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Tulsa daily world. [volume] (Tulsa, Indian Territory [Okla.]) 1905-1919, December 20, 1914, MORNING EDITION, Image 14

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THH TULSA DAftT World, lUNDAT, HKi'Klf Blfl 16, ItH
( VI'H III li
I Win I
fl i
in in
V I lur
it Ui'Ugtlon
In- post uf
I In- I II
1 1 Kslisis
W I III III I'lHI I I ll Ml I I li XI
i 1 1 I : I l c u I in
M v - 1 1 1 MiT' N, I n r. i Tin1 state
I U Mm hi IV .IS I.P.I II, I 4 I. Ill' I ulill J
L'd iii mn
nil n.iiiI. federal laws
requiring u
judge, in ii intltin .iii appoal in hat'can
in i in rourt'i Hi li'nl Inn i ii . iin in iii'i h,
.mil Ik inforimtd Hi- ill i unit) that
i inn in slu' sii iii'i until Monde .
TJif iii .i miiiKlil tin Ihe ground
Hull i i. nil, '. riiiiNtliuUiinal tight
u In n Hi.' vi nil, l ttus .inliiiiill' -i ll
I'oUllsCl f.u I'l.Hili lll'tflll'd Hint the
;! p i . i slut ,iis I mil lurlsdlctlun
When In- Was ill nu ll lln light In fact'
tin- I'u v ,ii i ! i iiliuliintlim o( iii'-
i I i: mm I'l i H'l I
I s I (t A I I DM
Mum limn sii. Iiuiidrt .1 1 pie last
, hi w iiiii' mi ii t in- iii-rfoi tuanuft of
1 . 1 1 i i ii lira) rnmpaiij in Hon-
. liuii Lull Ii n.ii the I. until linn.
j , , , . I ! 1 1 1H I ill fill I .VII Hill euuifftl a
.1 HI . I . 1 1 1 1 1 J 1 1 III til I ...it "i ' "'
miiisi enjoyable ol the several Lyceum
I ooiiihoh brought I-, tin , ollj during
till . 1st l.-H V I V
w 1 . Uriiy'n numbci 01, i" 1 fam
r un i'i. in,, n. 1 t loll 11 delighted tin
Audience u nd ihe piano soloi lis Big
i. 1 1 1 11 11 , 1 1 . 1 1 1 clot or
rii, reiidliixt 1,1 Minn Uray'e mother
were .mi "i it., ordinarj mi "ho
. H I ' , ,1 ll. I ll-l . I . I tt It ll I III' l-MI"
111, 11 .111,1 ii 1 uf lier numbers,
'rii.- 11, xi lyt'i imhei will be
given in 1 '. .11 , -Hi i.ui iinii mi Jnnttut)
(l, m Inn .1 11, Ir. 1,1. 11 will 1I1 In fl tils
famous lecture a feature ..f thli
entertainment will be the overture
liv Hi.' Kendall college orchestra
Kill i., 11
In 11 lln- kllllltu '-I' Krwii 'H and I
1 mnn rirm was i- 1. i. lonmil 1
Hlmpieh hI S'ligglos honors, Mill 1 I
iiiimul liuwmsn nil., iin- N'ecoaeri ,
. 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 , 11 ml t iiiii ..Hi, 11I I. m lind HUM
tin- men were sulijtwrta uf Ureal inn-!
11 11 n.i rei't Hi ni ,1 1 1. 'ir , - 1 luivt! Iiuen
llilidi' i" Un- -lull depart mi 111. I'm 1
thi-i ' iinfirumtlun nl the . iseugtion uf
Tin 1,1.1 i.j 1 unstltut UitmliHt force I
1111111 1.1-iing about twi'iit) 1 in. us. lint 1
readied tin. siut. ,1.1.1 1 1 un ni today I
1 runt Mi 'it
I 1 '. .1 1 . i 11 1 1 'K , ..nditl'.ns 111 Meslro
III ltl I 11 I .1' , ., Itutl 'I' p I I I .mini' in I
in. i,t t,.ti.i nay
"The 1 1 pit 11 111 tint 's representative at
Mi'kirn I'lt) reported, iindm date 01
1 in . lulu 'i ik, that lh local situation
a. is uboui till- name it.' stated that,
i.iiiik I.. MM information, hi. mi- at -1
ii-.t-, were marie "ii December it, and ,
Hint in- had nui h,. 11 .1 of an j furthei 1
uxeciilluiu. 'l ln depai lliiMtt is ad
iland thai lh goverumoul bat been
buying exchange and thai the price
has fallen in 17. in. alio, thai l a de.
