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r jiiul Wanner
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lr Vl2 v vv y cj
First Edition
vol. xi, NO. ty
9 1
The Govenimenl Detectives
Gather Evidence for
Federal ( rrand Jury.
Elenrings Before Senate
'ommittee t 1 -u i " ;'
uraav ivn
Skiing Hanks With Skating as Popular
Sport oi Winter, But Not in Oklahoma
( i jy JOHN W. FLENNER.)
WASHINGTON, Jan. i. -Hearings
before the Ben
ate Indian committee are
scheduled to begin Saturday
lit in o'clock on the Hiver reso
lution requesting Secretary Lane
to make u disposition of the
Oaage lease holdings "t the
Barnsdall oil companj pending
further action by congress, and
it is anticipated thai the resolu
tion will be promptly reported
back to the senate for action.
Members i' the Osage council
conferred with Secretary Lane
for t ; hours this afternoon over
oil and gas leasing question and
tonighl they were guests !' In
dian Commissioner Sells at Ids
There i a rumor in circulation
thai t1fe federal grand jury,
which convened here today, may
In' asked tn return conspiracy
indictments againsl certain per
sona alleged to be attempting i
obstruct government officials in
discharge of their duty in bring
ing about settlement of the
Osage leasing question.
It is understood that govern
ment sleuths have been actively
trailing certain persons who are
said in exerl an influence over
the Osage council. While not
sworn to Becrecy, as was the case
last June, the Osages have been
cautioned again! divulging what
transpires at their conferences
with department officials,
Bpn Id to The World,
Osage oil and gas sublessees in
one liist and final effort to stave off
defeat for their pet plans have carried
their finiit t r 1 1 the halla of oongreu
an, although this congreas will have
its hands full handling the delicate
fun iKii situation and the troublesome
preparedness program, to say nothing
of making political capital, it is evi
dent that mure than passing attention
will be puiii to the fight a few of the
big sublessees are making to retain
possession of thousand! of acres of
valuable oil and nus, lands in the
( isage nation In Oklahoma.
To date the sublessees have been fle-
( Continued on Page Twelve.
s i k COTTOJi B T A T STIC8.
Director Roberts ami Representative
Heflln Work Together.
WASHINGTON, Jan, 6.. Director
Roberta of the census boreau told
Representative Heflln of Alabama
todaj that he would co-operate with
him on his bill to require the census
bureau to gather ami puhlish addi
tional statistics of cotton consumed.
The bill Includes cotton used in mak
ing gunpowder and explosive shells
and besides thai used for spinning
purposes ii will account for cotton
used for ev ry other purposi .
Dlrectot Roberts said he would
have all the detailed Information
neeessarv as to the COSt and other
details of the proposed plan in a few
days and that when the law is
amended it should read "cotton con
sumed In cotton mills and in all other
manufacturing establishments."
Will Cripple Trade With Japan;
Place Large imerlnn Order,
WASHINGTON, .Ian. t, Chinese
cotton manufacturers with govern
ment aid, have made far-reaching
plans to wrest from the Japanese
their heavy trade in COttotl gOOOS and
yarns in China, according to infor
mation reaching official circles here,
china, the largest market for cot
ton goods in the world, long has
been supplied chiefly by Japan and
The Chinese government has just
Subscribed forty per cent of the cap
ital to lie invested in two cotton mills
at Shanghai and Tien Tsin. $70(1.000
worth of machinery for which has
been ordered from American manu
facturers through an agent of the
foreign and domestic commerce hn-
itli Congress
Governor Convokes I nl 1 1 1
w i iii .l.i nuon 1 7 Pot
Thirty Days.
W'illiiiins S;t s I
Hi- Pa1 riot it
Special lo Tilt World.
OKI. aih i.i CITY, Jan 8 Gov
evetlil sued his call tor the speciul session
i of i he legislature,
it will be convened Januar) it. a
I date which for the post several days
knowing ones s-. , . I had been selected
for the legislators to gel together,
The governor embodies the call in
I a special letter which he has issued
to every member of the legislature, in
which he savs:
"I have this daj issued the follow
ing proclamation convoking the tegls-
session at '.'
