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Not a Matter of Sour Crap;
lifcause Have IJoth.
But for State's Good.
E. lice (Juthrcy. Hack From
Convention, T 11. How Tulsa
Was Slateri for Knife.
Th. dfat i.f rhi tmlMf-iH 'f k
r;i'!M III Ok !.i L'ttn.i , Mif4Hi( ;t
TcatUH Jit )iin lf of Col. W.
(Coin. Harvy a: thu A ini. n 'lo n
vrntiun i.f th at.-t i k Tra.ln l.iiiun
In oil r )J ;it dc imM r v nl th
fil0K of H ffW Will )' ( i lif-Mlli.l Mi:
Iter fi t to the il fi'.Hcd, n-rror i.lr-K to
K. : luf hn-y, dit:liw:iv lotnniiH
hiinivr t thu 'ru.ri.in r of Comim. !:,
wlm attiii(lrl (hi? ron iitiod .mil who
It-tinnc.. to Tnl-a !.M h!kM t- ... K'l.
lit OIm- tllf i-I f firilZJitln?) of it IH'W tiail
Vhlch will ai t tally j ;. i n I lei th
liduptH.J Ozark trail.
To M'-iirt .-flint in n:nl Innl-lm;.
I'rrslilcnt Murvry In iiihtifitifiK hi
n-l nrhfinc, IiihI nut M-vi-nil traii Hit
lir-st ut which hi' Iwhin-il, would he
(I'KiKtiuH l t Iip off). ...1 Ot. i rk tr i , I
from St. Loiiih on tin- noi t liraM to
A mar i No on t h hohI hwt-M. AM "f
IIWHC I O II I 'S till VP iH-fli pl.t i j ( X
rrllent condition, hut Im-ciuno of
Marvi-y'n u( linn thy witc not git'"
any (h-MK nation at t h i-.-n rii'lni.
II. iir (.'Mid St.irt.
(omniiiwioiif-r ;..thipy la.-t niifht
nnri'Minred that pi
Alleged Murderer of Charles
Shaw Arraigned for Assault
on Sheriff Wool ley.
The ouiik Iad iirrow thi way y.tn
.h! it fc-nv In thi paper that hea n tml.fl
Y t rf. M- Vh tO tll VlMltll.K tvim -
t i ct'ty ii ml fh suppn'K they're at
h :nt t iu t fhtni:.
for the ni k'aniation of a hisrh-
Hxv, to he- krn-wn a tin- .sunt Ii ,-M-r ri
Military Mi'hwitv from St. i-oiu to
Arn.tr lllo. J'- i.t r r.-utiw-f whk)i
ii.'f- !r..tn i'.". --r ri-rit H now in -
f' ii' Tit r"ti'l.tliII. itl.J f Hiilih HOHI''
Ir j.t rr in I., m, r '(.riil i' n ;h.m
thp 'nit'ni? liTit t'l liy l"r"i-
cit-r.t H;if-
Tin- .-outf.. mil in Mili'ary Hi.-1-
tiir trt.fMl r"lf ni.ii nd tir TuIm It
menii an''thfr Irnportiant intcrtiit?
An now ilir.rl th n-w l.l:ha
ill lao St Jjnnx tU l"nn'ii. ' ii'',
'.l::i Si rintf.t !l Ai;ror:i. .Nfn-ett.
Nrfh), S-nNa, Ml;wni. Aflt'll, N'Mll'a,
.'lirlwa. ('iHreir-Tf aritl TiiK.. Vrum
TuSa the rfut' will f 1 1 1 1 w what ha
h'r'tu((rc l-n known n tlir south
ern TMiito i'f th li.ark Tr.lliH Ma llk-tnulL'-e.
H-nr-tiit. kc inah, M ker
ait'l into 'klatiofna lly.
i"'r'ni Oklahoma City thrr are nu
rutH in cuntt'riiplatirin, i-ithor of
whirh may U-: fhosfii for marking
wtthin the next f-w w-t-k Tii flrt
Toot Jn w liat ha licrrtnfore l'rn
known nn the N'orihin rotitr via Kl
Kfiio, lint(n antl 1 k "My tu Ainn
rillo ami thrpi' to 11 Tano and the
olhrr t tho old "ouihorti route vl I
l.uwton un1 UfHt as far hh AIUih. front
whii'h point It vi on lil turn nouth thru
To llnlil otiviMition.