ni dated 1 li. - 1 14 h ol 1 oi ember, 1 he
authorities hate provldod foi the x ,
I'm in. I. i.r 1 :,, 111. 11, Him ihbhoh for un.-
I'otintry'i pa rlf lent Ion.
I I I I I l III I I V I ' I i I M I ' ' I
sl. Ml III III l
14,1(1 I Ml SI
I'll III I I
slid in t n
U S I I 1 1
lulu:; I'l i-i- IViMllii
rt'sietl lit n
Mlsviil ltl
'J'ivii t iiiii r irrcxl,
I h 11 'til. AS, An. . I ', 1 , in. .1. T. T. j
I'axton, iiiiiish conaular rejireaenui t
in.' h' i .-. satd todaj ih.it hr had lei n 1
mi I bj MevH'l III. nils that tin-1
tii" in. 11 were under nrreat In Naco
an. c harmed ith the robbery and
murder "f Thomaa Crancla ami K, K, j
iJtinn, Un' two KiltiNii :,iii. is who
tvere killed near a mining propi-Tty In
wlin h the) wore Intereated neeem
lier t,
I'axton h" lepreaented Bt the
trial, iin' di r win. ii baa mn bi 1 n
It. .111 In ( an.tila
iiHtuin, 1 1 -1 r I si : 1 1:. ; 1 1 l 1 1. , 1 1; a
In. Ill I Hiim ulni W is killiul I,, l..v ia
"I ItOJ .mill Nui ,. .all Blintira 11 un lifirn In
hi,.-, win. his been wanted lilt-re I FtrlttHh t'olumbin, bill after tin- death
n a .naiKi- "1 uHHuini i"i un- punt or his i i i-n is, whin he was J years
iw" v.'.h Authorlllea have been ..1,1, ,,,m,. i,, Pltlshurah, where be
king i"i bint evei alnee, but hi' has lived with relative. When In1 reached
1 Mi, 11 siuut .-ia, 1.1I in, 111. ii-. urn m il,,. I,.., 1 nuliod for cltlaan !
t'uis. 1 st of Un time, ahlp pupcra, bul two 111 on the before
Although he has been In police paper could t"- iaeued In- left Pitta-
.in 1 ni.. i.- llm use ..11 varloua j burgh foi Mexico, Before K"ittK ho
BT I 'U is i... I-' Ak it-, in cnarge nere, tie nas noi ! 1 rec- secured rrom the federal authorltlo? n I
ni.i.h- by iin dcrielun "l tin' federal tignlxed. Veelerdaj t'hlef Hums waa written statement thai hie application I
board ..f Iniiioi were Hlgncd here Informed thai Pierce was Hie man for nuturallxatlon Was on file.
(mill) h) nificliilH "f lln- st. 1 .null wanted at t'aavllle s,. long ami when I
w it'oitiiti 1..11' laiii.inii ' rami ui 1 LOST 2 MULES AND HORSE
.ill'l 1 1 't "-."111 11' I. is in III" i'.'Uil'11'i'H s ,iiii"i, in- 11,111
Sheriff il M Hrlxej nf
1 1.1 1 1 1 'uunl v . M iss.. in t. w il
I'lllsn .,il.i t.. I.iK" 1 h.ilK.
r 1 in- 'tth "i m ar-
I It 1 1 1 1 ami h"hl him 11 til il tin- Mis-
Bnurl uitli-lalM could '" notified.
