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Facts, Fads and Fancies
I p to the Minute.
Things of Interest That
Women Are Doing,
Perverse Postoffice Clerks Don'l Realize Thai Straying of Litth
Stereotyped Notice May Mean tio Onlj Severing of Hap
py Relationship) Between Tun Families, but Also
Lobs to Bride and Groow t' a Val
uable Gift.
Thai larg numbers ot weddinc in
vltatlona fall t" rsach their destina
tion whenever a wedding of sreal
social Importance occurs li tradl'
t inn which has served to gej many
a bride, and many n brlde'e family,
out ni a tiKiit place, and to molllti
many a hurl or irate individual of
the socially eligible class in the snob
bish sens of the term, who have re
ceived no engraved request to lend to
the occasion the Influence of his or
her presence.
Such a etlr hai beta caused by the
failure of s barrel or so of Invl
tiiiiiins in the Blddle-Duke wedding,
of Interest In New Jforh and Phila
delphia society, to be delivered thai
an Investigation Is demanded f the
Philadelphia poetmaeter to determine
who Rhould i.i' blamed,
ai avalanche of wedding invita
tions may appear to buey postoffl
clerks as a Hilly manifestation of the
ostentatious ways of the socially
Bupreme, and epectaoular, that de
Herve no encouragemenl alongside of
honest efforts of the proprietor
an i riiiai ioiiM pill to put Buttering
humanity in the way of getting re
lief by sending one million circular!
through the mall. But the blind
nrnletarlan is irrona In liis estimate
ihc relative Importance or tne pin
uapciCtue, wiiii its promise oi m aim
and happiness, and the simple stem-
ioii m.iii'i' that tin' recipient is
mad a tit Derson to i"' on hand
whin the marriage takes place, and
niii' wlins.' Kill will in' no allium
the contracting partus
Thnro la ais., to l"' considered the
economic Importance of 1 1 - wedding
invitation. That is a matter con
cerning which tin' postofflce clerks
may nof be fully Informed. They
may not. as a class, realize that one
wedding invitation lost or chucked
lint Water Has Curative Value,
Hot Water, if used with common
sr nse, huh save many a doctor's hill
ami many a course of drug treatment
as well. For bruises, sprains and
similar accidental hurts it should be
applied as hot as can be borne. by
means of a cloth dipped In the water
and laid on the wounded part-, or by
Immersion, if convenient, and the
treatment kept up until relief la ob
tained. Vot pains resnltiiiK from in
digestion, a cupful of hot water, taken
la sips, will often afford complete re
lief. A flannel folded In several
thicknesses, wrung from hot water
ami laid over the seat of the pain and
renew i ll every ten minutes or oftonrr,
Will aid Hi. relief In severe rases
For insomnia, when "too tired to
Bleep,'-' as wo sometimes say, bathe
tin- neck and temples, the back of
the neck particularly, This seems to
relax the muscles, nild the blood
vessels that supply the brain. The
game treatment will' refresh during
the day, and a headache may often be
relieved by It.
I Into the waste basket nfttj mean nol
only the sundering if happy rela
tionships between the members of
two families or clans, but also the
toss to Hi. in nil iimi bridegroom of
hum him; from a slender salad fork
in a touring ear with srtlller) wheels
ami a nose as long as ihai ..f Cyrano
.ie Bergerac, in proportion to its
'i nat the wedding invitation Is. in
the social world, tantamount to the
'"ph ase remit ' of the bualncs world I
I is a mailer which cannot b too
'loudiv dinned 4nto the ears of the
i soi .ally uninitiated who handle
sometimes carelessly the missives
I committed to heir care.
it is customary al fashionable
weddings to employ a detective, or
a e.ups of detectives, to guard the
swag displayed as a proof of the
I Pride's popularity, plus the social
eminence of thn two families In
volved In the alliance. The wedding
Invitation Is the means bj which the
glittering array of articles of value is
', secured. Il is no small matter, from
la pureh business point of view, lo
; mislay an invitation which might not
only reassure the recipient as to his
social position, but might also net the
hi id.
chest of silver or
mahoga nj furniture.
