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Two Tulsa Men Are hi the
National Capital; Shaw
nee Man There, Too,
Kouowa National Banl
Consolidates With Au
nt her Oklahoma Bank.
WASHINGTON, Jan. 4. Among
the late Oklahoma arrivals in Wash
ington hit II T. Douglaa, Bhawnee;
Will and George K. Reeves of Tulsa.
The voluntary liquidation ol the
Konawa National bank of Konawa,
Okla., la announced by the comp
troller of the currency. W, B. Mc
Kinney of Konawa, acted aa liqui
dating agent The Institution wax
conaoltdated with the Plrst Na
tional Bank ol Konawa, ami the
liability tor circulation to the
am. Mini ol $ lv7.it) has been as
sumed under aectton 6229 of the
revlaed statutes, The voluntary
liquidation Of tli- Keota National
bank i' Keota is also announced,
The liquidating committee was com
posed of R. N. Robtnaon, T, A. l-'i t z -gerald
ami O. H, Bmlth, ail of
Maryln Chriatenaen haa been
named gg rural mail carrier on
route a, running out of Apache,
Okla., and Clyde a. Berraa has been
nunittO to aucoeed Blmer Sample aa
carrier on route A, out Of .Marshall.
The sites of thfl pontoffid B at
Murphy, Mayes county, ami Siiiith-
ville, McCurtain county, Oklahoma,
have b 'en moved eight feel weal ano
21 feel north respectively.
Bpeolal mail Rervice to Pocola, Le
Flo re county, Oklahoma, from Bon
ansa, Ark,, will be discontinued Peb-
1 nary -'!).
Commlaaiona have been hutued to
tin following Oklahoma postmasters
s v. Smith, as acting postmaster it
Cabanlae; Vertie V. Awtroy, as post
ti.i.ster at Greenfield; Edith McOalla-
ter, Kosoma.
The poatofflce at Plagg, Wooda
county, Oklahoma, haa been discon
tinued. Mail for Plagg now joc to
Tegard in,
Service on the new rural mall routi
out ot Wallvllle, Garvin county, "kia
noma, which was to have commenced
January 1, will not begin until
March I.
Mail on the Star mail route hc
tween Blaine and Keota. Okla., will
leave Blaine daily, except Sunday, at
2 p. in., arriving at Keota by .i:45:
leave Keota at 10:30 a. m.; arrive at
Blaine by 1:35 p, m.
Changes in fourth-class Oklahoma
postmasters are announced as follow s:
Kinlock, Marshall COUnty, Zack Wil
liams, vice Edward C. Roberta, re
signed; Rufe, McCurtain county, Mrs.
Minnie A. I'arrott, vice .limes lv
Graham, resinned; Baylor, Haskell
county, Milton B. Bearle, vice James
L, Turner, realgned; Alphaltum,
Jefferaon county, Henderson C, Mc-
Daniel, vice Charles M. HlghtOWer,
resinned; Bastman, Love county, Mrs,
Nely Keller, vice Mathcw X. l"ox, re
sinned; Neodosha, Wagoner county,
Col, B. Pltaer, vice James P. smith
realgned; Band Creek, Grant
Burke C, Payne, vice Mrs.
Muck, resinned.
Battle of ilic American In
i'iint to Be Foughl
( 'online March,
! lal in Tfc World
L Til RIB, Okla.
rlcan baby is to
yea i 1816 to such
pi ple no longer
r Ignore the
in bob j is w
ill h.
I he
101 ret
A 1 1 1 , i i
all the
Jan. I The
he lifted dui ing
prominence t ha ;
Mil bl aide to
tnel that the
ilh more than
and pigs .iml
il'st week ol
ik throughou
ja at c of vi 7,
i.iiNDiin. Jan 3. -By the appointment of Lewla Vernon Harcourl to
succeed Baron Harding as viceroy of India an American woman for the
ocond time, will occupy the position of vleerene of the British colony.
The first American vioerene Of India was Lad) Cufson, formerlj Mary
Letter of Chicago, who married Lord Cureon Lady Curaon died on July
80, 1906.
