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Tulsa daily world. [volume] (Tulsa, Indian Territory [Okla.]) 1905-1919, October 30, 1915, MORNING EDITION, Image 2

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Mayor W n Issues Ov-
cs Attorney General ("
Mnndiiinus the State
Miin-iiii Me;: for
Mi ii Mill Ho.vh
Kl lllhlvi'l) ill lllK
M.iiilialiiiii shii'l
rin Mow Plaids in
V Itadrua
n in S.(MI
1 1.
ill I'll I. Ill
Mnnj lllli'h
pi rlciu i of the Kind.
Will ll liilil March
H D. I. onion ill Ni
tfl In I'll I; I Iv
I'nrk m
Order by Phono-Order by MaH
1 1 I I ' W I I N Mi II III N
HI V I li si I s
12 1. OH
7 !H
I U I Mil I - I II Us
' i
n nil M. ii i -n i i i s
I ii . Plants at Be,
VlniouuV, m i ponndi lie
urntnciH for apparent partialil) shown
in helping urn' iimii tiling racfion oi
pursue and nrreal Mexicans raiding
in i un ad I i i
church and president of the Tulsa
The Information came from C it '
Xlehola ni Oklahoma City, ;hii with
tin letter came the announcement
llntl many other mu m of national
will In here in participate in tho
M ii it 1 1 Tul i
ihal time, however, no specific dull
were net, and it was not until Kov.
Kfii received lilt letter the other la
thai ii was definitely know whel the
date wouM be, Preparation! alreadj
are under way for the convention,
which Is expected to lie the biggest
of tin' kimi ever held in the state
Marlon Lawrence, general aocre
tarj of the Bunday achool associa-1
tlon, also will in here. The iiiualcal i
program will be In charge of Pro
ii eaor E i, Excel! of i 'hie. 'go.
4k m
H j
The Styles for Young
in i nr ii-iinw
wlin demand style thai is ;tlisi-
Icpi ml on ihis store show itig
VVanl in borrow money? World
Want Ada will pul y6u In touch with
the i itt part)
liiti lv correel can Bafel
llii'iu first. We feature
Society Braid Clothes for Young
Men and Stein-Bloch Clothes
for Young Men
The acknowledged leaders of style in Young Men's
Clothes. The very newest coal styles thai are featured
by the leading clothes slinks of New York and Chicago
can be found in our clothing section. We particularly
call your attention to the "Budd" the new coat pni
duced by makers of Society Brand clothes.
The "Monroe" the "Genesee" and the "Ontario"
Stein Block's newest styles for this fall They are
"beauties." Step in today and have our Bales in an
"show you" Suits
$20, $22.50, $25, $28.50, $30 to $40.00.
Overcoats-$i5, $18, $20, $22, $25, to $50
I lir Rosl Values In
Hhne abown In town
Visit One
sin i i icri i it mm!
Dur Boys' and fhil
Iron's Department is
n "Money Shut."
id nts vmir noj here
for iii- clothes.
Sixty Act? of Heroism
Rewarded by Carnegie
ii uitiniH'u Krom Pag
in .
aged 30; for Bavins Tluiothj Cundlff
K.f, July 31, 1911.
Thomas i. Clraham Braddock, Pa.;
and Edward IS Adama from I) Ina
Waltham, Mass.; aged 1R; tor aavlng I Huntington street, Savannah, Ga.;
Roswell W, Snow (ram drowning al aged Ed; for saving Rose Goshen
Rye Beach, n. n. August 19, Ills, from drowning In a motorboat acci
Charlea II. Brush. R866 Wentworth I denl al Montgomery, Qa, March 19,
Ave., Chicago, in.. aged ':. fur aavlng 111
two boya from drowning Augual 19,1 John W, Pdngburn, Bllaaibcth, Pa.:
1.1914. aged :n : for saving an unidentified
Charles A. Perkins sr. 309 North woman and child from being run
Taylor street, Amartllo, Texas; aged J over bj u train, October 26, 1918.
