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'ITI.Nv. Mmvli 80. Tin- ti-siijKTH-hue
Maummii 4i ; miniiiniiii ; 'J ,
iimHi wir.iU: i leal-; 1 : i inrii.-. ruin.
There arc a nuiiiliiT of
"i ( I rclialili' ):iftii' who
have tuhtTtiseiiients on tin;
vnut ml pa't1 I'nr unl'iini
islinl minus.
Y3 XT? T 0"N
VsllINC I'uV Viin li :t - I'orf
hi, i: oklnlionm, fair i- hifsiiay ami
I luir. ila ; wurmi-r Thiii xihi) .
U 1 cLb VSr" 'I
rrcii i.i:ai:i wmi: associ vtfi rurss niiPom
T II L S A , OKLAHOMA. W K I) X 1 S l A Y , MAIM1 II ' 1 . KM,'.
VIII,. X. NO. Ki'J.
'"H IU.M.IOI,,,
aV A'..J
Li U III w
a xi :t a ti :: :
t -
n . t: :: ::
! I .. V
ii 11 .ucr .v'-- A i
I Wants to Know xbout Husband's Bear Party ' Jj Q J )
?v !
(iellil.lll Flllpel'or Ts
in- ( 'oiiference in er
1 in Willi 1 )er Holt.
'Absolute Prohibition in
Fngland Now Consid
ered Very Unlikely.
Rl'SSIAN fold s from Rrzcmsyl
mi' already taking tlirir place
side by sid Willi On' troo.s who have
I'm- weeks past been striving to curry
tin- ';ii p.uhluii passes in the face uf
jili-in opposition hy Austrian mill
Hermans. The presence of a division
from I'lzeinysl on the Carpathian,
front is noted in th Austrian official
ruin in uiiir:i tion.
That this is ii struggle of the great--M
importance, t ho result of which
will exercise a slron effect on the
entire situation." is pointed out liy
Major Muriiht, tlie military critic of
the I'.erlin Tageblatt, who adds:
"The supreme army command has
Minimis ennimh for employing all
disposable forces to uvi rl a Russian
iriMiMion Into the Hungarian iilains."
In this region, particularly aloni?
Hie Karlfeld-l zsok front, the ltussian
aclloiis. aceofilinw to the official
Klateuient from l'etrugrad, "are de
veloping with perfect success, notwith
standing the enemy's stubborn resist
nni e."
I'he nature of the fiphtini: i indi
c.iKd bv the same official communi
cation, which tolls of desperate
ooUMler-attiieks, says that the Rus
sians captured on Sunday and Monday
lust, 7 officers, 5,3X4 men and a
dieat number of arms.
Russians Kclnforo'.
The Auslrians have improved their
Hilvimtanc of having forced the Rus
sians to withdraw front Hukowlna for
in an ad,an"e from Czernowltz the
Russians admit the Anstrians crossed
the Russian frontier and advanced
half way to I'hotin. Already the
Russians are sedniiiK troops to that
section to rep I the invaders.
In the western war area attacks
and counter attacks with varying de
grees of success are reported. The
Oermatis continue to bombard the
bridges around Nieuport, wh'iK from
the sea to the Aisne and in Chant -
(Continued On Rago Ten.)
York Officer Takes Slunil and
Kii-ilc His i:iericiic'S With
NKW VtiRK. March 30. Atnadeo
I'olignaiil, the young dttective who
in, covered the St. l'atrick's cathedral
bimib conspiracy, was the only wit
ness to testify today at the trial of
1'iHiik Abarno and Carmine Carbone,
charged with making and placing a
bomb in the cathedral on March 2.
I'olignatii, while posing as an an
archist, gained the confidence of the
defendants, und he associated with
them until they wire arrested.
The young detective explained In
detail iiis association and conversa
tions with the defendants and told of
their plans to blow up the cathedral,
f'ohgnani also t stifled that in con
versations with Carbone the latter had
said that "we want to get after Carne
gie and tlie Vauderliilts." and that
"Rockefeller should be blown up."
