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T HE TULSA D A I L V WORLD. SUNDAY, S E P T B M n E if 5 . 1 0 1 f
ni:i,r wantkd aoksts
aTTm'M B kare hai iii" .nil 513 Mil"
urn' Big coramiaalons weekly. Wrltt led)
1 1 i-t ln I 1 nn u ' .iilnrliih ('" , si i..,m, M.
400 dtj rlock Enameled wsra Bide tin.
t",50 rotiiinl.ilon recti isle, weekly, Write
,lu llrrthal Mfg. Co., t i pt. v. It, Lowe,
KJKNTH make 15 i 6M dill) no eiperF
rnoe, free catalog end sraplet, nas good"
1 1 1 1 u aaiea, big profit, ivorM'i baatari
rmver t'n , Jarfcuon h Campbell, Chicago, 111.
monthly. Von osa too, Eight foot oat'
icmr Electric Sign. V15O.00 .ulu.. nm
ulling evrrjlliing (15. Oil Klaslitrh- Sign
Works, Chicago,
WANTED - Mini in your ,,wn territory, .il
srj of 1100 icr montb. traveling expeneea
rml commlnlop, Esparleons unetrpeeearj
Write qulek, K. D, Marts', 2006 Indiana
ivi . Dept. aoi. (liii-ngn.
WANTED Live tpeciult) men, 35 per oenl
coinmlMlon payable weekly, brewing ar
i, unit iii iii" right rain, 01 mi, ohlna, larape,
kitchen lelii lilverware, mend goodi W
ilreeg Mgr., 301 Granite Ulilm.. st. Lonla, M
SPLENDID opening capable isleeman to (Hi
vacancy in Oklahoma. Permanent. Kx
relleni propoiition for general retail trade;
t:if mi weakly advanced aunt liberal com-
mituloni Itlce C pany, 4438 William
RutliHng, l,'tr,it.
KI.I. Kvani loin model r Sweeper Vacuum
Cleaner, Efficient, practical, durable.
inl prices. Bvani Blue Bird elotheii
in, reel, Peerleai outdoor reel, Monareh
radiator, t ! greal fuel laver and other
,11,111 profit proitucera. Evani Mfg. Co,
nog s. Dearborn, ChlcagOi
UiPvFs W.Wl'Hi iteilulile women every.
nera profitable propoailion to anyone
win, ean il,,,i, all or imri of their time la
he iv,,cs. Por particulgri end catalog, ."l
ilreel The American Tea Co , Coffeyville,
I want, partner In buftineu with $30(1
. Rpitul Box PIP, CTfl World.
UHOCERY and fix lure for till, cbp ;
doing cood emh bntinotii. Phout " i"o.
r nut With
Oter Model
I, isT tin r proprt) for raU
i.rmk $k Kramer Phone 85
FOR salt. Three tracfci bmniwick
inn fcUUs. all maple: barcsln,
Comnto-n. Cl wlnnd, okla.
KOR s I. E beat), imall cafe do in a food
business i tmiRt ifHvt on Account f lick'
Hess. Drum right j okla. Uox 297.
WANTED- To buy u bualneai i
ht-st bunineit section 'f Tuii
art f
it k'-MMi
Address 908 World
POB SALE -On eaas tertna, food bUcksroitn
anon, plenty of work, cheap mat at
Maanrord, kl.. Am entering mind try,
Reven ml W. L, n un
P'OW BALK Uttltiinf plant in a live Town:
horae, wagon, capping maehlne, earbon-
ilor, heater, bottles and rases; n.ison for
lelliiif Box 71;:! Wiehiti Palla, Texaa.
FOR SAKE i i room rooming home, well lo
rated, furniture new, at) out tide rooma,
iinrt cash, balance terms. Thli i the heal
Ruahiesa chance i" Tulia, Phone IM8 oi
tUTi .
