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Tulsa daily world. [volume] (Tulsa, Indian Territory [Okla.]) 1905-1919, January 06, 1916, MORNING EDITION, Image 8

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ociety News
Specials for Today
at Vandever's January Cash Clearing Sale
I'll Mi K
4 1 I
How John
Quit Drinking
Cm i f
"' 1 ,, ,
lit ft n rllp IhM W tt f'uii'l
(I . , ,, i,.. h'.ii eel w la
In ktrd ts b ii t li " U 14
mill publlik '' tad irri ii vlhan beaeflt
ii , i, .ii.- if nfltrfi, mbi ! ''
will Red pttblllktll
i adatitd if
i BOI 1 HI UAliiiK'IT
ill. .1
ill , n. in
I., i illllliii 1
Conln Nolliiiifi f Try.
(iuliltft 'I t i 1 ) d Tugti-lo"!!
Any futlr (11) Ulvt- It Nnmlly al
M'MHN Hi 'I " I 0lffl "I I '-'"I
lice Trial Pac age Coupon
it ,( w (Jninyanif
Vixr, (U"n It I' I k '"" "in .11 iii.i.
H.iil to Cup On. Boi .urn' Solid
Crust All Over, rook Hair All
Out. Awful to Behold,
M i Itftli) I if I III Mo prtmiW i iuiti ..inn
IMI tiiM In .A lt WiiIlM - it'd 'mill lliit
Ilium I WOUM ' "'ii' Kllil I hit. IIMMttl Ui M't
. . . !'l 1I..IH I llft'l l I'ut
a ' Al ii ht t in .il l it
It i ' tut f in m I ul ll
ii. u II. i 1 I mm una
hi Tltf i ut would
tli nut i Iimi i unit
ufT nint tin h nw fit)
to Iwhuld
" Nut liiiii w until 1 1 1 1 1 i ml It I Ml fur it
umi ( i uii. m i "it mi l oitiimimi
I BM'lirtHl tUIIW llltH Ami li n Hunt niii full
In it raku ( ullritrA ..nl tun .(
CNnintMii bwiUni u HkmmI Mn m k.
Onuil, WM N t (ti.iihiA Jul) j, nurt
Sample I .1 li l Wv bj Moll
With uv Skin Boot on raqiMHl i -
dfM pOtl . nil "I itilt inn, l. I, !!.
If"' MtW tliu;(unil Uw nl. I
r...in .. nketch ihowi pretty afternoon frock -if navi blue chiffon nml
it Th i .ii r uhtnon I" nthortd Intn t; ii nl in fi i in icml
' 1 1 i i r .i tlrdli df tAffita mtd M'Kt inn! bdIIai nl mi., i llmiie tnd
i i I'll. kiM onm u ..r thr ottlffon flounoM cul m noli ! mn; verj full,
i i. h n. ...I . ii bordirvd with urfciu imnri hai ul lurk liluo vulval worn
with tiii. la i rim mad in . douMa rmha of hIImt Ikoi hald in plaaa by a
bainl nf fur
. sell Thursdaj Ibowanda of Remoanta in Silk. Wool Dreaa Goods, Wash
.' Go U, Gingham, Percales, Outings. Muslin, Curtain Nets, Laces, Ern-
- most all now frf-.sh Remnants from tl
it one-half regular price.
2 c
ladies1 Jfeck
trear, values 50c
;!,ii up. Your
a li '1 c li '1 s i li
Ladies' 1 n i f n
Suits, regular
.ii.;. o to $3.50
values. Special
Thursday, per
5 dozen extra
nice quality of
Ladies' Shirt
Waists in .-ilk
crepe and messa
line, regular
and $4.50 values.
Special Thurs-
'liti"?i to all it-ins advertised in Sunday and Monday
Prnch cream mai)
it ajinoat tnfaada, uh
a lad itigki 'ni t i
i..'-r li ri'il Htir Al
pi tinea ara iffed 1 1
I wl
I ud
nl ii .mn I-
oi l it raranteli put i t nf a
nd of (rated unawaataned choco
Into i pan alth 4 ouncea of but"
pound nf brown miHur, i up
aaaea. 'a up oreant ami '-a t-a-rn
, an II la Cook until l,nttl-
i r t cold aralar, than
nf chopped nut meatii
kifnl Of mix' 'I
i i
nf one
i.. ...mul ii .1111 anil,
make oifoanul cream candy
in :i aaucepan two lablaapaona
,1.1 i n ii into t hat one. half
illl and oni half cup aufar.
ti, H boll and i ook I - mlnutaa.
careful to eee it i...-m not icorch.
t.i tht bat i ..f t he ftr-. add one.
