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i OKI i st Oklahoma : fair and
omtwnal euolei Thursday, Friday
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VOL. XI. NO. I-'
Constantine Dissmisscs Premier to
Keep Country from Siding with
Allies; Bulbars Mobilized
SOFIA, Tuesday, October 5. (Via Paris, Oct. i II ''0 p. in.)
The Russian, French, British, Serbian a i if 1 Italian ministers have
usked inr their passports, Bulgaria's answer to the Russian ulti
matum being unsatisfactory.
LONDON, Oct. 7 (l'J:10 a. in.) A Renter dispatch from
Sofia v iti Pel POgrad says :
"Bulgaria's reply to the Russian ultimatum is unsatisfactory!
The Russian minister has uotified Premier Radoslavoff of a rup
ture of diplomatic relations between the two countries.
"Russian interests iii Bulgaria have been confided to the Dutch
c harge l 'affaires.
''Bulgaria's reply was delivered at 2:40 o'clock ou the after
noon of October 5 (Tuesday.)"
LONDON, ,-t. 6.- (10:
the w ar may prove to liavt
nt Europe I hail tile events
I inordoni.
Kin;: Constantine,
peror, appears to holi
hands for tlie hour,
ilie hrink of entering
has virtually dismissed the
) p, in. ) Even i h
had less weight ii
t he past few da
.Tea I est s
;n tin
Hill I Irs Ot
he future
t heastern
of Greece, brother-in-law !' the German em
the balance t" power of the near east in his
Iii the second crisis where Greeei
the war by the side of tl ntcnti
Vcuizelos, from the
of the government.
King Ferdinand
demanding that he
( i reek
I has asserted personal control
Bulgaria has
ik with the ci
nt ra
ted Russia's
powers and
pKDel !er-
ptres apparently Includes the conon
(iiiimi ,,f their Held operations with
their Turkish allies, by sweeping
ii clear channel trom Berlin and
i. nnu to Constantinople. For the
; ,-, pllshmenl of this program they
havi alrcad) secured t lie co-opera
tion ot Bulgaria, Tin y need tin
i i v i.r riroece and K imania
ih uM crush Berbla.
iii- i-iiiniiiiMiiH tend i"
Hi 1 1 I'll, rill of
iln (i.iiiiin pmpai
, trecc
confirm the
the Qerman press mai
in has guaranteed
in Bulgaria both orees anc numanmu
neutrality. Thus the crucial field of
warfare lias shifted from the French
: nd Russian fronts to the Balkan
peninsula, where German success
would mean the realization of Em
peror William's ambition for expan
sion toward India and Asia.
The i iilo nf the entente nations
fniiv appreciate the momentousnese
,1,. crisis, The British newspapers
Impress upon the public that if the
(terman emperor has secured the
neutrality or me King oi
enormous military ciioris wiu
ded to check the oomblned
Herman and Austrian advance lowaro
a junction with the Turks and Bul
nrs, King Plsmfaeed Premier,
The French and British expedition
may have completed the landing at
Salonika, imt if Greek support against
Bulgaria cannot be counted upon,
i , reinforcements will be needed.
While technically the king accepted
t... in,. in in -.s resignation, o
.mi, ,1 i.i dismissal. The I
chamber had approved the premiers
mere!) formal protest against the
allies landing on Qreefc soil and las
declaration thai Greece was bound by
treat) and vital Interest to i
Berbia'i aid without waiting for u
declan n of war by Bulgaria, by n
majorlt of 40 In a house of 257, or
whom i:i abstained from voting.
Tin majority may have ap larea
not a large one for committing th
countrj in ar and thus the king
m ij have fi it justified in Informing
the premier thai he could not pursue
the cabinet's pollcj to the end. A
coalition cabinet without M, Venlie
I probabl) will he formed with
either ex-Premlcr Khallls or cx-
Pre i Zaimla at the head
ia Remain Neutral
Thi possibility that Greece may try
ti, remain neutral fearing to stake
the nation's fate upon the success of
I Mln i irtv to the great war. Is
recognised in England, although it is
considered small. The hopes of the
entente powers are that popular scnti
menl is with them and that the king
maj find it heel to bow before the will
, , :i . people as he has done before.