I'olignatii said he was not especially
ner ons while he was associating with
the anarchists, because he knew that
other detectives were occupying u
room across the street.
Imiois Often I'orccd
to Sh-op In
IiRCMRICIIT, Okln., March 30.
Hotel fa'ilities here are becoming a
puzzle. Ho great a number of oil op
eintors. traveling men and transients
art coming In hire daily that the
available supply of rooms Is cont
ph tely i xhaiisN d. The Morrow hotel,
lirumrlghl hotel and others have h id
to turn away people every day for the
p,i-l several weeks and In many cases
inrii have slept in chairs In the lobbies.
Wit It the expocted Increased dc
eli)piiieut of the Cushlng-liruinright
field in the next several months It Is
feared that the congestion will he
roin even worse. The same condi
tions are reported from Cushing, Yale
ti"l other nearby towns.
I -Mitel niniiiii liver Raised in 1'. 8.
for foreign Country.
NliW YiiRK. March 10. The cash
i inbiitlons to the Relglan relief
fund. Hccordiug lo announcement to
tiial.t. passed the million dollar mark
Tj'day. raid lo be the largest amount
ewr raised by a committee on behalf
"f foreign charity. Artti.il food sup
plies Mid Into Kelglum to date are
iued at more than on million fifty
five thousand dollats
n K;iWK f
V , fer ((edwao b)) settles
ea ''ii v- ires . i i
l'Al.M KKAt'll, M.i., .M uch ill).
McLean's i lnnaiiion bear party and
I R.
ii I font, here anil it is mid .Mis. Mel can has called up Washington on the long
distance telephone to ask her husband all about It. It seems Mrs. McLean
and the million-dollar baby were motoring In a board-walk chair when they
saw an Italian with a trained hoar. The child was Interested and told his
father the hear could dance. That night, it Is said, Mr. McLean hired the
bear, hired a dance hall and after feeding Uruin 124 bottles of beer and a
(piart of champagne, made hint tango and hesitation. Several girls in the
dance hull ure said to lime waltzed with the bear.
Villa Forces Are Making
Time in Their Attack
on Matanioros.
On the American Side of
ovder ( Juns Are Ready
for Emergency.
WASHINGTON', March .ML While
the Villa forces ure mat king
time In thoir attack on Matamnros
awaiting tho arrival of artillery, the
Mage Is being set for another battle
at I.ampazoM, about seventy miles
southwest of Nuc-vo Ijiredo.
Advices from the border to the state
and war departments today said the
Villa forces bound to uttuek the Car
ranza garrison at Nueo luireilo were
expected to reach Iutipazos today,
"where a battle probably would be
fought." Karlier messages said Car
ranza troopi were being assembled at
Nucvo laredo, Including th force re
cently driven out of l'iedras NeRTas
The garrison will number 1.2U In ull
and presumably a part of this force
will bo sent out along the National
railway to;neet the. Villa forces at
(Continued On Rage Two.)
Ml CASK At.AINST Ml Kl. 1. 1 ill.
American liovcriiiiH-iil Advises Ills
missal of Charge.
FICATTLK, Wash., March 30. It
was announced here today that the
prosecution of Or. Wilhelm C. Muel
ler Uerman consul at Seattle, and B.
Max Schulz. his secretary, charged
with conspiracy to bribe an employe
of the Seattle Construction & Iry
dock Co. to reveal secrets of his em
ployers' business, would be dropped
within a few days.
The state department at Washing
ton descried that 'tho prosecution
under a state law be discontinued.
Consul Mueller was charged with ne
gotiating with a detective to obtain
from John Murdock. assistant ship
ping clerk of the shipbuilding com
imnv V Idence to substantiate Ambus-
Isrxdor ISernstorfl s allegations nun
the c ompany w as building submarino
and shipping thorn In sections to Krit
1 Ish Columbia. The consul was only
I technically arrested. He was not re
' uulred to go to court.
