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Tulsa daily world. [volume] (Tulsa, Indian Territory [Okla.]) 1905-1919, April 24, 1918, FINAL EDITION, Image 4

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rVirnrrlhf.1 m nin lo tutors 10. I'l
Ill 0.J of April.
UaBM, xriw.
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Daily Food
April St.
Truly my soul walteth upon (lod;
from him eometh my alvnllon. I'aa,
Qul.t lrd, my frowurd hrarl.
Mavk m teachable nd mlltl,
Upright, ilmpla fr from art,
Llk a llttl weanod child;
From dlatruat and anvy frrr,
Plaauad with all lhat plraana ttira.
I hava waltarl (or thy aalvallun, O
Lord. Clen. 4t:ll
lt(would not hurt to purify aoni
of tha horn dafanao aoctnllra.
: 1
It la hl(h tlmi Creel and hi kind
war allmlnatad. Now la whan all
plaeaa ahould be fit lad by patriot,
and Kr. Treil don not ahow liny of
tba aar-marka of a true patriot.
Germany bnaata the heal otanlnl
nation In th world. The I'nlled
Mlataa l folnf to axrel In oranl
tlon thru the medium nf the war aay
Inr aochttlea. Have you Joined?
. On may think that with all the
alia upon our treaaury that t h la
country la balng depleted of lia
monatry wealth, but there I more
gold In the Denver mind at thla time
than waa In the whole world alxty
yean ago.
1 ?-
In view of George Creel' atate
mant that h rejolrea lhat America
entered tha war unprepared, no one
need wonder that many dlapatchra
from Washington are, pro-Clerinan
In Intent or f la written by aonie poor
fool who doean't know ennpgh to
ba tha "devir1 on tha rTombtono
1'pltaph, aav the Manufacturer
Congraaaman Ilaker nf California
uggejeta that the government might
make nuraea more afflclrnt,, and at
tha earn lima ahow appreciation of
tha nuraea' work by giving proper
military rank and authority to wo
men working In the army. I'mlnr thl
plan, the auperlntemlent of a nuraea'
hoapllal would have tha rank of
major,'' and aaalatant that of captain
or lieutenant He might go farther
nd provide a rank for thoae women
who arei doing o much In the Heil
Croaa and knitting league In the
home town.
r I
During the debate on the proposed
amendment 10 the espionage art.
providing for the punishment of per
ona guilty of aedlllou talking or
wrning, an unusual pnase tu rne
otiejitjon of freedom of anrerh and 1
of the preaa was' presented As
ryon know, the 1 nnstltiit Ion
provldea that for anything ald bv a
member of congress in speech or de
bate In either house, he shall not be
called In question In any other place.
Thl give a member Immunity from
prnancutlon either criminally or civ
Illy for anything aald on the floor
Tn aniwer to question asked bl
ether entor. Senatoi Johnson of
California declared that In his
opinion member of that body wilt
not atand upon the senatorial privi
lege but will peak Just aa freely on
the huMlftg a on the floor. .nld
he. "Not only ought w to preserve
liberty of peech lo members of the
congreaa of the I'nlled States but
liberty of peerh I Juat a dear and
Juat Barred to thoae less forlutiHie
being who do not constitute a part
of the congress.' The California
enalor think freedom of speech
fust as Important outside the sens'
a In It, but would hold every per-
eon accountable for the ti ulltfulneM
nd loyaltj of tjlx attcrances.
In 'lo:. fr.ii win AmiTi'-i I ws.;
:'i: f.T 1 1 e world freedom ih roe
Mi alien with.ti Ik-i gale I" enilicl-,
itl.i!ii i rsj i.iinlillii v. ll doc mil
ha In r.tnt. iililimich Ihe war i m
I I"" "H mankind. He i
! he
I ! dl I 'i ri " '
in K l l'.f In n 1 1.., j.i f
iiiiri-i.il,. Mi- fi'i mi iiliUira'iiin In
l.uv I.ihi'j I . . . i , . I m A ml ii-t lir ia
I" ,li i, i, 1 1 it I Im in nl n li n ii f A rnr-1 i
i .i 'i l.i a ami ii ir Lo' k "m or
ll'i tf ' urn ifii!inK ilirir Inm Hint
li "ii i'!l ah fi'lii-ii. nliriiihl lon-
I .n hi- In ii ,u I hn I iiri'ici I lull
Min .'il ihr rnrii, rflini Ki. off m
'" If " ii I' rrm hnian In
,"i in. i il v I,.- hiiiiiI li- Ki-ii' III nl.'i
-r,.. ul t'n' I a ii ii r r i iuinf, iit-
" l U t-. t mil miirvnl iinill In. I.iit
i iri uf rii-mv na rliaiiai. ami
Uiruhl iimiiIh in iip. n ) i Ir muni nthrr
Hlli ii huh lili.nl inlii lila pnr
II la niilv f.ur lh.it IhK allm In nnr
mlilii i-1 1 1 . 1 1 1 . i l,f ,ri Miaiinl In do u
innri' mliif ,url In lirlplii m ,11
mir f'glit r 1 1 hiiiniin liliarl ,m
'li I Ilia A ruri n ,1 n no . i-i nin' nl
nli" 11 Id uiliii 1 ; r 1 1 1 n n l.i.iinl miili
11'la. U a air r.Kl.lli,.. ..m.i 1.., .1,1
1 1 1 v anil nnr 1 not mnarlvai li. u,iii
nf II111 H irnr nffriiKr llnl If f.ill 1 1
Mill If full Juf
Hi 1
i tn h
mrlnl nut .ml 1111,1, lnw
Hiolilril, hi, 111, Kny rhimlil In- foiiml
liV llir null riunrnl to rompri ih
- ... hi 7 n 1 1. 11 in 111 a .1 111 111 11 111 iii
r I'lirilrn 11 a Inn rl!,r.rn nr.Klilnni
at li nal llmnr 'n ur. ainung .11
lionir haie In rarry
II luia Iran ni(Falr,l th.il a lux 1
anpr.lH l.r IrMnl mi Ihr im -n,r nfiK,, . Uu, In.l ihr rf fr, t inav
the rnrniv alien If thla propnwil he
rejected ah 100 liaieh, vhv not m il,r
lilm Invral a 1 rrluin prr rnl nf hli
viialth In l.iherly Imndh The poor
aa wrll 111 the rich nf nnr 1 ltl.fli
are lnilng thefie Inimla II la lint
rompulaiirv. It la hoi h a patriotic
and a iimfitnhle Itu ratmrnt. To
compel the enemy alien to Iniy Iheao
linmla could not Ihrrrfore ha run
airneil aa un Injiiitice. Ami think
of Ihe help i would he.
