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VOL. XIII, NO. 189
J ))
VI 7
Rusarian Coal Miner Shot
tv Officer WIUIC KCSlHt
injr Arrest at Hickory.
Declared "lluns were ?ure to
Win and Wished He Were
There to Help Them."
Officer Mains PursurJd Alleg
ed Pro-German and Shot
Him in Gun Battle.
After timkliiff alleged disloyal re-
rr irKM, Mrpne ivenun, a t.ut..-.
i. . . i . ..lan jiv sr-
I1.11HT, .IMS ,y rat.
trrnnon near Hickory, by Officer
,.. M mia of the Tulsa police, im
ni attempting, to escape puru
ir.i; i.ffl' err. after lie had fired mi
them. Mfi men
The Weather J
Tl I.8A. Warrh it Mailimim DO, mm
it: u mi ;u- north wind.: rlrar i..
OKLAHOMA: Mond.y and Tan, 1. 7.
fair. ikrmr
IjOIIHIANA: Monday fair. Btoilerst
lrmrrrBlure- Ttiaa.tay fair, mrmtr.
ARKANHAH- Muoday anil lu.0r lair,
riainf tfunjiKralitrfl,
rr lEXAJt: oniiav ana 1 uemiaj
fair. tilling temperature In th. tnlnrior
w r,KI ir.XAM: Mannar lair, warmer
north fMirtion; Tuaday fair,
KVS.HAS, air Monday and e.rolial.1).
Tuettlay , aioilcrala lenii. nature
Plans Taken from Prisoners
Show Objectives Not
Reached on Time.
Peel area
7,il"i Mjp'B "M -Copies 'f
the tinman plnn of iiffensne liken
111. ill iiiIiiih.i. aiorni 1 IHhf 111 LoU-
a few noura iaior M ,.... r.,rr.,..n, m Hrltinh hid-
"iiartrre, show the enemy ol.jct
1 1 v weir us follows;
"FirHt day, average pen.-tratlnn
along the wnnle front of attack eight
kilometers: serodn dsv. twelve kil
ometers; and on the third day, be
yond which the rhfinf does not ap
pear to be. carried, twenty kllooie
lors. "Th sur.-os attained thin fr falls
much Khort of thco objectives, the
dieputch elates."
I hi- Oklahoma Hospital.
Hie shooting of lvenoff Is the see
mi tu i..;i'tir within two days In this
h mity over alleged unpatriotic re
ni.irK. .loe Srlng was killed at the
Km v restaurant ratiirday night,
h- )io Is said to have uttered pro
(Irrnian sentlmenta In the presence
of s. I.. Miller, pit operative of tho
riiumU of defense, who told the po
ln hii iIm1 the ihootlnK.
Ho Wanted to Help K.ncmy.
I.i in.ff was at Ihii dinner table
y.-'erd.iy at noon In company with
'..i, ii others. IncludliiK' I' A. Nw
IM..11. J. I'. Urania, Joe MfQuery and
Vulier Wlnton. A dlacuselon over
the present battle m th went front
mc'e, when lvennff la aald to have
oruired that "(icrtnany was a bet
nr count ry than the I'nlted Klides,
and that the Hermans wrre winning
ami were sura to win the war, and
thiit ho only hoped he sal over
thue to help them."
I'.ietvlieit, the boardlnar house pro
prietor, at once riimo to Tulsa to
notify tl.o polio and enlist their aid
in rupturlnc the man. Henry t'ar
nl luiel and John Main returned to
III. km y with Hlervllett, to find that
l'.pnutf had left. t'armlchael and J
oMi'is started back In the auto,'
ahtln Mama and lllprvllett started
oowii the Katy tracks. They catiKht
Kin of the fleeftls; ltulajarlan about
. mile out of Hickory, and Mama
ijtlf.l to the man to slop.
KlrtM no OfflKcr.
