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to Provide Reward
( 'apt lire of Hank lo
Ikts up Todav.
Kills lor
and Km-
iloyes Salaries I
ll.v (il.K.W CONIMIV.
I Stall' 'oi'i .'.sp.iiul. nt, I
AllOMA CITY, .l.in. It.
fcn.ite toil.ty a.lvanccti . ihc calciu,
ilar for passage l.imori'ou' Ihc house'
hill providing for rewards for roh. i
hifs of hiinKs and other sltnilati
places-. The motion to advance win!
voted Multilist hy Wilson of licueyi
and Wilson of Canadian. j
Joint res. ilul ions were introduced!
h.v Wilson of liewey pro 'nllne to j
iiinend the constitution hy prohihit
Ing the supreme court from declar
ing nil. onstll utional any law enacted
hy lint inhiutivo or rclerciidiini ami
mukiiiK il impossihle mr Die hisl.i
Hire to a mend or repeal any law
adopled hy initiative or referendum.
The author is the Socialist senator.
Favorahle repot ts were made hy
committees on the hill as to salaries
of asK'Hfors and that aholishlnn tho
offico of Btate inspector of schools.
; An unfavorable report was luarie on
' t he bill by Kdmontlson increasing the
pay of jurors1.
Appropriate Salary .Money.
The senate passed finally the con
current resolution nicinoriallzinu
oiiRre.s to reduce the hours of labor
on trains. Jt passed' finally the two
A Pimply Face
Loses Friends
Why Maud This llumillalioii When
M nail's Calcium Wafers in a
Week Make Your Fart;
. Clean and Kadiant.
N.i need lor anyone to go 'about
any longer v-jth a face covered with
pimples, biotcht.-i, eruptloiiH. black
heads ami liver spots. These are
all due to impurities in tho blood.
Cleanse the blood thoroughly and
the blemishes will disappear,
' Aci one Looks itt a l ac' Ih-ar-luc
a l.oely Coiiiplcxlon It Is a
I tire's (irealesl ilft to Woman."
That's what Stuart's Calcium
Wafers are. intended to accomplish
and do accomplish. Their principal
ingredient in Calcium Sulphide, the
. i ii ii h . st and moot thorough blood
."letinnfr known.
These wonderful little wafers get
right Into the blood, and destroy
eruptive substances preactit In It.
In some cases a few days In hiiffl
I'ient, to make n marked improve
in nl. And when the blood is pure
M.e whole system Is a hundred per
cent better.
Don't fret any longer about those
black bonis, pimples, boils, tetter, ec
rema. spois or skin eruptions; tlipy
nil go and "go (iiilrk" If J'oii use
Stuart's Calcium Wafers.
- Co to any druggist anywhere and
h .v a box. Price 50 cent.". A small
ample package mailed free by ad
dressing F. A. Htuart Co., 175 Stuart
1. 1. In. . Marshall. Mich.
Thin People
Can Increase Weight
1 i, turn ind womm who wouM like
tu i'litcMe tiieir n-rifht with It) lo IS
t.iMiiii nf IimIiIi? ' ny tlir" fut ihoulil
ii rtilny little Hargil with thrir ni'i'i
i.ir i nliilf and note ri'tuha. litre It A f'ind
1.. . 1 mouIi 1 1 j in K Kirt weigh vimri-lf n J
rnnir vourlf. Th'n lake Satg.il nt
, ni'pt '.III rrrry mml for two wk. Then.
r.eu a ml nvavit again. Il ln'l a qnc
ni. ii of law .i !"'-' C ffi f wb't j-O'tr
fri'ii.l t"' i"l think Til I'l.u ami Up
.,!' in will tH Ihfir own ilurjr, and mnl
in-, :ui man i.r woman ran rradiW iM
-mi, ii ' f to .Kht nititd in 1Ha fir! M
,'1( ,i r.'liir. Di ar l!" ilinil diri-'-tio-n, .And
I' ti'. all. ti' n fl'h f'aya r'
srvei ilo nni of iu'f niak Nt. lut
n : ii r ntth your uo. il nirni th fan
i n.-i-, nut o.r-h-- ef hnt jo'i hr tfn
.,. n i '-h. rip fai-uroittK-ing; nr.uri-hrniit
t , ' ? is.ii Aid M win irftir if In art
' r--it"ia-trd form which hn blno.l ron
-.: , ,v r,j.. All thb nonr:ahinnt n-iw
, i (com jour h'ldT ta at. Hut .ir
fi'i ..' tli av wd doa it nu.rklr anl
J ?' - ti fiO pronurii-f f(inlpt of the tery
, , if, nn ar Mi"r row derel.n
1.1. 'in :.!'' pun'-d of hei'thi- fllh tilwe1
, -. .,, rrH hoi.e. Sarjol l i. nls-
; -1 i . jeitt atcl ii'-i.-nv ;ttnn
t . - I ?" fed o'htt Ifsriir.f dri.(7iata in T-il'a
fri' i 'I'tir i-.l 't in ! hoi -fori jr
i; la ?--la a tnrnl nf
. '-t-'t-f ' nci'; back.
