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e ii,' .
(Society and Club Activities of Past Week in Tulsa, in Resume
in h i ml luaiit if ul
"v P Ai.i. Kirts of Nature i.. man Hi it ll
It In th.ii which tnakea flowers Th red roe ih p i r i "f Ita
blood. The Kuati'i III) n. n unlit The heliotrope h the iweetneaa "f
Its breath Tin violet, " hidden kvhlitt of blue under u green leaf,
Ih )tn iihsli iiliidtHty
. Treea ure its fountain ulai u ln', bunhea, lunxlea and leaf
a daltdi d im mlow, wit h hit I. s .
M i. ills women and men anil 1 1 1 1 1 rhlldren mil from Iheii i'IomciI
house intii the open, 'lint laugh al plu) and nIiim al luhr Thej
become beuullful one In the other, Tin . love and embr 1
The sunshine Is love liquor; tin le earth In drunk with ll
The young lamba I up "with all four t''t .it oio'e." The rolls
frisk The '!"' bark and scamper. The treea become orchestra alalia
nf singing birds,
Hunlighr! The aymbol of all things desirable, of freedom, of
Winged thought, of paaalon, of life Itself! Net it till my fomlahed
r,s, ii iv brain, In) aoul! I.e( mi flesh feel it uij i .-. wurpt with It,
III . I'll !' ll lit IM . III! II. Ol MUD ,111111V I. Mill IM, III I,
.So long III tin' Mm slums vv , in
ins.- i n Km nk Crime
, I I I I I IV I , I I I I 1 lll'lll I I
ual .,11 i" in i in tin HJtet nal ' I -
1 if the Fount Woman's Christian eeae
olatlon haj bun announced fur Tuei
day morning at iu o'clock at the ot
Ml s( I
i in- r lonlng meeting "f 1 1 tlyochKa
'inii est ii iin , afternoon rounded ouf
i '.riii's work, which haa probably
been tin inoal splendid In Ihe organ
Isation'a tilitoi v
Th bualneaa, of which 'there was
i M i m i; i i ii; i ins i i ii
Afternoon lea of
llUb, Mrs ' 'hut leu I . V
Carolyn I'orter, director of tji- de
liartmenl "t voice in ti liege will
prnaenl Minn fiimpbell In graduation
recital assisted l Miss Tereawt
ny ' Fhlchls, mooologtat, Tuesday evening
, Muv i.
Mrs Ralph HiuUh, lunt l i fm
Twentli tli t'cnturj chfh ,
( 'l ' V II Si. 'I I ' 1 1 . . 1 1 1 . 1 1 1 1 1 1 I III' ''IS With
Mis A 11 llurn
m I -1 1 1 iii i s Burl Si in l.i ir, chnlr
in. in mil her committee of assistants
wii.i have arranged u round of de
lightful enter! ul for t he pleas-
ure of Hi.- bankera1 wives who are
coming villi Hun huahauda tn tin'
TucMlai utate mi 1 1 1 im next week, includes Mr
Mra !..... Wroh ontortalns To '' Mcjllrni.j Ml Honry Orela,
day Hook club Mrj R fingers Kemp and Mra
Miss Carolyn I'nrlei and Ml i Mar- Ocoriro T maon
gnrel Wyndhnm present iuitls of
VC'toe ami expression in recital
'I'Ik' I lankera' i,. II ol . mini in . tt
tertalnmoul of the Malting bankera
I and their wives who are coming t.
Tub i next Week for the annual state
t fm Krldn)
l llll.'sllll) .
Mi I 1,1, II l v i M , .i n III" .
a,,.,, .. .iii i'iiiim ntliiti. has been
Mr and Mra H r McCuno enter- J,,vcnl"" cv.t will lw Riven at
tain MarUetto club . L " ,' '"' Ut
M. i- Mill . ut, ii., i.. I a ' i... in. ,s.....s ,....,. ,
Mrs ii Hysenbach, party fpr
Margaret Ixiulsn Kj senba. h,
stav in tin
r AH'.. nl Aggaa and l.-f
Carpenter will i;vi the ft rat "f n Ber
lin of tin.'' daucoa in entertainment
of their ynuni frienda, I'M. lay evening
ni ih,. hnllrnmrt n. Hi, li i l.iillilliur
n vvix.-s "I M-tiiir. niniv' ts .... ,,. ., , .,
Miss ifii,. helaney, Mutrona' and ',, ' ,. 1 ... ......... ...
