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VOL. XIII, NO. 218
Federal Soldiera Flocking to
Border in the Big
Bend District.
Fortifications Springing Up
Just Across Line From
American Troops.
German Agents Believed to
Be Active; Yaquis
on Wajpath.
PASO. Apiil J'.' A Mli-un
f"'l.-r:il military l.iixf of -ufflelffit
m.r ho roimiilrrnl liy I'nUOil
Males hi 1 1 i(.i i officers us iiresent
Inn n men. ire In ilm Amerlran horj
tr Iih" heen runienlriitril In t ti
njlniiua-juiire, nclop of Hie Inle;--ratlonal
line uml a II palrols nnl
fiutiiiiiis hM t.eeri remfSirert lllnliT
Ih. A ... .. I.I - I In
... ii. nu nine in i in- iinrini
me iiii; ueiui oistrui.
FntrenrhmrnlM liai e l.een J s-. Itrv llm ke Tulprpper promises to
covered on Ihe Mex.c ilii sl.le of Hie ' r-veH Ills Ulenllty lonliihl lit the re-
w i ..... i vlval lent on tli north side Just west
hor.ler opH.allq Fal.ni... Tei,. nil, Kay V,,wnRrr ,.
report received here today fioin a II hniiKh lt nlttlit's crowil vai
other parls of the border opp"ite ol NO Hri;e its the thronif that over
the lllit I '. t n district tell of en-'flowed the tent Hunday nla-ht, the
trenchlmr work .eln done near the , n.tlnil ""T'lZr.
International line. Nutlvea tioKMiiiK
to American towns have reported
ihev were l,einK warned axalnst a
rosalhln invasion of Mexico In I'nlt
cd Sl.itei troopn.
(ie-rman lropaffnnda.
These baseless reports of a pnssl
hle American Invasion art now be
lieved to have been started by Cler
mans operating; on the Mexican side
of the border between J nam und
-OllmiRa working llh Xfelcan army
officers known to be antl-Amerlraii
In their Hentimenls.
Amerlran arrivals from Chihua
hua Clly also brought the Informa
tion today that antl-American hand
Mlla were beln circulated ' thruout
the nloiinlaln dlstrlcta of Chihuahua'
slate lira-lug- the Mexicans to oppose
any Invasion by American troop"
These rl'culata contain a picture of
t ncle Ham kicking a poor Mexican
neon with a pair of heavy boots.
Theee circulars ara believed , to have
l.een Inaplmu by Hermans aa were
-4heJBntl-Amerloan mnlfea:o clrou
laiWr In Juarea recently.
Itcfeiforccnicnts rMirln In.
Mexican federal troops have been
n"iera!nlniT at various polnla alon
the Mexican central railroad aoutli
of Juarex and on the Kansas City.
Mexi.-o , ( ii tent railroad northeaat
of Chihuahua Cilv flurlna; the past
two weeks. Three Ure columns
have been known to h,ie marched
Into the oiinana district recently.
one i.f thee included four htind
red Yaciul Indians. All of these
troops now are opposite the l
Hend dlslrUt and raids across the
American border, similar to the: One
yesterday at White ranch, are ex
pected aa many of the Mexican fed
crula are without food 'and nre Hv-
i"B on roots. nerr, and what little
food they can commandeer from fh.Uhe esteem and vnorf.arili r ih. ,,.
Auntriann Captured in .
Russian Army Tremble
WASHINGTON. April ? :.-M ut-li
concern Is fell here over the fate of
1 1.000 Czech troops who deserted
.from the Austrian arntv i imn
Russians at the benlnnlng of ihl
war "n wno. Becoming to Vienna
newspapers. haver been captured by
the Germane advancing Into (be Ck
ralne. M m hers of the 'xech-. Slo
vak national council M,l bere'io
dav It was feared u,at ,,,, r
prisoners, or at least the ofI(era
mlfc'ht be summarily executed
Russian Ambassador on
Way to German Capital
MOSCOW. Tuesday. At.nl II
') h ;"" h been named ,u
slan ambassador to Germany and I,
on hb. way Merlin h. I,
"irci ( ount Von Viri.u. h ' I
arn I. a . . ... 1 iiimii
aiiibassador to Kusxlii.
uuLdn ''I "'h-''r-t
'r,,k-JV;,.'.".,"?'r,J4 r,,r' tHanged Near Courthouse
,,' , He
sn.l ' -i' in rmeiia
""'I t one ti,e lived In Germany.