All sorts of stories coiicorttiiig Kdward
dance, held at West I'aliu Reach, arc
Yesterday's Weather Pre
cedent Maker Sav.s I,o
cal Weather Observer.
Last Night Saw I'.r1y-J
Eight Hours of Unusual j
Teasing Temperatures.
ORTY-KHiHT hours of fickle
weather kept the people in this
portion of the state wondering what
j was coming next from early Monday
morning until Tuesday night. Monday
I morning dawned cloudy and h dis
agreeable drizzle of rain set in before
tho nilililhi of the forenoon. This
gradually was displaced by a cutting
north wind which dried the damp
streets, put people hovering about
the fires until about lu o ciock .holi
day night, when the mercury began
to rise a little and rain set in again
with a thunderstorm on Its herds.
For an hour, between 11:30 o'clock
p. in. Monday and 12:30 o'clock a. in.
Tuesday, lightning flashed Inlormlt-
(Continued on Page Two.) j
Two C'eitW Instead of l'ic Cents New
I'oslagc Halo.
WASHINGTON. March 30. Two
rents, instead of five cents, will be
the postage rate on letters, beginning
April 1, between the Cnltod Slates j
and the British colonies of Barbados'
and the Leeward Islands in the Brit-:
Ish West Indies, the postoffieo depart
ment announced today. The reduc
tion is the outcome of the American
government's Invitation to all tho na
tions and dependencies of the western
hemisphere to enter Into an agree
ment for a two-cent letter rate to
foster commerce.
A two-cent rate recently was put
in operation between the I'nited
States and British Honduras and the
Bahama islands. Bermuda. Jamaica,
the Windward Islands and other
British dependencies have not agreed
to the reduction, nor have the cations
of Central or South America, except
ing Cuba. Mexico and I'anarna, which
have had the two-cent rate a long
time, lys have Canada and Newfound
land. -
ii F4
to liaise Subniarine
ain 'remporar
ilv Delayed.
Waterlogged Boat Is liiu-
tlonsoine to Handle; Or
der New Apparatus.
ill.(;Tl-', March 30. Kf
forts to raise the sunken sub
marine l-'-l in Honolulu harbor were
(i ittpor.i rily suspended today after a
haw-er with which the boat was be-
g ilragg'ed toward shore snapped.
Rear Admiral Moore repotted from
Honolulu lale today that the sub
marine evidently was waterlogged and
loo heavy to be raised by the eiiiip
nielil employed by the searching licet.
This destroyed any faint hope that
might have la en left f finding any
of the crew of 1' 1 alive.
The vessel lies ill 45 fathoms, 270
feet if water, and her position Is he
inn held while ptepar.itions for rais
ing her by iiontoonsi ure made.
iiuiiiment Too flight.
Th" present equipment of cable lines
is said to bo inadequate. The break
ing of the two lines today Is cited ax
iviilentj that tno weight to bo lilted
cannot be h,ne by the cables In use.
The broken Hues are said to have been
tested with X4 tons weight.
Tno searchers for the K-4 have re
signed themselves to a long, clow task.
Admiral .Moore's report follows1:
"Lieutenant C. K. Smith, command
ing brst submarine division of tho I'a
ei'io torpedo llotilla, has located tho
I '-4 and moved her slight distance In
shore. Lifting hawser putted. Sub
marine evidently waterlogged. Kiiiip
n. out too light to raise her. Making
arrangements to lift her by pontoon
method. Still have line on submarine
ar.d can hold her location. Depth 45
(Signed) "MoORF,."
Secretary lianiels said tonight that
tlie department would false tlie l''-4
at uny cost tj determine the cause of
(Continued On I'age Two.)
ji'st Tin: "ititi" Ti'i.s..vs.
"Achievements of Tulsa." the
do luxe special edition to be Issued
by The World some time in April,
will conlain photographs and
sketches of the really important
men of (ho city men of prom
inence who have had an active
part In the building- of Tulsa.