29 for saving Bernard A. Starker, a William n Carey, :i2 Ellsworth
baby, from being run over by a train street. Lowell, Mass.; aged 19; for at
at Royal, Texas, April 99, 1914. tempting to save Nicholas McNultj
j Hunter M Qalnes, SOI Cass avenue, I and Patriot! II. Mcllugh from down-
Detroit, Mich.; .-ig i 32; for resetting Ing In Concord river, January
Lewis A. Lemke and a part) of (our 1 1911.
other persons from a runaway accL . J Leo Primoau. Victoria) M
iiiii- i.. i ii' i. ..ii ri ii ii i.r i:ti...i .... ain i i',, .li,,.: lan iii'"i ni t union. inva. .in;u-i ,, i " i iiu'rii .(.; ror summit is, isagar wan
... the consul il N'ogalea uarj , iju, j Edgar A. Nelson, im; v. st Noble from drowning at Lindsay, Ont, l' -
U vmH m iiisiniiini i Inform ; Stanley Blrantt, R. i i Canton, atreet, Outhrle, Okie.; aged 24: forlccibgr i'.'. uni
fficiali ili.it ii" ri it nr im . Dged 80; for savina Charles Vo- w.ing Dowltl Warden front drown- jonn r.. i.uins, morris, in.; age a
i. fii.'io irovernmeni ni not re ;,., fellow farmer from Hiiffoca- Ing al Guthrit, May 16. mi". " Bavins Wtitiam u run ami
tlon m a well at Breeds, III., Mas I, Albert I' Wilcox, Morrison. Ul.;tnrce women trom drowning at Mor.
I .i i ; aged 15; for attempting to save Mich- i rs- Jll' 1918,
Qeorge W. Cowgui R i I, Whites- ael Sellers from burning In a cell at Sylvesjter A, Manga, 868 Martin
lii.ru Try ii ... i 13 f,.r Havine Sim tin- i'liiiiU tail in Morrison, April I.,, it.ireci. iioKuorougn, rniiaueipnia, ra.
in.. ,ti. hi ..I Ai-iiu I'n. 1. 1 . iii-'h !: , i i, i itt-iii. .i friin f:iimi i from it'U. "gen ii; ior saving ueceua mcnew-
Inforcemenla foi the Carransa garrl miffocatlon in :, well al Theodore, Edward R, Dillon, 84 Defrrrst ave- i-kl. a baby, from being run over by
son n is expected, will arrive In tlmejTcxns, Augusl 4. 1914 Inuc. Troy. N. v.: aged 18; for saving I a train al Philadelphia, July .'k. 1912.
it the Villa attack and possibly Harold Wilson, 7688 Ctirpenler st.''ii''i boys from drowning al Troy In j Leon I, Horner. Riverside, N. J.;
.in a battle near the International I cole from suffocation la ;i tank i! James W Rrlee, sr., Culloden, Oa. ;'from being run over by a tram at
line ifficl ii dtspati li todaj told of I Mount Washington, Md . July is. t i : nged 88; (or attempUng to sai- .la mes j don nee, x. J July 18, 1912.
in. . nbarkation o a large Curranaa I William R. Moon. 602 Sherman Bl Jones from suffocation In a well .it , Jamea w. Hallmark, Corinth, Miaa.;
i 1 .
to assist Oeneral I legues, In com I William R, Parshall and an unidentl Abncr Sul m. Culloden, Qa.:jgttn (Tom drowning al luka, Miss.,
reeding m t ibw.iiil throu the VaauijrVer ai Waco, Texas, April 6. 1908, ease cited above. I Henry L Halllday, Humble. Texas;
y.ill . to itlai . tleneral Villa from Emll C Tews, Waukegan, ill. aged Walter Roblnaon, 1609 Columbus I aged 19; for saving Chariea M. Her-
iiti- reai u. ror saving Wallace H Hundertin street, Waco Texas, aged 4v (or us Iron from a runaway acctdant at Dan-
i n im from drowning when the latter' boat ruing i bancs ueiroa and Mary He-1 (son, Texas. June 20. lilt,
wil' l.was eoimlr.eil on l-ik.' Mlehlmn tin Iroe from a runaway al Wcco, "i - i riiarles II Lawmm. CaHanall.