i vmh
making iiiini.i'i.Ui..ii of
mileage mill per rll. in (,f
'.. I $'.".. (Mill f..r il ..I
Ol'fict'l'H llllll
1 11 10.
The report
"edifying Hi.
'Ion tnlllolTii
rli..i.) ( m ,,r ilu- I.kIhIm-
of the
Sella I r
at .'
if II,.'
lllllll o
I M'-
i llc.'lf
..X I'C-
'lo. K l
'in.it i
1 1..' in. MViin.- i.f
ci n . il.
'I'll.' following
ill III.' HCL.ilr;
ll.v I'.'iIwhi-ii-:
W.'ll taNes,
I K.I w ii nls .
HI . I llllll. N III' ,.
Il.v Kd wards:
W .'!' illl I ii.llli rll
K.'laiini; i,
I 'i f 1 1 I . i n
il. 'Mil. 'til a
Relating tu
uatil li I In.
in !.
pl'lipl I t V
' Ian.
, ll.v .11. I s
i from record
1 lll.lt ac I..
I II.V ('11111.11
1 1 J I
I'l o ill:
I i'I.'IIM'
' li-ascs
ill an. I
lor!, it.'
I 'l lllg
a lain.
i: Ci.i.l.ll
'Ilil.il lllg
ll'a t .'.I i
il halls
i ai.,1
outsltlo i,
My I'i.l.ls:
for North. M-
I'.y dine:
I ' r sularicw
I'lif.'iloi'y .-.Ii
.l tkin
I ll Mat
Ma 1. 1 n
I' Hi.'
aipi ,,ii
I I..1..S
.I l.l I inll.s
.iiy I'rc-
I '
Iiy Clitic II n.l (
I' I'l .i 1;
of I
. i i si I
pria -Pro.
lis for .-iiiioi. -
rat.uy school
I'y liyaii: Kclitimi; to f
if she
Iiy O'.N'cill; .MaKiiiK a pproprial ions
for Industrial collide for women.
Hy l.oan: I'r.nidint; for registra
tion of donie.-tic animals.
I'.y I'iikIi: I'rovi.liau fur taking
census nuiler terins of pnsciii law.
Iiy Chase: I'or flee textbooks and
.'hool supplies optional with
Iiy Davidson of Tulsa by idpiest:
I Hill favored Iiy certain oil 'producers
as to o.uison tition of petroleum.
Hy Ihetiimi: I'rohibitlnn use ot
slickers in holels and oilier puhln
I pluci'H.
My Thomas: Kelalinn to fish and
fixliiB rules for lakinn name fish.
Hy Thomas: Joint resolution tc
I transfer unexpended funds in appro
primlon for charities and corrections
to Hint office.
Joint resolution to authorize name
warden to establish fish hatchery in
Comanche comm.
Wash Hudson Puts
Oil Bill in House
d From Pue One.)
Hon." As it originally .' stood
clause would have made the bill
The bill was inl roduce.l In the
house by Representative Wash Hud
son of Tulsa, chairman of the house
1)11 and gas committee, and in the
senate hy Senator It. I.. Davidson of
Tulsa, chairman of Hie same 'com
mittee in the upper branch.
"It must not be understood," said
Mr. Hudson this afternoon, "that he
cause I introduced this bill I am In
favor of it. 1 merely Introduce It at
the reipiest of certain producers and
Mr. llcnshaw of the corporation com
mission. In this manner we' will get
the subject before our coinm It tee. We
will give full hearings to all Inter
ested parlies and I hope the Tul.su
producers will avail themsHves of
this opportunity to bo heard. It is
I possible that when the bill is recom
mended for passage, if It Is recom
mended Ht all, it may carry certain
amendments ami chunges that will
make Its meaning and application en
tirely different from the way it reads
Senator Davidson made a like
statement to his colleagues.
