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I'HK Tll.sA PAIL? woiM.P, Bl"N O A Y, NOVEMBWH I, 1014
1 II It K K
HER 25,000,000 PEOPLE FACE
Can Only Appeal to America to
Aid the Sti.ivmg
We are living today In times of unl
(mil dread and distress; tha wild ml
fancy before the war oould not have
pictured iuoh unspeakable aooneii an
are witnessed a) pressnt b) tin Iiihau
ilantN of EJurope
1 1 in Poland, however, with hor
000. 000 unfortunate Inhabitants, thul
funis horaelf In the direst predluameut
of all.
That country, alnoe the first out
break of hostilities, ha.- been the th
art' nf many out lien; the enemy hai
wept tin unto from end to end,
h" iiuii where formerly flourlahed
thriving villages and towna there are
now found iiiii! una deaobtion
The world has heard f the atroci
ties perpetrated within tin- confines of
Belgium; the American preaa haa pub
lished whole columns of descriptive
matter regarding the devastation
wrought there b the Instruments of
war. Vory little has been written re
garding what takes place In Poland;
the press has not been admitted to
thai stage of action.
The world has airi-a.lv heard of the
burning of Kalis by tlx- Prueaians
gnd of Jaroelaw by the Auatrlana; y't
l i- nol aware thai thousands of flour
ishing vlliagi s have been rased to the
ground am) that hundreds of thou
sands of people In consequence have
ben reduced to extreme poverty.
All available men have been forced
Into mill tar) service. The Krcnch
ni. in. Mir Englishman, the Belgian,
the Russian and the German hate
eaoh the consolation thai thej are de
fending their respective countries. Thi
Pole, moat unfortunate of them all.
whether In the Austrian, the Prussian
or ill" Russian army, is fighting In
the Intoresl of his oppressor
Tl( i pie in Poland arc threat
ened with a famine of which we al
1 . -t can have only a poor conception
I'raiur and Belgium, though In 1 ha
throes ot tha war, are euiiiitrias gtlll
possessed of lhatr own governments
sud powerful meant of itippofl l
On I j Poland ha s bean abanddi ad
by all, el not b) all Thers i
A m ei 1 1 " i i inn moat ramarkabje
i hampton of democrac) and freedom
tha world has evei ssett. There hi
in. need of any extra effori toward
i nllstlni the mpathy of Ann i lea for
Poland A met lea has ot er borm i I
will towards tho country of John
gobli sKi and ill demand al ot i rj
opportunity thai Justice be meted oul
1 1 , ,iii iiir down-trodden nations of
Europe, p. .land is convlnood thai ihi
I'nitod States will work toward Justice
fur all people who wish to shari In
the bop ni lea i f peace,
And u is but natural thai the Poles
should look up to America tor aid ami
assistance, for Justice, symputh) and
f.nr play, tor the tremendous moral
force of her endorsement
America is Indebted to Poland for
the services Of her Illustrious ons
ko.-iiuK.ko ami Pulaski. Kosc)uesko
h i been called t he "father of A met -lean
A' mi. 1 1 " and I'ul isk i I be "Ka
ihor of American Cavalry", The Po
lish heroes fought for Independence
and helped thi- colonies "to form a
more perfect union, establish Justtoe,
Insure domestic tranquility, provldi
toi iiio mon dofonao, promote Hit
general welfare and saoure the bless
ings of llbert y."
Poland has always championed i lie
cause of freedom and Juatloa; we say
of freedom. Inasmuch as she wai tha
bulwark of Europe against the barba
rism of the 'nst. because she received
tin Jews, i ho Hussites ami emigrants
of the Thirty rears' war when all 'be
rest of the ori,i would have none of
them, and I auee she lias ever bold
up high the torch of Idealism; and
we say of justice, because she has
never believed In force and violence
while hor groedloas policy as carried
towards hor neighbors, is unparalleled,
with perhaps one exception, In the
history of i he world.
in v low of these past services ren
dered to the world in general and to
Ami rlca In particular, Poland Is as
sured thai ibe people of theee United
statos can nol remain Indifferent to
the horrible lot of iter children.