I i, ich officials declare thai the
1 indll !' the allinl troops will take
it. course and that the Hreek people
have given them an enthusiastic re
ception. Bulgaria Is Bendy.
Bulgarian reports say that mobtll'
gallon Is being completed rapidly;
that man) German officers arc arriv
ing thai the departure imm
fofii of the French. British, Russian
und Italian diplomats, except the RtlS
flan minister, who is ill. Is Imminent
News from Rumania is scant,
Feverish military activity on the Bul
gatiafl boundary is reported, but there
has been no general mobilisation.
There is nothing to indicate that the
Rumanian king, who Is a HotlSnsol
lern, will abandon the Fafe path of
PARIS, Oct. (6:50 p. m.)
Francois Fertlault, dean of the so
ciety of French authors, died In Parts
today at the age Of 102, The author
! had been in the rare of a relative S'i
years old who died suddenly from old
age anil tie ili.nn '1 uns auemniui
came as such a shock to W.
that his strength was unabli
stand It,
The last book Ol I he dean
la prolific writer, was cnti
Hundred fears Old."
Perl ia ult
to with-
i nc
Merehaul Patrolman I
Many Open Doors an
Windows Lasl Month.
That several Tulsa merchants are
not as careful with their places of
business as the should be Is evident
.r I from tie- report of A. J. McElreath,
l ' 1 K , ... ... ......i r... ol,
lie iciiaui j.a 1 1 .uhi.i n. io, in,- ,,,,,,,,,,
of September. This report was made
to the Retail Merchants association
and shows the following:
Front doors found unlocked after
business hours. 10; rear doors, 9;
side doors. 4: windows left open and
unprotected by screens, 3; bicycles
found and returned to owners, 4;
liven rigs taken to barn and police
notified, :!: display goods taken charge
of and returned following morning,
Tin Were many other incidents
of Minor importance during the
month which Patrolman McElreath
does ti"t mention Further details of
in. report and substantiation of all
figures may he secured by application
to the secretary "f the Retail Mer
chants association,
, . (m lit
r- x: ... ,r- lur
SN lil () I
7 W'rlL.iLJ
I r n ve no IB miri otn tint neei)
mplsttBgl 'Hu m it mi i kp.Tt at th
itiiiliieii running mi id In 'I"4 '1hi
(led tMliiiuiu today. Look f,,r it.
I I I I I I s, ) ; ss,lt i ) fill
jrois jgoMo,
1 9 I
T E N 1' A ii K S
nan officers "nit have taken enarge di uuigana s arraj biii nun
ai the same time, according to several correspondents, ln sent
1 1, ultimatum to Serbia allowing ;i time limit oi' 24 hours for kne
, rssion of Macedonia i Bulgaria.
. . ilium, Hai Bnccccd.
The urogram of tno Oermanta
HVlthdraws Resignation i
of PanafflS one: Say
Si, Mp Slides.
i Oovernor
Be win
I'AN'AMA, Oct t. Major Qen.
Oeorge W. Ooetnala has withdrawn
I s n-siiiat mil as Kovcrnor of the
Panama canal zone.
This fact was announced by fjen
erai Qoethals tonight on his arrival
here from New York, after a vaca
tion spent in the I'nitrd States.
His aetrm was taken, he suld, In
lew of the recent slides In Halliard
cut, which have closed traffic through
the canal General Qoethals said he
would remain In Panama indefinitely
-Until such lime as the condition of
the canal would permit Ills departure.
General Qoethals did not seem wor
ried over the situation, hut eauer to
iter upon the work of combating
the slide. He will make a personal
study of the slides.
Premier First, 7 hen King, Is Way
that Sentiment in Greece Sways;
Constantine Leans to Teutons
i'ii Nuirar Will Be
i Continued for Several
! W.iis. S;iys Heci'etovy.
i in i ni row i. w in ri i s
lill ssiM I I i ii PHI KH
niiiin si'iiMii A i r h iii s
siiuii TIME HI I ii rHK III.
, ST W. KI.OPMI n Is in UN.
