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I I . .- L - I 1 ; .
. .. Ipi morn pa niimro. It-
Pirk 1C nmhnrP K.r Mnn VU IXOLO OMIYI IYI I LO. 1 1 VVr New Service for
sa.su an "-'-'"CV, " Ol AIM IAI Tnifllft I
Cannon While Enemy
Planes Attack
Germans Developed Weapon Which
Will Throw Nine Inch Projectile
for Sevchtv-five Miles
PARIS, March 23. According to the latest report the
long distance cannon which bombed Paris this afternoon was
firing from a distance of 120 kilometers (approximately 741,
miles) and was located about twelve kilometers behind the
French front.
PARIS, March 2.1. The Germans have been firing on
Paris with long-range guns.
Since 8 o'clock this morning shells of 240 millimeters hare
been reaching the capital and suburbs at intervals of a quar
ter of an hour. '
The shortest distance from Paris to the front is over 100
kilometers (62 miles.)
The caliber of the shells reaching Paris, 240 millimeters,
is equivalent to about nine and one-half inches. The heavy
German siege pieces fire 17-inch shells.
, - t
' -V I nr . . :
luisa worw i Matrons J
''"Ins to tho Immense in'er-
t In the limKIOHS ' III.. . r,..,l
1 I (iriiniiM oflensiie mi (hi. west.
I I A.-t. r....if TM. If .-I ( -
f O .11 1 J .'.MM, I II. 11 IM lit Will KCl U
rprinjr Miot to jicath by ' A,inoi.ited r.
iixiii v l.ir inn ifc. ruiniiiluliAi. i.r
His Sammies Ready for Huns
Operative of Council
of liefinse.
Says Waiter Kxpresncd Hope
That All Americans in
France would Die.
Four Nephrw.s Also Waiting
for ('all: Surrenders i
to Patrolman.
I Ha i eiulets.
J The fate f ilii' nr hn In
lhi huiam-a which l now plv
J nlwd tin fiiinl.rai. Thnatta.itej.it
I nd lt nf all time In hnw fn proK-
less nllil momentous will lirt llin
result of loiluy'M fiuhllim In
rase now of miffii i M( iiiipini.
nine should he re. e Mi.l. Tim
Wot Id will Inn Hi. cti ,is Wheth
er etrne ere put out or not, a
f) o'clo'-H e,.-u- nmim-ui kivhitr von
i.ll t li.it lvi ' ti from the front
lip tn then will La placed on Ilia
I Newsboys will oarrv It Into
llu residence districts nlo
Itciiirmhe, , If ii In The WorM
thn l-ols ni e i-rvltiK, flnt It.
In tli mcsnttme, von who
rnnnt iil. urn nnir tn mil
I up un koiui mill Tli Wmi-IiI
I gladly will Kivi youhe latest
i limn in trout.
tor utlmnr inliii-i ly pro '.iriuun I
nillineiiiM and Ofi liirlnK Unit lis
ilii'il nil tliv Ainrrliun hiLIutb
would U killnil. a f.iiu li0 aonol
thy dfit.irvil, (roriinu to w linr.ni'H,
Jo SpriiiK. a wmmr L ihc Kaly ro
t.iuiant. North Aluin w.ii ntiot
hihI InntJliUly killnil liut nlint. 8. U
Miliar, nil oi'uiaiho of tliu :UU'itr
ccuiu'll of lU'ffii.m, tnlJ I lie polio
tli.it li firnl the l.ilal Mint, mi, I tm
hniiHilf up tu Li,, ufneera. Tin
aii'i.iiiuic ui'.urir.l ulout II. JO.
Millar attito.J tn:it ho iiiu.n-l th
real. mi mil, wlii'j, uiH ,n uri.lfr
aui villa in. u lur mioo tlum, wl'rin
wpnnn oppiioil a coin erniii Km titxiUl
the but. I ihm l nuw wjikiii on the
wont (runt. Mlil. r aiin th.n .sp' in
opneil with tliu Hiniu-k thut "iht-sa
Wiirnln: Hittl to I'm-Oii-ninna
Korp Montli shut or
buffer IVnnlty,
ni'M'TH, Mlrm. March 1.1 -n-rlpt
ly two Inilnth mrn allraoit
tlirman aympnthisHra of warninic
"thnt If yon any on mora wonl
aaalnat thia nmntry" or hi-r a 1 1 !"
thKv ar liiaiki"! inon, toiluy illa
Iohi.iI thf exliinra of un orannlna
ticm callod thr Kniuhia of I.il.rrt y.
aalil to b- a lirmn Ii of a natlonwldo
muted t.ai: u...i i..ki. a.ho.,1 bo,. i v ';:rB" 11 " ,u nump
Tho warnlnit riM'lvtd brr fol-
luo KttiliK w tint lln-y drain."