Win n both the Boeial ami commer
cial Importance of the wedding invi
tation come to bo better underst I
by federal employees there will be no
furl her loss of them in transit. Then1
If one doesn't receive an invitation 1
one will know that one was not
wanted, even at the price of a hand
some present, to be Btlcklng around i
ai the time of the ceremony or ap
pearing consplcuousl) at the recep
tion to advertise acquaintanceship,
or terms of intimacy, with the bride
and groom and tin n families.
Louisville Courier-Journal
Fruits and Vegetables,
Bat fruit every day if you would be
well. Cooked fruits are undoubtedly
hetier than dubious fresh ones, hut
when the fr. sh can bo obtained they
are better for the Bystem.
Kat fresh green vegetables when
ever you . an get them, but remelnber
to wash thoroughly all raw foods.
Bat some of the bulky vegetables of
low food value, like carrots, turnips,
spinach, squash and cabbage, nil of
I w hich have splendid digestive quail
ties. These also will prevent over-nourishment,
dBswSs -HSb&
How it Street Car Petal Reached n Happj Climax,
allow it to cook after adding the
cream, but while scalding hot pour
gradual!) over the well-beaten yoiHs
of two eggs. Serve With croutons or
delicate cracker, Epicures recom
mend adding lots of cucumber in but
ter nisi before the yolka of ckk-i are
The car Was crowded Willi find
Workers going home. There were
women who hud to stand while men
occupied seats, The . all faces t'dd
why, fatigue had conquered . inv.ibv
Then a very young and vet-) proud
mother carryinj u verj small baby got
On the car. She pushed her vviiv
through the straphangers while baby
giggled, Almost instant!) the young
mother was offend a seal. Baby be
came Ihe'centcr of Interest The man
who offend the seal shook iiis watch
chain In from of tin baby's eyes Bali)
cooed gleefully and reached OUt a liny
1 mhI in grasp the "preitv 1 young
v. oil,. in stooped from per strap, st ii ted
in chuck baby's chin and then stopped
as if the were afraid tlx mother
might object, lint the mother only
smiled The glory Of her child was
reflected on her,
Hut her triumph was soon over. An
other verv young mother, equally
in , 'Hit of her o n small I , 1 1 . . hoarded
the car and a. lu illv , evented a seat
right beside the other mother and
i.aio Tins bab) was charming, too,
ami her giggles entranced the pas
sengers as much as the other one had
done The fickle man with the watch
charm twirled ii for her benefit, too,
The young woman who started tq
chuck the first baby under the chin
flashed a diamond ring for the edi
fication of the newcomer.
ah tins was not lost on the first
mother and the smiles left her face
The other mothi r sensed her hostility
and turned her back II looked like an
other demonstration of that frequent
and humiliating experience of "hav
ing youi nose put out of Joint."
Hut the babies had never heard that
noses had Joints. They looked at each
Other as at a new wonder of I he world
I One of them put out a wobbly fist and
touched the other The other baby
smiled and grasped the hand of her
contemporary, Then the) conversed
in tiou ow ii la nguage,
The passi ngers smiled. some of
them audibly, The to sllghtl) huff)
mothers turned and saw their children
obvlousl) making hp Slowiy n Binlle
trembled on the hp of the first
mother. She leaned over and fingered
the material on the other bab) s dress
The mother responded and .soon the)
were discussing dollies and other mat
tors Important to mothers of almost
brand new babies Kansas City star
Asparagus Soup
Asparagus soup i.-, both delicate and
delightful Put two dosen asp'aragus
Stalks In bulling sailed water. Just
irer, vv Ith a small onion,
,f uarsle) and a stalk of
Dover closely and cook 20
II, lei .