I'lann are ulremly tinder wav to rail
an orcan ixatlon convention for till
fiew nsMrM'tation in ihi very near future.
The convention will he held at TiiIhh
and the preliminary work in In rharre
of the lilphwav department of tho
TuIhh t'hamtter of ("ommer'-e.
toinimttrtloner tiiithrev derlared
liiHt niKhl that t'olonel llarvev n at
t nipt to steamroller the coiivent ion.
and have a mule wle led which
would place Tul.'a several imlex fioin
the official route, wan lot hy a large
maioriiy. and that at i vi i v turn llar
ey wiim upl'iaMcd for his altitude to
ward the cities of vvhost hospitality
lie had partaken only to deny them
the representation they ilcseivid oil
the floor of the convention.
Tin- "Tulsa Trallir".
fMaimlnvr to have the "l.irtct clr
rulatitm of uny Tulsa newMpaper pnii
llshed in Amarlllo". ami with the milt
nhjoct i f iHioxtinir Tulsa, Tulxana and
thlriK Tulsa. The Tulsa Trailer wan
the feature KXTltA on tin' atreeta of
Amarlllo. Te.an. durlnt,- the annual
The Trailer wan puMlshed ty .Tolin
Mlilridce. a former newspaper man of
this city, in co operation with K. :e
tluthrcy. and wa.s utiTMirted for the
most part hy the Tulsa A utomolnle.
Lenient asHociiitlon. which la deeply
Interested In the mutter of good roads.
The caption of the ptilillntlun was
an illustration hv Artist Mitchell of
Tha Tulsa World and featured the
ml fields and ImlldliiK actlvitlea of
Tulpri and the country adjacent.
The Trailer was well Illustrated with
cuts of those prominent in Rood road
work In this aertlon of the state, one
especially heinr of (. R Avery, vice
president of the n.ark Trulls assocla
tnot. president of the Alhrrt Tike
Highway aasnclation and apoken of aa
probable lemocratlc candidate for
povernor of this state.
Prrsident Hartm.in of Tulsa
Kiflo Cluh (Jffers Cup to
Qualifying Marksman.
Tulsa I!. fie ,
the n I ft of .1
T. J. ilaitlnan of the
Int. announciil yrsterday
silver lovltiK" cup to the
qualifying as auch ilur-
ifiir the inonths of July and August.
The course will he that laid down y
M.e .N.iti.iii.il I : i f i aflnuriatliin, if
whn-li the local cluh is a menil.er. and
10 ' t s-it.tti-s first, the mcmlii r rpiali
ivitik' aa a inarksin.in in slow and
magazine f,re at the 2a"-yard rane.
He is then eliKiMe to compete in the
shai pslioot-r i oihm'. wluch includes
I Iioth ilnvv and mat; a!ne fire at all
trances frun two hundred to five
hundred yard. t
V'lth the free Issue of military
I rifles and nmmiirii'lon Py the war de
i partinent iiefore the cornnien'-ement
of ttie ireent war. every Incentive is
offered those likinr the shonilne
Oitlte to t.ecotue prof'Cient. The local
cluh is fortunate in having a Rood
supply of the free Ismp a still on hand,
and sufficient will he at the rank; to
day for the accommodation of all
hieiiihcrM dcsirina to take advantage
of the Kovernmeiit's generosity.
In addition to rommcnclnir to coru
H te for I'reaident 'llai tman's cup,
the following mat lies will he ahot to.
day. and cash prtxca (riven for the re
spective winners: Marksman's match,
tlie winner helng the member with
the highest aggregate acore at alow
and magazine fire, 200-yard range;
rapid -fire match, the winner helnic
the member with the lilglieat aggre
gate score made In magazine fire,
.'00-yard ranee; long range match,
liiglicKt aggregate score. TitlO and 600
yard ranges, and tho skirmish match,
highest align gate In una skirmish run,
N. It. A. qualification course.
lilstnrhlng the IVaiT Was (luirge ami
tiurt SixvtatoiK Tlllcrdl.
A aiihdued titter went over the mtl
rdrlpnl couitrooni veaterday after
noon wheu Hailiff Wllhonr called tha
case of the city against .1. ltearrat
and the titter amounted almost to a
tipioarloiia laugh when It waa an
nounced that the prisoner was
charged with diaturlilnn the peace.
