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Tulsa daily world. [volume] (Tulsa, Indian Territory [Okla.]) 1905-1919, November 07, 1914, MORNING EDITION, Image 2

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T M i
'J II h T I USA l W OH LB, f A T J R It A V
n E M it E K
I 0 I
I hill M'irltl'I'i It I I l: III lu i,;
Mm ill 1 1 i
AID rli u UI v Hi i ll' nil Ml ii
' i
I 1 1 I M Ml Will II W I
Ml S I
m. u yoHK, Noi I Povld i.ii
xjitumd Mmit . mi. i nun i arrant
i inni,
HAS ANTHMii , , , fl - V I I .1
force 1 wi.ii tlutlr fjrsl dooiaive vlrtoi
11'Ml.iy :in iii.H hiiiiUi Of AguiiH Call.
ru .M. n when mi r.,,1 forces, alter
i. nam ngm, abandoned sis machine
gun inni u battery ..f mountain bow.
II" -in and retreated toward Leon It
WIIN llll lllllll.Ty ,U,. ,, ( N
t j oggualtles warn small,
11111 H l"l.--H M. IC e, .11,111, UK llll IH
inn, who bus i ,. . ii fighting removal Osn Pellps aikIm and the Csrrang
In ihh . if. from Wu i.i igtnn mi,. .' bin I w'"' nommanded by Gen. Fran
Loss Estimated Hi Tin M Quart ii , i, , .,., u,i,.i ,,i killing m
eri of ii Million Early
1 I lid llldlh I 1.
I mi
BtrilJ .'.I ll ll II ll Hlllii.il. a III no..
I, in,'. . ..nil Huh inni inni; Tlil
yard was in a ' tiger
u i, ill, I In, upi Inllslt , III, 1. 1. ,1 111 llllllil
Una I he nun i.ilh. In in . Blll.H llll "f
iiii' , j , i , i .i i i . . .
I, , i
in. tiling uinn It.
nine hamllciil'l'i a I In II r in
I , , hj n amnkcr ram I'd I hi blura
lit II n
OH th, ,ns i ii, I lli'inl M . rr 1 1 lenae.i an. I
turned Into nlleya In nn IIimiii In
, , .i
jlOl llblc I Hi' tin in
i.i i l'oiiu;inr for llroki i
... H it, m i
II. 'U I I Si .
inl i
null, nn. nl in mi nn a chaigc Of lira
I", louiitiua ii aovnrnmonl nff Icier ii I,
i, mil fin i v.i iiiiii.it i, ii N ..'..' m 1 1 . I nil. nl u dofruud, was an. led in an
uptnu n hod i i nn Idor tonight bj Iwu
ni.i .a ii., dunarttni'iil of justice,
liiii'uiinii u in ii i ., in 1 1 a ppcarud bo-
R -il l ut'dlnga i nit. .1 in Ins
,., .
I '. l.
i i. in
. . I , I II I'll' I I I . I I I I I I I I i I I V I I I
tin hoURU
di I n Since that Utlli
I'll! sl .s S , ill , N(n ,,, M v , ,
i" in Ifi Mm i: in nn;
i.l.l.s. I in .
si ll in Tin. World,
(KUHtiMi CJTY, Nov. ,
v ''": prmnlneni Democrats whs
wiif eluutad t.i the logial re but
' ' da) ! B. I-' llarrleon. secretary
wlin defeat .1 Kd Arnold ,a
iiupubiit an, for a eeal in
i n pn it utalh ,'h by a safe
I'n I on , Mllllki'ti i'. oplu i.i i : ii 1 1
tin- inl
i IK i 1 1 . . i . 'ITY, Nov, 6 A .'..in
commlsi Inn lo I-, .inn I ih refill iiik
Mr, llarrleon stati d today that be
"in be a candidate for apeaker of the
house, ii i.i probable, thai he will
have strong backing in official nr. I. v,
1 "I" tail) from membora of the a. boo
1 1 board, who wore reelected to
'"floe, and friendi of thul department
Mi llarrleon baa bei n a member or
tin- school land board for the paet
four yours. He waa a member of the
constitutional c , , n,,,, an(j 0f n,
hens,, ,,f reproeentatlvea of the flral
and aooond Itajlaluture, lie served aa
i" aker pro teni of t lie ai cond leslsla
t ure.