January IT,
Mel at noon.
Senator Met 'umber asked for
Igal Ion of chargi h t hut an Men
Secreturj Clarrlsoi (lined army
Murks I mi f I he Years i Demo-
rain Reign; RepilllllcailS lo
in (he I elle.
IIOIJJ I l) l; o IE ,((.
HIS! Wit III I I'lli WW
Rpsrlsl m The World
was niied $80, and released, I
Davis win arrested a fe .lays
ai kan i .in! held until Constable i
C ro well at rived today to take the I 1 1 nno ana inj i j , l'
prlMonei hack to Arkansas A , 1 HM I I' llflll ( t IISiTljit HU
isi.itde from Texarkunn was I I . ,., . . . . . . , ,
I received the mones I I Willie (o.i.UUl) VOte
NAPONAOK N. Y., Jan. 6, Skiing down tl'il snow.clad hills mar here
lias become as popular as skating over the glassy BUrf&Cfe of the lakes .Many
oi the winter colonists have become proficient In the art of using the long
implements oi snow travel i the Swiss and the Scandinavians In Europe.
Widen Area of Territory
Occupied Within the
Lasl Pew Oavs.
Oklahoma City Leaders
Gratified ;it Spirit
Shown li Tulsan.
lalure in eMiaonlinars
o'clock Moiulav iiiorhin
1916, to-wit:
"By virtue of authority vested in me
by section T of article of tin- con
stitution oi the siaie oi Uklanoina, I
do hereby convoke the legislature of
said state in extraordinary session at
' iklahoma City at t o'i lock on Mon
day morning. January it, 1916, no
subject to be acted upon al said bos
I ilon except such as inay be recom
mended for consideration by governor
of the state."
(Sttriotlc Duty."
I Only such questions as affect the
state general!) and demand linpor
itant consideration and cannot reason-
ably be delayed until the regular ses
sion in 1917, will be submitted for
"I am convening this session from
a sense of public due. and no) from
a personal inclination," says I he gov-
I ernor In ihe letter to the niombrs of
the legist it lire. "In my official re-
hi I lulls with every member of the
legislature the same shall lie in a
patriotic efforl to bring nboul the
best results for the state. This ses
sion should no) extend beyond thirty
days ami nothing can l,e done more
I to establish the legislative department
I In the confidence of the people of the
state than by closing this session
i within thirty days."
Mnjorlt) i aoie,t it,
Immediate!) after he had issued the
call for the special session, Oover
i nor Williams, for the first time since
he naej asxea opinions rrom members
I B( BT( IN, Jan 6. PI vi years of
! todaj of Samuel W Mci ' ill. Itepubil-
j tO I e Ise I lie si. lie , olls lii, nll'l
I urged ih.it the cost of administration
be reduced b) doing nwa) with many
HAVEN GRAFTERS' labor members
K'nad's Directoi'H Endeavor
to Make ( Tiarles Mellen
1 lie "t roat."
Charles W. Knapp Dii
Suddenly Yesterdav of
FTeaH Failure.
( lovernnie
I Which
( 'loses asc
as Been in
i for Mniitlis.
irector of the Associated
Press; St. Louis Jour
nal isl for Ye;iis.
Vork Times
publisher of
Huge Reinforcenieuts Being
Rushed to the Czemo
witz District.
L ND( i.. Jan. . i 10:18 i m,
The area of Russian successes over
the Austin German forces In the east
continues to widen. Although the' sit
uation around Csemowits has not yet
been cleared up officially, it appears
from advices from Russian sources
thai the Austrlana are hard pressed
over a long line of defense and are
throwing huge reinforcements Into
the district. The Russians here are
expected to strike at the Kolomea-Stanislau-l'iilicz
line, where powerful
defensive works have been In prep
aration for some time by the Austro
Germans, Meanwhile the Russian position 150
miles further north on the middle
Btyr rive.,- has been greatly strength
ened by successful operations ill the
region of the meat marshes, where
(Continued on Page Two.)
