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Tulsa daily world. [volume] (Tulsa, Indian Territory [Okla.]) 1905-1919, August 07, 1914, MORNING EDITION, Image 4

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lot it
TUt TVIHA DAILY woui.u. V S ID A T AiursT 7, 1914
i iii sa m NORM)
lilt III I II I .1 Ml!- 'II'.
I I ll ' I I
City News In Brief
v thi , i . should tui ? ' i . bt
1 III ', l . ...:
: . leu .i. M
I I i t I I I i ;
ItKVi Ti ;-i
.i i . i with t
AIM'S of
itti i i" her
llrokt 1 1 1' in 1 1
I. ii -In hi "'liit.ii'
li' I I fill ill Mil luntij. I I'll I
1 1 Kt" sim Mof. .- and Mr. Ellms
il I .. i' i - . w .is tm complaining
Dili I 'I lit' . U) . ffi. l.tls arc deter- i
i I l" force ii r i if f . ii u l, i is iiil
i" 1 1. i ii. t In penned up.
. till
llll .1
tcrdg) u.is
II, hill with
I 1 1 if mull
llg . .lues
i the niiilil-
1 i ' 'I I I I I'm M - s f 1 1 i I ear nu,
n .
I ii i nt h i'1 1 . yesterday morning. Th
lis ji '.i:s. negro . imis tired "i
hi iiHentltin I'M', her by Arthur j
IUII, .'. she connived in have Bell or
1 ' led fot i agroncy, l Hit during t n.
''.ii in Hi.. municipal i'ourt !. ttia I
it urn in Hit I .i. ih came .'ill anil Judge i
i link Immediately ordered the arrest
"i i Mi iHTntuiH "ii .i charge "i bed
''in! ici : was discharged nu ins
' i .': i ehttrgt They both pleaded
i .. i' ii 'i nduct jii I tteru fined
. M i i i K m ' N young Tulaan,
' I III Ihe nssuini .1 inline of .1 .1.
hit'lth, .i arrested Wednesda) night
Ii iiiiat f v. mi i tra Dai In, colored,
ii tireetavi ! avenue, "Rmllh" for
f. itui .1 i . hi . i tin i.j railing tu ap
ical' in court yesterday anil ihr tin
There is a Great Difference
in Tobaccos
Tuxedo is the Mildest, Sweetest, Most
Pleasant Smoke in the World, Because
Fit si - No one but the makers oi l u xccio
is willing to spend the money Decenary to
tin inilcieist, choicest, most thoroiiffhly
v sTEfAN5.-.oN lgC(j icJccted Burley tobacco.
. i;.i ;er " '
7r,Jov. mtid a.jMjoth Stioiul So one but the makers of Tux-
juti the ton of tobacco I nee J it i i n i i
reJo yea u,th m whemtr I al njvb now to treat tins Hurley tobacco
so that every hit of pleasantness and (Good
ness remains in the tobacco and every bit of
unpleasantness and harshness is taken out.
laauMU author
" IVhu thouldn't a mar. he Will
Inif in ncannnenm a tobacco whirh
givr ii coo, su sel and luti.fymg
a smul(r ur TtlXeJo ? "
ltnovi lllaitrfttoc
Hie Perfect Pipe Tobacco
Tuxedo was born in 1904. Its first imi
tator appear! i two cars later. Since then a
host of imitations nave been born, and are
clamoring for your patronage.
Aiv imitation is ever as good tis the original.
No amount of advertising, no amount of
bluster and bluff, can ever make an imita
tion tobacco as good as Tuxedo.
1( you arc not a pipe smoker, you are denying
yttursc. llic greatest smukin pleasure known
to ma i. One week f
Tuxedo will give you
more enjoyment than
you have ever had -and
at tlir end of the week
your nerves will he hetter
a::d yi ur general health
will nave improved. Try
Tutitdt th'n week
F'.moin green tin v. ilh fold It-t. g
rill my pipe with Tuxedo ana Conuett pouch, im.tT-lincd
."i content. You can t beat
I iuetocT mlldneu and parity."
trrmfc ; til v tl -.o Ht tire B.otiici
with r.io.iturc-proof peper , . j
In Gtosi IhunuUm BOc and SCc
' 7'
Sti'cngtli and stabilit of thifi bank are best Indicated by Its
large 'apital and Burplu.s Kund, the pei'sonnel of its officcre and
rectt rs and :ilsti by the r.i' i that its affairs arc always eon
dii'U'd in siiirt aceoi'duuie with sound banking principles.