The full text of the hill follows:
House bill No. IBS, by Hudson of
Tulsa, of the house, and Davidson of
Tulsa, of the senate:
He It enacted hy the people of tho
rtate of Oklahoma:
Sectoin 1.' That the production of
crude oil or petroleum in tho state of
Oklahoma. In such manner iiiid un
der, such conditions as to constitute
wastt, is hereby prohibited.
Sec. 2. That the term waste, as
hsed herein, among other tilings,
shall include economic waste, under
ground waste, surface waste and
waste Incident to the production of
crude oil or petroleum in excess of
treansporUtlon or marketing; facilities
or reasonable market demands. What
shall constitute waste, under the fore
going definition, or any particular
caBe, shall he u question of fact. The
corporation commission shall have
authority to make nil reasonable and
neeesxwry regulations for the pre
vention of such wastes, ami for the
protection of all fresh water strata
and oil nnd gas bearing strata en
countered in any well drilled for oil.
Keguluto rrixluclloii.
Sec. S. That whenever . the full
production from any common source
of supply of rrud,e oil or petroleum
in this state can only be obtained un
der conditions constituting WHSte, ns
herein defined, then any person, firm
or corporation having the right to
drill Into and produce oil from any
sucli common source of supply, may
take therefrom only such proportion
of all crude oil or petroleum, that
may be produced therefrom without
waste, as the production of the well
or wellK of u ny such' person, firm or
corporation, bears to the total pro
duction of them all. The corporation
commission Is uulhori.ed and direct
ed to ao regulate the taking of crude
iHMIhP hills
Summary of New Measures In
H the Lower House
(Staff Correspondent).
following new bills were Introduced in
the) house of representative, today nd
placed upon first reading:
House bill No. 161, by Margin of
Pontotoc and llarbee of ilrady: Pro
hibiting the exhibition of criminal
and immoral moving pictures and pro
viding a penalty therefor of a fine of
not more than $100 or imprisonment
for not exceeding 30 days.
No. 162, by Kmnsey of llryan: Ap
propriating $700 to be used by the
state board of agriculture In taking
the 1915 live stock census of the
No. 163. by ( artwright of Coal: Pro
viding for trie examination and llcen
ing of coal miners and the appoint
ment of miners' examining boards in
each coal-producing county of the
No. 114. by MoCance of Woodward:
Amending auction 1J85, revised lawsJthe
of Oklahoma, rela'lve to the board of
directors of a railroad changing the
route of their railroad.
No. 1, by Nesbitt of Pittsburgh:
Prohibiting the allowing of moving
picture representing outlaw) or wild
west characters, and the exploitation
of any one who has committed a
crime. Providing a penalty therefor
of from one to five years In the pen
itentiary. No. 1, by Peebly of Oklahoma:
Providing for the attendance of school
j.'il it petroleum, from any or nil Hiirh
, common suiiii ig of supply vvillilll the
, stale, u lo prcent the inequitable
lor unfair taking, from u common
mnirce of miiii, of inii'li crude oil
or petroleum, li v liny person, firm or
I i'i. I ioratl"li, itiul lo prevent unrea-
H.ii'iilili' discrimination in fitor of any
nine Much coiiunon source of supply
jas ii;.iiii-r nuolhcr.
t.uiigc Well-.
! Sc.. I. That lor the purpose- of
.lelci mining Ma li pro.l.iciiou, a gunge
!nf each well shall l.c l.iKon under
rules mill r.-guki I Ions to he prescribed
l' the corpoiiillon i ommisM.li; an. I
iai.1 coiiintissioii is a in hori.eil Mini
j liii'.'i ( oil to malic alal promulgate, by
. pi .per ..Kiel, such oilier reasonable
i l ilies mill I'egUl. .thills. Illl.l lo I'lllpl'
jnr appoint such agents, with Hi" enn-
senl nf the uoutnor, as may he ucc-
i ss;i ty In enforce I his act
W a. That uiiy person, firm or
. i ... p.'l'atloti, . r the attorney general
' . ii h. half of tin- stale, tuny institute
. "Ci oillllg.-l hcfol c I he
i m i n i - .si i . i , or . pplv f'
hi lute said i" lllllllssiOll
illlcslloll relating I" Ihc
corporal mu
r a hearing
upon any
ntucslioii relating o mo en i.n cement
i.f ihis net; mid Jurisdiction is hereby
col: lei red upon said commission I'1
hear and deieiuiine the same. Said
commission shall .set u time and place
when such hearing shall lie had and
Kie reasonable notice therenf to all
pel sons or classes Interested therein
by publication in h.nne newspaper, nf
niuspal'irs, having general circula
tion in Ihc stale. In Ihc exercise and
enforcement of s U'li lurisdiciion, si'd
coiniiilssion is itu'.ii.i'izcd to siiiiinn ii
wilii. .sses, make ancillary orders, and
use such measures and final process,
in. lulling Inspection and punishment
as for contempt, analogous to pro
erodings under its control ever pub
lic service corporations as now pro
vided bv law.