HAIiKANN M I ill itl .1 1
mi n i in rut Mil i: i M7l
lAiH: I
the Ass
i u ii
i no
A rllKNB.
i lli.it has bl
Premier Venlselos i" Indl
the future foregoing poliej
of III.
n Bvei ) effort j
made to Induce
or m hal i
,f lire, ,e
Alliens to
tin pie of (ill
I I t III ' II I ll
"W shan't have to choose,"
man rnnlled. "Venlselos will sei
King I'ntois (.eioiaii-
The king, however, is profoundly
persuaded, noi perhaps thai the Ten
tonic powers will lie victorious, bul
eertatnl) thai thej will never he da
fe.iteit. Mm who have tried to
chain;, his opinion say that his Is
coin i. Hon, imt a sentiment,
ir this may he, there is lilil'
thai die king's mind is made
' iQVi1!"
I'm I
Will '
,, (
would i.e undi r ins premiership has
proved futile
lie has discouraged,
a i Hi mature annouill
policy, Winn he is
make his Intentions
M il forbidden
, nt nf hi
Bad) he will
public. And
when he docs ins w
or a revolution In
en means out nf ih
ird will he final
Ireece will be by
tftSS Cucji.Lt. COYING70N
NEW VORK, 'ct. ti. Miss Lucllla
Covington, in whose hehalf a soil fur
$100, against the Rev, Or. John
Wesle) iiili. president of the Inter- ,
nation. ii Peace Forum and one of the
beat-known lecturers In the country,
has declared in an Interview at
Alpena, Midi, that the action is not
lur breach of promise to marry, as at '
flrsl reported, bul is for an account-I
Ing for money, which she alleges
Doctor Mill Invested for her.
Miss Covington formerly occupied a
secretarial position under honor Hill
mi tiic international Peace Forum.
This was about five years ami it is
laid, .she added that she has imt .se n
OCtor Hill finre last April.
Miss Covington is in Alpena on busi
ness connected with the organisation
of a fraternal nrrlor She is well
known on the lecture platform,
ii i.. i irt. ii. Retention
pn sent duty mi sugar
ills heroine normal an ! I
i he emergency ta k law ,
ropean war is over are
measures which the ad-
if the
until coildltl
extension of
until the Kt
I two r en lie
in in isil t alien has doi hie I lo ask Ii
congress al tin coming session. See
rotarj McAdoo , n in .n ik .-,i tonignt n
wi'iihl recommend the n
, gislatton and ii is understoo
Inn Wilson is in accord
lieetl approved by Hie adlllltlist
so far,
have in
Greeve for Ulos,
the situation In i ireece is erj
bul the feeling Is verj pro-
ireece, it is apparent, can-
agalnsl the entente allies, They
lords of the Mediterranean and
is whoih a Mediterranean
hours i he ports of 1 Ireece
llleil licet
iml In
land In 21
rimiii he blockaded bj an
Without even temporary ill
pssa rv
ml Presl
wlth the
ton I
a v
Curl. S
Drastic I
adopted by
New York stock
to ruth speculation
fe t tods v I a an
where the selling all
her i l l nine un a IUH S haV.;
prm cd i i he adinlnlst i atio i
although many suggeations
n offered which may he con
before congress completes us
work Retention ( the duty on
sugar- which goes on thi lire lis'
Ma i, 1916, uimess congress acts
WOUld give the treasury about fifty
million dollars a year. The emerg
ency tax is counted upon to produce
about 1 90,000,000 a year.
Simc Imth the sugar and the
emergency tax are working al pres
ent, however, this WdUld hot un a i
any Increase in existing revenues.
, Larger appropriations for the ami)
and navy without any corresponding
'tut in other expenditures Indicated
I tli:il more revenue must he rai.-.i I
from other resources in the next few
monl hs
Won't i--iir iuuil n I-.
There has been much talk about an
llssui of Panama canal bonds, autnor
Illation having been given by congress
for the Issuance of more than $200,-
.Illlll o these securities. bUt Mr.