Information wan received here to-
dOJ I ll.lt C I. I'llikliiiii, t V. n L Irl,
Specials From 8:30 to 9:30
DO piecoi of Outing Raiincl in nil b I oolort) liirlit ami dai'li nUados.
e mil run si.iial from ::(() to !l ilns iinnii
nT yaro
All Day Specials
Kin Jorwy ami Messalino Petticoats in all good
.. i .......... i -i . , i
I'liinis aim Mri. inn is inir rvirutar -
value, Special all day
todiiy, eacli
on In conncul ta pipe line with J" roi'ieciaa g ineuibitr f th
. "ll I Ii.. nn- , ,,,. i II,"- .,mii il I . v I he , 11 " niarnin of one v , (
I M II Ilk ciiinpans on Julj US, last, dla
m i. nn a m i .ii 1 1 ! i,t in i .i l luaa.
i' v m ii s i urn ii, inn)
ll.nl Hi
ll. i .a i hip
in Tii.-nlv
si I.I.I II Ii
,li,i Made
lint I.I I
I I I I I i IN
,,, , Han i.
olli'i'tiiw Ml Korl.s nl I'imii'Un liTorda
I M , hum. nli 1'leusurc,
r I
Ii Is
lri Waa lin. i.. n
ii tin ti
in Xnl.ini.i
( inel iv. i. e linn lo i i : k u ns iivisi i;.in
i . 1 1 1 .i in ii
nitnwNHVll i i Ti x . Nn '' INri Was Itrokon mi i in
I 'iiii
grniihrr, who JiihI returned I i
Al'Hlls ' 'all' ' 1 ' i
)1iiiii. in denied III it tl n i nllnn
rai 'ahot up" a( nn lime durliiK the
1 i 'dliiKH, Ii il l l ' ' He there
..in eii pen, ils Juat
id poataite atampa
"' HI'' elll, la i,III,l I'll, III, in, u.n.
"tie .,f th,. must prominent mombera
"!' the last houae, having taken a ;
i. "ini! pari iir a member of lhc board
a manauera in in,, nroaeeuilun nf ih
I Impeachment proceedlnaa w im li
u. ie brouirht agalnal aeveral state ,t
fi' .-is. He alo aa a member of ihel
Keiieial InveatlKation coi Ittee of the
Ari urdlng tu Information received
at Boclalial headquartera, i '. s mik-!
eraon, I i i at . of KIU ritv, who
waa reading clerk of the senate at the '
laal aeaalon, has been defeated for the!
senate in the s.i', ,11,1 diatricl by
'ie.iiKi' B, WHaon nf Ceatoa hoclaliat 1
Russians Score
Greai Victory
penella exactlj allk
I'"'.'""" t'obiulti n w a moid m.ti. naaortmcnt that
I Thla u.i . regarded r niie of the I he has cr.iti ded Int. .,, ' thu draw-
In the lllHlnri "I i;....il l.'.el I". i, ells an. I shut! fat "ties, alnl as
i are n. . 1 1 Ring penella w il h the names
nf firma 1 1 1 1 1 N. w I orb to PTiaoi
1 1 .- , i a f ill I know ." ,'.i,i 1 r
i 1 "Htm in-, i Krun
,n,i have
Hi r
30 Driss.s in Crepe De Cliini
Wool liallies in all colors and
nf sl.es. Special all
Uav toilnv at
Taffeta ami
a (iml range
50 Orcpe D. chine Waists in black, white, navy
blue and brown; all sices, Ion nock and long
.sleeves; tt'lfUlai' . l.."il)
Mil lie
(ii'i'ial al
ay toilin
10 dozen Ladies' While Lingerie and
Waists, low neck and long .sleeves; bj
embroidery trimmed, npecial
all ila today
' ami
We Will sell OUr entire stoek
('amiUe Corsets, special today
nil day '. .
k U
if Mlael
."i(i(i Mir. Is Colored Voiles, Rtamiue ami Scrims
with colored borders: remilar 25c nin! 35c
alues. Special nil day
toda . per yard
! dozen extra large Hath Towels, This i
regular 35c Towel, and is a good valm
Special all day today, each
1(1 pieces nf Wool ('liallies in small patterns
ami floral designs. All m new fall pal
terns, special all day today
500 yards of Crepe De I. nine in fifteen differ
cut patterns. This n a cotton cloth ami in all
lurk colors with small figures. See north win
dow, special all day today,
pel' Ml I'll
50 dozen All Linen Handkerchiefs w i
hems. This is nn exceptional value.