Moll I AW IK MOT rTlllOM.sM.
With the advent nf a wave of
,ll."lBhe lam over certain parti nf Ihe
I tilted htHlea. I here liua alao com a
ferllnp of riiirefn among the citliena
of tha dlffe.ent con.n.unltle where
the outragea have been rommltted.
In a little town Juat twenty mile
to the north of Tula on laat Kriuay
night, u farmer living a few milt
out of town waa taken from M
home lit the night and brought Mo
town anil lodged In Jail, He had
been accused nf making remark
dlnlnyal lo ihe tlnlteil Hlatra govern
ment. In nil probability he waa
giillty of dialnjalty am) will receive
proper trial before a regularly ann
atllutei) court for the trial of urh
natter. Hut a blooill hlrty mob of
o-callil rgpnnent of liberty got
the man out of Jail and proceeded lo
hang him In the city hull. They
hung him to a bnakethall goal, ualng
a piece of elertrlc light wire
It waa only the common a'tna of
Ihe aaalatant chief of police lhat
gave the man a chance for hi life
and now he i In Jail In Tulaa await
ing trial before llm I'nlled Hlnt'-a
cominavaloner on the charge of ne II
tlon. In a imall community aurh ac
tion, by un angry nioh augur not ao
much for Ihe aapdy of the Inhald
tant cf the place, aa they do for
hloodthlraty mob rule that la a. blot
on rlv ilrnwlion. When a community
liga a mob Hint will deliberately at
tempt a man life without a bear
ing, that community ahould be Xn-
ve.tlgited and every member of thejperaonal war
mob, If he tan be Identified, given
aummary luetic. I
Thl I "the land of the free." hijt
thut doea not mean "the land of the
llcenaed." and there ahould be
drawn a distinction between the tvvd
a sharply neflneii, aa was the laws
of the Medea and the Persians.
It I aald that there are 7CV.00U
Illiterates of draft age In title coun
try, that thi re are 4.H00.OOO of u'k
people In ail. and tbat 18 per rent of
them are white and about l.uUO.l'WO
of them are native American. We
hue aeen a frw of these unlettered
unfoiiunatf . but the alie of their
number la a startling aurprlse. And
jet we apejK of enlightened Ameri
ca and boasl of our general Intelli
gence. Isn't II time to feel humble''
- - --
An advertisement says that
"i lollies styles never shout." No?
We've seen some of Ihetn that ap"ke
out loud.
What's be. ome o hI th lug. in-iiid
wnn-n we used I' see? ih' feller
lha don't know what lies talking
ubi'jt alius wants i bet , oj.
Ahe Martin
Oklahoma Out burnt
j The man. with a -'ici has no
I business stopping Ml a rooming house
i ' " Hantesi Me la Inn eaay fur
I h.- night poll, e , to locate
Afiei all. there la mil much I , r
fctcnc between h muti km) dffii fi'n
who will ante-date ,4 11 Information
In order lo prolirt llin nmli
lilt of J12 .Mriliun ri.ilni-. 111
(k In liiimii iv tin- Kulv t.mrmil . 7
aiitiarrlliril fur I.Hhtu I 1a Tlirv
iirr not ,f Ilia t i.n.mi.i l,iir, ,f
Mruli una.
lni,lni uf tjirr. nf i a 11 1 h.iir
hrrn f . . 11 1, , I h, M, Ai... r iliil
mil lirlirtr il,ini- ,i man in lh.il
town liralilra Mlkn Willi. una lin
durnl liidf . 1 I1.1111 r
iii,plif hla liiTimin ii.iinr 11111I
firlKUi, llirn hum nnl hr mrli a a.il
illffrimn liiluirn Hi in" rlnlliiii of
Arlhiii lifi-ialni mill kf lliiiimn mi
Jakr W1111I1I Inn 111 It ln r.