Ken the point Inclined toward wit
when he agreed to continue the case
until July 5 hy saying that if the pris
oner wrs guilty and lived up to hla
name It must have been Borne dis
turbance. Whenever Von Xci a (ipneral TtwlP
Tnko (.rmc'a
Tho Old Standard (trove's Tasteloa
chill Tonic Is equally valuable as a
General Tonic becnusrt It contains the
well known tonic properties of OUI
N1NK and I HON. 50c.
The clutch of the proaecutlng
torney upon the freedom of W.
Citfbtree. alleged bootlegger and mur-
deier of C'harlea A. Shaw, wan tight
ened yesterday when charges were
filed against him In Justice le Dan
iel's court for alleged assault and bat
tery in connection with t.'rubtree'a epi
sode with Sheriff Woolley about a year
ago, when It was reported that Wool
ley was forced to do a Jig in the mid
dle of the road to appease Crahtree.
Immediately upon tiling of the In
formation, Judge 1'anlel tailed the
pi isoner from the county Jail for ar
raignment, and upon evidence intro
duced hound the delendant over for
trial. .No bond was fixed because i
i.ibtree is now held on a murder
charge without bail.
In case t.'rabtree's hal-eas corpus
proceedings are granted Thursday so
as to enable him to (,'ive bond for ap
pearance In the Shaw murder case.
Judge lianitl probably will fix a bond
in the latter matter.
Altho the sheriff and county otfl
cials were enraged at the time of
I'rahtrce'N alleged actlona a year a-o.
yesterday was the first time that there
has been any prosecution. It Is thot
that he could nut be apprehended im
mediately after the affair and the
chaae was abandoned.
The latest move on the part of l'roa
ecutliig Attorney (ieorge la-eves is a
testament to his determination to have
a final round with Crahtree, either In
the Shaw murder case or in the latest
Company C Comes From Fort
Sill in Special Train; Cour
tesies Extended."
Hretn Returns From New
York. W here Deal Is Closed
for Flying Machines.
Within two months Tulsa will take
us a mutter of course a flock of air
planes hovering over its sk simpers.
Within t iv.it length of time. If the
plans of II Ii Hreen do not imacurry,
Tulsa war aviation at the wheel, pre
paring lo take their plans above the
tleiu lies of l'"iance.
Mr Hreen returned to Tulsa yester
day from New Yolk, whus he de
clares he tiaa made a purchase of three
high power airplanes whu li will tie
shipped Just as aoon aa they are coin
pitted. .Mr. Hreen v tailed at the
I'liamber cf Commerce rooms, where
he informed Secretaiy 1'oiinlajt that
Joe Unities of lirwey had become In
terested in the opening of an aviation
school, and that Mr. Unities waa as
sisting In financing the achool.
Colonel liougla was Informed that
the first achool would be opened at
I'cwey, but that In tne event at least
ten students of Tulsa entered the
school, n branch would be opened in
this city. While In the east Mr. Hreen
secured an option to purchase more
niachlnea in tho event he opens an
other school here. For Uie present
Mr. Hieen will remain In this city.
makniR his home at 61? South Klvvood.
Thirty. Hve. Will lie tiucaui of James
Stout Today.
Thirty-five jiewslea In tha care
the master newsle of Tulsa. Hen Slier-
lin'k. and In tha huge white truck of
Annie linker, will betake theinselvea
early this morning to the farm of
James Stout near Owasso, where they
will swim and fish and eat fried chick
en all day long.
Mrs. Fields, matron of the ranch,
whom the newsboys have on a previ
ous occasion voted the "best cook In
Oklahoma '. will have the culinary ar
rangements well In hand before the
hoys arrive and the newsies are' ex
pecting Just one long day of Joy.
E. N. Mooney, a local garage man,
will drive tlio boys to tha rendezvous.
Tanned and trimmed and with all
the appearance of seasoned cam
paigners 62 members of comr..-.nt.
"klahonia national guard, of Tulsa,!
awiieii irom i-rt SiJ. yeateiday on
a special train to spend the Kourtn
with friends and relatives.
Kighty-one of the eooiosnv i..f?
t-ort Sill at 7 o'clock vest, rdav morn. I
Itig. hut during a brief stop in okla-i
boma i t v. IS of them h-ri the imin-
and decided to spend a iciiple of days
in the capital. The special proceeded
without them.