. iv .i I i a in i i n.1" ..iii in , in i n'l' ,i i "
t ii" in it ttlona
Thill Mill) .
Ian., lii'nii at Cmintrj i hit' cumpli
mentti) t" iws ..f vlstinn imnket
Qlrla' Thurada bridge
Mis John It llamaey, Thuraila)
M i ';,ttii i r, Itinchoon fm,
Thui lilaj in Idge
Mi . i ij Uoaaiy and Mra .1 M
Mass, r., have aok VVedneaday, .May
gi ih.' .hit" "f nulla a large May
t,., which the) have planned in en
. tertnlnmenl of their frlnda, Cartla
v ill I,.- laaucvl within tn,' next woeg
I llillll
Tulsa bankera Rive hall fur vlalllna
lilllil.'ts ami fin mis at KlkH rlu!
Poat-graduote plimo w of m,ss , ,, ,,,. , ,,.,, ,,v
. ,. ' " ft '".!'"'"- Tulau lodge it P K for Thuradn)
tii'lii't III ft-i.i .... i ,. ...
ThufHtUiy Sowing ln) lum'hcOn
Kl -; ;i t K 1 1 l -1 1 ft' t'lii' J i 'I i' "i in . .... , , , ,
? , p( n utf (i i n K ItH t hin, an-l "Mt
J.ltH- AilUUIIlfl 1 M.l lit .( Il'l II. I llM'l'ts . . n i
I ' t ' ill .1' ' "iiiii i I I .iiii, ii I'
ai'K bo tven aboul Maj twentieth.
Thq ruKular munthlj meeting f i"'
ISil I 111 Mil 1 .... 1 .
.Musical Doaen club incelt with Mra """J. " '
W i VVilllaiuaon ' "" Wedneaday, has been p,oatponel
mi" w . ek on nee unl of 1 1.- i ist rl i
g) . ,,v federation meoilng at. Claremore.
N M l S I Ml I s
Mis v. A Vandever bus tnvit.-.i
the memlmra -ut' lo t bridge club for
Mis drace Cumphi'll, who upcnt lutheon with lor mi Thursday, Tin'
two yearn In the Html) of voice t.t serving of the noun will be followed
Stove its t'olleitc, Columbia, Mo., imp b) .m afternoon at auction,
plrmented b) a yeor'a wnrk, in ii, .
dull, will 1. 1' graduated tin-, year Mis- I v i itlna of tin dlreetora1 board
The Biggest
and Best
tion in
is the
To r Men and W omen
26 New Shades for Spring
and Summer
Phoenix Silk Hose
Are ShapelyLustrous and
Guaranteed A hsolutely
WOMEN'S 75c, $1.00, $1.50
MEN'S-50c, 75c, $1.00
Walla. '
tn Mi-. ,i, mi!" ,s huh for h. r part In
t ii,' pi tig-ram, t.. i'i ol .1 s I i . 1 4t s, dl
rector of tin- Apullo club, to thi It)
park board and Mra I Haven who
m ni I !i flow era i t decoration a ml
pre . ntntlifn in th" alt lata; tn the
Apollo ami I'olyh) mnla clulu ami
mail.' th.' huccbh ni tli" foatlvul poa
aible Mrs IV. i Wlliamson vr.is elected
tn -ot I'M tin- "lull at th" dlstrtcj
fedei atlnn n Clar re thi - week,
llycehkti club mi the program. Mrs.
1 1 I. , ! rust .no! Mrs Paul M. dallo-
biennial In l.os Angeles in June. Mrs,
.1 m Ward ami M.s V, a Aggen
at.' their a it .in., i.s
The iio iii in i s were happy to have
with tit. in yesterday, Mrs. John 0.
Megrrve, formerlj of Muskogee, who
r lu he oh ntlfied n II h i l"'i" as an
associatn member next year, ami who
gav an excellent paper, "Child prodi
gies." After us reading before a
Munkogee music cluh. Borne tun,' since,
the pa pei appeared in the Ktudo under
favorable trltlclsm. Ukewise was tin
cluh pleased over the presence of Miss
Pottle, spperviaor of music in th"
lii-.ii .-' In... I win, talked ahoiil the III
fluencc ni' inii- in in Iin public schools,
h'lvc in members, Mrs Harry s
rflskaddon, Mrs. Victor Mleher, Mrs.
i harles T. Iaughfon, Mis John M.
