opposition to the R per cent In
crease In freight rates being asked bv
the eastern railroads and mi which
the interstate Commerce commission
is expected to announce its decision
.-in, day- had been bused principally
i n the contention thai the aommtssini,
(1 ul not have authority under the law
lo grant such a "blanket" increase.
What the effect if any of Hie de.
clslon on the rate euse may be onlv
. an be the subject of con leet arc. Some
among the well informed in the com
mission's procedure, however, s.,v th
.ic Iston in the disposition of the rail
load's application hag been delayed,
awaiting the supreme court's de. Islon
oi. that point,
As lo the Inter-mountain rat,- ,.i-
ders themselves, however, their effect.
Is Hint western Cities east of the
Rocky mountains will not bs foroed
lo pay on their freight from the east
the regular rale through to Ihe Pa
cific coast and thee also another rate
trom the Pacific .oast back to their
nations. Thev will be forced, how- j
ever, to pay certain increases over the
normal rates from certain zones.
As u result of the decision, all .lis !
mission is removed us to the commis
sion's right to pas on the reasonable
nesa of a lower rate for hauls to ..
i more distent city than to a nearei
one In the same direction. P rncog
' nlzeB the coin mission's pow er to f i x
siicl, rates by zones as distinguished
! from taking up the conditions stir
j rounding each point of shipment In
I the Cnll'-d States
Chief Justice White announced the
unanimous decision of the court. He
aald the caae turned largely mi the1
const ruction and Validity of the long
und short ha il clause In the fourth
section of the Interstate common 8 act
as amended In Kit and which trans
1 ferred from the railroads to the com
mission the power hitherto reposed
! by congress In the railroads to deter
i mine what exemptions had been mads
from the general prohibition against
bulging less foi a long haul than fori
a short haul He said If it were vail t
! foi congress to allow the railroads
I tO exercise the power. It was valid for
I congress to let the commission excr- i
else It.
"After all has been said." continued
Justice White, "the provisions. Whlltil
Involving, of Course, a certain latitude'
of Judgment and discretion, nro no
more undefined and uncertain sine
amended than they have been from
! the beginning."
m i. EFFORTS m si c i ri: .ii kv
I... able lo announce not on! the per
aonnel of the conatltutlonallet deleaa
tlon, but Ho- pi.i.-e of the meeting
an. I Us general purposes. The low
plan has buoyed the hopes ..f the
principals to mediation. The Bouth
American envoys discussed n briefly
with the American delegatea today
and later conferred with Hie Huorta
delegatea, who were asked formally
if thev would meet constitutionalist
representallvea. Ihe Huertu delegates
replied the) W'.ie willing lo enter any
coufer.-nce with tint countrymen
winch had for Its object the preven
tion of bloodahed and the destruction
of propert) and sought to establish a
national government on a firm basts.
Th. plan the mediators have worked
out Is lo confine tho formal media
tion conferences ti a consideration of
International Questions, treating with
the Hurt., and American delegates
mi these points, flu internal questions
th.- Ruerts and constitutionalist dele
gates would be expected to confer
alone. The mediators and the Amer
ican delegates would not Interfere
with settlement of pn.iil. iiis confined
to the country, but would lend their
counsel whenever il vv.oil.l In- helpful.
Willi the const'tutlonalisl and Hu-
erta delegates discussing names for
the provisional presidnncj and kindred
subjects, the mediator! and American
delegates would await tl utcomo
,,f their efforts before signing a final
Fernando Iglesias Calderoll Is ex
pected to lo ad the Cat rana delega
tion, He is due in Washington to
morrow. Although there was no pt"
ficlal announcement lo re, a was un
der! I that General Carranaa
through I. uis Cabrera, bis Washing
ton representative, had given consent
in the plan of holding conferences
separate from Ihe mediation and that
details vole being worked out now
by ti legraph,
ll is virtually certain that no armls
ti'f will he declared lo Ihe constitu
tionalists until an agreement of a
deghilte character is reached lu the
informal conferences as to the sstab-
UShment of the provisional govern
ment on arriving at such an under
standing it would I..- rxpected that a
general suspension of hostilities ami
guaranty of amnesty would be pro
claimed and the COnstltUtlonslist dele
gates then might be formally admit
ted to the mediation proceedings for
the signing of Ihe final protocol, re.
cor. lint: the solution of the differences
between Mexico and the United States.
tie Hopeful Igalll,
WASHINGTON, June II. officials
of th.- Washington government, whose
hopes for peace In Mexico bad been
smii.-what iiainpen.il by tt vents of
last week, were wearing hopeful smiles
again today when ti,,. announcement
came from Niagara Fails thai the
United States would extend an Invita
tion to representatives of the Mexican
constitutionalists to meet the Ameri
can and Huerts delegates to the medi
ation conference f..r an Informal dis
cussion of pence proposals
That Ihe United States for some
time had been exerting strong influ
ence io hring the constitutionalist
leaders into the mediation ..infer-
ones on such a basis was not denied
here, it was Intimated that this in
fluence had met with success and that
representatives of Hie const tntiotial-
ists soon would proceed to Niagara
I 'alls.