Mrs Harcourl was formerly Miss Mary Bthel.Burna, eldeal daughter
of the late Walter II limns ot New York. Hei mother waa a sister ol the
late J r Morgan, sin- was married to Mr. Harcourl in iv:i ami haa be
come one of tin. most promlnenl figurea In British official aoclety,
Lewis Vernon Harcourt, who held a place in the cabinet aa flrsl com
mission, r of works, has la-en a liberal mi mber of parliament for the Rose
dale division of Lancashire since it 04, He was secretarj to hlv father,
Sir William Vernon Harcourt, for many years ami refuacd to enter parlia
ment on his own account until hiH father, on, of the ablest statesmen in
Ungland, had n tired from political life. Mr. Harcourl la a great favorite
at i rt.
And as the Slow Hours of Darkness
Flitted by the "Vigilantes" Guarded
v x- gg a tr a 4;. . ...
Their Stars, Jail and the Courthouse
unit v
Congressman W. W. Hastings is
preparing a bill providing for the sale
of the coal and asphalt deposits
underlying the segregated mineral
lands of the Choctaw Nation. Sec
retary of the Interior Lane in his an
nual report urged that some disposi
tion of the mineral underlying the
segregated lands be made hy congress,
It is understood that a hill is also
being prepared at the Indian office to
provide for the sale of the underlying
Choctaw mineral.
World representative dropped
into the i nice of sheriff James Wool
ley about 2 o'clock this morning.
i in ent i m tin door a mass of bed-
clothing was lying on the floor while
the sheriff and five deputy sheriffs
wen keeping watch to see that no
i ne came in who hail nv deelgns on
taking over the sheriff star or tin
Leys to the jail.
All preparations hal been made
lor the guard to take a turn at picket
duty while the list slept peacefully,
A friendly name of cards was su;.r
seated, ami the idea of sleeping van
i In I There was no sleeping for
these watchmen of the night,
A tidy low of Winchester rifles was
lying within eaay reaching distance,
end Bhetlfl Woolley with his broad
brimmed BOmbrero hat pushed tar
l ack on his forehead, sat complacent
ly in his chair and watched the "look
l ilt "
Barllot in the evening the boyi went
. ut on a little si outing expedition and
incidentally stopped at the Frederick
i ..tel. where they loaded up a dray
wagon lull of all varieties of malted
vintages, grape and rye, and arrested
iiit Greenwood, proprietor; Will Kid,
Prank McCoy and . T. Brink. The
quartet v. ere committed to 'he county
Jail and will be arraigned this morn
ing. There la no doubt thai llm Woolley
iht, mis to hold Ins Office. Ills dep
uties are with him and will stick.
They are in deadly earnest, and il in
terfered with they will no) hesitate
! to hold the place at any cost. They
mlli d lust night, but buc't ol II there
was a ring of sincerity tn their voices,
ii Woolley is ousted it won't bt with-
I out a fight.
The sheriff was much amused ye
terday ovei a poem written ttboul him
aim sent in mm nv a irien.t. IS, San
dera of Weal Tulsa, it foil iwa:
I'll,- Sheriff,
Here's ti Jim Woolley, on., man i
Win n i hey Bay he Is .-rooked, 1 say
the. are liars.
He's destroyed more booce, In the
year tie's been iii.
Than all ot the rest could destroy
III tl I).
Just look at tin wins!;', ti,,. brandy
and beer,
lie poured In the Arkansas river last
! v mi then me the gambling devices
as well,
I lie's burned up enough to make a
mall he 1!
I JUSl go to it Woolley. don't (liv e up
the ship.
It's only the bootlegger losing his
Just no rlghl along, help yourself to
the wine,
I It's onl) the scandal pups that Whine!
Patent! were issued here tins week
to the following Oklahomans: Wll-
berl 1 Drutnmond, Muskogee, har
row; William Oethmann, Oklahoma
city, level; Daniel (;. Lamb, Holden-
vllle, (helving; Amanda J. McKee,
Bnld, toilet paper bracket; Charlea P.
