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Tulsa daily world. [volume] (Tulsa, Indian Territory [Okla.]) 1905-1919, November 08, 1914, MORNING EDITION, Image 1

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'I I I A. Nv. T, IVmi nttim '
Mux. mum, "1 n.iMinnm. 54! IMIft
Hintift unit rtuudy ii.tinf .til, : iufu
sHM.iiN, No, 7 Qklfl
(in . Ulr
In 'tF A
A c" ? TV 2Vg 3
II II II v-i l Willi ssi m I 1 1 ii I'lll N.M i; I I'OHT
is ih, oomblni 'i oil i n! i' inn of
Th.- World and Hun yesterday j
VOL, X. NO, 10,
I'ttH E Fl V.K CBNTfi
IK 10 in
nil, Will Kootl IMfluial fount in
RENO, Nevada, Nov. " wti ii do
Republican Main Central committee
claiming tin sleutlon oi s.hii Piatt,
Uepubllcaii, oyer Francis 0. Haw
landa b IE votes, un.i the Deraoc.
niiii Central committee claiming
lead for Newlanda nr im S'otaa, iii"
senatorial fight i" Nevada atttl was In
doubl tin!. in it will raqulra tha of-
Iclal oount, which will I ad
i 'riii. is. November It, to determine
ilic result.
Texas nniNiii Plant Burns,
Hi lUAKT, ' 'kla.. Nov. J The plant
ot the Texas ini company here
burned laal night, together with
ui'init three Lhouaand dollars worth
I of petroleum produota, it is said thai
a coal-oil lamp wu8 being used to
atop a leak In tha gaaollna tank and
an explosion oeourred. Manager K.
Mat and will Lindsay, an employe,
wore uadiy burnea wnen me eapios-
currea, th total ws arm
xlmate t;,noo.
miii nnnic
' i,- u laaiicia
Report Says That Japanese
Squadron Caught Victor
Over English.
I' MIIB, Nov 7 110: 15 HI I
rii,' Pronch uffMal wmunuiih'aUon
Issued uuilirJii sayat "'I'lii' nntlvlti "i
iii, Germans im- been general on the
wiinin n.nit. inn iin ii attack have
iii'iii repulsed, nutalil) Hi" which
in, iiin . inii mi eiuhriu, i-N,in-I.
ii,-ami i a (gupaiiu) ,n vnn.ii- gVe
hate taken .1 ii w in n. he In tin -Kimi
nf Thi-ptai. iii iim ninth id ki
ln CI, I, in'i iiil,',l
at Urn 11.11 in,. 1-1
Hill Inl III. I II ,
III Hill, 1111,1
l.ll.. II
m 0
Neither Side Can Gain Advan
tage in France and
till II' w
St, 'I'll
1 II1U hacked
Carpathians. Thua
,.11 tim operatlona
re porta
of the
ten cut
iae and
I lilt 1, 1,1
Russia ds
LIMA, Peru,
nar Umi
oruialng along
captured the
Bchnrnhorsl ami
t'ague rumor
cruisers Bcharnh
have been perlati
- it is reported
lapanoae squadron
c 1 ..ast nf Peru baa
Cleruian oruiaera
1 inetaenau.
if 1 im , apt ure of t be
irat and Qnulaenau
nt ainee 1 ictober II.
In, a
'against th Austrian ID '
II....... loaana ll is al'lt'cd, Wl'l'
fllctod on the retiring nontax, thirty
lhouaand men having been killed or
wounded ami 200 cannon captured.
Uenna, however, declares lb
nn fiu in ma in either G illcla or
i.n.i aaya the move nts
triana that are taking plai
cordanoe with pre-i
The temporal) oeaxion
oftiulal report iaya,
aru.1 iiiti insis "f
Invading ITuaaia,
rii,. Ruaalana say they an
Ivoly developing
11 t;a ;nsl
Officials Believe They Now Have
the Disease Under
Tim preaeni n pi 1 1
1. una may be a rea
IS ' 1 1 rles nt tn
Raking Information an
, apt ure of 1 he eaaula.
I fttch, received ahortly
From Lima, made no
n porti il lakniK "f the
, is by the .1 apa in s, ,
principal aoapori of I
in circulation in
inii .,1 numeroui
uth Pacific porta
IH tn I hi- rep
ill. Ill llls-
be.'nre the oni
nentlon of th,
1 lei ma 11 . rills-
r. iii. 1.1 is tin,
111 ami prob-
re is I
Poland '
the Aua-
re In ac-
rrangea pmna.
nt ten Itorj . tin
is justified in the
the situation.
loping of lenai ve niovemenw
111, nast Prussian front ami
,,lr,ail ale attarkuiK Mora.17. nn m
Warthe In Kuaalan Poland, the last
fortified poaitlon nf the Oormana on
lluaalan sml.
rii.. flnrmani reDOIt
defeated three dlvmions of ltusnum
e.a.iliv hi'h woaaeit tlie W art In-
ubove Kelo ami driven the Hussiaim
back to tha other side.