Itrlxe) will la lie I'lorce lo tin- scene
nf the alleged assault
Hm I'lri-s in Montgomery.
i i.NTili IMKIO . Ala , I'". , If
Two fires here todti) cauaod n property
I" '; " llm. Hi 'I 111 1165,4)00 'I'h" un
used In lit of tin- 1 'Illells l.lk'llt &
Sln.iihl 1 1"' 1 'nut 1 i'i"" 1 1111 1 a full !',.. i i ',. was Imimnl .unl he NaT-
iw tlilrds .'i th" giinllfled wlcra I" tel Nlcrussl )rj Qonds compnny'a eg.
tin- unions involved iihl ii"' tote In fa tabltaliuienl was practically destroyed
.ir ,.( tin- strike as the railroad 'fnc losses are partiall) covi I by
prob ibl) will end Innni dlntelj fm tin
union leaders then will in ultimo)
is bclnii m.nl. i" dclt-i mint' bet hci
iin) enaineiiicu's 111110ns. wim ttis-iitlv
..I. il ti. strike.
Tin siHiifti agreements A'sre pre
gented i" .IihIk" V 1 I'hambers,
1 haii .nan ..i' 1 hi board, whu Is pi e
Siding "i.T tin nicdlatl unferencos
wgilch have been lit progress here t"i
three days t'ounllug of the strihe
t"t" was begun lonighl undei the su
nervlsloii "f Judge rhninbers
1 in
I 1 1 V I lit ll
itilisl 1 minted t In mediation board will
I iifrntltnl with lh" task "I 'I" .t.litl'l t.KOWIU- M
i. rtaiu KMiOOKN ini ii; slltlt
he w is intoxicated Setei.il 1 seep:. iv changes In Iho laws regU'
Innien w prevented bs court rrnln ate embodied in a lull in be
il ii"ti ihe leullt'St I icnli'd t,, the li vtslu t in e In .latin
1 1 v w In, h w i taken up I..I' pi elllli
I'm I p-.Iiti.'ii t " I SA54.it I
Regular $3.50 Roclvinc;
Chairs lor S2.1,r)
Regular $6.50 Rocking
Chairs for
Rc!:u'.H' 88.50 Rorkmn
Cliairs for
at Farmer's Bankrupt stock
24 W. First St .. Phono 2238
! ,', iliHcussloit il i 1 1 n 1 1 in; "f tb
I 'alifortitn drape Protective sssocla
t was dcfeatud at th" November eh-e
Th" hill ami- at Ihe eliiiiinali.il. ..f
ill .lives .hi. I groggertus, reduction of
I he i umbel ..f saloons ami III" i ei
else of control over th" liquor ttat'
itnong th" proposed features of the
numbered badges,
RcllCVC I be Were Mob u I loin a
11 II 11
Vllen Smith. ,r IJ West I'irsl stieet,
slated to ihe poll, i l. isi night thai two
null, s it ml one horse h id I n taJcalt
from h'i corral. II" offered no solu
tion "i' ihe situation and suspected
nobody, bul seemed Quits sine the
stock Would "ol wan. l.-t- away, as
Ihel u as feed In I be stalls
He sin'. ,1 t hal an employe of Ills
had i"'i tii" sto.-k hay aarh in the
livening and went about o'clock to
feed them corn ami found I hem noli.-.
i i"' k 'i" to th.- horse lot had I"- n
wired sh n and the wire appeared to
hue been .ni, hut that was nut cer
tain, The police are on the lookout
fm- iii,- animals.
iti Minors Rt.'xmKi: okii:r
I .a Nov era I Days tb.- ini ll.nl Ridgu
..I Terror,
Ll M i A I. A.I A RA, Rexlco
1 ' v .a Ki I'a.s... Texas, I lei
tleneral villas troops have ro
i " ' 'i "i del here and have taken
charge of 1 1 . - state and municipal de
pan menu tieni-nii Julian Medina
has been appointed provisional g-ot
ernoi of Jalisco. Before evacuat
ing Iho city Hi" Caranxa forces un
der fieneraj Rleguex scoured five
million pesos from the government
"Hi." and confiscated automobiles,
horses ami household goods. For sev
eral iias the cltj experienced a
reign ..r lawlessness, V'illa troops
it" pursuing iin- C'arranxa followers,
.un . I Nallln
Ihe I'higlisli
SI 1:
$5. 15
S'liersblp of saloons bt
s i tie i. row . rie make
ot ownership,
niisdemeanoi tor mm
liquor, it now being
for t he one w ho sells
I.i Xl)ON, Roc. ll. iio in p. in.