M. serve ami MlaM Vers Owynne, were
oted in ' lull affiliation.
The program numbers follow:
Paper "I 'hihl Prodlgll s"
M i s. m , at r 1 1
Piano Postillion froni "Miygls lm-
tet n." . lodard
Master Kenneth Cj-ouch
Vol. e "The Return of Spring"
M is ,i i rren Rurgeaa
Piano Selected
Hiss Tookab Slansberry
Voice Mi" Stmey W hit"
"Mualc in the Public Bchools,". . .
Miss Pottle
Piano duo "ll Trovatoi t "
Mrs. W, A A a iters i ml Mi.-s Mil
guerlte Oavln
Kemlall Seniors In Itivltal.
Krlday evening at Kendall college
tlu senior plana . lass appeared in a
delightful in "..rain, this being thi
first recital "f the 1916 college e -
in. nceint ut.
The program porttelpantf of last
evening were the Misses Irene Haw
kins, Kvelyn Lenox unl Lorena llurd,
By their splendid work on h'rlduy
nlght'i program these young women
proved themselves to he real artists
and Justl) protid "i them is their In
atructor, Pryf, John Knpwles Weaver,
under win,." tutelage lhay have been
for tin' nasi i In 1 1 years
ilililu n i! atli Hi I mil w as lent I In'
I'I... i llll by the ilSSlatancti ol' Miss
ICthyl .lens, another pupil of Prof.
Weaver, win. appeared on this occa
.inn as a whistler. Miss lens lias
ljnark,ublc ablllt) in this tyiique art
.unl her v ' i .i 1 numbers charmed the
Tim program follows:
l'"i iai March On the Death of a
Heio from sonata Op. 2D Beethoven
Maidi n's Wish Chopln-Llsxt
Valae Couranto ..... Iauchaume
Miss I la whins.
.Ml t.he World has (lone to Sleep....
Mi s" Jens.
Six Variations from Sonata in A....
Romance Prank l.a Forge
Miserere fr m ll Trovatore
'. ... V'erdl-Oottschalk
Miss Lenox.
Tin rftrds ami ih. Brook stuits
Miss Jena,
a Adagio l. Presto Finale from
Concerto in C Webor
Miss nun!
M r w en er at si com! piano.
t the Roaton avenue Methodist
churi h Sunda) there will he special
music ai h ub th morning ami even
ing service Mr. .1 shields Dlerkcs
will direct unl preside at the organ
The program follows!
Preludi io me Pastor il Flagler
Anthem Unpp) A it I'hou Israel
iffertot v , tnvoi atlon Camjj
Alto SoW Thanksgiving Cowen
Miss l.altimer.
Post) tide Paat Marach .Syro
v: kmnu. .
Preludi (Serenade PYyslnger
Anthem 0 !ive Thanks Unto the
Lord Lydenham
Offertory llumoreake ......Dvorak
Boss Solo Ms Prayer Wood
Mr Wehnert
Postlude Queen of Shoba .Qounod
i;i i.ai.h: p.
opal Sett, Mrs. V. Lynn ami Mrs.
j. ii. Boxley, also of Holdtnvlllei Mra.
Edward J dley, t rfolUyvllle, and
Mri ii 'J- Barnard. Mesdamea Preaa-
Ir,- fl Ualk.r Ir.. W A PooK. Hal'
beautiful poama b.ariiig on child life,
Which were read by different mcm-bers
: I inulnnn W l.llli-' r .
Tucker, Charles U Walte, C B. Strou.
villa, 'a.,s A. May., A v. Davenport, I
James M. QHJette, nrang w, nuei,
W. 'l Jean Biddlson, P, J, Twogood,
I Moore and i P Mi Purlin, composed
(the igrge part) of assisting matrons
who were grouped aboul the rooms t
extend in th. name .,f the three en
!t rlaining matrona, the hospitality "t
i Th.- dining room dei oratlt na were
... . , . m . v i , .: ,
i ... i . ! .i ri.ri v ..ii.uii... ..