W alter E Pit kett,
inn i irange St
lober 9, 1914
Leopold 4'
Coleman, 41
'J r u o ....
af 1
Use iio ten
.. 1.;- 1
Mex'can Bandits
Grt Worst of It
Agirrs when otlier dxuls ohrn fi.il.
Sample free, HORI.ICK S, Racine, HV.
-He Subatitutv is"fustaCcod"
u. HORLICK'S, the Original
fflX I III.'TUiSS IN .' . II '.' 1 1 R
Ciiotera Infantum, Dy vntery
Cholera Morbus, Worms
Diarrhoea and Constipation.
.-"tt Is ,
! i i :s. sin
Mirth ('at im n the beautiful prima donna with all-4tar Bohemian
i semnaai iiiuJ Mowaajt aranagfi Xoember i.
Mont . aged 3S; for snvine: P. Clyde
RAud Cob friuii drowning, June 8, 1913.
I William it. Oelghton, s :t i Hish-
i In ml avenue. KlKiu, III.; aKeil V2;
saved .lames tiepew from oeing run
over bj a train at Elgin, May 2S.
Herbert B Varney, Wells Beach.
f aged 22; for saving jerry A.
'la.-A from drowning at Welti Beach,
Nathaniel Bheppard, iniliHtt lilanda
hi Iplt g to t-1'. Xlcholaa ami Thomas
Keefe ii.uti drowning, June t, 1913.
Marl Bheppard, lane address and
Samuel E. Hargett, Wist Point,
Qa : iKeil 22; fr soyina: J HohatUO
Dorden In i well, June 28, itn.1.
John Harris. Cuba, Ala: aged 3a.
f. aavlng Junta i". Robinson from
i bi-in run uer by a train. July 4.
Elijah .1 Claiborne, Holdenvllle,
ik;., aged 92; for aUmptlng to
...i. William J T Smith from stiff i-
cation in a well al Allen, nkla.. Aug
! ust 28, 1913
Quinry H. Wybe. deceaaed ; medal
to f'th. r 402 Qu. en strei t. HtiliuiUe,
Iowa for ttie sun s attesBpl t.. save
Edwin B. Wilkinson from drowning,
Ijanuarj 12 in. la which Wylia km
' his life.
' Titian 8. Dolaa! dseeaaed ; medal to
father, II a tr-et. Pasco, Wash., for
the young girl's attetnpl to aavg
t; idys Robinson from aTownlng at
I On tons gom iieb May IT, 1111; both
i ;ti Is u . ri drowned.
i Irwin H. Kiegler, dsoeased ; medal
i to widow, 4t'3 Bryan street, Aiten-
tOWn, PSL, with pension fur support of
herself and children . for attempting
to Harr) fratsinger from suffo
cation to a well at Allcntown. June 7.
llSta, Klegltr lost bis lift- tut the
I other man saved.
1 Joseph Nemsth, AJIentown, Pa i for
atleniillne to save .iealer ami Kalz-
inger in case mentioneo aoovs.
Wtlllani H liass, ilreraseil medal
to mother, Chapman. Ala . together
Witii pert SifTS ; for attempt to save
Hi.w in! Csrlston from suffocation In
, well July II, 1914.
I. W.i'i.in. ile . is, ,1: medal to
Widow at LoveJoy, Mont., lugilher
Telephone operators are selected Prow better-than
average girls.
Not ever) girl can become a successful operator,
There arc certain qualifications necessary.
Slip must be in good health, because the public de
mauds prompt and accurate service.
She must be quick and bright, because the public
demands prompt and accurate ervici .
Sin- iniisl be of ilif sturdy, dependable kind who
work steadily, because the public demands a con
tinuous and dependable service.
She must be enthusiastic, because without it suc
cess in any calling is impossible.
The work is pleasant and carries with ii many ,id
vantages not found in other lines of employment.