..f :i cup of ihreddad cocoanul
i freah cot ounut, onehalf ti'-
,'anllln and beal until tin. mix
a i am Pour or drop by
fniH mi butti ii 'i pan
mul N ul IXMf,
liollod maahad carrota.
li in att n 'hk. li c -. 1 1
iitH, l finely minced
i ii butter, melted, 'i
,i daah of pepper, and
...I crumb in make n nt irr mixinn'
aboul i cup IToi in into I i":i f.
ke In :i ireaaed pan In i in.t oven
ii .in hour, and aarva imt nii to.
u table
in adit,
amllcd Kwod Potato,
To i" cupa auiiar add i cup water
and boll until it ayrupa, the aame h
fm preaervea, then remove from the
fir .""i atli in i heaping tableapoon
i,.iH. i mice boiled aweet potatoea
.ui., .i i, ui i. i nl baklna pan ol the
proper alae. pour tii' ayrup over them
in alinoal cover, pul extra i.iim if init
ii i aboul mi top of them. IuihiIhk oo
, Innall) by tilting the pan and dip
inn,: up eome of Mi'. Ini'iiil Be care
i ui nol in It t i ha top gel . i r v . Berve
hoi in iln- pan in u tin li it iiiiKi il.
hiMtilatc I 'udge,
iii you kindly nin. mo a recipe
i.. i i i,i. "i ll., fudge U C. M . Mi -I'ln
i aun, Kan,
Three cupfula of Ugh) brown augar, I
Rciuare of chocolate. cupful of
now milk, 'a taaapoonful f cream nf
i, ii, i took in n granite pan until
ii iin, ada; add i lump "f butter I ha
i of a walnut, and whan lhorough-
i mixed remove from the fire, add a
i.ii.i' i nfni nf Rweel cream and a
, i .... .ii 1 1 1 1 of vanilla and beal till it
i " 1. 1 1 , s to ihi, k. n Pour into shallow
buttered pane and when naarlj cold
. ui lulu iquarea.
lieetnui DreaMtng
i'i. i 0 or DO ii ii t h. blanch by put"
ling m boiling water until tin' aklna
i ii i hon remoi between thumb
and forefinger. I'm tha nntN in boll"
Ing water and cook tender. Drain umi
chop fm'' ICmpty two nutrrow bonaa,
ni tha marrow In mm. ill pleeei umi
mix iiii tin' nntN Be aeon wild huh
and pepper, molaten allghtly with
W l i . i in or good inlll. ami fill I liii
turkey, taking ran. not to praai ( ti
dreaaing In too oloaely,
t liil,- .mil Hoi rnniali-
Pleaae prlnta recipe fur chile and
hoi tamalea C ' it. Payette, kto.
To make chile illca and frv out
' i ml of freah auel in a uirkt kii-
:. .mi .ui. i i allced onion ami l
pound of round iteak thai hex been
ground in i he f i chopper, After
i. ng i fen mlnutea m tin. iuel add
i Rmall can nf lomatoea umi lot cool
ii.. i .. few i ii t ii ii t 'h before adding
:: cupa of kldnej beana, which have
i n il kad salt t taate, than
(mi in a tableapoon of child powder
and i rIowIj ill together 10 mln
ii.. i i. ilea ii- a mixture nf meal
in- fowl made hoi with chtlei ami
wrapped m corn huaka, For th
wrapping oui off tin' Inatde leavea nf
ihn corn huaka alioul an Inch frmn
the stalk .-ml ami I. ml in clir WHtiT
until perfectl) lean Tear u f. in
nui i 'iw nl 1 1 1 'v in an for tvliiR tln
tndai drj tin real ami rub them nvnr
with a Cloth dipped In Imt I. ml Thn
recipe followi Ilea equal i mint 1 1 loa
nf ml. i boiled chicken ami veal, ami
half as inUOh ban, all , hopped. Mix
together ami molaten with amid
aiwv) Baaann With nalt, . n nie and
Corset Stock Must be Sold
as We Need the Space
lli.(Mj values
$5.00 values
now . .