Owing to the fact that no definite
Information ns to the hour of arrival
could be obtained in advance, only a
small crowd greeted the ,vs when
Iheir train pulled Into the Frisco Mu
lion shoitly after o'clock. They were
hanging out of the car windows and
standing on the steps, each ono smil
ing and shouting.
They can led no arms, the com
manding officer of the regiment hav
ing decreed otherwise, hut many of
them had auitcam-s and ponchos.
They were lined up on the station
platform by dipt. A. H. Mclrwtn.
Alva J. Nlles. organizer nnd former
captain of the company, who secured
JMiO in contributions from local citi
zens to defray the expense of the
holiday outing, spoke to them briefly
atating that Tulsa was f-lad lo have
them back for a day or two. Olcnn
Condon then extended nn official wel
come, stating that Tulsa hearts and
homes were open to them. "We are
proud of our company,' he said "and
hope unci pray that one year from
today you'll return from Europe, the
war ended, and your ranks nnde
plcted " r. v.. Ituchner then spoke.
He explained that the swimming poo
and all other facilities of the Y. M
C. A. were at the disposal of tha com
pany during their slay in the city. Ar.
rangements had been made, he said
to quarter them In the 'Y" gymna
sium at night. Many of them went to
the homes of families ami friends last
night, but the majority slept in the
"Km. Special musical entertain
ment was provided for them at the
asaociatlon buihUng. Other programs
will be jrlen today.
The company marched up Main
street tn Liberty square, where they
were uismissed. Tliey will report aM
s o clock this morning to take part In
the Hed Crose parade. Afer that
their time will be their own until they
leave at 2:15 o'clock Thursday aft-ernoon.
Fine Summer Suits for
"Going Away" Time
or for the man who spends his summer here.
ING DAYS OF SUMMER is the first dictate of
comfort, health and style.
Cool Cloth and
Palm Beach
$6.50 to
In belters and reg
ulation box coat
models; pleasing
choice of patterns
in values worth $10
to $15.
you can have your
choice of the soft cuff
skirts or the soft shirts
with stiff cuffs which
combine comfort with
Jn either union suits or
two-p iece su i ts ; cool
and serviceable; made
especially for the hot
50c T0 $2.50
Auto fculpimjtn Mut (stand Trial
Shooting Ttilsa Taxi
Speeiil tn Tht WorM
PAITM'A, Okla. .till . Oeorga
R. Wllkersun, Springfield. Mo., auto
salesman, was bound over to the dla
trlct court here thla evening to face
trial on a charge of assault with In
tern to kill Clyde McKenzle, Tulsa
taxi driver, by Justice Edward M.
I.otrldge, following a preliminary
hearing Wllkerson gave bond In the
"urn of $1,500 for his appearance lie
ts under I1.S00 bond to answer to a
chain of attempting to steal an auto
In tlic district court of Tulta county.
A CCO 111 OS M led lie . Bni-i.-i.rtH . , . .
. t i-i" "i1". vvt'i-
ofrney H. It. Thompson, reoresentiiiff
Wllkerson, anil Assistant County At
torney It. C. Speakman Journuyed to
wie scene of the shooting prior to
the hearing to determine whether
the assault had been committed
within the Creek county line or In
Tulsa county. Tha examination
snowed that It had occurred In Creek
Wllkeraon, who la a young man
cried bitterly when his attorney re
minded the court that he had been
"elected as a member of the officers'
reserve corps at Fort Hllov and
begged that ho be allowed to go with
the Flag without a Haiti on hla char
acter or reputation.
I.I.OYl) Slone hat
1.1 i:X under fire
AVI) stood up
A hair
Officials Say That They Arc
Still in Dark Themselves
About Further Plans.
Reproduction of Scenes on
Battlefield Scheduled for
Tulsa Today.
To see a soldier rhot and
wounded on the battlefield, to
him res-ued by the angels of
Battlefield, carried to the field
and administered unto, aa It will be
done today at the fairgrounds by aome
of the Jted cross classes and the boys
in khaki, will probably be aa near to
aeeing war relief work aa the average
Tulaan will ever get.
From I to ( this afternoon the
business women's Ited Cross classes
will demonstrate their duties aa
nurses In a "dresa rehearsal" for the
benefit of Tulsana who are curloua
about the businer of war.