-. uml irr n in . . .. . . I
Ve?, V" M"""n T0n '
for Nonhasardoua Trade
Ml Ntrrl Vnmrls,
W A VII iv.
si: ";"'"' April I
hundred k"" ". bartered four
V."'.n iiin;Th7r-,?Bih "'..l'i
I Ut -., , . " ""I OB
opsllv h u roou trn"i. prln
' "HU-VtrireV''--
po thi iff murh '",,n "
slower speed Tnr" ln,, 10
"red .mT! m' of " char.
hen"",. o?""..:r,"cl,' " of
ara nf
-nw ,r0h,fr.!":.d '?'!. will be al-
must of .i,.K "'""n contract
hi.'h hey win .Vh"" "n' "r
ontrol h ,i u.to r-
r-ei. It In ,w.'".,,,pin' -rd Will
-re' e'fnfe';r,r
TAIL ?b,""lonmeat', "t,.m
w ,
The Weather
Til. HA. April ?J I
Maiimnm fti'i mini
mum 4: lotith !;
.,..,1. ilsr kir. I
CJoefT look ut you
VC UertHT -SOs
fix uwu w-cassen
d ana dnrtl
parllr rloudv 10
rlnuJy ; coot Turn
Ut inrrein rlouili
tif, fooler In "'
lli.nl portion.
nestUr llBMltlHt.
realer In ' "J
Math tmrlioni -
t l K T TLX AS
lI7it. TV HfM-XH
TO -fistf MW r
a-J Tueitisv I'"""1 '
lair. rooier in
wit portion: 'a"
nrU; ynielllefl;
rnolrr Hn uortsrsil
W KMT TF.XsN: Tuf.fU- I""111' "V1
roolir Ih tiprth porlioii, Wrdno'lir I'0
ftt.ly fttr.
, ... ,
lU-irrrnil CuliK-pisrr
IHH'lJtri-.. ,"'i.
Is Strongi-nt Sermon Ho
Mux I'rcuolioxl.
l;vaii:'lil IW IIovi In ll" OM Tllme
Idea of IVnlltiiin, llrlm
MtniM " Hell.
firm. riiu ww -
ward In answer to the revivalist's
Invitations and pledged themselves
to lead better lives.
Mr .Culpepper again chose one of
the old revival texts for his dis
course: "The way of the transgres
sor Is hard.-' He appeared to throw
more earnestness Into his remarks
and sent- his mesnaue home with an
effectiveness that got results.
He launched his sermon with a re
cital of the first transgressions In the
garden of Kden and depicted In
graphic words the effort of father
Adam and mother Kve lo hide from
(iod when He eoiiRht them after
they had sinned.
"Yon Can't Kool iot!."
"You can '00J your wife, you run
fun your children, you can fool your
neighbors, you can double-cross the
world, but you can t get away from
Ood," he exclaimed
Adam, he declared, was the first
woman suffragist. He hid behind
a woman s skirts to avoid respond
ulIU for hta sin. "I don t Ilka these
LlixJe-Julla-Mlnnle kind of women
who try to us a woman aa an ex-
cuss foe their . transgressions," said
he. "If I had been Adam I would
have stepped up and taken my medi
cine like a man."
Hcllcvcs In Old-Tlmc llcll.
Although he discarded the old
time "crying repentance" Hunday
night, the evangelist a atlll a 100 per
tent believer In the old-time hell
with Its "bottomless pit" am) Its
"burning lake of fire and brimstone'
and he brought It Into action last
night to give his appeal more effect.
Ity way of explanation rather than
apology he declared that he could
not sacrifice the favor of Ood for the
favor of men, and' while he wanted
ni. nr t,iI. .... n
rate the teaching of the Wble In or
der lo get It. Bo he proceeded to
give 'em hell! '
Tonight's sermon, he announced
Inst night, has been one of the most
effective he carries In his repertoire
and another great crowd la expected.
Standard Oil Company
Cited by Trade Board
WarM't W.hlnilon Jlureiu,
U? Rlrri Rln-f.
Washington, April i;. The
federal trade cnmmlslnA fcs served
a complaint on the Krandard oil
rompahv nf Nw York charging tliet
during the present year It has ac
quired a large part of the stock ol
the Magnolia I'etroleiim company
nd owns this stock now. and that
the effect of this ownership my he
to substantlttly lessen eompetotlo'i
between tlieM companies to restrain
commerce ;n petroleum und Ha Prod
ucts or tend to create a monopoly
In that bo. mesa. Thirty davs Is
jtiven for miewer and hearing has
been ... 1 ..
1111 jiiiiv- 11.
Negro Who Shot Slteriff
lil.XIVI?Ti , vt pf ' 1 ...11
Herry Noyes, the negro who shot
end killed Sheriff W. I;. Meltrlde
"ear here lust ui,,,a., bumre.l
In the courthnuee yard todav bv a
iiiub. The sheriff Hdiiirht ttv nrrr.l
Noyrs for Wi.lutlnrr the slate lirohl-
,tltlon law.