Sec. li. That appellate jurisdiction
is h.'iebv conferred upon the supreme
court of this state to review the au
(hority of said ciimuishlon in making
any orders under this act. Such ap
peal may be taken hy any person,
firm or corporation shown by the
record to bo Interested therein, in the
same manner and lime ns appeals
are allowed by law from other orders
ef the corporation commission. Said
orders so appealed from shall not be
superseded, but shall be and remain
in full force and effect until finally
reversed or set aside.
$5,000 Flue.
Sc. 7 That, In addition to any
penally that may be imposed by the
corporation commission, any person,
firm or corporation, or any officer,
agent or employe thereof, directly or
indirectly violating tho provisions of
ihis act, shall he deemed guilty of a
misdemeanor, and upon conviction
thereof in a court having Jurisdiction
may be punished by a fine In any
sum not to exceed five thousand dol
lars If "i.'iOO), or Imprisonment In the
county jail not io exceed thirty 3U)
days, or hy both such fine and Im
prisonment. Sec. S. That nil acts or parts of
acts in conflict with the provisions of
this act are hereby repealed.
Sec. A. That for the immediate
preservation of tho public peace,-
health anil safety, an emergency Is
hereby declared to exist, by reason
whereof this act shall take effect and
be in full force from and after itf
passage and approval.
Governor Will Deliver
First Message Today
(Continued From Page One.)
lee of the whole. Instructed the com
mittee to prepare a substitute hill
thai would affect only the conveyor
of lands or tenements in which there
Is no title.
Prohibit "Had" Movies.
Two bills, aimed' at. the exhibition
of bank robber and other "criminal"
moving pictures, were Introduced in
lit house today. Hayes of l'ontotoc
and llarbee of Orndy Introduced a
measure prohibiting the exhibition of
any criminal or lmmorul picture. The
bill, In specifying the kind of pic
tures to be prohibited, Inc ludes scenes
of robberies, meeting of crooks and
yeggs, the smoking of opium, ridicul
ing the police, portrayal of graft,
I'aul Nesbitt of McAlester offered
a bill that prohibits the showing of
"movies" In which outlaw or "wild
west'' characters take a part. It also
prohibits tho exploitation of anyone
who has committed u clime and was
apparently Inspired by tho "Heating
Hack" pictures shown In the slate hy
Al Jennings, who through this very
medium, gave some of the Demo
cratic candidates a hard race for tho
gubernatorial nomination' lu the pri
mary Inst August.
t'eery of Latimer county Intro
duced a bill providing for tho estab
lishment of "niral credit" in Okla
homa, and making a state appropria
tion therefor. .This Is Intended to fur
nish the farmers small loans at a
nominal rate of Interest. It author
izes tho creation and organization of
co-operative banks for personal cred
its and for co-operative banks for
realty credits.
"IJIue. Sky," Hill.
A "blue sky" law was proposed by
Kepreseiitatlve Waldrep' of l'otta
watomic county, who Introduced a
chlldn'n In districts other than the
district where they reside.
No. 167, by 1'eery of Latimer: Pro
viding for the creating and organizing
of co-operative banks for personal
credits and for co-operative land
hanks for realty credits and making
an appropriation for carrying tht? pro
visions of the act into effect.
No. 168, by Hudson of Tulsa: Pro
viding for the prevention of waste In
the oil fields and conferring upon tho
corporation commission authority to
regulate the production and transpor
tation of oil; providing a penalty for
the violation of the provisions of the
act, ao.
No. 169, by Faton of Stuskogee:
Granting the right to light, heat and
power companies to use public roads
and highways in the state.
