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Tulsa daily world. [volume] (Tulsa, Indian Territory [Okla.]) 1905-1919, May 05, 1918, FINAL EDITION, Image 10

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t i
,: f
lak Cornier nlnif AftTr-i-mc-nt to l'.o,,t
Crudo Oil lYfco aunt",
t haiiKO In I'Iiiim.
Abrogation of Premium Cinitriirot
May Ik- I "art of New Armoiimv.
uirnt (onilng frrmi Itoqua
World'. WanMnrUHi Iliirn'-.ii
2D2 Kifra I ' ! r
WAKMIM.TmN'. May 4 -ll,fir(.
len of tin- emphatic denial (if K11H
Oil Director Murk I, l'.ciua, Ch;il
thrrp whm nn iiotnt'diitt-- pro-i-icrl of
any attempt helm,-- made (n alni;,iln
premium f m ratrlx. II If positively
knnwn In WnmiinKliMi that that very
mailer In l-tlny vi'ry seriously on-j.l-r
il ai I .'i.i llrri". ,
Tt Ih not mount l V Hint Hint It
alone l Ikiiiik onslderrd, hut lr.
.connection wilh many olltrr -matters
portiilniiiK In nil, with a view to
arriving at a price rixlnn Ijasirf. vjt
cannot l longer 1lpuHnl Dial a de
termination ih apparent to regulate
the prices of all oil products an well
as crude "
I ink Spills llciuiM,
H In also well known i(iai nt a
meeting In .cw Vork on March I.',,
It was atrrved liy thoao irt-t Interest
ed anil Mr. l!iiii:r to make two I "
ccnl advances in the pi u o m,.
ciiiiilncnt iruilu wllliln tltlrly ilav.t
Immediately after this am i-i'm'-nl
wan reached many telegrams w'i'v
m en out of Nw Vnrli I,, prodic er
In ( 'k lahmoa tr. Htm, r-1 j i j , 1 1 1 ll.elr
loll as nn increaso of as ceni.-i would
l.n made Ig Hlinul two weeks there
aftor.' Those who worn ftivorcil
wltli these telegram of advance in
formation, tamed m-viral thousand
Hollars additional bv putting their
oil In storage Instead of miming l!
In tho pipe iiiii'h at. I'or "'lie on-
Itnown reiisnn the second :nvaiicc of
lir, criillH 'I tic on or l.cforc April 1 i
lllil not material!?!, an. I tin- la. I that
tt flPl not (piiv rim In iil'cciilaijiin itN
to what tt.i In tint air. It Ih wil'l
that. tlll Hi.'CIIIIrl ailVilln i' of ccnlH
wan ellmlnuti'il on nicoiuii of rmo
hoilv allciwliic tloi Men t of lliu
n "ri'i'inciit to leu h.
Mt"w Courso riaiinrit.
Now, a rcNiilt. tint an inn peoplu
wliri t'litcrcil In'o th rtKri'tnniit for
jft r 1 1 1 r. i in u t ,rlin of 2 rji for niH
( i.'oriliiiiMit r r u ill art; puiHuliiK iu
totliiT t:oiiri'- thill of Kovcriinictlt
! price flvii, itini It ln'fil not itu'prlMi'
jtlit! fraP'rioly lo rtsi t'lvi; ,t vt;i y ito
i Hirtltiit aiilioiinctiint'iit tiloiiK IhoHii
iliricn alrnoMt any ttay. ( oufcrt'iii i't
: of i,JI inert aitr lit i, in New York
l.iHt V oil j 1 1 si In y , :t r. il Thurnilay. liliil
'ii'her coe I ereni es In aMliiei:loii
; later hut on liccnant of tlln lealt in
the March a't i t'iiicoit the itl at on
I pi "l ly I ii;ht.
The .ni e f ixlict, whit h now Ik un
tier ai'ilniiii coliHliP-i atlon also pro
j VJileit for t ra liN,or!a' Ion arut prnnl'v
! rllntr I lot t inn of emtio to the Hmalicr
i r I'fn.t'rli't, hut a tllrtcoiitiiitjaiicii of
jlho prtonlnrri. Jt In quite. ijinliT'tlo'ol
i that nothing will hp ilone that will
In tiny w.t Inpirit th litilti linl -I
fieiiilent ruiiurry, hut II Ih ii"I hail
H'IvImi for Ulf rcfllifi leu to llillp r
laiarul that ul IhlH lime, uliove all
other llnii'H, they kIiouM Imhk iIhmt
iioneiher Id. in ter, or they n.ay nil
Imiui toKet lu-r.