KOR sAi-K -rRflataurant and few other
eonceaaiona ni the TuUn County ovhree
fair groundi for September 19 t 18. See
N. K. (irnhum, lecrotarr, AIcrt'IiHuts' and
Plantera' hunk.
u .n it:i Merchandise ( om $1,000 to
BtOU0, Will trade farm m irth $4,000 In
famoui central Miaaourl stock and grain
.'it. will take mortgage on farm for bal
ince Addreaa J. R Rallng, Barnett, Mo.
iHOK loe,aj manufacturjpg company, whose
it .ti'sin liuiiit'ft has outurtmn Ms pr's
ni cnpital deaires the serrlcs t a salesman,
r ofnea manager, who can Invest fife or
'n thousand dollars. We can show yon the
beat paring permnnent propo&itiu.i in the
Itate. i''"ti World.
UKNT- Newly furnished hotel, '"'w
ning ami doing good bualneas, two
brick, center oi town in fnola, ouin..
two itocks general merehandlse, on
i in twla. one $in iitin in Budest. Kan-
will trade for a good prairie pasture
in Osage, Creeli or Cherokee counties,
fiers Merchandise Co.. Inols, Okla,
SAI.K Hotel, 48 roome. almost new,
baths, tiled office, bol and cold run.
water nnd private 'phones in all rootqs,
e well furnished, full the year round,
lease. Located -it; ihe heart of tli
.. dial Id of Kan as CitjTi Mo. Price
i". raah or terms. See owner This i
en did bargain for anyone, 1 must seek
climate for my famili health. Ad
rinuon P, Judge 4('l! S.anitt llltlk: .
ni ( ity. Mo
fOH 8A1 K Nw bed springi nnd mattress,
50t- each and op S04 Bllaa- Bldg
PI IfNI ITUK of six room house, house for
rent after l'-th. .'!!' South Main,
FOR sI K Sevi furniture of four rooma,
complete, cheap before October I. mho
- !i.
TIMS to have your stove part? nKkt't-pmt.'d
nnd hraai beda refiniahad. Tulsa bating
Workt Phone B1S0
IOK s.Uv Dining room, ped room, rugs
anil furnlshlnga; buyer can real modern
Ixroiini house. Phone n 4ti,
HTGUEflT easli prin - paid for m'-'om.! h.u.d
furniture nnd Mows. Jacobs PurnttUrS
Co H39 Baal Pi rat, Phone i!o
A PEW plots f aloe furniture must be sola
at once. S e it any lime at Room 10
Reneau Bldg Comer riral and Main.
PURN1TUKK repairiiic unhoNttriug and
packinT We all for ntnf deliver .laeooM
Purnitnre Co . HVta Eaat Pint St Phoni
ITVK room.- of first class furniture tor sale
and uouse Tor rent, t'-nt reasonable, ru
m . m - v.Jlin.r l.,..vli,. t. ...... 4'. .11
r. aaon
; i rooming honaft, furniture; dying
root business ; all rooms filled; well lo-itf-l-
r".t-on for ..lliii,; have other lr. i:,
1 1 I
I I HM1I RK II08PITAI- Cpbolitering, r
palling, snameltnr, reunlahlng, boa springs
anil mattresses repaired and rebuilt, Obey
the Impulse. Phone avow George ii.
Rowers proprietor, 210 Kat Fifth, Phota
ATIIT-.KTON Airt ti. n VtT, V w77i Fimt
itreet. see them before polliag jour goods,
Cask pat I or SOtd at am tiofl, or will It at
jnnr residence, Consignments of household
goods received 'til I h time and sold at am -
ton prices. Phone t"fl9.
T tVE Sl OCrf
POK 8A1.E Hortt,
'.iiilll .,rk Imrse
I. X. 3.
for sule cheai
POfl BALE Oood driving bono 106 (forth
t'Uli BALE Well l,ruk" Llewellyn bullji.g.
ii'J .North Mwootl.
rOR BALE -Hue baby ! er gab, perfectly
liini, I 'I North 'It tur.
WANTBD To buy 1, u'md cheap driving
hor.r., 12-"' South Muiti 1'hune 'Jiifl.
KOB sai.K Oood oecing mar,, ileo lnuy
ml herneio. I'nll at ilti Went Third.