"There has been no encounter alee-
Whre," the report a, Ids.
in tin went, aouthweat ol rprea,
-,,..r iin, us:. mi Frenchmen and fnr
- hia haitn eaDtured according
the Oermana, who declare a
ntucka by the Pronch weal 0
, iujji and Chavonna havn 1
....,u...l u.lt h uft'HW l.iss. s. Til
... i ......i.. hnwevar. thai th
i;,... h have ro-taken the vlll iai
Bouplr and pari of Baolgneut.
Ruulfeod AH Minota.
Prance aaya that while the Oer
mana have been active along the whole
nn. iiea. all their attack
rami Wll. 11, in ins mu
tual they haVI
, that
n re-idmla
CHiCACO, Nov. 7. Dlatnfoctlng
ut the Chicago L'nton atock
yarda, which auapended bualneaa on
aocount of tha hi) of and mouth dla
l as-, continued today In the Bxpecta
Uon that the plane would be in B
thoroughly unitary condition by the
middle of next week'.
"if we have thoroughly cleaned up
by W'ei lues. lay ami if the epidemic has
not apread to wore states so that we
can receive ahlpmanta of cattle, we
shall apply for a iiftinK nf the Quar
antine 'hen," said a. Leonard, pres
ident "f the gtockyarda, Dr, O. B
Dyson, (tat! veterinarian, laid that
although the quarantine had been or
dered to run until November li It
would be lifted before that time if
it was shown that the yards were In
a fit condition. All other public cat
tle pens within the stale, including
those at Baal Bt Louis, are to be
given u clean bill of health as soon as
they ure disinfected and pronounced
free of infection.
As soon as t im whoh
application will be mudi
of the federal quarantln
1 iiiiuis shipment
ably would be better Infi
movements of th si
w hlch is inl im).
Felicitations exchanged t
1 iritlsh and ffapnne udmlraltle
the fail of Tsi:i Tail made no
tion of the capture of the One
and Bcharnhorsl
rmed as 1.1
than lama,
Vn hlll
is known hi re
battle off the 1
made a const
thai no report
reached them.
eru. Nov
I In 1.
concerning a na 1 al
aat of Pi 1 u I nquiry
towns brought replies
if an engageineni had
Rattle Impending.
Ti IKI ', Not 1 g : gO a m I -A
well authenticated report la In circu
lation here tn the effect that 111
Japanese admiralty has 11 Ived ln-
Cormatlon that a battle In the Pa
clflo ocean between tha Japanese and
German fleets is Impending
No ludiiHiion has been given as to
the preaent whereabouts of either the
Japanese or thc ti' i man nien-nf war.
ai iim 1 ,,i iim baynuei ih. illlage
nf si. 11. ml nil III,' lll'lgllla nl in-
I.IIMMIN, NOV. 7 (M..MI p. m. I
1 iiuiini 1- ii.uii tin- Knipp gun work
arc mounting hcavi gutw al Ilic Itei
11111 si,ii,iii nl ii-t.ti.l and ras'litg
Ihciii iiward, affording In a ill-pal, h
1' .in KoUcnluiu tn ihc I ichaugc Id
cgraan iMmipany.
t l.l' Xlt VIMI. Nn, 7 I he 1 Inl
can sUNUUnrs alilii. aim 1 1 1 1 ... .
n.iuii; it.ii Cross nut;-, bate nathnl
with rnlid urdi'rs frinii ihc gnviru-
ntenti The 1 11 1 1 1 -1 I Mill", w.i- ill
pan In, I earlier, ll 1- a---iiiii.il Umi
ilic mlHsiiiu ni ilic i.--.i- has i" iin
niiii iin- 11 p., 11 thai ih, llrllish
iTiitanr MiMiinuuth wiih dim h u-imr,'
nn Ilic I Inl, 1111 ,'iu-i all, 1 III, natal
mign'nieiil ol hiuuilaj
ROBflC, I. (7 SI p in ) c-
inrillng in a ti ii .' i. nn 11 in DdinHa,
Hi- liusslans iimslili'i' 1 ii, "iii-ei es ui,
solutc niasuirs ul ihc liluck sea Tin1
Turkish fleet, 11 1- ileclan d, has 11
in, ,1 behind lie lln-pliiii us 11 nl dues
Dili SIH'iU UISaMM'll In , ,,ill,' out.
IiiMmiN. Nm. 7 (ll:2S 11 III.)