Poland 1 na nit above tbr ashes
ml ruin of her fertile fields ami pi
list driven from i u nfitiss of I '"
Poland aak i in clttai rut of l his
groat republic to emulate the notable
(ample of i 'ampbell, Cm t Inoad of
the saorednaM of liei cauee, she i K
pii i- frpm Ann l ira uoi onl) words of
gympdthf, but. above nit. resolutonosi
of notion. Kin- appi 'I to Hi., people
of America In the belief i ti.it tin t shull
not I..- char) of rendering aid and as
o acknowledge recelpi of all con
. ago publii atlon a hieh Is lo so' f rl h
ilio position and aims ol Poland all I
io promote American Intersil In th
Polish people as a nation,
pi iUHH ri'.vri; ai. I F.I.I EP 1 1 )M
I'm W'cabH and l.u of ppctio
'I'lio u.i atandard general strength
ening tonic, tlJVE'8 'J AKTT.I.KSS
lull ton:, drives oui WMarla ami
builds up ibo system a true Ionic
and -nil- ujipetiaor. Vot adults ami
Ifaaons, lu nilon!
All Masons are urgent!) requested
to moot at the Masonic Hall on Hun
day evening, November . at 7:10
o'clock for tho purpose of attending
ih.' feeewsM services of Brother
Knickerbocker at the Boston Avenue
M E church.
ii is iii.. intention to mi. mi tin.
services as a bod) of Masonic breth
Ion and not ana I O dire, Bpeclal si a Is
will ho prot Ided and a I an. lid
unce is desired IV, i staiii.
II. 'ill' t In- SA XT' N'g at tho i 'hi Isl lah
church, beginning Bunds) morning.
tltlt W.l HI I XII i I ' III Blti
ti'l t ST I KOKMAK IN t ill
K r
Always Sure to Win for Then
Was a Cockroach m Bat li
Big Doiihnut.
and bids
of that i
tho oppn
i eminent
d - Thomas
p. -rini; towni
tho example
champion of
i 'am obeli.
Thomas : in i 1 1 -1 1
hi.- sympathy for tho i
Wrongs of Poland. No
his si mpathy by words
resolute anil continued
'minded tho assoel itloa
tho fin mi of Poland, which not only
maintained tho strong Intoresl foil b)
the British people f"i the Polish na
tion, hut was tho means of providing
assistance and giving employment to
large numbers of the unfortunate -
oly expressed
ifferitiffs anil
did bo show
alone, bul by
anion. He
in London of
Catarrh of Throat Relieved
Gives Peruna the Credit.
L. .ik
With oal
Miss Kl IK . H (
lire Neglected told Caused
L'E, Okla.- "I have suffered
I I dm m M
Serious Illness.
"I had
so many
irrh of the throat. I caught
It settled In m) throat, aod
d badly and was very weak,
lot shop and bad no appO-
found m. h
tO HiM' lip
read about
trm that
dp I thought
, but at lasl
Peruna, so I
great medb
I will have
nt) mother
thought of
na, Peruna,
about foui
hini;. and
I ;ot a bottle Of it. ami
itnvB I almost slonnod
after aulnh I surclv found relief, ami
two doctors, and had taken from that time We are not without
different medicines and I I'cruna In our home,
ul bjoot in liquid medicbics can now procure I'cruna Tablets,
Oklahoma Pnlvorslly Is going to see
la nai live, sure-enough class reunion
like ih.) put on back In tho east nexi
Juiu- when tin- class ot 1910 goes back
for its first "round-up." Feuquoy
Mai liawson, in of the prominent
members of the class, consulted in
Tulsa yesterda) about the proposed
program ami have arranged features
thai promise to moke tin- donlxens of
Ho University riiy wake up and take
m.t i. i hat t in- L'nlverslt) of ikla
homu have some real alumni.