Experience is not necessary. We. maintain a school
where girls are given training and are prepared for
their regular work under the direction of experts.
This makes it easv for the beginners, and relieves
them of the embarrassment of' starting in under iur
familiar conditions and among strangers,
The pay begins as sunn as students enter the train
ing school.
Applj in Principal of Training School, Fifth floor,
Pioneer Building.
Anniversary Special
TODAY Saturday
The last day of our Anniversary Sale
we offer you two very special numbers
We wanl t show the public our appre
ciation of their liberal support, not by
souvenirs, Imt by actual worth in merchandise,
Ladies' American Bronze Roots, lace
ami button, Lonia XIY heel, plain vamp,
cloth top. Regular price 4 -
Ladies' patent vamp, fawn color
broadcloth top, new concave heel, flex
ible Mile new style flat buttons. K fj, D
.mil K wnltlis. Recrular $3.50 Bradc
with pension for support of berseM
and children. Watson died attempt
ing to anvo I. other M. Hersbears from
suffocation In n well at Malta. .Mont ,
March II, 1811.
Lucy O. Bran ha nil St. Petsrsburg,
l-'lu.: aged II; for i.. i: j to save
ii. nut t. Nelson from drowning Janu
ary :u'. 1915.
Silver Medals,
Irene II. Ueeii. Mi I fattier street,
Beaumont. T sas; uk-iI 11; for aavl ig
lisnristta A. Hamilton from drowning
,.t Sol, bur. La . April ti. lilt.
ttuth E afcNeeley. Bt Petershurg,
i'l.i.. ard If for helping to save
Iroia Ar.lin and Demi T. Nelson front
drowning Jaanarj an. till.
Krmst W. II. niierson, dcceaseil;
medal to arldow, Bl Pitersburft Kin.
together srith pension for self anil
children. Henderson died attempting
to save Hem i T. N Ison from drown
ing in same aoddenl as cited shove.
Roy 0. Allen, Brentwood, Tenn.;
agi ii J7 fur Saving AUOS T Hull. I
babv, from being run over bt s train
at Tami l. I'la. Ninetnl'. r is.
John 0, Wkltmer Jr.. 1111 Anunci-
etlon stn ;. New urle.-ms, a. ngeU
21: for saving Mergers! R, jooaatro,
a baby i from, being run oy. r by a
rtrret ear September 15. Isll.
Ml .1 BardaM, dsceased: medal to
aidow, Oalton, Oa., together with
pension for se If and children. Har-
ii b died attempting to save Jatm i ii. I
Stay from suffocation in a well
August IS. HIS.
EHddeOB ' V. UndfOth, deceased:
medal to fathrr. 1340 Fourth avenue.
RocaWood, III. I.ludroth died s..ln
Hoy H. Hanson from drownim; at
1tm billfold. 111.. February 1 , 19H.
Oluseppe Tordlo. decease.!: medal
to father. S20 Townsenil street, rhl-
gOi together with pension Twrdlo
died attempting to save Albert Anigo
from drowning April 29, 191 i.
To stop dandruff
and loss of hair
Shampoo with hoi water, robbing
thorough into the scalp the rich,
creamy lather of
Resinol Soap
so as to s.iftr'n ami stimulate the
SCalp, tu remove the dead .skin and
cells and to work the goottbig,
healing Resinol lalsjms wi ll Into
flic nsit of tha hair. Kinsc in
gradually COOiCf water, the final
water being cold, I ry the hair
Ihoroaghri Whhoul artificial heat.
This simple, agreeable method
almost always Stops dandruff and
scalp itching, and ker the hair
live, thick and iustn as.
B.miD.1 vp Ijavai oasjckSMHsi ubpI.
nt ider in BM tuir I ,r, i,fj,r ,he
"-- u c'etl. nd lie.)iT the complt.inn
woaJeHallr. Sold mlirrtrer toilrt fooan Ml
arrird. !.ftr Mxiplr, srtte Ic Utpt i-t,
Riin"l. Uliimrr Md.

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