Admission will tie free and the wo.
men in charge of the exhibition are
anxioua that everyone who can do so
will come out. thereby retting; an In
telligent understanding of the needs
oi tne itea cross work.
in the morning; thp Tied Cross
classes, under the direction of Mrs.
( oleman, and the boya of Company C
will parade in motor cars thru the
streets, with a brass band.
In the afternoon, during the "re
hearaal,' the women of tho Grrnd
Army of the Republic will serve ice
cream and soda pop, and the busi
ness women's classes will serve sand
wiches and lemonade.
The proceeds will be donated to the
Red Ciora workroom fund.
Wholesale denial was the rule of
the day ymterday by W. K Etter
general superintendent, nnd Payson
Itipley. division auperlntendent, of
the f-anta Fe railroad, who alleged
that reports concerning the plans of
S-v. R Ke u'?re not authoritative.
i im pun or the officials'
wag mat a freight
i 0.000 has been
aomo time, but
mis feen
u iur- Dunning or tne same.
Other rumors regarding the Imme
diate severance of all relations be
tween rrisco and Santa Fe
ascribed tn the Frisco slotve
The Santa Fe officials admit they
will In the near future make aome
different arrangement with regard to
their Tulau facilities, but claim that
they themselves do not know what
lino their action will take
terminal costing
contemplated for
that nothing- definite
announced with reference
110 East Second Street
Open Until Noon Today
Frank t liamf gull's,
J.OS ANGELES, July . Frank L.
thnnce. manager of the Ixs Angeles
oitsetiftii c-lub of the ruclfte Coast
league, announced today he had re
signed, ile said ho felt his "health
la .much better when not burdened
with the responsibility of managing a
baseball club."
Cc-rninn Hold AhiiMrlcnn Civilian.
WASHINGTON, wulv J About rifty
American civilians still are -detained
In Germany, It was said at the state
department today, altho Oermanv hue
promised that they will Ive allowed to
leave as soon aa certain conditions as
to passports are fulfilled.
SwiM'lury Douglas Sends Out an Ap
M-nl for Support of All Its
Secretary Clarence Douglas, Cham
ber of Commerce, yesterday sent to
every member ut that organization a
copy of tho following letter, in which
he solicits tho support of each and
every member in the forthcoming
bond election, and risks that every nr.
fort be made to secure a large major
ity in favor of the issue.
The letter, which also ayka that the
matter be brought to the attention
of all employes, Is aa follows:
Dear Sir: I want to call your
special attention to the bond elec
tion July II, the success of which
means waterworks, sewers, firs
protection for West Tulsa, the
annexation of Kendall, water
works and fire protection for
that section, viaducts and sub.
ways at dangerous rnllroad cross
lugs, additional fire equipment,
extension of water mains and
sewers where vitally needed; ad
ditional fire stations for the city
property, the purchase of addi
tional equipment and the instal
lation of a complete fire ulorm
The election e t fce easily enr
rled If It Is . in the attention
of those Inter, ated In tho future
of the city. Otherwise It might
fall. Won't you please call this
Important matter to the atten
tion of your friends nnd employes
and urge upon them tho neces
sity of at least going to the polls
and casting thoir vote on the
11th liut. ? Vury truly yours.
Clarence D. Douglas, general sec-reuu-y.
Julsa Banker and Law En-
forcer Passes Away; Fu
neral on Thursday.
iuug? v.. A. j-iouston, for many
resmeni or Oklahoma, died
at the 1. ei S. hospital at t:S0 o'clock
Tuesday morning.
lie was one of the orgarfliers of
the Producers Suite bank of Tulaa
ana served as Its first cashier. At
the time of his dwath he was its vice
president. Judge Houston was born In San
dusky. Ohio. In I860. Ho practiced
law In Toledo for many years and
came to Oklahoma in 1112. He en
gaged In the banking business In
Stillwater, Cleveland and Mounds,
Okla.. before coming to Tulsa,
He mas police Judge In- Tulsa dur
ing the yea of 1 1 1. 1911, 1911 and
114. and waa especially active In
clearing out the bootleggers. He was
a Mason nnd an Odd Fellow.