ruder the present plans the olass
w ill gal in r on j une B ami will sta)
through commencement. Bach mem
ber "ill wear a distinctive costume
,.101 President Brooks has agreed lo
iiuii the unlverslt) over to them to'
two days. Arrangements an- being
made lo have all the meals served in
tin- university buildings ami the
"round up" I. in. put in Ibe gym. Aftor
tho banquet toatai will be delivered
Until la o'clock, lon the gym will
be tinned over to the members of the
university for a real pid-fashloned
daiieo. This dance la to be fashioned
aftor t he oid times w in n i ho cjai of
'1" M.ie in school and an effort will
he made io have Burke's famous one
place orchestra, of olden days, furnish
the mualc, The program also an
nounces that the Deep Bark rt r
Club, and Poet, th" honor society,
"will rojie and tie a few" for the edi
fication of the new graduates.
Mbrman will lie capturod ami no
dignity will he allowed exoeptlng at
ih" commenci -out procession when
tie program announces "DTGNTTV
will not ho hailed, grab vours'. gel a
strangle-hold mid run;., t.. it Thla
Is the firal real elass reunion ever at
tempted and the leaders of the oiaas
Ol 1010 promise to make it .mo never
to ho forgotten,
N'ot by Words and actions alone ate
we Influencing those about us, bul
lo- ,oit- i'nm h-oannivi Wo novor tooel
anyone, even in passing, thai WO do
not receive ami, in turn, mane an uu
presaion, either pleasant or unpleas
ant. Have we not often been cheered
and had our thoughts diverted fr
out own discontent by meeting with
a cheerful, happs face. Bvon a child
has eln ored me by Ills silvery laugh
ami happy face as we pass him in his
play, oh, then lei us strive to have
our hearts full of love and it will
! make our faces glad and happy and
our passing Influence will he good,
i And if this grace be ours, we cannot
I hide it any more than the roses can
I suppress their perfume. We wore
once nueii Impressed with this beau
' tiful truth. We no t a prott) young
'lady with a lovely Im.x of rosea In
1 passion we only saw her beauty, bul
as w e went on In the opposite diree
tlon from her the seen) of the rosea
filled the air quite a distance, Bo is
! the fragrance from a consecrated,
I loving h. art.- Selected.
Hunters Attention!
The Quail, Turkey and Deer
Season opens Nov. 15.
We invite all hunters to
make our store headquarters.
We have everything in the
sportsman line and will cheer
fully give you any information
we can in regard to the hunt
ing districts.
M. C. HALE, Hardware
107 South Main Phone 22
(B) I'HfiKoN i
Von woild womb i
-eh es if a st or)
depot al Kansas t'tt)
i pee lUIP lies in a. 1 1 ,
mamma craw -d ots i
ones to sleep, Would b .
i his i une, 'l in i on t .,ui .i
what is t in- re il new -. .it
hen the Buei canal is be
Imports m as Qlbraltui .u.i
vim w .iter t limits h w m i
- a III
i rophli
being so
ami wat
War is
II) (lie
if . ourse. you
ad eight or ion
out free lunches
ids all.1 StUfl lllo
i e do, pi Interci
I thiol.. at
mill about
mis time,
ming as
when the
I.e. ,11. lei
u with Turkish
led foi i urklsh
at and s,. forth.
or m i m in i era w -
u.i in craw-dads,
like to
. h day
l.l depots or i t i e lain h
you have read these
Paris ami Berlin
Pntrograd dispstclt
i'.ni lines
London and
ml Vienna and
.ill .1. b led like
sixty, il plotcd in authority,
;n victory hut. neverthclcHi
from hell-to-breakfast, wh
pile, SomellllllK I ll.lt H
. ulue has to oa) on a nub J
is j re
'lie at
t I hat's ul-
.io of Interest fn
'. a "i i h it hile,
Dig BuuglinuU.