Tin- following official n min iiiiui Ihc
l iu ki-li m ini headquarter In Ciu--lani
iiinplc wa- in, I lull todu)
friMU I'.nlllll lt llll M il , an Wir. l,
r,, 1,1 apli iHimiuny: "tin the eastern
rroiitler our triMNjas urn In touch wlih
ilic cm nn along Hi- entire fronl In
Hie rim, I- !' Ninyrnu llircc large ICng
I -Ii ships umi several KlUrllstl an, I
l iciu li Ntcaiuers liae Isi'ii sclwd."
LuMliiN, N' . H. (1:30 n in I
The udmlrnlt aim i - Hie n, cii-
liatioil i I I nn. a p-M of -i.tlin I nt -ie)
ui ihc month ni ill- river SUat-
I il- trail in Ilic I'm -i in gulr, A mil
liar) roi fnm India, i overed by
ih,- atiMip iMln, landed h Hi natal
Ida, inn, ui after Hm rurklsh guns
bad been sllonei ,1. according lo the
nnnouuci'nient. Iicre wen' no llrit-
lull ,"i-ualli . I nn i- Hie l-i'iniiiii-
nf iim submarine telegraph Ui India.
1. 1. nn Men
Ilicir W he
W am
In ship
W VslllSl.lDN. m 7. The Itu--
siaii embaaai loniglil received a sup
pleosBtitari -lai-nu ni in Hi- official
I'ntrograd, hi,li says:, "In the
lilin k sea our fle-i iHimbanlnd Ihc
Turkish port oi Hlianjculdak and sunk
fuiir Turkish irnii-piiels, llircc with
siippln - nl ,'loihioK tor Ihc I'licl. -Ii
inn), and one presume bi y with
In nips."
MKMOItAII, PtMl MBaj. Wll.s(i.
Only Thing tho Soldius Have
Aroused Is Mndi
) I, v I I: i i I'KKKK
'L I'nder th- protection of the
I i nlted siates troops, .in effort a 111
, be made at - I- resume opei atlons
of the i tie he 1 1, i una ii company's mine
i Nn i This atatemonl came from re
1 liable sources here toda) and II la
I ,;, III lalU hell, ed Ih at I'lalikllll
I Uuche, preaidenl -f the companj and
' appointed b) i ho federal ooui I aa re
ceiver, now is la 1 eaal mulling pre
purutinni for this work.
This mine was the scone of the big
a 1 1 1 .. ..f .i ui) i ', between be union
miners ami the guards ami iiou union
n employed b ihc compati) At
the same time the surfaci workings,
sin it has been Idle ii la said the
I I- llll. , i Wll I '
ta ke i hree i ii hs lo put i lie proper!)
; ah passed a tiresome dnj in euinp
tar bet tci watel facilities, Majol Mc
Clure stated toulghl Hi- camp would
ih- Midland v 'all. railroad tracks as i
lung as Hie limited watoi auppl) held
The soldiers are now mldWHj bo
i n the towns of Midland and
1 1 a 1 1 ford, a hu h Im a i i sis miles
apart, iroglowu, the scene ol iin
,,i hei mil hi , al, of tho mim i s, also is
, only a mile from camp
AiiimiiKh there are onlj a hand
ful of miners now resldlns ul I'rulrle
Creek, scores of Inhabitants ,.i tho
valley visited the soldiers' camp dur
i ins the day. No signs nf hostility
I to the preaeni the troops as no-
I tioeable, Major McClure has issued
i oi ders, gowever, holding tha I pera
within the camp limits fnr the pres
1 ent. Later, it was stated, the com-
j maud may be aeparated, one troop go
iiik tn Hartford, umi another to Mid
V- ks I'm ' li.i i - "I Lai' I" "I Hi
Morgan, daughter of I he late J I'lor-
tn I -III I 1 lull e I lie . -I I .'ll I ,' a I n ml 1-1 I
i he i , li, i of i be soldli 1 1 and t he don
Ututa of the warring countries In
Hoi letter declaren she has or
ganised a fori f iii" dy a m to
oonverl the cot Ion mi" bandages ani
wearing ap I Tha potton lloell
or th- warehouse oertlfloatns, will he
a, ptahle, Miss Mnrguil stall 'I
Th- orusnlsutloii lo uhich hur lol
ter was aihii . saed n plied that n i nl
im control over the cotton purchaaod
here, but gave her tha names ,,f tho
individual nurehaaora to whom II la
etpeetod Miss Morgan will address
her next appeal Orders foi approx
imately four lhouaand six hundred
bales al M) each were plan, , i here
during the buj a bale movement,
SI ,1,
he, 11
r Thlep ul and
the heights of
uf the bayonet,
uro In tniich
taken b) th'' allies nea
the village ot Item! on
the Mei s,' at the point
TI.,. Turkish tlniipH
with the enemy along tne enure n-m.
Constantinople says, but no details are
-it, 'ii of any fiahtiiiK on land, on
The Ulack sea, however, Conatantlno
pie ,s the Ruaaiana hate bombarded
Bunguldlak, ami Kuaulu, destroying
the Prench church and Prenob con
ulate In the former and sinking l
Greek stea r at the latter place.