"You outlaw American I
wont stop." Ivenoff t aald to hfcve
rriilir and at the same time, ac
eori1in to the officers, he opened
firs on Mains. Klrlnn an automatic,
lifnouf narrowly mltared Malna and
line Kun then refused to work. Mama
fire.i at his assailant, and two shots
luuk effect, one in the head, and
ihn oilier In tho ahdoiiien. The lat
ter ml llrted the fatal wound.
At this Juuuture a train came by,
and Mania narrowly escaped belnsT
run down. As It was lvenoff and
Hiervllett were on one "Ide and
Mains on the other aide of the track
a the train' passed by. The two
former engaged in A hand-to-hand
f.Kht, and Hlervllett saya lvenoff
thnt at him. He received some
woumla o.t the back o the head but
they iiil not prove serious, and he
us able to return home.
The body of lvenoff was brought
to the Oklahoma hoaplta.1 by Mow
trays. Utile Is known of the man
i'pt. according to the miners, he
hsi been outspoken In hla prrr-der-man
pcViclivlflea, slandlng behind
H'llKarln, which Is one of the coun
tnin silled with Oertnany.
lu; ll.irolil MlnekleV Halldolph.
I.M.ihn. William lluli hliiK. in. Now
iok John I". HutililtiHiin, llimlon,
llarrv llavuen New Vork. William
it'. Kenned. I trunk ly ii : llarrv I a -er.i.
New lurk. John Mffarty.
' Haverhill ii-Ii ot Klvenl; Thomas
I Mel lat run. Ne- inV: John Mi
lt any. New lieilf.itil. Mass; I'rank
! Mcll'iKheh. N York.
I I rini Mieiinicr Voltaire, captured
In the All. uitli- Jieoeiiiher -. IKIti:
1 minis J Hat rliiiftiiii. l-reds. Knif.
I I III1 IIIIIOWIIIK ttiHIiirri vmi--
' lure. I at (iiilUleiiNl'l . MlMMlinnr a",
I Vt 1 7 . and are. it l lamp Imlrtien:
IITIvatea I'nink Itrooks, Umdon;
ii'harlia lieoKhi-aun. New York; John
I HllV, West" he-ter. N. Y : 1 irlcll
Mallei'. New V.ik. I l.ii 1 v Mason.
leiM-y tllv; flci.iiin Sraiuaii, I X
Island- fetor TImlo inn
Klveiii: lleiliirt leu
M.WS Wi ll, V.XVi ITI I)
DAYS It Fill UN III ItlllT.
1iNlKl.N, March The Heilln
Vosslschn Zeltimna war correspon
dent telesrrsphlng from the nelKh
horhood of the (Use. Is quoted by the
I'entral News correspondent at Am
at) rdatn as saying:
"All of our movements hate taken
place with miraculous oMictltud",
according to the pirns of the master
who orKanlxed the attack. The Kng
llph are defending themselves brave
ly but the Hrltlsh command was not
equal to the attark which, altho
doubtless foreseen, probably waa not
expected am early."
l rged to Continue llcrolo F.fforts
to ITovenl .ennans
nrmktriff Throuch.
INnONT. March J4 The follow.
Ing teleirram dsted March II ha
been sent to the general officers
commandlnj the third and fifth
Hrltish armies:
"The field niarshnl commanding In
chief senda his congratulations to
the trons of your army on their
splendid defense today, He rellos
upon their continued steadfastness
and- with It the enemy's last hope of
"Nothing we have henrd up to the
present would had mo to think that
anvthtne- haa happened which could
not hava been expected, 1 nere is
no reason to come to the conclusion
that things are looking bad." tien
eral Hlr Horace . Iockwood Bmlth
riorrlen suya In an Interview with
the Dispatch.
Allied Colonies Caught
While Fleeing Petrograd,"
Mull Intended for uny prisoner of war Interned In liornumy should
N aildri-d to the primmer by wmio fullimiil by ' Xmerti an prisoner
of War, via New ork elt," and the name nod loention of (he prismi
i a in p at which he It liuermsl.
