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Women and Children Shot Down in Bloody Street Battle
FORECAST Oklahoma :
fair, waniitr, Smith) clout
TV IS V Jan.
Utximttn BO,
V linl Hl.il clou
n,.- (nipt raturt :
uiiin 23; north
L-.-S.rT 4 t v 1 i , , .
8 U
NO. mo
T U LB A. K L A 11 o M A . SA T I R D A
Among the Want Ads.
Wit "t to t'UtvhmH a ivnl hnrjrVtn
in a good driving hOfitf If so rad
the r'aNiifit'il (rniri of lmly, you will
Utn ona idvarttMit
r U C E P 1 V E C K N TS
Pretty Skater Uses Her Legs as a Life
:t- '
Line to Save Boys from Drowning
Unless Big Business Men
Prepare Depressing Lull
Will Be Certain.
Secretary Redfield Warns
Country to Grasp the
Substantial Trade.
WASHINGTON, Jan. 7. Secre
tary Redfteld in a m moran
dinii nf business conditions, trans
mttted to Prealdent Wilson today, ple
t nr. s the countrj a In the most pros
perous state of Its history. Tbs
warning' la added, though, that war s
inflation of commerce will last only
until ilia war's end and thai bualneaa
lorealgbt alone will prepare 1 1 -United
States for peace,
The slump that win follow the war
abroad, the aecretary'a summary de
clares, mu.-t find Americana ready to
take their share of the world'a trade
unhampered bj provincial notions,
I'al-e values created iy unusual oon
dltiona, he fears, may lull the United
states in to a fancied commercial ae
( urity,
"it is not to be expected," the sec
retary says, "that our business move
ment will continue in Ita preaent
form, No one dreams that we ran
now or in the future maintain an
export movement of more than
..",, 00(1, 000. 000 actual value, or that
we may sanely expect an apparent net
balance in our favor on merchandise
transactions of 18,000, 000, 000 in any
one year.
Financial Restraint.
"it is alike impossible and unde
sirable that these things continue It
is impossible for no other reason
than because the world has not the
power to pay to any npo nation SUCh
vaal sums for any long period in ad
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I V : ! 1
lerinaus Admit U erscs in
Battle "ii the Bessa
rabian Front.
Reign of Bloodshed and
Fire Terrorize the City;
Wild Mobs Uncontrolled
British Submarine Sunk Off
Dutch ( oasl ; War Offit e
Starts nquin .
Pacifists to
Reach Hague
This Morning
Striking Mill Workers Plunder and
Murder; State Troops Rushed
to the Scene.
L NDI IN, .Inn. 7 (9:48 p. m.)
Some idea of iiie determined na
ture nf the Russian blow on the Bea
aarabtan front is conveyed bj Petro
grad dispatches today, which state
that the Russians for fifty hours con
centrated four hundred guns on th
Atistrians' posltiona at Caemowlts aa
a preparation for an Infantrj attack.
The Russian communications do not
yet claim thai Csernowlta has fallen,
luit dispatches from German sources
admit the Teutonic position there is
it is not vet clear whether the itus
slan operations In thla theater herald
a lug general offensive movement of
nil the Russian armies from the Bal
tic to the Rumanian border or merely
indicate a diversion of unparalleled
magnitude and fierceness designed to
weaken the pressure of the central
powers m Hi, Halkans and incident
ally on the Italian front. The fight
ing has been of the moat hitter char
acter, according to both the Austrian
ami Russian reports. Pe prisoners
being taken ami the infantry en-
Roll Office of Collector or Internal
Revenue; Secured but
$.,(inti in Cash.
ST. PAUL, Minn.. Jan. 7. From
I i to $5,000 In cash ami Internal
revenue stamps which may total
Jl, 000, 000 In value were stolen from
the office of the collector Of internal
revenue in the old postofflce building
lust nitrht when the Vault door was
The robbery was discovered today
by 1 . i '. Ryan, a Ja nltor,
Immediately upon discovering the
robbery, K. J, Lynch, revenue col
lector, and the police departments of
St. Paul and .Minneapolis joined with
federal agents in the hunt for the
Lynch stated that the robbers had
taken only negotiable stamps and hud
left uitnegottable stamps in a large
a mount.
Robert W, Blair, internal revenue
agent, said he believed the robbers
would have great difficulty inv cash
ing the stamps, especially the larger
denominations, as a record is kept in
the collector's ofice of persons buy
ing Stamps of $100 value and over.
He said he thought the men would
not realize much more than 10 per
cent of the fa. value of t he stamps,
or approximately Jioo.uoo.
Hush D. Simmons, postofflce In
spector, estimated the robbers could
realise about TS per cent of face
VAlUfl on the postage stamps.
