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Tulsa daily world. [volume] (Tulsa, Indian Territory [Okla.]) 1905-1919, November 08, 1914, MORNING EDITION, Image 14

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'J J I I : T T L R A DAILY WOULD, si'SDAV. S'uvkm itilll 8. 1 11
ii ihi- Austrian
H.ivf Promised the Turks Ruler
and Pi o, pei it y fhrOUgb
the War
Ureal Hrlteln In i. mi . i will fli d
i Iihi tin I lorman tmIi ifa I 'ti'ii: ii nd
mid w 1 1 1 1 1, iiuvv iiol i n report) 'i
I illl.'IC.ll
ink thai ICululln i . . 1 1. 1 1 . , provla
I. .mil proaldant uf Mi Kli u, mi . pted
officii ui the hernia 1 1 i in. ac.ii.im i 'ni
Imitci i uni em in ..ii pain of
A . up) nl i ha telegi mi
pUpnti In from I'onatanUnopla de.
i nl... I Mr miiniiHin in. lls n r
Uanlll III II. II IIH- h.iiin. urn m - ,,.,.
Hem i.i I ill, npi nl) i Ii rou I ii I In
llMl II' III' I ' I I I" (I l!pl
rrli r "
,li,i:,i. III.- Il.ilkali ' I I IKi.'l.l
hi,. roK"!'""" "" " 1 " ' , huv i
t,, i nenmtii i . "i. ' ' i" ' ' i
germana, wh" I"11 1 11 every
where, Uernum m. ) iM " plentiful
I li.it ii is often ii' 1 l 1 ed ii I bough
11 hii.. Turkish,
'I'll.. i:..i nriitiiM i.i " - ire 'I' t ''"''
us tppimritiK milemnl) i fldeiil, but
II,,. .mm i .1,., I hi i'.l !. I' totally ii"-
1 pepuriii fm Tin- -!""' Hen
i.- mid In i" i-inpi '""I ii" i-oinnili
wrist mists Mini) Kuldlen art atlll
v earing tin- unlfoi m 111 11 111 the laal
previous win-, .in. I I'"' i v offlcere
ave nol all lii-eii l'."'l. II I- ertod
-I'll,. i,. is :, un-lt) "f iioiiniinlllon,
bi i ordli.M in it i ' ' . "' ; MADE BY THE
m.I.I I I,:, I III. 1,1-1! illlllllK "I 1 '-
I i, Kent war, II
II NEW 1,11
1 1
Who iiddi
Retreated Prom Poland in the
Faoe nl Superior Russian
Germans Pushed
Back to Frontier
bold iii- I h iilinm it"' ' "UHt, .in l"
inn given a punitive resl utter
tl,,-i, ilin- lithe "I almm ' ' mtlnu-
.mis righting The ' lei nmnii hUII are
rum eutrutlnn iiroond lre, lieru
Hiej nr.- trjlna i" lnu-fc their waj
through ii"' Angle I'n m li (roups
whit-h 'in H" "' ' '" "
Idea elalm i- hn - '""i" prugriui
here, ih. inglii-Kreiich I'm1 ea i" lha
iHiuthrtiBi of i in- tow " uiid i ha lei
niaua in ii"' HouthwoHi eorreapun
dents In ii"- i - I' "i I'"' HMiile.ii h5
. , i I, il,,, v. 1,1,1, hsiH . x ,-, I
i,,' fur urn iimi'l' i' It, h.ii. not . 'ltlmiain 1 between Hi
,..i,i, i. ........ .i ,i,i ii. .i i,iii s-o- .mil Hi" I'tiii. i rlvom nun-
hides are itHiiiE ii nviii.inl.iiiH .-i;iii i ""' illuatton is not altered
. - -I in i. 1 1 ttlini
withdrew Ti" withdrawal was ac
, ii it inn ..nl ih.. retirement, eatab
ii hed Hie line through k'utlin Hawii
and Radom to the lunetlon of i lie
Sin and Vlatula river
'In ii. ili. -i.i ih.. poalttona oeruple.1
wore held ii nil po'.ila despite vlolt nl
attm-ka h) the Ru lain, which war
repulaed with liaavj loaaoa to Iho at"
in Hervia wo took ntrona Borvlan
il lllli l v III in l'
"in KobiiIu Hi., province baa licon
..I iii, u mi ii, 1 Iwired 1 1"' enomj
"I'll., hoiiibardine.il "f Oattaro (hj
ih.- allleK) contlnuea mi hoot auc
' it is characteriatli- of i It.. una rup -
vi ii i i in, i . i ;. .ii i .
mana.u..n.l . hei - h- ;' " ,lu,",aM ,h" ,'
Hhlpa with n," hind ' mid thai i "" '' '' ''",UI ' aaaaaalnation
i.-renrh I'liasi erala, which however, waa foitun
il. lis on .1 w lilt ho. i-i i Hi st In "" .ni.i
tli. ii I" tl hei ' Ide, l
rnakinK ;i"i iitulorhil haiiK
mi i .in,," Thing
Cotton Loan Plan
Violates no Law
m Blow li
ny n lull'
RalkaiiB --ii Tlartrt.