I rgc a Holt War.
Axsoording to PetrogradL placards
front Turklah presses ..ru being iii
trlbuted throughout Perela to "breth
ren "f the faith," urging them t" aid
the Turks in tim wai agalnat ftuaala,
Knatnoors from the Krupp gun
works are placing heavy guns on
pea front at Ostend,
a , , ,,. i ,,, , ire'il. ' in 1
linttla in the Paclfii
the Japanese and Herman fleet is im
mlnent, Lima. Peru, reports fmir war snips
paaalng Callao Friday south bound.
Their nationality was not made out.
is cleared
for a lifting
which pro
f lit e stock. Ever)
confidence that the diseaae is well
under emit nil here was expressed after
It was found that only a few more
suspected cattle have developed oaaei
The new cases were among prize cat
tle recent! exhibited at the National
limit shntt here. About thirty out
of the eight hundred prlae hulls ami
oowe were condomned, but were nnt
killed. The owners of these cattle
valued nt s', ral million dollars, ap
pealed to the department of agricul
ture at Washington that HpeciHl ef
forts he made to save the atOCtt. A
plan was devised to isolate the Iti-
fected stuck for experimental pur
poeea in the hope that it may be
KM 1 1, Okla., Nov. 7. The intcrstat"
commort'o Gommlseion ma) be ro
il eated to investigate the establish
ment of an embargo against wheat for
export iming by waj of the Atchison,
Topeka tt Santa Fe railway snd i!al-
voston, it is announ I al a meeting
i i one hundred Oklahoma grain deal
era heic tonight,
j it was charged thai the embargo
I places grain men al a great dlaadvan
Itvge in filling contracta and thai com
j heat i.ms ha e arisen officials of the
IPlata Orain Men's asaoclntion seek to
nave the embargo removed and to ob
tain from the railway an export rate
to New Orleana. Representatives of j
the railroad asserted the embargo is'
neeeaaltated becauae of tin alow grain!
movement from Qalveaton and the!
oonaequem tting up of freight ears.
I umi fl
s nutlia.
M l i in
Nov. 7. Definite
rial for Mrs. Wood
known as "the Ki
for tim Christian
and I he
UONDON, Nov. 7. P. m.-
With the ex. , ptinii ot the ran ol isnin
Tan the in"-1 signiflcanl report from
,.f the battle fronts today
mini web I- from the alltei
,.t VteW la that tlie KIIS.si.lll arili",
b. subs driving the Auatrtmna back in
Oa.ll la, hav reached the Warthe
river, in Itueatan Pokand, and estsb
llahed themaelveg oa the east Prua
hiau frontier.
In fact, the Berlin official report
says some Kuaalan cavalry orooaed the
Warthe, but were driven back. To
mis iin' Russian report adds that tne
.1 al ia, nil 1 lie linn ne
l iv r,
in 1','land, lias been o upiea, ana m
derm an column has proceeded
westward through Caenatochowa,
vth.ih is very mar the BtleeoU) fron
tier. ,, ,
The nueatant too, are reanonaiow
for the report that the) nave detected
the Oermans near Mlawa, in Poland,
just serosa the -ast Pruaaaan boun
dait. and at Lyek, In east I'russta
hollowed Up l ust.
Military observers here say the
Rusetana have followed the retreating
Oermana at very much faster pace
than was anticipated, mid tint if they
are in force they may he able tn pre
vent the Oermana from taking up
their new poettlona on the? Warthe and
(.impel tin in to full bin k to the Biles'
Man holder.
Despite all ibis, reports persist that
the Oermans are sending large num
bers of then I roup who have bewn
ficiitins In Poland went ward to pp
pose the allien In Prance and Bel
gium. That the) would do this ttit'i
enormous Russian forces threatening
their own richest territory, military
men here1 egv, seems highly improba
ble, unless the Oermana are satisfied
that a small force can prevent the
Russians from entering Silesia and
eust Prussia.
Magj Hong lighting.
In the went the sann' dinir dong
fighting which has been going on for
ink Mil or States,
WASHINGTON, Nov, 7 officials
of the bureau of animal industry en
listed today the co-operatton of state
officials iii the f Ik ! t to stamp out the
eoldemic of foot and mouth disease
which resulted ill
coverini ten star
maintenance of the quarantine aa al
preaent eatabllahed, the Immediate de
struction of all Infected herds, and
close Inspection of all suspected cen
ters, the bureau believes it now has
the situation under control
Under the plans of the department,
state officials will establish local
quarantlnoa in the states now cut off
from Interstate shipments In order to
localise the infected territory as nar-
-..i.i.. m,M i.,,,i, u,. li
nt" " i...-f."... ...... ...... .
land federal officials will co-ooerate
' in destroying Infected cattle, for Which
owners will receive compensation to
b- fix-,1 by appraisers teiectea by tne
department of agi iculture.