U T. kfilet,
vim , i ,ND poniat for .il". it heed oi
full I 1 1 Shetland poslgg for .ale. cheap
(I M . .lolinsou, trie, hun
P-I,l,t On. r,,.i,i.,..H nl,; , ., a. a.
lion, weiirht 1.800 poute4g, l'laek : also one
In, V watgtil M",fl DOUIldl ; want good auto
iiml some mom-, Adilrea Homer Penenine,
t'n.iltnn. Okla.
tOU BALI A hiiiliune. registered ma
hOgonV lirown taddll Ktellion: brought
from If iaaouri . ktf 1 pring. where owner now
live, anil order, me to tell at bargain, or
will trade foi cattle. K I.. Due. Tulia.
i-'OR BALkV Tfeoroughbrod niare .nme with
f.flle; al.o three gelding.. lor leae a
thorougnbrea itltllon, bred iu tiie rurolf
For sale, a Hackney tallmii (TaTint dl
poaed of mv farm, mint sell thii stock. In
rj at re Uta IfeOulehton, farm maoager, Mar
i,iette. Knn . or O P. Pterirker, owner.
HprtnglleM, I t,
I'll MTIl'AI. ntir.ing Pbone 1C21. Mr.
Mi igrtde,
WANT1D TO RENT fie to Ten rom fur
ntsh.'il hou.e. October 1. three to .la
igontkl ean furniih best of reference j tike
beat care of kouir regardlet bow fine It
niav l C11 3 04 J.
Doings in the State Capital
Si, i lal la The World,
i K I.AIK IMA CITY, Bept, t )om
pariaon of valuation of property of
tit,' railroad! us fixed b) them and
then bj tin rporation commiMtion,
for use in the trial of the Oklahoma
ii-ri tit fare case to be resumed ih'xi
Monday, will be of gome Interest when
brought tint the trial, according
in Commissioner George Henshaw,
who lias returned after ;i checkup of
tin, property of the Bantu Fe, Mr.
Henshaw gives n few Instances, He
says tin' stuck pens i Guthrie, which
tho railroad company values at 188,
ooo. actually cost between 1,500 ;uil
i. The stutlon building at Brlt-
ton, ;i sniiiii place juht north of 1 1 1 1 h
city, which the railroad company h;m
valued al $10, Mr Henshaw y m
cost 11,500, In numerous Instances,
Tie suys, buildings valued by the "in
pany al between js.mihi and 125,000
coal not more than $1,600 to $2,000
in build, Representatives of tho cor
poration commission have been check
ing up tin1 various railroads Involved
in the 2-cenl fore litigation, the in
formatlon to be used in the trial of
the case. There is no telling how
limn the trial will continue, Whal
n considered the most important part.
In t he Utah at h ast. Is to come. The
stain's side, preparation for which ex
perts have been employed. Is to io
placed before the couri at this session.
i K LiAHOMA ' i i v. s, pt. I - Mar
keting conditions In the Healdton ll
field, south of Ardmore, may possi
bly be benefited In the notion of the
corporation commission to relieve pro
ducers of the 10-day limit In which
they can store oil in tanks. While
tii conservation plan as worked ut
by the commission bag In 1 1 main
buen approved by the oil men In that
field, tnt facl thai carrying pipe lines
have refused to become common car
rier for consignments of oil less Mian
a certain amount lias worked a hard
ship upon many of the smaller pro
ini era,
Xo formal complaint has bt i n made
to the commission, hut members
of thai body saw the condition
Into which it placed those loss for
tunate In owning large producing
wells, Investigation has been made
by the commissioners and the plan
to abolish for a time at least the lo
day storage limit was reached, An
nouncement probably will be marie of
this a (Ion In a ilay or two,
while the commission will relieve
the producer of the 10-day limit, the
same system of pro rata production
as specified In the conservation roles
will remain In force, The taking off
of the 10-day limit simply allows the
producer to tank his oil Instead of
running it through the pipe line. But
i these must be steel tanks Prohibit
ing earthen storage b the comtuls
slon'when the conservation order was
I issued will remain in force, n is
believed that when the producers an
allowed to store tholr oil Instead uf
being foiieti to i tm ii through the
pipe linen at prices tar too low, under
present conditions In the other oil
fields, that oil men in the Healdton
field will he benefitted and thai ihe
prloe will begin to raise.
roll ukn'T rive-room furnished horae,
I HIT South Main
Kpr.-ial to I lie World.
finding of a skeleton of man In u
ravine mar Brltton, a few mllee
north of this city, i-s bt lieved by
some to solve the mystery of the
disappearance einht years ago of v.
v. Crabtreo. a tanner residing in
thai oommunlt al thai time, Noth
ing hut the bare bones remain of
tin body. The skeleton shows a
perfect set of teeth and 'his causes
acquaintances of the man to believe
they are his bones as he had per
fect teeth, of which he was proud.