Mock, Quintan, match llnhter; Daniel
c,. Pugnley, Halleyvllle, lock; Blmer
B. Shaffer, Tulsa, homsocket for oil
and gas wells; also method and ap
paratus for drilling nil and gas wells;
Ariel E. Bwaim, Osage, machine for
truing atanding-valve packing rinns;
J. Clifford Taylor and others, ISoyd,
(trade indicator.
AU-Around Superioril y
Blamed for I efea1 oi
the Favorites.
All-round superiority enabled tin
Arcade howlers to defeat a picked
S. M. C, A. team at the Arcade alley
last night Almost every man on tile
Arcade team had an advantage over
the y-men, ami the total scores were
2,518 to 1,208, The Arcade took
every game, hut the association men
slink to the last strike, and thru,!
tned to come from behind at all
Banford of the Arcaders roiled the
high average ami high score of ttu
evening, being 178 and lio respective-
ly. Following are the mi minus of the
V. M. C, A. team; Abbott, Friend,
Hurt, Holing, Wicnecke. The Arcuih
was represented hy M. Q, ("line, I'll
i her, Gillette, Swing ami Banford,
The names last night Jo not decide
the match between the two organisa
tions, Its a return contest will be
played next week on the "Y" ullevs.
The total scores will then lie added
and the winner determined. The next
name ot the Arcade will he with Mui,
kogee tomorrow night and will be
played In Muskogee.
family f six liiirn.
KOIffB, Idaho, Jan. 4. Arch Bck
eisall, his wife and four children
were burned to death in a fire which
destroyed their home at Salmon,
Idaho, on January 1, It was learned
today. The victims were asleep when
the fire started.
TliankaRtvIng Bird Can Trace n--Inccstry
Far Hack.
No. you haven't sat down to a dodo
dinner: that is. not unless you are a
Mauritian 228 years old.
Don't lie humiliated on that ac
count, however JTOU have eaten nil
descendant many times, if Dr. T.
Ahmatead Savage, K. It. o. s., is right.
Yes, sir, turkey, the traditional bird
of America, is not American, the is
plorer aaya. The great "Thangaklving
bird" has nothing of which to be
proud m his ancestry; he comes from
the dodo, the most foolish and in
sane bird that ever laid an egg.
Maybe ilie bird won't taste so Well
after this, hut the chances ate you
will forget all about the uglyVdoda
when the holiday carwng begins.
Doctor Savage of Melbourne, Aus
tralia, is not alone in his connection
of the turkey with the dodo, in Dins
Sir Ha iiion (.estrange told of seeing
B great lord on exhibition in Lon
don side show and that it was "some
what binn-'f than the largest turkey
cock and so legged and footed, but
shorter and thicker."
Doctor Saam a'so attempts to
trace the turkey's antecedents t,i the
tnoa, the extinct bird of New Zealand,
which resembled the dodo in many
pa r t ten lai s. The Encyclopedia Hri
tanntca says in describing the an
cient bird: "Some were of truly
colossal dimensions, comparatively
speaking, for they were sometimes 12
feel in height."
For ten years the doctor, who Is
noted for his explorations in Mada
gast ar, has been looking up the line
age of the turkey. In carrying on
this work he hits been ably assisted
by his wife. Mrs. Lola Savage. They
have traveled all around the world In
making their investigations.
Doctor Savage and Ids wife re
mained in China almost a year study
ing birds and fowl there with rela
tion to a possible connection with the
turkey tribe. Then they went to the
Island of Borneo, to Japan, and fin
ally came to this country. Here they
observed farmyard turkeys for sev
eral months, and finally went to the
American Museum "f Natural His
tory In New York, where they com
pleted their ask.
tine of the greatest aids to Doctor
Savage at the American museum
were two figures of the dodo, a bird
which became extinct 2.10 years ago
and Is generally believed to have been
a myth, although science litis proved
beyoBd a doubt thai it existed on the
Island of Mauritius and was one of
the silliest blrdl that ever drew
breath through a hill. The dodo, ac
cording to Doctor Savage, was the
great-great-great -grandmother of our
American turkey. Chicago Herald.