1 Silver Meltina Measure
Now Up to Wilson
dmlnlstratlon hill authorising the
melting Into bullion of 3S0.0O0.0U
silver dollars to pay trade balanites,
waa passed by th house late today
without amendment. It had been
passed by the aenate and now goen
to the president.
Itankrr Meeting Ponlponcst.
V. T fipllNH. Ark. Apiil 22
The meeting of the executive com
mittee of the American Hankers ss
orlatlon which was to have been
held In this city on April 22. 23
entl 24 has been changed to nie-t
nr on May I. 10, and 11. The
postponment waa made that the
barfkera would not be Interfered with
In their patriotic work as they are
wot king on the Uberty loan. A spe
cial train bearing the eaatern dele
gatian will leave Chicago two days
j-n.ie mi opening of the conven
V"!'" at Utile Hook and come
mi. niuira ai iL4ii Uock
and come
wiia UHin,
I'rxulilcnt Itwlatnes Clu. iota rlain's
.Measure t'ni-onslllul limn I iiml
Very I nwlsc.
Aifrors Not ti Try in rush , i hi
.Face of Couili-iiiiiaihiii I rum
While House.
Criticised liy Atlonio) l.i ni nil . I'm.
ImhmhI Ijiw Would I , -r I . s
. To German v's-J'loin
WASHINGTON. Ainl 2 .' v hat.
promised to ho u s.-nsat lunu I (ni l
In congress over the proposal In turn
t! t h I n 1 1 y and espionage aso-i n if
to military court luartinl was nlpi"''l
.... , ,
In the hud toilay . l'i i s,t,.,i 1 1
son. ChanipfiMis of the plan aban
doned It fur the present m least
when Senator ovi-riiian of North
Carolina, chairman of tlie Judniarv
committee, made public a lettei
from the preMdent dei larlni; unal
terable oppoMtlnn to the Chamber
lain court-martial bill as Ixiih un
necessary and unc.instltuM'.ii.il
."I um wholly and lliialli-t.il.lv op
posed to such ii-Kllatluti and ver
much value the opportunity you give
me to say no!" wrote the president,
"t think It is not only uneonstltu-
tlotial, but that In character It would 1
put ua nearly upon the level of the
very people we are fiyhtlng and af
fecting to despise. It would be al
together lncoiiNlHtont with the spirit
and practice of America and in view
of the recent IcksIiiIIoii the espionage
bill, the sabotage bill and the woman
spy bill. I think if i unnecessary and
uncalled for."
liainberlaln Gives t p.
Senator Chamberlain of Oregon,
author of the measure, announced
later that in view of the president's
attitude be would not press the bill
and that further hearings on It by
the military committee would be
postponed indefinitely. Itefore the
letter reached Sem4,4r Overman.
Senator Hrandegee of Connecticut,
Kepubllcan. hud bronchi the subject
before the senate with u resolution
Instructing the Judiciary committee
to give a formal opinion upon the
legality of the bill, which he de
nounced as unconstitutional and
containing "heinous" proposals. The
Connecticut senator declared his In
tention of culling the resolution up
for a vote tomorrow and If he does
there probably will be a lively dis
cussion In spite of the fact that con
gressional leaders generally consider
the Chumberlnln hill dead.
Author Ilcslgns.
Another feature of the day's de
velopment was the publication nf a
letter from Attorney-General Greg
ory to Itepresentatlve Gordon of
Ohio repudlatlnK the action of for
mer Assistant Attorney. General
Charles Warren of 'Hoston, who
drafted the Chamberlain bill and
urged Ite passage. Mr. Gregory said
Mr. 1 Warren acted without his
knowledge and that If he had known
anything uhoiit the bill he would not
have permitted It to go to congress
from his department.
Mr. Warren resigned last week
soon after the attorney-general
lisnird about his activities In connec
tion with the proposed legislation.
Witnesses before the senate military
committee. Including representatives
of various branches of the govern
ment, have urged transfer of trluls of
spies and disloyalists from the civil
to military courts as me only or
foctlve means of dealing with the
menace and preventing a wave of
mob violence.
General Bridges, British
Military Aviator, Here
WASHINGTON. April ?2. Lieu
tenant General G. T M lirldgrs of
the Hrltlsh armv. who recently ar
rived In Washington, has been made
principal inllltniv adviser of the
Prltish ahinassail'ir and ntsn com-
MiMMlmier and head of all Pritish 1
military missions In the Cnlte I Indians Chargrsl With Killing ( lln
itatrs. ion Man Vv III lie Tried.
j MAI.KSTi:it. 0,, April ?.--
c . m 1 1 j r .. 1 George Jones and Willi Jones,
SWISS IS ArreSlea lOr jchoemw Indians, were placed under
Mnl-inn DrfrrlivP Shells '-.f"" honds In their preliminary
Jiahing inieClUe ""'" hearing In district court hers today,
. Mack Ihiniel, another Indian, was
NKWAPIC. N J . April I.