t eeh the old I nlon ib poi
lit was forsaken for I lie
lepol Ii wss about
run down to Kansas
creek, and when we
t Iked Into the di poi
things ihui attracted
ill. 111. lease I n size
of i in mere o over tin
tt e bad bcetl used lo
Uvea. Thi re t hey wei
der M'ass oovi ra largei
flab bowl h.o'k home. I
like, so tt . a nibled ..t
counter ami s it do n.
lee, too. We got
Down al llti' come
counter was a huh
weaaen ! i ace, a cui
low collar ami an ui
looked all-the-worl
Ion lo
in I nt I
fn si
Ihe dougluiul
doughnut that
. i
i lot In- 1 11 in h
hud .'.lull fl
lit II a k . r's lie. II
ut her'a hii
all "uncle
there whom
I ho tt I ill.
OS. 'I'lllS old
,o wouldn't
i it her bul
l (or etrat
hacksaw at
o end of the
rson bought 6
owch bun and
Til hot toll
Wo were too
ounier, ot er)
sandwich, wo
sat :
a dime."
far a wat to
i lo
stand tbe lot, hut in fifteen minutes
timi he probably had bel tin- same
'lime a hundred times. Maybe it
wasn't Ibo same dime, hut ant way. bo
i a dime (hat many tin., s Quite
naturally, wo were curious, '"it par
ental Instructions were nol to ask any
body any questions unless he was in a
linifol in ami ii i. I on a cap That was
'In lasl Instruction Issued any ol the
young fellows when departing from
the environs of Owl creek for Kansas
You call spend $25.00 for a
Suit or Overcoat DON'T
DO IT! Or at least he fair
enough to give your dollars
an opportunity to buy di they
can tor you.
look at spitzer's
close-out prices
For this figure you get. in um
Btrictod choice of all my regular
$18 00 T0-$20.00 SUITS
For this figure you get an linfe
stricted choice of all my
25, $27.50 and $28.00 SUITS
Buy Your l ull Clothes Here
Larse Stock io Choose From
Gives you an itnra
stricted choice of
all regular $18 and
I s
Li V.
..' ifc,
Gives you an unre
stiicted choice of
all regular $2f).C0
$27.50 and $28.00
You Take No
At this .s ile for I will rc
main in Tulsa and will al
ways be ready to make t;uod
any article that dues not
make 'rood itself.
tin. I out. tt.
off the
II t you
. nut
CltjT. So III ol.lef t.
bought a sandwich,
Wauled in Dot,
Tin' old fellow made a break
uur way. We afterward learned
he owned aeveral blocka of property
uptown, ami thul he had become
t. it wealthy In the paal fea yeara by
bi u in dime I hi i e at the in neb coun
ter in the old i 'nlon depot
"I'.-t ...ii a dime," Haiti he.
We started to take u bll
saudw II 11.
"Walt a minute," be laid.
a diiiio flrel "
"A dime on what?" We asked.
"Why. don ! ;. "ii know ? Hot.
a dlnn i hot c'h u i ockroach In
sandw a h."
Nol lliuoh We bad seen him
loo many dimes on the untie bet
th. aandwicdiex . aiildn't ! eaten
that, Bo to make up tin- difference
towarda the Inti rior cavity, we bought
ii couple of ii'i'i boiled ena, laid our
four dollars down ofl Jbe counter, and
offered to hot lilin the whole smear,
and a year-old calf back home, to
i t. that ih. io was nary a cockroach
III them.
