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Teams in Best of Condition for This Afternoon's Game
IF!" 111
3. r
ell Indian Team That Invaded Tulsa at 60'Clock Tnis Morniig Wili Clash With Kendall at 3 o'clock Today
.jnoc ion
Nowata to nvade the Tei pi
tory "'t Eastern Oklaho
ma School.
Visitors Have Won All
Three lames Played in
Annual Contests.
k. Morton, Elders, V, Murdoek, Artlchoker, Kulami
is. Kennedy (ranch), Clements (captain), Venne (1
nelle, Wilson, Durbar, Black, Tanner, Campbell,
ponton, Li, Evans, Willis. Winslow, i-ruw
mager), Btovcr, McClaskey, Coal if Kire,
Eva us,
,ttinontubbe, Middle
Cummings (trainer),
mi row!
tho . . 1 1 ,
on i' ' i.ii rraln.
and alto cat 1 v limn) tern outside
nt 7 IE i) ' loch Thursdaj 111 Inn, 11
rlv liii. al 1 Ik lahoina 1 II) abottl II SO
O'clock. Tho regului Santa lV pu
., 8:14. I"'i Ii I" nit earl) iimmlng trutus,
Thin o)torttinlt) t" alnrl t lie Join 111 I
sari) will In .1 way chock the restless
ness hi mail) of the orange and black
followers who are anxious l" i" up
.itid doing.
A rooter ineotliiM Tuesday nlghl
renrln d Iho 1 Umax of 1 itlliui lamn of
the Uidetil body, and Wednesday wai
,ih ,i mere spaci "i lime thai Inler
vent ,1 before the trip Al tin-- "pep"
nil) President t'aiitwell spoke to the
studcl i, L.'inc. ovet carefnll) 1 ho di
mils of the 11 lp, the ntllltai ) r hi w
mil speaking optlinlntlcall) of the
,1 T Horni 1 , 11 graduate of 1 k la
itUdl III 111 the minim i is mid linn kel
inn Hchonl of A i M, college, win I I
itncr Hpeaker. Iloriu i told the An
(leu that whenever O I' played an)
it lu i loam than A .v M thai hi!
Itggh Sooner game Ik yelled tor A
& M
Musi HIiiim 'I ighl '
was "Klght." lb lohl the ' M It)
1 1 11 u i ii fighting would on an a victory,
tnd then rclli rated n ud repeatod
tin, in fighting.
i d" Tat veri t he gt andfal hi i of
yelling .ii A .x M led the rully,
drilled the corps in lite college songs
.mil i ll.-, inaile .1 speech that brought
actual team of mirth al Ins antlci
and expression., altogether working
up the student hod) to Ihe highest
pitch of iln yea i Ii is always ui )
to foment enthusiasm .ii A S M. JubI
before the annual O I.' gridiron
Tin i e is it n uppai i n( determination
throughottl the A. .x M college in
whip Hn Sooners 01 ti ihein a h I
fight Willi the mills far against
them llu Aggie grldster undemtand
that tin y musl battle like the) have
not battled tins year, with powdbl)
fame, In ordel t" best the Owctiltes.
Their followers are waiting t"i the
"'apt. in hb it Win' Individual lb
am; Third Mitcst This
I vcnlng.
State Train Meets banners
of Stillwater ut Okla
homa 'ity.
Longhorns Say 1913 Score
Will Not Ho Repeated
l Visitors.
1 1 1 1 1 1 i which hi'' 1 " ii
1 1 1 ii Athletic asm iclation title in
.i K ins. is (he University of Arkansas
will nioel tho ( ikluhoma Sol I "i
Mlnei .it Enycttevllie, and In Ihe Mil
aourl valley Kanaai and Missouri meet
ut Columbia, .Mo
N,ii re lan f Indiana, a much
i ra cled elet en of admitted ability, i
expects tn win easily from Texas,
though the Longhorns confident!) N,:u OllK, Nov. 24. The foot
m it tin- 3 1 victon which Notre ball season, except for the Army and
Dame achieved In 1B13, the onl) pre Navj garni here Hal
vimis i inn. ..f id., in., t. ,ms Mill the cast loiuorroM
I not b repeated this year. The) pre-
iln i ii cliisc contest.