T IliTK Ii llllnllllT Ihlng whlrli
in ik 1. 1 In- m . 1 1 I iiliuiit .IiiiIk" Omiir
' Oiiinp li iirvr iivrrlnnka un
iiiiii I null I t uilvrillir- nni1 nrvrr
fail tn hur u iii-ih uint hunily.
irniiila'i In hIiiiw
to nil Pilitnra hn
IIh flnh
' nutrli"!
Ihr iri-ra 11 nini'tiil inn mrrtlllK ut
Mrilliitli I'iirk In llnv unit n mIi
hmrlv muv liim an niiiirtiinltv lo
lukr 11 Innk ul lln nillllnrj (iinlnil-
Ii i Krr,nlv rr.irril In (lullirln lhat
if Ihr fnrriliiirr la ri-mniril Urn Inn
liolrl Kill hiivr lo 1 Inir Th aliarnr
nf furniliiir ilura mil iiiiliarrasa Ihr
iiiiruv(i lii.li,) uuvi,.,iulu ii.,r..
he different In tinlhrli'.
Ho fur aa wi can determine from
a ruraniy r a m Inut ton. there la nu
malrrlal illffiTcnce In Ihe platform
uf the annua candldalr for gov
ernor llacli candidate Maya he la
a liiMitmrat and will aupport the
nutloniil Mdnilnlvti allnn ao long an
II la Demoi latlc
The girl on Mouth Main want to
know If the Tulaa. lady who bought;
a ilalnlv 7.'i cent meal for her dog.'
Ihe other day. liua a Liberty loan !
button among her Jewela. Hhe alao 1
polnla out that Ihe 7 R cent apent on 1
tne nog would have rod a aoldler In
the trrnchea two duj.
Tn only dlm-ord In the parallel
an'noimrrnient of ltoy Stafford a re-
tlrenient from Ihe Oklahoman and
Time, keern to be that Mr. tiaylord
think Ihe aurceaa of the two paper
na been due lo hla bualneaa Judg
ment, whll Mr. Watford Intlmatra
that the credit ahould be given to
hla editorial pollclea
I'm rl of Oklahoma waa L'l year
old Monday. Oklahoma has the
right to celebrate three blrlhdava
the opening of what la known a
old Oklahoma; Ihe opening of the
Cherokee HI rip mid inliiililiiii,.ln
Ktatehood anmethlng r,li other alal
tun hoaat of. Arid wo have heroea
of each epoch In the evolution of
the stale Ironi a wild waste to Ua
preaent proaperlly.
Ttlf Halnrr.
He ran lick Ihe lousy Itusalan.
And Ihe Hnlahevlkl rranka,
Hut he cannot lick the Kngllah
And Ihe Krenrhmcn
And the Yanka.
Wnntler what eicMe thr kaiser
will frame 1111 to tell his, wife when
lie goes home thla time ufter hla Jag
In I rance
We have a friend who wmt mill
bough! a !"i cent thrift stamp Ihe
other day. ami ever since be bought
It vou would think thla was hla own
Observe In h I'ennsv Iv anli papei
that a certain arm Ionian there went
( , feeling well and woke up
i hat h W'hals gnintT to Happen to
a few boches along Ihe American
front before long
linear I iM-ri.
(.ill Mi Ailmi. please luivr a hear t,
The war Is bail enough.
I'lease do not. al Ihe very start,
Make It so awful rough
You lell ua now that we must sleep
In uppers on the train
lite order gilevcs us f.il folk deep
In fact, gives us pain
You say ttiat we must sleep In tnem.
Hut thla do not forget
It'a null Impossible - ahem:
No on lias dune it yet
Weil II In them and hang mi light
Through every weaiv mile
And curse our fate I hrougbout the
Hut "sleep"'" Y nil unit. us smile
l.llllr Mlis- ii' l ife.
Kor ye. ii s a friend of ours
t w ried -in riiiillron whli h h i.! mi
It was an anthttie which had I u
In the family for ni.mv n-ni"
She reasoned lhat the oilier mie
Must have been It.! in a f i .
Our friend hunt"! through hihm
st ores
To find a male for her nn.l.rcn.
Hut was never sti'-i eisf i,i
timilly she c mtrlhulr.l it
To a war rummage sa'e
I our hours after Ihe rrli, had l en
liellvereil at the ie hcid-i'mitei i
our friends daughter i.iiu.. hmne
ami said
Oh' mother. I went tn
Today and matched
- It cost onlv $16"
Our friend giant ed al I
'Thank ou. dear." she
r u m m j i; e
I ami
daughter I
.1 "lak
off your
Hat and well hioe di'inrr
It looka again this se.,.,m as
though the Halm Heach sun will
Leach be worn everywhere except
nt Halm Harh
I Th kals-i - may skin the tl'j.iin
tear aliv. I. ut that animal pfsen's
a- dispiisttitiu in lie uriwilii'g to
stand Mill dining the operation.
; ... i . ..
