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Tulsa daily world. [volume] (Tulsa, Indian Territory [Okla.]) 1905-1919, October 30, 1915, MORNING EDITION, Image 7

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st: v h,a
Vi'iu Qwyam fdtpbosi 4.'iuu.
Noted Clubwoman Who Addresses
Big Mass Meeting Here Tomorrow
I'lfcM which mih Henri A Koch hag
announced r r opening next Wednes
day afternoon at i ii- RSIks' club,
( (II
i i i.i vim ii s.
Reception i" lire, Penitybackcr,
Tin- reception which the iiniu fed'
lerated oluha of Tulsa have planned in
honoi o( Mrs, Peri i . Pennyb wkar
j fur Monday afternoon will in all prob.
Pri sbj i' 1 1. hi church,
Today's Specials
r(i pieces of aboul 2,000 yards 27 ini'li Oi
light iffouuda 1 1 1 1 colored checks and nti
8:80 i.i 9:80, per yard
8 c
All Day
ijnior ;i Bride-Elect.
mill wills of BO-
I ,1 in til
Mci :iintack.
After the guinea the Kin-is wep
seated al one- large table and three
imnllor ones In ti- dlntna room and
' I
S 1 2!5(
. $1.15
md Mrs Walter II Albro will
! lii.-iv and Mrs. (tis
Mr, and Mis B, J. Lambert ad
hlhircn will leave 'lie first of the
K for B Visit yyilh home-folk iii
Mrs Percy V. Pennybacker, president of thu Ueneral Federation of
women a i iuds, wno win address a union imctiiu; of Tutsans, both men ,
and women, at ih' first Presbyterian church Sunday afternoon at 3:80 1 1 i
o (iock. Her address will be on the subject ol "Service, which beyond
doubt she understands to the fullest degree, Mr. and Mrs. J, Arthur Bapp ol
Mrs. 1' ;nyliac!ier is ll u-.u-,l fnmmiB wnmdn III., mnal nnnmlriniHii Uniidi Uni.alnnJ ...l.lit ..... ,, ... , .
served with a luncheon, A wedding figure In the woman's world today, she is an orator, an educator, a club- Ihe birth of a son Thursday. Ootobei
woman anil a mother, ami has Captivated her hearers every time she 28,
e ar spoke in public.
Scene was Sim UO'd as tne tunic ecn-
terpiece, w 1 1 h a bridal couple set
amidst r cluster of pink roses. The
r r
:m permanent
i i
kurehittis, regular I'm1 encli value, fO)
W 4
' 79c
500 yards 10 inch Casten ' i
Sat ui'day uui il uoou, per j an
Special Saturday Until Eoon
35e per yard, Spc
Mr. and Mrs. T. It Bbrl rhl have
lemoved from :'3!i West Fifteen! n
street to 1612 Burnett.
Mrs. L. J. Btinson left Friday for
Texas where she was called by the
death of a relative.
Miss May Manna has retumi ! from
n several weeks' visit In Kansas,
favors of Msoue eats, in pink satin I favor for nigh score was of lingerie
bags, held cards naming the wedding I which is awar ed each week In the
day, club, while the visiting guests received
The hride-eieet, ii daughter of Mr. gifts ol handkerchiefs,
Allen i,pe Rraymer, has lived thi
happiest yens of her girlhood In this Mrs. Oliver Chamberlain of Cros
city, where she is loved not only In cent City, Florida, who is the guest
her immediate social circle but bj all I oj her sister, Mrs. Maurice Jankowsky,
wno know her lor her personal at- was tne inspiration for a Jolly online i
tractlveness, sweet dlsporition andlat Sand Springs p irk Thursday Mr. ami Mrs. .lames it. Rol nson
n - i r -n it o womanliness. n was auring tin uuzen matrons ana young women leaving today on a trip to tne east.
rvlS ji 1(1111 1)11111 l i fjja" third' annual Durbar, over which din made up tne party.
oraymer presiaea as iueon .m-
Hal-Ko, that she became las: known
outside the circle In which she nioves,
ami reached the height Of In r popu
larity, Her wedding to Mr. Black,
eldest son oT Mr and Mrs. .1 K.