Ill) Willow W. KYKIH'lt,
'II VortliweMtcrii ttuirtcr b a k ,
Witii the lasl praeilcc over
Kcutlall ri'tircd read) lur the big
event against tin Haskell Indians
en mi i,i day, IminctllaU'ly
Ki iniali stock took a unip unci
cverylMxl) ft ii sallsfl ii lhal sliu
would have nunc than a allow
wnii tin- Isltlng i rnwd,
h tlic tans are wondering nlaiul
siM'cd, Kendall has it. in regard
in licet, the I'rcabylcrlnus liae
a plenty. These tun things, mi
hlueil with the hcttdlncss and
Icaih rshlp ni antalu (icovc ami
i. J 1 1 1 Young, wlio uliernatc .n
tpiarterbnck, ought to blind Iho
Indian scalp in Kendall,
in ever) game of fot i ball
there Is a ncccsalt) of a strong
line wlneli can Incil, anil hold,
I bis iln IYi -in n i i i n- t'crttilnl)
have, mill mi) one who knows
anything at all iiInihI the game,
ami csM'clall) those who have
seen Hit1 Tulsa uggrcgailon work
nut. : lldlllil lhal Inline 1 1 if
gunic progre es very far, tin
Indians will Ik1 worried
Ml thai remains in win Hie
game now Is enough confidence
ni the p. ii' ni i in players from
Kendall to tear Into the Haskell
"hunch" at ii heglnning and
keep II lip In til ' end. 'I Ids
everyone reels certain she mil do
ami we uw'nll wiib satisfueikiu for
the result.
Both Texas and Notre
I hune Seem ( 'onfidenl
of VTictory,
Aggies Know
Sooner Plays
Uennie Owen gives
set of unusual plai
the I ik'ahouia A M
I i leven Thursday, t h
3oon -work
linns as
w.' ri'ioiH
A I 'ST I.N. Texas. Nov. 84.- Final
workouts preceding the Thanksgiving
football Manic between Notri Dame
ami Texas university were followed by
statements from the coaches of both
; teams (hat the teams arc in good
I condition. Texas Is crippled by tho
h ss uf Clyde Minefield, right h df
I hack, who is in a hospital, but the
iTexans are "full nf fight" and deter
! mined i" Ipe oul the memory of
i rs a
foot I'll
will he almost :s familial
Oklahoma university form
t he A'rlmi "ii and w hlte
Ih em sell es.
For six weeks the reserve eleven of
the Auns has emulated thi Sooner
attack in scrimmaging the 'varsity and
the first stiinK of men lias been con
stant!) trained .and coached to meet
the onslaught. Coach Gallagher of
the "scrubs" has paid much attention
tn UorfeCtlllB Simlicr llililatiiin mid
Tulsa High Lrooks for Tough
Contest, But Still Is
( '(llltlllt'llt.
h Qrlffith's regulars havi
T( xa.s
A M, last
then di I' at
: Frlda) .
Of Notre Dame's team it was stated
I Wedncsdu) nlghl that it is In better
Condition than ever before alter a
iniiM trip, I n order to keep Ihe north
ern team In good condition tin water
served to its members was chemically
' Tin Notre Dame team is lighter
than i in Texans,
(licit enthusiasm was Bhown al a
rail) tonight for the Texas team,
j Notre Dame's lineup for the
Thanksgiving wain" was announced
; late VVednenday nnd I he sroba ble
i lineup "f Texas also was announced.
The lini iiis arc as follows:
Football Games Today
day. c'uses in
The Cornell-
I'ennsylvanin game at Philadelphia is
attracting must attention, Other
Elward . ...
! Stephan . . .
i Idonnell . . .
Fitzgerald (c)
Mclner .
Iiergmnti . . .
Bachman . .
UE Mi Murray
LT Turner
. la; .
. i : E
Kit .
1. 1 1
1 mucin
l ilttmnr
Bit ge, Johnson
, . ,R, Blmmons
... l. Blmmons
.Walker, Waits
peatedly found themselves ugalnsl
unexpected offense, Then they ham
mered away al ii until it was mas
tered. After each game participated in by
the Owenltes, every new play essayed
by them has been when to the second
string players and (he same method
followed, Al ail uf the hard games
of the Sooners, which would Include
t lu ones against the teams of toe uni
versities nf Texas. Kansas, Arkansas,
the Kendall college eleven and the
Kansas Aggb s. an Aggie scout caught
all new formations.
Practically all of the A. A M, col
lege grldsters personally saw the ' u
luhomn - K ansaa f ra y.
Clareinore Defeated lnih
Schools by About tin
Same Score.