I.nngfl!i'w wrote "The Hul.dlng
of Ihe Hliip If he bad the ,,li to
i!o tuiw he unuid add .cvcial sl.m
i! lu the p nil
and the worst is yet to comes mmg RhUme
' '''s '
I . 1 .. . real f al V ."-w I 1 - I j I , II
';iva urr---r ixvvv':tjtw it 1 ' 'if
i-rHrvf oilmen,.. , " ' gj
Aa I told von In the laat atory. ' of hearing, 11 ml when Hilly llunnv
llltle 111 It - llunnv Mopped lo real aa Id 't iood morning' 'he never heard
after rat-aping frnm the Mlller'a hoy. ' him ut all. but Jutd aal there on tho
and while tie vlnnil on hla bind lege I old log and ale it peanut which he
and limited around, who ahould fly I had aaved frmn the laat circue.
flown from a tree but Old Mother So Hilly Itiinny Implied up behind
Magpie Ann" the very flrat thing him and leaned over and called out
ahe aaltl lo the little rabbit waa. "My luulle loud rb;ht In hla left ear "(iood
goodlier, what a dirty little bunny ' morning! "?.tul thla ao elartled Old
ymi are" And Oil of rouraa made 1 Huulrrel Nutcracker that he awullow
Itlllv llunny very nngrv. for he dldn I ; ed the pcanul ahell. ami then he be
llilnk be waa dirty. So he opened hla 1 gall to choke until he gjot Mack and
ktiapauck and took nut a little mirror ! blue In the face. And of eotirae. thia
which 11 lady Ininny had dropped one j frightened the Utile rabbit, too, fur
dav In the I'rlemlly Korea! and look - 'be felt It wa hla faull, ao he pulled
1-1 ai nimaeii. ami aure enough mere
waa a great black aiuudge right
acroaa hla face
III' 11a .Tanglier! , Old Mother
1 M"''". "You wouldn't believe r,
would you?' Ami thru she laughed
again. I "Look here, young rabbit." he said
"No. I w ouldn't belleye anything i w )h a acovv I, "dt.n l you ever again
you aald," answered Ihe little rabbit. 1 sh nit In my ear! If you do III pn
"for you've told more untruth about ' back both your eara with a pine
people than anybody I know, and I needle Hnd send vou home lo your
that' Ihe reason thev call you 'old mother:" Wasn't that a dreadful
Mother Mischief," Well, air! This thing for him to say? Well, air. iif
niade her an mad that she riw at ; lr 1 hn t Hill llunny thought it waa
.the little rabbit, and maybe ahe j lime to be going, ao b bowed to Ihe
would have pecked hla eyea out If he 1 old siiilrrel and hopped away, and
hadn't put on a pair of goggle IhallnfliT maybe a million lions skins
belonged lo hi dear, kind , I 'tide
Lucky I'nteh, vv hei e he found his dear 1 terbananc one another. Mara
"lieae go 'w.iv." aald Ihe little mother standing in the doorway of ! Mmngly adverse In the early hours
rabbit "I can't help being rude lo ! her little bouse w alling for her bun - ! change to a mild friendliness. J 11 -you
because you're ao rude to other , ny boy. And that's a gootl place to l'"'r '' ,n benefle aspect
people." and he hopped away a fast ! leave him f,,r tiinlchi il.m i v..i. It ahould be a fortunate rule for
aa he could before she could any an-
other unkind word, and by and by he
capie in r ms S,tilrrel Nutcracker
I-.OW in 011 genueninn sutiirrrl had
grow n pretty old and waa very hard
ini iiiituniMi not si:.
'1 lie 1 1- , i ,. u ... I,, I . . I ..1
" " 1 -"""
Ihe platform eagerly, and made my
i way
Int.. the slriet.
saw Ihe llltle 1
.. ... ...... i. ' ..iii. i. I
I"" ""'"" .. ' )
. city
lights !
A klndlv iiolli-ercari showed tn the)
w av to the Y W . C A.
All full." said the tired voiced '
secretary at the desk. Then to my :
look of hew ililermetit elie answ -red. j
I'll give vim Ihe mlilrt-H-' of a board- I
log hnll-e
Ai;:un I was mi mv way Hut this i
lime mv heart sank a little It was
nlreadv dark. At I could not get a
I mini " X. . '
I ti the shalow slepa of No. 14 High
street I climbed The hell seenied lo ;
echo lhioui;h th house At last the '
door opetn-d A little gn I. whose,
plain fa. v vva telleved bv flaming
red him. stood, hind on Ihe door-,
l es there s title room." she said
' Ml. I'elkins nlii t In You II havr
In a-k her " ;
'lul pn i-e let me wait," I
pliV.leil !
The iiimr iipcned wnliT "Of course j
vi-iiil lei her wall, Carrie." said af
h.g kind voice Ihe next moment ,
I -.Ml the hriuid shoulder of II til li 1 1
behind her W llliout further parley
he .topped He picked up lov bug '
t rioii 1 1,. v leps. , 1
I foinw ed him up the steep nnr
rmv stai... Kvcn then t was ion
nun of an unfamiliar smelt. The;
.loin if intiklng vegetables ami
I'unkinville Paranrafit J
itv il i:::k hinoii l
HaT. Iliulinv h.ti
3 sl In to , I, iv, iv
ob ere the i!i-
light in i,,,. v ,
tern $ 'I i . "unt'
liK fli sunn ,t v.