Crabtree was a successful farmer
and lived alone. Searchers on eti-
terlng his house a day or two after
his disappearance found some gro
ceries "ii the table when- he had lift
them. He had purchased siiiio' plow
shovels and It is supposed was in
the field adjusting them when what
ever caused his disappearance hap
pened, n the skull ol the skele
ton found was a dent, as If made
with a blunt instrument. Near the
plow on w inch he had bt en woi king,
when the Oral search was made, was
found a monkey wrench,
jfi;ic sHi. mi open-. Monday.
Special to Th World.
department of agriculture today an
nounced the dates for the opening of
the A. A M college al Stillwater and
the district agricultural schools
The A. A M, college al Stillwater,
with Prof. J W, Cantwell as presi
dent, opens September (',, next Mon
day, as does the Connors school at
Warner, the Council school at Helen. t,
the Cameron school al Lawton and
the Panhandle school at Goodwell,
The Haskell school at Broken Arrow
will not open until the folloiwng Mon
day. September 18.
Western Is Winner
in National Golf
i Continued from page seven,)
cracks followed the conclusion of
the final round. Gardner and
Charles Kvans Jr. of Chicago were
victorious iu the best ball foursome
with Jerome Travers of Upper Mont
clalri N. J., open champion, and
Francis Oulmet of Woodland, Mass.,
the retiring amateur tltleholder,
Kvans ami Gardner i on 2 up,
Kvans had the last medal score,
going out In 36 and returning in
:t7 for par 7:t Travers had 10 out
and ,1 In, Ouimeql -to and 37. The
previous holes did not affect Gard
ner's play to any greal extent He
claimed a neat 7S, shooting the firsl
nine holes In 3S. The winners re
ceived a silver trophy from the De
troit Country club.
WANTED Pive to eight-room home at
ones, Phona Bfl7 R.
FOR RENT -Threc-ra odem furniehed
hnaee, Phone 2-i'm.
Knit uk NT Three-room terulthed house
i t t s,.uth Ifadi.on Phone 2061,
POB BENT Thre, room fnrnlihed bouse.
not modern. l." month. l'houe IRllTdt,
COR RENT Half modern four-room bungs-
low, rernlehed for housekeeping, Phong
FOB BENT llodern, completely fnrnlihed,
including aertanta' quarter, and fgrsft
mono i.trM.
Ton, BENT Two-room modern cottage, fur
tiihbed for housekeeping; fine well water
Iin.' ,,rtti uenver.
HAVE n beantlfnl furniehed realdenea tor
net. Charles Bain Bporer, 810 Hunk of
Commerce bldg. I'lioue uns.
KOR SALE Bllghtl) need furnlahlnga of five-
room cottage iwnien i. vi '"
1500 lo rooms rented, living in three:
your 'price i. mine Tpis i- for -ale. I'bono
412 I
COR BENT 40 B'-reii, clear, to trade for
Int.. clear, ejoiie in. )'h,.ne 8086.
BEAtJTIFtlL bird cardi for the boats free.
Call and gel on, Btnger Bowing Mn
, ll in.- Co 111 Kf.l.1 S,.e,,i;,l streeC
FINE resldeuee property, four lota, bars
nnd fruit, on itreei t" to agricultural
ichool lirokm Arrow, will trade for noma
lr TnKn A,lilr,s If K Wd.on. 91
Si.th. l.nwtnti. Okl;
LOOK HEBE -Will give a big trade for
light .lutomoliile. preier rorii. un
osm eooiI Income property nnd vacant iot
iu a good town to trad for a buainesi ol
one sled In 1'ul.a. prefer aecpnd hand -tore
or rooming hou.e Boms ca.h and bslane
trade will k'et twelva rooms of extra niee
furniture and psyhtg bnlne. Thi. I. to
i eaerifieed as owner i leaving, If yos
realiy wsBl to sell your builneoi let ni
know it If yon will buy or trade for a
huafaaoi wa also want t e yon. Msaon a
K-n I Kstnie Exehaoge? Phone l,7,'. First
and Slain
TIT PA Red Ball Tr.m.f. r Oo So.raae,
mnvlnc racking and liipnina: family mov.