No Immediate effect on meat prices
to the conaumer in looked for.
There Is a phutlful .supply of
dressed meat und of cattle outside of
the quarantined states.
Advices received lure say various
i slates. Including Kansas. Nebraska,
1 Montana and othera, are eatabliahtng
quarantines agalnat incoming cuttle
from suspected areaa,
PI XI li llll. OK1H ll FOR M l. Ml
Prench Oovernmeni to itu i.mi.ouo
plans for a memo
row Wilson, to be
len Wilson fund
education of mountain youths." were
laid todaj iii a uniting here of Inter
ested women. A letter from Presi
dent Wllaon approving the movement
tas read. J
The plan contemplates a nation-'
Wide appeal f"i funds to carry out
the educational work. The memorial
has the support of the board nf Imuie
missions of the southern Preebyterian
Mis Wilson as a native of j
M l I.I v. To tui i;si I ill l lo
The federal grand
called yesterday at K
reatigato the liartfo
t urbancea, adjourned
jury, which was
ul Smith u n
d Valley dia
ii t noon today
1- Onlt tot
NEW ORLEANS, Nov, 7, With the
announcement today that the plant ot
the American Bugar Refining com
pany nt Chalmoite would reaume
operations next Monday, it was said
that an order had been placed with
the company by the Pronch govern-
attic quarantine ment for one hundred ami fifty tlmu
With the Strict I Band barrels nf sugar fm immediate
delivery' This is to be the largest
single order fur sugar ever handled
The plant was rinsed several weeks
ago. A suit has been filed against
the company by the state asking that
the corporation be restrained from do
ing bualneaa In Louisiana.
Ing for
I it.
the Official
TOPEKA, Kan., Nov. 7. George A.
Neeley, Demo ratic candidate for sen
ator, apparent!) defeated by Charles
Curtis, Republican, In Inst Tuesday's
lection, is waiting for the official
counting nf the ballot! n, xt week to
give notice thai he Intends to context
Curtis' election, Hording to Demo
crats who stand high in party eoun
dla tonight. Irregularitlea In mark
ing a nd ' astlng ballots w ill be
chargi d, the) said.
Ill SI I m. I-
in i. in Tin: i i mi
M! Iil(
l b- I nil I nun
i i iNsi i. is DKAD,
His Pom in Mcx-
Hunters i err) Disease.
BPR1NQP1ELD, III . Nov. 7 Gov
ernor Dunne today issued statement
saying that as the cattle foot and
mouth contagion can be disseminated
by persona passing from pastures
where infected cattle arc found to
other fields and farms, hunt, rs must
comply with the state law Which pro
I vide that they must obtain permia-
' sinii to hunt from land owner.. Th"
i.ittei are asked to post trespass n -ttcea,
Not Hie Real Tiling.
JACKSON. Miss. Nov. 7. A nunr-
anttni against cattle Doming Into Mis
sissippi within the next ten days iJ
la protection against foot and mouth
disease was established t ulny by Or.
Bidward M. Ranck, state veterinarian
Doctor Ranck today inspected cattle
at '. iino. Miss., believed to hate been
Infected, but declined them free from
WASHINGTON, Nov. I. United
States Consul Theodore Custllng
Haram dud today from smallpox nt
his post in Durango, Mexico. During
the recent Mexican troubles Mr.
llainm was active in protecting Amer
ican Interests, and his name figured In
many dispatches to Washington from
th- revolutionary storm enter.
Mr. lldinm was born In Vermont In
ism:. He entered thi state depart
ment service In HOI and became a
tunsiii the following year,
OJontinued on Page fourteen.)
To lnsM'it Suspects,
ToPKK.V. Nov. 7. Tnylor Riddle,
state live stock commissioner, timet ti
er with u stste veterinary surgeon, l-ft
tonight for Meade couaty, where two
carloads of culves, shipped from Kan
sas City, are reported to have ghOWfl
symptoms uf the foot and mouth disease.
Bast and W , -t to Pla t I , en ball for
CHAMPAIGN, III , Nov, 7 A post
season national championship toot
ball game between the cast aad thu
west lo raise money for the relief of
Belgian refugees is the plan of presi
dent Bdmond .lames of the University
of Illinois, Who today sought to per
suade (he western COttfl re-.ce to Waive
its rules against post season games.
if the conference's consent Is gained
President James will open negotia
tions with Hart ud, Yah- ami Prince
ten and the winner of their series will
be asked tn meet the Hi- Nine cham
pion! In the standlum ,,f either Har
vard or fate.
Chicago, llllnni- and Wisconsin re
main contenders for the western title.
special Baseball Mu ting.