No. 170. by Waldreo of Pottawato
mie: To prevent the sale of fraudulent
stock, bonds, devices or anything that
may be the subject of barter and sale.
No. 171, by Halle. NVabltt and
Wilkes of the house and Huckner of
senate: Providing for the em
ployment of deputies by county clerks.
court clerks and other county officials.
No. 172, by Hykes of Tulsa: CriUt-
in? a state athletic commission and
legalizing and regulating boxing and
sparring in the state of Oklahoma.
No. 172, by f.lasco of the house and
Keller of the senate: Prescribing the
punishment for rape.
No. 174. by Council. Cox and McMa
lian: Rciulring railroads to luep a
record of the marks and brands of
cattl shipped over their lines.
SZ? .
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Tlilitl Kplxttle.
''i:plolU of l luiiic."
bill prohibiting the wtlo of fraudu
lent stock or bonds of any descrlu
tlon. House concurrent resolution No. 5
introduced today by Lemon of (iritnf
and Mot'olli.ster of C.rccr, memorial
izes congress to pass the Sheppard
Mobson resolution proposing a pro
hibition amendment to the constitu
tion of the United States. In view
of the fact that congress has alreudy
voted down tho Hobson tesolution,
tho Lemon-McColllslcr move prob
ably will be pigeon-holed.
Rev. J. O. lllackwood, chaplain of
the senate, took up a collection in
the house today for the purchase of
an overcoat for the chaplain of the
house, an old soldier who lost his
overcoat a few nights ago and Is un
ablti to purchase u, new one. Hev.
Hlackwood raised the sum of $15.15
for this purpose.
The newly created house commit
tee on capitol affairs was appollilcd
Iiy Speaker MeCrory this afternoon
and Its first official ad was to at
tend the opening of bids for the
construction of the capitol, which
was conducted by the capitol com
mission at the Lee-llucklns hotel.
The members of the committee are
Young, chairman; ' Sitton, Diiiaiit,
Taylor, Hemtley, Wright, Zabloudil,
Brown and Howe. '
Diirant ami Panama.
Representative iVirant moved to
rejeonsider the vote whclh tho com
mittee report on tho Oklahoma
building at Sun l-'rancisco 1111 was
adopted. lie went Into details re
garding the character of building
that Is proposed to be erected at
the exposition and explalmil more
fully than he did two days ago tho
work of the Oklahoma Panama ex
position commission. Itepresentativo
ihinn o'f Pottawatomie county miido
a spirited upeecji in behalf of the
bill and seconded tho motion of Mr.
Diirant. Representative Hill, Social
ist, spoke against the bill. On roll
call the motion prevailed with hut
few dissenting votes and tne bill was
ordered placed on the calendar. It
probably will come up again for
passngo tomorrow or the next day.
It appropriates the sum of $li,ui0
for an Oklahoma building ut the
Panama-Pacific exposition. l-'red
Sutton of Oklahoma City has put
up $5,000 of his own money to Insure
the erection of tho building und if
the legislature does not pass the ap
propriation miiUHiire he will be forced
to make good the guarantee out ot
his own pocket. Oovernor Williams
has agreed to sign u bill for this
amount If one is passed.
A petition from the women of Mc
Alester for favorable action on a bill
making wifo or child desertion a
fiioriy was Introduced by Represent
ative Nesbitt of Pittsburgh county
and read.
11. H. Maxey asked to be relieved
from duty on Judiciary committee
No. 1 and lteprost illative Sykes of
Tulsa was appointed to fill the vac
ancy. House bill No. 100 was with
drawn by tho author.
When the house went Into com
mittee of the whole to consider tho
Hunter-Taylor bill Representative
Ula-sco of McClain county was called
to the chair by Speaker McCmry.
The latter is taking "turn about" In
this respect with the men whom he
defeated for the speakership. Tom
Hunter and C. C. Chllders have al
ready presided over the committee
of the whole In addition to (llasco.
.Against "Full t row."
A resolution adopted by the Tulsa
Commercial Club and urging the
legislature to refrain from passing
"full crew", "hospital" an other
luws that would place additional
burden upon tho railroads or other
public servlco corporations of tho
state wait Introduced by Representa
tive James If. Sykes and read- A
similar resolution from the Tahleipjah
Commercial club was read in th
house yesterday.