Black, will be celebrated at Holy
Family Catholic church, Tuesday,
November it!
I". IliseV .lav Painter, litis Mel lin-
ndltlon of took, Con Callahan, Rex 8. Walker,
tem When Other Medi
cines Failed. Believes
It Saved Her Life.
Boys, wt pay th'ie cuts per pound
Mesdames Prank A, Haskell, B. F. for clea Bon rags- World office,
Rice, J, Edgar row. Qeonro W. Wlnk-
ler ami F, ii. Misener win aci as i George Winkler Architect
patronesses of the children's dancing ' Palaeo Bids. Adv.
Hendersonvllle, X. C. Mis. M. A
Bedinon, of R, P, D; t, this place,
writes: "i wish to state thai befon
having taken Cardul, my
health-was all run-down, and had beon William R Mndsay, Allei L Bray
that wa. ev, r sine my marriage two John Sbakelv, Kalph M. Darnell,
, , . , . Frank L Dartlett, E Roavrs Kemp,
years an si May, I onlj weighed Charles F. Roi ier; the Misses Pethel
107 pounds, Mj average weight is Dean Cone, Ethel Cartter, Nancy
MS pounds. I had such awful pains Vemkm.-nn Lucille Leonard, Helen
ttline. could hardly go . .had 1, & J'C
sc. ere pains in mv back a id abdomen, Dolaney.
and could scarcely do my work. . . I ,
ooutd not lift anything heavy. Men's Dinner.
In November B'la I l.ecan taking ! M'' Iwrence Bentley entertained
... ,, , ,,, ( with a mens dinner Thursdas even
Cardul. I thought I would give it a lnn , ,,. ,,,,,. ,f hJ) parnu Ml,
Mat though mj family doctor and Mrs. James B. Cole, having -
had set the date for ,-n examination company of six frl nda n guests
of me. . . t sw my improvement after , . was cornted In chry.
1 santhemuma, and f Rowing the serv-
taking the first bottle. . . I am getting n,K ,,f ;1 dinner of se ra e lursee the
fat and well, and In March this year tmsts formed n part ll one "t the
I weighed 18 pounds. . . four Cardul theatera Of the number there ure
, . . ,.M.smi'h. Ira Irveln. Paul liosworth
tcnie built up my system "hen all . A ll,.,,v xnonJagj MarUn, noMOI
other medicines fai!ed. I fe. i and look I Adams ami the h
like a different person, . . I am still. . .
praisinu it in my friends . for I can , Party fr Kendall Rtudenta,
,,,i. .... i i.. .ii,... it , ifa A party ut which the students of
My relief from all pain has bean pel
What the Tulsa Y. W.
C. A. Is Doing
If you are run-do'vn In health and
need a tonic, take Cardul, tha WOU1 KB -tonie.
II will help you.
For rale by all drUgCMta,
K.iidnr ee'l'te will i, t'liests Mon
day sv!ntng has been announced by
the Y. m. t". a. of the school In ii
gymnasium. It i. to be a "tacky" af
fair with the decorations, costumes
and refreshment In keeping.
Be Better Looking- TaV
Olive Tablets
At Bn ' fai
Mrs. H. R. Mam - Invited friend
fur h breakfast Tl lay morning
ompiUnentary to Wn .1 ihn Davis
Hairs tuests, Mis h Rjall nni
Mlsi Henrlette ' r Louis and
Mra (Villi u C and Miss
Al a Downing f -k. who are
visiting Mrs Ph n d unroe. There
ill he .,y i for 'mi -'ii,!s.
lararheoti Ou nplinent,
Mra J. lradf I .Tnnnlnjrs will n-
T . tl-l.. la .'.ll.,,,' . .,,,, i Tll.n ...... .
ii j. in ,o - - lerinin witn n nn. n-nn t 'lesc.iy an-
pr.HId Laiiirue eap.l ap;..-nte pixir Teaenn Inn in mmtiin tn
yt tf.ve a had t l.s In your mouth a ' .n, . I , i .