1 Ills Sim'IMiii;.
i Kintlly ViHltor- I wupiaiHe, llenry.
that: you ore utile In ripell?
1 Henry (whoioi faihcr imns an nil
oiriohllit i - Yen, Hir. 1 can spitll wmi iIh
of four cytlmliTM.
Coiny to Pcrnhinrj. IpQLLOW FLOUR RULES,
V 7 . -V
Tested Warriors
of the Road
THE soldier mu.st be trie
in the fire of battle to be
& tested soldier; the tire
must be tried in the fire of the
road test to be a tested tire.
-That is the Goodrich idea of a
tire. "Therefore, Goodrich Test
Car Fleets, six of' them,' for a
year hammered Goodrich Tires
from state to state, putting them
tothe road test of rock, sand,
and gravel. The tires emerged
tested warriors of the road, from
a grand mileage of 4,178,744 tire
mm mi
niiru. r,K, rn.s it. whiiki-kk
h(i'ii i-fl ii-ni mm i tj.cf i.r 'I m;ii i r
Mi tin w;ir (h'.t i'I rrwrif mi lii.it lie
can k' '"r" rl"'' ; 1( 1 1 1 f ui 1 1 ii Hi !
uffirrtr with i;-nvT.l roitilif: ItriK
fin. i .('. Willi, t inn in mi hi- w.iv
f rnm Kr ii ii ( to tnronn' chit f of
ortlii.iiicr at V;i.hlnNin
City Briefs
IliKhl lonoiny Mtiftt Ho I'rnfUtttl
I ulll .lane 1A; llmirillnK
SUI1 rractitftl.
Ilehevlni; that tho HiihHtlluln ruin
in flour rale la nut Itfintt .uncuy
i.ltwrvtnl. 'uy J-'oinl I'ommlHHloiifi
(ma lv 1 pp yealer'lfy liwutol a prue
liiiialluii callliiK upon hoth (IcttlDrd
lliu I ronmirntjrH to sen that tho rule la
Krlttiy obatiriftl. It callH fur pur
chaan of miual amounts' of flour and
approved Huh.Htitutes. Tim mihHll
. lult'H that lutvii heen approved by tho
f o. lolriiiiuatratiorl urn barley flour.
1,'ie k vheiit. flour, tortimeul. i-'orn
flour in Kril.'i. corn fhiktu, folnrila
liior, fi'icrita meal, dried hotnlny,
,.'i:iin flour, rirn or rlc flour, rolled
c.ti.l. hcuii flour and oairceal.
. he t oil I'cijulalioiiM Kpeclftcally
elate thai rye and. Kniham. fkiurH and
li,raioi'K am not. Huhntit u tea. It liar
I, ceil ri ported lo the office of the
ri'y fieid ailuilnlMtiator that many
t '.re.i are ki IIiUK them fiiodrt aa Hiilt
.i.'. intra tor flour In violation of tin
1 1 tot ni i n k Ih beeoinintf tnnro com
li nn. thoiiKh in mont rHiiCi It In not
f. i k i ant, M t- I 'pti report. The rei;ii
l .iliiii.s jeiii;re that only hix poundi
he hoimht every thirty tlavx for t-ver
pi'inui in a hiiiiu'liolil. Tina rulfl h
fi'.'iiuenrl.v viclaled arid the food ad
n.iriiHti.tior ret i u est h that every Iiouhi
wife who has more flour on hand
that the nix pound allowance for each
iiictii her of the family turn this ex
i cm supply hack-to tho stoi cs at the
ptevallllit: price.
The flour siiiiuiiun Ih now etilerinn
the i niiial perioil. iieiorilliiK lo Mr
I pp. and Hie eilsiH will lie reached
around June IT,. In the tneanllmn. I
i ileuired in keep every hit of tin
supply aviillahlt" for u.v, and thlr
i annul hi tiorip If tht. Bupply In
hii.ud'd After tlin miildtn of June
11:.- tupiilv Kill heooniB morn elaatlc
ntaln, and the only effort nn hoarrt
liii; now will he to deprive many
people of dread durinir tho critical
period of th food Hltuatlon.
vj m m a iiih iii. jii ,i u w'M'ii i f -v
" ' v
II .-ti IB
' ii i ii in uni i W
O 1 1 I'lKI'.Cl:. who 11 l heen ipli'e
111 at Iiih l oioii in IrviiiK ap irtiiicnlH.