OMAHA, Nov. 7. The National
Baseball commission has prepared to
hold i special meeting in Omaha next
week, in ihe event developments at
thu ineettiiK Of the National associa
tion of minor baseball leagues should
warrant calling the body together.
Today It was learned that nut less
than n dozen major league club o li
ds will be In tho city next week.
Mc(. iitcrn Demands Recount lor Mil
waukee Vote.
MILWA1 KE Nov. 7. Complete
official r-t urn- from fit counties in
Wisconsin and complete, but not of
ficial, returns from the other seven
counties show Paul i. Rusting, Demo
crat, leading Governor P. B. McGov
ern, Republican, for United States
senator by l,S78 t otes.
Totals are ISI,78d for Rusting and
13h.ii l for McOovern.
Governor McOovern today de
manded recount of the votes cast
in Milwaiik-e.
The winner nuooeedg Isaac Stephen
son of Marlnetu .
Braverj In Qoodneas.
T,, do an evil BO! Is base To do a
good one without Incurring danger
is common enough. Hut it is the part
of a good man to do g,n,i ami noble
deeds ih-'uh he risk evert thing In
doing them liutareh.
Shop Early
and pre' ant the tat mondoua
h"t ". .a-' strain on the bus) I ll iks
ami i ii'-pi ople during t be i uri
few lays before Christmas Thi
will be th-lr best iiiri",iii is
pn sent ai"! you will get better
service and fresh stocks.
li v
I I It
until November 17 to enable Judge
Prank Foumans to hold the regular
session of court at Texarka an. Ark.
More than a score -f witnesses bate
been examlued, bul no Indictments
bine I n toted, II was slated, it
n Hull, special assistant to the ai
torney general, w ho has been conduct
ing the Inquiry in place of District
Attorney Hourland, is pleased with the
progress made, and tonight predict! 'I
that th- jury would complete its la
bora soon utter reconvening.
That s mass meeting of the miners
of ihe valley was to be held at Hart
ford was apparent late in ihe evening,
when the Midland VallC) H un from
Port .Smith to Hartford began pi-king,
up th- miners ut way points. Nturl)
nil the mule Inhabitants of Pralrto
Creek went t,, Hartford, supposed!)
for the meeting ami a dam e w lib h
WHS to follow.
Second Lieutenant J. B Treat, offi
cer of the day, had posted sentinels
on th- mads leading to Hartford, ami
a careful Watch was kept t hi ouirln.ut I
the niuiit for developments.
At midnight the miners had not re
turned from Hartford ami reports
from Hint neighborhood were thai
t ( ti lung was 'ii! t
Mi-tria Claims Mi,-, -,". in iii,
LONDON, Nov, 7. (11:15 p. in )
An official statement Issued In Vi
enna and reaching bore by way of
Amsterdam, says:
"on the seventh, in the southern
war theatre, attacks mads against
iii" enemy, strongly fortified behind
barbed wire entanglements in tim
district of Complanle and south of
ShabatS, ure progressing slowly, Tim
strategically important heights of
Mi.sar were captured and pris
oners taken.
"Together with ope rath ns tester-
da) we began an attack on Kroupanl
((1 miles southwest of Belgrade).
The details cannot yet be publlahed.
Yesterday some Servian entrench
ments were stormed and 15,000 prtl
oners, four cannon and. six machine
tuns Wl To taken "
Gave the Opinion at the Re
quest of the Prcsi
WASHINGTON, Nov. 7 No t in
lain, n of federal eutl trust
law Is threatened b) the cotton loan
fund plan, recent I) perfected b) bank
ers and mem bom -t t he federal ro
serve board, according to an opinion
handed down late lay b) Attorney
General i ll -Km at I h' tcpn i nf
Preaidenl Wilson.
The plan as perfected recentl)
by bankers ami members of the fed.
ural reeervc board and Mr. Gregory's
opinion was rendered aftor his con
ference lodav tilth President Wilson.
Tha treaaur) department mane public
tonight the fn Honing correspondence:
What Wil -on Nilid.
Ui ii im; Mr. i i i , K" i v. i im pii fldi ul
said :
"I am sending the nnotosod papers,
submitted I" me by the secretary of
the treasury, In order to ascertain
whether, la your opinion, tim pro
posed 'cotton loan fund' may be law
full) formed, I k now t bat 1 1 Is con
trary to the practice of the depart
monl to give opinions boforohand to
contemplated Iransactlons and I think
thai such Opinions might never in or
dinari circumstances to be givou, but
the clrcumstuneea with regard to the
h. undine nf the L't'eal eollnll cl'iill
which has been created by the Euro
pean wiir ini- umst extraordinary ami
seem to justify extraordinary action
it is for thai reason thai i venture
to ask you i" depart tn this ease from
the usual practice nf tour di partmont.
