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Tulsa daily world. [volume] (Tulsa, Indian Territory [Okla.]) 1905-1919, March 24, 1918, FINAL EDITION, AUTOMOBILE SECTION, Image 42

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We Can Make'lmmdiale Delivery on
Also have on hand several six cylinder models. We do not know
how long this condition will exist as it is going to be almost im
possible to get cars hereafter for several month to come.
Wc have a few
For delivery now They will be hard to get in a short time
"l " SPVDirP Our parts department has been enlarged and we can
J L7t CILC novv rcrulcr unsurpassed service to Rcoand Maxwell
owners. A broken part of either car can be replaced immediately.
Spaulding-Swinney Co.
109-11-13-15 S. Denver A ve. Phone 1135
Mi'IiiIkti lino. mihI onirlliiiilona
Willi Ml.. ..r Sulli-a ( !
Tlnic X !
watched the prn-
" l'f II,.- I .i.ii.ln Hljihw.iy two. .
lli. ii, n id. ,An in i ho tlatldp remain
lf lilt Wilh mi MIII.IIIM HITllon of
Ita I-1 no - .. in ir v mule, ami have
eeen In Hi- -li, n n n.-v ,,f w,r ih (In.
Imrtaiii . .win. h i m ,r ,, i-,l hlk"iiwne
can nmin,i-. will ,,nk with Inieitat
nil I lie Miili.i il Nf.iletnent nf 1 1 m t,liir
allnim f.,i .i;. j,, hi Mane, I by
apem-liitnm I 1 1 1 1 r Hip 13 in.ir.Oii
wlm h -1 . . t -il wi-li thf rn.1 Hi
iM.irii!ii..n f,,. al year, mi (i toiipr
3 1. IiiM. Ill '-.J wax r'Tlvi-l lii the
form ,,f f.,iii ,,- , r i 1 a iHlalllllu tllrtn
IithIii , i.-i .in I fiuni hiii'Ii in her
a.uin c i -..mi n, iiinim friim frlemla,
and it, !.'' ! 1 1 nr. inn nalea ll,tiurae
inenla inn,,, nil.-, I i.i :i,flii. which,
with a i. ii.ii .il Dip iiiiik of oll
i.llictv I I-. . ft a inlal
Il in.) i.f I I 4.1
In u.l.liii.m ... :i iintrlhullon., anl
re,pivea i.f ..if- l he nixtii'iaii m r
c.p. i!!l' i'f ii'1-.-i haiuli'w tn liA
tm-.l In I! i,"i j l ioiih the vjiiio of
Willi II IK .:ii, i.t HI. I I'.i.
il .illal.le ( . , r i in, hi I union of "i.e
I'liK null's 1 i.f cinrni roadway ncme
I I. .'.on I uii. n i f cement umlrlltiied
I'V iniiiiiif.i-iiii.ru of thnt irilur1,
l'Hiiirni nf i.l.ilKi a l.y fiiiimla,- mpm
I., ii I'.niilhi! ilu i (Inrlnu IIik prpapnt
eui iiiiiiiiini in 14. Ann. ami there
a ii l,,il in, i. nf 1 1 Mm ilu. ifr
, t..l iT :i I l.iM jp.ii iiml l.rfoiti ,,ntj.
Hit I
.V I .iI.iihi- -)y. ft i.f the atiicutiin
' "f ii tii.i ' 1 Hliuwa Ilu full.iw-
I'nll on
Ulff) I'rrp"" iM.nljr Munwl WUh
, i tun Utile IKiinIm.
flf,'nH1k iniMM. on a Any
off. nn-l nuntf Mm. Krrhly UvM
Y.AH in a itMMilry
I II tu.ikv H . .in) hmy t an
rink- ft M- '" ' i-rinil.
An. I r t in. i tiff
Hf t'W In t !i lit I"k Mi found
mf.i li.inkfurtt rs. a iN-At-M t i td
(iin iiri'l tlir.4 lUl.-.l hiritn,;.