Isey, no-good feeling yon should take Mr Cndmaal y me's giieaU, Mrs.
Olive Tablet William C. Calkins al I Min Aida
Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets a sub- Downing of Ne ITork,
St'tuti for culnmel were rrer3red by
Dr. Bdwardl after IT years of study To a,.,.. rnid!ny.
with h pati uta. The Li Koroi i is Invt itlons
Dr. E lwards' Ollvo Tablets are a ;mre- , u .,r B ,; ., ay evening at the
hT vefftable corni und r.tx-d with olive ,,hlo ni,iJ, ,
oil. lou will knew then by their olive
If ytou want a clea:, dt'k skin', bright
W's, r plmpli s, a I : ol btMyancy
if. cldldlieod days, you must get al the : ' ' ' Ixter ; von
" j u ,nivi nirnvi
party this eVtntflg
C, Se.
Dr. Edwards' nilve Tablets net on the
IhiT nii.l bow. Is lik" rnlom-1 v. have no
aangprous after el
Thcv slail the bile and overcome ron
etlpatlon. Thai's why irllllo-s of boxea
a.e sold nnt'tial'- at l''c and Jjc rer box.
All dniK rista
Take one or nightly and note tha
Itarlt r- -lilts.
The Olive Tkblet Compsu', CvIu-tVo'
Tn O Irhr ' ilr-woon.
Mrs. Harry M . y !r hag Invited
friends of her
i a Halloween
Mra Horace M. Hiker Invited to
enjoy a s-ame of 'irl.lire with the
matrons of the Pride? ..irlion es er-
ly afterr.aon Mrs Thorss I Man
I 1
At tne v. w. C, a. cottage, 1 1"
West Fifth street, things will be doing
on Saturday evening,
ii Is, of course, the occasion of j
Halloween parly, and all the girls in
Ihe iiiy are cordial!) Invited to he
present, The more the merrier, i
you know no one, come ami gel ac
uualnted, and otherwise come ami
bring a friend
If ii is a fine night a big bonfire
yy ill be bUill on I he lot beside the cot
lane; If ll Is nol a pleasant niKht. an
I indoor camping party will be thi
I Ii aim e.
A marsh mallow roasl around tho
lire, and a ( lypsj fort teller, yy h'l
I promises to reveal all kinds of s n I .
evening mil.
'J i
he the occasion of I he flrsi Y W, '. A,
I hatlquel 'I
Is re to he in the 1 1 1 y "ii thai night,
and tiny want i i see and meet the
l womenhood of Tub
Miss Harriett Taylor, one of tho
I guesta, Is a woman who has spent
years of her life In ih.s national work
for girls, and Mrs. De Lacy Hyde Is
I spending lor tinu and substanci in
the Y. VV. C. A. work from coast to
( oast.
The banquet is to be served al 8:80
land the limitation of seats must In
I placed at two bundrc 1 for lack of
larger space. To thosi who would in
I present, may the warning be given
that It is necesjsao to secure your
places this i" k, foi thi seat are
being taken rapidly. Phoi o :ifiS for
I I scry ai ions.
When You Want Something
rarticulary Nice
You can always depend upon K C not to
disappoint you. Tlie double raise makes
(loul)ly certain nothing is left to "luck." If the
battel is a little thin, K C will raise it lip-ht and
leathery and it will lie all the better. Jarring the
stove cr turning the pan around makes no differ
ence K C sustains the raise until baked.
When there's a birthday or weddmi
. . . . J o
to bake, or refreshment! for reception oi pirty
W provide, lake no chances
Use K C
Grand Prize, Panama-Pacffic Exposition, San Francisco, 1915
Grand Prize, Panama-California Imposition
San Diego, 1915
For Flavor and Quality
Baker's Cocoa
,f hiah-srtde
arid State Pure food Laws.
(Tulsa Morning World.)
y-. . . t . ...