Special nil daj today, per dozen
h small
One lut of Printed Crepe De Chine suitabh
for waists and dresses. This lot is values ub
to $2.75. special nil day
toda . per yard
0 dozen I luck Towels w ith red borders am
slain white. Special all lav
o. n
lers and
Watch for our Mon
d:iy Specials.
m& Lull, ,i,,i Mnin
I. ml, ami M..IM
I'l - I Ii. ; I H,l I HI
Van, i llm I nil. I'otatoi n
l.ar.e risi elery,
fane) Jiiiiiiihan MMd'".
I .in, i t ililkllll! ml.'-.
ni.i. inn i'i, i.i,-.
I Ju
I.i i . I I
i IM 11 VI I
Mil I Ii i
Knit . i m llcwrve 1 1 1st i lei lining ll
, nl nth. "hut I nil I.'Ih of plcaa-
lint Captured a Town,
six VNTOfvIO, N'uv ii Reports
i in the north-
Mi ii : he K XT' N'f
Si; nl
V. II.
I'i. -.1
i" lalliona
I'l.'inii'e n. Keinat.
i its , ome ft ,.in the 1 lutch fron-
Ihat the Germane are niaklna
ireiara(lon for retirement, but mil
Itarj ubservera here say thai from the
i 1. 1 rn.it reinrorcemcnta are betngli
'...inn, up ,, ,B eertatn why have not
i. t deapalrcd of breaking through the
allies' froi t and reaching either Calaia
or Roulogne
r. i sew a. t,. along the great fr..nt
there has been a repetition .,f lao
lated enenunters, which In the French
official communication, are referred
lo aa minor affairs, but which in ordi
nary wars weal, I be considered fair-
BlSed ha 1 1 li s
Kt king nt Knocfct.
The Uritlsh fleet, according to un
""i i il in ,,ant. again has taken
fiction along th.. Ifelgian eoasl and
jiias been bombarding Knocke and
Kecbruggc, where the fjerinana are
1 !
menl ., their invasion Df Turkish ter-
valla as to the operatlona in the near
I', f the pn Ri nl Int. -fi si fs centered
in in,' p..ssii.ii.;iea f th
Kiuiea in coming mvon I 11 ill the w nr.
Urocee, il la aald, has annexed Kpirua,
w hi. h sh, was denied by the Ixmdon
conference aftei the first Ralkan war.
It Is lin, aald "11 u I until., rile
Ihnt M iy- that negotiations are Droreeilinir f..r
an arrangement by which Rulgarln
v 'll ' Ivc M icedonla, w hlch is 1 ir-
golj Bulgarian, if she will consent t.
give tier active support to the allies' I
Hervla, which won Mi donla by fruatrated by the police two days ag
.... .-"iu. inv.i.tu's. ii is aain. in viva
i. nl it la tlio ugtit her
Watch for our Mon
day Specials.
Ill ISti.ltl I
M M l II 1 1 Ht I III R1 X I r
(UttTI.AI lu in IM I. M
MAlXlltl Ml I H I s.
MKXICO CITY, Nov. . Bxtraa la-
rganlcing baaes forl,ucd by the afternoon papera say thai
vera i rua win do evacuated bj the
American forcea within a few daya.
General Carranaa loft Puebla today
for Holedad, where he will confer with
Canddo Agullar, commander of the
conaUtutionallat troops near Vera
t i n., relative lo evacuation, accord-
Ralkan Ing n. an official declaration made
llele tonight.
Willi, tile extras were being sulil Op
Hie it reels men were busily engaged
in placarding the billboards and walls
with a proclamation headed "Citlaena,
to Arms.''
Theae proclamations, purporting to
be signed by high Mexican Masonic
officials, call on the citizens t.. drive
the foreigners off their snores, An
efori to circulate these tiauera was
n i. "in u la thought lore she can
hardly tarn a deaf ear to Ruaala.
Jap M, mini, uts in Mamn. who entered upon the war .n her ac-
S' ANTONIO, X... t: Simple count, further It is said, she wmilJ
uinies today marked the dedlea- receive compensation in Posnbv,
if the two granite shafts from through Which she would get a route
,.itth tl. hl of N'agaahlno. known lo the sea.