ini r and st l ain t In- Water I l oin I lie
oilier vegetables, Press the asp. nanus
through a puree strainer nud return
the water ill winch II was cooked
Make ii whit,
si I her i In
ordlnar) folk that
nough to
few sprig
celery, ixiver ciosoiy ami cook
minutes Or half an hour, until tent
Take out tin asparagus with a ski
mer and strain the Water from
sauce by ooklng to
iplm; tabtespoonful of
nutter and a level tablespoonful of
flour, stir .smooth, add the asparagus
and water, Allow it to boll a few 111 In
utes, then add a half plm of aweet
cream or rich milk and season dell
catel) with salt, white pepper and a
grating of nutmeg or tablespoonful of
lemon juice, as preferred. Do not
Health) o Drink Lots of Water,
The average individual does not
drink enough water to keep in wood
condition Perhaps a glats or two
is taken at meals, hut one often for-
nets to take m drink of water be
tween eating limes As ii mailer of
fact water should md he taken at
im als at all It Intet feres with the
digestive powers, retards the assimi
lation of food and often produces re
sults Which are disastrous to the en
tire system rut down the water
drinking ai he table and increase the
amount you take between meals
Eight or ten glasses are not too
man) to take during the day. I trlnk
a glass of pure cold water upan .iils-
Ing first thin); iii the morning or take
it hot if vou prefer II so. This should
i.e consumed at least a half hour be
fore breakfaaj An hour after the
m.al lake another class and drink
still another class before, luncheon.
Between the midday meal ami dinner
tak, throe classes of water and an
other class an hour after dinner.
When ail read) for bed swallow the
final dose of water.
1 Remember In drinking water In
large quantities that it should never
lie so cold as to chill the stomach.
Cool, of Course, -It should be to make
1 i palatably but Ice cold never, The
man or woman who gets Into the
halm of drinking a good deal of
water will find thai it has a wonder
I fully beneficial effect on the com
pi. moii the skin becoming clear and
I smool h
Hints lor the Household
White silk lace should he washed
vcr carefully in s lukewarm Mids.
with a httie borax oi ammonia i 11
Then soak It in hall a pint Of milk
with a nttirt gum arable dissolved in
it. bqueeie out, pull Into shape and
roll up In a towel until dt v
a delicious fish au gratia is madi
in' buttering a pie dish and placing
m it as many fillets of white fish. as
will fill it without pla. me one on the
other Sprinkle the fish with nalt,
pepper and nutmeg;' then pqueesf
lemon Juice over it, COVer With huttel
and hake in a quick oven. Sprinkle
parsley over the fish when seived.
a delicious dish for chllren is Eng
lish fruno nty, made of one quart of
, racked wheat, cooked until clear ami
solt. Add a quart Of milk and COOk
again until it Is as thick as cream.
Take It off the fire, add sUKar, li nt -meg
and washed currants (which
have been prevlousi) cooked) and the
beaten yolks of two eggs. .
After URlliK a howl Of Start h do not
throw BWS) what remains ol the mix
tare. 1'la. e It on One side, and when
the starch has settled pour off -the
clear water Place the basin In n
oven for ii few minutes, and when
it is taken out the starch will he found
III a hard cake, which .an he put
away ready for use another time.
When it is necessary to Iron
rough .irv garment at once, try this
method: Dampen it, roll tight, wrap
111 ii l.'tji and then in paper and put
It Into the oven while the irons ore
heating. Evaporation will cause it to
he thoroughly dampened III il very
few minutes; but care must he taken
that the i. von is not lint enough to
scorch the thorns.
siici cs, iii Brcadmaklng,
When you bake bread be sure that
your yeast is perfectly fresh, if you
use the compre
d kind.
t so tor i,rt- Ivor cgotables,
I Save a little of the vegetables that
I are, cqoked through the wtck, and on
. Monday, when the fire is ho!, chop the
vegetables fine; add a little tomato
and fresh cabbage, also chopped fine;
put all together in a pot, with the
I hones ami butcher's trimmings from
the roast, and boll three hours.
This will make a vt'ry good veire
I table soup.
NEW VORK, Mav V Miss Mary
L, Jobe, a Brooklyn Institute lecturer,
has been ejected .Fellow of the Royal
1 ographlcal So, let) of London and
member of the American Alpine club.