Mlllor iii)i ho uxkoii: 'Whit do
ytu iiit-an. i 0 not a boy 111 th
ilrafl myarlf."
To thia hprliiK la Mild to have ra-
pnail- "Vll. thry don l know .vliM
" To th traitor (nam and addrraa
lnartPd hfrat
PARIS, March 2.1. The first daylight air raid on Paris
came today, which was one of perfect sunshine. The people
of l'aris refused to immure themselves in cellars and other
Biititerranean shelters and although the subway stations were
crowtlnl, the stret'ts always had a preat number of people
in them watching for an aerial battle or some other stirring"
iticii!' nt.
AUhe day passed and the "all clear" signal was not given
the feeling grew that something new in the way of a raid K.7 . rittr inWS tn'L IZ& rfW-.' f .2 1
wii.i riruru, iiim tins wan iiui exuintitcii uniii an ouiciai
statement was issued, saying that tho delay was due to
bombardment by long-distance cannon.
The "all clear" was then sounded and the normal life
was resumed.
The cable office reopened to take care of accumulated
piles of dispatches. Pieces of shells on examination were
found to be full of rifling marks, which proved that they
had not been dropped but had been fired from a gun. This
apparently left a greater mystery than ever as to where the
gun in question was located, the nature of it and by what
method it was being operated.
Another thinj? that turned the thoughts of officials at the
munition laboratory-to the possibility that a cannon was be
injr used was the regularity with which the bombs fell, one
eury twenty minutes. '
. j
mi mm immk
.1 s" sffirasei
MrtJ. iMiw. HuiiUT M(nrt, l N. A.
First Statjc of Battle in France
is Fnded Says Berlin
iMtfhtintf Spirit nf Knlish is Manifest
During Magnificent Stand While
Raining Death on Enemy
BERLIN, vi London, M.rch 23. The officUl Utmen
from general headquarters this evening says I
"The first stage of the great battle in Franc, is ended. ty
have won the engagements near Monchy, Cambral, St. Quen
tin 1 and Lafere. A considerable part of the English army
"We are fighting approximately on a line northeast of
Bapnume, Peronne and Mam."
who I In actlva command of tha any ttm to (itrs an offrnalva almjlar
iiiirrnan inn-ra wim-n ar in ron- in Mint now liflnff. ilif.i, avalnat
1 tart w ith thf (lirniana on tha WMt- Ihit Itriiiuh in it... i .. ...i.r..i .. i . . -
You havii rrarhod tha nd of th cm front. Ilia Hannnlea aioaot at and ih..v .ra r...i. '
American Officers Dumfounded
at Bombardment of French Capital
W vsiriNfiToN'. March ,:J--Th Tha flndln of ilmll frafm'nta
tr.r-:r r ing,. tnuol. ir, ni-nl of I'uiln tiv j hi-arliiR tho tnarka of gun rifling
C 1:1 prcKiimal'lv altx'v-twn milofl i . . , .
n't nnnounc-.! n, a Cu t todsv In i Ker"1'"1 ,u l-reclud. th. I.l.a of any
tliu Trench cnplt il. itumfoiindcl ordinary alrplana t.0mh. It wan anf
m'ri. an nrdnmua offh i'in. Th . RCMtPil that inulmtrr aliphinpa,
tum'v-two mile liomliaiAmcnt of j moiintinr una mUht hava lu'en
I'u' kirk hr tlin tiannnn inoro thnniid, but no ona luia fvr ooncrivai)
a w ir nco hud a"t a r'-conl and I tt ponolitility of rarrvln a fi-
nn!i :i tu imfflrcca of tho Aiin'rir un. Im-h weapon In tha air. A lihort
Pr.t.li and I'rvinh rurpj frnly oti- ! raiKC. Il)(htclt;ht Inverted how User
eii'. (liev nevi'r had drciimeil of
nioniier tun Willi a
thi'i thirty mllr-v
runni) of more
carried by aircraft anoeaied tu ioine
ag t'OHHllila npination.