'Willi; to Hie fe-lf of strlltl K IllUles
sown b) th" German IquRdron en
gaged in th,- recent raid on Rnglish
is! ci i-l towns t ll. sailings Of sle.ili -
is between Hull ami Copenhagen
at.- been suspended
That the British admiral!) is mak
ing progress in coping with the dan.
pel from mines is indicated by its
announcement iod.it that th" route
between Neu Castle and Ftatn bor
ough Read bad beet) reopened for uae
during daylight, bul that th.- vessel
were required to keep within two
'till' s of (lie coast
Photos for Christ
mas (lifts
1 1' i.ii will I'l.nr your order today.
SUNDAY, w't art" uvparod to handle the
Kcinit' in i mn- I'nr 'hristwas.
Studio Open All Day
Zeff Studio
Over Wriuht 'hitliins Store,
Main St.
limn' sii
le ill
10. Illlll I ill I SUM Kollllt I
l anucu
l.Altiaui. lo.- r. General Pablo
Oonaalea has reached Ihe I'anuoo ml
fiei.i district with ten thousand troop.,
prepared lor an offensive agalnal
Ilia forces at Tamplco, according to
reports here todoj
The same message asserted that
CarransN troops had captured Parraa,
a small town near Torreon, and coti
tlrmed reports from Sun Aatonlo,
Texas, that the illii fot.es at San
I. iiis r.itosi bad none .iter to Car-
Had i" Ibandon ream
ROt'OLAB, Arlsona, Dee, hi h
Rrowna, a mine owner ami Ches-
i Rtaley, a teamster In ins emplo)
at h 'i here toda) afoot They re
II.. t that Maytorena troops had
t . ti tht in with rifi. s ulni ma-
i tie mills test.t ilat 1 :i miles south
th. holder Tint said Ihe) wele
i to fit e fm their lives aban-
l hi it team and a load of pi...
k -us noil e.inipmeiit f.u Browne's
Voted to Ilium Hack Haloon
i IIIIHICPI RT, Ohio . Ie. 19.
lie itii.-s or Bridgeport, Belloire and
irtln's i'et i loda rated to fees,
idish saloons. Tin- election brings
loons .tit'- r.enuol.t toul.lt foi the ,V
a bib
0 Jr
aa- ' -
V 11 KJU
i i r
rvu i" ' . i ff!tt:A'. I ml tv,
Mn Iin
It' Mint' liiils iiiti'iuleil fin' tint of town frit'lldu mi' l' IVtfill litem lit tilin' il is
luake vour goloctioiu Moiidn',
Bgrlt kiioppiiig briugs you tin- boiiefil nf bigger ami bettor nasortuieiitg iffordN you lln noui
forta ni' less crowded mslcs uml in moot ubutatitigl wij bring you kuoohh to tin' daily ecouo
lilies wlieu tlicv nre ul tboir Inst.
Vinit this Big ObrittmSd Sture Early Tuinorrow.
Kjili'inliij big, lu ll, u iiiin Knlies in it collootiou of dork plaids.
Heavy, deep fringe, just ihe kiud that "ill dolight any motor
ist Exceptional valuea at $6.50, $7.50, $8.50 and $10.00
Minn Kloor Kaal Aisle.
iitts Inr bouia deeorationg in beg braaa ami copper hangiug
t'eiii diahea and jardiuierg of many hizvh ami gbapea. Hmok
iitjt Sets with maut arrangements for ones likes and boo
keuieucea, A gift nl' service mitt be bad from these at
from 50c to $10.00
M nut Floor i enter A isle.
A (ffl auggeatiou inr ladies or
geiitlemeu, A real neceaaitj in
travel, You have excellent
clioioe ii a splendid lot of
I 'uses ol' Heal mill and Walrus:
leather, fitted itli pyroliii
ivor) r ebony pieces A var
iety of arrangements assures a
case thai meets you require
ments. Case at $r..0) lo sfC'.'i.OU
Specially prioed tomorrow
One Fourth Less Than Regular
A genuine sale of shoes with a hin Christinas spirit.