SI oner, a Swiss em,ilnved H "
ohlnlet In I he plant of the Interna
tional Arms inmpanv bore, w is ar
rested todav on suspicion of m.iMiif
defective ihelln.
Uncle Sam Proposes Reprisals Should
Huns Treat American Prisoners Badly
WASHINGTON, Apiil i- - -Tho
without anv offi. ml information, to commanders to the!, ttoops to deter
. ,,. , , 1 1 hem from deserting That such
confirm press reports of ill treat- Ml)rl(., nBV(. )(1 ,,, ,, ,,,.
inenl tif American pilaoners of r ; f,., io bv prisoners taken by Gen
In Geimuny. the state department ' era! Pershing s men .
I. .. ....... ,.i..t m Innulrv lo .leielool
,s., " .,,,.!
the fads. If they conform to the
published sccnunts a protest will be j
made promptly thru the Spanish '
,:.i. i... ,u, ...r
.'"vernnirnv. e. i I An bassador Gerard, who was
Ametlcun diplomatic representation Vharged with Itrltlsh and French hi
nt Perlln. If the protest Is unavail- terests at llerlui before the I nlted
lug measniei of retaliation wU be .Slates entered the war, found It al
i onslder"d , most Impossible to learn real eon-
morlca Has f'xlge. idltlons In German prison ramps be-
t;ermati prisoners of-Wur In Amer- (cause he was permitted to see only
l a largely outnumber Americana such nf the ramps anr such parts of
held In iermnn prison camps and In- th.-m as the Germans rhose to ex
clude the crews of German raiders Jhlblt.
and prizes In addition to the crew It is regarded as probable r)at the
of the German "submarine F-r.PI 'Spanish ambassador to Merlin would
These prisoners have been treated !heve a similar experience
with a degree of liberality that has The state departments nctilry
caused adverse erttclsm rn some I will Mend to the charges that
.matters Slid in marked contrast In AtiimWn prisoners -have not been
the treatment said to . be accorded allowed to receive the packages of
prisoners In Germane
One difficulty; In 'he way of re
taliation. 4t is slad. Is that It might
lend cof tu the stories of Amer)-
Official American
Roll of Honor
V. A. MINi; Ton
.lSl..t!t t isif I,H.
I attic, div i, lr, I ,ts
i iii 22 -Thf
. .Mll.lllll'll 71
follow :
Iv ill.'. I
action I 'I died (if
in .1 or iii i iiicm i . died
nf disease 4 other i-uuses " Wound
id .veiereiv ;. vvniMided sMshtly AZ
Killed in Action.
I 'r 1 . .1 1 I Irr bert !'. Aurnv l.
I'l ate Klnill G l.iwe)
Private l!a i Greawei
I'nviite John I l.aasln.
I i iv . iii. Mam 11I M 11 1 1 In
..I'rKate Johii N'niMinitniiin.
I'riv.il,. Ileriiinn aluer,
I'rnale .lorn I ', Slator
rrivatn 1 It,, r les Waldion.
lliiKiei ( ;rie cr l Tanner
Died of Wounds.
1 "in p. Hal Clonk It All 11 I.i I
l'i mile Henry .1 lleigirnu
I'l'iMitM S .ill. i-r llaliunett,
I'rlvate I 'buries A Henry
1'rlvutc l.oroy S Wells.
Died of Accident.
I. lent Stanley HllKttofin
Died of Disease.
Sorgt. I'rnnk C. Calal.ln pneu
monia: Cot poral Thdore 1'eck,
itiberculosls. Privates ,los. L Mat-
tiriRly. pneumonia; Jamea T. Welch
Died of Other Causes.
Privates Frank J. Watson, Arthur
Severely Wounded.
Sergt Kilwanl G William J. I'lll-.n
Smith. Abraha .. A. Kles
Corp. Joseph Thl- chber.
fault. Cliaa. It. Harring-
ivies John 1.. ton.
llrock. George Kertchcr
Slightly Wounded
Kdwnrd Itosroe l.leut. Mai'land C
Million. Itobbe.
Jos A. I .amy I.leut Arlle Alfre
Ootids Ijivelle. IVhardt.
Armand lmleux l.leut. Kdward B
I-awrencj H. live Wilcox.
land. Corp. Ilohl. 8. Al-
llarold Mcfionald hackly.
Kdward I.. Mor'ud Corp. Timothy J.
den. Harr.
Chas. F. Mel.eun. Corp. Walker Tt.
l.leut. Geo. Perk. Ilnurdman. 1.
Ijwrence J. Mo- I'vts. John T.
Namara. llenoii.
Freddie Moreau. Harold W. llerry.