Another i)OKibilliy Oi
iui'l la
honii. officers frankly q'ioiliine t I (icvi)iin nt of Kieat long r.me
ffiH' fhel from rifled eanmrn ai i u- i-1 1 1-1 1 thrower ipi'riitlna b centrlf
ai.y bad fallen In I'ariH. t jthera ! UKI force. Theoretically, they an
anntl t explanation In new ricl ea muli a device could he Reared up to
r rat cun einpl.irentvnta in, the throw a ehoii acrinai tho ocean, hut
l ly of I'ftrU Nona wanted tiithcy have no knowledi-e of li iv.r
ee'l"V that any Bull had been In
nt d by tho licrinaiiH or anyone
tle ahlch could throw a 9 H -inch
pm e.-tila slsty mllca.
I' II.. ru...... .nn.l. hni-a
etn ,ei a wholly pew type of aun
Set lependent upon the aame math"
B'i nl fctor that aovein 01 I-
ciiik inucticully upplivd
Aniernau otficeia here recall
th..t when the Hermans, produced
their pun thut would throw a ahull i
22 mile Into iMinkirk. the French
aoon found a wy to- meet the i
U' h, pulially nt Jeat. "
A French wlreleaa utatlnn. it !p
n e everywhere, officer" here aanl. In located In the irrntind rot far
'nii k It hluhly unlikely that they from tha un and the cooco.np i
' n .1 eniiloy It for an isolated and ri roided when the all. II laavea the
"i-tiiiiKleas attack on 1'arla mm. It tnkiyi aon'ietmns Ilka to
I' iiii'1l be, eoiiie officers thousht I aeconds for tha shell to travel to
Ht a continuous dropalm of me- -Dunkirk but l u wiici.
iiuhi ealitire shells on the city wn ih city a waniln la sounded and
Pri of a hope fif breaking the the Inhahltanta take to ducouta fen
ei' i.i of F rance by some royaterlous j eially re.icliinK ihelier before the
"' ' '.' n. Islicll atrlkea.
ought to be oiowed up."
Him Mis 1I'I.
With thia renuuk Miller a.ija ha
opened fire, dlachHrKlhg tlirie l
II uf wlilt h took vllui t In tha iody
of Spring, w ho wj bvlund the coul
ter. Hpi-iuR tell forward, and Millar
turt.ad and waihcd out of tra reaiau
rant, m come to the polka alauon.
Meeting 1'alrolnun V. T. Maulden,
who had been auraciod by the ahota.
within a few feet uf the restaurant.
Miller gave hluiaelf up.
THe only other person In tha rest
aurant at the lime of the ahooling
waa l.yinan Clemlaher, who reside
three miles north of town, lie sub
stantiated the statements of Millar,
and declared Uiat HprtnK wiut 'slick,
ing up strong for llerniany."
Hthara anw the. ahoollng from tne
treat thru the window, hut they told
the police they did not hear the con
veraaiion nnd did not know what the
cause uf the tumble vau.
iirflolaln of the courcll of defenau
declared hint nmht that numerous
COIllOlalntji ha tn to' them of eeill.
tloua nt.ilriiients belli made, at this
reHtuunint.' tine official declined
that sa high aa ten had been made to
him eitcily. Mr. Millir haa been
(!etsllrd on .tivcitlifatloii wor!i for
some time and hua rnundml up sev.
ernl alleged olwirm tore of tha re
cruiting acrtlce and alackets.
Miller Calm.
Miller was very culm and comporeil
when he give hlmnelf up to the po
lice, nnd surrendered lib gun hl-h
contained thr.ee empty shclle j
"I don't know wh it the people will i
think of thia." he slated, "but I huva
a sen to go In the nest draft, and Ij
have f.iur tiephewa either In the ser
vice ir about to enter It" He had'
little to amy fif the affair further than I
te relete w hat he amd urtiinlly o(
Obrrexl. . . ,
The police kt"r little of HpHnf
liiat night, except that they learned
he had" been epifdoved aa ihe night
man In churt,"" of th Katy reatau
rant f'ir aorne month" tin haa a
half brother, (leorge Carroll and a
brother Tonnnie KiiVlnir who rt-slde
In T ilea. Ilia body was taken In
charge by Mowbrlr'.