ir onr specialty 105 North Bouiilcr. Phi,n
278 id fit.
lull KKNT Two s,re room, ami one
-t-uaKO room 114 Fast lit
for ui NT Now brick storeroota, modern,
First ,md otodlton, cheap Phona 4160.
roil RENT Store roots, tollable for auto
IP no it a, or sole. rm. Comet H"venth
.,, .1 Bould It Thone 189.
f'OH BALK -One t i rjlnuler ItiHinn motor
tftW, ifood rorti.it ion. 217 wMl "t' "i''
fori to (J.imgp.
McLoughlin and Willianis
Both Manage to Keep
(itiutl Records,
FOREST HILL43, N. Y.. Bept. 4.
At tiie end of the first week I f play
in the thirty-fifth annual champion
ship tournament of the National Ten
nis association, tho eastern and west
ern schools of tennis wore equally
represented by the four survivlni
pla el's.
Al the close of the fifth rou id on
the courts of the Wesl Side Club here
today, W. M. Johnston of San Fran
cisco and It. Norris Williams, sec
ond, of Philadelphia, were brack ted
for the upper half of the semi-finals
and Maurice K. McLoughlin and
Theodore R. Pell, aligned in the lower
half of the draw for the semi-final
round which will lie played her, on
Johnston came through aa the re
sult of his victory over Clarence i
Griffin of San Francisco .it 6-2, 6-1,
5-7, 6-1. Williams advanced hy de
feating 'William Hand, third, a team
rneniher with the l'ui, il Slates cham
pion In the Harvard university tennis
cluh, 7-5. 6-1.
McLoughlin put out P T. Hunter
of the Cornell university team ;,t 6-2,
t-4, tj-i. while Peli wa win tin from
1. C, Wright 'of Boston, 6-8, 6-1, 6-1.
As a result of these victories, .Inhn-
ston will face Williams in one Bast
vs. Wesl match on Monday, while Mc
Loughlin and fell will tie the eon-
One Week From
Labor Day
Will Be the Opening Date of the
Third Annual
Okla horn a IJ i r bar
"The Mar di Gras of Oklahoma
September 13 to 18 Inclusive
Something Doing Every Minute
of the Day and Night
Ask Your Railroad Agent About Schedules and Rates
A few of the Free Attractions
Grand coronation of the Queen at Tulsa's $150,000 Municipal Convention Hall, with music
by a brass band and the $15,000 municipal pipe organ. Opening ceremony at the courthouse.
button in the White House.
Nine Great Parades. Two Illuminated Night
Paegents, "Peace Brings Prosperity'9
With Floats Built at a Cost of $6,000.00
The free Tulsa County Fair, to be held on the
same days, will be the biggest and best County
Agricultural Exposition ever held in the state
WIDOW wanti man to handle valuable pat
ent L. H I'o.dreet. geutral delirery
OKI MARRIED Beit raatrlSMsisI paper
abUahfd Mailed free The Crrc.iKiod
it.' Toledo Ohio.
WANTBD Two room, or one large unfur
nibed room l'hone :tr. ;.".. Mr tiirrl.oi)
yol'M) Link friendnhip braeel, t iner
ean have nine by , ailing it World Office.
KOK IALB- 10 thoroughbred Meek l.anr.
.hstt ehiekeoe. negotiable. 162.) South
Mil t ot IPEH INS It I
FORT SMELLING, Mian., s, pi.
t. in ode ,,f tie naosl spe, ta u
lar ami closcsl flnlslies ever it
nesecd at the end of ii,' ftOO-mlle
Bsotof race, Knri Cooper oi Los
Ingeaes lodni mm ihe first motor
derbi er tbe m w Twin City
-peedway. CooDcr mi- less than
one second ahead of hi term
inate, i.ii inderson, of lulianap
oiis, wlui finish, d aeoond. The
official tUtte of the tun car- wa-:
Cooper, . hours, 17 atlnutes and
it s,s, (,n,i-: Uiderson. ." hours, 17
minute- ami M sorouds. t',Mx r'
averagi -r ed for the nM ,...