I fig UP eiiiilieli
P him IS I.. h.lV a
lav of hln nu
Slim rickena
h.'is ;
w pair of
They a r
i lig for him.
lull thai vvnui make anv differ
me as eveiv'hlng else ou fool these
..ays h on a fcr
1-ietiber lieiisteti cam so iir.ir
getting run v.-ei- hy a frightened
mule which :'ij, r.i.iirnlli'g lillhuvi
Saturday te f'li got whet In- was
g,l tenth inn about )
. I
.. .. .'
: oitl S-Ulrrel Nutcracker on the buck,
and by und hv the old gentleman
aiitlrrel Mopped roughing, although
he waa dreadfully mild lo think that
, he had swallowed the circus peanut
! w II bout even tuatlm: it
j mid lumps, tie reached the old Hrier
J think so' I'or we'll know he a safe
I mid hound w IIh his own dear mother
an go tn sleep and tomorrow I will
tell you annihe-r slor) i yes, I
if j nu are good'.
a Husband
ai ihe head of the
closed rnliliii
.-wjall's lie stnpjicil
i "Vi.ni- r, ...... I ,,.,..
opened ill" il.M.r,
Then stood back.
In all Una there was tinthlnu- for
"n' "'"" kall.int
Just a simple
friend Iv he.n tineas
It was the way
which one man would treut un
til her.
I thanked him I closed the door
behind Ine Was this si my room
lino, led with sunlight? The room I
hud planned t, r my new home
The narrow Iron bed. the cllngv old
oak furniture, the hare white wall
- I pulled off iii y hat hastily.
i To He Continued, j
Everyday Wisdom
Hv i H in iiKitni.n
WwY DOeT yttV
, !
" ' ' . M--I 1- .1 ,e illllllllH i PI '
that we lone let ,,, trv to get'
mor c .
'"" ' 1 "" nappv
l.'t IJi l-e ii iiiiov ed is we work
fur We sli.ii then .In hitler work
I . I ll'i lie ..tm.ive.l ..u ...
for ...lull then ,r,i,,y our i.liv "'I'1'
It IS the people vvr:, lots of all
nov. Hues In th:s World who urn
h i l iiist tt i . ti,,. nnnie ..in.
i i rv
"' 'v ,i fi iv --i r.igg 1 ing aniifivam-e 1 "f 'he Muskogee taxing authnrl'le
tint .ompliiti rid whin ami have to tax an Indian allotment after
;i misriable tunc So, gi ua a all restriction have been removed
wl"i pile .f m 1 1 ri . . v ,i ii. es. I.et us and th Indian becomes a cltlxrn of
le.un In i , it ariri.-, ain'ea, to swlmthe stale Involved In It I a srle
through them to soak them up as of treaties and agreement begln
a 1. loiter M..iks up ink Let our ene 'nlng ln 1101 when the Indian' land
mies union us Lei nur friends annoy . waa made nontaxable for :i year
ei stii,ng,rs, old iron men. Then followed other treatl. whn
Hern, an hands. Iiiu.lv Ktirillr-a. I rent rlrt lurtM were removed and final
igents life Insurance agents. T,. n,. inai.n l,.,.,. . , in.. ,.t
.tut ms.
,ri. ba.irla, Ihunder
luiorie neiis. inarm
i-lo.kv sm. til bov . babies. wives,
li U"l- 'ids. ami eo p it.v era annoy us.
Well, i,. iliini have lo vioirv
inn, h uhout a Im-k of annoyance
II is a part of th scheme of
thinKs th.it en. h ot ua shall gel a
g I tiher.il share of annoyance
i m v r a'e we i an each make
'hi. best nf the 'annoyance that we
1 have
Innlim tin- Vtnr.
Tin- trifling thing la trifling atlll.
tlinnirli i,lfl. inon ili'fi.n.l It fhera'ai
IJiiat one thing that fllla the 111 1 1 to
;lo Ihe war and end !' To end the
long drawn I'rtiaalan crime it alltthat
la Important, and If you Mr your
' pcei-loua time on learer thtntfi, nii'd
101I11 t. Your piffling talk of politic,
I of offh-ea you're aeeklri: of ' ii. nia-
Tihiriea and ia.niUMlgn t-l -k-', w IIh
aelftahnea la rueklng
You talk of
art and book and annc hut Mleme
ttimlil I,m tt'lr niilll riL'lil tin.
until we right the
u,ii-l,1'ri .a.l .,.1 , II,.
great wrong ami can the'
killing kulaer. of margin, prof!',
irohl anil price, Ihe man nf coin
I I11.IVII I'hutlar. li,l ,. 1 1 .iw-li ilin.il.i.U
iut no be--thc war la all that mat
I tera lio you atlll rhai-i- tin- aurdnl
;i'n wherever you mav find It. while
-.war la eating living men. and ktrrw
j'lng bnnra behind If Are you (or
I foolish gaiiiea and apnrla wHh flerv
y'zeal tremble, while In alhallaa
Mieni couria tne inumere i tinaia ai
rernblr? So long aa I'ruvdau e.igli-a
acrram. and kultur IdaiLa and t-liut-tra,
thrre'a only one Important
thrnie. and war In all that maltern
---- --------a
IMtle Hennu'$ Xotebook J
fa fellows ai aetilng on my
I ' f' uiit
) j wood
1 rnhM
elepa hnpliig a ruiiawav homo
go hv or aiimlhing, and Sam
riiha atllrteii to come lip the alieel
taking aumthlug out of hia r"'m!
and looking at it i, ml pulling 11 hn k
In hla pockll agen. nd I aed. (i. fel
low. Ham t'roe haa got thai ivati h
hra bin bragging he waa going tn
get. v
. I..i tiohody duel pertend thev no-
Hi e t. se.l I'iiiIh Simkina
Aul Sam I 'niHK came on and mi!