Hole is iiin. it economics, Include a pair of these spleudid
siioes in your Christ matt giving. If the site is wrong we will
exchange them after Xinas.
IVOMI vs. sum s
(V'omen'i in fl Shoes repriced Christinas s.iie M.fa
Women's $' 01) aiioes repriced Ohrlstmas sale pB.fB
Women's 4. 8(1 Shoes reprl I t 'lit 1st mas sale as SO
IVo men's 14.00 Hbocs repriced Christmas sale $t.:
U'oiuen's I.i ."ni si repriced Christinas stle $2.75
t "men's 18.00 Kboes repriced Christmas saie 2.2.
IVomen's 12.60 Shoes repriced Christmas saie ti.ss
o charge entries ttiii i made at these prices. Kuriy shopping is bast,
i mi. mn siioi s.
Infanta' 88c Bhoei repriced at, pair esc
Infanta' $1.; : Shoes repriced at. pair BSc
Infants' $1.38 Siloes repi I at, pair $l.).'
infants' $i.,",u Shoes repriced at, pan $1.10
i mi OKI Miui s Ml s i TO h.
Children's 11. "6 shoes repriced at, pair BSe
'bildren'a $ 1 .50 Shoos repriced at, pair Si lo
Ihildren's 11.76 Shoes repine,! at, pair 91. SS
,'blldren's fi.00 si s repriced at, pun- 91.-IH
Missi HHOKH sl,1 s si. TO ii.
Uiases' Ji 6 sio.es repriced at, pair $i.ss
Misses' r,u sinus repriced at. pair .. $l.ts
Mi tun ' is 26 Shoes repriood at. pair II.BC
Musses' s. 80 Shoes repriced at, pan- $i.sr
RIIUiB' Slllll s Sl.l s I I 'a TO 2.
Girls' It.Sfi slims repriced at, pair $l.ts
tilrla' $2.60 Shoes repriced at. pa ir $l.ss
H i if. 76 Shoes repriced at. pair $2. its
iiitis' It. uo siioes repriced at. pair t-.-i'i
lid. I.IKI.s' so;s M.l ,s 2i;. TO $,
RlH llirls' I'i .'iO Sliues reprl I at, pair $I.S.i
rti fllrls' IS no Shoes repriced at, pair $2.2
111! iin I' $3 f.o Shoes repriced at, pair $2..
We have assembled for tomorrow's selling most attractive
lot of dresses selling up to $2500 in Serges, kCessalines, Vel
vets anil Charmeuse. They nre good styles, all this season;
colors and blaok. A buying opportunity tomorrow in the
Suit Department Second Floor. Dresses von want, values
to f25XX) nt '. $9.95
Tomorrow General Sale No siaei or kunls will be reserved.
Vou will have unrestricted choice from many hundred gar
menta; warm, rich coats selling regular at $4.00 to $15.00 in
sizes t to 11 years. Bring the little miss here secure a
most I. inning garment al JUST HALF REGULAR PRICE.
Second Floor -
We are certain you know how very much every huh ap
preciates Purs. Here is a Christmas buying opportunity,
(lives you full choice of every kind ami shape of Pur pieoe
or sei Furs at $10.1)0 to $200.00, For the next four day$
Special!) selected uml now for gifts- on our Second Floor
silk Underwear of crepe de chine, Jersey silk ami meaaalrue,
white and colors Bloomers, Union Suits. Gowns, skirts ami
Sets at $1.59 to $40.00
Beautiful new Blouses Baby Knit Sets in white and red,
new Velvet Fur Trimmed Coats, Baby Novelties, Crepe de
chine. Camesoles ami Corset Covers Things that are ap
tin our balcony weighing, posting and preparing Xmai
packages. Vou may secure stamps in all denominations.
nl .'hty little city of Delight There is real Christmas here for the young folks ami grownups alike
greeted by hundreds of new tots and many special economies. Morning Shopping is surely beat.
Monday vou '11
POOL ( III NTS T II l.l I'lllt'K,
TI ,i not in. int of these lefl and they will all no before Monday's
0 iling Is very lute. They are Ideal Rifts for hoys. The regular price
1 ii i" from R0c I" $f..0l anil they bate tools ill keeping with their
value, such ns Raws, planca, hummers, squares, screw timers, etc, The
idling price will he just half 5c to $2.H
nul l MOXDAY l ull $14$.