NEW YORK, Jan 7. Two boys Clarence Carpenter, u. and his brother
John, 10, owe their lives t idaj to If year-old Rose M. Krauas, who with rare
presence of mind, use i her logs as u life lino und pulled the tvv. lads to j
safety when they broke thro igh the ice on one of tbe lakes In Van Cortland! I
Scores of people waiting oi the subway platform saw the rescue, Miss I
Krauss was passing the lake when she heard; tin boys scream na the thin
ICS gave wnv muli r Hum. lossim; a.-Ho her skates, which Bile was eaiivnr:
on a strap over her shoulder, she ran to the edge of the lake, grasped a rustic
fence w hich surrounds it with hei hands, and thrust hi r body out ti the Ice
until the lads could grai P hor ankles. Then she pulled them safely to shore.
"No, it wasn't bravery," said Miss Krauss, modestly, it was Jtst know.
Iiik how. I knew I couldn't cling to the fence with my feet and grasp the
boys with my hands, so l reversed the proposition."
Mis Krauss is an expeit skater.
Republicans Defend Ger- A1 11 o'Clock Las1 Night
man-Americans Against Jurors Retired: Rocke-
( lurdner's Attack.
And Then "( !yclone" I h
of Texas Ends With a
Loud "Allien."
Department of Commerce tSxnertsi
Are Ehtgaged to Determine
Protection Needed in V, S.
WABHINQTON, Jan. 7. -An inves
tigation of the world's sugar indus
try by department of commerce ex-
hurtu is exoeetcd to oroduce soon the
most complete report on all phases I
of supar production ever put before j
i ' n Kress, inc work is Detng done ny
agents Of the bureau of foreign and
domestic commerce, which fell heir
to the duties of the old tariff hoard.
Invest mators .just hack from Hawaii
Failed today for f'uba for field work.
information gathered win he com
piled In Washington and added to
knowledge of the industry gained in
previous investigations of Louisiana
siisur and beet SttgST produc tion. Re
sults of the Inquiry are evpected to
show just What tariff, if any, is
needed to protect the Industry in the
1'nited States and Its possessions
The luireau hopes to huve the work
done before congress acts upon a
pending resolution to extend the
WASHINGTON, Jan. 7. Hot crit
icism from three Republican
colleagues was drawn by Representa
tive Gurdner of Massachusetts In the
house today when he attacked Uer-
man-Amerlcana during s speech on
proposals for a munitions embargo.
Representatives Stafford of Wis
consin and Longworth of Ohio, whose
districts are Herman-American cen
ters, announced his statements as
unwarranted and particularly lm-
( !ourt 's I nst rucl ions Greatly
in Favor of Defense,
Some Say.
Ill I. M l IV
i Continued on I'nge Ten.)
i - nis'd Convict Caught.
Speclil to The World.
ITALB71RR, Okla., Jan. 7. -John
Chlhola, a l olish Mexican murderer
who escaped from the state peniten
tiary last September, has been recap
tured In Whitehall. Ill, a itur to
telegraph) Information received at
the statj penitentiary this afternoon.
t'hiholu was serving u life . cntence
tor u murdei cenuntttee In Muskogee
county, with the notorious Cotton
Tavlor implicated in the same offense.
NBW rORK, Jan. 7. The
jury in the ease of the for
mer directors of the New fork,
New Haven - Hartford railroad,
charged with criminal violation
of the Sherman law, was linked
Up for the night at 11:3'. p. m.
No verdict was reached.
NBW STORK, Jan. 7. Prospects
for a verdict tninuht from the
Jury that tried the Sherman law con
spiracy cas against William Rocke
feller und ten other former directors
of tile New Fork, New Haven & Hart
ford railroad, watted as the hours
passed wltl out a Sign that an agree
inent was near. The case was siih
mltted to the jurors shortly before
1:30 p. m., and It was reported to be
the ptirp sc of the court If they
tailed to reach a verdict before 11
p. m., to lock them up for the night.
All of the defendants except Wil
liam Rocket eller. who was ill, were
present in the courtroom to receive
gagementa are largely In the natun
of hand-to-hand encounters.
All the Russian operations thus
revealed are being pressed along
railway lines, which .simplify
problems of the winter supply
moil, ammunition and fuel.
The situation along other fronts la
comparatively unlet.
British Submarine Lost.
