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Tulsa daily world. [volume] (Tulsa, Indian Territory [Okla.]) 1905-1919, December 22, 1914, MORNING EDITION, Image 2

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i 1 1 l . I I I , s ) A I J- WUULU, I I ft H J) A V i I K I ft M U K H 'J 2 , 19 14
Million Mm Rtl'Hchod
Along if' Mil' I ili1
fur ). I. iiv...
Kt ring nf Trent-lit' iiiki A
t i 1 1 r Ai' mi lJ
I hr U'l'iiiaiis,
( , n 1 . i sit i I-
i 1
j t. Hi'
tin iniiui"
.i ml
iii in n
i,. ... in . in iii ii
hatr I i n ( l
, n, .inn .1 .i ii "'Hi nun Mm-
g-llli iiinl HIIMI) n i-ini' i - '"
nipnii.il M i" I I"" '' "
Hi. I,- hav Im-. ii n pill il I'V "I"
l,i. dim: I11I111-
i.l . -ii nlin - official ImiIIi H"
el aimed. lmMirlaiil cam- Ui sr
C ii in i ill-" liBtW
VIKNNA. !"' "I "r
tin' KrriKn nf Prsemysl ' ' '''' 11
,i, sperala effort 111 effect " l"n """
with tin Aunt rui 11 ..in ahleh foi Ho
pes! threi days ha ti i n engaged with
be enemy in an attempt " ralai Ihe
glegc The Itu -i mi '" """
i mil to m "' l"M
lo i i H a HS
I.ONIHIN. ! 21 A battle of
inorinoin ropirllnn I planned for
Waraaw a million ituHBlitni on I
1 1 i mil.' front arc defending the
iti The losses on both strti
the heA lest. Ii nnn wiyx that
Russians are simngls reinforced
Petrograd todaj Ihc situation la
iini hangi d
t.l KM n I HH i K
PARIS, I l The desti n Hon
ol the in n' hes and two ' " "
Ullery pieces eaat f Allien was offl
dally announced Indus The entire
rhM Una of the enemy's treni lies
otlthwest ol Loon ha. been
pied. Important gains In llelgluro
pronoo are .ilso luinii .1
iii l H i i IIOIUl.
HKlt 1.1 V Dec, 21 Thi official
bulb tin laam .1 todas de lures that the
attach on tin Russians In Poland
continues The iiltuatlon In east
Pi ,-sm.l u prue.tli all) unchanged,
I II. II mm. I ii IK i i I
PAU1B, Dee - I Two Un i '' I'
in.u h have h n taken u the Prom Ii
Southeast ..f l,alaaaee in thcli re
gumption of their fl ree attai k,
Koulert ha not yet been laken b) the
British 1 S 1,1,1 ""' fighting there
la the moat bitter nf the at In that
taction With the glllee' warships
elding along ih iaat the battle In
Plunder la lnrreaalnn In ferocity,
K Msi i; m rltON I
LONDON, l,,' 21 Thi kglsy hna
returned from the frnni against Ute
protests of his phyalelana He waan't
rampletel) re o ei nd, it la reported
However, the military men Inalated
tn apend ciiriMiiii.it with hla troopa
In ol 'irr I" tti ourage t hem,
i hi'ii.M 1 1 v
.ii Hi I I
, i hi
iii, main
ml pfcufor
lll uf llli'
; i thi" honor wan qos -lion
hi a acrlw of
i Khafai In auirpoTl nf a
levy f"i the development
I ayatem Tha tea wrr-
ii Imlngly, and I ha t . ii
thufei ilnl it
Sti.n Hi' Thi'illinc M idiiiiflit
Huh Mii-t lie Uecit4H
in Vault,
AttonieyN Hope 1" Kt'op
Thaw I'lrc li llalii'as
Corpus Mriliinls.
rhaw mual buck to New ork st.it,'
'in ta,i- ii ml .'ii lha charge of conaplr
lacj in eacaplnii from Matteawan Th
aupreirie court revoraed tha Ken
, I lampablre coui i and granted a grrtl
determine whether in- waa Inaana at
iin timi ni hla eacape Thaw is nol
( tffiofl iv.itiil bj i in' I mh
( 'niiL'ii" - I f 1 1 1 1 in N
tvatinj licyistrar,
Tul -a Haiikt'i', I'.hi Indian,
I i K'Hiiill ( ainliilatr
for Hip PohH ion.