i was In the old UnlOli depot, ton,
that wo not oui ft rat aenuine idea
nboul ih" Immigrant. Wo had beard
tin good old Bainarltana and fhariacea
back home extol on Bovernmeni pro
crastination "ii ut t inn off Immigra
tion, inn our flrel hand-to-hand en
counter with Immbfranta i urred
there Tin y were of the fragrant
knot. Iliad.' up of men and Womi U,
baakets, baca, bablea and foodstuffs
r.hodt who has ever ridden in a
homeaeekera' tourlal ear In the win
ter time understand about tin- Crac
rant traarancy,
It miijht not he amiss at this lima
to apologia for having said so little
about tbe war so fat, baoauae we have
a lot we WOUld like to Hay ahotit It
uboUt how it horrors came like
dream nines out of the midnight
darkness, and all of that, and how
that fellow win. writes the dispatcher
from Petrograd has lied so much
about Russian victories that be finally
stumbled into the truth ion we
won t. Anyway, the promise w is to
Mi.i eomething about free lunchea.
However, we forgot to mention the
fa. t tint as far as we ,:.o acquainted
nth Immigrants, they feed their
bablea, at a very tender uge, copious
goim of the inwi banana.
At any rale, there used to he a fel
low by the nan f Miller in Kansas
City who was said io have h. rved the
finest free linn h in all America. This
was in a day before Missouri legisla
tors oaaaed a law that made free
linn In s In saloons most unpopular
i things. Miller s. ited six or eight dif
i Cerent kinds of saUSSgeS, marly all
uood; hot beef roasts, steaks, ham
burgers, potato s..iad, sliced eorti beef,
smoked dried beef, chipped i f. hot
j welnles with hots, radleh, cold (law ami
I hot dog, forty kinds of plcklCS, t..-
Igether with garlic and Innumerable
other savory and iallvatlcklln
' dfsnes, not to mention If ungarlan
' goulash, w hieh is about the same
hintc as Irish stew depending much
j .n whether it s a Osrntan or an Irish
I imin who ealls for it. Then there were
I IiIk trays of ni bread with spli t sesdl
in it, crackers, wheal bread, hot t i-
lion, slieed tomatoes SJld onions, boiled
heets, canned sardines, blind robins
ami an sodlcsa array of salt fish ill
'of wlihli wre fie,, if juu bous'it a
glass of he.-t Sometimes if your ap-j
petite exceed od tour thirst, your free
lunch would rost ton none than the
ordinary lunch nt Met'llntoek'a nol far
away, or at Ton) I'ansi s in Si Louis,
and you would puff up like a poisoned j
load and nearly hate snakes that
Inteatperam p.
And. by the way, did you ever notice
that v.oi can have snakes just a bout i
us easily by eating t oo much as ton
can by drinking loo much? yVc novtT
had snakes. Wo always hate cats, hull
don't you kon one la about as had.
as the other? Take u I bolls. ill. i CtttS. I
sitting all around on the covers and
whispering sweet a s over your
fevered toretop, and when you wake
up, you sure will know ton hate I.e. n
Home place! The time we had 'em.
no douht they were brought on l)J
eating tw pieces ..r mince pli and a'
raw onion and a pickle io lore retll
Ini II WaS lit III 1 I II'' Pie ol til'' I Ul .oh
or t he pick le. ui maybe the two Um
burger sandwiches and a dune s worth
of hot tanialca we uto it tin' same
tune, thai bred the catastrophe An)
bow, it was a whole lot of full and i
pleasure to wake up ami find it wasn't
so about the oats.
Si vera 1 years ago there were one or
two near-saloons In Tulsa, when frc
lunches were served, excepi on Sat
urdays, when the hots used to come
in from Red Fork Win n thai oc
curred, there wasn't igh left
around the place to feed the i a nary,
so the practice famished
Three tears ago w, were sitniii: on
a bi i r keg in t if aun In ront of a
business plsce in Winona, .Minn., one
Sunday morojng. looking at th" bit ds. I
This saloon had a full col!." lion. an. I
ih. front looked like a bird show in
an aviary, The place Is on t river,
and at that time the saloons were
open day and night and from tin
back on Sunday. There were ten or
twelve cages filled with owls, par
rots, crows, magpies, gulls and so on,
and m one was a big eagle with vny
hair and tied down with a chain In
tiie middle of the house then was s
caged patrot. a big greon ami yellow
fellow. IS very time ioi me came In
he would say. "Kt. ry time you take n
drink, thinns look different." And
whenever anyone would leave he bad
heen taught to say. "Hoot, UlOn."