Cereal cream and Sugar caution: uet tne genuine with our trade-mark on the package.
uroeu i i'1'i i i 'ii, ' i
Scones Coffi a
Orape Fruit 'ocktall
Koast Stuffed Capon
Hmwn Gravy
("t ea no d Potatoes
Mashed Squash
Celery end Appl Salad
Vanilla lei 1 fi i am
Chocolate Sauce
sriT t
Shrimp v. ihkIo
Packer House Rolls
SpoiiKe i ' i K, - Ten
There viii in- n Halloween mesque-l,
rade ball l the Mui clans' hoadquar-1 iit..j.i ini in
ters, in1; Ho u in Uo'ilder. Saturday Kdlfki on LtaeuIii-OkUhoina
night, October .10. Admission 1'Jc . j 1 1 ii 1 1 v .
Four irizes glvn. Adv.
i in
j. J.
nd Bnuna Schmidt
oeteopathi : oppoatu '
Phone I5VS or 191 . - ,d".
(Jnaki r.
Boys, We nay three cents per pound
for clean cotton rageWorld office.
m:im. TO iiois.
Km nave pirn, ed.no aouDt.tnat any
FOR RIVER BRIDGE mazes you that such
ibjcctionable matter could find lodc
1 meni m your head. To ignore this
for Inipni Lint , at ii 'h uln n tin- mtA siilio.W is
AT'iii tiecaiiM- it continues to slowly
injuic iiiu delicate Linings of the nasal
passages and clog then up.
To correct catarrh, cleanse the noa.
tnN frequently with a solution of warn
water ami -alt, ir. -tit Vaseline on re-
1 a;.;,,,, r.,t , r..t .a c ut.
v iii .oki .mi. i.iiw. t ajioii.uoi ui oy.(iu 9
meals fur one month.
coll icted to put before cons
winter relative io a Canadl
i idae on ' be ( 'a bonu
highway, Frank D. tl awn.
engineer for this county, M .i Kent- K.niilsion af
nnnn. yi.i ri nan .ml ...... .u. i. .1. . 1.1 . ..1 . 1
s spent a part of Mils w k 3 " 10 iev.1
tin tinbiics aiul contains sisiwin g
glycerine to check the inflammation
MISS I' I .( 1 1 : 1'. N( ' K Hit A YM Kit
a I.rnyiner. daunhter of Mr. Allen U Hraynif.
Photo by Rass.
ley. liinr
U u,
Celebrate lliili,ti 11 -oi.le ittlKT uny oil tile river, goliiij ovi Ihe
Ih-I!.'. faiiiiK tlie enr ' els. He- , x, ndnlnf: the yarlolis places
lMM. uuiJh- .1.. II...I. lu n .u... I U I, i , I, I.,,. I I -I I
Itentlarj nffeinee. aad le only done fcVI An-accurate estimate of the cost of '"' '' 1,1
1 1 ' iiif In I.-- - boys moo do tun Clink of Mien a bridge will ,, made and pri
tne ereai danger to others. , ,i a I sented yini, the othn its
few vlelolis boys Wlui do nm ms-, Some of the ofnelals of 'h, rik ,
Tin Tni-a Ktree4 'ii in :i romnan) ' ,
N.-ott's ts pi, ismt to take.
Sctl a Uuwiie, lilonificld. N.J.
iv N
Is c br:de-i t of
: ' ' rr', "..h" ' iT V m ,,,,'1-'nn;-,nfe"t engagement to Mr. V;.nn ' mack. w, ,,. ,,.,, men on guard at f- halleve that the bill which was In- bridge will erv as a connecting link
rVlMna nd Ms tl h Imn, ol Ison of Mr and Mrs. .1 r Black, having oc.n made y.ste.da.. af-noon f.r.ni ..n tl.Hr traeks on Hal- ' Iroduoed In congress SSl SeestoS . atWi nl Indians audit
loi r -Inr with Mm J. W at the horn, of the bride-elect s sister, Mrs. i rank U Moore. The wedding Io.m-oii iiluht t" BNrteel tlie liven Of I be made I pari of tin Indian appro-1 Is betli i 1 lh ,.
rs and Mis. I I). Baker. Th- will occur KoVemher 16 at Holy Family CatholU church. I jK. ublle. Hoys are warned that all' pi ho: DM mrv. The proposed villi nol e opposed I I

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