$4.00 values
$3.00 values
$2.00 values
$1.50 values
$1.00 values
Misses' ( lorsets
j) Brassieres, Toe value
All our Millinery is Half Price Evening Dresses, Half
Price Serge and Silk Dresses, Half Price Suits,
Half Price All our Heavy Coats, Half Price White
Furs, Half Price.
Pollack's Toggery
217 South Main Street
a little ' hopped paraley. Make a
dough I':, pouring a nipful nf bulling
water on a quart "f Ine freah corn
meal; wik In u Iiib lump of butter
and add water until i i k . blacult
dough Have ready, aa directed, a
ihi.. of the aofl Inner leavea of buakl
of green corn. Take a lump of dough
aboul the alxe "f an egg; pat it out
flat, pul a lableapoonful nf tin- meat
mi it and roll for the Inner husk.
Tht n i"'t on the outer imskn with a
thin piece of dough In each. Tic the
in. Is ami bull In uatrr contalliitiR u
frw red peppara and clove of garlic.
CoffCe Cuke.
Take l cup butter, i cup augar, 4
cupa flour, i cup dark cola ooffee. t
i-HKH, i nutmeg or i teaapoon of
ground nutmeg, 1 toaapoon olovea, t
teaapoon aoda Rifted through the
flour, i cup molaaaee, i pound ralatm
aeeded. i cup curranta and )t pound
dried oltron out Into fmt pieces Hake
lowly Mra D. C Mitchell
CIcana Tmrnlnhcd Silver,
There Is no need for the housewife
to buy ipeeial compound! or polishes
to clean taitilsheil silver. says the
home economic department of the
Nebraska Agrli'tllttirRl ,'nlle;e. With
ii piece of nine she ran i" the work
lust as wall and DlUOh more rheaply.
The blaokenlng of silver is due to the
formation nf a I'oinpound with sul
phur This compound may bo broken
up by an eleetrolytlc currant pro
duced In the follonlnfc manner In
a Vaaael larae en to hold the
allver to be cleaned place a strip or
pleoe of zltu' gbOUl the size Of g per-
gon'g hami Add Buffloleni hot water
to oovrr tht sliver To each nuart of
unti l add aboul a teaapoonful of aall
An equal amount of aoda is aomatlnaa
added, bill I not nei'essufy fold or
wsrin water may be used, but the ac
ttnn of told water Is alowcr. Immeree
Opening, January Sixth, Seventh and Eighth
Third Floor Friend-Jones Building
(Office Formerly Occupied by Tulsa Business College)
OPENING Hot Its, ii v. if, TO 5 p. m.
i he silver to be Cleaned. It may be
convenient to place it in a wire
b&aket. ITnleaa the allver ia badly
darkened, the nns will disappear In
minute or two, when the, silver
should be rinsed and dried.
Gooae stuff inn.
Pour ups hot maahad potatoea, 2
teaspoons onion Juice, Uj teaspoon
pepper, l teaspoon salt, 2 table
spoons butler, volka of 2 cicks, 1-t cup
cream, 1 tablespoon parsley. Mix
onion Juice, pepper, parsley and but
ter with potato; ndd the cream to tho
bag tan yolkl gnd mix them with the
potato, add chopped parsley.
n ut Candy,
Th native walnuts, hickory huts,
peoant and hazel nuts are Just as fine
for candy as any of tho expensive
nuts, like almonds and Kngllsb wal
nuts. Of course candled nuts keep
Indefinitely and Micro Is only one se
cret about preparing thetn; that ia.
keep the syrup clear and white. Uoll
In an enHinrlware saucepan to get
the beet icsulta and uae sugar and
water in the proportion of 1 cup of
sugar to 1 cup of water. After the
syrup has come to a boll test fre
quently by dropping part of a tea-
1 i In cold water. Remove It as
soon as it brittle. Further boiling
will make It granulate. On a shallow
tray spread a sheet of paraffined
paper, place the nuts on this, cover
each one with tho syrup and put all
away In a cool dark place to burden
If they must be kept conic time wrap
each pieco in a suuure of paraffin
Carrol Podding,
To 1 cup boiled finely mashed par
rots add 2 well-ocaten curb 1-t cup
BUgnr, t teaa n each ( cinnamon
and united nutmeg, 1-4 teaspoon salt
and If cup each of milk and cream.
Mix well, pour Into a pudding dish
and bake about half an hour In a hot
oven Insert a silver knife Into tho
pudding, If untiling adheres to tho
knife the pudding is done. Serve
cold with sweetened and flavored
whipped cream.

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