Art- t. t'.i. In. it" I'll i -trian- .-mil l N-i-t ivl
I I , li,.- M .1" il - Will 1 1"
aeciirina; n thi i n , : ; rllea
jira. Lynn and Km li have the high I inn Itiai
est McoWiliiendatlona end ire highly land is n
quajlftt-d i" dlagnoa- and advl
and thoronglili equipped to treai you
with niodii'lne and elei-trlclt) mi. I the
knife aa th 1 at n aurt.
Tho Elccl i .. Me liral I tocti is Lynn
nnd Kimi.iill offei you frei
Inatlon atrlclly confidential at ihe
offlcea, 3.1! Roblnaon Arcade Coll
aultatinn in tin- home arranged b) .,
(lolntiui'iii. Pnona IJIl.
free lo in i ke
caah uauaJli cnijnyed In iiiatki'ting
tin. cotton crop Nor would even thi
-in. til pari of tho bat king capital of
the United Rtatea become Impounded
as a r -alt of tho plan, hot UPOfl I'.'illR
Lit w.ailil ntiir-i at "luo Into MI
. i a i clrculaUon,
"1 am .mat. Id to IM how lUCtj a
plan could in- thought to tall within
thf puiirw of the unti-tiuat iMMb
( !alf .-li iii biittoii,
ll,iiii tin' kiiliii-v
elotli ton,
I', ii'iii noil sl.iii, huttoo, liro
nuded i lutli back, quartnr luather
I .nil Is
t, gaittir of.
I'alenl 1 1 . rloth t". guitar '
lii'l, Ii'.iIIht Lou IN
lli-el .
Pateul roll, nlotli
iHiiii'l in,'
c 1 1 it 1 1 ton, lillttiili.
Iiorl vuinp. I'rioo
Monday Offering of $35, $40 and
$42.50 Fall Suits at
TUeve ,'iiv jus! Imlf a lnunlivl "f Hi'-'' suits--iii f ii Btyk for you to
choose from. Tin s are long eoat suits with Preach turn1 md Hared
skirts. Tlir materiuls are I'm.- quality gaberdines, imported cheviots,
liPoadfJotii and Kiifflish suitiugs, in navy blue, prune, Itussiat) green, black
and tin season's most popular shades. Very attractively trimmed with silk
braid, I'm' and velvet. An assemblage offering a remarkable range uf
models, materials and colors. N"t "nly ultra fashionable in style, but
faultlesly tailorod, exhibiting n only superior quality in the material
itself, hut in tin- trimmings, lining anil findings. In fact, they're nl1 the
usual hiirli grade Harlow uualitv. Moiulav only, garments 97 0
room, sei-iiiui
mil'; $35, $40 and !fi'..")l) suits
Visit the Garment Section
Two Dress Items That
Bring You Here Early
New Dresses and Frocks at $19.50
Kmpliaiiixing tho supremacy of Harlow's bi the house it
ri-oiiomy, as i-ll ns the style couter of eagtern Oklahoma.
$22.50, $25.00, 127.50 and $30.00 Dretwea Mouday $19.50.
In tho offering here Monday will be tho newest creatious
I'repe de Cltiue, Crepe Meteor, Chartneuse and Velvet and
t'liarmeuac CombiuatiouB, mitl other depndable .silks in dark,
rich shades, liasque and semi basque and redingote styles pre
dominate. Long iiini'' skirts and l"ii waist Lines are features.
Bemi fitted sleeved and the new Napoleon collar and cuffs of
white and self materials ves an added charm to these attrac
Dressi , We hove never offered better (Plft PA
Serges and Chartneuse Dresses, 19, $12, $15
Perhaps the most wanted dress styles being shown for winter
nil- the Combination Charmeuse effects, always correotly
anticipating 1 1 i - demands of our patrons, We show a Large
and varied collection of these beautiful garments in navy and
blaek. Most all hava serge skirts and bodice, with satiu
sleeves, front or skirt bottoms, The redingote and semi-basque
prevails, Borne have deep satin girdles. Daine Fashion never
Las approved a more beautiful style than these clever com
binations, The values are very unusual, In-inn especially
priced for Monday s Belling at $9.00, $12.00
Here arc Some Warm Bedding
Items Offered for Monday
3rd Eloor
One In! .it' S;iuiile bedspreads; $1.50 to $6.00 values; we will sell
these M I.i at 25 per cent discount.