lit much improved. . '
i ;
M 1!S I'. I!, i'i iNI i!;i 'V and Mis"
ICII.'lhct II Miller will Vl.il fl'h'tlds 11
I I 'holM a HOT S'J !ld I
MIIH A. A. Al:.N"l.l has retuincl
froi'i Si. Louie. ivh"'i she iirch rivcrit
an opcratuui at H' laiUf'ii hiispital.
day from Kavctti
.i 'lAcr '
They tVi umphed, SI LVE li
SAFETY TREADS, with an en
durance that doubled Goodrich's
pride in the structure of the
spiral wrapped, cable-cord tire
body, and the toughness of the
cross-barred, close clutch non
skid black safety tread.
Saving i
8 tamp It
n stop
.. , Towartl
1'catti '
Tar mI t
TAry tlood'
lirn uraurn
Get this assuwd service of proven serv
ice by getting the conquerors of Ameri
ca's roads. Get "America's Tested Tires,"
and you get long mileage and depend
ability wherever you take your car.
'' in tm nn 3m
' and Hfpol. J "
vmaaom uy iiraoii; Mi a. iroadway, Oklaltouia City, Okla.
nfrMGMjrfHDMkn j !
UatWknnwiire M
One-Third of the Directors
Of every Federal reserve bank represents industry,
commerce and agriculture, for whose benefit the Fed
eral Reserve System was mainly created. Through
them our business men may feel assured that their
point of view is 'represejiled in the management of our
Federal reserve bank.
The larger the system the greater will be its benefits
to business men. You can directly increase its re
sources by depositing your money, with us, since for
your protection we keep on deposit with our Federal
reserve, bank a part of every depositor's balance with
us. ' -
Are you doing your share in supporting your sys
tem? '
Tulsa, Okla.
ille. Ark . v.f-H
she MpcNl several d.ivs with heiV us-
hand, who is in a Inuipilal at Ihut'
' I'
ll. I'liMiuN, li. (! f iiJ.-H ami
liny lim-riH vi strrd.-iy t',,r (iarh
he. 'ti ll. Lake Tancvcooo. w here tlu'y(
Will Spend level al ill V X f'-hiiu;. j
IN' A illf.K lo hit relallynn n
this lily . s ( t i . I t v the rife iiriiwil
:h Irance ot i". ul flari; was an-,
nouiiced, xh i'i. ir; has onhatcl In .
lirn I'Yeiich ail.itlun ciitp.s. I
1 I
MIM. .1. II. I'ltANK.'J his heen ro.
moie.l f'iiii ihe hospital to her,
h"ti,e 171 i I' isi I .-"'., where slo
is ! i iivim mi; It "to a recent opera-j
.... I
KI'V ('. V. KI.INii. tecior of
Tilnity Kplsiopal church, will assist
In Hit- Hen ices of dedication of the
service n.'K of St. Mark'M I.iilherun
church Ui'h tvriiltn,'.
I I M. l.KM.I I!. advrrtlHfnf; mann
' (rcr of Ihe V. T. llumrarnrr furni
ture t-oinfaiiv. Is rittendinn the con
slsttnv cerenionleH nt fliithrie. At
its coiichision he w Ml ko for a fisii
int trip In 'I exits,
t I
I Mi: ami Ml;s. Frank Flvmcr
are reiclced at news of the safe ar
rival In Fran, e of their son, I'lsd"
Kimiut. a well liriow n Tulsa man
who enlisted In ihe iiuartermaslei s'
ilcpiit tu.eiit soint; lime no at Jack
fioiiville, T'la. - !
MUM A '.. "i n V .returned Frl
IIS KITH I i: 1 1 ' -S 11 Y . who has
been eiiiphiveil at ih" Title and lluar
aritee cumtiatii's i.ift'nft for severnl
months, resigned her tuisition and do- .
parted fur her hume in I'oloi.ido lnut
. .
IM-'V. f P WM.KKU. of Ihe
.Methodist church. South, of Norman.'
Will orcrpv (he pUll'tt of htos'.on Ave-
line M I. ihurch at hoth pi caelum'
iservices today The otlier rtei yieeii, of
the day will he held nt tip: usual
lNFullMATIiiV was filed yester
day in .losliee ,et l.l.illlei s I ouft
ch;M'clmr l-'.ti I Kn.i with fc'rand lar
ceny fur toe nllet;eii theft of an
automobile frniii i , ' henry. Kti'J
pleaded ii-.' t;iiilt and was commit
ted lo Jail under J l.r.OU hotid.
xi'K. rharned with
nick ro.'tilster he
''erritnan. w.ih ui
usttce l,ep liaiuel
i i sti'filav l-'vei hai'li was commit
ted to jail ill ilcf-llilt of $l..ri0' hnn'l
awaititit,' elimination which was set
for May lu.