McAdoo lias slat, ,1 thai no SUCh step
lis iii contemplation, A lowering or
tiic exemption llmll of the Income tax
'law is believed to be more probame.
i The secretary's announcement fol
low s:
in replj to many inquiries l have
received about the revenue measures
that will be proposed In thi nexl con
gress, l have determined to recom
; mend (1) t hal the rg ncy n venue
act which expires by limitation on
Dcci mher tl, 1915, be extended until
peace Is restored In Europe and (2)
that the existing duties on sugar shall
be retained for several years or until
normal customs conditions are re
stored. These are distinctively revenue
measures ami are necessary In view
of the extraordinary conditions now
prevailing throughout the world.
4 ., Something Musi He Hone.
Oct. 6 -Methods .. , lmp, U,e t0 st. .,, the
members of tba moment what, if any, additional reve
exchange yesterday j nuo measures may he necessary, as
jthe estimates or the various aeparx-
ments have not yel been recoivea, n
S Clear, however, thai 'he two so irees
of revenue I have just mentioned
thoutd he preserved, no matter what
the departmental estimates may he.
Of course, it rests with tin congress
to sa what shall he done I am
merely statins what my recommon-
I datlons In these particulars will he."
I War's Receipts.
i Th Tgi ncj tax durini I he last
fiscal year brought in more than 158,
000,000 in 'in- elghl months it was
In effect, and is counted upon to
bring in during the six months it
would run under present conditions
i this fiscal year about 144,000,1 The
sui4ar dut) is expected lo bring at
h nsl .,.,ii. iilili, Dim more.
Moth the emergency taxes and the
presi nt sonar duty failed to keep the
treasury awaj from a deficit last fiscal
year, when disbursements exceeded
receipts by about f 15,000, 000,
II, Oil t .' ll ,.,,1, ,..,., IHUUII.UI.IVI.U,
to the blockading powers, i he ijreeks
have not forgotten either thai Qreat
Britain and Prance especially arc the
sponsors of modern Qreece,
.on i he other hand, however, there
are three classes of people in Oreeca
wh oppose very Insistently any open
leaning of the country to Hie side of
the allies. The first consists of the
kinn, the general stuff .mil the court.
King Constantine Is undeniably very
popular, though not at all in the way
thai his first minister is popular,
"VenixeloM and the kinn (and that
Is the usual order In which the two
are mentioned) are both essential to
Qreece" said one of the most thought-
Than Million ;i
If Shiiivs Changed
ands During Day.
ha,i drastic ef-
actlve market
hut reached 1 1.
ImkIi flood of recent inning, war
specialties tumbled far and fast.
When the closing hour sounded mote
than a million and a ha f shales had
changed hinds and the speculative
lea i in were down from five to fifteen
Crucihle steel led in th I losses "f
thv day, its low and hinh prices being
15 1-4 points apart. Of all the'
leader:- of the so-Called war brides I
Bethlehem steel alone held its
ground. It actually named in ''-l.
points and touched a new high rei ol d I
at ioi. .imt this was on dealings In
which only two thousand shares were
Some of the general favorites la
norma) times osl in sympathy with
the Breut hear drive on war slock ,. ;
United states steel on dealings Involv-
ing 116,000 shares showed a i.inge of
more than two points between high
and low and closed with a net loss
"f ti. i
Just before the n'ose the market j
rallied hut the uinl I lono continued
fevi rlsh.
Taking today's minimum quota
tlons as a basis of reckoning some of I
the wur stocks recorded losses of
almost fifty points fioin Ihe muvi
inutna "f the past month rtf so.
l l N I I II s POH I. W
IV xa
ioi. roiw
WA8H INQTON, Oct. 9. Enormous
Increases in the cotton export trade
during August are shown In the
motithiy statement today. of the hu
rcau of foreign and domestic com
merce. Cotton exports for the month
were 1(1,061 bules valued at 17, (S6,
6?1 as compared with exports of
11,110 bales valued at 11, .106, 117 In
August, lill Por the eight months
ended with August shipments were
6,0!)!i,4:'0 bales as against :,731,1U
In the same period iast year.
Kxporta of foodstuffs, cotton and
oils for August totalled 170,110,461
compared with I47.667.S6I last vear.
BreMstuffs was tho only classifica
tion Bhowing a decrease, the export
l.clng 2?.3ioi.900 as against ::,:,.'.,-
I in In August, I'.-H.