Well, on this particular morning,
the Lithuanian win. bail charge of tin
lards, mixed Up a lug unss of food for
them. It was Composed of eoin meal,
ground oyster shell, meat trimmings,
soahed senilis of bread and other
stuff, all made into a kind of a HlUSll
it s a kmd of a lumbei country around
.-re, and usually the luinborjackl an
a droughty lot. About tins time a i.Ik
raft boat tied Up on the levee and a
doen or so Swedes flocked Into the
place and ordered ilrlnk, a the)
line through Ibe baek door. TlleV
were iii the logging business, hauling I
logs down th. nver fur someone else.
swede. Too.
Along about tbe sixth round of
drinks, a long Swede with light hair
and bine eyes spied the pan of bird
food on tin- back end of the bar, with!
h h i; Spoon ui it lie made a dive for
It and WSS soon Joined by his com-
palnona The) took turn shout with
th" spoon, and In I minute there
Wasn't as much left in the pan as the
Id d Fork hoys used to b ate when
HUly Miles and Moss Miller were put
ting out free lunches
Ami another thing, there is less
truth and more depravity in Ibe dls-
i!,.if-h from tiolitieal II, .1101 liar! el n I
thiin there Is in those from WSI bead
This Device Stands
Perfect Sanitation
This emblem ol membership was granted Us b) Ifai National
Cleaners' and Uyers' association, onij aftei .. r pi. mi had been thor
oughly Inspected, ami found to be In every r sped up to the high
si 1 rids ni that thi . di uiund trout each and rery member,
When 'nii send 'our garments to the clcanct
in be cliemicalh cleaiied "ii should eousider tho
liealtli nf your Patiiih nud be Burc that you Bend
them whew they will be (.'leaned uuder sanitary
fonditioiiB, Clothes that are cleaned in .1 dark, dirty
place are uoi really cleaned and ''.'iiiii"t 1 sanitary,
linii't take chances where vour health is concerned,
We Invite the Most Critical Inspection.
Bankston '$ Parisian
Cleaners and Dyers
Phone 48.r)0 and 4851. 211 South Boston.
t lley's TcstitaoN)
Dr. Wiley, PUTS food ixpcil, tele-
brated his 70th birthday recently and
boasted lo his friends that he felt as
fit as ir he was only 10, lie attributed
his excellent condition to the fact that
he had good t eth. Which In- had si"
ways taken care of properly.
It Is more than likely that the fa
mous chemical expert owes much,
also, to his ability to recognise fit and
unfit food, yet ins tesUmony as to the
tmportai OS Of proper . are of the t. eth
might well I..- heed d.
it is not important thai tbe average
Individual could keep his tei th In
sound condition for as little SS
during an entiie lifetime, if in- began
early and paid consistent attention to
the matter
The big tail at the dentist's Usually
results from the process ..r putting "fr
simple duties; the postponement of
little tasks until they become, large
It isn't a popular thing to he put-
tlng shingles on the dentist's roof, as
the saying is; hut any matter which
affeel tin- public's health OUghl to he
a proper one for comment.
And it does not seem Improbable
Tortus Rvasunible
Phones 1561. 3133.
that we are arriving at an era when
' the prompt attention to defective etes
and teeth may be regarded as on. ,.t
the proofs that the forces of ClvtttSS
I tion are bearing us along with them.
St . I. o.iis Times
I'm iii tin Vest,
r.iiierij.'neieii oueii prote a man in
i.e more courageous than lie thought
he was. atul sometimes they ttork op-
Room for trgnmettt.
It's a question whether the quarrel
some people all net married, or the
married people ail get guarreleogM.

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