Miller wii held l.v the off'cere) tin
HI n dlMweltlnn I" 'e of the case
In Die usual manrr and accmrt rig to
I rmiilnr procedure He realdca St
Houth I'rot-lai
against this country or her afliee, i
you ara a nyarked man. If the law
cannot reach you we can, and ws
"This la tha only warning you will
receive. ,
"mignert) Tha Knights of Liberty,
Iflnnesota Division."
Hun Planes Drop liombs
on French Behind Lines
Relief is Felt in London That -Hindcnburg
has Finally Shown
His Hand in Drive for Power
LONDON, March II. While 'pernor William designated as rpm-
PAniH. March 13. Many poal
tlona and localities buck of the
French lines were bombed by tier
man aircraft tndav, according to an
official statement Issued tonleht Tha
statement reiul":
"Kneniv aircraft croNenl our line
at t:10 tonight. They bombed sov
eral locejltle berond the front wl'h
nut nauslng apparent damage but did
not auiTeed in reaching the region
of I'arle.
An alarm was alven In Tarls at
inander In chief
prim e mentioned.
and tha crown
cloud of uncertainty obscure tha de
tails of the world's greatest battle,
Ihe guns of wblch ara heard In Ixin-
don tonight, lllera la a measure of i M'ltlot'N, ftfT !VrT Af.MlVIIO,
relief felt that tierniany naa rinany
shown her hand.
Tha purposes and method of bar
long talked of blow are pow plain.
Hlndcnbtii g'a ohjrrtlva la "undoubt
edly the channel porta hut he pur
poses to take tha first 'P toward
them by breaking through the allies
Una near the Junction of the French
:0 o'clock and the 'all rl ir" signal and Hrltleh armies
waa sounded at 10:10. '
Baker Reaches London;
The attack thus far haa shown no
new strategy but appears to bs
simply a toloseal Idow with niueeea
II', ne.( nt II of iriins and men hitherto never used
' .k. ,.-u notorlouKiy .,aci.
. . .. ... ii . Ihe mltiiHiv enp.-rt of the Weal-
no surprise that the llrltth Una haa j i,,,.r (;,,. miyH ttlrtt ,(lB (i.r.
been forced back. V, hat the llrlllsh tnatiM began their offensive partly
people look to ihe army for Is that
they shull not break.
With usual caution the Herman
official reporta of the first day's
UfXHON. March ll.---Herloua,
till not alnrnilng," sum up tho re
ception toduy by lmdoii of today's
hews from the western front.
It la pointed nut that in battles of
rnich dlnietiHloiia tha attacking forces
liv the em nliivoietit nt ii-m.i.
less uf sacrifices are nearly always'0' magnificent stand. The fighting here began yesterday
nailed to force first iinn posit ions, morning, when the lrmni attacked with a superior num
The Kvenin, N. w. m it comment ber of troops. . The British h Id on during the dar but laal
on the .11 union refers to the failure '. . , ",. ""'"I
of the tintthh repoit v nnvthing , lne 'nniy gained a. foothold in the village after
bout prisoners nnd nd.ii, "in the sanguinary struggle at close quarters.
""o " iiK'ii' ur oppoiiniiis nae
" "LONDON, ..March 23. AnMnultinn: the UritiHh linen on th
iKouth, t lis ('r-r'marm have ffjfcftl thoir way forward over
through esceasiva egotisiu and uieo . Ipnt approximately 21 hi ei In length, have nenptrstorl in
lB'W'"i the caiciution. of '14 ,,oplh of fouT of five nttt went of Cambral and hava
the ene,,,y . defensive i.y o'.r as. e"n,'i'.;r''.a'',1(-(l Ham, wont of St. Quentin, a dlstanre of about nine,
amy in the air. which portended a tnilf.1 WPt of thp Hrititth linpa as thpv ntrtnit hofnra tha in.
- ' - - - - . w HVSWSW MV
I-ONDOV, March 11. Wecretury
linker sirrlved from t'alnis nt f( p in.