"Htm f..i tuii.it- rn. .it in lh' vii y
l-ii pitt t i!.i m thlriK'" it iril
Ami Mm- h iu-. it nil up HP'l
thirf t ui fult cf .tt ml two of ,!-
,f V N'l til In KHtV nt to il-IK't
the fi '.imidihk- Then (mm.uiho h,
Lnrw H it a ntt'W iniist 1ki o lols
i-f .t i c r flu' put in a fci.i- t
dh c nt!. l it i t.iMcMpnonf u In i-f
Kr.it f till' IIH two parktiRi'N 'f
H iMti-K i 1 tui a ii n of natnuiti ainl
a half 4 .i h (f I tM -r h o lal.
1 1.-1 '. i), sit I art iiml h i ivHotor
w iin it nl tirwT Unown an Ii iur'H
lllh-M til ht.n hf''
"l'h w "' hf luinu'.l. "Yli.it'n
thai Hiui-il "
it n a u-w I tti.plo f.r you v Iv
my own 'lit.- l.r-t.'" h t..ll him,
'ii!it' .ttuiua'" iriril
V M uii'l oithwith hiit down iiml
.id- ln liti; p!;il. -fill uhilf Ills if'
w .i t 1 1 i him H.t i-aRi-i ! t lui t mIi: foi -:i.t
l it any hr:rlf
Tlni'i' hiHiif lai4 r Iti rMponsn to
I ... I I I 1. I h I I.I. .1 V .1 .... .. ....
No oi kfi tan at fin d to 1 , , ' , , . ' ...
j ami ranj; thv front tloor lo ll.
M-k r Hat Hoitiau
iMtciffrr it-mir on I.irr.
KRfthlon n oti of thff b-nt 1o
torn Hitmen hn. arol ihf hu tl
eri many m iiiit from th l'KUI
matM M 1 That f n l alonr H
mouth to fix li'-r firmly on Imt
Thrre'n nothlttK 1 1 K a n'W froi k
or hat for kiyimk a voiiukii a new
fAM on llf. i a l m.i ii h-r hiirltf uiol
rurlnif hr of nrrvi i'h.th'H hoar
4i Honor relationship u h'Milth than
many propl Itroiulnr at It ant
tthfr th ordliiHrv wumiui 1m ron
ori.pd. Ami yn ve :nt to r'imm
hrr thnt Ihrri ar m.M tii'liuarv
wiinifn than exir;.irlin it out s in
th world
Kvrn if huhhy lut.i t" p.iy out
mm h iniuii'y fur that n aMun at
Mtnf Mo-aml Sou, h may nafHv t -1 i
hlmaclf ttxtt h- In tin k,iiih t. tor to
KlH Kootl HpllltM HiHtf.nl of (h ptcn
Ion ami ki umMiiiK to kfr hiin
rompuriy, ami prnhahly miv.h h in
llttlH wotmiti from a nn vouh I-i iU -'
down In 1 h harrain
Horn womfn of ttiront: rhaiailt-ri
ar tlny1HK tht'inM'lvi M ioy frot kM i
t'ltogrther JiiHt how Hut you iin j
Dally find that thry've I.. ft of r.ood
ulira tii wear out. ami 1t.kl they hr
Iimik to lhi Ht w hrr rlolhri inolj
hring unit ilr'HtO'l it i not niatfiT anl
far an thi'lr i Iluhih in 1 1 f ' k
If ou t Ihmjhu tutri a yi'.ir mi i
my K" Hhout In i.hh if ,n 1 1 k aiol j
only h i a I ii1! it ftitrir. hut 1 '
hntlly ilrpHMi il. if you'll- a wmii-r i
an! vrifTit n mw poxt, ami ymi II It'
of ft' r i uh low a n.iIm ry km la rt- ! j
be Mhahhy
The Dependability
of your
Rests upon you putting them in tne hands of
men who know how for repair
Auto Repair & Ignition Co.