The loss of a British submarine by
a mischance of navigation off the
Dutch coast makes a total of it itrit-
ish siil, marines lost since the begin
ning of the war. A majority of theae,
however, have been of the smaller
An ei ho of Qeheral tan Hamilton's
important review of the Dardani lies
operations is found in a report pub
lished today that General Frederick
Btopford, who was recalled on ac
count of his conduct in the Suvla
hay operations, has demanded an in
quiry by the war office into the whole
circumstances of the landing of troops
in the I tardanelles.
in connection with the submarine
activity in the Mediterranean sea, an
Athens dispatch notes thai alaryj ix
fell there, owing to the fact that none
Of the nine ships laden with grain
purchased in America either has ar
rived or been signalled,
THE HAGUE, via London,
Jan, 7. 6:08 p, m. i Two hun
dred and ten mem bet i of t he
Henry Pord peace expedition
will reach The Hague at 1 1
o'l io. k Baturdai morning
The arrangements so far made
for the party aft i reai liing net a
include pet. in- meetings on Mon
day ami Tuesday In the grand
hall hi the snologlcal gurc'iens,
o restrictions have been pluced
by the authorities upon their
proceedings, as was the case in
Denmark, The attitude oi the
Dutch authorities toward the
part) may he described as benev
olent lv i nselve,
Tin- Ana i n an legation today
authorised the following abate
ment :
Tin - legation will he delighted
to extend to the Pord party, as
Private American citizens liav-
cling abroad, all the courtesy to
which t he) are enl h led, Tin
win have the opportunlt) to see
some oi the treasures ol Dutch
painting ami architecture, ami
doubtless will have a peaceful,
instruct, VI stay In Holland as
American tourists."
Sensational Charges bailed
An'i'iinst ( Commissioner
Yesterda v,
VIENNA, via London. ,t.,n 7. -
1 -: -o a. in.)- Russian lossei on the
Bessarabia) frontier and the Btrlpa
re gion dm dig the New fear's fighting
were at hast fifty thousand, accord
lug to th" official statement issued by
the war olfice today. The statement
"Russian theater: Yesterday on
the northeast front comparative calm
i revalled, fighting occurring only on
the Styr The enemy occupied the
churchyard north of Csartotysk but
was soon lepulsed. Tins morning the
enemy repeated his attacks in East
Qaliota, Russian sharpshooters ad
vanced northeast of Bucsacx before
daybreak .' nd penetrate, our trenches
for a short distance. Oui Honved in
fnntr) regiments. No. 16 and 14, hy
quick counter-attacks expelled the
enemy, capturing numerous prisoners
and'three machine guns
Mayor Claims He Took
( Commissions on Sides
.Made tn City.
Honorable Board of Commission-
i ra ol the City ol Tulsa, Ueptlc
'"en: v attention has heen
called to the fact that Commis
sioner Hunt lias been demanding
and ucceptlng commission... on
pat ch i S made hy the I itv of
Tulsa; thai during the month of
September, 1915, be accepted IDG
commission on three dump
wagons i ghl for the street de
partment. Therefore, I move
you that he he required to re
place the above amount to tho
credit of the street department,
where h justly belongs.
Yours l rul) .
(Sinned i r M WOODEN,
.V.. I Vol'.
I I ROPK BUI 8 MM II si i, r.
More rtiun One Hundred Thousand
lolls Bought Within fa-t Month
NKW rORK, Jan 7 -More than
one hundred thousand tons oi granu
lated sugar have heen bought here by
Europe within the past month. Or
ders placed today totalled about
.15,000 tons for January and Pebru
ary shipments at prices ranging I4.IS
to 14.50 in bond.
The heavy purchases by Europi
have not. however, influenced the
home mfirkel. Increased pro ' ii' tion
:.nd shipments from Cuba havi in fact
caused n decline,
VOUNdSTOWN, Ohio. Jan. 7. Fires continued to
age inn liecked in East Voungstown ;tt 10 o'clock to
i tight. A wild moll ;is still surging tlirough the streets
svhile the authorities were powerless to control the pop
ulace. The estimated fire loss is $300,000 already.
A call wan sent to the Youngstown lire department
but officials refused to send the firemen, saying they
weie not assured protection from the mob, Firemen
from surrounding towns responded and aided in fighting
the flames bul tney were hampered by the rioters who
lire alleged to have thrown stones al them, cul the hose
und in oilier ways interrupted the firemen's efforts to
check the blaze. Twenty foreign families ii t ! o'clock
had been made homeless by the fire. Reports s;iid that
when the fire was communicated to the Scheenfield
jewelry Btore Beveral men entered the building and it is
estimated thai $5,000 worth of jewelry ;is stolen. The
buildings destroyed were in Wilson and Rhort streetsi
the business section of the town.
COLTJMBtJS, Ohio, Jan. 7. Two regiments r tiie Ohio National
Guard the Fifth and Eighth eomprifiing a total of approximately
t.'iiio men, were ordered tmiiidit by Governor Willis to proceed at
once to Youngstown to guppress disorderm in connection with the
strike nf steel workers. At the sumo tune the Fourth regiment,
commanded by Colonel It. L, Barger of Columbus, was, ordered to
mobilize. It w;is stated al the governor's office thai the Fourth
regiment, which comprises about men, would probably be or
dered to youngstown some time during the night.
Of f icinl3 Helpless.