The oil and gas committee of the
house met today and organized by
electing James H. Wykes of Tulsn
secretary, Representative Wash Hud
son of Tulsa Is chairman of the com
mittee. All of the seventeen mem
bers were present. It was decided to
give oil producers from every field in
the state a fair and full hearing be-
h YFeh 11-14 f
11 vlU9!5vv oJ
They Won't Wait
For the Opening Day of Our
Christmas Savings
Great numbers of people are joining
now, notwithstanding the club does
not formally open till January 18th.
Get in line and join now you
do not have to wait till the day
set for the opening.
The Central National
Bank of Tulsa
fore the legislation Is recommended
to tho house for passage.
The Democratic house caucus bus
selected a commltteo of five to aerve
with a like, committee from tho. son.
ate caucus and wall upon (lovernor
Williams and secure his views upon
tho legislation tliut should be passed
by this legislature. The committer
will not call upon tho governor until
his message to the legislature ha
been received. The house commltteo
for this purpose consists of Repre
sentatives Ihirant, Nesbitt. Maxey,
Hen K. Harrison and Wright.
'In Committee's Hands. -
The contest ugainst Representative
Pinkhiim of Ruy county is slill be.
foro tho contest committee. Repre
sentatives Hudson, Wright, l.uthel
j Harrison and lien Harrison are act
! lug as attorneys for Pink ham.
Tho following bills were reported
favorably by committees and ordered
printed and pluced upon the calendar
of the house:
Committee on Criminal Jurisprudence)
House Hill No. 20. Relating to
perjury, etc.
House Ul'll No. 105: Py Tesicrmati
of the house nnd Waters of the sen
ate Making the placing of bolt,
rocks and other bard articles lu -threnlied
grain a felony.
Commit Ue on County und Township
House Hill No. ii : Hy Wright.
Young and others Amending the law
relating to thn consolidation of var
ious county offices and framed solely
for the purpose of relieving a situa
tion in Oklahoma county.
Judiciary No. 2.
House Hill No. 0: Hy Hunter of
Choctaw Creating a landlords leln
for-money or supplies furnished t
House Hill No. 114: Hy Speer of
Stephens Allowing but one change ot
venue by plaintiff and defendant in
civil cases before Justices of the peace.
House Hill No. 12: Hy Maxey of
Muskogee Providing for the release
of sureties on official bond of any
officer in the Htute.
Hy Wright ond Maxey Regulating
appeals from the Judgments of mu
nicipal courts.
House Hill No. 89: Hy Pcery of
I.atlmer Amending the laws relating
to mechanics' liens.
The following bills were reported
killed In committee.
House Hill No. 1: Hy Pcery of
I.atlmer Providing a maximum pen
alty of thirty years in prison for ra
Unfavorable report on ground t.
existing statute providing a maxi
mum penalty of life. Imprisonment is
House Hill No. 90: Hy Clark, Me
Card and lmrant.
House Hill No. 80: Hy Abney
Providing that registration by un
married people at hotel as man and
wife constitute prima facie evidence
of adulterv.
House Hill No. Ill: Hy Cox Pro
viding for the serving of piocesse In
Counties having no coroner and it,
case wherein the sheriff Is disqual
ified. House P.ill No. 27: Hy Abney of
liarvln Amending aection 25, chap
ter 69, session law of 1910. rotating
to certain court and district officers.
Tho third episode of the "Kxplolts
of Klalr.e" will be seen today at the
KmpreiM. This number Is' entitled
"The Vanishing Jewels," and contain
ninie exciting moment. "The l.lttle
Modlstp." tho musical comedy nie
ces with Hal Johnson, the noted fe
male Impersonator, will also be wen
today. It Is one of th cleanest mu-
Start with I cent ami gpt 10.SI and into rest".
Start, with-2 cents and ct if'L'I.U'J and interest
Start wit 1 1 5 cents and fjet, $r)-l.()5 ami interest,
at the end of I'mty-six weeks.
5 .!
3 W
Try the New Tulsa
100 Sheets
2nd & Boston
sical show i ever here. Johnnon Is a
big hit. and his Hpa'iUh dance gains
blui many encores. In order to be
lure of a good seat tonight call the
ynaker drug company today. I.ast
not a necktie
Krumbles 0
not a toilet soap
jJpEivJv Carbon Paper
40c Folder
25 Sheets
Phone 1759
night all seats wra (old before th
performance. a:id toy wilt HKely U
quicker today on account f "The ?St
plolts of Elalr.n" ami t!. fin mu
sical show.

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