Jos. Nsuaky. Glenn II. Cole
1'snlel J. O I-eary Ssmuel J. Coakerl
Georg W. Russell Kdward) Is Dim
Frank SI John bruch.
Klwln A. Sheldon Thus. N. Elud-
Clias. J. Sheridan kevlch.
Frank N Hlncoski Fssriial Ferru-
Geo. H. M. Thorn- gano.
p. on. John Fraso.
Aaron Torslsn Tony Frisco.
Merwln H. Tuttlt Charles Germain.
Peter Viola. Phillip 11. Gone
Alfred S. Yaffe. Marry Gould
Charles J Hogan.
Small lluyers Were lU-aponillilc for
OtcrsuhMTlptloit In loon.
MoAI.KHTICl:. Okla.. April fi.
"iver the top and then some", was
the comment this morning, of H. C.
Perry, county chairman of the IJb-
erty Iun drive In Pittsburg county.
That not only goes for McAlester,
but for the entire county as well.
Mr. perry was unable to state Just
what the sum Is at this time, but a
detailed statement will be ready for
publication in a day or two
"To the farmers and email buyers
belongs the greater portion of the
credit for the place the county now
occupies In the evs of the nation."
said Mr. Perry. "Never before have
tha wage earner ami the tiller of
the sou come to the front with their
money ss they have this time." he
'ernaniieii to me county in 1 1 wnnoui
belt The three men are charged
I w ith the murder of John M. Scott.
I of Clinton. The two Jones' failed
'to make bond and are held in the
'county all.
eruel'ies told bv Ibe German military
It vas said at the stale depart-
() difficulty Is
expected In ascertaining the facts
concerning the condition of Amerl-
caii prlsiiners in Germany
rood and clothing sent them by the
American Ked Cross nd which un
der the rules of war they were eti
"d to receive - .
1 M-illiloiiarv I uiiiiiiun.lcr tH
I iiiati-w l.cri...i.. I i.i !ttlil I., link i
iii siiiiini.i) s i iiiiiM !
alls 1'urtlnr I ii lis, lief.. re Milk-,'
I nil Offh lul Hi purl nf I . s. '
Giculcst I iigiigcturiil
lisrl,irvs SumtnVs Wire sIiiiikIiIiti l
Itluht 11ml I .of I. Mow nl Hiiwii j
It) M ;.'iln t.nns.
WASHINGTON, April J .' Genet
al Pershing's first report 011 the Ger
man tisnatilt upoi. the American and
I'reni h foices in the T011I set lor Sat
urdiiy Is understood to Indicate that
the Americans sust.i lued more than
two Hundred casualties and to esti
ina'e the German louses at bi-tweeii
300 and 40
It was learned Clint Die l.port bad
been rei-elved, but war di-part nient
officials refused to make it public
or to comment upon persistent re
ports about the department con
eel nlng Its contents. .Secretary Hak
er Is understood to be awaiting, mote
details before making an announce
ment, though he probably will lav
the Information received before the
house military committee when he
appears tomorrow to tell of his trip
AMHTF.HDAM. April 22 A tele
gram lo th Wolff bureau. Die semi
official German news agency on
Sunday, stated that the attack
against the American positions on
both aides of Seloheprey, thanks lo
careful preparation and the co-operation
of all arms, was u, complete
success. The telegram says:
"After an effective artillery "repa
ration which caused severe enemy
losses, the Germans stormed Ameri
can positions over a front of two anil
a half kilometers and penetrated to
a depth of two kilometers.
"Helcheprey was taken by storm
ani Wos found full of American
deud. Hitter , hand-to-hand fighting
ensued around dugouta, vantage
points arid cellars whose occupant
were killed almost to the. last man,
"Severe hand-to-hand fighting al
so occurred about dugouta In Han
n eras wood. Here tha American cas
ualties ware especially heavy.
"Dans columns of enemy reln
foreementa were discovered norih
of Beaumont and al .0 beyond Tterne
court and were badly mauled by our
destructive fire. Further hack the
German airmen located enemy re
serves filing up the trenches In Jury
wol and attarksd them with ma
chine guns, while our batteries
vea-fced fearful havoo In the closely
filled trenches.
"After dark, when the enemy's de
fense works and dugouta had lieen
destroyed and blown up we evacu
ated the position, according to our
plans and unobserved by the enemy.
Our losses were slight, while those
of the untrained Americana were
moat severe. We raptured five of
ficers, one doctor end 171 men, us
well as 2 machine guns."
Joseph l arrell to Appear In Com
pllincntnry Conerrl Wednes
day Afternoon.