"it occurs to mo that tha fund con
templated stands in ii class lit itself,
li is hardly conceivable that such
arranaornonta should bee,, me settled
practices or furnlah precedents which
would be followed in the regular
course of buainess or under ordinary
conditions, The) are aa exceptional
lu their nature as the circumstances
they are nn ml tn deal with und can
hardly h, looked upon as. ly possi
bility even, dangerous precedents, It
is for this reason thai 1 feel the more
Justified in asking for your opinion
in the premises "
in i , ply, M i . Gregory wrote:
Gregory's Heph.
"I hate the honor to reply to your
request for my opinion us to whether
I he f .1-1 a I antl-tl US! laws llli.
called Sherman act, the so called
Clayton acl and the iradi mmlsalon
act) would be violated In any reaped
by the carrying out of plan which
has been devised for raising and ad
ministering a fund of J 1 55,000,000 lo
be lent on the security of cotton, A
(('out, niied on Page Pou in.)
Hangar I Taking Extreme Measures
VENICE!, Italy, Nov. 7.( Via pans.
I I'm p m.) it is It arned bare I bat
the Hungarian government Is taking
decisive steps to hold food prices on
i, reasonable level. Land owners and
dealers in grain hate been ordered lo
luiiush complete reports "f their
rtocks, ami already It has been found
tha thers are much greater supplies
of grain in thu country than had been
Whin the returns are all In the gov.
tn nt will fix s scale -f maximum
prices. Local authorities "ii be em
powered to requisition supplnaj nf all
kinds ,,r f istuffs.
Returns Fn ni Fitly Coitntie.; In
iinate Bltotion ot Wil
liams by 5,000.
N ni in Ths World
mora that contest pro dings
ttiii be brought against Judfa R, L
u, 1 1 llama it the official count showi
on the fa os of the returns thai be ha.'
been elected governor were heard b
polltii al dr. les today. Ai I hur 11
Geisaler, Republican ati hainuan,
dsi lined to state w hoi her or nol i mi
liui proceedings g'ore being con
t' mplati 'i He stale, i, however, thai
,1- tin
Wiillhl Nol I -nl ii iii . poll
MEXICO city. Nov 7 Baplnosa
Mirels. private secretary -f General
Carransa, tonight would neither nf-
nun nor di i reports that t CENSORS ARE PROFESSORS
Carransa ami the commissioners np-
polntod by tho Aguaa raiicntoa peaeol
convention to notify General Oar
rants officially of the election as pro.'
visional president "f General Eulallol
Gut en as will pi ed to Soli dai to
confer with the American authorities
Hold I p Messages Beieiuse ol Poor
of Vera,
p.n lir -i Installment.
WASHINGTON. Nov, 7 Payment
I of tiie firt Installment nf the capital
loci; of federal reserve banks, -ailed
for November i, bus been practically
compleied, the paid in total being
117,147,101, The amount paid in in
I dudes'
New York. 1.1.320. "00: Chl-ago,
I $1,111,009; SI Louis, 111,00; Kan
sax ' 'ii-, $i z.ooo; Dallas, 1151, Itl.
Won Ma-Da Rare
BOSTOn, Nov. 7 Alfred Goullet
"f Australia arid lied Hill of VVater
tuwn I, might won ths six-day bicycle
race, which hss been In progress ten
hours each da during tim lust week.
r,,rr, ., ,. el fas Uieslated Press.)
Palis, , i, t. to, Censors st the
war offli are bemg recruited from
professors of languages ut Preach
universities. Pores of habit is so
strong with thsc Improvised officials
that it is Sometimes hard for them tn
realise they are on gtsrner duty than
correcting recitation papers.
All llnrdeaux was amused .then It
was reported that a tub gram trans
mitting S news dispatch from tin bat
tie1 front was stopped on the sole
ground that It contained difcls nf
Mr, m Peace i oaamissloawr,
MEXICO CITY, Nov. i. Ausustln
nodrigms, mean ber of the Huerta
commission sent to the Niagara Falls
mediation conference last May, sai
alTSSied today. The charge against
him Is not known. He was placed lU
the d, partment of the prison rescrv-d
(el dlsUng ilshvd prbonvts.
ii- dooa mil coi
,i udgu vv lllloma,
"We ai- waltltig im ih- ."in pi-i top,
''"' B'er loda) "Th- count will . una i
for itseii ug i" who receives ii major
It) on t be i.i r i he returns."
Th- official count of 56 -ut of 7'.
. ountlea ul t he si. it-, made l.t th.
slate election board lmla, glViM It. L
vv llllama, I n u at, a lead nf r .80 1
ov i J-iin i i, Ida, Republloan, Indl
cutlng thai Judge vv llllama is I-. t
governor b) n plurallt) ,,i nboul flvi
tin md. The pluiallf) a shown In
i lie official ri turns from t lie 50 coun
Lies Is likul.t to be reduced in tin
Kovernorshii itost, as sevi rs I of t hi
strongest counties for Fields were nol
Included in the count this ruing.