She is a veteran of s.'V eral exploring
.xpeditlona Into the Selkirk moun
tains and British Colifmbta and .was
me of two women, who. with Pro
fessor Herschel Parker, was first to
iel foot on .Mount Parker, highest
mountain in that range,
She spent some time studying the
"Carrier" tribe of the Athabascan In
dians along the Peace river, covering
imi miles on foot ami accompanied
only by two Indian guides,
Little Hints.
Instead of setting UihiRs in the oven
to await the late '..mer. and. having
them dry up and be unfit to eat, cover
them closely and set them In a pan of
hot water on top of the stove, to
If you are
1 needed in a
Susanna Cocroft knows t lot ahnut
poise and inse 'and exercise and the
Influence of bt d on mind and v ice
versa, hut a woman at her talk at the
Aetna the other day forced her to
confess Ignorance (ri a matter that i
uppermost In many a woman's mind.
This woman plumped oul the ques
tion "How can l get rid of to- pounds In
two months'"
-.I don't know," Miss Cocroft ro-
nlleH with a I. mull that hid h"I
I your Ide lis
IpjctuH you
' our w alls.
I "There i.i
women ,f i
I morrow are
I zona are hr
with your
ideals on
no new woman Th t
..lav. yesterday and to
the same, but our horl
ia lening, And this will
ii cake which is !
sprinkle granu
lated sugar and powdered cinnamon
or nutmeg over the ton of the batter
before baking It. A delicious
will form, and it will not need
When adding milk to mashed pota
toes, alvvavs have it "heated. The po
tatoes will be light and creamy.
frost -
i nol makt
i u.' sw eet
street as
lit ep I he
us' n nnlnsh.
in. I dear lie. I I
In the home,
suggestion i f
We can he i
ivable in the
We -need tf
right ideals
constantly In mind.
"People do not remember thai the
i brain la a part of tho body. You can-
not do goo i work with the'.brnln un
loss the body Is in good condition
and tho digestion right." N vv York
Spring Owens.
When cooking greens this spring
tr) this method: After cleaning them!
thoroughly put them in a large pan:
and pour over them a kettle 'of boiling
water in which half a teaspoonful of
oda has been dissolved, lira In 1 tits i
off, put them In the kettle and cook 1
l hem as usual. The scalding takes
iiw'iiy the sometimes strong and un
pleasant flavor.
Good Looks, Woman Speaker Said.
(innil Thoughts lit
fusion, t.ut she told tile vv omen in nei
audience how to "build up a neck.'
must stand correctly and not
tdump, square your shoulders, get
(JoiBO Of thO BhOUldOrS, poise of the
hips and poise Of the" head Then If
you an; thin vou need mpre flesh. Re
laxation and a milk diet will do, that,"
she siiid.
A large audience greeted Miss (. o-
rlofl Slie tniii Hie women nun o. ra
both g.'od and beautiful Being good j
would come pretty nar to aocom-1 , ,is Bprjng ..ou w,.re worried sick Met his work be something thai be can
pllshlng both ends, she nahl. lover your Children's sudden languor, enjoy, and let him have i( part of the
Miss Cocroft walked' drooping! v an)j wnen Maty grew peevish and summer Or a large part of each day
?!,,, ,ss the idatform and everyone ,.,.,,,. i.,,,,,,.', nimetite failed, entirely free for oiitd 1 plav.
knew She was depressed and depreS-I Rn)j ,,, ,;t. became pale'Wlth Many Of the ailments of school I
tdon Is a very .bad thing'. When your (i listless eyes, vou said: "Oh. they children, especially frequent colds, are
figure droops yoti nit only compress al need a tonic:'" And Straightway I due to lack Of exercise and fresh air, i
ur lungs, nut vour stomaeti geis om , ,,,, rils,, , toil drug store and bought day and niglit. in-m-aie cnnureii win
a' large bottle of patent medicine, ion
then proceeded to make them more
miserable by upsetting their .stomachs
wtth what was probably a lot of highly
l, iu Ih.it tne ail is passing, r.v
the mind gel-; a warp tnrougn ir ami
there is no knowing what tragedies
place, and no end or trouoies mi-
oW That -i ahnut tile, poise ... hio
debutante who has the one-time fash-
I, mil. o s olleh. alii .Miss ocron ;sis
Will follow.