Besides his son, Z. D. Houston, and
his daughter. Mrs. C. W. Gilges. both
of Tulsa, Judge Houston la survived
by his brothers, Sam Houston of "Polo,
HI.; F. O. Houston of Stillwater,
Okla.; Elmer Houston of Oakland,
Cal., and Z. A. Houston of Quincy,
Mich., and his sisters, Mrs. M. Klotxe
of Oklahoma City and Zadla Ickes of
Fresno, Cal. Two brothers and a sis
ter will attend the funeral, which will
take place from the Presbyterian
cnurcn l nursday afternoon at 1
o'clock. The Masons and Odd Fel
Iowa will be In charge.
Blanks were received yesterday
from the state department upon which
the yesrly budget of Tulsa county will
be made out. The papers are adjust
ed to every department, township and
fund in the county so. as to.thoroly
systematise the making of the yearly
The blanks were Immediately for
warded to the various townships,
school districts and county units, of
ficials will now rush the completion
of -their respective estimates so as to
have them In the hands of the county
excise board at Its regular meeting
July X.
- At the meeting of the excise board
it is hoped that 'the county's valua
tion and the yearly budget will ue
presented so that the 1817 levy can
be promptly negoUaled.
Weak, T7
Nervous, 7
Tha M-Mt impart tat ft4rte that I cn
offer to an mta who U nfforimj froua
njf ami or chronic tiHH-iftl due li to
tali lmuo4iate itp to fM wll not
EartltUf but completely rnslord to
ealth without any aymplotni of the r
mrraaca mi tkm tr ambit, for without
health thaxa la aathiuf, no opportunity
to moat tha dutiaa aiid aojuiucuta of
Utm aa aa tfcould.
Why hatltau. than, whan thara ia ao
aach at aukaf h'ottr-ama may trai
porarily baAafit or aliiua'ata; aupirftctal
ad vie from thoaa not compptnt to giva
your rme tha atudy it ahould hava may
Uiay wiattora. hut what yea nead ia
tha rif-tit mr-airal attantioa that a com
pet-tut Hp actal it t wiii fiv you at onra
to start oa ou the road to health. V
Croat m woe fully Variroecie, Hydro
ceia. Blood r'oie-nn. blriMure, 'ar-roaa
ItUin aad VeWHy, Laet Vitality and
ali recontly contracted and chrome dta
aaaea of aea.
KOT1CE: Rradera will note that my
UBouncfrmejit are brine cup led
other But do not ha deceived Inula
tors do not give tha ume latltfaction.
They cannot copy my innthoda and
l(T rXXS:
and Skilful
Tiis dorter friio thinkt h tool all
the peupln all tbs limn foola himull
wont of ftll. Yon sra eapalile of ti.lnk
inf ftiu-tfa out for youraalf, and coin
Rion anu ("-'ft yea doctur vbo
Is rsrelsai I to aa the l"t ) la Bla an,
noafiermriiia ia slao tareie.s er.wuraa
in dalinr with Ida patirnla I would,
thrcfora involt ur ialelliKunre, aa
well aa brand mrafr.f unworthy of your
confluence, if 1 reaurtod to uu;jpif-a-sional
and unhualneaaiike tactira. Sklll
- ful treatment and iionaat noliiad-. nava
I snalilod ma to niaka food roar in sad
year out. I'tupls know. Iron) experience,
that I am fur more intretd in girinf
the in car did and skillful attention tlan
ia fettinf any lea, and fox this aimpia
rea.im I hare a lar(tr number of cored
and astiaflod patiwita thau vr fcefort.
Ir ijuro it out for jourjart.
T tiat bnllt op an .nvUl.le reputation a. a TIIOKOI'tlHl.Y TTtl'HTWOnTHY
8PKCIIALIST by firiiif the KIOHT TRKATMKST in iuit ach ca.. aa To""
lin, actual (not ' nnra.aiar' 1 ) enperienre tiaa tnuillit sio lo dimisov carolully,
Sad a till correctly diafnosd may be considA-ed ball cured,
I make a RIUHT START, si the Terr bejinning. ao not um a "ona method
treatment" ft ..I. I seply arientific, tried-out treatment, adapted to meat ths
roouireincnta of each particular cmt.
I KN'OW WHAT TO DO and HOW TO DO IT, and the beat nd qoickeal 'aaulu
naturally follow.,
Breaa away from th incompetent and the .-arele doctors. l-l ."""".Trl;
bow ouickly tha LIVE TilK A 1 M EST of a LIVE, UI'-TO IIATK and TIIORO'.GHbY
tOMI'liTE.VT aperiallrt will reeh Yot K condition, liy treatment u a rarolatioa
U tboao who havs abont fiven up is despair.