I'llilllI'M nr Hi ia h 1 V
rlothi-M Upiii'i'kh a
dlil -fiiNhlntipil
rlnthi'N or ilull
'I'llP llhrl tllullt I r.llli'il nil
I'l'KK)'. Hk h iiuiklnic iiiiinilliii,n nil
. ini.A.Nrr siifKT s ojr orroiiEii ;u. ii7.
n.l wntlini (.li ( bf!o) lltft?'.T
I iirrfn
1 lli.lt ll.iilm i' rirlv-ll. wtlh hank. I rnnll.l
'I in. I liirul. for . on.iMiriHinal iurta (.i roiitia)
' li 1 ulif-r (iiii.I
X illj Overland fund , .
,$i VHi on
41 n'.''i .!
'.'Jliu -J
fifflr furnlliira anil piiipmanl If.a ri'prarialinn
taun.i.ii ,lilca a.auil.la fur luliira (rnrral purfoan.
Aiil,l. dnnnf 1111 7 f 4 Min no
. v4'llili ilurini mill i ...r,iin n,l
Ma. labia during 1 0 1 1J (i.nuo ih)
1 1 1 onn
loul j;,,;ii
liiiri-nt lial.ililira t jr..'.:'.'
i ontiit iilma' di.i..,.iu with Lanlka 7 17
'I nut lull,!, (or nil, .11 u I icj i a I nrt,."i 4'i.pJ'J .',j
t ' ii r j. I ii (I'liial li,l ami niai.-rial a..i.. inilu.liiif l.,lgi-a falling ilua
Ji,liii ni'.l llirra )i.i i 47. ?i
'1 1( itl
m .mi
1 iXU'' 4r AM H
m trucks
Tlii1 rnfr.
Hp alii ami wiitrhi-a tha loom of llfp.
Ami- ttriivf Hip wurp anil the
Win if of til,
i iiiitrnl,
Ami tii th fabric that mum
In uiiMinvin tncautiit e, th man uf
Month aftpr month, ami year aritr
In ilnva of aunahlna, In nlfihta of
The tirplpwi WnAvrr la at tha
On li a iiiiiIIk, or In ry a (par.
In workshop amoU, nvpr ppn by
Ho at'nvrs unrpaalnaly tha ar
All Pllfiitlv h rtlatllla the iIpw.
In atrK'l lurur.l with a wrll-wrol
pl.in. n
Hp Krpa ilpfpfla with a watrhfn! pvp.
In woof ii knot, or '1 warp a flnw.
That ninrka tha Wravrr'a un
ih.iiiKlntl In.
Ami mnkf'N Him lirraOi an until, I
ilt'ii alKli.
wi'iivpH tha rloth Into fine rlp-
From imtlprna jnaMp In tha hpa-
i.iin hIiuv.,
I mirk, with tha unappn ham!
of Imp,
And womlroiis color Ila Inter
twlnra. The ahnlllp fllcii with a quirk rp
l.oiin.1. In forming hnhlta. In bulMInK
TrnnHfnrinltiK IhPin Into Ritlitpn
To lili'xa 1 1 . n k 1 nil with a y pro
fiiiin.l. ,
I'nrrrl'.t anil w,iii,c a."l, t I. Wl i7. Till, fimpriia tfla fullnwinc:
la.linl l..i n Ii ,urrpiil a,-rount . . , . $,4"l'"
1 a ii p.r imt ifaiinriil on l-lhuty Hnnd .ur. ha. a "J,',On n.t , .',u i')
Ai'i omil. tfi-rivahli', ailvrrll.ltig. inilr, lua., all' , lu. ri'.i'rva
fur iH.iil-lfnl a1 r la .','.' 1 .'.'
,,',i,.iii. icrml,!'. anndrlra r-.!4 07
J ii r. Hint ir. H, i 7.1 4 I
, II4.KI -.7
iluy an rvery il.iy, ainl HtukliiK to
liar l.,li l . . t- II, ,t t..,.L.. i,u
iroittl of hpr. Hut i.t 1 o'l'lnr
otlipr n'Klit kIip na mill In In r
worklnK rlolhra nml In il fit of Mm h
1 MPiit hpr il Mt u ith to huvp a bath. '
to do hpr hair In thn prpltlpnl way
ah knoaa ami put on hpr flufflmt
frock. At o 'clock yon wnul.ln t
hava known I'PKry for th aamv en I
JuiIpiI uprvra can hp -ntnn'il aiul
niilp n or in al hy it romplpln cliiinj;i i
of rlothliiR. ami t.n mlnutf.i .Ktolcn ,
from alppp for a beauty pxrrci.sc nf ;
aomp kind la a net ;nln In ttn piul.