W SHlN!Tii.N. March Z I The
rallies of alioiit :!01t Atoerb imi held
as prlsunern in (lerinatiy hae been
transmitted to the state department
thrnuuh the r!pn.-h emlissey at Her
Iterne. Some or those held are m.I
tllera captured on the field of battle
ami others are civilians and sailors
tulsen from ships.
The aaniea of prlMinvrs lire us
Cninp ilrniideiiburg.
From the steamer Nullum, cap
tared In the North se.i iiotoher
ll(l: Herbert Henry, lirooklyn;
Coi ll Savelv, South f hlladelplil i;
Arthur t'ilHle. cNw York; Mike
fcrrlhle l.os AnxeleM; Theophllollus
.Inuns ItroiiKlvn. I
I'roni tho steamer Ksmernldas,
CBiture. In the A t Ih lit h- Mnieh In,
I a I ; - I'.hner Suri eiiren, I tiuaoe-i
i.hlu: I'aiilel tlerritl. Hhiimol-ln.
fa.; Walti-r ferklns. Whitley, Kv ;
Kdward McUoniill, nddrcss not
given; William Khoinwoii, James-
lown. N. 1.: l i enerii K nione, " ""M. i r,( .
lUKton. William raiser, riemei. .-..i
V.: I'M ward Martin. Haltlunire. Md;
John Hawyer, liihuiiH', luivii;
Thomas Inirfee, lioaton. Mass; faiil
Naael. H.'lltvtllc, N. J , Ijiiii Yonilln,
New York.
Krnm tho'sleatner t'amjjaiis. rap
lured In Hay of Klscay, August (I,
1517: Allred tillver. New York;
James l'elunev. lirooklyn; Hay
lioop, lloyne ( it). Midi ; Charles)
Kline, HendliiK. I'a : l'red Jacobs,
I'Ktsbtirgh: Allu'ri, William Miller,
Houth chlcaKo.
From the steamer Herern, cnu
ttired In the Atltintlo I'rliruary J.
1917: John l.epo, Italtlmore.
lYom the steanier nuii-Mirian. rap- K . Jlarrv tlllmor
tared In the Atlantic January . i. K In a-ii im. Ontario: oh.ln fllenhan,
1917; Jatnra .Hiimuels, Klunston, Ja- , ,,,(, mi,,,., Maxa , Han Goodman,
mnlra. .,,.w Yoik.
I'rom the steiimrr Mount, Temple. -rnm steamer P.rek nockahlrt . cap.
place and date of rapture mil given : , ,h(I Atlantic February 17.
ltaoul lliuilcrs. address unknown. , ,7 , ,.nm, tllirn; ,0wls Kaater.
From tho destroyer Jacob Jones. u H,h.
sunk III the (.ngliah channel Orcein-
ber f 1S1T: Albert He Mell. New tamp lUMait.
lledford. Maa ; John V. .Murphy, Haden A.IJied I lixon . civilian ep.
Newport, It. I. , '"f"'1 :, 1 'n" November 11. ll
Camp Iul...e... Ad.lre.. not Riven
.T'h-r Ju L'lu Amlersoi:; -n-l Vete-lnarian Oevl.,, McKlrlin
HaltlmoVe; Thomas W. Itallon. Hal- ork. bet I, -P'7 Nor th
tlninre- Charles Carrell llobart Hal- Atlantic from steamer Leorlglc; lr.
more! iCna Moyki" Anderson. Herbert Hinder. Norfolk . from ,n.
S. r : llarnev Hnyle. Helrolt. Mid..; er YoltaDe in North Atlantic; Vet-
.1 William Hreeii. lioaton; Oscar C. erlniinan Richard ahrlskie, Kngle-
Hyrd Roanoke, Va : John Carr. wood. N: J. frum steamer Mount
Hulilin, Irelandi Frederick W. Car- Temple In North Atlantic,
ter. Newport News, Va ; I'M ward H. f imp Tncluvl, West I'msala.
Caskey, Jersey City. N. J.: Henry J. -Captured at leHas-lithrlngton.