Conoprns Sfc Penalised for
itrciik iiii iiii-i lam,
w ai'o. Texas, o,t. 6. Penalties of
S3. 1'.OO against William Cameron
Co., Incorporated, of Waco and
Jl.xfin .ignlnst t tie Cicero Smith Lum
ber company of Port Worth for al
leged violations of the s';te anti
trust laws were assessed 'n th
twenty-Sixth district COUII Austin
today by Judge C. A. Wilcox. The
charges were that properties of com
peting companies had been bought
and Injunctions were Issued against
repetition of the acts complained of.
BultS similar were filed In the
Twenty-SlXth district COUli today I, v
the attorney general's department
against Rockwell Hrotbers - Co., of
Houston, and Herring Bennett Lum
ber company of Vernon. Terns.
lays Rnaband is lining Mis ibt.
Bpesisl i The World.
I OKLAHOMA 'ITY. Oct ,8. Gov
ernor Williams today revoked n re'iul-
! sltlon he had honored for Bert C.
1 Klllott, locnted at Alva, and said to
be wanted In Barker county, K.uisas,
on a charge of wife and child de-
I sertton, The governor had received
II letter from the man's wife in which
she said that she was influenced n
j making complaint against her hus
Ibandi that she believed he meant to
'do the best he could for her.
Announcement of Hi Eu
gngemenl to Mrs. Nor
man ( i.ili yesterday.
tntimate Friends Kappj to
Know President Will
Break His Solitude.
olid group in opposition I
real "anil Venlselos" paiiv. known
u.h the conservatives, At the lasl
election Venlselos obtained n total ut
I8n Mites in the chamber with t,:t
against him ami i doubtful.
The third group Is by far the mo.rt
numerous. They are those Greeks
whose hatred of Bulgaria is so great
the) oppose any policy to strengthen
their northern neighbor. Many of
these are ardent partisans of M
Venlselos on every other head save
t in, t of concessions t" Bulgaria which
M. Venlxc os counselled In his biter
to iii.. kins last January.
i nn ih-soIm- Ministry.
Premier Venlselos is working on
some nolle Which he ran follow With
the whole country behind him. Un
less the kinn is conciliated. In some
measure al least, he has the execu
tive power to dissolve the chamber
and can ton e a new election, which
man bi lleve could give M, Venlselos
an even sreater majority, Nothlns
prevents tins pr iss fron ntlnuln
Indefinitely. Already the matter of
Greece's Intervention on Ihe side of
the ai'lles has been directly put before
the people In the last eloctlons and
the) voted tor it hs more than two in
one, Vet Qreece bus not intervene. i.
The idii situ stands i n in Betweon
them, affable, earnest, astute, smll
inn. bul confident, Is the gn at Cretan,
v. nlselos, who has been culled thv
"master of Qreece."
I Millie. Her tastes are said to he
striking!) similar to those of the pres.
I idenl wil ii a deep Interest on lltera-
1 tine and charity work.
, friends ol i he pi esldenl expn seed
tin ir pleasure over the announcement
tonight not only because ! Mr. Wil
son's personal happiness bul I ause
i h-n felt this to w companionship
U'liilo give him support, and comfort
in bis home life a vital need during
the boms of strain Over the nation's
i if,- ,,r Holltudc,
wit h i he marriage of his tw i
daughters and the death ot Mrs. Wil
son more than a year ago the presi
dent's life had become one of soli
tude, His absorption in official
labors began to tell on him physically
and when a few months ago he began
in lake a renewed Interest In per
sonal affairs his friends and members
of the family welcomed the dtstlnci
change which It brought about In his
health and spirits.
talf Million Meu Marching
Through Hungary to At
tack Small Country.
tCngland May Resort to
( !onseript ion to Kill tiic
Weakened Ranks.
in. and t
m il into
w i re so
,1 Mm V
lore fre.
I., Ill cell
n ttffcc-
WA8H1NQTON, oct. 6, Woodrow
Wilson, president Ol the Unltod
States, announced tonight his c -
gagi ment to .Mrs. Norman Halt ol
Washington. The date of the wed
ding has not been fixed bui ii prob
ably will take place in Inccmhcr it
the home of the bride-elect.