If you'rp a woman -juat nn or. Un
ary woman with not "hluhfalutin" ,
lilpnla atiout yourself - n ml you f.e 1
that the bottom I a fiillliiK out of Hip
world, Jut mpc If you cun t ko out
and buy aomel blng npw. Kvpii n Hi
cent lace collar of thn Ifitrnt f.i.shlon
may make the world look rimy nkum.
Thn I'nlhcrlpwt ( lilldn-n of I'rani-. 1
WImp, pconumlcal Ahlitl-Janx
l.anpil fnB her miK llmouninn to
pxiilatn !
"Ilejp n Kipnch orphan Kivn tcn.i
cPllta a day'.'
I couldn't afford it -that's too rmn h ;
to pay! i
My boots poat ten -fifty, my plovcn
Hit it pair.
r'lva dollara a liottlo tho acent for
my hair I
t love I idle ihlldrcn, but yet It la,
rial ii i
t can't fepd an orphan." aliihed Aid-j
fcnl-Jiiotv I
(WlaP, proiuiinlral AhlRal Jane! )
Silly, extravagant Kllen ii'M.iv I
(Worka In a leataurunt down on,
lroaiay j
"I cud walk In pia )ob -hat'a u
cnrCarn to inr,
If 'twould help a wpp Kernchoian '
that'a over the urn .' j
Ten rlnta a duy Iih it puppr o'
dn !
I ll pay for thn klit, nn' I wtxh Iip '
waa tln'-"
(Silly, extravafc'.int Kllen O'Ma)')
of releatial
motor wm
Steel Crossniembcrs
The unique feature of Jhi mt'lhoil nf
iprlnff sunperiHion i.t that tho nirinKn lire
necurely connected together across the
frame by means of h rigid steel cross
member, so designed nnti jroportionctl
to withstand and take rough roads with
out undue strain to frunie or mechanical
parts. Sandow construction defies com
parison. Sandow Safety Starter
'An ingenious exclusive feature located
on the dash, designed no the driver nii'v
Bee what he is doing, and indicates tliV
accurate setting of the upark to a posi
tion of safety.
Eliminates all possibility of the motor
"kicking back."
A Safety Starter which prevents the
danger of a broken arm.
tonmurr ii?. sandow motor TRW a
Sandow Power Increascr
Increases tho horse power, gives more
miles on n gallon of gasoline, silences
the motor bettor ami without the back
pressure of the ordinary muffler guar
anteed for 10 yearsmade in one solid
lasting exclusively on Sandow Trucks.
Sandow Motor Suspension
Another exclusive feature, the invoiij
lion of Sandow engineers. Removes the
strain between frame and mojor. Does
away with the possibility of broken mo
tor legs.
A broken motor leg requires the re
moval of the entire crank case. San
,l'w Motor Suspension eliminates these
Sandow Quick Motor Remover
So designed that the motor or cour to timing gears may be removed in a few
minutes, without the usual difficulty of dssiwembling the entire truck. The sim-
ilicitjr of this features makes it possible to remove tho power plant from the chassis
n forty-(ive minutes without disturbing the Hash, Steering ('.ear or Hody. Owners
of "fleet of Sandows" when provided with one extra motor will insure almost
constant use of trucks by avoiding delays when motor is overhauled.
Corner Boulder and Cameron Phone 7564
Up Inwenvpa Ihrpada
A in k chorda of anellr harmony.
Iiialgjipil for garmanta of praian
on hlk'h.
Whpn no morn Riving on; In thp
Hp acca the woof of a ruined until:
At on, e Ilia heart la a bleedum
I null cam,
I lie would remodel the warp and
i halii.
I And make the fabric all trnnr and
j whole.
With p.-itlenre knowlMR no flight of
j tlnip
Tho faithful wp.iver aita at )il
i loom.