NEW YttliK, Jan. 1 William
Jennings Bryan vigorously protested
today anainsl the law of New York
state, because in was required to
come heie at his own expense and
give testimony in a suit for libel.
"I am here under duress," declared
Mr. Bryan, "because it Is the only
way I can avoid contempt proceed
ings." Mr. Bryan was examined in an ac
tion brought against a Greek news
paper He was questioned concern
ing the sale by the United States to
Greece of the old battleships Idaho
and Mississippi, hut said lie knew
nothing of the details, He denied
that he nave any secrets of gunfire
control to the Qreek government
King Peter to Personal!) Preside Over
the Reconstruction,
PARIS, Jan. 8.- (9:66 p. n. King
Peter of Serbia, who is slaving at tie
Serbian consulate in BaloniKl, is x
pected to preside over tiie rn-orgar-Isation
oi the Serbian aimv. according
to a Balonlkl dispatch to tin Havai
News agency, tiled January - Thi
army is gradually being assembled at
Balonlkl according to the dispatch,
groups of from two hundred to four
men eacn arriving from tin e to lime.
"It is tepoited that king Nicholas
of Montenegro also will come to
Balonlkl," says die dispatch.
hoi si h au, cuttl,
n the land. The
will be nab) We
I he I mil d St i s
The i n n eii states department ofl
lahoi . t b gh us chlldn n't bui eau
ii- ( uahlngton, D c . has thrown ofl
Is coal and i olb d up its sleeves to I
light ti battle oi the Am, i lean babs
the neglected, abused American I
bub Infant mortality In the Unite i 1
Stales or in any other COU.ltry i.- duel
largelj to Ignorance oi how to gai
guard the health of babies There
HCBI i civ a mot her in 'he land vv ho
doubts that she knows I uv to ca.-
loi her baby. Unhappily, affection lb
too often i"i m It ted to take the place
' Intelligence m matters ot hygiene
Ferhaps the most remarkable tribute
i' ihe huaklneaa and natural strength
o' ihe American baby la ids smviv..i
Of the dangers with w hich indulgei I
parents surround him h
take to think i, al onl. til
Ih'il live in surroundings
a re he ones I hat die.
special Bullet Inn,
The federal children's hit
prepared a special bulletin of prac
tical suggestions lor baby week cam
pnlgna, adapted to the varying needs
ol . immunltlea ot different types,
copies of this bulletin will be aenl
flee to niv person upon their wilting
to the Federal Chlldron'a bureau,
Washington. i r. Plus booklet
hould prove valuable in e irj h tUBi - !
hold, and serve as an excellent guide
to mot hota in tiie care of their i hil-1
di en,
The federal bureau believes that
l.uby week will give m ne parents i
chance to learn the accepted pr'nei
phs ol Infant care, and ,vlll awaken
every American to hD responaitiUlt)
h i the deaths of three thousand
babies who die every year in the
Fnlted Slates before they are three
months old,
The baby week Idea was first s ig
gested ill Chicago about two years j
ago. Then New York, Pittsburgh
and other cities look up the cause. I
result! have been productive of
widespread good Hint the gen-
Federation of Women s clubsl
undertaken to promote this no- ;
wide observance of baby week I
Mai eh. State Health offlciult
national organizations interested
in public health and child welfare I
are freely lending their aslsatancc. I
The extension divisions of state mil- ,
versitlea will give special assistance
in rural communities.
More than four hundred communi
ties, embracing every state in the
union, are planning for the observ
ance of baby week In order that dur- I
ing those seven davs the needs of the
babies may be so presented that all
Ho parents in those communities
will barn a little better how to can
for their babies. It Is confidently be
lieved by those who are Interested in
this nation-wide baby week that the
remainder of the year will be marked
by strengthening of all community
activities for saving babies' lives and
giving them a better chance to grow
to a healths maturity
The Oklahoma state board Ol
health feels deeply the need of such
work in this state A whole year de
voted to the welfare of Oklahoma
babies Is something- that should ap
peal to the heart of every parent.