Martin, Walton. Flu.; Harry Mason. i'ovemhnr II, 1M7. ,.rgt Kdgur H.
Haltlmore; Walter Mason. Haiti- Hulyliurtnn, ftlnny 'J'olnt, N. I1.. and
more; John Miller. 'Wiiitlmore; t. frvat"s Clyde J. Orinisley, HtiK kton,
l.ouls Mlti'hell. Haltlmore; Thomas (, an ;" John I. t.ester. Tiitwllerm,
Moore, Norfolk. 'a.; Joseph ,W MMs.; Harry It. IiiiKhnian, ClilrriKO;
Morgan, fnwuu ket. It. 1 ; Joseph rrhol 'lodfroy. Chicago: Vernon
O'eoimer. Italtlinore; futrlck oCori- Krni)Rn. f nil, okla : Hi.yt lie. ker.
per. McKeesport, f a ; IwhIIs K. -inr.,,n,.s. Ind ; I'nmel II. C.nllaher.
fodlitn. Louisville, Ky.; I "n til I'hll- ,Ht IHoikton. Ala.
hps. I'BSiulrna. Cel.; Ailllen Kef- Camp .Mlndcn.
rolds. Ijim-aster. fa : llernard Hog- ca,ltred at Uazeaurnurt, Novem-
ers. Ceres. Va.: Kvecett II. Hani- , h,,., Marshal,
hardt. Charlotte, N. C ; Rosery Hw,.rBn N y
Ferry. Mldilletown Conn ; Joahnn : r.ir!l).,n. .
Aaerbach. Nor.letiham, William Al- K,,m,lnfl i.emme... elvllran. date,
tona. Joseph Iteyrees, I astel; Au- . rBplr(l nnH addres- not given,
rust Re.lh, TurnUoul, (art Itilt". llPliPnt.
Altnona. Captured In Herman cities- Jeaf
Bi i anip i.iiiiiien. ........ "..... ., .a,ir..
lirooklyn; W illiam Adams, Hrook- "" '"' '"' '" ' ,,
Hy,"iey,N;ryoNrr.nkr i Vavlo r. rm an enemy nr.in.n, ships O,-
lirooklyn A rthur F I hlmine. New tober l.H: Herbert Henry and
York; Charles K. W illiams, Cam- Oeorire fiawerr. address not rl' n
bridge. Mass ; aaJeph Hlake. Hrook- '""'I' -..
lyn; John Allen. New Vork; John Crlstlan Keppl ir no detslls J.ver.
...., i.-.i.. i....,.h etf n Fsrnhsrdt. ' hnrlotte. N t ;
rranj, i mil. . ,,, 'i i ,...., IA -rnrl,
lirooklyn; Kdward w. "tumm i e n-.-. ...... .-e-, . ...
Albany, N. Y.; Kdward Carle, jetty; enrroro i. -lori.ie. nrI.oioa.....
: Iwis r. rinnoiirT. ,iunnm, m,;
Teutonic Hordes Fight Forward Taking
Town of Chauny From Gallant English
Monster German Cannon
Continue Bombardment
on French Capital
British Destroying French
Villages Before Advancing
German Army
Citizens Believe Huns Through Line
When Shells From New Conception
Begin Breaking in City
PARIS, March 24. The German "monHter cannon" which
has been bombarding Paria haa been located in the forest of
St. Gobain, west of Laon and exactly 122 kilometers (ap
proximately 75 miles) from the Paris city hall,
The Run bombarded Paris durijik the greater part of Sun
day. The day was ushered In by loud explosions from the
10-inch shells, and immediately tho alarm to take cover was
llr.tUlL-n- v.lwnrit Clark f 111 adel
MOSCOW', March 24 An Inter-1 phla: Martin J. Connidly. lirooklyn; Henry Hendrev. Norfolk. : Mike
repted Herman wireless message aaya j Krink Ialv. Indianapolis; A Ibert j Holland. Kalttm re; 'leonre H ?olr,
that many members of the French i i icpew. Yonkers, N. Y ; lllehanl Veiv Yr: I
and Hrltlsh colonlea fleeing from I loimellv. New York; Vlnlahy Kditeg, I Mars ; Thon-ssll M. ;-nrhv. Idrh-
l m,,.l l, lha V.w lln.ir.ir.l Mass- A ill Fern III ' moll. L H .: .inioei M nn, i.eii.-
IIIAIIT n I- rilMlirrnfl ' i .n .mj .,Uei wn s.u.- v,,rU- Arthur 1 . Field. Ynnk-ison Wihlo; ttoheef H HmltrT. Tlaltl-
IVIIhli I ht tMll rotrni 'cr"'" 7.. i.. i rr.,m. im. -.lf ,n. N Y: limn. W, Fields. Ihlla- nio.e. Will,;..,, r Smith.. Harper
Niehlnittrm Don Ms Ttmt Any of V. 8.