Do not Uka any physician-! nrjnbported word for what he can do foe you.
ritoOK la what yovi want and th. 'lllOKOL'liHLV THI'H TWtlKTH Y apociaJiat ia
only kg willrnf to 1'UOV F. lo yofjr entire aatiifaction that he ia qualified to
son tho RIUHT TRF.ATM fcNT rnsn U. very beginning
Tear In and year ont I hase MADE GOOD and PROVED VI". Peopi ar
learned by i.eraonal eeiiri,iee (tha best teacher) lhat I do not rllsappomt my !a
lienla and 1 am entitled to an ooportanity to prove that I will MEASURE VP, In
every way to what YOU nalurallv cspt from an tiCEtTlO.NALLX aad
TUliRoUOHLY TRUSTWORTliy ipadaliat.
Making Good Year After Year
la what tells the story., "Something for nothing" and similar delusions
or questionable business methods soon play out The people abso
lutely refuse to be footed all the time, and when a doctor succeeds
year In and year out. Hut safe conclusion that such a doctor Is mak
ing good In every way. Otherwise he would, sooner or later, go the
route of the name-changing, "miracle-working," ad-copying Imitators.
I have practiced and have been put to the test year In and year
out, for years. During this time I have seen others made a "big
flash" and drop out of sight, but I am still doing legitimate busi
ness. My practice Is founded upon open and abuve-bonrd methods,
quick and lusting results and a fee that la within any man's reach. N
Tuciay I have more cured and satisfied patients than evr before,
which ia ample proof that I make good and am, therefore, worthy of
your confidence and trust,
When you need treatment at all
you need the best and can blame
only yourself If you do not come
to me and GET IT. Remember,
fourteen years of success stands
behind every ca" I treat.
above all others should have the
most careful attention from the
jery beginning. Improper treat
ment often lays the foundation
for stricture, prostatic complica
tions, etc. Take no chances. Aly
treatment la scientific.
I charge no more and often
less than is dribbled away her
and there on "drug store" cures
or questionable doctors. Protect
yourself and see me F1KST. Free
Stretching Is pulnful and affords
but temporary relief. 1 remove
the obstructions by my painless
treatment No detention. Draw
ing off the fluid la only tempo
rary and the uae of painful drugs
is vicious. Investigate my treat
ment. .
"606-914" for Blood Poison
Is used by up-to-date physicians, who aim to fiats tnelr patient the
very best and latest treatment obtainable. I administer Prof. Khrlich s
GENUINE 60J-914 aa It should be given. I say thla without fear of
contradiction. Come to me and let me tell you the truth about C0fl-l-f
a certain treatment of the most aggravated form of UIXXiD POISON '
In many eases so-palled "weakness" Is dus to varicocele, enlarged In
flamed prostate, result of abuses and axcesses, badly treated disorders,
etc., which obstruct the functional centers. In other words It Is an ef
feot. instead of a cause. Many dootora do not differentiate.' and dose a
patient up with strong medicines, filthy and Inert nostrums, etc
DIRECT LOCAL TREATMENT Is a rational, certain treatment
When a man applies to me, suffering from weakness, I find and
remove the oause, Just the same aa an expert engineer or electrician
finds and removes the cause when machinery falla to do Its work
have the necessary knowledge, skill and experience to find the eaii.e
and give the proper treatment, that putting the organs In 1 normal
condition, when the weakness, which was only a symptom of tha r.i
trouble, disappear. ne
contracted diseases, kidney or bladder troiihi
PILSS. FISTULA, eta. or any dlaeasa. peculiar to the mala lorn.
Within my special ties. male, oom,
Yon are ntltled to every assurance that you will get a square deal
and I am entitled to an opportunity to show you that I can and wd i
'five you a squar. deal. I value your good will far more an fee ii!
do not stay away on account of money matters. 1 will consult with m
free and give you dependable- advice relative to your particular caa.
Let me prove to your entire satisfaction that I am worthy voVr i!!L
fld.no.. You ar. welcome wh.ther you Ukrtrla?m.yr0 '
Hours, t a. m. to 8 p. m.j Banda-ft, t to II only.
DR. STOTTS, Specialist

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