; iii to fjft.OO Woo blanket h; aboul fifty in the lot. These are a
little sttiled from being on display. Choice Monday, 25 per cent
11.50 Comforts 79c
for sleeping
A l; I lieavy Comfort. We sellthes
poreb and camps. Monday speial
$10.00 Oregon ( 'it Rlumber Robes; a hunt o
in the lot. Kneeial Monday
Coats Worth $22.50 and
$27.50 Will he Offered
Monday at
Every model is an interesting and notable example of the new
style coats. The tailoring and quality embodied in these coats
class them with garments of much higher prices. New coats in
straight lines, belted and flare styles, with new collar effects,
set-in sleeves, etc. A large assortment of plain and fancy fab
rics eponge, cheviots, diagonal zeboliues, curltex, pomorie and
novelties. More than one hundred new gar- 1MQ Kfi
incuts offered, ('nine choose at ... iPJ.tFv"
A Glassware Sale That Will Fill Many Xmas Wants f
I;,., .in is required for i.'ti. and ihnrnfor., Hum timely s.iio of
liigh rthiIi eul nl.i-x All piceea tiro ..f heavy, dear eryatal
is i i-i. inks, nc and artlatic deaimia in i-uttlng and bHI
lliintl) imllBhid There iii in- ovei 4"D pieeea on n:il.- at
iittlonmre than half their regular price,
: . - with iti it -. 91'n
M.iy.iniuiiHt' ivllh piate ai ... . . :t. H
l ,.ii I. Tea glaaaea nl Tte
' " I'uneh bum 1 Ith st ind at 3.0S
ii truj il i mi
t is
1 ' S; 11 II- .1 .it "Hi-
I mi N ippy at I.N
I ..Ml
N.i i ij ith handlo at !.
N l" i With II HI, II.- .it ... I. IN
I i n I 'inn with liner lit 8.s
Fi i n i Huh it it liner .it 2.ih
ti .1 us
.III,; .it S.OH
l .".ii i llaaaea .it 79,.
TBc ill laaea .it isr
BOc Ulaaaea at BOO
17 (0 W.it.-r seta at 11. 9H
15.00 Water .-u at '. ....... h-,
1 00 Sugar anil cream ut 3 -j
1.00 Knifi real at iKe
Knife real al 39,.
SOc, Knife real at -Jiie
1 i"i aaea at no,.
1.00 Cologne bottlea at .'. 2.79
1,50 Cologne bottlea at i.hh
1.26 r.il,. cue bottlea at l.fti
1.00 1 'olugne bottlea at , , , 1,4a
1.71 Cologne bottlea at r:i9
1,60 Cologne bottlea at t.19
1 00 Cologne bottlea at BOc
ivort Cream Jam at iS9
1 ...itlipl. k luil.ler at ISe
0 an Row In at
7 ,'.'i Duwla at
.". lis
I St
Other Basement Specials
Water e.iil- at 1 le,
aaaorted aisea la heavy galvaniaed Water Palla aelUna
regular at tOc, lie and 10c, only few of one kind, apeclal
tomon ow at j ,,,
1 i.i, 1 C'liluaware at Bo,
Decorated China ware, meat iiish...s. pi&tee, bnwls, Iiiks,
ugara, creamera, aauce diahea, pickle .iisiics and other odd
pieces, big value at
Mrs. HoU'i lron ut J.-,,..
Nickel plated, Mrs. cut s ihape iron, complete with Inn-
lle. tomorrow at ...v
Ironing Board ai lis...
Large si'.'.- Ironing Board with heavy itand, will told flat
iiii. ii not in use. regular I1.7S, tomorrow at ose
iaeorted Hake Psng at Be,
Black sheet metal, aaaorted style gad alaea In Baking pans.
10r. ISc and JOo values, tomOtTOW at Kn
8 1 3c
Some Extra First Floor Bargains
12 1-2 and 10c Gingham
In dark natterus. plaids and stripes, Mondav. per rard ..
SJ.50 Baby Dress Pattern
Kmbroidery Patterns with Insertion, banding and voice to mate!.
Monday speial ' $2.75
ti.SO Taffi ta Silks
. i. .1 .1 t. . i .- a : i l.. . . oi? :., .
Ill all ine pi'puiai biihucb mr rtcuiujj ami sircri nie-r; iwiuriirn
w ide, fbr
$1.80 l r t ins' Kid Gloves
n all the favoivd shades of brown, tan, gray, black, white,
day only, at
35c Pure Linen Handkerchiefs
In a wide range of embroidery designs, special for Monday
$1.25 19c
Linens for Thanksgiving Buyers
Linen luck T
wels; L'Oxilo inches .
Linen Table Cloth.
All pure linen Table cloth, 68x68 and 68x86. These are exceptional
values; all new patterns $2 50
$3.50 Linen Table Cloth.
Hemstitched and scalloped; 66x84, Special fm- Monday $279
$5.00 to $15.00 L''nen Table Cloths.
These are slightly Boiled from handling. They com,. u round, square,
some unfinished and others scalloped and hemstitched. We will
sell these Monday a1 one-fourth less than regular.
Thanksgiving Linens.
The new Table Linens have arrived, We are showing i wide range
of patterns in Lunch Cloths, Table Covers and Napkin?, in sets or
separate. Every wanted quality is on display.
Meet Me There Third and Boston

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