Republicans were gratified today
at the announcement from Tulsa that
Harr) P, Sinclair of that city has
not onlj yielded to the demands from
all over the stale that he become i
candidate for national committee
man, but had decided to make a per
sonal tour of all the congressional
There is a feeling here that Sine-lair
is the real man for the place
and thai he will not on I) prove an
exceptionally able committeeman to
represent Oklahoma, but will be val
uable In bringing about the "new
deal" in Republican politics thai the
people have been so i iu clamoring
II is stated on good authority that
Prank Northrup, for years the nasi.
Ilcss associate of John l-'ii Ids. w ill
shortly open up Sinclair headquarti r
in this city and personal! tain
charge of the campaign in this le
va lit v.
In this connection it is recalled thai
at tile recent Kenui'lie.iii meeting
Pields, in the keynote
convention, made II
stood for the very
lieing championed l'
.Mr. .Sinclair and his mends, In tact,
there Could be no closer unanimity of
opinion with regard to the pro pel
course for Oklahoma Republicans to
pursue than the expressions of Mr,
Sinclair from time to time and the
sentiment voiced In Mr. Pields'
nt inucd
I'age Kight.)
Citizen Is
M - I'HliK
11 i i 1 1 1 1 . ii
i ml
the St
died suddenly todaj
Die Times.
Mr, Knapp'e death was dui
disease, lie was 89 years ol
was on, of the organizers and
porators of the Associated i'i
a sure i- ,i
in Hi
Charles W.
the New
lltor and
office of
to heart
age and
i ml
held here John
speech of the
plain that he
things that are
With Wife's Money He Intended to
Continue Butterfly Career; Dance
Through Life With a Pretty Steno
NEW VORK, Jan. 6, -An in
vitatlon to "hyphenated citizens''
who put the interests of the na
tive country before those of
America, lo "get off the face of
the earth" was Issued todaj by
United states Judge Henry l.
Clayton of Alabama, Judge
Clayton's remarks were made in
addressing the grand jury that
was empaneled to resume the In
vestigation Into the activity of
Qerman agents In this country.
"You gentlemen," he said, "are
entering Upon your duties as
American cltlsens. If any ,,f you
had the misfortune to be born in
a foreign country I hope thai you
can truthfully say now thai you
love America more than the land
of your birth. I have u, sym
patic with any naturalized citi
zen who is given to carping criti
cism of this government or who
cannot say that he loves Amer
ica first, last and forever. any
citizen has come here from an
other country to evade military
service let him not criticize our
Institutions here, if he desires
to do so let him Ret off the face
of the earth or go hack and fight
for the untry from whence he
came " The grand Jurors will
contlnus the Inquiry into strikes
in munitions plants and explo
sions in factories and shipyards
which has a I read) resulted in the
Indictment of Congressman
Prank Buchanan of Illinois and
seven others.
the NewnoaDer Publishers association
He was a member oj the board of
directors of the Associated Cress al
the lime ,,f liis death.
Mr. Knapp came to , vv York lean
.St. Louis on January I. 1916, suc
ceeding Samuel siiauss as treasurer
of the New York Times.
Pioneer New-paper Man.
st i.ui i.s-. jan ,; Charles Wel
bourne Knapp, treasurer of the New
Vork Times, who died in New Vork
today, was the last newspaper man
in the famous Knapp family thai had
been closely Identified with the
progress of the American Journalism
since is:t7.