FlKhtlnx Cnlta Have Hern
of Finland to Pwed'n. The raptlvcs
the message said, were sent to con
centration camps.
Newark, N.
.1 : Mllon van Oeinai k. New Fiatae.
N. Y ; Corporal Frank I pton. New
York; William MrKellnr. Tampa,
Via : James Ma.llgan, Hiouklyn; Kd
Milton. Yonkeiw, N Y . :
John Marco, New York; Thomas
Martin, Urooklyii. Warren Middle
too. Toledo, Ohio; Walter Moffett.
Ilrookhn; John Nberg, New York;
t ail W. Ognn, New York; John
o Uouark, New Jersey; Patrick
O'Slie.i, New York. James farJ.er,
Jersey City. N. J ; Hems Rein. Rind
Point', Idaho. Kdward Itoehe. Yonk
its, N' Y : John Ran, New York;
t'hailes Scott, New York; Joseph
Sigimond, New Yolk; James Hlina,
New Y ork.
i n.,,, ,i,e steamer Mount T'inpi-.i j d Thi 0Cf.urred 'at 6:55 o'clock and many persons
L, " '.?..ih' mA': C cht hL,r. ht neater numbers of them appeared in the
tireai, Liverpool, itaonond (nibert. strpets on their way to the churches, which were almost as
""I ii -ii.i I rri.. , u,k anil rinlm lonvoi nn
Weil llllt'tl HB U"UBI. IlltJ TlUllltll eiiw ev.i -
Palm KnnHv Hid thpir usual thrivinsr business.
At firai fhp ah hptran arrlv nir at intervals 01 iwcmy
minutes and the detonations, considering the Sunday calm,
seemed louder than those of Saturday. Their power to dis
turb the equanimity of the populace, however, Beemea less,
the people refusing to be distractd from their Sunday habits
to any great extent.
Warning U Iud.
For the benefit of that portion, of the populace which had
been led to believe the Germans had broken through the
line and were bombarding Paris from nearby positions, a
semi-official note was Issued during tho day. This warned
lha nannla ncrainat believinif DCSsimistic reports.
"The French front is intact," said the note. "Any asser
tion to the contrary Is a lie."
tv, VinmriAritrnpnt of the caoital ended around I o clock
and as late as 3 o'clock no explosions had been heard for
mnr than an hour. The "clear slnal" was sounded at 3:30
.rV.A.lf '
Although during.the earlier hours of the bombardment
the shells arrived in twenty-minute intervals, later in ,jahe
day they began arriving every nrteen minuies on me avtr
age and some of them even fell twelve minutes apart.
a. f n It I
I wo luni Deing mcu,
In military circles the belief was expressed that the Ger
mans were using two long distance guns. The Matin says
the position of one of the guns was established In the St.
Gobain forest which would place it Bomewhat further south
than had been believed and in the wooded area. This posi
tion would be about seventy-five miles from Paris.