"Vou don't have to see the faces of
people to know whether they have
ii rinement. or of w hat they are think
ing. Just ee them across the street
and yOU Will Know meir- iaie .i
mind," s:ild Miss .Cocrott
She walked haughtily at ross the
Itage tho chest raised, and tho aud
ience Immedlitely knew it would
have known !f she had not- told it
that di was enjoying n "I-am-bet-ter-than-yo'i"
"It is morally wrong to allow
yourself to get Into n state if depres
sion," .;hc said. "Vou should never
nib vv yourself to he dscouraged.
When a perein sees nothng In life
it is a reflection upon the Creator.
Worry and anxiety are the worst n.en
Bl ,. of the woman of today and. the
on thing that she needs more than
anything else Is relaxation- to let g
When i person is frightened she .nay
faint Worry is fear. Woriv. f ur.
anger and hatred are the forces that
I. ecu our l.o Uos unrcloxed, then the
.-.sti e Inlees will not flow.
A U' vv" leei me evil en,-, is
en I with what was probably a lot of highly
the bottle that contained It.
"What they needed was Nature's
tonll atr, and lots tif play In the
OUt-of-doorS. If they were "too busy
with their school work" to have' had
enough of It during the school year,
you should have seized upon their va
cation as your golden opportunity,
Let me utge you not work your
child during the vacation if you can
possibly avoid it. if he must, at least
not exercise by themselves, n Is im
portant that you encourage .the plav
spirit In our children, and when there
is no suitable playmate the parent
should take part. (lames should be
selected that will bring into action all
the muscles Of the body, and not one
set at the expense of another. The
bones of the chest in growing child
ren are pliable and easily yield to
exercise. Teach your children to take
'long breaths, so that every part Of the
lungs may he filled with fresh, pure
lair. Always correct your children for
faulty position in Standing and sitting.
I- Delineator.
Objectionable odors Removables
The fishy 'smell on knives and forks
after salmon and other fish have been
served may he easily removed by rub
bing them with a slice of lemon. To
remove the odor of onions from the
la-,. alb ...',1 ii!,rl(iv tn t:iki it off the
linn.lu till. Ilw.in ith ftAiJirV. Tit IM.l keleup of
ii nlea'sant household' deodorizer pour Pepper
spirits of lav nder over bicarbonate
of ammonia. Then put it into a wide
mouthed bottle and cover tightly
when not in use. When you wish to
use It, merely open the bottle and let
it remain open a few lnlnuis. It Is
also good to Inhale when one has a
stem end of each tomato. Ueuiove
the pulp, leaving a thin shell. Cook
two tablespoons of butter with one
tablespoon of finely shopped onion
until delicately browned. Add the
tomato pulp, and bits of. finely chop
ped .old meat available with a hair
bread eiuinbs and salt ami
to taste. Cook five minutes.
add a beaten egg and fill the mixture
jinto the tomato shells. Cover with but-
tered crumbs and bake In a hot oven
1 fifteen mtnuttS. Leftover spaghetti or
l macaroni may he used for filling if
' desired. In this case omit the gg and
use the tomato pulp for soup or
i v cry
"VV headache. If vou like to have the sauce
ind m 1 ...... ... ,. i, .
ill Uiuiiii mill vioiiiuioi
I . . m I 4 4,.
Mill It K("nisize I '' t'l "IM liii'i ni
, l'1" ain'iinifcr J' ' ' "lit"
n i.iMwt !.- ii n.ir t htiUu'tll.N III lO tu K..11. ...1, .... t...n. . 1.. . l. t , . .1
n ni" 1 1 " . ' 11 r iif it in 11 1 1 1 ik 1 nt. t h'iiw ,1 uiiu 1
ri (hi direction and we must do tnat a delicate perfume will result. Milk,
in the beginning Thoughts are llk- , turttcr and flour should he kept at a;
distance from all undesirable odors, !