Clears Doubt As to Ttitle
Millions of Dollars Worth
of Property
AHH1NGTON, June 12. Doubt
mi the validity of VOWS to pov
In many Catholic orders was re
moved today by ihe supreme court
reversing tho decision of the BHghth
l ulled States circuit court oi appeals.
The lower court, Hilling In Minne
sota, held that they did mil permit u
person making them ever to withdraw
from tl i del The supreme court
today, speaking through Justice
Hughes, announced that tho lower
court hai i in. i bj m.i distinguishing
between ib" rtfllgloua and civil na
tures of Hie vows. It was pointed
mil a person was permitted to with
draw civilly, although his withdrawal
in u it llgioUS .-.-use was a matter of
The east arose li, tho settlement of I
ilm estate of Father Augustln Winli.
in charge of a church at Springfield,
Minn . ai the time oi ins death Rel
atives claimed proper!) In his pos
session at Hie I of IllS death, deS
pit,- his VOW t" the i l . let of SI. Bell- I
edict to possess no property and to
I'll 11 over I.i the ol der all Wot lily
ll the presentation of the case to
the court It was stated that Ihe d
cisl. oi of Ihe court below, If sus-i
talned would throw in doubt tin- title
to millions of dollars worth of prop
city held by religious ordi rs, partic
ularly those of the Catholic church,
whl.ii had Incorporated into their
regulations vows lo poverty.
Ihe act.
am. mn. ing I hn
inclusion, pointed out
was passed lo relieve tho
try trom the monopolj of tho
ind oil company ami the mere
thai tho Standard's pipe lines
I all the oil it transports did Hot
I. mil of ib. s of common
carriers lie explained thai in effect
the Standard was carrying the ..11 of
.Ilni producers, even if it did force
them as ., condition of the transports
Hon to s.ii ih.. oil lo n Uougrssa,
the court dei hired, had th. power
to in. ike corporations Hint were com
mon carriers In fact become so lu
a.s to Hie Uncle Sam company.
of 1 11 Holmes said the companj had
a reiineiy in n ii ii rm aim on venn
111 Oklahoma with a connecting Pipe
line used solely lo coudUOl ml Irani
its own w.iis to its own refinery.
"ii would be u perversion of lan
guage, considering the sense In which
It is used lu the Statute," he lidded, "to
say that a man was engaged ill the
transportation of water whenever he
pumped a pall of water from his wil
to his bouse."
Justice McKennii Insisted that tho
exemption "f the I'ncie Sam cnni
paU) left Hie We) open for the Stand,
aid to avoid Ihe operation of the law.
ii.. a iked if the Standard's lines would
n..i be exempted Just as the t'n.ie
Sam's If tin Standard ceased to pur-
What then." he Inquired,
ime of the Independent
Man of Iswlslang IsmH light to
i . imp. i. with Kugar t rom
promo curt today decllni
Injunction restraining tin
p. trim. -lit fi.oii Kianting
II The su-
.1 tO IsSlle ,11
treasury de-
Cuban sugar
Ml I li mi-
to necurc
I ailed.
a .lurv Hate
announce!,. ent from Nianra
today was reported her- to
been the culmination r km.
nge.l Informal nesnitlntliuia m n...
Washington administration, by Gen
eral Carranza, General Villa and other
constitutionalist chieftains ,( ,.,,.
f. tence here lust week by r. RomulO
s. Kaon, ihe Argentine minister, with
President Wilson, Secretary Bryan
and Washington representatives of the
constitutional lata
Fernando Iglesias ('alder. 01, Alfredo
Breoeds ami Leopolds Husrtado lis-
pihosa, who have started for Washing-
the 20 per cent diffelenllai provided
j by treaty in addition to the new re
duced rale of the tariff law The
I merits o the ease, hrought by the
State of Louisiana. Wee not passed
on, however, and the decision did not
pre. hide action of the customs OOUIt.
Louisiana, as a planter of sugar
cans on its convict farm, sought the
injunction The state's attorneys
contended that the j;, per cent reduc
tion In sugai rates that became effect
ive In Mar.i, under Ihe I'nderw I
tariff wiped out Ih., ilin.rentiul At-
torney-General McReynolda advised
Secretary IfcAdoo that the differen
tial provided b the Cuban reciprocity
treaty still prevailed, despite the re
duction The supreme court did not piss mi
that, but deeliu.., the Injunction on
lint ground thut th. power of the see.
rotary ..f the trcssur) was discretion
ary and did not ministerial and that
it would not Instruct him how to pru-
chase oil.