During the early hours of the morning traffic in. the
street of Paris was shut down or curtailed, dui Deiore noon
both the streets and the city showed great animation. Dur
ing the day large numbers of persons, unable to secure means
of transport to take them to their destinaiions walked in
order that they might keep their appointments. As is usual
when aircraft warnings are sounded, large numbers of th.0
populace sought shelter in the subways and in basements of
Warning for Bombardment.
The 'government has decided that in the future the bom
bardment of Paris by long distance gumrshall not Interrupt
the normal life of the capital, but that the population shall
be warned of a bombardment by distinctive means, differing
h. al Yunrnincs sent out in cases of air raids.
Drums will be beaten and the police will sound whistles.
Berlin Claiming Capture of Some Thirty
Thousand Prisoners nnd Enormous
Quantities of Booty
BERLIN, via London, March 24. Tho rtrting Brit
iah aro burning French town and villages whU tho Gr
man are still going forward between tho Sommo and Am
Oi'm, y tho official communication in Berlin issued to
night. Enormous quantities of booty have been takon.
"Between tho Sommo and tho Oiso our corps aro fighting
their way forward. Chauny has boon taken. ,
"Our booty in war material is enrmous. Tho English in
their retirement are burning French towns nd Villages.,
"Wo have bombarded the fortress of Paris with long diss
tanco guns."
"A gigantic struggle ' is taking place for Bapaumo. A
battle is in progress on the Transloy-Combles-Maurepas lute.
"Tho Sommo has boon crossed at many points in our at
tack between Peronne and Ham."
LONDON. Match 24 "Freeh hostile' attacks dovelopod
this morning in great strength on the whole battle front,"
says Field Marshal Haig's report from headquarters, and
they havecontinuod thruout the day."
"Further north repeated assaults by Urge bediet of Ceo
man infantry have been repulsed with heavy loss to the em
.as a a. I a M . m. ai
emy. in this fighting the Bevemeentn ana romem amatotu
greatly distinguished themselves, beating off many hostile
LONDON, March 24.- An official report on theaerial
operations says that 54 enemy airplnes hate been brought
rk: Arthur. 1). Field.
delphla; Peter J. liallnnhcr, A mlly Ferrv, W Va : W lllett c. MinlM.
Villa. L. 1 : Robert e.llmore. Provl- I Sooth Purn-.iMi, Conn ; W'-ilt -r Yrotit.
denre. It. I ; John I.. Hartley, Hrook-, W nshltiifton, I. f ; Jee Wallace,.
'n hits been received here to dndl-
t that American rKlnipnta were
kr'Mnhl Into the flsrhtlna; aa referred (
'o in the Herlin dispatches. If any
Am.i lean troops participated, offl
thouftht It would be found they
probably were American enlneer,
';cht In some sudden movement a"
x were at Catnbral.
The town toward which 'he Ge'
"inn official statement mentions
French. I;nllsh and American rearl
t'nta aa belns thrown back la prob
l!'.y Chauny. on the olae river even
ill's southwrst of la Kere and
'bout five miles back of the prevl
tialy established line. Saturday !
0rman official statement reported
the for. -Ina; of a crossing of the Olse
nt of u pr. where the p.r'.Ueh
nU French lines aie believed to
lulned and the recession of tha
"Mint, rlht win here would neres
iJv ha tnken the French left
Mt alon with It. American troops
r known to have been on the Che-""-lies-Iiamei
Una Jut to the eaat
1 thia front
American Sector May Be Next Attacked
Just South of the Ptesent Hun Offensive
BERLIN, via London, March 24. The Germans have cap
tured Peronne and Ham, and defeated British and American
regiments brought up from the southwest for a counter-at-taok
at Chauny, according to the war office statement today.
The statement adds that more than thirty nousand prison
ers have been captured and six hundred' guns hava been
taken by the Germans. . -
Victory in the battle which has been raging near Monchy,
Cambrai, St. Quentin and LaFere is claimed by the Ger
mans. The British third and fourth army, and part of Fran-co-American
reserves are declared to Jiave been beaten with
the heaviest losses on the line from Bapaume to Boucha
vesnes and behind the Somme between Peronne and Ham, as
well as at Chauny.