I l'ntil hia work at the Pnd of doom,
Sli.il alu.w jprfectlon In lljiht auh
I lime.
! J M Cavanoaa.'
( ii-iH'iratliiii!
' Williiv Bis r,l . haa hia own Ideas
uhnut i hoi atuff. Willie upprura
to f it or a modified tiary evatem
woik and nl inly.
So when. In hiIp if thp elpetlon
of ll.vlan. real arhool refnrm didn't
pern In he Ki tlinn itnywherp, W'IIUp
took the Inliti.itlte.
( I'ut Willie no ISid'hevikl rp-fotmi-r
After a day or two he dp
cldcd t c.iinoufliiirp hla achPme
lth a linw of i onnprvatlam. Thia
reiiulrpd co operation
An elder hoy readily aurppd to
wiMp a nnti. to tem her. which W il
lie KUl!rlfnty ilellipred
"What a It lihmit. lllir " ak,'d
teachiT. who nila manv notea
"H e from i'iv niainnia." Idandlv
rec I. I W illle. and tt nam I am an k
and please piiiikp m for not helnic
at hchool."
Ten her opened the note. It
i "pear teacher: WHIle h.ia heen
i!iiyior hookey I'leaae Klip him
liell and ohliae hla mother''
Thr Hclitht itt lti kl-eeneaa.
"Iioea our alfe pl.iy hrldRo for
, mone "
"Wnraa than thnt When I went
honiP etPr,lav he and aome of the
neiKhlMTa w-rc L,iin,inc for a a, in.
Cy$&r Ay
And are daily in Tulsa, exemplifying tie highest type of tire service that is
possible to buy. .
Unless you care nothing for expense thir record of clean performances should
interest you.
1'hev reduce your tire upkeep W!I 1-2 to by compelling casings that aie only
guaranteed for 5,000 to C.000 miles to deliver 10,000, 12,000, 15,000, and even
18,000 miles under air; why? because they compel casings to always stand up,
ami the friction is distributed over a minimum tread only. -They
reduce your Inner Tube ex,ponse 100 per cent, because none arc necessary.
They reduce your puncture and blowout bills 100 per cent, because these also
are unnecessary.
Whatever lossjof time, money and grief you lose on account of not being able to
romplete a' trip, whether under load or not, National Tire Cushions cut this item
to nothing.
Scores of satisfied customers in Tulsa, names furnished if you are interested.
They are unaffected by changes of tmperature, never harden, flatten, crack, melt
nor dissolve.
At an equal AIR equivalent they ride easier than AIR.
Guaranteed for 5 years against any deterioration whatsoever.
Can be transferred from old to new casings for 5 years.
Satisfaction guaranteed or money refunded.
Have stood all tho gruejing tests for 6 years.
Oklahoma Tire Filler Co.
A'o. A'o. Frixto Ate.
Vhone 6187
TV a 0ypy fnr a rouple of day.
mto your saddle take your ttidecnr
Join the nmtnrcjclp (ivpsies with a
Harley-Davidson, lii.lo in the f)13
tional (i.vpsy Tours, June I.th and 16th.
Tli- i;17 (iypsy Tour were an unquali
fied succc!. TLc riders voted them to bo
sn annual fortirity among motoreyeliirts.
The (lypy Toiirs are our expretwior. of
joy and plrantire a chance for a care free,
two-day ramble into the country. Fathers,
mothers, rhddren, iweetheart! all ride)
out into -tho open for in the open tha
rider of a
Foe U YraaTba Ulr Maul
ii in his otrn. rnrincr flvpr days vvr
riders are takj-n into the fraternity of tho
Kiiieht. nf tjio (iasoliue Mount,
('Id riders renew aeqtmintanecs rhildrrn
"gambol ou the green." On all heads
rests contentment. The Cypiry Tours are
the climax of the motorcycle year. Every
motor that can run, every wheel that can
lum, is going. Come on along get a new
llarley-Davidaon for the trip I
KM la 16.00
aaaatli kiaaa
Harlrr Daeaiaaa
525 S. Xanthus : PhoneOsage42
Haea feat aaaa
tW M Haripf
Da eia.aa Baryta. ?

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