Idi wn und Ihe fern! thing he did .n
I pull hln wairh out of hla pn.-kll nnl
molt at it and put It bark agen. hay
Ing, Ita half pan 4 already, wat do
you know ahoiit thai"
Wlch none of ua fellowa rtntent
aav envthlng. and prltty eo"n Sam
Croi-a pulled hl.-t watch mil narn,
aylng. ;r, of fi, go.sh, lime aerteny
doea go faat.
Haa envtuidv aaw Ld Wernlck
lately? aed Sid Hunt. And nobody
let on thev had aaw the watch, and
prllty anon Sain i"roH pulled it out
Hget) holding it away out and limit
ing at It aa he lhawl be waa far
Nighled. navlng I wonder if thla
watclj la alow, no. I half bleeve It
And be put II buck in hla pn k.il
agen, and tinluidv aed envthlng and
he pull'"! It tlte out agen and Blurt
ed to look at the back of II, sayliu.
H. '.. thuta rite goah, I'm glad they
dldent get the Initial long.
I wlah a airyoplane wnmj go pat-t.
I aed looking up In the air. And the
fellowa all atarted to tawk about dif
ferent thina-a. Hnd after wil Sam
Croaa aed. o, by Ihe wv. fellowa.
did von know 1 had a new watch?
And h pulled It out ngen. and ua
; fellowa all arkted aerprlred an
latiirk our tied over Ills ahoul,erH to
I are tt. aav lug. Ila-ie ymi Sam .' goah
I wat do you know about thai, Sam
got a new w-ati h. (1 wlzi, lei. see it,
Sam. lets see It-
And Sam showed It to u and told
ua the time by It about evorv 10
j The Daily Horoscope
1 ha iart larlinv. but Ha aol foron!'
tCopjrriflH. 11. tin ti Mcllur.
Netpapi.r Synrlii-.lt.
WiHlnistlay, April 21, lIH
An unimportant day nicnnlliig to
nsteology. lnce the Influences conn
financial transactions
Hanks ahould
The atar seem to presage flurries
In stock anil decline In values, an
that It I wise to pay off debts anil
atrengthen all business foundations.
laiwyer continue under a away
making for great activity und large
I aervlce.
Honor for professors anil college
'men again are presaged but i these
jwlU be due to ervtce In the cause
of education and not la new lines of
! effort.
I New trea will be put on educii-
Hon. eaoeclally on nrnetlt al lines i.f
study, vocational training assum
he said llf mlm new lmnnrlane
Jupiter foreshadows Increased , dr.
tnand for teachers and Insirurtora
There la alao to be a great deal nf
honor accorded educators In the
It la probable lhat there will tie
a battle In which reaervrs arc tilineil
to victor lea within a week.
The seers read In thr star warn
liiR that peril lurka In the shadow
I of the Capitol. This may mean that
enrmlea are working In aecret or
(that there will be an explosion or
i disaster
M ara denote a dry. hot Hummer,
hut In many parte of the cuunlry
agriculture will prosper.
Th Sun and Mercury foreshadow
a successful period for -railways.
Again disasters to hattlethips are
forecast and a naval battle la Indi
cated. I'erann whoae birth. lute It Is have
a happy outlook for the eur. They
ahould make no changes
Children burn on this dav nr
likely to be generou Thev ahmibl
succeed In business, but Ihe thief
fault may be un Inclination to worry
over trifles.
! I reeling Will lloprrn-nl Muskogisr
otinl) He (orr Siiin-me t nurt.
... ,. r,. i,
--r in IT W Orlfl
:n -
1 A 1 1 or tie v-' if net a I Kreeling
reclv d
li:ltd Staiea
I supr eme cuir! would on Krlday of
,lhi week hear mgumeni ln the. case
f I N link i" al, as lrutea, v
board of county commissioner
, of Muskogee roui'y Involving the
I taxation of -an Indian homealead
'Th ens . the result of an attempt
, wt,h statehood, and then
i In laj all restriction were re
! moved The atnrney -geneanl will
probably rpcent the atate.
McAdoo brand the talk of hi.
presidential andldary a oke.
M)be It la one of thoae Joke lhat
do not offend We don't heir of hi
getting In.ulied about Ik,
The Woman Who Changed
By Jane Phelps
m - ----
'ir'"fcr" iifnirei iimii itm-ii.
F(l h In HnUHrr nl m til inarne I n Im.ix!
me alone ... never had really .-.u.-
conauiered the iioaalhlllly that there
"'.r.lehl l. ...n.K. i ....