The brief announcement from tho
white House made by Secretary
Tumulty came as a surprise to offi
rial Washington, bul to s number of
Intimate friends n hue long been ex
pected. Prom this circle came to.
night the story of a friendship whose
ulmlnatlon was vli w ed as s happj
turn In the troubled and lonely life
It was Miss Margaret Wilson and
her cousin, Miss Bones, who drew
Mrs. Halt liito the Whit. House circle.
They met lu re til Vl In the
iiitiiinn of last year and V
much attrai tl d b) In r thai
sought in r out
uuently, and tin
them rapidly rl
donate Intimacy,
t Bummer Home,
Mrs. c.ait spent s month this sum
mer at Cornish as the ho. is.- guest
of the president's eldest daughti r. it
was through Ibis intimacy of his
daughter and oousln thai Ihe pri sldent
had hi opportunity to meet and know
Mrs. Gait, One of the most inter
esting facts about the engagement.
indeed, as told hy friends, is thai the
president'!! daughters should have
chosen Mr Halt for their admiration
and friendship hefore their father
Mrs. Halt is Ule widow of a Well"
Known business man of Washington,
who died I Ighl years ago. h aving a
Jewelry business thai Still bears his
name. She hns lived In Washington
since inr marriage In imm;. She is
about IS years old aid Wis Miss
Edith Rolling, born m Wythevllle, 'a .
win re her girlhood Was spent and
where her father, William a. Moiling,
sraa s prominent lawyer,
or Unusual Beauty.
O the circle of peoplS who have
known Mrs. Halt for man) (Tears she
pas been regarded as an unusual
beauty, gifted with a natural charm.
Knendu speak of her an being con-
itantly sought out as a delightful
compnnlan, remarking especially on
her thOUghtfUlness and quick capacity
for anything she chose to undertake,
IV. r many weeks .Mrs. Halt and her
relatives have heen frequent dinner
guests at tho While House. OftSO
she has accompanied the president on
motor rides .She is not nuite as tall
an Mr. Wilson, bus dark huii and
dura HSg and ulwuys ia in tt)lili
tain in Afternoon l reve
Kiuish of L,000 Yavd
j (CKSONVILLE, lia., Oct, . De-
s, nfavorable weather conditions
many high scores were made here
toda) at the shooting tournament on
the Florida state range
Today marked the beginning of the
Individual matches of the Southern
Klfle association.
The rapid-iire match brought out
nearly two hundred marksmen, --' of
whom made the possible score of 100
. i 200 and ii"" yards. In shooting
the tie Off, Sergeant F, K. I'hristlc,
Compan) C Eighth Massachusetts In
fantry, look first place; First Ser
geant F. Felss, Troop M. Third United
Htates cavalry, second money. and
tfcrgcant -i W. McCormlck, Company
K, Sixth United Btates Infantry, third
1 1 the JOO-yard match Corporal w,
H Ford, United hi ites M. C, and
First Uei an I w. U Btryker, First
FansaS infantry, tied for first place,
both making 4'J oul of s possible W.
Flrsl Lieutenant i. O. Stegner, First
Kansas Infantry, and Quartermaster
Bergcanl J, W. Thomas. Troop Q,
Third United States ca,alrv. tied for
second place. The ties will be shot ofl
tomoi roii .
The S00-yard match brought oul
:l entiles. It was won by I. L Hash,
artificer Company F, Flrsl Minnesota
Infantry, who made , perfect score Ol
a). First Lieutenant ii U Parson,
r. s. M. C, took s nd plai s and i.
QrundemsB, first sergeant Company
; s. ti. i Wisconsin infantry, finished
Owing to the hi'.'iiv rain of the aft
ernoon it was Impossible to finish the
1,000-yard match or tin' skirmish run,
loth of which will be concluded tomorrow.
LONDON, o,t. fi. (Id: tO p. ml
There Is little change in the mili
tary .situation mi any of the various
uar fronts Reports which remain
unconfirmed an' to the effect that an
AUStro-Qerman force variously esti
mated at from one million to five mil
lion men with two thousand guns Is
proceeding through southern iiun
K.irv to attack Serbia. Military ob
servers here, however, assert that It
Is probably a figure between these
statements would be nearer the truth,
declaring ihat there is no evidence of
any verv great great withdrawals of
Teutonic troops from the Russian
front and thai the western front
even day Is demanding new drafts.