Tulsa IiimIi School leaves in force
Ithls morning to invade Bapulpa and
attempt to complete theor season with
a victory over the Bapulpa high BChool
team nn
Couch Bcnnio "wen, of the I'm Karnes tomorrow are:
vcrsit) i Oklahoma sees little to Cnrllalo Indians vs, Brown, al Prov
fear iii the meeting with the iia Wence,
homa Aggies.1 On comparative scores ' n state v Pittsburgh, al Pltta-
wide margin . Villa Nova vs Fordham, at New
Ai Kansas expects little trouble from
thi Oklahoma School of Mines, which wesleyan s. Columbia ai Ni w
is substituting for the Rolla (Mo.) ork.
School nf Mines which cancelled the Lhlgh s. Washington A Jefferson,
Thanksgiving gi after the death l Waahtngton, Pa
ct one of the Rolla players Rutgers is. New Vork, at New York.
K it sis is favored to wm over Mi- ' Lfayette vs. Dickinson, at RSaaton,
uptaln IcmcJits Bays His Men Do
Nut l -c "Dirty" Tactic-; Ever)
Man tit Hi- Best
lias Engaged in Some lin
portnnl Matches During
I trier ( a rcer.
so iii. though betting on the tame has
shm tened t bis of five to f. ur.
Besides these games other contest
of Interest tomorrow Include
ii kui iV M is Mlsstniii pi A .x
man. Texas,
Bucknell vs. Lebanon Valley al
Syracuse vs. Montana, at Missoula,
Central suite-.
CHICAQO, Nov. A few foot
ball games of Importance an mi to
morrow's schedule In the central
stales, which include flic following:
Den Moines Anus VS. Drake.
St. Louis Georgetown (of Wash-
! Cleveland Case vs, Western Re
Cincinnati Miami vs. Cincinnati,
I Monmouth itipon vs. Monmouth.
coat , mi want tC
Want , ' v 5 " and K'-
e tin
H I..
$.l.i lilies at
LAWRENCE, Kan . Nov. 1M. Cap
tain Clements, one of the Btrongest
exponents of clean sports, known at
Haskell as the "true Sportsman." said
today: "There is one thing sure, and
that Is when we meet Kendall college
I in xi Thursday al Tulsa we are going
I to show the fans as clean an exhibi
tion of football as lin y have ever seen.
i if course, my men play the game
hard and the) have a reputation for
being hard tacklers, but none of them
will indulge in any unnecessary
roughness." Captain Clements is him
self a truly great athlete, having won
his letter m three sports, namely, foot-
Iball, baseball and basketball, and he
will not stand for any dirty work on
the part uf his own men if he knows
It. He plays halfback and la one of
Haskell's main grnuiid gainers. As
Mhis will in his last game as captain
Of the team, he cvpects u do his ety
Must work, and using his own Words,
he said. "I'll give them all I've got
Thanksgiving day when we go up
against Kendall." Iii fact, this is tho
way every man on his team feels.
mm c
of any
1 , am I hill I an I'l a i i ., ) Cl
With Sooner Una Mi t
most Kcspcci "
Kendall Men Who Will Repel With all Their Skill
and Cunning the Attack of the Kansas Redskins
Thanksgiving day, a ten
ai d if is this i xpi
in fot our 1 1 mi Kciul
toports Is stro i In
than Haskell. But ihe
We" spirit which our
leal ned In the big gam -the
day for them u dn
gi ca 1 1 -i game of the si
he learn that plays tie
W .1
Cornell lt Ms lini win!.
CAMBRirKlE, Mass N..
Conn II d( ( ..t d Harvard at of
lion fun Hi. ill today 1 to V.
v,rv' s kVVT i't wipvi'
ela- Top row Sehii M del ; , . MeKii ,, icoucn I. !i H t. .illian, HUH i u,-..., ,
Saiiot France Kirk, who is
matched for a 16-round boxing eon
test iijth Bailor Davis before the Palm
Oarden Athletic club, m North
Gregnwood-avenuei the nlifht of De
cember -'. has an enviable reputation
which I 'avis Bays he's going to make
look I ke a bean sandwich. Kirk has
been in tho game a comparatively
'inn time and has some Important
victories to his credit, However,
Ft ankle is at his host now, and if lie
wlns over Davis, something he's quite
confident of doing, he'll be in line for
ci insMerablo money,
Kirk has fought some "f the tough
est 133 pounders In the country ana
for a lightweight outside the cham
pionship class probauly has
favorable newspaper comment
youngster In the game,
I 'avis is a fighter of the
caliber and is an expert) need head at
the game, II" knows thai if he heals
Kirk he will he aide to pick up many
a hundred washers by ucttuiL' a crack
! at some of the top notohera of the
division I' readily can be under
stof'di therefore thai this encounter
I will be one of tin most Interesting
I e ei staged in this city.
Both boys are working hard for the
I go and say they'll be in the best ol
I condition when tho time comes.