Fiii,i,nii: tmi: fiiitiR' nt the
information for Spoilt"! Imrraham
les'crday he was arrested and ar
raigned hrfore .luslice 1 ,ee lianid
mi Ihe chirire cf assault Willi Intent
to kill ttfraham . leaded not tJullty
and w is 1'i'le lse.1 on a It.lnlO hotld
.twaillnr cxMiniii'i'ion May 10.
...... .
M!;S III I; AM li Will NitnN
A.V was minted a divorce on Aprl'
:in by J.iilire Hrecklnridmi in the su
pel ior court on tho k"rouud oi non
support, and restore.! to her maiden
nunc. Miss Sides ii'Pvrne. No ali
mony was granted and none w;i5
I -
K. C. crNNlNdll AM and famllv
motored t.i Morris Saturday to visit
Mr. nntiinuhanrs brother and s'ster
W. I', runntntiham and Mrs Flnvd
Miti'eu-s Th"- were ne cornpanlr.l
t Mts Matthews ami hahy ilhfin
I'I'll. who hue hei-n Visiting for tec
ihii-i in the Inline of relatives i;i
- I - -
' I'o.VI'l.-TlN'T H AS hero made tier
a n Iniher of buys in the Forest park
o Mitten have been d ischa rytlm; .2
rifh s promiscuously, several resident;
dechtriri: thev hue narrowly ch
cap.'d exeennon at the hands of the
youthful riflemen. If thn nnls.ineo
is not abate, 1. pri-tieciiiioiiH hove Ixi.-n
promised, us it Is ai- unst the law to
il isi )i 1 1 ;c tin-arms within the city
Lantp-i. fl.nno Howard' 1 MiRitin-'j- inuir'
.;"i' e m ,'ri'M '! ." M,,, lily " I'mn.
;i".o.il. S.i . i.l,,.... nf tlie lenni'i,!,
m-1 eli-.li' tt.- ' .no-It"!! c-i.e'i in 3 to 5
.tii's V., tu-tn. t'.lci or bo ..-fi.r,'nri with
M-.il fr-l.'.o ! tn '.Je .sirrt'clh I; tn.
Hooklft rrre. Wnl,. totlar Dr. T. A.
Sonihltitgon Bmdy Co., 14 Mtuti ll'.nrt,
J Ittey-ity, Mo. j
. o
lltf.oliillon- Adoplttl at lnlillii Meet
liW lilffcrlint with llndln-H
til oiivriitloii.
I.'iVI'O.V Slav 4 At a niecllnn
or the Irish I'nlmilat Allliinco )n
I'lihlin ytsitrilay a rpHolution was
discussed to the effect that whll"
Hie iilllaiico wan confident of thp
lionoralile iiilenton of thrt deletfiiteH
to the recent Irish convention, It
llffered totally -with the flndiiiBn of
the conietttion and adhered to the
fnmluneiit.il ,riuclples of the al
liance. namely, the iniilntonnnrr of
ihe iinliin between (ircat llrltain
and Ireland and opposition to liome
rule No xtto wag taUcn on the
Tho sta'irtlnn committee of the
l ister I'tiioni.st council met at Hel
f.isl and iiilnptou a i-CHolution on
ihirslnu the atlltudt! of the I'lst"
I'nionlnts nt tho convention and
eiimleinnint; the action of Sir
I lot at e riuiil,ett ,the chairman, In
writing hl letter to I.lo.vtl Cieorce
coverliuj the prneecdliiRH of the
convention. Another rcaolutton wn
adopied nupportlnu the Btcps taken
hv Hir Fdwartl t'ar.son, th UlHtcr
I'nlonlst leatlcr, "Mince the present
If the Man Worked in the Kitchen
He Would Buy a McDougall
because the McDoueall of-
fers the utmost in utility and
efficiency because it is not
an ordinary kitchen cabinet,
but a veritable method of bet
ter kitchen management.
He would buy a McDougall
because it is the first kitchen
cabinet, and has ever led in
quality and conyenience.