VV siii m:ti in, Dec, "-'i Pn Mil' iii
Wilson Loday nominated m un rin
ii mil-ill uf tin five clvlllai il mi" i of
Oklahoma, Qahe IS Pj ker of Okla
lioma wiin in now reglatrar of Um
trcaaury. Tins office waa urca,ted bj
tin i.i i congreaa, ahen the Indian lull
aai paaaed couaolldatiiig thn office
ni Miiiii rinti'iiili iit uf tin' I'nlon agency
MlIHgogee, now ln-lil by I 'ana II
laev. and il fflce of comml
loner uf the fur ulvlllced tribe, now
Iii-i.i by .1 Oenrge Wright
Fot iiu'iitbs tin' treildmil and mem
bera of tin- Ukbthoma delegation In
onngrea have been trying to agree on
gome Oklahoma Dei rat for tin- po-
Itlon Thirty prominent politician
from thi st, it,- made application for
the Inn However, the aonaiora ami
repreaentatlveg from Okuxhoma could
not ggree mi any of them ami It wan
flnall) decided to unite on Oabe I'ur
ker, a promlneul Dklahoma imiian
from tin- i 'hoctuw countr)
Tin' appointment of Parker leave
another I i k fndoraJ plum vacant a
Parker bis i n buiiiing tin- office "f
f tin- trcaaury.
of Tulaa, prominent
banker, pioneer ami nan imii.in. la
prouabl) tin- leading applicant for tin-place.
"I, i"i i (ample, ii
Phi tiiilnre uf ill
ion- men M l
IV ill
,,f II,
ii hu
aiaruiingl) 1 1 auAien-t,
III , M ll Miu
Tin complulnl i aal t be foi r ix i
lui: lioat it fli n-ir , w ,i s ineutionud
i 'iiiiimlaalnnar Waldo i" yegra a
hen in- dei larod rhal there wu
i vi u third of the m rt,niu number
iiuii Tins ritv ahuijld have EfiO in
men w it ii iba hi ginning of mil
W is did nut gel I hem, -k 1 1 i
t unny part of it all to ever one
rpt (he i "iiiioissi .in r i in- peopli
blaming w is for the recent gnnt
gangatm ,i I,, i bom throwing apldi
M hi' h tins mi mo nl i he I'ltl .
War Oorrospondenl Musi
Adhere to Orders of the
Ainu Officers.
A Pgjgog gift irrtifn.ilr ximpla'p ( Tn iHtm.in ijuing. P nlirvrs tin: ;iiirebahi-P from BUUtlAf I Choloe,
An Jdetil ilt for Men or Women
Lisles mid Couori per box
$l aO. $2.00, $3.00
SUIT A Gilt any BUM will np
$35.00, $40 00 iintl $r)0.00
" I usher1
Writers in
' M-oil
i eglal rar of
l.cr Clinic
I.1. . I, .. I . .1' CJ ! 1
I iii n tin yj vy ill 1 i 1 1 i ii'
Destroyed Property to
Pay Kin-turn.
New Fork, With Smaller
Force, Is Our of H''-t
Patrolled Sties.
s.i.,1 that If an
.ii- to take lit in
i i Iii i habeaa
lu t'ARI T' IN B !K.
i w rhte ho I h Unltd PraM )
I II I I I I . I M
i 'i i ii i : i I in 2 1 Safe blow er
,,',, fuui thouannd dollara after Nndlng a
tun h of Ni ITi
grouaea admlratl
fire depal tin' ''I
Tbr men In b
DOdg, inm. t,
ambition of tin
youogater to m i
be a fit fighter,
grow out tin-
Two la
Dec. H. Two fee
il U life w nleh iiIw.ini1
mi to viattora are the
ami the police foree.
th departuienta are
, flstr.i nun ami tbr
avernce New Ifork
one the "force" or t"
Ih nn ambition bb b
unlveraal admiration
t,,i phyalcal ability Newa concerning
the two department, too, is ajwaya
onsldtred k I "copj " f..r the Man
hattanlte is proud f them The fire
department alway cornea Into the
public rr iiiirim: the winter month
f. ii i Ii ,i irlng that time that the fire
men leeni to J" their moat ffi lent
ami often apectgculer work. Tbr po
lU i department ha attracted aoine at
tent ion recently on account of the yiK
oroua policy pursued by aowta of the
niwpapera living lo run down the
Bnfi in irderer and to arouae the de
trtctlve buresu tn action.
in anothet way, however, the fire
flri depgvAment Iia been nder die
ruaalon ami that hu com about
main! through the efforta "f the flic
prevention bureau which him. tkro igh
Ji m ph ail mm It, It i hlef, proposed tc
tartllng plan that the coat of fire-
bi borne i. the
ipertl ha h.n dee
s ; i I 1 1 1 I ni; I'M
s 'jflgggFE
Perhaps that
.r of st.itltn
.n o fair
for It Is
How to Stop
a Headache
If 5'ou Imve a beadachs don't suTer.