He wait accompanied by Mstor I'rnd
erlck I'ulmer. The Secretary was
In e-t by Ambassador Time, tienerals
I'.lddle end Hartlett and bv Colonel
Lord Doncanon, represtnltig the
TT:,"r::i T::: l!::'" "Zi:r. : Z ,:::: XL'ZT:.'"!::: c.tin of the Teutonic offensive on Thursday
w hose guest ho Will be during his their efforts Only when a nartlal cation It had nm heenm.. Intolei n hie ! TIlP (lerman claim that the forced of the Central CmplrCI
stay In Ixin.Ior..
I success had been recorded waa Km-
j ' 77i? "Weather j
Veterans Claim Nothing Has
Evcr'Equalled Awful Hun FirelX.
DON. Mnnh St. Ouns In
are rl lal Incll v lit.lrif lo l.o.l.
fflM tOfifl'hr li.rlli.iil.rl. In hiffh
ere i a coutmiioiia ihron-
!.inv ners"iis h:ivp none to
Ul" hi.nae lm to llaien
hi tiller y prtpui-at ;ors of the
its In the drive ai(alnt the
i)t 11 let' whli h
f t Hi,.r
"' Man
i.ll of our known ba'tery positions
were drenched with gas but their
gas failed to overcome, our batteries
to r hd tbev an i-e.d anywhere In
hr'nk nk down our wire At one point
wheie ihe laeriuai.s found our wire
unbroken D'ey net to work with scis.
si-s until they had made a way sn day.
Incident remiiiis ent of the methods day,
r.f fight. ng le'lllcuted bv FleilerilK,
the Orent. All of this nil done un
der our machlna sun fire '
"A curious fart, 'reported by our
i alrmn wns thst 'iericane rompo-orig
'"'li thing that stands out as the spei iil iies.iultun diMsiorse wore
tr.i, lerlatU' r.f Ilia f it' 1 1 1 ) fl F tin to.n.u' tii.ifi.rloa 'I .ol their beat
present.' nivs ti e t orrtipon lent ' rloihes on fo- a vr it to I'nrit. co n-
lew' w niiti is now in pro-
.1 ib " rl-ed t.y thi'M- w I-,, t-1 il .
n It as tho rmst violent they
'nt iji e.,1. accordlinr to the Dni!y,
coircspoiidetil on the PilLsli!
TI'LfA, Mnnh ;t M-iTlmtim t.t,
minimum 4H; northwest winds;
cleer skies
OKLAHOMA: Hunday and M
day fair, slowly rlslnp temperature
IANA: funnsy and Mon
not mui ll thange In tem
AFtKANSAH: Hundav fair, warm
er In north portion a Mmwlay fair,
KAlfT Ti:VAS Hunday and Mon
day generally fair, slowly rising
temperature In the Interior
KST 'I KXAS: Huml iy and Mon
dav Warner In Ihe n uth portion
KANSAS Fair Suud.iv and Mon-
wuriiir In euft portion Huu-
bONIioV, Msrch J.t -Tiimniei.t
Ing on tha great battle In l iame.
the Hunday Times s.is.
'In all previous great aseuults thn
chief aucrea has beeugalned at thn
first thrust, but Irl thia battle .ilu-re.
aa tha flsrmans were no , I,!,. (., inrue
a flowery report at the c..e of the
first dav. It bus to be iido.n'e.l H i
thnlr aeisjnd and third cnroiii-ir.M'ii. i
will be more s.iti.fm lory from n...n
points nf vl- Tim .hv in1'
e ' i -1 v i en
'it we did so well under Ihe ti r-
l tipn-t."
'I'tlMUillg the Cfirr'sr.oTldent -i'S
I I "in one corps fn nt 'there wu
titented o"e f our Reiierals."
"yMen who fonitht thru thn great
bHttlss nf the S Home. ( landers and
Arras my that thev ne'er before
Ol n,Ti' I '. vto.l. I'll. .Imnfth ; k.t . ...-, I, I.,., m. ...n.n.el. ih.
Jf ti'e uiortara which the enemy awful gun fi e of tiie'prrn' con-J"i.-M
up in such gre-it numl.ers , flli I The expre.,cr 'drcni f re In
',! ..r such an ov e-w helming 1 t, csitv' oes i' scr'irsnce In this
t . f iron and b!rh piost-ee tnsis it' o for ltire is net "n nn
("t in too? ,r(1, ( ,hw .tort wire Infinite smstl "pace Icde-een the ex
' ''I t' e an obstacle and It eitche I i..oti m the thoos-inda of guns
ubliicrated. At the aon.e Uun.of all calibers work to Uieir capacity.