Upon arrival al Voungstown the troops ill be under command
ol Brigadier General John C. Speaks and the latter will have full
authority to enforce martial law it' in Ins judgment such action is
necessary. The city us yel Ims not been declared under martial
law, according to reports received by the governor, General Speaks
tonight ;iN co-operating wiili the county officials in their efforts
t'i cope witli the situation.
Adjutant General Hough with Governor Willis prepared lo re
main in the executive office all night to be in constanl touch with
Sheriff tlmstend's telegraphic request to the governor for
troops said :
"Please semi National Guard to village of Bast youngstown ut
once. Lives are lieine; taken and tunny portions of Kits! YoungS-
town are being burned. We are helpless in trying to cope with the
The sheriff telephoned to Governor Willis that saloons in
Youngstown kid been ordered closed and that the proprietors were
comply mi: with the order.
crit.iM. COW Kit,
WANTXD An ambitions vtoin.iu a
Mllslter; st.-ndy wurk, ie 1 tn.iney.
no esnvsstlss, iio not tslepsesi
Mr... Arlhurr. DsltiSiert lintel
Mrs. Artlmre secured a high
class solicitor throuijli the
aliov e
THE foregoing accusation seemed
to lie o considerable surprise to
O. D. Hunt, wstei and sewer com-
niihsioner, (Iiii ini! ,i special si ssion ol
the board of city commissioners yes
terday aiternoon ll came as s
thunderbolt from s den siv. as the
session theretofore had been u model
ol serenity In which there tvas no
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LouutvlUe v Nashville Report Indi
eaic- Bis Business in the South,
ness, if not at itM hii;h November
pressure, continues in large volume
in a Hide arej, in the south, iih re
flected In the December statement of
estimated operating revenues Issued
today by the Louisville & Maehvills
Railroad Co,
The December Increase over the
same month in HOI was 1917,111
while November showed an Increase!
of 11,015,060 over the corresponding
period in the previous year.
The report also compares estimated
operating revenues from July l to
December 11, which In Itlo were
(1,1 mi,; 1)37 more than for the last six
mouths in IIO 4.
Kaltrosid Legislation
WASHINGTON, Jan, 7 President
Wilson's suggestion lo congre s thm
a com m 1st Ion be formed to inquire
into legislation affecting tallt tads was
leflected today In the adoption, n the
senate Interftate commerce commit
tee, Of Senator Xcvv land's resolution
to create a Joint committee to inves
tigate the adequacy ol ratlwa) legis
lation and l lie interstate out
, Robert i . Koiix. Hurvcyoi t i ustoina,
, Commuted to rrlminal Ward
of sylum
Most I inportanl Proposal to
Be Placed Before the
on vent ion.
Women to Assist in Move
tn Weld tlic Americas
( loser Together.
1SH1NOTON, Jan. 7. Work of
congress will culminate tomorrow in a
final general session for action on
various resolutions, one of the most
important proposals, originating In the
internal law section and prepared by
. . ,,,. ..,,,., ; ,.i1i Tiie NeWton, drawing twciitv -s, v e
... ,.....'i .. i.i, t ..ve 'vccie.mis,.. feet, ha Hie greatest draft of SID
BATON ROUQE, Jan 7. Robert
E. Knox, suiveyor of customs foi the
port of New Orleans, who on Decern
bei 22 (hot and killed two men in a
railroad Station here, was adjudged,
insane by S lunacy commission todav
.fudge Hr.uot oiicied that Knox be
confined in the criminal division "i
the state hospital for the insane at
.lackson, La. Knox will be taken to
Jackson ten, .now.
KnoX, without provocation, it was
slated, shot and killed one of bis
most in'inate friends, Meniaiuiti M.
i i ster, 1 1 prominent business: man of
Huttlesburg, Miss, and Alexander
Kraenkel, an aged man. The grand
jurj reoentt) declined to Indict Knox,
holding that he was demented. So
tat as can be learned Knox has not
lestgned bis official position.
NOTHKR -nit- una t,
However ( oloncl GOCthalS Says ll Is
Not Open for Steady IVairic.
PANAMA, Jan. 7. -The steamer
Newton, the last vessel waiting for
passage tlirough the Panama canal,
passed tlirough the waterway today.
so much discussed since the congress
convened last week. .
The great social feature of the con
gress was ill. reception at the White
Hoii-e tonight when the president and
Mrs Wilson received the delegates.
in-cii. w llnon's Speech.
President Wilson's announcement In
his speech last night that the United
States hud proposed a closer co-opera-
vessel using the canal since It was
dosed last September,
M ijor i;. eciat Qeorge W. (iocthals.
gov i . nor of the canal zone, said that
While the N.w ton was permitted t"
pass through the canal it was not yet
in condition tor continuous traffic and
that t'i" waterway was not open, ito
also said that it probable would re
main closed for a considerable period
and declined to make an estimate of

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