" - .-,":!'.' walking nulctlv
,n V. , "."'. :T 'I.:
" "" , , u. .
I ,,,V
I ' ,, . ,"" "u"
inllmates before he ever
1 11 n n
1 hen i d 1
in.-. 11 11.I wh"ni he held UllMh..,,i . n. 1 . " V'"!
a i.a"t.rn for me t copy.
Mia s.-xlon had telephoned to
find how the d'nne,. had gone and
..P -I .l-llh.rd M I e v -
p..;,n;.,l that evcy.hlng had been
I am sore it ," xhe aaid v.Hh;tlme l.-.-i,,.. . """""i "II .me.
nM Ihe pmper aim'uiil of enthiiM-i have' hern Tide K""i ' hh""1''"'
aem. Tli- amount I never, under ,h,.,gM If It hnV "
any rlri-iiniMani e.i. 1 mild mallago to leally 1 oon t 11,,,., A"
mjeci ,,,to anvthin, 1 raid j hee ,m, tv a. 1
Kveivn and I h id k-mie down town I Kiirts' frlenda are ai" V "" "!
to get
ihe tiamiM for our place
cii nli
We weir lauk-hlng and chal-
Hug ii" v
ton i!ta
walked alnng. when M'T-
iiiini'il 111 and. I lire
.ilirranl. vvi coiilinited mi our
w ay.
firM telling 1 1 1 1
what we were rii.
lnr in do and enlie'ing ),ih Inlere-.l
We Kid K,.n. hut 1. Utile wnv
when we ran Intn Mr Carpenter,
iiii. 1 1 11 , 1 .1 ..-..n-n 11 or- iiiiKiu'waa near or mm
pun 11. and. wilhniil thinking. 1
g.i v e ahienl
II" then walked wIMi Cvr'yn
11 nd
Merti.n iIihv and I Inuled along he
I'liid them We had none but it 11'
lle way w heM we met Julia ( ollina
own giiM.s:p'-' Mr. Cat pen -
"'if In nhmihler ua die
iter Mil
d "We are hi fur il now."
llinmcnl Hut liullw-rt'rl.
"In fur what"" I u-ked jlng. mid he came ami aat down with
hv. it will he all over Mnre-iia. she didn't act aa If hhe rnjoved
land that two charming out'g mat : having hlt.i. mv have been mla
roiia wete out with two old men taken, of cotine. Hut Isn't he - well
about town" ...n,,hrr gay".'"
"Seak for vnunelf, ('arprnter'" . .h Thil a tin hri iet. I
Met top ait hi. mi nngrv cowl mi hi wag wondering liow you met him.
fa" "It la curelea In ua to expos1 ,. .. ..nwa nlm well tthev ooca
the la. lie lo unkind comment, i otne I shuially have bnaluefa relation) ao
lel a go Ihe other way, you rtiul t,ve known him alightlv, ever
If I inlatake not. we ll meet Mr. !lncr we were married Hut I know
CollnH iiealn. anil then ahe will h.ivejthat neither Kurta or hi people up
no'hiug In tell " prove of him. I gueH ho In loo free,
""h. hut we wanted you lo help 'and eaev to Hint them."
ua aelert"
"Sh "
Horry, hut
be said 11 he limited alg
t Mr. Carpenter. "I'm
I heller not He would
trail along too. and where three
and looks Innocent, often four doe I "You must be very hard to ault. t
not TruM ine. It la belter." he ' had really no bop I ahould find
flnlMied as I looked mv dlxsi-nl. jvou." and Merlon tlray stood amll
lirunihllng. Mr. Carpenter allowed : ing at me.
himself to be tinned the other way, , Tomorrow A dangerous ( oinill-
aiiil Kvelyn an. I I went on alone. ' mcnt.
war norse
IT S UtJ I l I s IIMTKNS Tlivr
MAI II, Till, I OK.MI.lt
My lu"ar Niece:
This la kiipppNed to l e uutj of
tho. e gU! days when I expand like
n drunkard' bead on the morning
afb r the night before, a day when
I Imi'ld be mellow with thonkful
ii'rs ior the privilege th.it I a hi
pei nutted to enjoy.
Mm l.ucta haa cnlled and gone
This la lw:iy ail evert. III the eyes
if thr Lilly hetself, lino of those
thing, that mike my office mi fait
and keep me within the aHcri-.l circle
nf those who et Joy the putronago nf
the iiilghly
.Mr I. nets Ir Heglna'a mnthrr.
She ia "Oil Well" Luraa' widow,
which make It nerrnnary for her lo
funk her am lal poaltlon with JP
uneao aervnnta In livery and other
devleea calculated lo dar.r.lo the eve
of those who look her way lest they
mok back along the roulo whence
be enme.