Telephone orders from many nearby
I towns where Kirk and Davis have ap-
peared already are being received for
ringside, ami the sale promises to
eclipse those of all other shows held
j here. I ocal fans desiring ringside
reservations should make them at
once al tin-Senate, ni Boston avenue.
Otherwise you're liable to be disappointed,
V. Bourqnc Will Instruct tins
Hi, Man!) Ui r sdf-Dcfcnae.
Twelve men have signed up for the
boxing class which is Ming funned in
the Y. f. C. A. and as toon as three
inut'i loin the group lessons will be
started. The club will meet In the
association gymnasium on Monday and
I Wednesday evenings.
A. V. Bourque has consented to in
struct tin class and should give val-
Uable service on account Of his ex
tensile experience! Mr. Bourque was
for many years a physical director W
in Y. M. C. a. and was especially
known for his ability along the tins
of boxing. Mr. Bourque w ill be as
sisted by T P. White.
Jones, Leekley, 'ustin, .Mien. Wallace, Feist, Handler, Bnitem row; Ha use, Vuung, Drove i sptaio). Miller,
True Season Ends Saturday,
Dallas. Texas, Nov. m. With
Jthe exception of one game on Satur
Idsy, the Texas intercollegiate football
season will come to s close tomorrow,
riiicf intenst is centered on the
! games at Austin la t ween Texas I'nl
Iversity and Notre Dame college of ln-
Osgna, and ai College station between
'TeXiM! A ,v M and Mississippi A
football fam. Many of the
thuslasts will accompany thi
the 1 I : 40 o'clock train this
while an equal number are
the trip in automobiles.
The Bapulpa game has aroused a
great deal more Interest than was at
first e.xpeited on account of the an
nouncement that the local team would
have no post-season games, The team
will disband after today's contest and
they have spent ten days' hard work
in preparation for the finale.
Reports from Bapulpa indicate that
a record crowd will I urn out from that
city io witness the struggle and thai
the ticket sales have already reached
a satisfactory number, The rival team
lias spent the whole season preparing
for the Tulsa name, the slogan having
I. ei n "beat Tulsa" ever since the
scheduling of the game,
Dope I bout Even,
No data can he secured on the indi
vidual merits of ihe Bapulpa team, hut
its showing In several contests this
season promises the locals nu easy
tune, one of the best lilies is the fact
that Clareinore preparatory school de-
: feated both Tulsa and Bapulpa with
almost similar scores.
i The Tulsa team is m the best shape
Of the season and will be tunning to
capacity In today's struggle. Burton's
determination to play makes every
man on the squad ready to enter the
The only change which has so far
been schduled is the left end, at which
Altken Will start In place of Tuttle.
Tuttle has been suffering the entire
season from Injured hips and has not
shown his best form for the past two
l weeks. On the other hand. Aitketi is
i one of the season's best ib vloptnents.
i Tut tie may play a portion of the con
! test.
Bpeedboj Impey.
The other wing will he held down
by Impey. the fastest end In the east
part of the state. ISnrton. who has
been the star lineman for the entire
season, and Campbell Will he tackles.
JiButeret probably will be held for sub
stitution in this position.
Overton nnd Young, the latter all-
'state guard of the Dnlverstt) of Okla
homa team, will be guards, and Todd
;wiii play center, For the guard posi
tion, Oliver will accompany the team
tts utility.
The backfleld will remain the same
'as in the last game, with Miller as
quarterback, 11. Altken at right half,
Price at left half and Captain Betser
at fullback. Sands and Qlllesple are
backfleld substitutes.
The ci lOplete lineup at the start
Will be.
1 Light end, Impey; right tackle, Bur
ton; rieUit guard. Overton; center,
Todd; left guard. Young: left tackle,
Campbell; left end. P. Aitkin; quar
terback, Miller; right half, H. Altken;
fullback, Setser; left half, Price.
Igglcs End season.
i4 Texas Agricultural and Mechani
cal college's football team, which has
laid claim to the state football title.
, will colli hide its sesason here tomor
row In n game with the Mississippi
A. A V. team of Starkville. Little is
known of the visitors In this section
although they arc regarded as one of
the strongest teams in tho south, cast
lot the river.
Pltj the Dentist
"Vour work must he very trying."
she said to the detttlst as she settled
In rself In the chair. "It must be hard
to be confined all day in a close office
(luinu the delicate .vrnk required on
pei pie's ici th."
1 "It Is. " said the dentist, turning his
face a, way fur the moment, "especially
'no during the summer onion season. "
in troll Free Press,
I'nnece ar Work.