In keeping with tho artistic
scheme of the entire edition, The
World has arranged for .''. Kcr
nand lo (luehlre, the noted Bel
gian portrait-artist, to make nil
the Individual photographs for
"Achievements of Tulsa." Thin
will result in a uniform photo
graphic ensemble that will In It
self prove one of the big- talking
points of the edition.
There is no advertising con
nected with the enterprise; the
art photographs will be taken by
.Mr. lie tliicldre free of charge to
the subject and no cost will be at
tached to publication of the pic
turesall of whb h is necessary
In order to maintain the high
standard that The World has set
for this edition:
Mr. W. R. (Julberson. well
known ll man and writer, has
been especially engaged to assist
In compiling "Achievements of
Tulsa." Mr. rliilborson will call
In person upon the Individuals
st looted for representation In the
edition and make arrangements
for the sittings. His sole duty
will be to attend to this highly
Important feature.
Those whoso plcturri are to ap
penr In the edition wi!l be chosen
solely because of their standing In
the community, their business
connections and their home patri
otism, and for no other reason.
Get the Habit
turn ovr to tlie want ad
ja von will find many
bargains tlie re.
Household poods. Kuruitiir''
Carpets, Klips', Stoves, Ice
boxes, things of every de
scription ure advert isetl
rliiilv in The World.
JFv.,- '. i.-i yt- . -u v.-y, 'j ' . a
( :JS ir' 'a
v ? i M c f
BOSTON. March L'li --The puhlicitv nltetulant on the birth of a
daughter to Mrs. Henry Clarke Coo. Jr., wife of the missing Standard Oil
man, has resulted in iuii k action in the search being carried on for the
son of the New York physician. I'loin Mined. North I'akota, a clew has
come to light that Coo pasod through there recently selling weal heist rip
for a mall order concern. Letlers found in his office lure after his dis
appearance, show -ho was in correspondence wilh a mall order concern
marketing wcatlierstt ip. it Is believed Cue Is going to I tonnybi k, near
here, where Coo spoiil some time on a ranch when a boy. His move
ments have been traced from I'.oslon, through Canada, lo I .nmlfoid, N. 1.
Siiiilc liuler of Belgians
Knows Xot Whv His
People Suffel
All Laws l'rescrihed Were
Serupuollsly Observed,
Says His Majesty.
GLMiV , Swilzcrlaiid. March 30.
(Via Carls. I p. in.) --"I am
not a liero; you will tind them In our
trenches," said Albert, king of the
Belgians, at Ills heydiiiartirs In the
tir Id in mi interview today with l-d-ouard
Ch uiiiist of the Journal I e
Uenevo. During the conversation the
guns f the Belgians ami ine ijer
, mans were bounding constantly.
"I alticm that oefoie the war I
'and in v country observed seruiulousj
lull the rei'iiremoii!s of ip utrality thai
(Continued on Cage Two)
! VORUIit.l N C BI MiT DIS (.RI I i.
I MiltinrUls I 'all to Reach Agreement
' Willi Minister of Defense. j
I LONI'iiN, March ::i). ( S : f..ri p. m.lj
The Norwegian cabinet is endangered
bv differences of opinion between thej
minister of defense and the military j
ommltlee, sav s a dispatch ri "iu
Stockholm to the lixi hange Tele
: grn ph com pany.
I Tlie military committee, the dis
patch adds, Insists on reducing the
cost of proposed military preparations
by approximately l.'To.imO and sev
eral ministers are said to he on the
point of resigning.
I'liifd Males Investigates.
uav i.'Iuvi'1'ii March ill). The
' Mate, department at Washington lias
; been asked to rule us to whether tho
littiug out of an expedition at Ibis
port to salvage the wrecked Japanese
cruiser Asama on t tie rocks off Turtle
i Bay, Mexico, is an unneutral net.
i While awaiting tho ruling J. o. Havis,
, collector of the port of San Francisco,
is holding at Monterey Bay. Cal.. a tug
I boat and two barges, which were
halted while bound for the wrecked
Higher Tariff for llu ia.