Oet Hlcka' Capudine at tne drug Ftcre
alfhar tiike a (lose in lom I tttrl
la ... . 10 9 i r.tlr bailie " "
fnr IIOIIII.llK, Jl v mjf -w
to take home. Tli re.
cecsful in stoppini .i bi
cause It nets at the ca r
from beat cold, griim or
It's a j b aant rcuir.ly. U
to take. Aftr it cure your
jiui Wft be so bappjr 'bat
gbi It
! rn 'ic-
v i vMi:s J. t'ARBT,
wrecked steamer Hanalel, on
more than a cote of people
ilr iiis. who la hnng tried i n
I ,'f MIIKkllltUltH'IW HIlJ nrgll- I
.f t. I'nirrai Inepectors Jameal
.mil .low ph bobutd at Ian
, . . i'ii Captain Carey i be
uii ,i by t'aptain Taylor, imw ,
i in but formi rli niti r i
tit :. i Captain Taylor thai
i are) I irneo nn i Igatlon .' l
mi Captain Carey places the
t III) for tbr Wreeh upon the
- if hli econd mate, who
' v ni d id , la! ma that the
Itered the coUrW in violation
akippei orders, thereb) piling
tn p on i . xbury reef, the
I I til i Iflc, in a ib BS
w hi sr h
1 1 ni ri it i
ih not alt"
I he QUI itlo
"in. f M Hammltt'a Idea to center the
i "St upon the in. u who have fall'', I to
afeg ..nil property ibeli premlaea, if
Hu owner, through b's failure la ob
serve the laws sn down by the fire
department has g flic, that man
Should fool tile bill for p itting out
thr fire in his building1, pay for the
damage done to adjoining buildings bj
thf gpn adlng flames.
nix nira is. of ..oitse. ti.at greater
emphasis honiii be placed upon the
prevention of tires rather than upon
tiir righting of fire, ilr believeg that
he has ,i cure in in unique proposal.
Ilr draws an analogy from thr Work
r n nil ai science w inch devotes icm
of it time to the prevention of die
rase rather than to the treating of
What be ay sound Inti resting,
particularly when in- point out thai
tin. buildings burned tn the t'nltcd
itntea m one y.a, Would fill I "t h
iit. of a road from Ken k to
i ' ii gn.
Thr reform proposed for the police
department i a utile different. Here
the criticism l nunlr, not e thr grn
crai idea underlying protection, but
upon the city its. if for permitting thi
polios department to br below Um
propef number of men
sum i it in Moltl .
in romparigon with tjondon, ran.
Chicago and Philadelphia Oils city him
fewer policemen m proportion to Um
itlon London has one police
man to every 111 persona, Carl about
thr same, I'hicago one to every 4t
i . :.J Phltadetphls our t" ever)
I0( It it New York has but i tie po
llcemgn to every 101 inhabitant. And
vin UliS dor Hoi tell all the talr fot
it la probabli thai nn i it in Ihe ooun.
try h.is a largi r lnf'lng populatlol
which Would, of i ourr. tuakr tli ' pro
portion even more unfavorable To
day New oVrk has 10. 70n blur. nut,
if it baa the tame kluLottion n lati-
B) W ll.l.IAM G BHEPHRflO.
1 1 mil-, i PrtM suff OorrooadeBt. )
i' a. i iu istamt No It, near toe
Hungarian frontier, Nov. 7. (My
courier to Vienna.) Here's the way
that wr got our parching orders In
ilt KroigureasequarUer, the war
pre headquarters in Austria-Hun
gary, Only yesterday morning soms
nf nn returned from Prseniyal tn tins
quaint little ancient town In Oallcla.
expecting day of dullnsgs until we
were again taken to the front.
At the noonday meal the officer in
charge of thr scores of carriage
which me nt our dlapoaal rapped on
his grlne Kins fur attention and said:
"Wiio wishes to go to 1" naming
the lug Qalldan town gig miles dis
tant where there are coffee bouses,
""ii's and other lili -sinn of civilisa
tion Hi qiieatl'in I n laily one; he
iisks it only to know how many car
r gg he must have rrai after din
ner and at what hours We raise our
hands, ii" counts brad ami two hours
later we find ourselves after g ride
through the hills-, walking thr gtreeta
"f a live) town, where Home of the
chief officers uf the army have thru
headquarters, tin iinllug the particular
officer who has charm' nf the newa
i i per correspondents.