In the .ui counties nanvuased today
the total vote on governor uac wil
liatna, Democrat, 56,155; Ptelda, Re
publican, 57,451; Unit. Bociallat, SH,
676; tllckam, Progressive, J,. The
result on governor Indicates I hat the
total s-iiaiisi vole will reach between
fort) fit , i housand and iin v I hou
sand, and thai the total i 'r. i it,
rota will nol ex eed four 1 houaand. It
is now certain that the Progreaaivei
did nol poll enough vote i - pi i si n i
their legal standing as a r gnlssd
political party in the statu, and that
tin t n hi probably nol be a factor b
future elections in i ikluhoma.
Uore bl in. nun.
The official result nn United Slate.
SenatOl in the 50 counties was as fol
ios; Gore, Democrat, 76,1112; itur
ford, Republican, itiisn, Nagle, So
clullat, :t:i,;ii;; I'muiweti, lingi'.'.isive
j.il'i. Senator Gore's lead ovei hit
Republican opponent In ths 66 coun
ties is 81,7111, indicating thai his total
plurality over Uurford will exoeed
forty thousand.
Tl fflcial results on the stati
ticket were not determined b) tin
board today, bul an independent com
plllltion made from ti fflcial re
turns on slat'- auditor slums that K
li lli.ua, ,1 ll rru I ajaei 1 . "I.,
rality over hia Republican opponent.
George II. roster, of :'2,4:u; in tlie 5"
COUntleU. This Indicates tliat tin
Democratic tick,i other than on gov
ernor will have u plurality over thi
Republican of "t-r thirty thousand
Indications ure that Howard ami w
L, Alexander, for treasurer, ran
ilnhtly ahead of tluir tickets.
I at, 11, , I imetMlmenia,
ThO returns on stats questions tier,
n,.i canvassed this morning, but indi
catnuis are that they are all carried
Each oi the West measures received
majorities of from two tn one to fly
to one in most of the 60 counvlss re
calved by the state board, Tha total
tot,- on theae, however, fell somewhat
below the total vote on the head ot
tha ticket, urns there is a possibility
that the silent tote may ye! d feat th
meaaures, although they have doubt
I'S.'I I elved U big hiuji'lltt nf tin
votes cast upon tnttn. Bid Trapp
elected lieutenant governor, watchei
the opening of the returns with mucl
interest, as it is possible that the adop
tlon of the West amendment red ic
ing the si.e of the legislature wouli
abolish tha office Of lieutenant gover
nor or, ill least, tin away ttnh tie
power, now ex. I. losd by the lieuten
ant governor as presiding officer -th-
siate senate.
The slat- ele, tion board tins morn
ing also completed th- count on mem
brs or the legislature. The coun
showed that Thomas ll McLeinori
Socialist, was elected to the legtsls
ture from Beckham count) ami indl
c iti d the defeat of C. s. Gllki i - u
Democrat, fnr the state senate fron
the Becond district, by a Bocialist,
The official returns were opened b
lien Riley, chairman of the board, ani
E, A Haines, s Republican, and Jo
Morris. Democrat, members of th
state election hoard, assisted in th
count Th, official count was watchei
dining part of the lime personall) ..
Arthur H. Gelasler, Republican stat'i
chairman, umi ail of the Urns by twi
"f his renresentatlaea The Demo
riatic and Progressiva headquartet
also bad representatives present.
Chairman Pa n Riley announ ed
the conclusion of the session of thii
morning that th count ttiii bo rs
sinned at ii o'clock Monday morning
It is believed by that tim- that mos
I of the counties will have made theli
official returns to the board.
The vote on governor, as cant ass,-,'
hi Hi" state i lection h-anl today, cat,
i tho following results on Democratii
land Republican candidates for govor
I Latimer county, Williams 761
Fields 57". ii- t. iai-l , oiinty, Wll
j hams Ut. Plelds 1.167; Cotton, Wil
liams l,03fi, Fields 666; McClaln, Wil
liams MO, Hlelds 604; Garvin, Wil
liams l.xvl. Fields H4V. I'iirt. r. Wll
Hams 1,11, Field 72 7; Garfield, Wil
liams l.ii.H. I'b'lds I,I9; Tillman.
Williams 1,516, Fields Kay. Wil
liams 1,167, Flelda Mil; Rogers, Wil
Hums 1,675, I'n Ids 1,144; Stephens
Williams 1,27s. Kl-lds X75; Osage
Williams 1.771, I n lis l.;.-.S; Adair
Willlnms 1,181, l-ields 1,02; I'ela
war". Williams l.usO. Fields 711. Can
iidlati. Williams 1,54. Fields 1.74
Jackson, Williams 1.123. Fields 5r
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