WASIHNOTON. March 30. -Tariff
rates on most articles imported Into
Russia have been raised ten per cent,
while rates' on certain cotton fabric
and cotlon yarns have been Increased
from thirty to fifty per cent. Ameri
can Consul North Wltishlp al l'etru
grad telegraphed today.
.lanes I. Ilrown I lies.
CHICA'jo, March 30 James P.
Brown, assistant secretary rf the In
ternational Harvester company for
three years, died here today after an
Illness of three wirl'.s. He n-an'Si
years old.
I'srdo ItenomlOHteil.
WASHINGTON, March 30. lose
I'ardo. president of Bern from 1!04
tn lull was auain nominated for the
I Beruvlati presidency by a national
I convention w hich met Sunday, aecord
I lug to a report to the state depart
I ment today from Callao.
j"cer See Your Daughter
Again" Is Message
Father Keceivcd.
1.")-Vear-0I1 (Jill May
Held a Captive in
the City.
The whereabout: of Flossie Ward,
ni-ed l.'i. Is baflllng the Tulsa detec
tives, who ale woiI ii k on the ci.se
right and day. The last news of her
came as a threat lo her f itber, F. L.
Ward, I I ID K'ut Fourth street, early
hist night when the voire of a man
over the telephone .'aid: "I'nliss you
give vo ir ooiiHonl for your daughter
to marry me, you will never see her
Aeiording to the
father to the police,
in school, out had
the city until a few
M.itcmeiit of her
shu h:ul not been
been at work In
weeks ago, w lien
ho Hiiaii'il lt contract for two year.
with the l loiieer Telephone company
fi r her to enter their employ She
fulled to comply with the conditions
of the tiancictlon and diseont inued
that vvorl; so. era I we ks ago. She d Li
appeared very m; sterloiii iy yester
day. Her peopln missed her yesterday
afternoon and began u search for her,
but i v. Ty rlToit was lruillHN. They
did not imtiry the police until last
ni'ht. thinking she hid gone visiting
without l oiisiilllng tin in and would
return in due time. Marly last night
the uneasiness of the family changed
into fright when they answered the
telephone and the conversation do.
si riled iibo.o ensued. The til range
vo'ee stated to the i on founded father
that lie was in a room in Tulsa with
the gill, but refused to state where.
I'ntil lat! last night the gill hud nut
In en found.
WASHIN'i'.TON. March 30.--The
views of the Culled States govern
ment regarding the sinking by tlie
Herman cruiser I'rinz Kit el "Friedrich
of tin- American ship William 1 Frye,
finally have been put III tho form of
a note, which It is expected will soon
be communicated to tho Herman gov
ernment through Ambassador Hcrard
at Berlin.
1'reparation of the document has
been considerably delayed, owing to
the difficulty In neoiirlng adequate
Information regarding the ownership
of the cargo of grain of the Frye, hut
It has now bor n established that this
cargo was sold while the ship was on
the high seas and before she was
sunk. As the sale was not made to
the British government but to a prl-
vale firm. It Is held that the liability
of the (ierinan government for dam
ages for Its destruction Is unquestion
able. liKgCt-foril at Callao.
LIMA. 1'eru. March 3D. The Brit
ish steamer Kggesford, laden with coal
for tho British squadron In Ca'-ifle
waters, arrived at Callao tod.ky.
Shortly afterward the steamer re
ceived an order from the British con
sul to sail, and again put to tea.
I'loscciitiuii iii linpeaclunent
of ( 'oiiiniissioner Watsmi
K'ests Case.
Yice I'residciit of 1
Ifoad finds His Memory
Very .Faulty.