Joseph A. Farrell, basso-cantata
and associate professor of voice In
the university of Kansas, will give a
complimentary concert at the public
library at 3 o clock Wednesday after
noon. The concert la held under Hie
auspices nf the llyerhka club ami
all music lovers are Invited to hear
his rendition of the hass pans of tliel
"Mesulali." They are said to be par- j
tlcularly good. ,
fei... ...hi , ,- . . '
i ..in win ie air. rurreus eeeonu
concert In Tulsa. He sang here In
1007 when Tulsa was a village and
his appearance was then also under
the auspices of the llyerhka club,
whlc h had been organised but a
short time and Introduced Farrell as
one of Its first musical numbers.
Monday night Mr. Farrell sung at '
Okmulgee and last .light at Mus
kogee,, lie will atrlve In Tulsa
Wednesday morning and during ln.i
stay In the city will be the jjijost of
his sister, Mrs. Fd 1L onion,
Corporal Confesses He
Robbed Soldiers' Mail
SAN FHANCISCO. April 22 -Cor-poral
Wilbur L. Judd of the nriui
censor board was arrested totl.iv bv
post office Inspectors on a charge of
appropriating If.OSSL'it from letters
which passed through his hands
, Aecnrdlni; to the Inspe.tois who
arrested Judd, he admitted the thefis
and said they were the result of bis
extravagance In tli night life of Sin
Dr. Welnsberg Is Held
for Federal Grand Jury
Ml I ( .1 IS) A l.rll " I I.
II Weinsberg, former president of I
the Herman American Alliance of j
Missouri. w.nril o HVim ll'lil ..i
week, today was held for the fed
seal grand Jury under 13.000 by
Fnlted Stales Commissioner At Mum
following a hearing Welnsbeig
wss arrested several ilsys ago after
a story was published here in which
Welnsbeig Is quoted us savu.g Hun
Gormuny would win the war.
How Was your c-ofre lhi iio.i n
lng "
Try Jioopri's, lojsted fr)-li ti")
II, Z, l'.Us
Put Hurley Major of
sV - ttTMimm
r AC
i Js'h&-- t-!cv
J l U.jrfi'e- ,
PAT .1 111 III. K Y. 1
WASHINGTON. April 22 -This bureau Is In receipt nf direct word that
Mai Pat .1 Hurley of Tulsa has safely arrived overseas. Now that he haa
arrived In l iiince it will be no violation of censorship to state that he haa
I lit been eoiinei leil with the office of the Judge advocate general for many
mouths, but has been transferred lo the artillery and hud three months
Intensive ttiilnlirK before sailing.
St. l-onla und StlnucaiMills Ninr Tic
for Honor nf llelng First in
l'.xcrisl Ist'iiiuiuls,
WASHINGTON, April 22.- All
governors were asked today by Sec
retary MoAdoo lo dei lute nexl Fr1
day a Htute legal hollduv. President
Wilson has proclaimed It a national
holiday to aid the Uberty loan day
celebration by which It l hoped in
hooat salea of Liberty bonds well
alonif toward the 1 3,000,000.000
minimum. .
Just aa the nation's offerings nf
Liberty dollars passed f 1 .500,000,-
000 today Hie St. I.oula and Min
neapolis federal reserve district
managers sent word that they had
exceeded their subscription ipiotas
of I Flo. flOii,iiiio and t lo5.ooo.0no re
epectlvedy, l ntll official confirma
tory reports ure received tomorrow
the treasurer cannot determine)
which went over the lop first and is
entitled to stand nt the top of the
honor roll of districts
The Minneapolis district record Is
ri liable red partlculai Iv remarkable
considering (hut It stiirlrd lis can
vass Just ii week ago today. ty of
ficial reports tonight the St. J,ouls
1 Islil. t had secured only 9(1 per cent
of Its iiunta and Minneapolis OS per
t opt
Secretary McAdno's telegram to
governors follows In part:
'The president by proclamation
has designated Friday. April 2. as
Liberty day and baa made the after
noon of thai day a holiday for all
tedrral employes thruout the coun
try whose services can be spared
The success of tho Liberty limn Is so
vital (o the nation that It Is Hie first
duty of every cltlen to support lo
the inmost Ibe fliiniul'il measures
(ssetitliil to the effective, uml SUC
i essful prosecution of the war. The
observance of Liberty d.iv by the
people of each state In the union
will Immeasurably stimulate the
sale of l olled Stales Liberty loans,
the subscriptions to which close May j
4, I'll" " j
. & 0. Trains lo Use j
Tunnel of Pennsylvania
WASHINGTON. Api I "1 In lino
Willi i'h O'.llrv of roiniiintl tse nf,
teit'iiral fiillltli'H, the ,i,toail 11 d - I
iiil'ilstt'iM 'ii tod iv oidere.l Hint l e
ginultu' "evl Si". I iv. It. i Itio'oi A!