Ituss on Offensive.
The Observers say that the Hermans
are not in a position to withdraw
in. Hiv troops from the Russian side
as the armies of Emperor Ktcholsa
are making desperate efforts to as
sume the initiative In Ihe fighting.
mi some sectors Petrbgrad reports
thai He Russians already have suc
ceeded in doing this. Besides It Is
asserted they Miaie now held lip
Field Marshal von Htndenburg's drive
against Dvlnsk for several weeks and
Inflicted veri serious losses on him.
Von Hlndenburg is now reported to
he receiving reinforcements with a
view to making another attempt to
force bis wa) through the outer de-
fences of i he city.
In the west the nig funs are hoom-
Ing sec niinglv preparing a way tor u
continuation of the offensive of the
allies which the Germans doubtless
win try to forestall by sn attack from
tin ii snie. in Champagne the French
have captured the iii'age f Tahure
ami the summit of the bill Tahure in
the Qerman second line of defense,
The Italians record another advance
tow. nd Rovereto, which has so many
time been reported as evacuated iy
tin Austrian!
Vlllcs Need . b Men.
Tim heavy losses sustained by the
British ami Frenoh in their attempts
to penetrate the Qerman lines In
Franog and the large number of men
required for the operations along the
Euphrates river and In the Darda
nelles and tin- It. ,1k. ins have made
necessary another appeal for the cn-
llstmenl of lin n throughout the coun
try. The Earl of Derby, who is di
recting recruiting and who Is receiv
ing the tsststancs of labor organisa
tions in his work, has taken charge
of a campaign the object of w hich Is
to obtain at least ihirtv thousand men
weekly. Should It fall It seems fairly
certain thai parliament wtll adopt s
national service bllL
Koo Won't Uo lo Mexico.
WASHINGTON, Oct. B. Dr. Well
ington Koo, newly appointed I'tiineso
minister to M, xi now in Washing
ton, will not proceed to his station
until conditions are more stable there,
lie called on Secretarv Lansing to
day, with Dr. Kill fu Srah, the
Chinese minister here. Afterwards It
w is said Doctor Koo had decided lo
remain in this country probably until
a government was recognised in
It, ports ol Two Mexican- Killed I'rnvc
t ite terraneous! Imcrican
Cavalryman Is ouudcil.
BROWN8VI1XK, Ocl H, C plets
q u lei w is reported throughout tho
Brownsville section today. Beveral
rumors of trouble proved unfounded,
on,, report had two Mexicans shot gnd.
killed mar San Benito, Justice of
the Peace A. C. Purvis of Ban Benito,
after Investigating the report. s;,i, It
was baaed on the fact thai officers
bunting for a Mexican SUSpei lid of
arson, beard a movement in the dark
und find. Their moving target proved
to I,.. :, dog. Mr. I'urvls said, and It
Was not hit.
The accidental shooting of an
American cavalryman about ten miles
from San Benito at Ranchlta was re
ported tonight to Major Edward An
derson of the Twelfth cavalry. First
reports said there were bandits about
Ranchlta hut this later was denied.
Major Anderson sent an officer and
some troops to Investigate.
Hcd Crass i.ciim', MesJcn tiiv.
MKXICO CITY. o, t. 0. Charles J.
O'Connnor, representative in the Meg
lean capital of the American Red
Cross, has received telegraphic In
structions from Washington to clOBS
th.- Red 'Cross station hire ind to
leave the country.
The reason given by the lied Cross
headquarters at Washington era that
the Carranss authorities declare re
lief work to be no longer necsSSSry In
Mexico City, Doctor 0'C nnor ami
his staff expect to leave ti e capita
within a few days.
Yellow l ever Kills Rajtsan.
PANAMA. Oct. 0. A young en
gineer named Mundev, whose home
w.is in Kansas, lied today in tncoo
liosiiit.il of vellnvv t'enr. He con
tracted the disease in Colombia where
tie w is engaged In mining. This b
the first ease of yellow fever in the
cat l Seas In nenriv ight years.

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