,'al a Mil k, wl'li W i ihlitll,' in Ing
1 !' t.,i I'm thi labl nterplei
j i i .,, , bridegroom ami attendant!
were represented under the gay ol
, .1 ribbons In id by kewple dolls
K wpleti a lsu dutfci 'l i he May iwle "'
tin- buffi i. The Misses Mabel Bar
nard, B' lyn rteesee, Bloulse Hanb 1
I Hester .Ma.- Wilson am! Helen Savelh
I i'i. spied, .- rvlnc tht plates of salad
Ices ami candles from wicker baskoti
ti,-,! with flowers ami ribbon. Ill I"'
ain roomi .vhlch was a bit of fairy
land ftniii Japan, the Misses Gladys
Rlldd ami Ruth Hurl, attired as maids
a ti... vttu irin'H land served ounch
LADIES SC.00 to $6.50 SUMMER
r,,r one w.ek only commencing
nday, Ma loth, in oraer m i""'-
duce onr new line or uroogiyn-niuue
i, v, ghi ea for ladlos, we will s.-n
them at this remarkably low figure.
Thla line of Pine Foot-wear was re-
. , ntlu nnrnhnsed bv us fr m Qeorae
w. Rak r ompu i)
York, who are on
manufacturers .i '
foot-wear In the wo
in n beau! il aaat
m Tulsti t" step
,.f Brooklyn, .N"w
of tin largest
women's superior,
rid. We ha v I Item
rtmcnl of Styles
v want , vt ry lady
ami see for I.' r
...If Hi" superb quality ami exquisite
workmanship thai has b'een built mi..
these fine shoes, s ur descriptive
advertisement on another pag. of thlg
paper, Hu n come down and ee our
I 1.. South Mai" AdV,
iowa mm
An orchestra played tin-
1 1 ceiving in
Ol t-nf-tl VV II
I wf Interest
noon's occai
sis add.
pleasure t
Imiii the
number of
their quota
. tlm after-
A '.'in. heon followed by Q line party
,-it en of the local theuters, Thurs
day afternoon, was the prett) uourtt s)
which M s. W. B, Knappenl i rger ex
tended t ' her guoBts, Mis. P. B. Coe of
Tlttmvlllc, Pa., ami Mrs. 8. W.
if ki 'fer. i nil. i matrons Jf the party
vvi r- Mcadames .1. ll Alexander, W
.1. Colllt r. Hays, -. ii. Carpenter, W.
I '. Hai ner and C. A. Mechllng.
M iss
Another of the excellent pianists and teachers of Musical Tulsa ia Miss
Bulalle I'aiks, who conducts a largo elass frt m her studio in this city. Miss
Talks received her educution in the music school ol Kansas City, at Bethany men
M ra.
hi: ('..
college, ami the Conservatory "f Music anil Pine Arts
graduating in piano, harmony, theory ami history of
Tarks received iter education in the music Bchoi Is f K
in Llndsborg, Kansas,
music in ill HI. Miss
tnsas i llty, at H. t bany
s w
laid f
hi, I waa one of the pleaaantest of the
v., ,r in Methodist church circles, The
banquet room was very attraetivo in
decorations of palms, plants am!
flowers ami a delicious menu was
served by women of the Aid society.
An orchestra played during the hour
of t in- banquet,
Mr A. A Small pn siiletl as toast
master in a pleasing manner, bis re
marks i" iuu responded in with talks
by Miss Rowcna Stephens, Miss Eva
McCullum, Mr C, B, Baldwin, ami
Mbw Helen Campbell, Following the
,ii' r dinner speeches, this program
was rendered:
(Mafia Solo Miss Maud Lynch
Vocal Solo Miss Oraco Campbell
it. ailing Mrs. Ina Bhumway
Male Quartet.
Mr. Ilartman, Mr. Pllcher,
Mr. Norton,
i;i i i'i kiss.
Carpenter, .1.
w v. Harner t ntertalned at
i.n Friday tit her home on
Cincinnati avenue, the compll
if tin- affair being to Mrs. F.
Of TiJUSVillC, Pa., ami Mrs
Coe nf Klefer. 'overs were
r the two honorees, ami in ad
m shmies .lames K. Putnam,
thawav ''. A M chling, C, ll
ii, Alexandi r and w
Mr, Powler,
u'lin Bolo
Miss iMith Williamson and vvail pi
I bloom.
This fortnight's dinner-dance of the' Between
Tulsa Country club was a pleasant af- five, scores
fair over which Mrs Proasley tl wal- their respet
ker, Jr., presided as hoaters assisted t and to malt
i.v Mrs Oscar it. Howard, Mrs. W. A. - group of s.