( i h lo ti.ilns ttiti into the I'enn-vl ;
lan.i siii'.iin N'w Voi. wen. t.i
fo llirn icli the I'eiinsj Ivaliia tun ,
Three Billion Bushels
of Grain for llelgians
si:iM'iN April :.' Food :
si 1 1 . i , , .-r. - io the . iv Plan popula
tions of til" alii" I ""o;nll"s will be
!(-. ends I f ' I ton iIuns lo t,n,e t
t, ii-. hi. i, nil") bushels or g'-iill to the i
Hi it ati-., 9 ho no do. I, ne. I lo bo In
desperate straits.
Young Nelson In Krnfl.
M lids. iN, U is A pnl 2 J I V- ,
ron No. soli, son of i 'otlvr-'i'siiia'i
S'..son, wi'i go in ibe iliafi Loini
M idisoii. May Nel-oii failed to
fi''U'.t on .lube '. l-e -ause lie was!
, re-idont "I Canada . where he was:
eiig.:.-"il III am c ultural pursuits I
The .Ita't boa id started an action i
against him, but the court hed he
was lint eollip" le'l lo reKisier. li ei
Nelson retuiie'd t' Madison and
reg. stored.
Ilutc Ydvams San'tliined.
ASIIIN'T"N. April ;.' In
i oni pi i.ince with a loipiest of the
ia,ilr...id ail in i ii i t r)i I I'm. t!e inter
H'al"' lOtnmor' e . oinuilssloti lo ltT
a ii' horlje.l yaillers to file into
si io-. 1 ilea tnctejsing Joint i i.i an I
i.itei lltol all w .'or la'ifts In a
level not hisber , than existing uM
liil laics between lbs suuiu pultiU).
Artillery in France
New York Village Ha
Given Every Man of
Draft Age to Colors
April 22. -the village of Hast
ings has no more men to give to
the' colors. Neighboring villages
In bidding good-bye to their quota
of drafted men today noticed tha
absence of recruits from Huntings
and questions brought forth tha
reply that there were no mora
men to give because every msn of
draft ag had already volunteered,
even those who would have heart
taken In the June call having gona
Truln Carrying I'asarngr-ra nil "Safe
Conduct" Fncca Maclilno
Gun Mm,
special train currying Kngllshmen
and Americans, among whom were
officials of the International Har
vester company and the National
City bank of Nuw York on "safe con
duct" from Moscow, waa fired upon
by llolshevlkl soldiers, according to
John Philip, an Kngllsh engineer,
who Is here today frem Itusala. Tha
train was held up at a station near
the Siberian border, Philip said, and
the soldiers guarding tha train were
ordered to turn their uniforms and
rifles over to the red guards. When
they refused a machine gun waa
turned against th train and Its oc
cupants, according to Philip.
koblicr Hemming from liirlough In.
jurs'il at McAhsitcr by Train.
M'ALKSTKFl. Okla., April 22.
i The attempt of Oliver Springer, a
: soldier boy. to board a moving train
'at the local station till morning not
j only cost him his iiinbltloit lo be one
(of the fighting hosts who will aid
I I tii lo Sam in putting the kaiser nut
I of business, but It also cost him bis
j right foot. A itiisslep caused the
hoy t 'i drop dovvn, the wheels pass
, Ing over his fool. 1 be foot was so
( mashed that it had to be amputated
when hn was removed In a local bos- .
' pllal
Springer Is a member of the Field
i Aitlllorv lle.nl'iuarters company,
stationed .'it'l l. Sam Houston, Toxhs.
and was ri'tiiruimr from a furlough
, soi-nt al bis home in Freeport. Ill
' lie not off the tialn al M-Alesli-r fur
, l.l eukf l.-l
Union on I rnnkcnthiirii. Former
Premier. II. Ill off lis- llins- Times.
AMSTF.IIHA.M April 22 Karon
Ciuf''h ion I i a nko nihil r ii, former
Austrian proniler. Is dead at his
home In Vienna, says a dispatch to
day fiom the Austrian capital, p. iron
voo ! ratikoii! burn li.nl been three
teriiiS- in that office, ooinlng to a
close late in 1911. He wan 07 years
of iiko
Negroes Mill Hostile.
I'ewiti J'dm.n, negro charged
w.lh ussaull with Intent to kill
Julian I'avlie, auolher negro, waa
'bound over to the district court be
! fore J.isth e Warien llnml was
j fixed at fl.IiOO. Johnson an Payne
: eiideuv oreil to w rangle during the
( hearing and only the threa'a of the
court to floe them for contempt
I kept them from "mlxln It" several
! times I efore tlie healing was over
I'levliins to Ibe alleged shouting of
I'avne bv Johnson, the two neuroos
w i t e roommates
Hoke I roier!i U II I lies
A MS I I; A M April 2: Guile
I- i e.t.-i il k II i nil r " f the t m.i ii
mill In of At halt. Is .lead at the Hal
Kualcil tuMlo. Jio waj ol years tld.