: run ,,f Japan," in the court
il i i 1 1 1 1 1 1 I r. iRf I itMii: BAD
' I
Bhigtitiika U k I iwon of Holland la) Prevent
,.f Wnai iiii l;nl eralty, Tokio, to
and counts officials ami mem
tiern t the laughtcr "f the Republic
lh Uamo accepted the gift In behalf
ii pkgs Hub So-Mon Uc
1' cans Royal Seal Gala Ac
Large RananuK dm .... . . . llOe
X pkga Shr. ddi I Win al '.;..
Ml I I'I I' i; I Ml I
loess. .1 spring chickens, lb . mie
pork i 'hops, in . . Nc
1 Iresai d Kal Hi ns, per ll ih.
in st t'uts St. ak pi i ll, itle
I ;. . f. Veal m I'ol k I; I, i Ih IM.
Bajtfi Lamb or Veal Slew, Ih li'.e
Boiling Beef, pel lb Ilk'
Dome Made Hamburgei i i
PUre Pork Sausage, per lb IH.
5- lli. 'an Tulsa Lard Mr
6- lb can swift ' Lard .kite
6-1 ii oui Simon Pure T..ir.i k.m'
Pun i 'i , am . 'hi per lb 14c
Shredded Codfish, pi r lb 20.
Brit k Chill, pn lb Mo
v.. Mi ii, ini. i , ,..e plan,
li. dm e th. I'ii Relit,
SHlXGTi "N. X. v ii Tic groaa
debt of the I ItOd States ill
oat ; ' islnei i ,t the in aa try
imi ni ' '. i.'i .T :i i was il'.tmi,
t, i ompared w ith K 'l'.-
IMilo t.iii ii num.
t .ml.
a. st ite of-
i movement of eattle sheep or
from or to five counties in
, n n nhlo a mi ana of
itlni: the Bp , I .,f the hoof
I lie link, 'a it
the lirllish were storming
the liuke of Wellington rode
rvtns a ti arullerj man par
... uve, inqulri .1 the man's
III .is ...itt , i , , "Taylor".
iy good name, loo," siiti Hie
'lu.r up, in men; our Taylor
i make a pair of brest hea in
ii vii the men forgoi iimir
a bm st .f laughti r broke
. nd the i" v' . barge ear-
Bhubert-Brady Feature Photoplay,
"ACltOM THE PACIFIC", Majestic
1'heatrs Iua4a una Mondsjr
Th.. state department at Washing
ton has adviaed the Mexican govern
ment that the decree .1.. hiring void
all mining and ml concessions granted
during the lim it. i regime Is not ten
able. Washington lias adviaed the
Mexican foreign office that property
must be respected.
General Carranaa has again tele
graphetd to the Agues Calientea peace
convention Instating upon ih- actual
elimination of Generals Villa and '.;
I iMut pata as a candidate, which must be
fulfilled before be himself will re-
W ARHlXdTti.V, Nov. 6. Refusal of sign. He Intimated tonight that he
the Netherlands government to permit mtgbt go to Queretaro city later to
ship nl (lour t.. Holland - cany on direct negotiations with the
cepi when eonaigned to the govern- convention.
c ent its. !f Is breaking down the
American Hour export trade Dele- Child Wdi'iie oncer,
gates representing the millers national sax ANTONIO, Nov. 6. The sixth
federation lodaj told Acting Secretary annual child welfare conference of
lain and llcltor Johnson that the mother's congress and parent
the Dutch goveri nient was selling the teachers associations of Texas nd-!
Hour dlrectlj to the consumer and Joumod today after a three days' ses-
th.il bills of lading of gi.uda consigned Slon, I .alias was chosen for the next
lo the government were not nogoti- anual gathering and the following
able. As a result, they said, the fleers were elected,
movcmenl , i nmne 600,000 sacks . f Mrs. I . M.-AIli.. t. r of San At
i;, ,nr across ihi AtlaaGc wai being lonlo, president; Mrs B, a. Waiters
in 1,1 np "i Port Worth, Mrs I. T Well, y of
The) urged thai should other neu- Ban Antonio, correapondlng secretary;
iral nations adopt an attitude similar I Mrs John s. Turner of Dallas, re
t" "in ! Hull ni. utter demoraltsa- .or. ling secretary; Mrs. rjaorxe Roui-
m A
Ii ll J
Mm :
T"! I .1
i nc best mantle
made, for use with
Natural is, is the
Gas Mantle
Economical, FJTicient, Duralile
Price Reduced -was 25c
NOW 15c
Mid ly Keliable Dealers r-
l t tsa wsa l
f a IKf J
When you Inou' Gas LiIil you prefer u;
What to do ior
a Bad Headache
Tropin often ask what, to do for a
i had beSbdai lie. Step in any drug store
I and ask th" in. ni at the fountain to
I give VOII a little of llloks' t'nt.iidine in
f thi American flour trade with ledge of 1:1 Paso, tr. . isin r, Mis. r. BOAltD W AtJRICt'ITl'RK WANTS a gUas of Water. This is so suecesa-
thOi untiles n . ill, I result.