OUI i Kii vns MEI'TT,
We fin tu thr ootfse house to talk
to Max, He used to be a waiter in a
newspaper ran restaurant in blew
Ifork and he's always willing' t.i talk
n terest lngty of those golden days he
fur.' hr took a notion to COHM back
home to Oallcla with his "pile." only
to lone it bi rr, in 1915, though, he's
going back; he knows where he can
lo ike fin a day anytime in New fork
or Chicago or 'Frisco by IiIh waiters'
link." He confesses some of bis
Ni u Voi'k tricks to you, now that the
"hi days and thfl old place are far
away and si. you talk, waiting fnt
s'liinl.'iv to end. It doe go with a
bang, at exactly ti o'clock. The are
lights have been going for an hour,
bul suddenly the streets are turned
into little Broadways by store lights
which fi I the pavements a the
fewtah merchants raise their shutters
at il o'clock.
I'ou fare forth in the streets
crowded with officers, goldlerg, civil
tuns. nls ami youths a-courtlag, ami
in the rush you meet another newa
paper man
"We K" to Bervie in (he morning st
,t o'clock," hr says. "I've just heard
"Vnu go mt beUeve such good
news i'ou rush to army headquar
ter and t" the offioers of the colonel
who has charge the fates ami destin
ies of newspaper men in charge. His
off: 'eg are i rowded with other officers
receiving orders There is not g
Chan to apeak to bun. Anyhow, if
the story I true, you'll hear it. nffi
rlally, in time Officers are rushing
in nd "ut One of them has a bale
of paper lulls as high a a silk hat
Rninethlng'i doing, anyhow. o you
Ret out
Bai k iifr the hills you go between
even and riiit in the uid evening
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ami enter the lung, n.irruw room
win re supper it at eight
An olfleer Is reading orders, with
g group "t newspaper men standing
, abl ut Dim lie calls out u list uf
j ti. Hues Those mentioned cross to
the Other slile Of the room.
"At 'j o'clock tomorrow morning he
i at the depot," he ays tn them. "We
sre t-"'ing to Barvia to see the 4us
Itrlans lines there. Ail those names I
have not called Will go on trnln thnt
leaves ai 3 o'clock in the morning,
day aft' r tomorrow, We arc. to go in
itWo lols "
Rupper Is gulped. There's a lot' of
pat mug and little sleeping to ba
I"' within the neat seven hours for
timsc who go tomorrow morning,
i And so. all through the night, there
is i scurrying1 of soldier osrvantg
through th" streets of the little old
village They rush from one little
house here tn another little house
.there where eorreapondsnts have
i !! .-ting baggage. The vll-
: lags folk look on in their night
gnwns, I'.lKht caps and slippers, hold
ing can, lies for heavily shod soldiers
-ho .latter around their little homes;
they're not used to such carryings-on.
At :l o'clock mi the dot the train pulls
out for Us 500-mlle Journey across
Hungary to Bervta, where the air is
still warm and where our winter
lotlies will be in the way until Jan-
I uarv.
UM Ml lultll s
j Breakfast as g dull thing In the
! once lively "casino'' this morning;
only a few of us were left and to
morrow morning at ii o'i lock after
another slitting up of the village we.
too, shall start out. And. tins old
town will become its sleepy old self
again, with only the memory "f those
ktrange davs ahen newspaper men
from the farthest corners of the
mill gathered tn watch ihe Austriang
fight the Russians.
W.A. Planning
For Next Year
THt Muale Moult.
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J' SoMa'MOaic
Sons nusic
Open Evenings
I nlil Christinas
Bartlesville, coming Into
feel the uffii crs na there
debt hanging over the te
would firat nave to he oil
Hie W. A
la an 1100
n which
tared away
uil.I be
porta, Kan.,
igg i egatlon.
gather one i
srs In the si
before utg.illiZell l'.iseb.lll
placed there.
Bldwell last year managed the I'm
esteiu A.88ocia1 iou Maj
Dates Me1 Sunday at
I ier ison
In the
ntT?pi I'M.