I lie host interests of our customers are always given first
consideration und ihe steady trniuth of the bank since its ea
islnueiil is the In possible nroof
nil!- service is appreciated by the people ol
manner in which
ulsa - t i m .
I'llMltll up
. "i m Ht .1 ii
in tlie raee,
.1 t tie nont
i stet'da)
met t. ii i.
. w hleh hnit 1 1 en en-
lohn 1 1 Miller, for
. i "f district No,
'I .11!. I I .1 I' I ' ' III I'
ik Aver) lead ur
ninlin le I Iw
, J v as rined Jii Tu.- arresting ifficcrltie ambulance, bul he was not taken I elded cite would fit up a special room,
. : t. in. .1 Mini "Hinlth" tried to liuj lilswj from ttte building. I although the pi ice la yet Incompletely
$ rleaic tu H and Judge Clark Imme-1 - furnished. She called the minister
, diiitel) nrdcreii Mir man's arrest on si W. R liriTKM HKii wanted at If ot the ..i.ing n.tr. sn.l made all ur-
. I'hsrge et uttempUng :. brMie mi of flevi land, Okta , for forgery, was ar ri ngemsnta s fcrdon left he asked
a fi .ii He bos nu vet i. cn located, rested i) Orant Cilktngton, patrol- J If ho rould git a room for a eoupla
. . I o nu on South Mali Kil e. i. at 1 o'clock -0i tlaji-. Tli in, loo, was granted
. K a TV I.' " iMOTIVR Na 197 was I esterday afternoon. The i inef of
jf yesterdsj lowed Into Uuskngce t" Ihelpilici at Clexeland was notified liu
ii railroad sliops lo be treated t"i dliTinetlli,tclj that Muttenlocher wan be
, ordei es ised from uetnf the elt) , "k held here and arrived last niirht
. s i . t ..f Tulsa The old .iii:lne hMlu t"1"1' l)tm back ti face Ihe i liars
. II "ii tint f. i a long time rustling1 1 Chief len t'' ree U eil a lelephcM call
rmptles in the i,,, 'at Kiity s itebvuril. I u u'clurk yesterday morning in-
. nit ini tm ni iii j, tm iinii. waa forming iimi tint iiuttiiiiinher wan I
) I obliged to aeetimpany her to Is US
irlkogee yesterdu The iBeonvenlence
.f 1 7 hi'itiB ..n .liny liai cost the
Kati i ,ii i "I up ant of $;:in
CHI UK V v 'I ICK BURNS is it.
it'iipl of ,i letter from Mrs. Helle
r Mn-WII of Ks run i s Vi
Mat tui. a's.i irac linn a i omplete ii. -
mrlitlcn of him Mat resulted In bin
at .M ui lets than iw.. hours, He N
ot low stature, about 18 years old
ami i 'i in it dresser. The enact
a i . i tit of ii oney i set in ! throufrh
tin- I'SSSltlg of bad rbr -ks at CieVi
1-3 Off
18 Mfst First
.a i' I'orter,
lint) . i. .iimi
. linns ,.r Hi-
win be made
.:. tods)
if hlstor) f
bltii to ata.t her. if possible. In loctri
ii f. Or husband, John M Rrowii,
whrm gha luu not hoard from sines
last April. HI" hcNeVea tli.it be has
in. t vttii foul play The last heard
of 1 III. he WM i rkiiiR Iti Tulsa. In-
I'a. asking . lam' is hot known, but it li
in tho
the lending to go to Bapulpa He is a
i ..a ' rig builder b) profession ami had II
niK i" trayi kepi i inmunlcatlon with htr
pi in. ai li s Mint Until that time.
n.. I ... ..ml
u ahadost l
aiarm in ihis
Iheie tail
IT lln.it.. i.il
home ur s..n .i i) t. plat in' a crush .
f.-it hat over tin funnel. What's i.e.
...nu of ur old tune farmer who I
used t v. sach ol ins children a I
calf I n li., 1.. . n ... f age 7
. With . sndldatt s on tin
..tie l it 1 1 1 ... i a t i. Ucget, togethef
wilh lte ut'lli''tti. In. en sle, .