Concerning the work of the German soldiers the state
ment says: " ' .
"For the achievement of a formidable success the troops
of all the German races expected their utmost; the attack
ing spirit of the infantry could not have been exceeded. It
was shown what German bravery can accomplish. Light
hravy Bnd tho heaviest artillery and mine" throwers, unceas
ingly pressing forward over crater fields, essentially con
tributed to the support' of the infantry attack which "con
tinuously pressed forward. Flame throwers took their part
of prisoners in the fighting as in their ordinary work and
maintained the old traditions. ... 4 "
"Aviators and balloons brought valuable information t6
the command. Our chasing and battle echelons, accustomed
The public services, the trains in the subways, the tram-i vict maintained in hard fighting, mastery in the air
wavs and the automobile busses win continue 10 ue opt rami . attack()j thP retreating enemy columns
i. ...onnloir the Associated Press fartNt
and other dispatches with any keener
Interest thn ITeaUent Wilson. The
apparent slackening of the
drive repotted early this morning
waa taken a calm confidence that
the attackers rannot break throu.h
at the point where the present off''-
Ive is driving.
wit hthla conviction speculation
1s turnlna- to the point where n"t
Hlndenhur will try to pierce m.
allied western Hue and many hold
the opinion that It will be against
a sector held by the Americana.
Captured German Tries
to "Kid" the Americans
lN UtANt K, Saturday, March II.
. Prisoner taken In the. American
etor when questioned today said
no offensive was planned by the
' .r7n ' thia aector.
" ant la to be left alone,"
There are many thlnM that would
Indicate the possibility of the nt
Hun drive beln launched aaamet
lha Americans. Tho Americans are
u.t aoulh and east of the present
ireat offensive and It Is very likely
that .ome few detached realm nta
.i-w. been oartlclpatlnir in the
.ir.a.tv as indicated In the
official (lerman rtpo't published thi.
mornlnl. .
Americana are nnwn to be alokn
the Cbemin da liamea. about I'ha
vlanon and other villa' wst of
Rhelma. Thia point It shown on the
acompanylnt map by tha flfura 1.
- ii - - i - -
LltLt Iff.
! e oouAit. x
RAS V ..
V. sri
side of the n( Mlhlel salient about
the illlaes Of Hepbepiey, ,iray,
and Fllrev. Flaurr 4 shows wh-ie
the A met nans are stationed rast of
I .unevilli! where thev recently car
rod out a eiierrnsf.fi attack In the
iiclnitv of Itadonviller, capturing a
litis of enemy trenches.
liy the above map is Is i-asy to fol.
low the present offenshe. It was
launched alotia a CO-mlle front op
posite, cambrui. HI. ijuentln was the
fust Important point to be won. ac
c-Tir.lInu to the Herman report, and
early today It wss announced that
tliat the Hermans had retaken I'e
The new warning is to be known as warning No. -. It
will mean that any formation of crowds in the streets is pro
hibited and that all shelters, except the subway stations,
will be open. The end of any kind of a raid will bo an
nounced as before, by a special trumpet call and the ringing
of church bells
Motor troops
ml trains worked Incessantly.
"Points of communication in the rear of the enemy were
tho objectives of our bombing squadrons who have been
active every night. . ,
"Our captures have increased to over thirty thousand
prisoners and six hundred guns. On many of the remaining
points of the western front artillery battles and reconnoit-
I I 1 II 11 L7 1 I lira . i
t th French Dress this morning was auoul . .nonta hvp .mlinupd.
i-venlv divided between the big gun which is bombarding the . .., lh(i o)hor tneul,,rg there is nothing new.