Cook, Mrs Edwin u. Perry, Mrs. John
ii Hall, Mrs. George S, Bole: Arthur
L. Funk, Mt'S, W, '. Newell and the
Misses Carolyn and Elisabeth Dickey.
it was a May dinner, with table
decorations of May baskets filled with
si iin;,' blossoms, and a particular!)
Hiiuil menu was serve, I. After dinner
there was provided tor the entertain
ment of tin- guests, the usual dancing
t,i i;..im orchestra mualc and cards, at
which beautiful prizes were awarded
to th winners of the two highest
semes among the women and men.
Among the guests Ol the evening were
M.-ssi-s and Mesdamea W L Dickey,
" L ail". : A. Wells, J. II. Bvana,
Cook, E, VV, Blnclalr, J. H.
Robinson, J. T. Lantry, l. It. Waluice,
B R Perry, .1 A. Hull, A. L Funk. F.
II Oreer, R, Otis McCllntock, M.
Moran, P. L Moore, Mrs George S
Bolo, Mrs W it. M.i'nv. Miss Gladys
Hutch of Kansas City. Misses Mar
guerite Moran, Mildred Kline, Gladys
Brown Messrs Con Callahan, J H
n; Ewon, H, V, Arnold, Bdwln
Lash ley, II f ford Jackson, Lynn, Joe
Washington, Nelson and M. J
H' enis of t h
in With a In
which Mrs
Mrs. Earl !
Harry H. Rog
! moon in tin
Car. mi avenue.
Thai "April showers brim;
flowers" was evidenced in the
ance of lovolj spring blossoms
were a selling fur III.- affair.
was Ho- usual arrangefhenl of
ami rerns as a oackground, in tin
drawing room, den, the colonial hall,
on Hie wid btatrcase and ir (be dln
Ir.g room. Against ibis was brought !
out th.- color scheme of pink, bide, !
lavenaer, yeiiow ami wnue, in doskoit
lontll wire ushered
if ul May-day ten
lames Allen Chapman,
Inter Harwell ami Mis
i rs gave Wednesday af-
Chapman home mi
wh'ich There
Mrs Loren Oruver of Pittsburgh,
Pa., wim with Mr, Gruver is in the
city temporarily, enterjalned a com
any ut' several friends with a preiiv
luncheon al T acup inn w . dnesday
afternoon. The table centerpiece was
. f red an I yellow tulips. Lunchi mi
was followed b) a Mm- part) in the
Palace theatre.
Mrs lie h it .siimy Wagner enter
tained a company of sixt'.-n matrons
fm- one o'cl ick luncheon at the Tulsa
Country club, Friday afternoon,
K'kets of
v arn l y
Special mualc fm' Ina Sunday cr
vicos of Plral Methodisl church today
will he directed b) Mr C ; Spindler
with Miss Lynette Kimmons at the
iivr.in. The numbers follow:
Voluntary Voluntar) In ' Baptists
.',i them O Holj Ghost into iur
Minds Gaul
' ti 1 1 .1 v idylls Faulkes
Sclo Th.- plains of Peace. . .Bernard
Mr- P l "a rren.
i Mother's i ia) services
V..luntar I'estiv.ii March ..Kinder
Svin Mother Machree Hall
Mis Anna Burk Albert.
t m r. t :..i v ai Twilight Btebblna
! T. ii Mother I'll He
Or, and Mrs Frederbpk w. Hawley
tavi a delightful dinnet Thurs'day
evening with the members of tin- sen
mi , lass ,,f Kendal! college as gnosis.
Tin. bluebird, which is said t bo
Miniioiie of'hnppiness, was the Inspir
ation for ail the appointments am!
decorations, which were in blue
throughout. Suspended from the
lights over the -table was a flock of
1 1 tel Irds ami table centerpiece
was a hask.'t of roses and blue field
daisies I'h" blue Japanese tabid
runners wen very effeotlve, placed
i v er 111-- damask eloth.