Little can be done, however, merely
by thinking, This work requirea that
people should assemble and discuss
the many questions involved Are the
bablea of Oklahoma worth this ef
fort'.' From the babies of Oklahoma
will be assembled the men and
women upon whom the future welfare
of the slate will depend. Every baby
in Oklahoma should be a health)
baby. A weak baby. If It survives,
often results in a weak adult Weak
adults are not the best citizens, for
they are unable to bear their share
of the burdens of life. C.lve the babies
of Oklahoma a better chance to be
come strong, healthy babies.
era I
Several Hurl in Wreck.
ENGLISH, Ind., Jan. I Two en-
if i n i mi' o vv .I,, sei'iooslv in j 1 1 ri il :i ti 1 1 a
I number of passengers slightly hurt
late today whei. passenger tram No.
2.1 on the Southern railway strip k a
large stone thn. lodged on 111" Hack
In n landslide two miles west of Kng
llsh. Tiie train was bound from St.
lands to Louisville, Engineer Thomas
Nelson and Fireman s'ummcrs, both
of New Albany, Ind., suffered In
juries that tuny prove fatal.
Han- Negroes Right as Jurors?
1 WASHINGTON, Jan. 4. The su
preme court was asked today to pass
on Ihe question of whether the failure
in southern slates to select negroes
for jury duty Is denial to negroes ac
cused of crime of the equal protection
of the law. Counsel for Robert
Kitchen, a negro sentenced to be
banned In Washington county,
Georgia, for the murder of Henry
Brantley, a white man, filed a brief
! declaring that the federal district
court in southern Georgia erred in re
fusing to release Kitchen after con
viction on a writ of habeas corpus.
The brief contended that the failure
to have negroes on t h grand and
petit juries which passed on Kitchen's
;c.ise deprived t tic trial court of juris-
wir. ie-- Apparatus on Barges,
NEW SfORK, Jan. 4. Wireless
I lib graph apparatus Is to t9 Installed
j.n .Iii freight barges that shortly an
II. oe pill III sei v lee oil Hie .w 1 SSI SSI p p 1
tiver, according to an announcement
made here today by the Marconi com
pany. The fleet of barges, each of which
will be of i.mo tons, will ply between
Minneapolis and New Orleans in con -petition
with the railroad service
'I heir w ireless equipment Will he used
In keeping shippers advised of market
conditions and directing the trans
shipment of cargoes to take advantage
.a favorable developments. The in
land Navigation company of this city
is back oi the project.
"Rather weird picture pbiv we saw
Inst night, eh? How do tin y manage
to stage that outlandish stuff?"
"Why, hubby, we went to no picture
"I 'ii, 1 sea, i had a nightmare."
n Observant Editor,
Running a newspaper is Just like
a hotel, only different. When a man
noes Into a hotel and finds some
thing on the table whirh does not
suit Mm, he does not raise hades
with the landlord and tell him to
stop his old hotel. Well, hardly He
sets that dish to one side and wades
into the ninny dishes that suit him.
It Is different with some newspaper
renders Hncky Mountain House
iAIK ) Hulde.
The Reaper,
"Did anybody out this way make
any money out of fruit last year?"
"Yep." replied Farmer Corntossel.
"The man that runs the store. He
bought a lot of it already canned an
Bold it to us agriculturists" Wash
ington Htar.
Americans Held Prisoners,
BL PASO, Jan. 4. A letter re
ceived here today from an American
mining mnn in the Guerrero district
of western Chihuahua said five
Americans were imprisoned four days
without fond by Francisco Villa and
he was prevailed upon to spare their
lives only nfter they were before the
firing Squads. They were then taken
l a k to prison and released after Villa
had left the place a few days later,
the letter said. Villa then had hut
sixty followers, all well armed and
supplied with provisions, according to
the lettor.
Take Inventory ol
IIom ili nil size iii '.
Arc uii wiii ih more, ;i better, bigger man than you were a
year ano
Have you grasped your opportunities, i have yen negleeted
them I
What ' iui' stock in i rade '.
Mentalh eal yourself upon the earpet, give yourself an im
partial judgment.
If nii have retrograded, pull yourself up sharp.
If nii have been standing still, "gel a move on."