Acting Bet'rctar Lansing asked his
ilo.-k of Klngavllle, auditor.
The feature of the day's session was
visitors t,, submit their com Plain! i i the contest ..vrr s resolution tut rn
wtlting and premised to do what he dtlCed to indorse eqtlsJ suffrage in
ill, I for thiin. Texas The resolution was Dually
To Riij Rt.ago Honsra,
sax ANTONIO. Nov. 6 Repre
sentatives of the Trench gov ernnieiit
atin, mn. ed tonight that they had
purchased horses f..r the fust ehd..
ment of l.lt 0 sad, which will sail
from Galveston in a few days for a
FTench port the name of which thi
Would not gle
Horse buyers have n contract to
supply the rrenoh army with s j.r.oo
animals and the) expect lo gel these
In Texas, i k la huQia and l iik.ii.
I. ill Wain- More rniv
SOtTH HADMCT, Mass. Nov,
An Increase In the army and limy w is
siroiiaiy advocated today by former
l'reslditit Taft. who spoke at Koand-
iidopte.i by the congress,
Will I illlsli M
st i.uris. x..
I .ill- llriilje
6 The otirs of
I OltPOll I H i i i I.MMIKNIO.V
ful because it removes the cause of
the headache. Whether from heat, 01 Id,
grlpp or n rvousasssh Ton can also
buy it In Mbj 2io und DOc bottles ta
have nt home.
It is a li'iui.l nn.l very nleasunt to
The take. There's no si nso In going
Spr ml t., Tat W .rl.l
OKLAHOMA city. X'.v
su ooarc ot agriculture today around with a te,Tthls hea da fibs whea
adopted a resolution requesting the t can bo removed so easily.
corporation commiaslon t.. Investigate
. i . ,
. 1. ., ..! k. I f l.. .1.... ' .., ". Ill"lllil onion '
' ". ' i'ii-.., i..e ..i'.,-i...,,, i ..
irroaa the Mississippi river. The , ' V " ' ,"" mission Is Wilting to comply with the
vote ,s xa.L'J" for the bond IslUK
ami ll.ltl against it. a two-thuds
vote was required,
Today's election waa Bt. Iouls
St I... ins. in a special election today.
I 12.760,000 honds for the eom-
i. . ion i. nit pine i i eoitoti seed. r .iii vt of Hi" hoard
me resolution neciies that memr. The board this nmrnlng let the con
,.us eonip lalu , hale r. a, tied the ir.mt for repair, , MofWl Hall and
hoard of iiL-m ulture alleging a cotton 11,0 ,,,.,,. L.lMl. , n.. , ..
fourth attempt to complete the bridge, "'"'l ux The hoard requests a Agricultural It Mechanical collem At
Work on whi.h was starti.l In 1 f(' , thoroush investigation. still:.i..r ... ih.. 11..1.
ior severs WeeKi rumors of r,.t- ..klah- ma nty. Tluse buildings were
. n Seed trust have been It, circui t- 1 . e..tly damaged hv fire.
tton throughout Oklahoma owlne t,,
the fact that Cotton seed Is felling nt
a much lower pries than last year.
and which was completed all but the
eastern approach, five yeast inter.
Tiie Difference,
There Is n world of difference he-
twcn helng a neuter nnd being n . while some of t he food products made
ers day exercises nt Mount Holy. . ke j neutral. One couldn't put up a fight from cotton aee.l remain at the same Hers
college, He luted also the need ufiif he WOSld, and the other wouldn't . r higher prices than last vear ii la i'i
IMAM l.i.,1,1,. .,,,..,. .,,,, 1, ...... .l... 1 1 . ... ... ' 11 1
Ini. 1 iossln.
Wangs Young Brokely snyn his
grandfather waa one of the first set-
more highly trained oiBcsrs.
... -, ;, the End that he could.
t'uJerstvod that the corputate n com-
aync Xol Inherited, evidentlv
BrokelS never settles.

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