M:w vin:
k ii Qemian
Its tea i Or. Bn
iui come t" i lit'
Rll'tl Mlllell ho d
Dee :'l A illtm
isi-ur In the I'nlted
hm i Detmberg wh.i
ntt on a inis-
, lai as to be Impor-
lanl but ii he leaves uneaplalned,
Di Oernberg u a svn of the editor
of ihe lierliti "Tageblatt:" he vlalfed
Ametics .ii ..ir ago ! study
American romttt rial and induririal
ii. i ihi da
Ml SM IKK, Dec :i
RI ,1 Pal i. Texas, .11 ho
Western AM. iiition nest year.
iI'-smIIo may be taken In ua the I I-
glMa club.
The foregoing gbohl tells the t. i
ef ihc meting of Western Aseectatlo
I rnagnates ut a use ogee yesterday,
a representative from the iu
TrH towns attended the mertitig .i
ie!i gg the club owners and managers
I of all the elubs m the association last
Ivear itii the exception of MeAleeter.
( i if ee ire. Joplln, Outhrls and Henry
tta were not represented an they
long; ago have been forgotten,
Ida Btrwell of B tn porta, Kan.,
made spec i. at the meeting in
Aim 11 he ahoweil hmv Si'ringfKliI
WOlitd be u good haehall tnU bUl of
M iH ho failed I" eotivinee the off.' 1T.1
if the gesedatlon.
OCT OV Q I s noN,
Km tiding the SSSIIi IStlOII lo the
north would grcath InereSgsj the mile
ago an will aa making "alerixr
jumps'' Imperative, wblcb mease more
money k"ing out
However, Bldwell has hail players
Under reserve from hia laM year e
otitrui t and he wants 10 get in the
Western Association. After il was
shown that tMrls and Detliaon Would
be eorlain tggSrSM this BSealOS Rldwsll
agreed to try to wake up tho hase-
batl .fans of Bartteevllla The asao
nation is anxious to draw Huitlesvilln
into organised beoobel! dint BMerell is
there tods) negi.tiniing with btisliiese
H is luej a
Hr -asaWkl
Admiral ttlutit
Admiral Sir Archibald Rerkley
Mi. ne, wh has been placed in ootn
man.1 of the llrlllsh .Mediterranean
fleet, has seen long SWtOS in tbe
Hrlflsh uavy.
Few naval offhers are more popu
lar with the "retain OS seaman" than
Adniiiul Milne, and it was his gue
f" is .1 leader of men that ur. him
luil m.L livvublful about 1 ' eii.iiiaiid iu the Medlterrantun.
team, a bam -storming
lluweer, lie h.is to-
f the best groups of play
uthwest for an indepi nd
ont aggregatioti and better thnn eev-
rai of the teams in the Western As
boclatlon, lie has bee nin baseball
lor ten years. Hartlesvllle may be 1
I possibility 11 Paris and Denisea are
. certain.
Richard M iJrtiy of the netosiin
ilially ll'iald ext'lalneil tu the meet
ing thai the reorganisation of the
I TekasvOklahontg league would he an
' Impossibility. However, nut until
January in win the league takes its
last offiel.nl breath, gad Dot then if
Ihe protection money is ,iishe,i up.
However, it is very Improbable
thai the T.-11 win protect the terri
torj another season dray told ih
no ' ting that DenlsOn fans were
anxious to enter the Western ASSOC la
tio. Por while Sherman. TeSSS, wns
considered bul when the gate receipts
I of the IS 14 season were dlsclooed
I this 1 1 1 was also dropped Into the
I column of "also rang."
Bi onomy this season is t" be the
by-word of the asooclatlon. President
Hill struck n popular chord in the
meeting when he urged an soonoml-
leal sdmlnlstratlon of ail offices of the
Ball players will not be paid cxnr-
Ibltanl salaries, according to a unani
mous agreement of the eiui owners.
The major leagues this year me turn.
ing loose near two h in.lre I players
I Which naturally will flush the market
j tu S degree.
Officials who atfen led the meet
ing here yesterday were: W r. Hill,
president, MrAlistir; J.nk l.etcher,
vine president. Tulsa; Key Purpus,
owner uf Producers, TuNa; Koy I)e
Hoas. secretary. Pert Smith: Charley
Kills. Muskogee, XI. J. Launm. Mus
kogee, and P. U. Mcltea, Fort Smith.
( oiitradietkin.
buohand kept house and
, ,1 his own meals while you wert
away. Did he enjoy it?"
He mys he did: but I notice thai
ihi psrrot has learned to swear dor.
,'ig 1 1 1 absence."

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