It' nii have progressed hut slowly, increase your efforts.
Organize yourself in run on a larger scale, more efficiently
managed, for the coming year.
Don 'I dwell on the past, but
Capitalize the Future
Our Christmas Savings 1uh plan will enable you to accom
plish this easily. If you wish to accumulate a large capital all
g I and well if you can accumulate lv small sums only, the
opportunity awaits you. As we have repeatedly said our clllb
meets the wants of all classes and conditions.
Take advantage of these oppoi
closing day draw a near.
les Willie VOU ma v. lie
1e!3 your WanlsQ
mm H m Whenever, whoever you wish to hire, n
fflf jMEb Word your tvants over the "Classified" wire.
' jj 'y
Missouri i i 1 1 1 1 Pays.
COLUMBIA, Mo., .tan. 4. Football
at the I'nlverslty of Missouri for the
1111 1 season netted a profit of
$1,191.71, acording to a report issued
today by 0. I.. Hrewer, director of
athlstlcfl at the university. This is
said to he the largest profit since the
I . utOil of 1912. The gross receipts
for the season were $ i v.
Refuse to Quash Indictment,
CORPUS CHRIBTI, Jan. 4. A plea
in abatement was overruled here to
day tn federal court In Hi a case of
County Judge Walter P, Timoii,
charged with conspiracy ti defraud
the I'nitcd Slates in an election in this
(Nuecesi county. The Indictment
was attacked on the ground that three
Unauthorised persons were in the
room when the grand jury was hear
ing evidence upon which the Indict
ment of Judge Ttmon was bused.
Judge Waller T. Hums. In over
ruling the plea, stated it should have
been entered at the time of Judge
Union's arraignment, September 2
The trial, hy agreement of coun
sel, was postponed to tho May term
of court.
Isn't Huh Cute?
W'lfc One afternoon I win at
bridge and the next I lose. Hub
Then why not play every other after
noon? Boston Transcript.
Only the Lowbfow Banned,
"Guard, is any osculation allowed
In this park?" "Oh, yes. sir. Mod
anything allowed 'cept spoonin' and
biggin " iiiltimore Aiueiican.
Justifies Act by Pointing
to Enemy Crimes
(Continued from 1'age One. )
Tcjtai ill Plant Burns.
BIRMINGHAM, Ala., Jan. 4. Fire
early tonight destroyed the plant of i
Ihe Texas ll company at North
IllriTiitiL'biiiii eausttiL' :i loss estimated'
at 13(0,000. Fourteen tanks of oil
and gasoline, containing twenty thou
sand gallons each. burned. The
cause of the fire has not been deter- f Ulpm wmle u W(,,0 ,( ,nag ,
"'x. the water.
Csar of Macedonia,
VIENNA, via London, Jan. .". (1:16
a. in.) Political circles In Sofia re
ports that King Ferdinand of Bul
garia Intends, after the orthodox
Christmas holidays, to proclaim him
self czar of Macedonia and lie
crowned In the old royal city of
Students Make Much Money.
CHICAGO, Jan. 4. University of
Chicago students during HH 5 earned
llOf.ftSi according to figures made
public today by the bureau of student
employment. This sum is ciiial to
half the tuition fees received by the
university. Student waiters earned
the most. 423,333.
Rent your roomi T!m World Wunt
I Ad way save time and worry.
LONDON, Jan, 5. (:i a. m I The
I Dally News In an editorial today
i pointing out what it terms inconsis
tencies in the Baralong evidence as
It is possible, even probable, thai sea
warfare since the sinking of ihe Lost
tanla and the Arabic has assumed a
degree of savagery which formerly
was inconceivaoie.
"The Germans," Bays the Pally
News, "have torn up kindly sea tra
ditions and It is Idle to expect that
their example should be wholly un
OOntagtoUS. When the war is end. it
it will be f the most urgent and
difficult tasks of civilization tn re-
establish them.
so rar as me i.eriu.in protest H
concerned. Sir Kdward llrey's half
Ironical offer to submit all oases to
an Impartial tribunal is a fair enough
i -ply.'

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