Por years editor and publisher of
the St. LouiS Republic and one .,f ihe
orgai Izers of the Associated Press and
Iho American Newspaper Publishers
association, he exerted a strong influ
ence on western Journalism. He WSS
president of the Associated Cress in
1900 and was a member Of its hoard
of directors at the time of his death.
from 1896 to !!! he was president
of ihe American Newspaper Publishers
associat Inn,
i nlvcrslt) Graduate,
Mr. Knapp was horn in St. Louis
January ::t. Ivlv the Son Of John and
Virginia I U i iglu i Knapp. When yet
a hoy his father began "lire, king him
into the' game" and in- spent the whole
NEW Yi'KK. Jan. 6 R L. Calls,
chiel prosecutor for the goVerni
mi nl ai the trial of w llllam Rocke
feller and ten other former directors
of the New York, ev Haven Hart -lord
railroad under the criminal
clause of the Sherman anti-trust law,
made ins last appeal the Jury today
for ihe conviction of ihe defendants,
T niT.iw after Judge Until has de
livered his charge, the case will go
to the jurv for n verdict.
Those whose fate will be deter
mined. In addition to Mr, Rockefeller,
are Lewih Cass Led yard, Edward D
Kohl, ins. Charles F CronUer. I .
Newton Carney, Robert YV Tift.
James Hemingway, Charles M Pratt,
Heaton Robertson Frederick i
Hrewster and Henry k. McHarg.
They Were colleclivelv scored hy
Mr. Batts in his final summing up
today for having attempted to shift
the responslblllt) for their acts to
Charles 8, Mellen, former president
of the road
Meil. n lo the "Good",
"When trouble came," he said,
"they made Mr. Mellen 'the goaf,
it I may use the graphic term 1 have
learned in this part of tt ountry,
(Continued on Cage Bight)
Idjutanl (jenernls
i tn e.
.i i 8,
Houghl for
C'onlitiou Cabinet l l)i--rupted;
House nl' Com
mons Passes Hill.
LONDON, Jan. I, Ml:lT
i1 m ) The conscription bill
passed the first reading m the
house oi ' ommons tonight by a
v etc of 1(13 lo 111.",
The v , le was taken shortly
after n o'olock. The minority
was Composed of nationalists,
some lain. riles, and a few radi
cals. l.i INDI IN Jan. ii. i ii :in p. m. i -Organised
labor of Ores! Britain, -n-iing
in i engress in London, todaj di
elded against the government's com
i ulslon mil hy the overwhelming ma
jority of 1,90s nun voles lo 789,000,
Hostility to ihe government's una--i
re was i unpromising ami necessi
tated ihe resignation from ihe coali
tion in inletr) ,,t all three labor mem
bers, Arthur Henderson, William
Brace ami leorge Coin i ts. holding
lespeetlvel) ihe offices of president of
ilie hoard of education, narllamentarv
under-secretun for home affairs ami
hud commissioner of ihe treasury,
mil their resignations were an
nounced during the evening.
The labor Congress was In many
Ways the most important bod) of the
kind ever assembled, More than mm
thousand delegates were present, rep
resenting four hundred unions and
three million workers.
Uncompromising Fact inn.
In addition to the formal vote
againsl Iho government's compulsion
hill the congress rejected by four to
one a motion pledging support to tho
principle of compulsion for single
men. and passed hy two to one an
other motion directing the labor
party to oppose the hill in all lis stages
in the house of commons.
The congress closed with an en
thusiastic scene, the feature of which
was the singing of the Socialist
anthem "The Red Plag" by some of
Ilie delegates.
The delegates met In the so-called
I'entral In, II a l:,l- w.u- h, i 1,1 ; , ,r
I elected hy the Wesleyan Methodist
(Continued oil Cage Two.;
CHATTANOOGA, Jan, n The lo
cal militar) training camp commit
tee toda) invited governors and adju
tant generals of twenty states to meet
here January for the purpose of
i onsidering ways and means lor pro.
muting attendance at Ihe southern
military enmp, which will In- held un
der the auspices of the war depart
i i. beginning April J. at Port Ogle-
t lea p,., near 'hattanOOgS
This movement seeks ihe co opera
tion of the National guard and husl
ness men of Alabama, Arkansas, !cl-
aware, Plorlda, Georgia, Illinois. In
diana. Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana,
Maryland, Mississippi, Missouri,
North Carolina, Ohio, South Carolina,
Tennessee, Texas, Virginia ami West
(Continued on c
Two )
"Nol tlii't National ( In ii lanii v Cut
Bnpernallonal hrlstlanit)
Through World Peace."
jury watl completed and several
witnesses testified in district
court In re today at the trial ef
Prederick T, Prloe on a oharge
of murdering his wife,
Physicians, who examined Mrs.
ern e's injuries soon after she was
lilted from the loot of a cliff the
night of November ii4. testi
fied her skull had been caved in.