Mrs. Axe "Hnnnah. I hope you
'didn't foruet to wash the fish thor-
loughly before von put it In to bake."
Hannah Mah Ian'! What fur Ah
IgWlne wash a fish dat's bin a-libitt' In
'de watah all hit's life'.'" -Boston
CLAUEMORE, Okla., Nov. 'L
The Interest "f the football fans of
this section of Oklahoma, ami espe
cially of Claremore, Is centered In Ih
Thanksgiving day game, to be staged
on tin- Bastorn university Prepara
tory Bchool gridiron In Claremore at
;; o'clock in the afternoon, when for
tin fourth time the teams from the
Tonkawa institute of Technology, or
the Western University Preparatory
School, located In Tonkawa In the
western part Of the state, and
local preparatory school clash.
Not much is known hero of
record of the Tonkawa school t
with the exception that, as Is
usual Custom of that school, a strong
aggregation has been put In the fii Id
to represent the school, one thai Is
classed well up among the secondary
schools of the state. However, tho
team from the eastern school has the
reputation of being the best coached,
bi st balanced team that has repre
sented the school since its foundation,
and this is manifest when a glance
is B'iven at their record for the pres
ent season.
Defeated nigh Schools.
While the E. r. p. s is a state
school, the opening of the present
season found the football team, owing
to the material available with which
to construct and build up a team, be
ing entirely of the high School age
ami weight, (no! a member of the
team being more than IS years 'f
age) associated with the high school
Class, and from the very first game
demonstrated that they were "leaders
in their class." and throughout the
season, hut one high school team has
been aide to cross their goal line or
Otherwise score on them that being
the Central high school of Muskogee,
which scored one touchdown and
The Preps will go into the name
Thursday with their regular lineup,
whii h Is as follows: Center l'.yw;
risht guard. Sanders; left guard,
Richards; right tackle,- Brown; left
tackle, Bussey; risht end, Lester; left
end. Barrett; right half, Church; left
half, iiause; full. Hall: quarter,
While it is not the intention of
.Coach Fred (Blnk) Capshaw, for
tmerly a star half-back of the Okla
homa University Sooner aggregation,
J to feature any indiv idual stars on the
I team under his Instruction, if cannot
I be denied thai several have developed
during the present season Hause,
left half, has at frequent intervals
during the season electrified tho
spectators by his brilliant and speedy
maneuvers on the field. He is a
j brother of Joe Hause. or "Indian" as
he is called by the followers of the-
tiam with which he is playing this
season the Henry Kendall college at
I Tulsa. Hall the 17-year-old rullback
I of the preps, has also developed into
I the equal of any pigskin toter ever
I appearing on a gridiron in northeast
ern Oklahoma, while the work of Les
ter, Church, Hutchlni and Bussey has
been phenomenal.
Tonkawa Lead-.
in past seasons the Tonkawa and
Claremore state school tc";ns have
met on three occasions, and In each
! tin- western aggregation has been the
I victor, and in the 1915 clash the local
team w ill xcrt every effort to pro
cure for their school an honor that
has heretofore been denied them
that of having defeated the western
record of the E. V P. S ei-en
is as follows:
25. Preps 13. Tahlequah r.
s Preps :l Wagoner n.
IB. Preps 14, Tulsa high 0.
12. Preps 1. Ada normal 24,
29 Preps 13, Bapulpa 0.
5. Preps 101. Haskell A.
in 1 ; 1
M. 0.
12. Preps 1. Muskogee o
19. Preps Til, Nowata o.
the eight games played the
Preps have a total of 2 fi S points to
their credit, while l.ut 37 points
have been made by their opponents,
thirty of these being made by schools
associated in a higher class than that
in which they have hecn classed dur
ing the season, the Northeastern State
and the East Central State normals.
OKLAHOMA I'lTY. Nov. 24. The
sixteenth annual gridiron contest be
tween the University of Oklahoma and
the Oklahoma A. tic M. college elevens
for iln football championship of the
state. Is scheduled to he played Thurs
day afternoon at the state fair park.
Advance statements indicate that the
teams are In almost perfect condition
for the game. Workouts this week at
both Norman, seat of the university,
and Stillwater, home of the Aggies,
have boon li(-'bt, both coaches desisting
to avoid sending into the game sia'e
elevens. Signal drill and perfection
of forward passing and Aden stylo
play have been the order of daily
workouts rather than heavy scrimmage.
DUDLEY 2) inches
NORMAN 2 inche
2 lf M rH. fjjjS, r..Ud. t U.. Ur . Brim

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