"would lx
The pipe line companies, Justice
UoKenns held, ha. I done nothing out.
side of Hie exercise of tin- rights
whi.it nil propert) owners possessed,
namely, to use their own property ex
cluslvel) for themselves
WASHINGTON, June 22 The pips
line amendment to ihe Hepburn rate
law of Hon; was the result of Investl
estion In- lb.- Bureau of Corporations
I Into the affairs of the Standard oil
company. When the bureau through
President Roosevelt Informed COO
i mess that the Standard's control of
pipe lines In tin- United Slates was
one ,,r Us chler sources OI power as
a monopoly, Senator Lodge moved lo
amend the rate law. then before Con
gress, SO as to place pipe lines under
the regulation of the Interstate Com
merce I !ommlsslon.
Senator Poraker, of Ohio, begun a
fight against tin- Lodge amendment,
contending that it would be unconsti
tutional unless It placed under the
commission only those lines winch
held themselves out as common car
tiers. The amendment as finally passed
"That the provisions of this act
shall apply to an) corporation or any
pet. so it ,,r persons engaged In Hit,
transportation of oil or other com
'Ity, except wa ter and except nat
ural or artificial gus. by means of
pipe lines, or partly l pipe lines and
partly by railroad or partly by pipe
lines and partly by water, who shall
be considered and held to be common
carriers within the meaning and pur
pose of this act '
when tin- interstate Commerce
Commission began to enforce the law
it . ailed up.,,, the pipe line companies
to file rales. of the tw en! v -eight
intituled ..n Page Thr.
Relieved to
Have Hon
f apt,, red ly
-A 14-hour
(Continued on Pag" Thr.-. ,
ii int.
Harrison, rk.. lias Bad Fire.
FORT SMITH. June 22 lire of
unknown origin destroyed three busi
ness houses ut Harrison. Arkansas, at
1:30 o'clock this morning, with a loss
uf 120,000.
MRU PHIS, June il Trial ..f C
Hunter Rains, former president of the
' Mercantile bank of this city, who is
charged with bavins inlsappropi I
t i oe Oil I, s s I t. . , I i In I ra-li
tnAm.1l e.oit Iniit.tl entll lha full laMM ,.f
I criminal court after sixteen men of a Train,
special venire hud been examined I SANDUSKY, O., .bins It -Forty
without securing a Juror. Fifty venire- persons were injures, several prob
men were examined last week, but ably fatally, When a ear on the l,ake
none qualified. I Shore Electric rallrond collided with
Attorneys for Ralnn made Vigorous ' Work 'tain standing on a si. tint;
protest against Immediate tr.al when near here bite today The most (ST
the caw was I li-l Monday, but Ihe boi-iv it) .red .tr.- Arthur W. Baker,
motion asking a continuance then was Sandusky, conductor; C. W Beeman,
disallowed. Today, however, Judge J.j Cleveland; Mrs. Mary Oelhl. ti, v
W. Palmer held with the contention land ; Peter Barisek, Huron, 0
of the defense that efforts to secure IV w passengers HI aped superficial
a Jury at thla time would be futile. Injuries,
ers from II VI s.
le Rilled . .kill;, I'.otllt- In sunken
June 2:' -Div-Rssex,
who have
been trying to recover the bodies en
tombed in the sunken hull of the Kin-
press of Ireland, today were ordered
lo discontinue their operations.
lieutenant Commander forties of the
l.'sscx Investigating the death Sun
day of Bdwafd Cossoboom, learned
that the dlv.r died as the result of
sliding off the slimy bottom ol the
liner. Kvery precaution had been
Forties also learned that ton'" .
more unfavorable t" diving could not
be expected, and that the men trout
the iex constantiv hoi endangered
their lives while working In und
arouud tbvi wrick.
V F. I : A CRI .. June 22
search has failed to disclose traces of
a missing private of a man la out
post who, it is rumored, wandered
beyond the American lines and was
Isssned b) Mexican federals.
No confirmation of tt,ts or other
rumors concerning the man could bo
obtained at headquarters, where to
night It was said In- might show up
tomorrow-, office's refused to make
public the marine's name
There apparently are well founded
reports that the federals are moving
reinforcements from the capital to
wards Vera Cruz.
N'ot Liable mi Psuisgs,
WASHINGTON, June I Railroads
are not liable for Injury to interstate
employes or members of their families
noing .it pass, s which contain stipu
lations that tl, passenger assumes all
risk- while being so transported Th .
supreme court today so decided and
held that a puss Is not to he regarded
as pait of Mic compensation for which
the employe works. I.ut Is In reality
fi.e ami subject to an. conditions the
railroad may Impose.
, w Bailor tor the Fleet.
h.itti -ships at Vera Cruz except tho
Vera Cruz with 100 men to tale 're
place of men at Vera Cms Whoeg
t, rnis of enlistment have expired. The
I Semi will coal ut Hampton P.u.tds,

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