: : HALL : :
Knllthts nnd Ijidies of Seenr .
Ity will give a Mask HII
Ihursliiy evening. March Z.
at Moose Hall - j
114V- South Hoston
AUMLLsloN Slic A Cori'l.B
I ntra Ladies lir
The threadbare scheme of making the cost of publlo tu luting the
Issue In city and county i.impalKiis is old stuff. There are other tilings
that enter Into the cost of government beside the printing work, and It
haa long since ceased to he a live or vital Issue between real newspapers
not conducted on the obsolete plan of seeing which can starve the other
to death flr.it It Is a natural and .espectnd thing, however, for t'harles
I'age. who openly boasta that he is In the newspaper l.iilnes for the pur
pose of driving The World out of business, so tiiat he csti control the t
means of putillcliy in I ulsa rur bis own private mis Miouin enueavor
to Inject this Issue Into ttie pie.erit city cu in pnii:!i. He can afford, hi
clalma. to Iims several hundred thou-.itid dollars In the newspaper game,
becjiuse If he could ftct n set of ffl'-iu!s who would do his bidding he
could make it all back In one or two slick turns
Mis real complaint ui'iiinst the pres-nt cifv administration in Tulsa Is tury caste are out f
based upon his Inability ti secure special fawirs for his persona! benefit. ! If to gain It th
He haa been rowing with the administration ever since he fisled to rajoie
Mayor Hlmtnon ami the commissioner int.i permitting him to est ape
from putting In certain luiprovciiii o'x for the protection of the puluir
safety along tbejlne of h:s interurbaii railroad, within the city limits. Ills
own attorney even admitted to the oominlseli'n that I'sge was n ting In
bad faith nnd had no right to i xpei t, mm h less de-oand. other comes.
slons until pe hsd made uood his promise to ptovt le the safeguards w hich
were reiiijred of him. the asms s of o'her publ!'- service corpm a'lons
That is whit ens htm. and if be could tret a f. w I'mi" s're.-ts i losed nod
steal another frsiu hlse or two on tho spurious claim of conducting a h.ir
liable Ineiilution at Hand fprtiigv he coujl do tt. city printing fir the
mil fifty ers for nuthlni; and still lie she-id nf the game
K far as The World Is concerned Ms roiMfoi-ri tal ril'-e on s ri axerare
are much hither than th- ler,, isles for prln'itu', nnd It has no private
schemes to promote, no piiluie service onriccs.i'ois pt'.teM and is run
on slrlctn tiusiness loethids In gifts to charity are not for hnsi-ies
aggrandisement. cainouflaRe or the promoi.on of per.onnl prof lie. -rina
It has a weekly pin.ll if tin r Mm mil Is an It nt It ut i n wl'tnit any
divided a I lejr mil 1 1 t, et.se n Tu .a aid hi y i.'tor coi'itnut.ity or i.i'.-ie.t
It 'Tl lit only ii'liilili e i l-e to Its pr.'n.ts l-ut to tt.e i o' i ' i no 1 1 i us i
w hole, nnd all of the underhanded, i root, e I tn'-D,.,,) ,,f i-,. t , ,e-M-o
i-r undermine e.ih'-r Its siarnlir:.: or t's ti.owth ant (irocr-.s hiw not
affet ted It In the s!li:htr-l degn-e. ('. .- lis Its adveiitstng -..--" -it" l-iti ;,
on Its rate card, without the ;n, ( (,;.,. t itiiiir.g ti tln-ds or ttife . i of
ci erclun. and neither l'nr tn-r hil nr t cm -kia- how to -In t.,0-.i. t e,l'
mately. ethli ally or tin t he u ii i I f t tu t k t w nn n i . I i ,,
I the l ege pul'lli'St!"ti to do ll.e i lly j i ritinij at D,e )e,r,il r.in s m l n .'v
j offer to I be contra r v will be toer I hi ih w n h to cm er on I is in r tie nes
already,- ,, this wiier. iarP fijfhiinfr on a line northeant of liapaume, Peronne anrj
r.-.. u t.t j t I Ham hn not het-n aiihttUntiatetl by BritiMh official dispatcher
Uermany lining Third of H,t the Ilritinh rejiortn show that there has been a retircmenl
Men lor Drive in Went Ml various point.' eHpecially at St. (juentin where Field Mar.
kIiuI Ilain Bays hw forces have taken up their new position!
and are heavily enpafrcil with the enemy. ,,
Acconlinsr to a Jterlin official tlixpatch "a coniderabl
part of the l!riti"h army haa been beaten," but this in no!
borne out by any facts so far known. That 2",000 men ha?a
prmsibly been captured by the German, may be connideretj
as a natural result fif the slow Ilriti-sh withdrawal on various
parts of the line. This number, however, is very ma!l In
comparison to the forces Maif has thrown into the fray.