Dr. Haw lev was toast master and
each "f Hi - six members of the class
gave an appropriate and pretty re
sponse io iiis remarks Mis. Hawley
was aided throughout iim evening by
Miss Kettle Craighead, director of do
rm stlc sc ien.'i of the school and Mrs
Ora Llghtner-Frost, dean of women,
t'. i-ors i;n laid fur the Misses Leila
Robertson, Pauline Layman, Norlne
lv . Vennettn Jones, Ada Wright and
Mr Paul Handley,
A l. tlr-r of good cheer' from Mrs
Hawley was presentee) to each one
with directions Unit same should not
I-, opened until one year from the
Mr and Mrs W K Hroaeli euter,-
talned a small company of friends In
f. rmally at dinner Tuesday evening in
compliment t" Mis Alexander B,
White of Paris,, Tenn., former presi
ient general of the United Daughters
r the Confederacy,
Voung men of Hie Harnoa class "f
First Methodisl church were hosts at
aii elaborate banquet In entertainment
of Hi., young women of the church,
represented h the Philathea class.
Semper Fidelia club and Merry Meth
odists, Tut -- lay evening.
Th,- affair which was given in th
Ubstorj of the Ohuroll was attended
by ul'uat one hundred young i- -
Rmovr Tun rim
plc Pirck I r ,
Moth Pstcbea - v. i
nd skm Diseases,
every bleadsh
on besutl and de-
i i R. lit bssstood the test oi
Cfl 7 -t f v ttij tt 0
It to lc surf tt if
rrHrt' mJf Ac
crit no couutf -feit
of stniilAr name.
Dr. L- A. Sarre Mid to ft Udv of the hnuttoa
(ft pfttlfnt) "Aft vimi Uuif? m'.l use tnftn. I re
MMOWttd ititm4 i CrttiR is the least harmful
offtH the akin preprt rations. " At drunisu
iuI Pc I'.tTtincnt iirure.
t t. niBtu i aa Pup, 37 ma aai suilia
he li urs nf three and
of guests called to pay
ts in the tine,- hostesses
the acquaintance of the
. ra! out-of-town matrons
md young woman who were in tin-
receiving early Mrs, Albert W. Roth
Introduced to the line, In which were
Stallone,! Mrs. Chapman, her mother,
Mrs. it M. McFarlln of Holdenville;
Mrs Harwell. Mrs Qeorge C. frump,
of Holdenville; Mrs Rogers, Mu
A most enjoyable meeting was that
held by the Jane Addams Chautauqua
irele Friday afternoon in the home
of Mrs O, A, Stelner wtth Mrs.
Charles Fa rren as leader In the :ui-
sence Of M rs J I !, Treat.
Work and play and children's
gangs, clubs und friendships wefe the
tuples up for study. All members
took part in the program and many
amusing incidents were related with
the purpose of trying to find the
psychological reason for the same.
Mrs. Kartell had selected several
How Lydia E. Pinkham's Veg
etable Compound Carried
Her Safely Through
Change of Life.
C.slni' Rapids, Iowa. "At the Ch' ia
of Life the doctor said I would have to
give up my w ork and
take m y bed for
some timn na there
was no help for me
but to lie still. I
took Lydia rJ. rink
ham's Vegetable
Compound and kept
up my work und
now I am over tho
Change anil thnt is
all 1 took. It was
better lor me than
all the doctor's medicines I tt led. Many
people hnve no faith in patent medicines
but I know this is good." Mrs. E. J.
Rickets, 864 8th Avenue, West, Cedar
Rapids, Iowa.
Such warning symptoms as sense of
suffocation, hot flashes, headaches, back
aches, dread of impending evil, timidity,
sounds in Hie ears, palpitation of tho
heart, sparks before the eyes, Irregu
larities, constipation, variable appetite,
weakness and inquietudv!, and dizziness,
are promptly heeded by intelligent wo
men who ure approaching the period in
life when woman's great change may
be expected.
Lydia R. Pinkh am 's Vegetable Com
pound invigorates and strengthens tho
female organism and builds up the weak
ened nervous system. It has carried
many w omen safely through this crisis.
If there are any complications)
youiloh't onderfltand write Lydia
l Pinkham Medicine Co. (confix
dcutiulj i.y.iii. Muss.
Summer Styles in
Fashionable Footwear
The beauty and grace of the uew PUMPS and
the newer Summer LACE BOOTS will captivate the
most particular Women, adding as they do, the fin
ishing touches to tlif handsomest costume.
There is a dash and go to the new styles that will
surely win your approval. Our Summer Footwear
for Women reflects every whim and fancy of Dame
Fashion's decree.
There Is True Economy In Wearing
Hunt-Riddick Shoes
All that is new in Footwear will be found here
first, and at a price you will Peel disposed to pay.
.We are exclusive agents for HANAN'S and
ARMSTRONG'S fine shoes.
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