We are having a special dis
play of McDougall Kitchen
Cabinets this week. Come
to see them and let us dem
onstrate their many ingeni
ous labor-saving devices to
Easy Payment Vlan
The McDougall Kitchen Cabi
net is easy to buy. A cabinet will
be delivered to your home on
approval if you wish. It may be
purchased on the easy payment
plan. Terms arranged for your
We Pay No Rent
L o w Expense
Means Lower
Fi;i:n t i.kvi;
the thef ol a II
lomfltiL lo A. I!
raltineiL lo'tiue ,1
crisis arone." the alliance between tho National, I scribes the meotlnir of the I'lster
These meetings were the outward juts and the Sinn Feiners against I council as the first step of loyal
HlRns of a itcneral stlffenlnn of the : conscription. The Belfast cor-1 Ulster's new eampalRn to defeat too
Unionists aKHtnst home rule sin e , respondent ot the Morning Post de-home rule conspiracy, .
O n Every Pur
chase There Is a
Saving at Kahn's
Annual MAY SALE Continues
Offering for this week a host of new values. Kahn's Annual
May Sale haslong enjoyed the reputation at the value event
of the year and this season's sale, with its many bargains, will
add greatly to that reputation. Only a few items are men
tioned in this advertisement.
Most Economic
Savings on Shoes
$6 SO values, black kid pumns,
oxfords, Ft raps in different style
lieels or widths. All ""si.es.
Mi. inlay only, QQ
choice tp-i.sO
JJ.SH quality pray Oxfords;
Louis heel; extra special for
Monday; ij I QQ
choice P4tt0
White .flumps and uxfordu In
all this season's styles; beautiful
white repp; $i to $6.50 values,
for Monday only Q,"?
at Kahn's ijOiJO
Children's Low Shoes in patent
hid or minnielal. in pumps,
Mary .lane. Sister Sue; tine,
two or three straps
SI. IS, SI lis. S2.1H ami $2.08
Values S.'l.f.O to $1.50.
Save From
at This Sale
Tomorrow, Monday, you will experience the biggest savings during this May
Sale. Large assortment of Silk Dresses, Crepe de Chine, or Silk Foulard Dresses,
especially priced for this sale, $9.85, $11.85, $14.50, $16.50, $19.75; values, $18.50
to $35.
Extra special $12.50 Taffeta Silk Skirts,
all colors or fancy stripes; choice ....
$10 quality Skirt, choice
tomorrow t
$7.50 and S E0 Silk nnd Wool Skirts;
Included during thiH sale;
nil colors
$1.50 quality Ornrandy Vollo and Ba-
tlste Waists. Tour choice jJX.-
$1.60 and $1.75 Middles for Women. Mioses nd
Children; all slics; plain white or white QCp
trimmed In fast colors; choice
J4.E0 Silk Blouses, all colors, hand- fljO AO
omoly trimmed; tomorrow only, choice pd,L(J
50c WliiU' Organdy. 1!9"
4"i - inch White (iri;andy,
an extra fine sheer qual
ity. In i:reat demand for
dainty waists and dresses.
$i..-o silk ropiiiiH. nsc
n r. -i mil Silk Poplin.-?. hiRh
liir-tro-js quality and heavy
weirht. Wry fashionable
t'r this season s wear. In
all wanted rtreet and eve
11101; shades, also black.
."Oc I iilILsIi Nainsook, S5!'
4r - inch White Fn-jlish
Nainsook; an extra fine
even thread fur making
duininer undergarments.
75c Table DiuliA.sk, 49o
64-lnch Tarn -Mercerized
Table Damask, In a largo
assortment of floral pat
terns. Desirable weight
and finish for Reneral use.
Washes and Irons splen
didly. I''.tra-Slw KlmnnnH, $1.40
l)f crepe, in plain colors
of pink, row. lavender
and blue; neat fitting lol
lars and elastic waist. Cut
generously full and In
large sizes for stout women.
$2.(10 Kimonos, $1.98
Of crepe. In regular sine:
In rose, pink, blue and
lavender; finished with
satin trimmed collar and
cuffs. Elastic waist.
50e Pillow Caws, 8o
45 x 36 Bleached Pillow
Cases; extra fine, close
woven quality, free from
tl.KO KxtnvSlio Gowns.
Women's Extra-Size Mus
lin NlKhtntowns, round and
square yokes of laces and
embroideries. Extra full
cut sizes; well made.
Kahn's Dept. Store
Men's and Boys'
Suit, Trouseri, Shirts, Bloiues, Un
derwear, etc, on special sale.
Great savings throughout this big
store, a few steps further and save
many dollars.

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