Ht; ,tfl nulls per hoof.
BSddle O'DonneH, who wa- more
than tliirt) miles behind the
leader, finished third,
( iTioniieir time wa a hoars,
-ii minute and It si 1 1 sails
B III victory. I OOpor, who
drove an ItnorlcM onr, won 9M
OOO; ndcr-on won tlO.no. O'Dolt
nefj MM0, ami tin remainder ol
t:o.oio wa- divided pewportton,
ateiy among otbnr flrtvers to cini-
plcfe the IriHB grind, Tom lllej
bnished fourth in tin race His
time wa S hours. I minute, and
II second-
tenders In the other half of the .- 1111-
The beat play of the day waa wit
nessed in the contest of the lower hall
,,f the draw. .Neither Johnston nor
Williams played up to their form of
previous matches, while McLoughlin
and Pell showed a distinct improve
ment in in, 11 i,iniiri w,,ii iu
Bkeeter put up a eomtdy stunt thai
so pleased the spectators they BttVS
the boys a Silver shower,
Clarence Johnson won from ECffle
King In the third round of a ached
tiled slt-roundj scramble, Two white
mlddlewelsrhta out up a good foui
round exhibition.
i Harry Lindsay's nei opponent
probably will be Christ) Williams, the
' eaatei n middleweight.
Hilly Mi 'I iin will st.ii;, boxing
carnival at the negro Independent
state fair In Muskogee next Friday.
ah contests will be for the champion
slop, he siihi yesterday.
Harr) Luidaey Puts Up
Greal Pighl ; .Many White
Fans Present.
M,,re than three hundred fans
Journeyed to the Lincoln theater in
the segrtgrt'l'.d section Friday nit-lit
to see Harry Llndtty. tne Joplin Vol
cano. Who defeated Jock Scolt in 13
rounds of the fastest milling seen in
Tulsa for many a day.
A score of more of Well-known
white fans were at the .ringside and
hugely enjoyed the contest, which was
staged hy Hilly MctMain of the Palm
Garden Athletic club.
It was the fastest bout between col
ored fighters ever seen In Tulsa.
I.lndsey led all the way. with Bcott
covering up to avoid punishment. Al
though game to the core he met his
master anil tooK a licking that would
put three ordinary m n away.
battling boon and the righting
' OKLAHOMA MTV, Bept i With
loo fires during the month of August
I entailing a total fire waste of 6ii-.-
1160, as against :'i fires in July with
a loss of 1 116,000, tiie report of the
state fire marshal, C. v. Hammonds,
'issued today, shows some results of
'advice given for the protection sgsinsl
fires. Loss on buildings during August
Waa $4s,:2o while that on contents
Iwas $',..' A feature of the report
llg that during the month only 7t
;loss occurred thai can be traced to
incendiarism. This Is the smallest
I amount of loss, from that source since
the establishment of the department.
The oil Wattt dutlng August was
'$10,700 all of which was caused bj
; lightning, and t tntjor portion of
which occurred In the rushing and
i Tulsa fields.
The department is making arrange
incntH for the proper observance of
I Klre Prev ention day October 9. A
.lose inspection of propel ty will be
urged on that day as a part of the
program. The department reports
two death from burning during the
last month.
It is our hobby, and it i- defined by Webster ai
labor performed for the benefit of another. We have
given service u lima- that it is sccnncl nature vvitli us.
Our whole thought lor the last fourteen yean ims beem
How can W6 improve our tervieol To attain this end
We have given the very best that is in us. ami how
well we have raeeeeded' we will leave to be answered
by thousands of customers throughout Tulsa and Tulsa
County, who by their loyalty to us 'iii suit1 this tervicfi
possible W thank then and enjoy lerving thrau
Fourth & Main Street.
Phones 1976- 1216.

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