Mrs Lucaa i a "lady" and she
sonietlm.a feara the mailer may not
be entirely clear
In the mind of
those wh remember the dava when '
"Oil Well" swung his honest p cK
Into the deaert w. isles tmie llakers
fleltt and she did the family washing
while Iteglna' tcntler peisou wa.
tethered In a clothes hamper..-
To Ihr fmt that I nrvec refer
to those days nor tu the army of
Crunch maids.' masseuses .and cos
tumra that ap:i-Hte them fiom Mrs
l.lli-fia' pis!it social ein.neni t'. I
owe th en I In which hallow my ol
ft e
Mrs. Lucas usually calls to discus
somet h ing, i tmi to prote.l This sh
i'ld after sh" had adluiied her lorg
iiettr lul'iiw-iiHr the tleiia r I it re of Iter
Jap chai. ffrnr. Mvka who always
pri I't'es In-i to my door And Hn
noiirices hit ptesence The protest
v. us couched In the form of Infor
mation ,mi -rut me a maul, roctor. She
u..u i.t.. III,. hi a, .1.1. i
Ih slil t , k unit " ift
'"1 agreed that I would and In-
miued ci tiurrtirig the maid s de-
fli l Tit le
"Shi" 1 ,ul no ir so far her work
vent. ty work waa never o well
thill It wns her lmprtlnencr that
was in'n'eriible Shr expected to tie
ci Hi.! "'l.ss." wanted a phir to take
a daily lath and assumed the beur
in;" of a lady."
I smiled ti s I replied-
"The fact of her being n Indy
should not i tnbarrass you No- one
know better than you what U due
ore "
l erfilnlv tut. and I told hrr ao.
t s-iid rmph illcallv: 'Cecelia, my do
mestics are aeivant. Inferior.
vanl that understood. I nm
mid know wl.ut i my due.' na
'J! II hkansfVawl nia!u.a Tl!S aVantlw kv mm IW Ca j
'i.."'".,::'l"r- ,F:v,"n 1 '
" i ijiuiri4nii llir r jht
lot, of
unn lire which
hm.ia . .
th,lk nothing"" f l, "t he,.'"". "7
'am . .......
I..... r l'-riiv lllluii-ent
",,n" " ' know. ,t 1. all
declare, aomi'tlines I think
I niignt aa well
" had Un good "
exne.-i 1 . . .. v ""
' " Helen
Ireatet 11..-." 1 ,L 1,1 " "M U"
can't unrte, aiL.i v 0,nrl, '
how . T V ,
1 for k lie w "jMni '
j Mr :r.;,,iJMf"ui:',C'
! tnllv.
an im,,,.. .... 1
tli Uiwaon Kirla and
hie.irge a frlendH are ao different J
, ninrli older u,,,i .i ... "'
"aw av "
"Waan't Merlon
lillv thn,.i.l.t..i
t think he U half In In.. 1 '
Helen,"" Think of hint, turning
for fear that cat of a I'nlltna woman
would any anmethlng uhout m t
t ' I have Hn Idea It wa.111'1 rv.id.
on account or Mia. (-ollina. either.
think Mr. Carpenter had Hiuiifhinr
lo do with It."
"What do you menu?''
' Nothing imitli-titiir. but ihe 1 v
j he came to the table when I liincluil
with Cenr.o I didn't Hunk he.
Iiieortre waa pleaaed, and afain,
'when Mr. He. ion and I were lunch.
"oh. well, we1 ran aelerl our
framea without them, I guraa," t
aanl km we went into the hop. Hut
before we had come to any decision
I heard aonieone aav:
ir. "I I HHOIt "
finished her work beautifully, ai.it
left me."
"Naturally," I raid.
" Va 'orally T"
' Quite go. I Cecilia, wanted In be
treated aa a lady berauae of birth
and breeding a well aa education
she la on. She is a student in Ihe
domretlo aclrnce department of (tie
Ntale norma! school."
' Hut she I a serv int. an Inferior."
"She ia an educuled woman trying
to raise tbeistandards nf domeailc
work She Iihs been accustomed all
her life to the daily bath that hurrl
flea you to MJCh an extent."
nd tt.en I stiirletl In and gave
tha. magnificent fraud the lecture of
her life. I pointed out to her th
li. si tli it ivuinen of all atatlona are
now knocking at the floor of Indus
try, ami 1 lold her that housework
wmili I ulwav be done iy stupid iind,
Imioniiit drudges Jnt a long as"
women employed servant In order
to have an Inferior about llieni m-
aiead of becnuae they wauled their
'"k ull done. I don't think she
half undeiktood whal I wait driving
nl All she aeemed able to get into
Iut si stem tu the fact that ahe
had neglected ftn opportunlly to ae
cuii. rxpert help, and did not under
.itnnd thit It waa because she u
t nwilllng to recognlre the changes
hut are going on all around her.
I don't know what women of her
stamp will do to keep up their self-
espeot :f thev can t look down on
Close who do their work.
I v thr way. I'rudence came In and
looked Cecilia, over; but I'rudence
s'll' turrb' In that mental world
that ca!N for Inferior Well let
her have 'em. I win! people about
rue who are arcuslomed to bath
even If 1 have tn call them ".Mbss.
Your lov ing nunlle,
A reyoluilon. to be 1VB real on,
should omrwhere In the rouinl
come t a place where th rotaua"
will becoint more teady. Hut tha
event in Jluaala I kept
fast and apparently P',, xh
one cannot count the P"
", think thi war mav
.trveraTy - vet. .... not
. :::r:. .hem.
to hortrn It l for
that th
Aeritan In whiiiew er, walk or
. al
life In at Job t once with
every ounce of encrgv that I In him.
: "" ' -

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