S,e,-il in T. World
OKLAHOMA CITY, March ;io. -The
prosei ulliui 111 the Im
peachment of A I'. Watson, corpora
tion commissioner, ,-esied this after
noon at I o'clock. The defense asked
until In o'clock tomorrow to prepare,
for presenting lis Hide, which was
The stale presented evidence in thu
ninth article of Impeachment m;aihst
I'oininissioner Watson the last thing
this afternoon. It had to do with a
note for l.'iiiu held bv the Slate Na
tional bank on which Watson was one
ot the sureties. An attorney's fee
was provided In ease tho collection of
I ho note necessitated leal services.
Watson objected to paying the at
torney's fee and the Impeachment
charges covering the matter gave hi in
as iuaklnK the statement that if ho
were compelled to pay the attorney's
fee he would with.dravv tile deposits of
I be corporation commission held by
tho bunk.
Ii. I'ui-khult, nn nttornoy who bad
been employed by the hank lo collect
Die nolo, said that he had talked with
Watson about tho collection of th
note and also mentioned theattorney's
fee. which was SMI. Watslin said tills
was too much and Bnckholt. told the
court that Watson said to him that
the bank compelled him to pay the
fee, ho (Watson) would withdraw ev
ery dollar the commission had from
tho hank.
Similar expressions were testified
lo by Ray Weeius and Or. J. (1. Street,
other sureties on the note.
Was in 'I bis Term.
This transaction occurred during
the present term of Commission Wat
son, and had been added to the other
articles, partially for tho purpose of
making sure of the Jurisdiction of tho
court in passing on matters coming
within tlie present term of the com
missioner. The defense Immediately
filed a demurrer to t his article ami the
demurrer was overruled by a close
vote of 21 to 20.
The prosecution attempted this iif-
(Continued nn l'ago Two.)
Sa is Montcii'y Merchants May Suy
What They I'leasc; Ihic.-u't Seek
lo lie Leader.
-'AN' ANToNIO, March 30 mes
s.i,;e from Minleiey hays:
In a letter tei'ei.cd Irom lien. Fran-cIm-o
Villa acknowledging the con
tribution of l.liiui.uOO pesos from the
merchants for thy poor of tho city,
Villa says:
"1 know von people will not like
loo for having talked to you na I did,
but I don t care for vonr likes or dis
likes in 'his -natter. I don't rare what
you think of mo. I um not a poll
lb inn. 1 have never held olhr-e In
.Mexico I don't v. ant to be president.
hen tho rieople nave secured the
giveinmeut. for themselves and we
havt pi-ace, I will rot i it tc private llftf
When f!"'ier,il Villa met the mer
chants In Monterey two weeks ago and
Imposed the l.Oft'l.ium pesos tax to buy
food f..r the , r, lie railed the .Mex
ican meichants tlib vis and even worse
am' spoke ' ery harshly to them. It
was on'v when they guaranteed tho
1, Mm, our) pesos with their lives that
Villa permitted them to ifo from the
palace wh'-r- they wire surrounded
by soldiers during his talk to thorn.
TO M i l. BOVDS roit rit.wcn
.Million lol la i- I-mio
NKW M'RIC. March 30. -J. P. Mor
gan i o , together with the .National
City bank and the First National
bank, hav concluded arrangements
twith the French government under
I which they will shortly make an of
' ferlng to Ainernan investors of one
I year five-per cent treasury bonds, uc-
cording to announcement made hera
The l.onds will bear date of April 1
and will mature April 1, liMU. interest
will bo payable semi-annually. Thu
bonds will be offered to tnvesti rs at
93'j and Interest and will be p; yable
st the option of tlie holder, both as to
principal and Interest, in New York,
in dollars or In l'aris at the rate of
6. It t-S francs.
The proceeds of these le nds will he
used for the purpose of paying for
purchases made by the French gov
ernment In this country.
Tho amount of the bunds to be pur
chased has not yet been determined,
hut probably will not be less than
S2". 000,0"') and may be as much

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