The frightful combat continued all day Saturday.
1 ' e i-reit oTinehe I, .is d. w -lop1 Drltlsh gun of nil cnllhers. The
ll itisti i ii h i i too. have b
LONDON, March 23 Tha battl ia continuing with tha
greatest mtennty on th whole front south of tho Scarpa
"''c Fi,f1, 1ar,h1 Haig'a report tonight announced.
South and wet of St. Qucntin our troopa hava Uktn up
thir new poiitiona and w are heavily engaged with the
"Great gallantry haa been ahown' by the troopi engaged
in the fighting in thia area and aouth thereof. The nineteenth
and ninth divisions distinguished themselves by the valor of
their defense. In one sector alone six hostile attacks, la two
of which German cavalry took part, were beaten off by one
of our infantry brigades.
"The enemy's attacks continue with great violence.'
f3---Tn Germans this evening were pressing their attach
hard on the right flank of the British near Ham, while on
the northern end of the battle line desperate fighting had
been going on since yesterday about Mory, which has changed
hands several times. ( ,
It is reported that some of the enemy infantry pushed
down across the Semme canal and drove forward again)
prepared positions to which the British had retired. y
German cavalry was seen behind the advancing jGeraiaa
infantry and there was small doubt that the attacking force
intended to make supreme effort to ruptiire the British
line in this sector, which Is near the junction of the French
and British lines. r
The British strategical withdrawal along the battle front '
to better positions has been carried out deliberately and in
accordance with the plan, where by saving the lives of British
troops while the attacking forces have been advancing undef
increasing difficulties with huge cost of life.
' About Mory, the battle has been esneciallv fierce and wk
the story of the British defense can be told it will be a record
i .1
i -
eo)ls to whom tln rotoi. I 'i
fruits TtiA- have :ilt.- .lv f'i,.-
Inenrly one third of t,. r r .,: n.
'tsesfern resoun e. nf m t t)t --..r
meseut int; one tenth ,.f ti.. . -.mi
front and ni'nt i-ooi fMie i,( f' l i; id
visions In the I !.. ...I t I
Hi siiitit fetitiire n nii(i.irsnl ,' ' " ' ' '" , nv o-"i
, ti" iieritii cnume tne is Kins
lis,.. nt.. eff iit i hte.k Into ihr iiuuo liittlsli prieouets and fouj
oiiMisi.t ..r f tjio-nttn, drive a.hundred fttins.
ii. I.'.. I., tw i n the I'ni'.li i.n l the 'I he t;ieat Imttle In Ihe srest haJ
i . in h I tmsli in-ri.s t'e Hotonie irnused nil other tics, to become o)
in I in Ii.- iii.nl I'.i.ltoii of minor iiu'iuris n hy coniirlsnn,
eii'to. i;l i l'l i
Moej.er' T- a nnd
' fees 'I
I Then !.- ,-
: 'he t tirh IIik
1 r'rlon In te vee
' f. I I inir lh it-
iltiMtiel Ireili n
In the rW. J lelilln
r ' ' . . th, i lertn.i n
1 1 r 'i the def eiisii a
I II resnt city mi in ill l-.-t r 1 1 H'll. for th" fl'st tine l... I, of
I the city. Hill end I lie fo.. el v (r i ii a sut 1. 1 is if between thii t f i-. .ml
jf' rty thou ni d doliwis. inet,-i.. of a it.-f,. .t i t ft.m, .y lo .1 h .. Ir d
llioiiMlliil ooil.irs. nn n has the 1 tl when luite r! , ., ,,t, ..f,
nnfsn was dotna the city fiititn-ir at t . " lots i.-i lm I. 1 n ,-..s of
the firemen, th. t'oli.e deinr' m nt n-,.1 nl: 1 n.i.!.e it Hi i'iy iu 1,. . M
Increased to anithln lis In toi- ta.tttte. In a Id. Inn to ...-,., ; u .