.Socialist and Prohibition tlcksia
.'t l' stt do i led the a tu it et. in i1
i at eti with th. ilrctlon four yearg Blboadlng
ee utnl
HoWevei Ihe 1st :i of B stem
'i spparenl disregard ol mak i)
ing i .ii h n i ui us to tin statn t
I . a t .1. pi ol i .1 a ht I !.'' s ll.l i..li. ,1)1 .
to t it Tulaa counij i oai d. i
A r.n I'i.! VH HANO liftll.l. falling
l :. r. et ft in a - , affoid at lit Bouth
Main Street unii k J. lanilea. the
. lit I "! i Who Is remodeling the
a kbii nig MOW over 'be
n the nose yesterday. Mi
ls.it! n Was Hooping brlnv the nonf
fol.l when a WoikfMII above shouted
for him to ii ire Ho looked up Jos!
in llins t" receive rk Wow In the faoe.
Ilfl was tlaxen for s momeiit. but was
revived snon bv s doctor, t ho was
ulkd tu. i tiil.ilcly. Dome one phoned
it nt be Ih an a: list at th
ai ti h i." nperab tl Ises in i
si me iiiiinti'r.
: bought
bUSlRI v.
iii the
ii . rt i nutsal, the a t st rldlt un.un umi
yet the tu. ft aerlt i hrleter.i'ig that
IMUlMI.lt nil Mi rilKASl III It
M I I c .l H 1X1 HAVK l Itril U
II ls H I .
r.'.it in i I. band had taught her
children to curat htr wm one of the
mnnv startling allegations made in
th" pi Mil.. ii for divorce filt.l In n
t u ti' irred will happen right hart I superior court yesterday by Mrs. Kit
in 1 Ulss this aft. i i i... n at I o'clock, tie III. har laoii sg .lnst htr husband.
Th. Cordova hotel, between Main andll'tle Richardson, former count)
... .i .. i . on i a ii ti him oe oh i in is- i iiiaeorei 01 i u i-oun t . i lie rial t i x
i. ...a I 1 1... ... i. i. .... . I - i. . i , . . 1 "uti
tu.ru .ii. I "' lTtrtn.llWH "t .ttr o i.- Ii. nil., nits lung . CC II prt III I tu 111 111
tlnls l.) I ce t Jordan and Jlif t.ola I" lit t In 1'ulni ct unty, is a prosper-
ttt ucb, Rev, Oeorgt I' Taubman of I out farmer near Owatao
fbiiiitrg it will be tbo chrlstentRg I 'Ihe iti Uardsoni have two childran,
pull which will bapllgs the batty ho-;oc.e 1" and one H. In her petition,
let of TulM into the world of OOfBr I V. hich alleges SJttremt crueltv, .Mra'
nierclal life. ltlthat ' n usks thai her hiiM.iuii be
Mis Charley itryan. tjeopiietrsgs ei joined from selling the crops on n
of the Cordova; did i t nt nd t" open Ivnlual ie (arm sin ownt and auo uk.
the kotsj tor sevsral day) but roatse-lfor alimony.
iln lofdOn came In anu asked If he She .11. :.., .u.i. ng other tilings,
ii in hi ltd married there The POtg I that i Jab I (let husband , ursed'
bit w of bin fist. Oil August I ghe , i.
be thraW her out of a bugg;, grlftV
. Ully bruiting her. and forced her to
I' .lk near!) a inJU In bn I In
thl Imt nun.
At other tltm s nhc gllogej Oral In i
busi.snd threatened to kin her. ami
v hen she ns tick retimed it. buy
medlclm fur her or t" .ail a doctoi
ung Loads Knigtau of ltliir.
i .n.n 1 1 nio. Man . Aug its
I Ada. I Mini, for tun inn.
vice chancellor ot tiio Knights ,.,
e.Mhias, today was "i inlmousl) elect,
ed tupreme chancellor at a business
ration of the order in annual con
vention here, The 1011 convention
city w ill be choaen loaorros i ,;
land, ore.; Naativllle, Venn d Xer
m k are candldati
i.x uce waa so hi Iking ibut she d- her oxd nearly 1 . kt in i j.,w it itt a
A World ;iih Sun Wautad
Will tU i 11 the I rick tf 'fill.

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