Htv from back of the German lines and the terrific battle,
rKmW.TT .h. ftaabuit, Withdrawal of British' Forces
- - i . - j.
ihP nerformance. As to the bame,
is confidently expected
a favorable ending
The newspapers do not ronrea
their admiration for the mechanical
feat of the Hermans In constriictlna
Parisian comments on the bombard
ment as an etreinely jnlnor Ind lent
as rompared with the aliratitie battle
Mm nroaress on trie lennsii rroni
Planned as Defence Measure
m. h had been beaten back, aw-their new weapon. -i . ; a ,,,irn(l
position that those Ion, rnmted (;r
man r mti which' ate I, t-'nbai din's
Paris are situated
Flaure I a'1 'he map shows the
presence of Americans about . ye
shll and Tahiire. eust of the i tv of
Rhelma. Three is one ot tne nn. -
lmportanetorccupled by Anrl'
Ml v aw
i i u Mm " el
eturoiT e ;
I r
.i..i,.i.i of the uaele
the bombardment The Mntln rays
... , - k. , 1 1, a nil IH.
Ii la eonsoiltia i" nuie
In r of vlctlina Is
for rennsale on
i'r..r-iu.r Paul Painlev
prcml-r and president of the Acs. I
emy of rVlenres. told thf F.ceistor
ihut by using tungsten In the fabrl
cation or the projectile, the
shells would be of about half the
diameter of steel shells of "
weight and that therefore the atmos
pheric, resistance would be less, this
accounting for the estirmely long
range II also touched upon the
possibility "I a propeller being em
ployed on the projectile
Alfred Capus In the Figaro, sllud
I., the maklns of the gun aa a
srrat mechanical feat, but points out
that aa a nwinrj ...
, .r , .. ..... Tm T
i fmir.-'i- menu mi -ii.i
ifviinr March 54. Tho withdrawal of the British
i...,'i,o L..tiin fmnt in Kranrp was lonir niro nlanned
lournal ra,s that Jules ; ..' i..Li i -..- f,.rrp Thia
erne hsd foreseen tins gun sn.i n vne evtTIl oi wie uci iiiann "'l '"e. ,u A
dicinres that moreover i! i s i'ren h ; ann,)nnfpnu'nt conies from the I'.ritish front thru the A8S0-
, tt ..KaM.iveniion m ..re than a je.,r ago . (.orr,.r)0nilent. who describes the operation 01
More t tin ii a )e.ir ago
Herman cities I .' .,,. .... i..;,:.,l. ua n rni.atorlv withdrawal, milde POHSlble
former inn- -"""" " . V"; "" " -; "----- - .u..t.H 4ka
hiin.ire.i Kiiooie.rr. . ---. Lv Iffi Jtnt HhoCK tTOOpS ill I Me ironi liurn, wnu uiuacu vn
::;.,e:.r,;:;;;.r" ,,,h'B,-;adSc" of the Germans, while "tillery, machine gun and
The K.ho de Paris declares the -, j-j work pel appalling slaughter, thus fnabling tne
11',' KXX i.bV; Ihemain body of the British to fall back deliberately and with-
lange of Ihe Herman guns. "It. ! ii0ut confusion. " . , .
poiiticui cannot.- the newspaper Hrn,y it is derlart (lv4iHs been conserved, and up to
-fc dho i.na. nt verv few counterattacks have been made against;
Premier . -men. ea i s iiew.ap-r. II1C prt St III v t I 1 1 " ' u,.,. plrm.fl th f'.PrmarH
i. Homme in-', sheets ti,n . I.- the Germans. VV here the P.ritish ha e stormed the Oerma0
password of the hour u '. or ft-1 nfcwjv acquired positions they have driven them vac.
"iTnewapaper I..- Journal i 1 each " mile of advance makes the bringing upof(upiliesw
article regarding the gun. aa
of 240 mlllmeters caliber
pon I
Jhe 2'cut' Austrua nirffiutaaunL.-
in its eacn in i it- ui uui"-c n.o. .. - j;ri.,t y
.. i- .. .. -.:n -.t nfon rv mnrp and more difficult, t
. the Vierman ariinery viu . - , . . i
",J "'land nnnuestionably tSe British strategy asdemonsir.4.i

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