ProsMutor George Armstrong,
outlining the states case, said
"Criee's marriage vows had hc-
ecme Irksome ami lie had decided
to rid himself of ids wife."
"lie did not car, to divorce
have her money to continue his
butterfly career. lie luid met a
prettj stenographer, and with his
wile's money he and the Stenog
rapher could go dancing thiongh
life together. We will show thai
Price, after throwing his wife
from the cliff, became fright
ened leal passing automobiluits
hear he.- moans, and accom
panied hv Charles i. BStchlnson,
went to liei side, not aid her hut
to orush her head with a rock."
tohinson, the state's chief wit
ness, who said he accompanied
Price on the nlKht eif the alleged
crime for 14,700 hecause of his
of World Want .u
I'ul ing Power.
LOST KpIIv Springfield ,ting be
tween Talis nmi Of Km) - pises,
cunt of Tutu Piadsf rstnn i" Ki
Resd m ills Pseas Alls,
article a hove referred te
was found through a
Tulsa Bank Deposits $16,298,957.53;
Exceeding All Other Cities of State
Actually gt&rtling were the ntrures forthcoming from
Tulsa 'g banking institutions yesterday as a result of the
government bank call foT statements showing the condition
if such institutions up to and including December 31. The
deposits for December showed an increase of $1,051, 070.04
over ihe date of the last bunk call. November 10, and makes
Tulsa's bank deposits greater tlum those of any other cit
of Oklahoma.
Here are the various deposits statements up to Novem
ler in. 1915, ami ui to ami includins December 31. L915 ;
Exchange National Bank .'.7(KVvl.Yls
t'entntl National Hank 3,946,001.49
First National Bank L,.0-ti.,.'i;7.',l
National Hank ol Commerce., 1,341,938.20
Merchants 6 Planters Bank., 713,111.56
Liberty National Bank 643,223.65
American National Hank 629,616.20
Producers state Bank 181,111.97
increase. $1,00 1,070.04.
$15,247,905.49 $16,298,975.56
NEW voCK. .tan. . Resolutions
expressing hope for world peace and
outlining fundamental principles of
church unity were adopted at the
closinK session today of the Church
L'nity conference at Oardea Citj
.Many ef the delegates displayed deep
i i motion because ot the impetus they
I helievcd had heen given the' iroia-
Iganda for the unification of the ('hns-
tlan communions,
"I am profoundly moved," declared
Bishop .John v. Hamilton of Boston,
a Methodist. "Since the da) Wesley
, Went out of the church .if England
there never has heen such a h.irnioii
I iSlng of the two extremes. 1 no con
i vinced this movement will not lie only
for the union of the Church hut for
the everlasting peace of the world."
Or. Newman Smyth of New Haven,
Congregational 1st, said wh a was
1 wanted waa "not only national ehrls
Itianlty hut supernattonal Christianity
through World peace: not the peace of
man-mads treaties written on scraps
! of paper hot the pe ice of Cod that
', will result In church unity."
Kansas CITY, Jan, ti. Snow fell
today over KansaM, Missouri, Okla
homa Arkansas and into the Texan
Panhandle, caused, according to the
United States weather bureau here,
by a low barometric pressure in the
southwest coupled with an eastern
wind. Tin Storm followed a QOid
wae of Hhe.rt duration, The souih-
srn reaches of the storm, trc.
weather authorities said, likely would
receive rain. Three inches of snow

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