Kx ported to Try Two
Great Turning
Punished Too Severely by
Canadians; Allies Arc
Not Worrying.
Artillery Fills jn While
Infiintry Rests for
New Assaults.
London, April 22 Kventa along
tha battla Una In Franca and Hal
glum seem to be shaping themselves
for a resumption of the great Oar
man offensive Since tha savage at
tack on tha American forces at
Hlecheprey on Saturday thara haa
been no fighting of an extraordinary
nature along the front, hut thara 8
hava been Indications that tha Teu
tons ara almost ready to resume tha
Sledgehammer blows they hava been
aiming at tha allied armtea.
Fnlass raoent operations hava been
feints. It la j.robabls that tha coming
week will wltneaa two great turning
movements by tha Oermana. Ona
probably will pivot on the village of
llobecq, northwest of. Itethuna, on
the southern side of tha aaltant
driven Into tha allied lines aaok of
Armentleres. Tha other la exptMtatf
to develop at or near Meanll, north
of Albert, on tha north side" of tha '
Momma salient. ,
IVopoeo Hldsi Blaanea,
The purposa of these rnovsmenta .
will ba to out deep Into tha allied
Una on each alda of tha promontory
that projots eout Into Oerman-held
territory and terminates on tha aid
Arrss-Lans front. Tha Germans
hava attempted two great frontal at
larks on tha defenses of Isina and
Arraa, but they hava been repulaed
with terrlbla losses to the, attackers.
These loasea were Inflicted upon tha
anatny befora ha reached tha atronger
allied poaltlons In that aeetar and
since tha second defeat at Faetubert
and Glvsnchy tha Germane hava not
oared to laka up tha task of arjvlng
tha Canadian! frpm thalr poalUona
along Vlmy ridge on eaoh alda of
that fraat natural bulwark aafara
If sucoeasful attack were ta ba 1
launched by tha Oermans at Hobecq ' '
and Mesnll, tha British might ha
forced to withdraw from Arraa with
out having a ohaaca to defend their,
positions thara. Heavy artillery ft ra
at both places haa been reported and
a local attack at Maanll showed that
tha Oermana wera capable at that
point of resuming offensive opera- .
tlons. t
Nosnhcarn Front Inactive.
Along tha Una of' tha Lys, south
west of Yprea on tha northern front,
there haa not been any notable fight
ing nor hava tha Oermans again ea
se yed tha breaking of the Uelgtan
Una north of Yprea since King Al
bert's men smashed a great assault
on that part of tha front.
South of Albert at Vlllers-nre-lonneau,
there has been a continu
ous artillery duel for1 tha last two
days and a German attack thera may
be expected anon. On tha Una hold
by the French from Albert south I,.
Montdldler and thence eaat to tha
old battle line thara haa been lively
artillery fighting.
The attack on tha Americans at
Hlecheprey, east of HI. Mlhlel, now
appears to have been a carefully
dunned operation which had as lis
object the piercing of the Amertran
lines or perhaps the splitting of the
American and French rorces which
are holding adjacent positions there.
II met with defeat, however, and the" , .
line which was dented by the fury of'
the Teuton attack has again been
I rutorod.
Alleged Hoot logger Will Appear In
i'ollee Court This Afternoon to
Stand Trial.
' Police Sergeant Hlalne would
qualify as paying teller In any bank
In the city, from the wav he handled
$',00 In quarters and half-dollars.
ash bond furnished by Roy Cotndon.
arrested Monday everting on a boot
legging chsrge Coniflon was arrest
ed lua rooming huuna on First street
bv fytectlve Luis a, and when
brought" to police station and put
tinder f.0O bond, he started pulling
silver out of every pocket. The ser
geant's desk was literally covered
with halves snd quarters. He waa
released on bond to appear In police
court at 4 o'clock this afternoon.
Lucas, dressed aa a farmer, said
he succeeded In buying a half pint
tif whiskey, and stood by while sev
eral others purchased some of the
wet good. When a crowd had
gat tiered In Ike room, Luins ahowed
his star and puller" his gun. One
rutin started to show fight, but waa
quickly silenced by the officer. The .
patrol was called und the bunch tak
en to the station, t'oimdon will prob
ably be turned over to the county
Negro 1 onstable Aitc-mciI.
Glenn Jenkins, a iiegrrc constable
was iimon the rati h" In a raid on
a gambling game Sundsy afternoon.
He m is i haute I wlih oiie..tig ss he
was imt plaving at Hit tune the ,o
lire entered lie pies-led gulitk to
th, v hinge yos'enlav In Ju-tl -e Dan
iel's cuuit and woj (liikd i anj
it and w-s Clhi-ii I

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