- . 1 1 . . , I.. - lo, V t
a lowing leri wvhvu ...... .
mud- a ic-ci channel it requires a
strong force lo turn them. Thecan
ont) be combattSd by love and kinil-
titss 'Agree with thine adversary
quickly.'" ,. ,
"Beauty is no longer vanity; It is
1. sc." mid the speaker. "We can't all
be beautiful, but we can have beauty
of soul Mak" ,,s much of the body
as v, u can. Place a beautiful figure
on vour wall and compare thai with
tlie lines of vour own body. Kxpresa
as few things absorb
than these foods.
more readily
Tomatoes With Spaghetti ami
11 ion I.
As spring vegetables come on the
market new ways of preparing them
for the table are in demand. When
tomatoes become common enough to
he preferred cooked, try stuffing them
as follows:
Wipe end cut a thin slice from the
To KiM'p Hair from Falling Out.
Writing to a dally paper, an eastern
! woman says: in stop the hair from
falling out and cure dandruff, put a
tablespoonful of flour or sulphur In a
I quart bottle of rainwater; let stand
i until the sulphur settles to the bottom
of the bottle, then use the water to
wash the scalp two or three times
i each week. You can wet the tips of
your fingers and rub the sralp and not
wet your hair If you so prefer. There
will lie no odor of sulphur, ns It
seems to be deodorized when H settles."
A TTENTION to the needs of careful shop
pers is the single effort of these particular
shops. Devotion to a single line of merchan
dising affords the best possible shopping service
$1.50 $2.00 and $3.50
Walk-Over Boot
833 South Main.
Vou . an rest assured t hat
your stationery Is correct in
every detail. If It comes from
our choice selection of domestic
and Imported brands,
vi: takk OKDBRS
207 South Main
The Better
Is found at Overtoil's
baked in our owu hop un
der Banitary conditions ntnl
made from the highesl grade
Telephone 500.
Decorations For May
Festivals -Indoor
or Out
We furnish suitable decora
ions, Plane Cards, Folders, etc.,
for special KiithcriiiKs, picnics
and the like.
Bailable prizes furnished for
ill kinds of parties.
White China and Materials
for 1 'iiitiii Painting on sale.
hesson given in Chins Palnt
Ing Blrlng done.
Nii i lalei tion of Water Col r
Paper, also Paints ami Brushes,
Studio Shop
Ohio itiiihiiiiii Ind Floor
Lucia B. Bartlett 0
Ad.iie b, Eckert
Phono it It.
Needle cj Novelty
Craft 4 djij J VoMon.i
Artistic Shop
Nice selection of grad
uation cards. Also
Birthday and Hirth
announcement cards,
17 E. 41 li St.
Phone I7l
Put That Camera
To Work-
Nature will soon
be at. her hist
and will Invite
you out doors to
tuke her pictures.
If you haven't a
camera remem-
icr we sell pic
ture takers, Wt
also sell camera
und photo sup
plies of such n character as to In
sure the best results In picture tak
ing und making.
The Quaker Drug Store
M A 11 B."
Fresh Strawberry Bisque
Vanillu Chocolate
I Ineapple Sherbet
Vanilla and .Strawberry.
The Rexall
Today Is
Mother's Day
For Mother's Memory
Flower White,
For MuUicfs Living
Flowers Bright.
Wo have a must beautiful
assortmenl of just tin- flow
ers your Mother would love.
Mrs. De Haven
3rd and Boulder Phone 5155
Don't Delay On
That Photo
Vou have friends and rela
tives who will he delighted
to receive one - especially of
the standard we make.
PHONE 8656
and make an engagement.
Novelty Photo
109 Ault Bldg.
Late Jewelry
The past week has wit
anessed the arrival of many
new Jewelry novelties.
You are welcome to view the
Use Your Eyes
When you discern a hint of
dimness, a tired feeling, an
ache or headache, it is na
ture's cry for help.
408 S. Main
Phone 3473
311 South Boston Phone 258
Quality Remains Long After
the Price Is Forgotten.

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