Tliis is it 14-inch Doll, bisque head, full Jointed body, natural eye
i i, .us iiei I ishes, hand-sewed sleeping eyes, slip-over dress,
shoes ..il l stockings 'I'l. is linll will he In lilt; demand Monday, for
I he p II he hut $1.-6$
i ii in m i i t; not i s 1 1 in in.-.
en-inch Ionic I '"lis with character facea; bisque
Interesting jot gifts for the utile folks. The price '
ic and they will go very f ist Monda) morning
unl cellulol 1
f I hes-o I lulls
at the sale
SHOO IHsiiuH Mile.
Shoo I'lys, the babj loekiur; horse These are worth $1.00, $1 ." and
II,."" painted horse ules. upholstered scat iiiiil I. in k Even lit.- tery
little tot tttll like Mich a gift, The) lire in three values, but one sale
pin, prevails Monday soc
I0x20-lnrh Iron Bgpreaa Wagons: wooden butt. mis. strong wheels,
well painted aragons. Vou know the kind you always liked Well.
I hi . nre the srim.- ones, The) are worth a dollar, but e nr.- koihx
to ofter them Men, hit tt bile this sir.e lusts, at 7.V
No matter the S4?e, you will find some kind of n hook her.- for
ever) child If they bite nature, tve hate I., oks in nature stmlies.
ir the) nt! adventure, you'll Bnd such here Hooks for even little
mind Kins that will last longer than th- Christmas season.
'All..- ti Wonderland", a tine book, well hound .$2,110
"Cinderella" 75,.
"Orlmm'e fairy Tabs'' $2.00
"Robinson Cruaoe" $$oe
Swiss ramll) Robinson" $2,110
S I .Oil
st. on
I lie
"History of the t inted States lot Hoys and liirls"
"In Story Land"
itcii Hunk lor 1 Children" . . .
"8c sues Prom the Bible"
"Llttls Polks of Field and forest"
"Farm Vard l-'ulks"
"Little Batnbo"
"Oood Prlends"
"The Night Before Christmas."
"The Bird Hook"
" The JMrd Honk"
"My First tattle History" 'u.v
"My First Animal Book" ,.,....!! !g$e
"My First Hook of Poetry" 2."ic
Vou can find a choice name lor almost any boy or girl In this
showing, Some of them .ue merely for amusement, some contain
k 1 lessons in morals, history, geography and other subjects. Games
arc always acceptable with children and the est of them is very
slight, Ann. un the hundreds of games here we nam.- a few:
The Mansion of Happiness ar,e
The Cycling (lame
Dorothy Dainty Pussle a.-,,.
I iek the (iianl Killer gjgc
Magnetic Pish Pond ...Me
Parker's United stales Map Same .Mc
Parker's Loom Set $$)q
Mart. Mary, Quite Contrary Mc
Fust Steps 111 Bowing $$f
Parker's Trap shut . . .mu
s, e-Baw Same 25c
$anp 5c
Funny Fellows 5.
Mi Wife and I 10c
a it 1 Uame
deo graph 1 ; irae . .
Rook -.
fucks Hope Climbers
. .ic
Make Your Christinas Selections From These.
coiiHidcr this one of the best Ohinaware offerings wa have ever made, In
cluded in tin- showinir is a fjtvHt number of hand piiintcd iiiiportcd pieces of China.
V. did not expect much of this to come throUM on Hceount of the war. btft it
did '"-t here at last, arriving only last w cek. We had filled in the place of lb
is order and as 11 result this offering in-clues an unusual assoi'tmeiit in kind and
imralmrs. Odd band-piece plates, howls, cream ami sugar spoon anil ornery trays,
nut bowls, tea iots, syrup pitchers, fancy bonbon dishes, cracker jilt's and other
pieces too numerous lo mention, They are well worth to $1.26 a piece hut Ihe
this Monday's sal
r The Big Third Street Store-Meet Me There Monday
Brsi tiati since !$$.

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