SIS mill e y. eo If It Is a M licet Ii. 11 if j .. y h.r t.e 1. ,i . 11. f. ' . , , .
with a bus!tie ad nu 'i t-.tr at n.n 1..11I1. . I .1 - m, k the 1 in n 1,, n . 1V . .,.,.
srterlr.e.l the nreeit adinin.str.'it,oi' 01 firnn.i.: the in, 1, if.,. 1 j K t,,
I'age and hi crowd, even if it ,-..t it. , m I'rn.ti i,: f..r ,.,.i,f. :. r .
not reiiiite an t-xperl iimtheiuatn mil tu uvlei ,11.1m ehi.li is Lott f ix the
Contractors, .
Supply Men
Vol! are eiii.e. In t'i.-,,
sn ' pen 1... "Ins a' thi
Ksi hsnr" K'-"ims. s-.tii ti.-4Ht
toner M-iiii 11 fd on 1
f'teet U t',dny evett'nir,
M ir. h 13 H, p. f.,.
IVife. beh"r -on sie n
men. her if the li'tmnee or
roit M illi l 1 r gr 1 ' I'o
...i t 1 ri- i i-i ti I . . 1.
Associated Builders
. .m l 1
ti .t'
hi ii.
1, II.'
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ir n ii 11
' l'ii,lH
I Ll- tl.i
It i'l 'he
ih rn
v e'ltn
ill r-
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r .
id t e n?-
oT tl.itii.
' ; "i in 1 " h
wept t.f
I I t.y I'
ll IS r k
.. I
1 1 ,.r
'I lie
r IV ll
. t "t t.l
tie '-r,
l-l l
,. Mil I
. 1 1 i-r - in
.11 t-i f'.-e.
I 1 11 111 .- '11 l-e
lo's. iirv -i d
l-IOIV th" t h' IO
he infiniri' c.i!
tn.-l 11
t ut i-oiiiioler.ilil" Interest a'litehes te
the iitin iiinceiiieiii of (l further Hilt,
Ish sm-i-esa In l ulestins where ;en.
er il All'-nt.ys troops btive fur- i d H
cro-sm of the nwr Jordun and lire,
fii-titli i their w iv eastw.iril ii(te
successfully IrldKl'iK the stream.
; riir n niti t
I 1 1 1 V K MI tl( SH
I V, .x.-MIINCTt M-ii'h ?I -trlt.
,tsli ti....ps y tii 1 ri i' hiw sue.
'""''I' "' ' 'i:i s'ejtcs'. shoclt
i.-i )- ii-h I .it 01 ii-i'iv Is the opln.
hoi if f-'I'i'V '.'ii ivi 'n to-ro affet
' O" ir-lli . . id 1 1 e 1! 1 1 i,i f lie fro?l
I ' hi I ' ! ,iii e mat : he llr!Mt
. b.iw et -it.. I .. tisi w i.-re the j
'in, I. vl'l''riv- I"VYIV y. hire ,hev
c.i'i, I 1 . ' 0 ,i u- I -tl 1 'oent,
, -V. ' t ' I I' l'l i.f'.i'.-.s h' I.. IlleSOl
i";- 'lo- ;' m:it tn tins ef.d,
1 1 is hee-; no .is of Hrl'leti
a ti 1
.''ei' n..
!r.i in
1 ties
I 11 I.
A '
1 '
i.eeo t
f. 1 I .
I ll
I 1
h'e t I v 1 '- -1 1- le 'n
1 .. ... .... v p., pi tl..
In. i'. iutiS slil bvili iu;
,r ''
. it vi is poiti'i'd on
bf iri one I s n rriulerel
'i': I 1 Ii blood.
- .'i. i:it.-n tn .prove.
-i: s '.;i I e uke. llve
': , t 1 ."ii .tid hiidii 11
,. h -. - ii-.u-i - i 1,. oxiirpnw
l.o'h '-J- , "f the) iii.ismi-s Af
: l 1 " i tii..ii'i-e nf the
' H l-i.-c.' I of hsjies av h t t
. I i- ' ir. 1 v There wis evl.
it it .i '"'d ! hear nut pre,
-.I..- 1 !,.;. vjv-i uiiti wita prenars)
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